Author's notes: I am in no way whatsoever associated with Saban. Although Power Rangers, Zeo and all related characters and ideas are property of Saban, the story and it's concepts are my own. I wish I didn't have to write this. What is the world coming too?

Part 1
by Andrew Nelson

Six beams of colored light came through the roof of the Power Chamber. Pink, yellow, blue, green, red, and gold. They landed on the floor and began to materialize into human figures. Katherine, Tonya, Rocky, Adam, Tommy, and Jason. A few moments later, another beam, white, entered the chamber and began to materialize. Billy.

Opposite the teenagers was a large cylinder which gave off a blue hue. A thin, horizontal beam of yellow energy circled the cylinder at it's bottom, slid to the top, and a large head appeared.

"Rangers," it said in a serious tone.

Tommy, the one dressed in red, stepped forward. "What is it, Zordon?" he asked.

Zordon was about to answer, but was interrupted. "Rangers!" The teens turned to their left, seeing a small red, blue, yellow and black figure walking mechanically towards them. Glowing on it's red chest plate was a lighting bolt. On the front of it's head, which looked like two pie plates put together, was a visor, which, when the figure spoke, would light up, red lights traveling back and forth over the visor.

"Hi, Alpha!" Katherine greeted him. The rangers turned again to face Zordon.

It was late, and the rangers were all curious as to why they had been called.

"You were saying, Zordon?" Tonya said eagerly.

"Rangers, it has-" Zordon began. But, he didn't finish.

The chamber began to shake. "Everybody hold on!" warned Jason. It was like an earthquake. The rangers grabbed whatever they could. The room shook violently. The control panels, which most of the rangers were holding on to, began to come loose.

"Uh-oh!" Rocky said as he looked down at the loosening consol he was grasping. But then the shaking stopped.

"What was that?" asked Adam, looking around to see if his fellow rangers were okay. They were.

"I don't know," Billy said, and began walking over to a control panel. "But I'm gonna find out." He immediately began pressing buttons and flipping switches. Alpha came to his side and began performing operations of his own. Zordon's thoughts seemed elsewhere.

Probably scanning or something, thought Rocky.

The rangers could only wait. After several minutes, a whirring noise brought them to attention. A printout was coming out of one of the panels. Billy ripped it out and examined it.

"So, what was that, Billy?" asked Adam.

Billy didn't move his glance from the page. "Hmm," he said. He paused, scanning the sheet.

"Billy?" asked Kat, checking to see if Billy was still with them.

"Oh-no," he finally answered.

"What is it man?" asked Adam.

"It seems the source of the disturbance is located just outside the power chamber, on the surface." The rangers exchanged stunned glances.

"You are correct, Billy," Zordon said. "External sensors confirm that the source is on the surface."

"Well, it can't be an earthquake, then," Tonya concluded.

"Well?" Rocky looked around impatiently. "Should we check it out?"

"A good idea, but take caution, rangers. We don't know what caused this," Zordon warned.

"Right, let's go!" Tommy said. Each teen took a step back, raised their left wrist, and pressed the watches which would teleport them to the outside world.

It was almost dawn. The bright orange sun could be seen over the horizon.

"Well," Tommy said, looking around, "it doesn't seem like any thing's here."

"No, it doesn't - " As Zordon had, Billy was cut off.

The earth once again began to tremble. The teens bunched together, trying to hold their balance.

"Back to the chamber!" ordered Jason. They all turned, and began making their way back to the chamber. It was hard to stay standing. One would fall. Then another.

"Almost. . .there!" yelled Jason. But as he was about to take another step, the ground split in two. He looked down into the darkness beneath his feet. It wasn't very dark.

"Back!" he yelled, pushing all the rangers back. Fire shot out of the crevice, flying twenty feet into the air. The rangers fell on there backs. Kat was first to her feet. She turned and screamed as fire flew up inches from her face. The teens were surrounded by the fire.

"We've got. . .to teleport!" Billy yelled.

Adam turned to him. "Right!"

The first thought the rangers had when they were carried away was that they were safe. But this was before they realized something was wrong. They could feel themselves materializing, not inside the Power Chamber, but inside solid rock.

It was a blur. Focus, thought Kat. She could make out a steel gurder running across a roof of solid rock. She finally regained control of her senses.

She was lying on her back, looking up. She felt the ground around her. Cold, hard and dusty. Metal.

She then checked to see if her legs would work. They did, and she managed to push her self up. She looked around. The walls were dark grey rock, as was the roof, which was held up by the steel beams she had seen while lying down. There was a long yellow tube on the wall closest to her which dimly lit the room. In one corner were large objects covered with brown cloth, stained from age. She looked to her left. On the far wall was a familiar looking large, metal door.

She took a step towards it. As her foot hit the ground, the hard heel of her shoe clanked against the metal floor. She looked down, and jumped back, startled by what she saw.

Breathing heavily, she calmed herself. She examined the hand. A communicator was strapped across the bare wrist. She looked to see the hand's origin. Whoever's hand it was was covered in metallic debris. Katherine immediately began to remove the refuge, finding it surprisingly light in weight.

Aluminum? she though.

As she easily threw away the debris, more and more of the body became visible. A torn white shirt covered the arm. She finally managed to completely uncover the upper body. The body was lying face-down on the cold metal floor.

"Oh-no," she said aloud as she began to try to turn the body over. She heaved with all her might, and the figure rolled over. The face was covered with a sheet like the one that covered the other materials in the corner. She quickly removed it. Billy.

Kat kneeled beside him. "Billy!" she yelled, "can you hear me?" Billy began to cough. He waved his hands in front of him, trying to clear the dust he was inhaling. He squinted, an expression of pain on his face.

