The Energy Stealer
Part 1

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It was a sunny day as usual in Angel Grove. The final bell of the day had rung and 5 teenage figures were coming out of the school. Rocky led the way. He was so hyper happy that the week was over. Adam and Tanya followed behind him they gave a he's nuts look at each other.

"Remind me to hide the Jolt from him."Said Adam

" He gets so hyper from it. He could probably take out a whole cog unit all by himself." Added Tanya jokingly.

" Maybe we should put that theory to a test." They both said and started to crack up with laughter. Kat and Tommy came up behind them.

" What's so funny?" Kat asked. Adam pointed to Rocky and it was self explained.

" Not again. That Jolt is made of pure caffeine and sugar." Tommy said. But allowed himself to laugh along with the rest of them.

" Hey aren't we supposed to meet Billy here?" Adam asked. As he finished that question Billy came racing up.

"Sorry I'm late guys I was finishing up a project with Alpha." Billy explained. Then realized he wasn't really being paid attention to. Then he turned himself to view what the others apparently were pre-occupied with. They had turned to look at Rocky who was racing across the way to the park where he then leapt onto the jungle gym and started to scale it.

" He drank that cola again didn't he?" Asked Billy with amusement. The others shook their heads yes. At that moment their communicators went off. The five of them looked around and once the coast was clear Tommy answered it.

" This is Tommy we read you Zordon. "

" Rangers King Mondo has sent down a fleet of cogs. They are in the business district of down town Angle Grove." replied Zordon.

" We're on it!" said Tommy. "But first we have to get Rocky over here." he added. Tanya and Adam looked at each other thinking about what they had said earlier about Rocky taking on the fleet by himself.

"I'll get him." Adam said. He ran over to Rocky who was now in the tree above the jungle gym.

" Rocky we gotta go!"Exclaimed Adam " There's trouble in the business district." he added.

"ALL RIGHT!!!" Rocky proclaimed excitedly "Let's kick some cog butt." he said jumping down from the tree. Adam laughed as he and Rocky headed off to join the others.

" I'll get back to the power chamber." said Billy.

"Right. It's morphin time!" Tommy declared.

"Zeo Ranger I Pink" shouted Kat.

"Zeo Ranger II Yellow" Yelled Tanya.

"Zeo Ranger III Blue" Exclaimed an overexcited Rocky.

"Zeo Ranger IV Green" Shouted Adam.

"Zeo Ranger V Red" Declared Tommy.

Five streaks of colored light they teleported to the business district where the problem was. When they got there it was totally quiet. The rangers looked around cautiously watching each other's backs as they headed further in. All of a sudden the cogs appeared surrounding them.

" Scatter! Let's take' em down" Tommy yelled to the others. Kat and Tanya flipped out of the surrounding cogs; which took a few of the cogs by surprise. In turn Adam and Tommy took the surprised cogs out. Rocky however took on a big majority of the cogs by himself. Then the remaining cogs fled back through the portal. The battle was over almost as quickly as it began. The others looked at Rocky in amazement for a moment then Tanya commented " I guess we found out the answer to our question Adam."

" Yeah. Maybe we should let him have Jolt more often." They thought about this notion for a moment then all of them shook their heads and said "Nah."

" Let's get back to the power chamber and see if Zordon, Billy and Alpha have come up with anything. There has to be something more to this." Said Tommy. With that the Rangers teleported out.

In the Machine Moonbase on the moon King Mondo was very pleased.

"Perfect. My plan is going accordingly." He said.

"What plan dad?" Asked Sprocket.

"Yes dear do tell us what you are planing to do." Prodded Queen Machina.

" Well remember I sent the cogs down with energy scanners?" The two nodded their heads yes. " It just so happens that the cogs holding them returned with them undamaged. Therefore I can now construct my monster for I have the readings of their power suits and of their human energies combine." Mondo said ecstatically.

" So what does that have to do with the monster?" Questioned his son.

" Well it is quite simple really. I will program the monster with this information and he will be able to sap the energy right out of the rangers. But my plan is to catch them totally off guard. I want that pesky inventor want-to-be Billy with them. I want Billy here in my grasp. He may not be in the battles anymore but he is still important to them." King Mondo replied.

"I love it when you're diabolically brilliant." Machina replied. With that they all laughed wickedly. A thought then occurred to Machina "But how are we going to get all of them together?" She questioned.

