Disclaimer: The rangers are Sabans.

The Key to the Future
Part 1: Green with Evil yet Again
by: Kelly

Astronema: Bring me Kim's younger sister.

Kelly: What do you want with me?

Astronema: You will become the evil green Lightstar ranger.

Kelly: What if I don't want to?

Astronema: You have no choice.

Kelly: You can't make me.

She blasts Kelly, Kellys eyes flash and she becomes evil. She teleports to Earth to attend school the next day.

Kelly, Whats up?

Nothing Jason, what makes you think somethings up?

You're acting weird.

Kelly are you alright?

Yes Andros, I'm fine.

Are you sure? You are looking a bit pale.

I am fine.

Kelly you're acting weird.


She walks away, they look after her not sure what to do. They know somethings up, Andros notices her turn and teleport. He starts to wonder. Then Deca comes out over his arm band telling him the green Lightstar ranger is attacking the park.

Green ranger?

He teleports and meets the green ranger face to face. She's wearing a green costume with a short green skirt and a small top that is crissed-crossed in the back, Andros has no choice but to stare.

She has brown hair which is straight and is loosely surrounding her shoulders. Hey brown eyes flashing dark green every few moments. She walks up to Andros morphed as the Red Lightstar ranger, she starts to rub her hands on his neck and to pull off his helmet. No matter what he does he can't get free. When his helmet comes off he demorphs. She kisses him and he starts to pull her closer. She stabs his arm with a dart that knocks him out. She laughs as he falls and teleports out.

Deca get me out of here!

The other rangers teleport in and shock him slightly, he stands up straight, no longer falling unconscious. She teleports in the other male rangers start to stare, Andros starts to feel slightly jealous. He doesn't know why. Ashley notices it and walks over to him.

Andros, snap out of it!

What? No they can't have her.

T.J. She's mine!

No she isn't Carlos!

The men start fighting. The girls attack Kelly, she ends up injuring them and laughing as all three guys run to her and surround her. Andros holding her left arm, T.J. her right and Carlos behind her. They starts to fight over her again. She just laughs as Andros kisses her neck and T.J. smacks Carlos. Then Carlos kisses her and T.J. Gets hit by Andros. The girls teleport out to recuperate. At school the next day:

Hey Kelly.

Hi Jason.

Kelly, my darling.

Hi Andros.



My beautiful Kelly.

T.J. hello.

Jason looks suspiciously at them as Kelly laughs all the way to class. Later that afternoon Andros is hanging all over her, In the juice bar. Jason walks in. He hears Ashleys communicator go off, and Kelly's gone. Andros turns to see her gone. He teleports out, after her. When the girl rangers now recuperated meet her for battle in the park the guys stand between them especially Andros. Finally Carlos and T.J. snap out of the spell but Andros can't break free. The others can't attack her because he stands in their way. He walks up and kisses her on the neck. She smiles and kisses him, the other rangers just stand their and Carlos notices a necklace around he neck that resembles Astronema's. Carlos thinks it over for a minuet and tries to grab it.

Watch it big boy.

She says blasting him, he flies back and lands at the rangers feet. Cassie walks up behind her and manages to cut it free. Kelly falls to the ground and holds her head, Andros stands looking at her freed from the spell he thanks Cassie.

Thanks Cassie.

It was nothing.

Kelly are you ok?

My head hurts a little. Thanks Cassie, I am so glad that you figured that out, guys I'm sorry for what I did.

It's cool, but now that you have powers the only logical thing would be for you to join us.

Yes, it would be logical wouldn't it?

As they return to school, Kelly sees her older sisters, Katana and Kylina, Kim's in the corner with Tommy. Tommy's brothers walk in Collin, Jason and Jc. Jason walks up to Kelly who is sitting watching Andros from across the room. He takes her hand and kisses it the kisses her neck, she pays no attention, to him focused on Andros, Tommy and the others walk over inviting them to see a movie a Kim's later. Then Andros and the space rangers walk over, Kelly looks to where her morpher would sit.

Hey Andy we're getting some drinks.

Ok, hi Kelly.

Hi Andy, hey we are going to rent a movie and watch it at my house tonight want to come?

Sure, what time?


I'll be there at 6:30.

Tommy and Kim smile, as Jason glares. Andros walks over to the space rangers and Kelly follows with her eyes. The space rangers exit.

What did you invite him for?

Cause I felt like it.

Kim, Kylina, Katana Jc, Collin, and Tommy leave Kelly walks over to a sparring mat kicking the air a few times, Jason moves to spar with her.

So, it's not like you're dating him.

I'm not dating you either.

She says flipping him over on his back. Andros re-enters and she turns sensing his glance.


She yells as Jason sweeps her. He lets her fall and Andros rushes over, he helps her up and takes her by the arm.

There's something I want to show you.


Jason mumbles to himself punching the punching bag, he turns at the sound of a womans voice, he never having seen her before, doesn't recognize Astronema.

I can help you make her love you.

Nah, no one can.

No I can get you your love, your brown eyed big hearted goddess, but you'll have to help me.

With what?

Bring me Andros I'll make sure she's yours.

They walk away him telling her his plan that night:

Jason the bar is closed why did you bring us here?

I want you to meet someone.


Hi Andros!

Astronema claims as the lights go up and he finds himself in a force field. Kelly is turned looking at Andros.

How dare you Jason.

Now to keep a promise.

Astronema zaps her freezing her, she puts a bracelet on her arm, then shoots another beam at her unfreezing her.

My love.

Yes Jason?

Kiss me and do as I say.


She kisses him and he whispers something in her ear, she starts to unbutton her top then Andros turns, Astronema laughs at him, but when they turn back, Jason is gasping for air, Kelly's choking him.

Thanks Andy I was starting to worry.

I'll never let you down.

She grabs Astronema's staff and free's Andros. Jason and Astronema teleport out, they aren't finished yet. Jason and Astronema come up with a new plan. That afternoon, Kelly is walking by the lake alone.

Kel, whats up?

Not much Jase you?



You know you're beautiful.

I am?

Would I lie?

Um, no.

Right. I love you Kelly.

Leans in to kiss her and she falls straight into it. He places a small devise on her back and she becomes his. Her first job? Get Andros. Well after Jason uses her for his own satisfaction, that evening:


Come here Andros.

Kelly whats up with you?

Just come here.

No! This device is doing it. And you smell like Jason. Gross.

He pulls the device off and Kelly screams she teleports home and takes a shower Andros walks in.>


What are you doing in my bathroom?





Why not? You're a great thing to look at.


Yes. Well I'll turn so you can get dressed.

She steps out but doesn't get dressed he feels her lips on his neck. The next day Kimberly and Tommy walk in the house and find them sleeping, Kim thinks it's cute. They exit and Kelly gets and gets dressed. As they enter the juice bar:



Why did I just hear that you two You

Well it kinda happened, Jase.

And? I don't care you are mine dam you!

I am not and haven't been for a long time, now if you'll excuse us.

they go sit at the bar and have a few drinks. As Kim and Tommy look for her and find her they realize that they not in the mood for what the Oliver's had planned. They exit and leave Kelly sulking with Andros near by trying to change her mood.

To be continued . . .