"Billy, are you okay?" asked Kat, looking over him.

"Help. . .help me up," he weezed. With her right hand, Kat held Billy's right arm. She used her left to support his head. He slowly sat up.

"Billy, don't move-" Before Kat could finish, Billy was moving his legs, freeing them from the debris.

He hacked once, then said, "Thanks, Kat. What happened?"

"Well-" Billy started to stand up. Kat quickly grabbed his arm to help.

"Thanks," he said again once standing. "Now you were saying?"

"I really don't know," Kat began. "The last thing I remember was teleporting. I had the strangest feeling."

"I know," Billy said, examining the room, "I had it too."

"What was it?"

"From what I gather, while we were teleporting, there was a power failure of some sort. Thus, we began to materialize before we reached the Power Chamber. What you felt was us, materializing inside solid rock."

"How horrible!" Kat said.

"Yes, but I only hope. . ." Billy's head dropped, and he closed his eyes. Kat caught on.

"The others?" she said, coming to a shocking realization.

"I hope they were as lucky as us."

The bang startled Rocky. He stood up, looking around, trying to determine which way the noise had come from. Adam, too, was up and looking around.

"There are too many tunnels!" exclaimed Rocky, and he sat back down. He looked up, seeing Adam's torn shirt hanging out of the rock which was the ceiling. Adam sat down.

"Man," Rocky said, still looking up at the green shirt, "you were lucky."

"Tell me about it," Adam replied. Just minutes ago he had been hanging there. Good thing the roof wasn't very high, and that he was wearing a T-shirt under the outer one.


"There it is again!" Rocky exclaimed as he quickly stood up. He looked around frantically.

"It came from over there," Adam said, pointing to a series of tunnels to their left.

Rocky took a few steps forward in the tunnels direction. "Ya, but which tunnel?" His eyes jumped from tunnel to tunnel.

"Shhh," Adam said, not taking his eyes from the tunnels.


"This way," Adam said as he entered on of the tunnels. He gestured for Rocky to follow. They followed the tunnel for about a hundred meters, then stopped.

"Now what?" asked Rocky, staring off into the three tunnels which adjoined the one they had been following.

"We wait," Adam said patiently.


Jason bounced off the metal door. He then readied himself for another kick.

"Jason," Tommy said. Jason paid no attention. "Jason!"

Jason turned. His face was damp with sweat, an expression of frustration on his face. "I can get it!" he said.

"No you can't, so stop kidding yourself!" Tommy approached Jason. Jason realized he was right. He let out a deep breath.

"Ya, I guess you're right," Jason admitted.

"Remember," Tommy said, "we're a team. We have to figure out what to do."

Jason looked around the room the were imprisoned in, thinking. Metal floor. Walls and roof of rock. Steel beams placed across the ceiling.

"I know," he said. "If we both , the combined powers of your power sword and my staff would definitely break down the door."

"It's worth a try," Tommy agreed. The both took a step back.

"It's Morphin' Time!" commanded Jason. Both held their wrists just out from their bodies. With two good shakes, the zeonizers would appear.

"What the-?" Tommy looked down. No zeonizers.

Jason tried again. Nothing.

"It doesn't make sense. This hasn't happened before."

"I know, some things wrong. Now we're trapped! There's no handle on the door, no hole for a key. It doesn't make sense!" Tommy said.

Jason looked over at Tommy, surprised. "C'mon, bro," Jason said. "You said it yourself, we're a team. If we work together, we can get out. Now c'mon." Jason turned to face the door. He crouched down, ready. Tommy joined at his side.

"Alright," Jason said, focusing on the door.

"Let's do it!" Tommy added. They both cross-stepped towards the huge door, and lept. Once air-born, they both simultaneously extended left legs, assuming the position of a flying kick. Their feet made contact with door, the sound of impact on metal loud in their ears. The door gave way, and crashed forward.

"Well, Billy?" asked Katherine. "What's the verdict?" Billy was crouched down, examining the door.

"Well," he said, rising to his feet, "I see no evidence of electronics. . ." He crouched down and looked through a small hole on the right side of the door.

"Is it locked?"

"I'm not sure," Billy concluded. "There's no handle, suggesting it would be locked from the outside." He examined the left side of the door, "No rust."

"But the hole. . .it looks like a key-hole."

"Right, but we don't have a key," Billy said ironically.

Kat looked around the room. "How about the light?" She gestured at the glowing tube on the opposite wall.

"Hmm," Billy said. He traversed the room to examine it. "No external power source."

"So it must be. . .chemical."

Billy turned his head, a slight smile on his face. "Right," he said, as he returned his attention to the tube of chemical light.

Kat stood, shivering slightly. She was dressed in a skirt and T-shirt. Not exactly dressed for the conditions, she thought to herself wryly.

Billy went back to the door, and once again examined the key-hole. After a few minutes, he returned to the light. He grasped it with two hands and ripped it off the wall. Kat jumped slightly, wondering what Billy was doing. She decided it was best she didn't ask.

He took the light to the key-hole, once again peering inside.

"Kat," he finally said, "pass me that sheet." He pointed to the brown cloth on the floor, the one which had been over his head when he and been buried.

She quickly rushed over to the pile of debris, bent down and picked up the cloth, then bringing it over to Billy.

"Thanks," he said. "Would you hold this for a moment, please?" He extended the light towards her.

"Sure," she said, taking the tube from him. He then proceeded to take the cloth from her. He tore it in two, and wrapped the pieces around each of his hands.