"It's very simple. They will momentarily question Zordon and after a few moments investigation he will tell them to disregard this attack as just a reminder that we are still here. He will then with no doubt send them back to what they were doing before my cogs registered on his scanners." Once again they all laughed at the plan that was about to happen. Clank and Orbis had been standing there quietly until now.

"But your majesty what will we do with Billy once we catch him?" Said Clank.

" Whatever we want to do with him." Replied Mondo sternly then added " And hold him for ransom. The rangers will give us whatever we want for us to return him alive."

" What about unharmed?" Asked Orbis.

" That will depend on two things : one what we feel like doing and two how much trouble the rangers give us from now until his return."Mondo replied quite pleased with himself to formulate this plan. Why didn't I think of it before? He thought to himself.

Back in the power chamber the rangers had just arrived and were asking the question that they always asked.

" What was that all about?" Asked Tommy.

" Yeah. Where the Machine Empire is concerned this is usually just the start of it." Added Adam.

" I understand your concerns about what the attack was about. Unfortunately I do not know what King Mondo has planed we just have to wait and see. However the scanners indicate no sign of anymore cogs or of any monsters." Said Zordon.

" This simply could have been just a wake up call to say as hey we're still here. You know just to cause a little trouble." Added Billy.

" There is no reason to remain here rangers. If the scanners pick up something we will notify you." Said Zordon who was apparently looking at his blue zeo ranger. The others saw what he was looking at and started laughing.

"Come on Rocky let's go back to the park." Coaxed Tanya.

" Who's up for football?" Adam asked. Everyone except for Billy shook their heads in agreement. "Billy are you coming?" he then questioned. " We need you to make the teams even three on three." He added as a final plea.

" Go on without me guys I'll join in a little while." Billy replied. It was then obvious that to get Billy out of there he would have to drag him. Adam just nodded okay and with that five beams of light teleported out. Zordon knowing that Billy would stay to help Alpha scan knew that Billy was in the chamber with them enough; so he would get Billy out if he had to have Alpha teleport him out.

" Billy I thought I said there was no reason to remain."said Zordon.

" I know but I just thought that...."

" I know what you thought." Zordon interrupted him. "Alpha and I can handle this. You spend so much time here working to ensure that the rangers have all systems functional that when you get a chance to do something with the others you should." Zordon for that instance reminded Billy of his father saying that he should go out for a change instead of studying all the time.

"Okay. I'll go." Billy said defeated then quickly added " Alpha if you need me.."

" I know Billy. I know." Interrupted Alpha and before Billy could say another word Alpha pushed a button that teleported him out of the chamber and to the park feet away from where the others were.

" Hey guys is it to late to join?" Billy said. Then Adam flagged him over to join their team. Tanya, Billy and Adam vs. Kat, Rocky and Tommy.

In the machine base Mondo watched them.

"Be ready on my word." He commanded.

In the power chamber Alpha was busily monitoring the scanners.

" Maybe Billy was right and this was just to remind us that they are here." Said Alpha.

" Alpha please keep a watch over the rangers just incase." Zordon said.

" Right." Said Alpha. At the point that he put them on screen the rangers had sat down to take a break.

"So what happened Billy?" Asked Adam.

" What happened with what?" Inquired a confused Billy.

" Well quite honestly I thought that we wouldn't see you again this afternoon unless a monster showed." Clarified Adam. The others snickered a little because they all including Billy knew it was true.

" To tell you the truth Zordon gave me an ultimatum. Either go by my own will or be teleported out anyway." Answered Billy

" He said that?:" Questioned Tanya.

" He didn't have to. I just knew it that's all." Billy said. In the power chamber Alpha and Zordon heard that small conversation. Billy knows me to well. Thought Zordon with a smile. He thought of all the rangers as his children but he had a stronger bond with Billy. That's only natural for Billy was the last remaining of the ones that he had originally selected. He then turned his attention back to the viewing globe the rangers were still under the tree.

" Hey! I was going to drink that." Said Rocky.

" No more Jolt Rocky you had enough. Your to hyper." Said Adam.

" Yes Dad." Said Rocky jokingly. He started to laugh he was still hyper but he had calmed down to the point where he could sit still.

" Hey guys let's resume play." Suggested Billy

" I know why your so eager to start play again. It's because your team is winning." Said Kat teasingly.

" Afraid to meet the challenge?" teased Adam.

" Okay then let's do it. We'll whoop your tails!!" Said Tommy provokingly.

" In your dreams." Kidded Tanya.

" No in your dreams." Rocky corrected with a huge grin on his face. The rangers had resumed their places on the field and began to play.

