Disclaimer: This is a unlicensed use of Sabans Characters for the Power Rangers series.

The Light of Life
by: Kelly

Kim approached the wedding alter solemnly. She felt weird to be at Tommy and Kat's wedding. Yet she now had Andros or so she thought she didn't know that he and Ashley had decided to get together. But when they walk in she relieves it. Now alone completely she breaks down at the alter. Billy, walks in, he sees her and runs to her, picking her up he asks whats wrong. When she doesn't answer he takes her to see Kat, she is the maiden or honor. At the reception when Kat throws the bouquet Kim gets it. She starts to cry wondering how it could ever be true, just then Billy walks up and asks for a dance. They start dancing and they're pretty close, Kim feels safe in his arms she wonders how.

Billy, Um thanks.

Any time Kim, you know I'm moving right?

You are to where?

To New York.

Thats far.

Well I have no more reason to stay here so I am going to stay with my uncle for awhile.

Oh. We'll miss you. Especially me.


Because theres something I never told anyone..

Just then Tommy comes over and asks her to dance for old times sake. She says sure then looks at Billy how will she tell him?

You looked like you were deep into that conversation with Billy.

Well.. I was about to tell him a secret I've kept since I met him.

Like what?

Why would I tell you first?

I don't know.

Well I'm not.

She looks for Billy. She can't find him she figures he might have gone outside she walks out side his car is gone. She gets into hers wondering where he would have gone suddenly she knows she follows.

Why here?

It's a place to think.

But why would you of all people want to look at the ruins of our

She looks up and sees the Command Center in one piece she is astonished.

Kim what were you telling me?

The wind starts to blow her hair slightly, just like it did on Phaedos. She looks in his eyes with a kind of half smile not sure what to say.

Billy I am in love with you. I have been since I met you.

Why didn't you ever tell me?

He asks moving a piece of hair out of her face tenderly. His hand lingering.

Well I- I didn't know how to. I've always been kind of the confused blonde. I never really thought that we would have had anything, because your so smart.

Kim, you're smart too. I know it. You know it. Kim does this mean

Are we together?


Well thats up to you, I mean you're moving and all. I'll really miss you Billy.

Well I don't have to move I can stay right here in Angel Grove with you.

Does this mean?

Yes well of course.

At that moment they both lean in to kiss each other. They walk to their cars.

It's a shame we can't get it to the Command Center to see whats up.

Why couldn't we?

No power coin.

I have them all I re-constructed them in case of a great need, here.

He hands her her power coin, he takes his and they walk up to the Command Center. The doors open for them and they walk into the darkened Command Center.Billy flips a switch to turn on the lights. Suddenly theres a great flash and Zordons time chamber comes back on-line along with the computer consoles. Yet Zordon and Alpha are gone. Dimitria is gone too. The two rangers stood alone over looking the place that once they called home. Then Kim noticed the door. She went in and ended up in the old Command Center.Her home. She starts crying slightly. Just the Zordon appears in his chamber.

Am I dreaming?

Kimberly? Billy? How did you get in?

I have reconstructed the power coins Zordon.

How interesting.

Why are you hear Zordon? I thought you returned home.

I came back because Darke Spectre captured me and Alpha managed to free me.

Where is Alpha?

He's being recharged right now.

It feels so weird to be back here.

It does doesn't it.

It's fortunate you showed up when you did Billy.


The computer consoles been acting up..

Billy and Zordon drift into a conversation Kim's mind drifts.

"I'm so useless around here, why did I have to say something?"

Kim we need you're help.

What is it?

Theres something wrong with part of the computer and I'm stumped.

She takes off part of the console. She re-wires a few places and the powers stays right.

It was wired wrong.

How did you figure that out?

I don't know. I just kind of knew.

That's interesting.

Thats not something I would have thought you to know.

Well I do.

Well Kim, I would like to take you to my house for awhile.

Zordon seeing as you won't be needing us around for awhile at least, it was nice seeing you again.

Goodbye rangers.