Kat took the light, expecting to fell a it's warmth in her hands. To her surprise, it was as cold, as cold as the metal floor. Hmm, she thought, a source of chemical light that gives nothing away to heat energy. She had learned this in science. The common light bulb is only about 95% energy efficient, because so much of the energy needed to run the bulb is lost to heat. Only 5% of the energy goes into the actual light produced. The tube she held in her hand was a totally efficient form of light.

Before she could think more about it, Billy asked, "The light, please."

"What are you going to do?" she asked.

"Well," he explained, "the door is, as far as I can tell, locked. I'm going to unlock it."

"With a light bulb?"

Billy didn't answer that. "Stand back, " he said. She took a few steps back. "I bit farther." She did so.

Billy held the light horizontally, one hand at each end. He then quickly applied pressure inwards and upwards, snapping the light in two. The first thing to happen was the room being engulfed with light, so bright Katherine couldn't see Billy. It then ceased, and a mellow light remained.

Billy was holding a fragment of the tube in each hand, break facing up. Kat was curious as to what kind of chemical was fueling the light. Probably liquid. But, if it wasn't, didn't that mean. . .

Kat was right. Liquid. Some of it had fallen out, and was steaming on the floor.

Before continued, Billy said, "Let's hope this works."

"What do you mean?" asked Kat, uneasy, especially since she didn't know what exactly Billy was doing.

"Outside of the container," Billy replied, "The chemicals are losing potency. We'll be without light."

"There it is again!" Rocky exclaimed. He pointed to the tunnel directly infront of he and Adam.

"Let's go!" Adam said. The two ran off down the hall.

"Man," Rocky said while running, "that was a lot louder than the other ones."

"I know," Adam replied, keeping his eyes forward, "something must be happening. It could be the others." The two continued running. The trail turned and curved many times.

"Whoa!" Adam stopped. Rocky nearly ran into him.

"Hey, what's up?" he asked.

"I think there's a light up ahead."

Rocky squinted. "Ya," he said, "I think you're right. Let's go!" The two took off.

Dust was everywhere. Through it one could make out two figures, standing on a raised surface. The dust cleared.

"Man," Tommy said, waving the remaining dust away, "this place hasn't been dusted for years." "No," Jason said, hoping off the metal door which now lay in a large hallway. "I don't think anyone's been down here for years." He looked down the hall, then in the other direction. They were of the same construction as the room had been - metal floor, walls and roof of rock.

"Man," Tommy said, "check out this door!" Tommy was crouched over on the opposite side of the slab of metal that had held them in the room.

Jason jumped up on the door, which was a good three feet, and then came down on the other side. He crouched beside Tommy.

"What is it, man?" he asked.

"Check out this door," Tommy said, pointing and side of the door that lay infront of them. Jason didn't see what the big deal is.

"So?" he asked. Tommy's eyes didn't move from the door.

"The metal," he said. "It's layered." Tommy was obviously amazed, and Jason didn't know why.

"Tommy, what are you getting at?" he asked.

"It's like how they used to make swords. They'd lay down the steel, stretch it, fold it, then let it cool. They would repeat this sometimes over a hundred times. The more folds, the stronger the sword."

"Ya, so you're saying the door is folded, and that's why it's so strong."

"Exactly," Tommy said. "But there's something else."


"Well, look how thick this door is. It has to have been folded a million times. The only reason we managed to break it down is because it's so old - rusted."

Jason caught on. "Right," he said, "so why would they need a door this strong?"

"Well, to keep something in."

Jason stood up. "Obviously, but what would they keep in there that would have to surrounded by solid rock, and an impenetrable door?"

"I don't know," Tommy said, standing up, "and I don't want to find out, especially without our zeonizers."

"Uh-oh, we've got more trouble," Jason said.

"What do you mean?" asked Tommy.

"Our communicators. They're gone."

As the liquid poored in, a hissing noise could be heard. Billy quickly stood back, as smoke jetted out of the small key-hole.

He came over beside Kat, threw the tube that had held the light-producing chemicals the far corner, and began unravelling the cloth around his hands. There were burn holes in the cloth, but fortunately Billy was unharmed.

"That should melt the locking system, right?" Katherine asked.

"Ya," Billy answered, "I hope." They waited for several minutes, until the smoke ceased. Billy position himself in front of the door, and kicked. Nothing.

"Um, Kat?" Billy turned to Kat. Kat couldn't help smiling.

"Would you, um. . ."

"Help you? Of course, Billy," she answered. She positioned herself infront of the door beside Billy.

"Aim for the key hole," she instructed. "I'll go high, you kick just below it. On my signal."

Billy focused on where he was to kick. Katherine did the same.

"Now!" she ordered. There was a loud sound of impact as the door jarred open. It took some pushing, but the two finally got the door open.

Kat looked around. They were in a long hallway, same roof, walls and floor as the room. Opposite her was a door exactly like the one they had removed. There were more, too. Down the hallway in both ways, as far as she could see. The halls were lit with more of the chemical bulbs.

Billy tried opening the door opposite them. On the outside of the door was a complicated-looking series of buttons and levers. A lot like a safe, thought Kat.

First, Billy tried lifting a lever. It wouldn't budge. Next, a series of wheels, which he tried to turn, unsuccessfully. He then turned his attention to a multicolored key-pad located on the wall to the right of the wall. He didn't press any buttons.

"No power, right?" asked Katherine.

"Exactly," Billy said. "The keypad controls what moves, I'd assume. With the proper code, one must be able to open the vaults."

Kat thought for a moment. "What would they keep in the vaults?"

"To tell you the truth, I really don't want to know." Billy looked around. "This looks familiar. . ."

"Yes, a lot like. . ." Kat tried to remember, then continued, "When we first went to the Power Chamber. All those underground tunnels!"

"Right!" Billy exclaimed. "Who knows how many of them there are. And that means one must lead to. . ."