Tanya screamed " Billy go long." with that she threw the football with all her might at Billy. Unfortunately her throw was better with a baseball than with a football it sailed over Billy's head and out of play in the nearby brush.

" I'll get it." Said Billy as he jogged off Rocky commented, "Nice throw."

" Thanks" said Tanya sarcastically.

On the moon base Mondo gave his command.

"Now."he ordered and the monster was sent down.

Billy was still searching for the ball. Tanya sure has one hell of an arm. Where is that thing. He thought. Then he bumped into something large. He looked up to see that it was a monster that looked like he had a battery for a chest and a large funnel for a head. Billy forgot about the ball and felt his hands go into a ready fighting position while his feet and legs unconsciously started backing away from this monster. He then turned on his heel and flat out ran back to the others. For he had no powers to protect him and second he'd stand a better chance with them then without them.

" Billy we thought you got lost did you find the........" Rocky's words trailed off as he and the others saw that there was some sort of monster on Billy's tail. Once Billy was within feet of his friends the monster spoke.

" I am Energy stealer rangers have a nice day." With that he sent a big beam out through his funnel head and directly at the six rangers.

" I can't move. I feel so weak." Said Adam as he fell unconsciously to the ground. The others were unconscious by the time he finished that sentence.

" Here's your rangers Zordon. But I think I will take this one as a souvenir." With that he picked up the unconscious Billy and teleported away with him.

" Oh no! Ayiyiyiyiyiyiyiyi!" Exclaimed Alpha.

" Alpha teleport them here immediately." Zordon said.

"Right." Said Alpha a few flips of switches and a turn of a knob the five rangers were lying on the floor of the power chamber.

" Alpha scan them for injuries and if any beam particles are left so we can form an antidote if possible." Said Zordon. Looking at the rangers like that he wished that he were in their dimension so he could help them.

" Zordon I am sending the raw data to you now of the initial scans."Said Alpha. He then scurried off to try to find some covering for the rangers for he did see that their body temperatures were above normal for humans.

" This is very disturbing. It seems as though the Energy stealer has taken their energies out of them. Their zeo powers have appeared to protect them minimally for that energy has diminished as well but I believe the crystals are only temporarily diminished." Zordon had said after reviewing the data.

" But Zordon if that happened to the rangers with power, then what happened to Billy?" Asked a concerned Alpha.

" I am uncertain. Alpha scan the moonbase's prisons and see if you can locate Billy." Zordon replied.

"Right away Zordon." Said Alpha. Then he added" Maybe today wasn't a good day to make Billy get some air." Alpha then busily resumed his scan for Billy.

Meanwhile on the moon Energy stealer had brought Billy to Mondo.

" Throw him in the coldest dampest holding cell you can find." Mondo said to some cogs. "As for you Energy stealer you will return to earth and start consuming as much energy as you can. When you've had your fill come back here and we will make our ransom demands for them to get Billy back." Energy stealer nodded yes then bowed and teleported back to earth. He immediately started to cause havoc he went directly to the power plant AGLCO* and started sucking the energy out of the plant. The city started going dark. Cars were running into each other because the traffic lights went out. All the corporate buildings went dark and computer systems went down. Energy stealer having had his fill for the time being teleported back to the moon base.

In the dungeon cell Billy still lay unconscious and he was shivering. Mondo was looking at the boy and thought I won't have to do anything to him. Humans are susceptible to cold. He will die on his own.

"Hahahahahaha" Mondo laughed with ultimate pleasure.

Back at the power chamber Alpha was still scanning the moon bases dungeon having no luck.

" Ayiyiyiyiyiyiyi" cried the frantic robot. "Zordon I haven't found him yet."

" Keep trying Alpha. Do not give up hope. We will locate him." Alpha nodded knowing that Zordon was usually right about those things.

" What if there is trouble while the rangers are still like this?" Asked Alpha.

" The Gold Ranger is still out there somewhere Alpha. He will most likely show if there is danger." Zordon answered calmly; which was difficult because of how everything was turning out.

" What about the Aquitaians?" inquired Alpha knowing that they would come if necessary.

" Usually we would have already contacted them but right now because of the rotations of the planets communication will be impossible for the next 3 days." answered Zordon. At that moment Adam had stirred slightly Alpha immeadeatly left the searching area of the console and picked up a scanner and scanned Adam. After a moment of scanning he went on to scan the rest of the rangers.

