Power Rangers : The Climb
Part 4
by Andrew Nelson

[See Part 1 for Disclaimer.]

"Great. Where am I NOW?" Adam looked around. He was standing in the middle of a large green field that extended as far as the eye could see. It was a beautiful day - blue skies, shinning sun. A nice change from his previous surroundings, Adam concluded. But he still didn't know where he was, or more importantly, where his friends were.

It was a few moments before he noticed he was no longer wearing the leather getup, but a framiliar ninja outfit. He touched his chest, placing his hands around the framiliar gold emblem of the Frog, his animal spirit.

"Well," he said to himself, turning around, but seeing nothing new, "I might as well start walking." And so Adam began to walk towards the sun, hoping it would get him somewhere. But somehow knowing it wouldn't.


"What villainy is this? I swear by mine father, Odin, that thou wilt pay for what thou hath done! I swear it!"

"Yes, yes, yes. Alright then. Now if you'll kindly calm down, I'd like to-"

"Where is Mjolnir? I swear, when it be returned-"

"Yes, I _know_. You'll rip me linb from linb. Now, in the mean time, I'd like to explain some things."

"You had best make it quick, swine. You will not hold me bound here much longer!"

The Keeper had expected as much from the God of Thunder.

"Now Thor. You are in a...castle. The castle serves as a playing field for a...game."

"A GAME!" boomed Thor, the metal chains holding him to his chair shaking. "Thou wouldst have the might Thunderer play a _game_?!"

"Not just any game," replied The Keeper, remaining calm. "A game of honour, Valour. The first to reach the top of the castle is declared the mightiest warrior of all time."

"Still, you have me play a game, like some child! This is foolish! Thou abducts me and then would have me play a game? You will pay in your blood, fool." Thor lunged forward out of his chair. The chains held. Again. The chains held.

Them, after several more attempts, he seemed to relax. The Thunder God closed his eyes, as if concentrating incredibly hard on some problem. Suddenly, wind began to swirl around the small room. The sound of crackling light and blowing wind filled the chamber, as Thor's chains began to break, flying off him. Then, with the wind still howling around, a mass of light appeared in the center of the room. It materialized into a hammer. Through the wind, one could make out a large figure, dressed in light metal armour rise. His long blond hair blew from beneath his winged helmet. The figure reached out with his massive hands and gripped the hammer.

"Oh dear," was all The Keeper could manage, in a shrill wisper, like a frighened child.