"The Power Chamber." He voice became very soft towards then end, and almost drifted off.

"Exactly. But which way?" Billy glanced over at Kat. She was staring down the hall.

"Kat? What's wrong?" he asked.

"We've got company," she said, pointing down the corridor the way she had been looking. Two figures were coming towards them, fast.

"It appears we do."

"Well, fearless leader," Tommy said. "Which way?"

Not exactly the time, Tommy, he thought. But, he laughed anyway.

"I don't know," Jason replied, staring down the dimly lit corridor. He examined one of the lights. "Not electrical. There's no pow. . .Tommy?" Jason had just turned, and could not see Tommy.

"Over here!" a yell came from down the hall. Jason followed. Tommy was examining another door. "Check this out!" he said.

The door had a series of wheels and levers, and a multi-colored key pad on the wall beside it.

"Hmm," Jason said, examining. "What do you make of it?"

"Well," answered Tommy, "you'd probably get a better answer from Billy, but. . ."


"I'd say this pad here controls all of the locks. With the right code, you could move all of the levers. Now they won't budge."

Jason tried lifting a lever. Wouldn't move.

"But, there's no power, so they pad won't work, right?" asked Jason.

"Right, but what about the lights?"

"There not electrical. Chemical, I guess." The two stood, looking opposite ways down the halls.

"Well, we'd better start looking for the others," Tommy said.

"Ya, but which way?" asked Jason.

"Uhh, left?"

"Worth a try." The two walked off.

"Stop!" Once again, Rocky almost bowled Adam over.

"What now?" he asked.

"Shh! Up ahead." Rocky looked. He could make out two figures.

"Could it be the others?"

"Maybe," Adam replied, "but maybe not. I wouldn't risk a call."

"Well," thought Rocky, "why don't we zeonize, just in case?"

"Alright, It's Morphin Time!" The two stood back, and readied their zeonizers, expecting the familiar weight to materialize on each of their wrists. Nothing.

"Uh-oh," said Rocky, looking down at his bare wrists. Bare?

"Adam, man," he said. "Our communicators!" Adam glanced down at his left wrist.

"What the-?"

"And that's the least of our troubles," Rocky said, as Adam raised his head. "Look."

The two figures were coming closer.

"Could it be. . .the others?" asked Kat. Billy squinted.

"Ya," he said, "It's Rocky and Adam." Katherine looked forward. Yup, Adam and Rocky.

"But what are they doing?" asked Kat.

"I'd say. . ." Billy said, focusing down the corridor. "Running. . .away?"

"Guys!" yelled Kat. "It's us! Billy and Kat!" The two stopped and turned. After a few minutes, Rocky and Adam began to come quickly towards them.

When they finally arrived, Rocky said, "Sorry, guys. We didn't know who you were."

"That's okay, at least we're together. Now we just have to find Tanya, Jason and Tommy," Billy said.

"Ya, but we've got other problems," Rocky said.

"What do you mean?" asked Katherine.

"Our zeonizers," Adam explained. "They don't work."

"And our communicators are gone," Rocky added.

Kat and Billy looked on their wrists. The communicators were gone. They tried morphing. Nothing.

"Hey," Rocky said. "Check out these doors!"

Billy grabbed him by the arm. "I'll explain later. Right now we've got to find the others. They're not back there, I assume." Billy motioned back to where Adam and Rocky had come from. "So, I suggest we go in that this direction."

"Agreed," said Kat. Adam and Rocky nodded.

Jason and Tommy lugged the huge body out of the doorway. After about half an hour of walking, they had seen a a faint light coming from the end of a corridor. They investigated. It was a door. Not like the ones to the vaults, but wooden, with a simple handle and no lock. After opening it, the figure dropped down, nearly landing on Jason.

"Well," asked Jason, "What do you make of it?" Tommy peered down at the huge body. It looked. . .familiar.

"It looks almost like a. . ." Tommy said. "Like a. . .putty."

Jason's eyes widened. The light from the outside world poored in overtop of the figure. Tommy was right. It was a putty.

"But different," Tommy continued.

"Your right. First of all," Jason said, "It's huge! Well over six feet. Six-five, six-six, maybe? Must weight over three-hundred."

"It's looks like it has some kind of armour. Almost metallic." Plates covered it from head to toe. They were a murky-grey colour. Jason gave it a few good kicks. Very hard.

"Oh-no," Tommy said.

"What is it, man?" asked Jason, not seeing what was so disturbing.

"Look at the chest." Jason did. On it was a large circular plate. On it was a large, capital 'Z'.

"Guys, look!" exclaimed Rocky.

"Light!" added Adam. Down the corridor directly in font of them about forty feet away looked to be a door.

"It must be a way out," hoped Kat.

"Well," Billy said, taking a few steps forward, "let's check it out." At the end of the corridor, there was indeed a door, and something else.

"What is it?" asked Rocky, peering down.

"How horrible," Katherine said. She was the first to see it, and had screamed incredibly loud.

"Hey," a voice came from outside. "That you, guy?" The teens exchanged glances, and quickly exited the underground maze.

Outside the door, after a short climb up a rocky hill, they met up with Jason and Tommy.

"What was that thing?" asked Katherine.

"It was a putty," answered Tommy.

"A what?" asked Kat. She had never heard of a 'putty'.

"I'll explain later," Tommy said. "Look, me and Jason think we've found a way down to the Power Chamber."

"A way down? Well, the Command Center's on top of it," Rocky said.

"Nope," Jason said. "Not here, at least."

"Here?" asked Billy.

What the rangers found on the surface was disturbing. A few pieces of ruble were scattered around, but the command center structure was no where to be found.