"Zordon this doesn't look good. I am sending the latest data to you." Alpha said. Seeing the latest test results worried him greatly. The scan revealed that as their bodies were trying to regenerate it's energy something was slowing it greatly putting them in great danger. If only I could be in their dimension. This may not have happened. He thought.

Back on the moon Mondo was readying the ransom demand. That fool Zordon will succumb to my demands or Billy will die.

"Klank!!!!" Screamed Mondo.

" Yes your Majesty" he replied humbly.

" Open communications to Zordon. Let's see what Energy Stealer has left him with!"

" At once your majesty" Klank said evil full.

Back at the power chamber Alpha was busy trying to still contact the aquitian rangers but to no avail. The planets were still out of phase. Then the communication console lit up.

"Zordon we are receiving a transmittion from the moon." Alpha said nervously.

" Put him on the viewing globe Alpha" Zordon answered he already knew what it was about. King Mondo appeared on the globe and laughed an evil laugh after seeing the still unconscious rangers.

" Maybe this will show you all to stay out of my way"said Mondo.

"What do you want?" Zordon said sternly.

" It's not what I want it's who you want!" Mondo looked to see that Zordon was looking directly at him. Mondo now knowing that he had his full attention pressed a button that flashed a picture on Billy. Alpha began moving to the console to try to find his location. "Not so fast." With that Mondo got rid of the picture. "As you know from the rangers you have with you they are not in the best condition and I assure you that the genious is far worse. If you want to see him again you will have to do as I say."Mondo said evilishly

" What do you want?" Zordon asked.

" Simple I want only two things: One to be allowed to teleport into the chamber to discuss the other demand." Growled Mondo.

" The only way I will allow this is if you bring Billy here with you." Zordon stated quite calmly. He could not let Mondo see how he truly felt for doing so would give Mondo the upper hand.

" You are in no position to be demanding anything. But if it will entitle me entrance into the power chamber then so be it. You can have the nerd back. I can't believe that he was ever able to cut it as a ranger. Hahahahahahaha. I will teleport in fifteen minutes. Mondo out.

" Why did you do that father? Give Billy back to them?"asked Sprocket

" I don't need him anymore once I am in the power chamber. Plus he is too ill to help Zordon and Alpha."answered Mondo.

"What about me sire?" asked Energy Stealer.

" Ah yes I almost forgot. Go seek out the gold ranger's pirimidus and drain it of it's energy along with that pesky gold ranger."replied Mondo. "My plan is working better then I could ever dream that it would."

At the power chamber. Alpha ran another scan on the rangers hoping it was more optimistic than the last time.

" Well Alpha how are they fairing?" Zordon asked.

" Ayiyiiyiyiyiiyiyiyi not well it seems that their body tempratures have climbed again." Alpha said worriedly. He then pressed a button that would send the information to Zordon. This is wrong the rangers should be starting to recover yet they are still weakening. Zordon thought.

" Alpha how are the tests coming with the left over particles that the monster left behind?" Hoping Alpha and he would be able to help the rangers somehow with the information.

" I was hoping you had forgotten that Zordon." Said a sad Alpha. " There wasn't enough particles to test. Mondo sure knows what he is doing this time." Alpha finished.

Back on the moon Mondo was ready to teleport all he needed was for his henchmen to bring Billy to him.

" Here he is sire." Said Klank handing the unconscious Billy to him. Mondo looked at the boy and was filled with evil joy that when Zordon saw the state Billy was in he would definitely surrender whatever Mondo wanted.

" I am ready to go." said Mondo

" Pop can I come please can I come can I can I? Hu Hu Please!!!!!!!!" Begged Sproket.

" No son stay here with your mother and see what evil you can come up with while I am gone." Mondo said laughing. With that he teleported to earth into the power chamber.


Alpha was not looking foreword to this meeting. He cringed when Mondo entered. He had Billy in tow. He looked around it was to good to be true all the rangers defeated. Knowing this he let Billy drop to the ground. Alpha moved in so he could scan him.

" Don't even think it or I will eliminate him here and now. A small price to pay ? You decide?" Said Mondo

"Ayiyiyiyiyiyi....... Zordon what should I do?" asked a frightened Alpha. Before Zordon could answer him Mondo opened his mouth

" Do? Hahaha there is nothing you can do!! I hold all the cards."

" What do you want Mondo now that you are here?" Inquired Zordon. He had to keep a bottle on his feelings or Mondo would surely kill Billy and maybe the rest of them.