They exit. Billy takes her to get her things from the hotel then to his house. She decided to take a shower. She forgets her clothes in the room so she runs back in a towel before she gets in. She runs straight into Billy, she accidently drops the towel.



He hands her the towel but can't draw his eyes from her body. Suddenly from no where they start kissing. Billy starts kissing her neck and the towel falls. The next day the phone rings. He answers on the first ring not wanting to wake Kim. She looked so peaceful laying against his chest.

Billy here.

He whispers, Tommy answers.

So how are you this morning?

Well actually quite good.

Well we missed you this morning for our goodbyes.

Oh no! I forgot.

Sure, and whats Kim's excuse?

How did you know..

I called the hotel they said she checked out and then I remembered. How she told me she had something to tell you so I guessed and by your silence I can tell I am right.

Well, um kinda sorta.

So whats her excuse?

We were busy, last night. She took a short shower and then we did somethings around here.

Oh, I see. You did a little somethin, somethin.

Hey thats not for you to know.

I can see you turning red now, well I have to go Kat wanted to let Kim know she is happy for her.

Ok. See ya.

He hangs up and as he does Kim wakes and kisses him.

Who was that Blue?

No one.


How did you?

Lucky guess.

As they get dressed the both start to feel a familiar feeling creep back into their minds. A familiar sensation send chills down their backs they run into each other in the hall. They are then teleported to the Command Center.

Zordon, whats going on?

Rangers theres a new villain. I have heard of her only once. I never thought I'd see her. She wants to take over


Kim and Billy both say at the same times as Zordon slightly rolling their eyes.

We know we know.

What are we to do?

The re-constructed power coins, Billy re-power them all the way.

He re-powers them Kim takes hers and Billy takes his.

It's morphing time!



Back to action!

They begin to fight what appears to be this villains putties, they are called Raylens. They struggle but finally send them packing. Then the new villainess shows up.

I am Raylena, queen of the evil empire.

We are going to send you back where you came from.

I am more than you think. Rita Zedd, Mondo and Divatox would never have done anything. Astronema is the only useful one.

Right. You obliviously don't know who you're dealing with.

Hmmm, teenagers never change.

Were the power rangers.

Oh god! Am I supposed to care?

Yes you are!

Well I don't meet my minions. This is Racer, and This is my trusted servant Rogue.

Hmm, another couple of ugly monsters.

Things never change eh, blue?

Nope never.

They stand ready as Racer fires a blast. Kim dodges and Billy throws his lance. She fires her bow and Racer runs at them. They split and Billy spins his lance.

Pink! Behind you!

Kim turns almost to late she barley is able to dodge Rogue. As Rogue turns Kim runs toward Raylena.


I'm coming!

As Rogue goes to shoot at Kim she flips over Raylena. The blast hits Raylena injuring her.

I'll be back rangers you can count on it.

Blue are you ok?

Yea I'm fine how about you Kimmy?

Great lets get back.

They teleport back to the Command Center and Zordon sends them home. He says they need a break. That night as Kim snuggled up to Billy the phone rang again. She answers this time.


Um hi is Billy there?


Do I know you?

It's me Red!

Oh hey Kimmy! What are you doing at Billy's?

Getting ready for bed, hold on.

She hands him the phone Billy and Jason spend an hour talking and when they get done Kim is fast asleep.He kisses her head and falls asleep. The next morning a few old friends show up, when the notice a few hickeys on Kim's neck they all laugh, Trini and Jason walk in holding hands Kim smiles, her one of a kind smile that lets everyone know she finds it cute. Then Billy walks up and kisses her, they start to french kiss and Billy's arms go tightly around her Jason clears his throat.

Ok you two.

Get a room.

We have one.

Hey wheres..

I'm right here.

Hey Tiger.

Hey there. Nice neck decorations.

Kimmy, you have to tell me it all.



Never mind.

That night as Kim starts to fall asleep, Billy comes in her room. He starts to kiss her but stops and looks at her sleeping for awhile when he kisses her on the head, he doesn't see her arms until she's holding him kissing, him. He manages to pull far enough apart to rip their clothes off. He makes love to her and they fall asleep.

The End!