Jason and Tommy were leading the others along the surface. Kat took a few quick steps and caught up with them.

"So," she said, "is Tanya at the entrance?" Jason and Tommy both stopped. Tommy turned. "She's not with you?"

"No," Katherine answered, concerned. "I thought she was with you."

"No," Jason said, looking back, "she's not."

"Then were-?"

"What's the hold-up?" asked Billy.

"It's Tanya. Anyone seen her?" asked Jason.

"No, I thought she was with you and Tommy," said Adam.

"Uh-oh," Rocky said.

Billy turned and looked back. "Hmm," he said to himself. Adam came to his side.

"What 'cha thinking, Billy?" asked Rocky, worried. Billy said nothing.

"Billy-?" Rocky asked. No answer. Billy turned, and walked towards a piece of debris. He crouched down and examined it. After a few minutes, he stood up and looked around. The rangers only watched. He then looked up to the sky. It was early mourning. Some stars were still visible, but the sun was rising.

He then turned to face the rangers. "Don't worry about Tanya," he said.

"What?" asked Jason.

"She's not here, or anywhere for that matter."

"Billy," Kat said, "we don't understand."

"We're not going to find Tanya anywhere on this world."

"Billy, we don't understand. Are we in another dimension or something?" ventured Tommy.

"It's hard to explain. I'm not fully sure," Billy explained, "but I'd say we're on the exact same Earth as the one we left. Look at the sun. Last night we teleported, and found ourselves in the underground tunnels. We materialized before we reached the Command Chamber."

"Ya, but then where's Tanya?" asked Rocky.

"I couldn't say, but not here."

"Then where's here?" asked Adam.

"Earth, but different. The reason Tanya isn't here is because she never came to Angel Grove. That way it makes sense. We all were, or are, in Angel Grove now. That's why we can exist here. But we're not supposed to be here. We're here by mistake. I'd even say we might have doubles here. Something or someone has, quite simply, messed up time. "

"Oh-no," Kat said. The rangers understood.

"This is our Earth, but someone has changed the past, thus changing the future."

"Like Back to the Future, right?" asked Tommy.

"Exactly like that. But for now, we should get to the command chamber. If I'm right, Zordon and Alpha should be there. Jason?" Billy asked, "you said you found what you thought was a way in?"

"Ya, this way," Jason said, and began to lead.

"So if we're here by accident, how'd we get here?" asked Adam.

"I really don't know, Rocky. Maybe Zordon can help. Perhaps both of them," Billy replied.

"Both?" asked Rocky.

"Sure. If we may have doubles here, I'd bet Alpha and Zordon would too. That is, unless they were. . .destroyed here."

"Let's hope not," Rocky said, and caught up with Jason and Tommy.

Billy thought. We're not supposed to be here, I know it. It had to have been an accident. But now that we are here, we may be able to fix time. I hope Zordon and Alpha are here, and- The thought was interupted, as Billy tripped and fell hard.

Kat turned. "Billy, are you okay?"

"Ya," he said, looking back to see what he had tripped over, "I'm. . .oh-my."

Kat, sensing something was wrong, rushed to his side. "What is it Billy?" she asked, helping him to his feet.

"Look," he said, pointing to the object he had tripped over. Kat looked down. She could only gasp.

"Guys!" Billy yelled, not taking his eyes from the ground. "You may want to see this!"

The other rangers quickly rushed to Katherine and Billy's side. They were as equally speechless.

On the ground layed a circular object. It looked like two pie plates stuck together. A black visor covered the middle on one side of it. It was familiar. Alpha's head.

Part 2

It had lost it's bronze sheen, now chared black. A few severed wires stuck out the bottom. There was a large dent in the back, not too mention small ones in other areas.

"How. . ." Kat began.

"Horrible," Billy finished, not taking his eyes off the burnt head-case. The teens stood gasping at what lay before them. How could this be? they asked themselves. Billy was the first to turn. He seemed unconcerned.

"Let's go," he said, motioning with his thumb. No one responded. "Look," Billy said, "we've got to go. Now!"

"How can you not care?" Adam turned and asked.

Billy exhaled, hand on hips. "Don't you guys get it?" he asked. "This isn't our Alpha. I already explained it. This is actually a good sign."

"Good? How can you say such a-" Rocky said.

"It only proves that their is an Alpha here. That means our Alpha can exist here."

Tommy turned. "Billy's right. Let's get to the chamber." They all agreed, and continued walking. Kat was the last to leave the head.

"Kat," Rocky said, tuning back. "Let's go." She slowly turned and joined the others.

Billy knew he wasn't making much sense. It was so simple, yet so hard to explain. But, there were still various things he didn't understand. Espescially about Kat. When did she come to Angel Grove? he asked himself. Less than a year ago? The answer to this may have been the key to the puzzle. Billy was trying to figure out at what point in the past time had been messed up. It has to be after Kat came, and before Tanya. But that means the old rangers. . .could still be- His thought was interupted by Jason, yelling, "Over here!" Billy rushed over.

Before them on the ground were two metal doors, like the ones used to get to a cellar.

They had been carefully hidden under piles of rocks and then bushes on top. All of this was now beside the doors, pushed off. Tommy said he first noticed it when the mourning sun had hit the ground, and the shine of the metal in the sun, despite the metal being dirty, could be seen.

"So," said Rocky, "you think this goes to the Power Chamber?"

"Where else would it lead?" asked Jason.

"Yes," Billy added, "but why so well hidden. That would indicate people have used it." They rangers thought the motion over for a moment.

"Maybe," Tommy said. "But maybe it's always been here, hidden."

