Disclaimer: The Power Rangers are Sabans characters.

Evil Harte
by: Kelly

{ The 3rd week of school during second season. Kim is sitting in her desk listening to Tommy and Jason, Billy Zack and Trini are discussing work. A Kim's recently skipped ahead sister Kelly enters the room, the teacher looks up as she hands her schedule to the teacher the male rangers look up. They are stunned to see a 5'3 brown haired and brown eyed girl. She's has great legs. She's wearing a Pink skort and a green top. Her hair hangs losely around her shoulders the end reaching her middle back, she turns and smiles a Tommy}

Class this is a new student her name is Kelly Harte.

{She mouths the word hi as the teacher looks for a seat}

Tommy, Kelly will sit behind you.

{She moved to where Tommy was standing, Kim looked at him as his eyes showed his reaction when she walked by, the other male rangers were feeling it to.}

Hi Kelly, I'm Tommy these are my best friends Jason, Trini, Zack, and Jason.

Hey sis.

Oh Hi Kim.

Hey sexy.

Bulk sit down.

Hey you guys better leave me alone.

Oh I'm scared.

{They sit and as class ends}

Hey Kelly joining us at the juice bar?

Yea sure.

{They enter the juice bar Kelly orders a diet and sits at the bar alone. Jason walks up to her and sits next to her}


Hi Jase, how are you?

Fine and you?

I'm fine.

{He thinks to himself: I know}

That's good. Come sit with us.

You sure?

Yes of course.


{As she moves to sit with them her pencil falls, she stoops down to get it, Kim looks over from where she and Trini are standing at the balance beam}

We have a problem.


Tommy thinks shes good looking.

So does Zack, Jason and Billy.

Major problem.

Yes it is.

So Kelly tell us about yourself.

Well I like to swim, I am ok smart, I am single........{The guys smiled} My mother and father are outa this world. I am well me.

Yea. Hey Jase lets spar.

{They all move to the mats Kim watches Kelly pull out a book it's in another launguage, they don't even recognize. She sits on the floor and Bulk and Skull walk up behind her}

Sexy woman.

Cool it punk.

Yea what are you going to do?

{He Corners her as she stands}

Ha your trapped.

{He goes to kiss her she flips him and steps on him to get by}

Sorry, I don't play that.

Woa, and she can fight......

beep, beep, beep, beep

{Their communiators chimed they exited to the hall and teleported, Kelly follows and teleports also}

Yes Zordon?

Rangers there is a new villianess in town. She is Rita and Zedd's daughter. Or so she thinks. I have heard she went to Zedd as a child to make her mother mad. He then brainwashed her to think Rita was her mother.

{The sirens go off.}

She is in the park go.

{They teleport}

Ah, rangers come to play?

Who are you?

My friends call me the dark Princess.

You're finished.

Not hardly. {She pulls out 2 fans and a pair of swords she tosses the fans placing the swords in the ground, when the fans swipe the morphed rangers they return to her hand and disappear, she picks up the swords} Now lets see.

Rangers hold fast!

I only see 5 rangers where oh where is the 6th?

Shut up!

{She slices them and when they drop to the ground:}

Dark fire blast!

{They can't see and when they can she's gone, they return to the juice bar and find Kelly in a corner reading a book, Billy walks over and Jason follows, she stands and walks toward Tommy}

Tommy, where did you go?

The bathroom.

We were having a nice chat, your friends are back.

How nice.

{He offers her his arm and she takes it walking out Kim follows but when she says something to him she gets no response}

Tommy? Tommy?! Tommy!

Excuse us Kimberly.

{They exit the school, the next morning}

Tommy that was rude yesterday.


You went off with Kelly and left us.

Sorry I was out of it.

So we see.

Thanks for nothing.

Whatever Kim.

{He said cruelly they all were getting iratable with each other lately, Billy goes to Zordon}

Something is wrong.

What is it Billy?

The rangers are starting to hate each other.

Maybe it has to do with the new girl.

Whats her name?

Kelly, she says her friends call her Kylina.

She is why! She is the girl who Rita and Zedd brainwashed, when she was 5.

How will we fix that?

I don't know that yet. We well have to work fast look.

