Generic Blues
by Melissa Morris

..........Billy and Adam wandered into the Juice Bar, as usual Tommy and Rocky were out on the mats sparring, but Kat and Aisha weren't there. "Well, it looks like it isn't the same old routine," smiles Adam.
..........Billy just throws him a look that could melt glass and smiles, "I had way too much of a new routine yesterday, let's eat and be 'normal.' Or at least a semblance of it," he quickly adds as he sees Adam begin to open his mouth.
..........As soon as they sit down Ernie's there to take their order, once he's done he turns to Billy, "Are you all right? You know Billy, you should be a bit more careful, you are black and blue," he says concernedly.
.........."I'm fine and I'll try," mumbles Billy embarrassedly, "it was just one of those freak accidents."
..........Ernie looks at him one more time, "Well lunch is on the house for you, okay?" Ernie had been raised that food was a cure for everything, and if something was wrong with one of 'his kids' free food was the best cure. Ernie was a strong believer in his own advice as was evidenced by his large girth.
..........Billy smiled embarassedly once more, "Okay." There is no way I'd be able to talk Ernie out of it, and do I really want to turn down free food? No....
..........The big man smiles at Billy once more. Good kid, just so accident prone. I thought he was finnaly getting over it. "Well take it easy and remember, be careful, you never know what'll hit you out of the blue."
..........Blue? Nah. Billy shakes his head. He watches Ernie go back to the counter and turn up the radio as he begins to cook. "Ooowooh werewolves of London..." begins to float through the Juice Bar. Billy blinks. Ignore it, I'm just being overly sensitive today. He turns to see Adam looking at him funny. "It's nothing, I guess I'm just a little unnerved by what happened yesterday." Billy shrugs, "I'm beginnning to feel," he lowers his voice so that only Adam can hear him, "that I'm number one on Rita and Zedd's hit list. I mean, they're coming up with better ideas on how to corrupt me," Billy frowns, "Actually it looks like they're trying to come up with a good way to kill me." He sighs, "Or maybe I'm just blowing things out of proportion."
.........."I don't know, I think it was more of a coincidence that you became the center of their plans, I mean it was originally for Kat, but when that screwed up, you became the target. But you beat that and I guessed that really made her mad. She just happened to have something that worked with Salidus, so she used that. It isn't a great plot to destroy you or anything, she's just fixated on you," a slight smile crosses Adam's face, "maybe that's all her brain can handle at one time, that's why she only used to really go after Tommy and now Kat."
..........Billy sighs and pauses. I guess I'm really sensitive today, this is just wierd... no, way to weird. He'd started to ignore Adam slightly as he heard the anouncer on the radio.
.........."This is Tim Wolf here at WAGU, for our hour of power today, our theme is blue, that's right you heard me the color blue not the style of music. Call in your requests now." And "Blue Moon" begins to waft through the air.
..........Billy shakes his head. I'm way too tired, I'm just jumping at shadows. He shakes his head and places it upon his folded arms as he closes his eyes.
.........."Billy are you all right? What's wrong?" concern etches Adam's features. Zordon did tell us to watch for anything weird. He waits and watches for a moment as Billy raises his head and gives him a tired look.
.........."I'm fine," replies Billy though there is a slight edge in his voice. Zordon's told them to 'babysit' me for the next few days, and boy does it get on my nerves, especially since they haven't left me alone since that whole Darken Spell fiasco. "I'm just tired and well...I'm just getting...well this is strange, I guess I'm a bit over sensitive. There's just been this theme since I've got here." He trails off and shakes his head irratibaly as he tries to get his thoughts back together.
.........."Theme?" What is going on here?
..........Billy leans close and speaks quietly, "There's just been a disproportional use of words that pertain to me."
.........."Huh? What does that mean? and..." Adam's cut off by Billy.
.........."I guess I'm just really tired, but aren't a lot of people saying 'blue this' or 'wolf that'?" He smiles mischeviously, "It definitely isn't the same old routine."
..........Adam smiles and thinks, Well there is something to it. Adam turns to the radio and blinks as it begins to play "Blue Suede Shoes." "I think you're just over reacting, why..." Adam grins as Ernie provides a needed distraction--lunch.
.........."Here you go you two," Ernie smiles as he sees Billy tear into his sandwich. He looked like he could use a good meal. He sets down Billy's glass, "I'll bring you some dessert later, I've just made pie. Billy you okay?" Ernie watches concernedly as Billy chokes slightly and recovers. He nods to Ernie, but throws Adam a look as he grabs a drink of his juice, which happens to be in his old blue glass and then chokes on it as he hears Ernie admonish, "You know, you shouldn't wolf down your food like that, it's bad for the digestion."
.........."Okay Ernie," replies Billy hoarsely. He watches the big man leave and tells Adam in a slightly agitated voice, "See what I mean, this is just too weird," he trails off as the radio begins to play "Generic Blues."
..........Rocky and Tommy finish their match once they notice Adam and Billy. They're chatting as they walk towards the group. They distinctly hear Tommy say, "...yeah, once you've got that down, its blue skies and clear sailing from there."
..........Billy looks at Adam as if to say "I told you so" and puts his head on the table.
..........Rocky looks concernedly at Billy, "Man, you look a litte blue, what's up?"
..........Billy winces, but doesn't speak as Ernie comes up and glances at him, "Y'know it's kind of funny, I was sitting there listening to radio and I noticed... it's your day." He smiles as Billy looks blankly at him. "I mean Blue day on the radio and here you are all dressed in blue. It gave me an idea for a new pie, so here you go Billy, a nice slice of Blue Ranger Blueberry..." Ernie pauses as he sees Billy and Adam startle. "... pie."
..........Billy hurredly replies, "Uh, thanks, I, uh, forgot something at home, I have to go now." Billy gets up and sprints from the Juice Bar as the others watch on in confusion. Adam takes a hurried drink from his glass and chokes a little on it. Ernie looks at Adam, "You okay? You sound like you have a frog in your throat."
..........Ernie's startled as Adam jumps up. That kid's looking decidedly green. "Uh, I forgot I have to do something too, bye," says Adam as he runs out of the Juice bar, leaving Ernie, Rocky, and Tommy just staring at each other in confusion.
.........."Well I guess they don't like blueberry pie," shrugs Ernie as he walks back to the counter.