"Perhaps," challenged Billy, "but then why would it remain hidden when the command center was blown up. Surely the entrace would have been revealed." Before anyone could answer, Jason swung the two doors open. Inside, it looked like an elevator.

"Going down," Rocky said wryly. There were smiles, but no laughs. Rocky shrugged. Tough crowd.

The lift was of a simply design - metal bottom and sides, obviously pushed up and down by something below them. The elevator was operated by a simple lever. Pushed up, you went up. Down, you went down. Only thing was, when should they stop?

Tommy looked up, the light from above fading the deeper they got, until the light of day was no longer visible. It was pich black.

"So," Rocky said. "When does the ride end?"

"When we hit the bottom," answered Billy. "I guess." They had been traveling downward for a good five minutes, and were begining to get impatient.

Jason was about to say something, but before he could speak, the lift abbruptly stopped. The rangers grabbed whatever they could in order to remain standing, which was difficult in the darkness.

"So, what now?" asked Tommy.

"I-" Before Billy could say more, the side opposite the lever opened, sliding up, revealing a dark corridor.

"What's out there?" asked Katherine.

"I don't know," replied Adam. "I can't see a thing!" The rangers remained in the elevator for several minutes, then Tommy stepped out.

"I still can't see anything," he said, looking around. Then, there was a sudden flash of light. It then darkened.

All of the rangers, came out of the lift. Billy turned back for a last look, but the door closed, and he could hear the soft mechanical whirr of the lift going up.

"The lifts gone," Billy informed the others. Before they could say anything, the lights flashed once again. No one got a really good look at what the corridor looked like, only white wall and floor.

"What-" Jason was cut off by Billy.

"Shh. Listen," Billy said. The others heard it. Very faint, but definatly a sound. A familiar one.

The rangers listenend harder, and could make out words.


"It's Alpha!" exclaimed Rocky. "But where?"

"Some light would be helpful," Tommy said, and as he spoke the lights flashed on, this time remaining. The rangers now got a good look at their surroundings. A long corridor, all white. On the walls stripes of different colours extended as far as the eye could see.

"Alright!" Jason said. "Now, I think the voice came from this way." The rangers began walking in the motioned direction.

After about five minutes of walking, they came to a large octagon-shaped door, a ridge down the middle. Alpha's voice could be heard inside.

"How do we get in?" asked Tommy.

Billy examined the surrounding walls. "We knock," he answered.

"Zordon, I have recalibrated the ecto-morphic gems, and we have power."

"Excellent Alpha," replied Zordon.

"But Zordon, what about the-" Alpha 5 was interupted by a loud knocking. Both Zordon and Alpha reamained silent. The knocking came again. It was coming from the large door located on the right towards the back of the Power Chamber.

"I believe, Alpha," Zordon said, "that you should answer the door."

Alpha slowly made his way over to the door, a little nervous.

"Um, who's there?" he asked.

"Alpha!" a framiliar voice replied. "Let us in!"

"It's the rangers!" exclaimed Alpha, as he quickly punched in a code on a panel beside the door. The door slide open.

"Rangers! You're alright!" greeted Alpha.

"Well, Billy," Rocky said. "Looks like you were right." They all entered the chamber.

"Rangers!" Zordon greeted. "It is good to see that you are alright. But where is Tanya?"

"Billy's already got that figured out," answered Adam. But before Billy could begin to explain, Zordon continued, "I understand. Then you are well aware of the disturbance in the time stream."

"Yes, we are Zordon," Katherine said.

"Excellent, that will save a lot of time," Alpha said.

"Well, we've got the main idea," Tommy said. "But we've got other problems. Our zeonizers and communicators are missing."

"Yes, I know," replied Zordon.

"What do you mean?" asked Jason.

"You see, during the emergency, I initiated a safety program, which would have automatically teleported you here," Zordon explained. "But, you had already teleported, and we lost power. The only things to make the teleport were your zeonizers and communicators. You will find them behind you." The rangers turned. Lying on a consol were their communicators and zeonizers. They all picked up what was theirs.

"There's something else, Zordon," Tommy said. "We were in some kind of underground tunnels, and we found the body of what looked like a putty, only. . .bigger."

"And there were all these high security vaults, locked tight. We were lucky to get out," Kat added.

"The vaults I can explain," Alpha said. "Originally, they were used to contain monsters. But that was centuries ago. They haven't been used since."

"And the putty?" asked Rocky.

Zordon thought for a moment. "Was there anything characteristic about this putty, other than it being large?" he asked.

"Well, it had some kind of armour. Realy tough," Jason said.

"And the 'Z'," Adam said. "Like Lord Zedd." Zordon said nothing, he mearly thought.

"Billy," he finally said, "I'm feeding some readings to the scanning controls. Please scan for these readings." Billy did as he was asked. Billy stood infront of the consol, carefully looking at a small screen which showed a series of numbers. Billy flipped switchs, turned knobs and pressed buttons for ten minutes. He then raised his head.

"Yes Zordon," Billy said. "Those readings are all over the place. And they seem framiliar. . ." Zordon said nothing as Billy tried to recalect where he had seen the readings before.

"Billy?" asked Adam.

"Now I remember," he said coldly.

"What is it?" asked Rocky.

"The readings, although there are slight differences, are the same that were emmited from the orb of doom." The rangers looked at each other, stunned.

"Then what I most feared had happened, actually did," Zordon said.

"What's that, Zordon?" Tommy finally asked.

"Someone has used an orb of doom, not to reverse time, but to reprogram it," Alpha explained.

"Wait, wait-wait. An orb of doom?" asked Rocky.

"I'm afraid so. It appears there is another one," Zordon said.

"But that's not all," Billy said.

"Aw, what now?" asked Tommy.