{He turns back to the veiwing globe and Tommy, Jason and Zack are kissing Kelly. Trini and Kim are slumped over in a corner. Tommy starts to french Kelly and the others start kiss her neck. Suddenly they are gone, they look around and they are in Kelly's house. The next day}


Oh no!

I forgot!

{They get dressed and run they make it barley on time}

Class we........

{They zoom past the teacher}

Nice of you 4 to join us.


{Kelly smiled the guys swooned, Billy looked at Trini and Kim, Kim looked heartbroken}


In a minuet Kim. {He said as he rubbed Kelly's leg.}


In a minuet Kim!


I said in a minuet. {He roared as evily as when he had the green powers which brought to Kim's attention his necklace}

Nice necklace.

Thanks the coin on it is from Kelly's parents.

{Billy looked concerend, later in the Command Center}

Its worse. Tommy has a coin from Rita and Zedd.

It's the green one Billy.


The evil green coin.

Oh great.

Why are we here?

Jason shut up!

I could be hanging out with Kelly instead of you punks.

Shut up I said!

Yea, I want to go be with Kelly.

Then go!

{Jason and Zack teleport out}

Kelly we're back.

Good. I was getting chilly.

{They smile and lay down later that day she goes to the park and is attacking people as the Princess, Tommy is by her side in the green ranger costume, Jason and Zack are standing close by watching}

Tommy, call your little friends.

Rangers get to the park!


Ah rangers, once again we meet. You look short a few people. Hmm about 3. Oh I'm sorry these are my rangers.

{Jason and Zack morph Jason's costume is now dark Red}

We're out numberd.

Ha! You are far worse then that my idotic friends.

Billy now!

{Billy fires a blast at them all setting the 3 rangers free, as Kelly drops to the ground Tommy runs to Kim and kisses her. Jason runs to Kelly and asks whats wrong}


My head.

Are you alright?

Where am I?

Angel Grove remeber.

Oh my head. I feel different.

It's because your brainwashing has been reversed.

So Rita's not my mom?

No. Never was.

Thank you god!

Welcome to the team.


You have a power but not as a ranger, you are the Princess of light not dark.

Kimberly, can you forgive me?

Of course I can.


Yes Kelly I can.

You guys? {She asks expecting them to say no}

Yes of course. Lets get back to school.

Oh my head.

{Jason helps her up and walks her to school, in the juice bar}

Feeling better?

A little.

{She pulls out the book}

This is in Rita's native language, it's all her spells I can read it. She can't take this book from me. There's a way to reverse them all.

{She teleports to a cave near the Command Center the others follow and she is chanting over the green ranger coin}

What's going on?

{She picks up the green coin}

Tommy come here.


Come here and except the power's of the green ranger.

{He walks up chanting she hands him the coin he is suddenly re-morphed in the thought to be gone green ranger suit.}


I reversed the green candle spell. That one's a sinch done it millons of times.

On what?

Oh there's this planet called Giya and this one stupid girl kept getting caught by Rita so I freed her.



Because it was stupid to catch the same people over and over again, people like Kimberly.

What's wrong with me?

Nothing it's just you always get caught.


It gets annoying.


{Kelly starts to scream a bit and they notice her holding her head.}

Rita's trying to take her back.

No! I am staying here!

{She stops and sits panting against the wall Jason runs to her and holds her}

You ok?

Yes, Jase I'm fine.

Can't you stop her?

I can! {She opens they book and chanting she makes another power coin} Yes, now if I'm a ranger she can't get me.

What coin is that?

The hawk.



Oh, intresting.

I like it better then Pink.

{Jason helps her up and takes her hand, he leads her to the Command Center}

Zordon this is the....

Grey Hawk, I know.

Do you mind?

No, welcome to the team you already know the rules.

Yes, I do.

{They re-exit to school and in the juice bar, Jason kisses Kelly. The others cheer and Kelly blushes deep Red.}

Kim can you forgive me for going to him?

Yes, Kel I can. I know you did it to make mom mad we talked about it long after you went.

You did?

Yes. Mom thought she was wrong in letting you have such leisure as going but after awhile she decided that aslong as you were ok things would get better she'll be so happy to hear from you.

The End