* * *
Generic Blues
Weird Al Yankovic
I woke up this morning, then I went back to bed
Said I woke up this morning, then I went right back to bed
Got a funny kind of feeling, like I got broken glass in my underwear
And a herd of wild pigs is trying to chew off my head
Ya' Know what I'm saying.

Well I ain't got no money, I'm just walking down the road.
Said I ain't got no money honey, so I'm just walking down this lonely old road,
Well I wish I could get me some money, but I've forgot my automated teller code.

I was born in a paper sack, in the of a bottom of a sewer,
I had to eat dirt clods for breakfast, my family was so poor,
My daddy was a waitress, my momma sold bathroom tile
My brothers and sisters all hated me, cause I was an only child.
I got the blues so bad, kinda wish I was dead
Maybe I'll blow my brains out, mamma, or maybe I'll just go bowling instead.

I'm just a no-good, scum-sucking, nose-picking, bootlicking, sniveling, groverling, worthless hunk of slime
Nothing but a low-down, beer-bellied, bone-headed, pigeon-toed, turkey-necked, weasel-faced, worthless hunk of slime
I guess I've got a pretty low self image, maybe it's a chemical imbalance or something
I should probably go see a doctor about it when I got the time

Plagues and famine and pestillence always seem to get me down,
I always feel so miserable whenever I'm around,
I wish somebody would come along, stick a pitchfork through my brain.
I'd flush myself right down the toliet, but I'd just clog up the drain.

I got the blues so bad, kinda wish I was dead
Maybe I'll blow my brains out, momma, or maybe I'll just go bowling,
Or I just might go bowling, maybe I'll just rent some shoes and go bowling,
Maybe I'll join a league, enter a tournament, put on a stupid looking shirt and go bowling... instead.


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