"Well, while I was scanning for the readings, I did some other scans, just incase. I did an organic life scan, cutting things like ourselves, Alpha, Zordon."

He paused for a moment and coughed. "And," he said, "there's a life form right over there." He pointed to the wall at the rangers right. It was what looked like a closet.

"Alpha," asked Katherine. "What do you keep in there?"

"Oh, cleaning supplies, extra equipment. It's basically a supply closet," he answered.

"I see," Tommy said, slowly approaching the closet. The other teens were close behinde. He quietly approached the closet, carefully put his hand around the cold matal handle and flung open the door.

He could make out a human figure, hidden behind various objects. Their eyes met, and in a flash of pink, the person lept out at him, jumped up and hugged him.

"Oh Tommy!" she said, crying. "I thought they had you!" Tommy looked down, and slowly and carefully put his arms around her.

"Kimberly," he said softly, his eyes wondering to the other side of the room.

Part 3

It was an unusual outfit. A completely pink jumpsuit, with matching padding all over. The pads were connected by tiny pink wires. The right arm ended just below the elbow. On her lower right arm was what looked like a long, black glove, extending down from just below the elbow, her bare fingers grasping red clothing.

"Oh Tommy," she cried. "I was so scared. I thought you were gone." Tommy couldn't protest. He looked over to the other rangers, and their stunned faces.

She finally let go, and took a step back. "Oh m'gosh!" she exclaimed, covering her face in her hands. "Alpha, Zordon! Jason? I thought you were captured. Rocky! Adam! You guys escaped too?" Rocky and Adam exchanged confused glances. Kim then turned to Billy, and paused. A sad look of confusion came over her.

"Billy?" she asked.

"Yes, Kimberly?" he replied. She simply stood, staring at him for what seemed like ages. She then quickly ran up and hugged him. "I thought you were. . ." she never finished.

"It's okay, Kim. We're here now. The power rangers are here."

It took a while, but Kimberly finally calmed down. All of the rangers were confused, but they knew that Billy would eventually explain.

When Kimberly had gathered herself, Zordon spoke. "Kimberly," he said, "I know this must be very confusing for you. You must allow us to explain." He waited for Kimberly to reply.

"Uh-huh," she mumbled.

"It would be helpful for us if you would give a history of events, from the time you became a power ranger."

"Alright," she answered. She thought for a moment, and then began. "Okay," she said, "about three years ago, an evil witch. . .but you know all this! Why do you need me to explain. You guys were there!"

"Kimberly!" commanded Zordon. "You must calm yourself. It is imperitive that you tell us everything. The future of the world, and yourself, depends on it."

"Okay, okay," she said. "So three years ago, this evil space witch named Rita Repulsa was released from this space dumpster where she and Godar, Squatt, Baboo and Finster had been imprisoned. She them began to attack the earth. So you, Zordon, called on five teenagers, me, Jason, Billy, Trini, and Zack, and gave us our first power coins. Using our morphers, we could transform into the Power Rangers. Using our power and zords, we would protect the earth from Rita and her monsters." She paused to think.

"Please continue," Zordon said.

"Well, then we met Tommy. At first, he was put under a spell by Rita, who turned him her evil Green Ranger. We defeated the evil Green Ranger, and then Tommy joined us. He was then drained of his powers, then he got them back, then he lost them once again. While all this was happening, Lord Zedd arrived. He destroyed our Dinozords. Zordon then created the Thunderzords. Tommy then returned as the white ranger."

"Hmm, it's all the same so far," Jason said.

Kimberly turned. "What?"

"Uh, nothing. Go on," Jason answered.

"Well, then Zack, Jason and Trini were chosen to attend a peace conference in Switzerland. So, we transferred their powers to Adam, Rocky and Ayisha. We continued to battle Lord Zedd, until. . ." An expression of fear crossed Kim's face.

"Yes?" asked Katherine.

"Until. . .until Master Vile arrived."

"What the-?" said Tommy.

"Rangers, calm yourselves. We must allow Kimberly to explain," Zordon said. Kim continued.

"He brought Rita with him. He's her father. After kicking Lord Zedd out, he began to pick up where Zedd had left off. He was too powerful, and we were defeated."

"Okay, it's beginning to make sense," Billy said. "We were defeated by Master Vile, who doesn't belong here, while we were still using the Thunderzords. So, we never got our Ninja powers, our Ninjazords or the Shogunzords."

"Wait," Kimberly interrupted. "Did you say sh. . .shogunzords? You controlled them?"

"Ya, why?" asked Rocky.

"That's impossible. The shogunzords are what Master Vile uses to rule the earth. They're what defeated us."

"We were in the MegaTigerzord, the Red Dragon Thunderzord on our left. The five Shogunzords had just combined to form the Shogun Megazord. Rocky took the Red Dragonzord in, but he was no match for the Shogun Megazord. After a few hits, Rocky lost control. We told him to bail out, and he did. But, he never hit the ground. Captured by Master Vile." She paused a moment, then continued. "I remember looking over, and seeing the Red Dragonzord explode, and come crashing to the ground. And I knew we were next. We didn't stand a chance. We had to evacuate. We all retreated to our zords, hoping to save them. I got in the firebird and began flying away. I didn't see much, but I did look down to see the Tigerzord explode. Tommy had radioed in, saying he was okay. He was then captured. The lion and griffin zords both had the same end, and Adam and Aisha were captured."

"What about Billy?" enquired Rocky.

"Well, right before his zord blew up, he teleported up to the firebird. We flew back to the Command Center, finding it lying in ruble. Then Billy told me about a new command center he had seen plans for, a Power Chamber. After days of searching, we finally found it. It took us another three days to get the power on."