"Ah yes... What I want is quite simple really just hand over their Zeonisers and I will release Billy to you. You have one earth day to decide." With that Mondo vanished along with Billy. Mondo however didn't see Alpha creep over next to Billy to get an initial scan on him.

"Well is Billy fairing?" asked Zordon

" I don't know how to tell you so I will show you." Said Alpha as he pushed the button to send the data to Zordon.

" We must retrieve him soon or he will perish. His scan showed much different results than the others. That is due however to them holding the zeo crystals." Said Zordon There was a long moment of silence then " Alpha start creating duplicates of their Zeonisers. Maybe with those we could retrieve Billy and buy the rangers more time to recuperate."

" I hope you are right Zordon." said Alpha.

Off in a distance pyrimidas stood. The gold ranger just picked up a teleportation from the moon to the earth. Then back to the moon. Strange. But how can that be? Unless..... I haven't seen the rangers since their run in with the cogs. But that was almost 5 hours ago. I have to keep my eyes open for any sign of trouble. Just as he completed his thought his alarm sounded.

"Ah ha a monster. The rangers should be here shortly." he said aloud to himself. A few moments went by and the rangers hadn't come. " Ut-ho time for me to get in there. I wonder where they are?" With that he teleported out.

"What do you mean sending down Energy Stealer without my knowing?" Mondo said. He had just returned from the power chamber to find his son following what he said.

" But darling you should be praising him. We can now rid ourselves of the gold ranger." interrupted Machina. Mondo thought of this notion and said nothing more instead turned to watch what would happen.

Back in the power chamber the alarms were going off. Alpha shut them down for they could not do anything. On the viewing globe they saw the gold ranger confronting the monster.

" Alpha teleport him here immediately ." Said Zordon.

"Right!" With that Alpha turned a few dials and pressed a button that activated teleportation.

The gold ranger was ready for battle; he then saw a flash of light. When he could see his surroundings again the gold ranger's first view was of the unconscious rangers.

" What happened to them? Are they alright?" asked the gold ranger. Zordon proceeded to tell him of what had been happening the that afternoon.

" We teleported Mondo here to keep him from harming Billy any further." finished Zordon.

" I know I picked up on the teleportation beams from pyramidas. I thought something was going on. Energy Stealer sounds like a real nemesis! Zordon if I can destroy him will that release the rangers from this state?" Asked gold ranger.

" It is possible but we are not certain." said Zordon.

" So when do I teleport to the moon?" said a ready gold ranger.

" Whenever you are ready." said Alpha.

" Are you certain you want to take this risk? You will be alone against them." said Zordon.

" Yes. The rangers need this done. It cannot wait for the planets to be relined so I will go without the Aquitian rangers. I shall not fail them."

" You are truly a power ranger. Good luck and let the power protect you." said Zordon as he had said many times before to the rangers before going off to battle. Then the gold ranger was teleported out of the power chamber to the moon.

Part 2

The gold ranger landed on the moon uncertain of what fate awaited him. He knew what he had to do. He snuck into the Machine empire's base and started searching for the main room. He was careful to stick to the shadows for if he got caught, Billy would die for sure. He rounded a corner and heard talking. The voices were those of King Mondo , his family, Klank, Orbis and Energy Stealer. He listened intently to what was said.

"Well Klank how is the nerd doing?"Questioned Mondo

" He's gravely ill sire."Replied Klank with his thick accent.

" Good. Open communications to Zordon again. It is time for him to give me the rangers zeoniezers if he ever wants the genius back." Snarled Mondo. Then ordered "Cogs bring the human to me." The cogs scurried off. The gold ranger was now in the position where he could see everything and not be seen by the machines. The cogs came back dragging Billy behind them. Oh no! I have to get him out of here. No matter what the cost. Hang on Billy I won't let you down. Thought the gold ranger as he turned his attention back to the machine king. "Open communications." Mondo ordered.

"Yes my lord." said Klank. With a touch of a button the sub space message was sent.

" And what about me?" Said an impatient Energy Stealer.

" Ah yes.. I almost forgot about you. Track down Pyrimidas and drain it of all it's energy. That way the gold ranger will be powerless to stop me........Sometimes I'm so brilliant it's scary."said Mondo praising himself. They aren't that smart. Pyrimidas is in it's invisible mode. Not even the power chamber can track it The gold ranger thought with a smile as he turned his attention back to where Billy was being held.

