Power Rangers: Tides of Destiny
Prologue: Doomsday's harbinger
by: A.J. Mashburn, "The Dark One"

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Author's Note: The PRZ story sequences take place after "Power Rangers Zeo: Good as Gold", while the MMPR story sequences take place after "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Green Candle."

In the great infinite of void of deepest space, where the most abundant feature is the all-consuming, dark emptiness and silence. Incredible, maddening silence, enough to drive a man out of his mind in insanity, here there are no stars to light this evil hell, only the insignificant pinpricks of light, that litter the distant galaxies. No one would believe that this place once held a beautiful, lush, a world of numerous colors, with areas teeming with life as diverse as our own, creatures with intelligence, sentience, hopes, dreams, loves, everything we all want out of life. Until recently, this world was one of three shining jewels in the universe, the three chosen by the creator to house his children, three worlds that kept all in balance, until a few moments ago, when this world was totally and mysteriously destroyed. Not a single speck of dust floats in the empty darkness that is left of this world. Except, a single, solitary, object at the center, easily overlooked from a distance.

Upon closer inspection, the object is actually...a man, or at least a humanoid in appearance, clad in a long, flowing, onyx-black cloak that nearly dwarfs the surrounding space in it's infinite, lightless, abysmal, darkness, with a full hood covering most of his head, and two silver, angular horn-like projections, protruding from the cloth-like material over his heavy forehead. Gazing into the hood, the only visible evidence of a human face, the lidless, magma red eye that was left exposed, while the rest of the face was wrapped in a material, that was as gray as an April day before a rain storm. The cloak itself covered his entire body, hiding an otherwise heavy-set muscular frame from view, each fold seemed to absorb the smallest ray of light that was unfortunate enough to slam into them. In one exposed hand was a weapon at least six feet long, an axe, apparently made of crystal that gleamed as the light form the distant stars and galaxies played off each faceted point on it's fine cut edges, while on a closer look, it is revealed that an almost living darkness writhes, and shifts within.

While in the other hand, is a long eight foot, metallic tan staff, with sharply carved runes on it's side, and a bright almost depthless white nine-pointed, star-like object topping it off, while three small gems glow and pulsate in three different colors, creating a beautiful scene upon the top o the staff. "It is time to leave," he thinks to himself as he begins to leer at the staff. In response begins to glow dark sickening purple, filling the void with the surreal violet, intermittent light, soon growing red against the pure onyx-black of the space behind it. Shifting the axe on to his back, he positions the staff above his head, and begins mumbling unheard words against the vacuum, the blood red light soon begins to pulsate at incredible speeds, finally ending with an incandescent streak of light shooting from the end flying off into space at blinding speeds.

Almost immediately an enormous section of space begins to distort above him, causing an erupting chaos to envelop the area around him, growing in intensity until the stars overhead can no longer be seen. Then, as the distortion begins to peel away, like the tearing of a skin form an orange, a large triangular vessel appears over him, hovering only inches away from the staff that called it, the violet light illuminating the concrete-like pock marked skin of the giant vessel. Once more an incredibly bright streak of blood red light streaks forth from the staff, and strikes the ship in a small dark alcove on it's hull, opening an entry hatch on the black obelisk. Once more mumbling words unheard for millennia his position in space slowly begins to change, as he is moved by an overwhelming force towards the entrance. As he walks form the hatch he is greeted by the familiar clay brown interior of the ship, as he looks upon the architecture, he quickly remembers his task and begins to walk through the hall, as he does he finds his footsteps echoing madly in the cavernous, inner hull, so large Yankee Stadium could fit in a small corner. Undaunted, he continues to walk until he is stopped by Jha'tok, the captain of the vessel. Examining the creature, he looks like the classic demon, deep blood red skin that cast shadows like a moonless night, human-like upperbody with a build that would intimidate even the world's greatest bodybuilder, legs that angled back instead of down much like a goats, only with out the fur, and heavy golden armor that played of the low lighting of the corridor, all set off by the huge demon wings on his back.

"What have you to report, Jha'tok?" asked the deep resounding voice from within the tight gray mask.

"Nothing yet, my Eternal, except that we will arrive in earth orbit within the week," replied the captain in a burly voice.

"And the plan?"

"All is in readiness, my lord, Zordon of Eltar and his children won't know what hit them, the seeds are in your quarters, and are ready to receive power from the Shadow Axe, plus the armor, and new weapons are ready."

"Good, see to the rest of the preparations. And see to it that the seeds are super-charged, or I'll have your wings mounted upon my wall, as your next tribute, understood!"

"Aye, Milord, aye"

With that the Eternal left Jha'tok to complete the preparations, and to cower in the fear that he had for his master. At this point, nothing must get in the way of his revenge, and his other goal, "He will pay!", he thought to himself, "or his worlds will die!"

As the Eternal walked down the hall to his quarters, he once more marveled at how far Eltarian construction had come in the past ten millennia, ships the size of entire star clusters now pervaded this universe, though this ship was among the lesser cruisers of the fleet, yet it was still enough to pay back Zordon for the humiliation wrought on him from those ten thousand years ago. As he continued down a larger corridor, as lost in thought as ever, he came upon a large door with a silver eight- pointed star upon it. Manipulating the complex, crimson rune encrusted control pad next to it, he input a series of commands into it, and watched as the door slided open.

Entering he came upon total and all encompassing darkness, so thick it put the darkest night to shame, his clothes matching the ether perfectly. Moving to what he knew was the center of the room, he reached out his hands into the unlight, and began chanting, the words at his lips not said for centuries, now came with full force from his mouth, and the extended hands began to glow pure white in the blackness. With the end of the chanting two bands of colored light streak from his hands, striking two large crystalline objects at opposite sides of the room. At that the crystals began to glow, one, shaped like a bird of prey on the top began to glow deep purple, the other, an eight pointed star, an eerie dark metallic silver, soon the glow from each was so bright, the sun seemed to be a mere flash light to the brilliance. In the end, as the maelstrom ended, all that was left of the flash was a large white orb, with two images that distorted as the pictures ran towards the center of the globe. Those images were of the same thing, separated by time and backgrounds, that image was the single most reviled image in his memories, the image of Zordon of Eltar.

Glaring at the globe in rage he feels the same darkness creep up within as it had before a million times hence, and soon his eyes began to glow in a dark sickening blood red hue, reflecting his anger. Sensing the change in his mood, the room begins to change it's background color to match. Feeling his anger taking over, he quickly changes the view on the globe, slowly manipulating the image, it began to take on a new clarity as the scenes shifted, once more there were two images, yet this time the locations were the same, a bright blue balmy day in a public park on earth, the only differences were the people inside it, one showed a room even darker than this one had previously been, illuminated only by small star-like pinpricks of light in the background, while the other had an Asian boy staring deeply into the eyes of a beautiful ebony skinned girl. "They shall be the first to be tested," he thought darkly, "they shall be the first......"z