"Zordon.. I know you can hear me I want those zeonizers in six hours for I fear that is how long your precious still wanna be ranger will survive." Mondo said mockingly. Mondo then flipped a button that severed the communications before Zordon could respond to him. "Throw him back in the dungeon!!" Mondo ordered the cogs. That's it lead me to where you are holding him. The gold ranger thought as he followed the cogs within the shadows.

The cogs threw Billy into the cold and dark cell with a sickening thud. Billy lay there motionless. The cogs closed the door and started back to the main room.

"Now's my chance!" The gold ranger said to himself. " Billy! Billy can you hear me?" The gold ranger asked in desperation. He just wanted Billy to move or do something. But he remained still. Time for the easy approach. Thought the gold ranger pulling out his blaster and began carefully melting away the lock. After a few moments it finally melted. The gold ranger pushed the door open and ran to Billy. Good he's still alive. he thought as he felt for Billy's pulse. "Time to take you home." He said picking up the unconscious form. With that he touched his belt and two teleportation beams left the cell heading for the power chamber on earth.

Back on earth Alpha was working as fast as he could to put the phoney zeonizers together. They had received the message that Mondo had sent but they did not know that Billy was now with the gold ranger. In a gold and white flash the gold ranger stood in the power chamber holding Billy.

"Ayiyiyiyi! Billy" Alpha said as he hurried over to the medic table. "Please place him here." Alpha said.

"Gold ranger you have my gratitude for bringing Billy back safely." Zordon said as the gold ranger put Billy down on the table. Alpha began to scan Billy's still form.

"Will he be alright? Did we retrieve him in time? And what about the others?" asked the gold ranger.

"If the Energy Stealer can be defeated then the rangers may be able to recover from the effects. Due to the zeo crystals they hold."Zordon answered.

"What about Billy?" Asked the gold ranger uncertain if he wanted to hear the answer.

"Billy does not hold the protection of the crystal but he still may be able to recover we will know the answer to his condition in a few moments." Zordon answered.

"How much longer will we be out of phase with the Aquitar?" The gold ranger asked once again uncertain if he wanted to hear the answer.

" For too much longer oh Ayiyiyiyi!" Said Alpha frantically. The little android was still hunched over the medic table trying to stabilize Billy's readings. This does not look good. The gold ranger thought. As if he had spoken aloud Zordon knew what he was thinking.

"Don't loose your faith gold ranger. Everything will turn out as it should." Zordon startled the gold ranger out of his thoughts.

" But how did you know that I was thinking that?" Asked the gold ranger very surprised that Zordon could read him through his helmet.

"That is because when the rangers start to loose their faith they become very quiet and lost in thought as you were just now." Zordon said just like a father would about his children. The gold ranger nodded and turned back to where Alpha was still working on Billy.

" Zordon, I am sending the raw data of his scans to you now." Alpha said with sadness in his voice. After a few moments of viewing Zordon spoke.

" Alpha the only thing we can do for him now is keep him warm." The gold ranger looked up at him and Zordon continued "No, gold ranger you were not too late to save him. But the Energy Stealer must be stopped."

" Then I shall stop it. I cannot allow this monster to continue to cause havoc and kill the rangers. There is no choice. I will face it alone." Said the gold ranger. Zordon nodded realizing he could not stop him from going out there by himself.

" We will provide any assistance we can from here. Let the power protect you." The gold ranger nodded his thanks and teleported out.

The gold ranger teleported to where the last known readings of the Energy Stealer was. The moment he materialized he got a hard blow to the back. Stunned by the blow the gold ranger slowly got up.

"You'll regret doing that Energy Stealer."

"Oh really!?! What are you going to do call the rangers to help you? Don't make me laugh. You can't beat me. NO ONE CAN!!" said the Energy Stealer as he charged at the gold ranger again. The gold ranger being smarter and more agile than the monster easily flipped up and over the monster's head and landing flat on both feet. "Impressive, But it will take more than that to beat me." said Energy Stealer with a laugh. This guy thinks he's all that but if I can keep him at this long enough it may reduce his energy level so low that I can take him down. Thought the gold ranger. For the next half hour the gold ranger kept jumping , dodging and rolling out of the Energy Stealer's path. This guy has a lot more energy than I thought. I don't know how much longer I can keep this up. The gold ranger thought utterly exhausted.

"Oh really?" said the gold ranger. He pulled out his blaster and stunned the monster. He was surprised to see that the blast did effect the monster.

Of course! Why didn't I think of that before. The weak spot. Thought the gold ranger.

Stay tuned for the final chapter to the Energy Stealer.