"But what about your powers?" asked Adam.

"Our powers were gone. Or almost, as Billy found out. He came up with these," she held up her right arm, on which was the black glove. At the top of the glove was her morpher.

"What does that do?" asked Katherine.

"It's part of a whole new 'power system' Billy invented. It works with the suits. That's why we need all the pads, they're actually some kind of power conducter. Using the energy around us, we're able to morph, with the help of the power gloves."

"And that's what's on your wrist, right?" asked Adam.

"Exactly. When I morph, the morpher slides down over my fist. But, it needs all the extra power we built into the glove and the suit. It was Billy's idea."

"And it works?" asked Jason.

"Sure," Kimberly answered. "Or at least it did."

"Please explain," asked Zordon.

"Well, it's also tied into this power chamber. Everytime me and Billy left, we'd turn the power off, so we would have all the power we would need to morph. But, we were in a battle with some putties, and Billy was. . .he was. . ." She looked sadly over to Billy.

"Please, Kimberly," said Apha.

"Well, my morphing system was destroyed. I managed to make it back to the Power Chamber, but I couldn't get the lights on. That was a few days ago. Now, would you please explain what's going on?"

"Allow me," Billy said. "You see, you're living in a distorted time."

"English, Billy?" Billy had to smile.

"Um, you've seen 'Back to the Future', right?" She nodded. "Well, the space-time continuem has been, uh, messed up. What really happened is very different. We lost our powers, and attained new ninja ones from the great Ninjor. We commanded the Shogunzords, and our Ninjazords. Then Master Vile arrived. He destroyed our powers, and we were transformed into children. I managed to restore myself to the proper age, but my machine was destroyed before I could do the same for the other rangers. The other five rangers each went on quests for the zeo sub-crystals, the only thing that was capable of restoring their powers. They all returned safely and we assembled the crystal. I gave up my powers to Tanya, the new yellow ranger. Then, a new enemy, King Mondo and his machine empire arrived. The rangers now use their powers to protect earth from him."

"Okay," Kimberly said, trying to take in all that Billy had said. "But what about Aisha, and me?"

"On her zeo quest, Aisha decided to stay and try to help her people combat a plague that was killing the animals. She gave her crystal to Tanya. Tanya's not her right now because the only reason we exist here is because we have doubles on this earth, she would not," Adam said.

"And me?"

"You gave you powers to Katherine," Rocky said, motioning towards Kat, "and went to Florida to train for the world games in gymnastics."

Kim sat still for a while. She seemed to belive what they were saying. "So," she finally said. "How did you get here then?" The rangers looked at each other.

"I may be able to answer that," Alpha said. "If the orb of doom, which was used to change the past, was planted near by, it may have created a temporary vortex, which each of us was pulled into."

"What's an orb of doom?" asked Kimberly.

"The orb of doom is what Master Vile used to reverse the rotation of the earth, and change us all into children. Only this time, someone has used another one to reprogram time," Tommy explained.

"And why would the vortex be so close to the Power Chamber?" Kimberly asked.

"The orb of doom must be placed in exactly the right location for it to work. I would assume the right location was just outside of the Power Chamber," Alpha said.

They were all silent.

"Zordon," Tommy said. "Who would have used the orb of doom? I would think the Machine Empire, but what good is a world that they don't rule?" The rangers thought over the motion.

"Well, remember how easily Rita and Zedd were scared off?" asked Katherine. "I would think that Master Vile would be as easily scared off. This way, the rangers are already destroyed, and all King Mondo has to do is move in and take over. There would be nothing to stop him!"

"Alpha," Billy said. "Are the sensors working?"

"I haven't checked. Give me a moment." Alpha proceeded to press buttons on one of the nearby consols. "We have limited power, but yes, they are all operational."

"Are the ones on the moon?" Billy asked.

"Yes, Billy," Alpha answered.

"Great." Billy then went to Alpha's side and began scanning. After a few moments, the lights of the Power Chamber flicked on and off.

"Uh-oh," Billy said.

"What is it, man?" asked Jason.

Billy turned. "It's the machine empire. They're moving in. Estimated arrival. . .three days."

"Well, we've got to locate the orb of doom, and take it," Jason said.

"Ya," Rocky said, "but we don't know where it is!"

"But I do," Billy said, looking down at a small computer screen. "Kimberly, would you come here, please?" Kim went to Billy's side. "Do these coordinates look familiar?" he asked.

"Ya, they do," replied Kimberly. "I think that's where Master Vile's castle is - what used to be the center of Angel Grove. He keeps the shogunzords there."

"Well, that's were the orb is."

"He has it?" asked Rocky.

"Apparently so, rangers," Alpha said.

"But, we've got to save the others!" Kimberly said.

"No, Kim," Tommy said. "If we get the orb, we can fix time, and the others will be okay." Kimberly calmed down. "Let's go get the orb, then. We have our powers. And our zeo zords!" Rocky said.

"I afraid not, Rocky," Alpha said.

"What do you mean, Alpha?" asked Adam.

"While your powers will function, you will not have use of your zords," explained Alpha.

"Hey," Katherine said. "Kim? Who pilots the Shogunzords?"

"The five, as they're known," she answered.

"The five?" asked Jason.

"Master Vile created far more powerful putty. Like nothing we'd ever seen. They're not only stronger and quicker, they're also smarter."

"Ya, we say one. But how come it had a 'Z' on the chest. That means Lord Zedd," Tommy said.

"Originally, it was Zedd's idea to make the new putties. So, he made a few. But when Master Vile came, he improved them. So there are a few with the 'Z' on them."

"Okay, now what about 'the five'?" asked Adam.

"The five are five putties that are like Vile's rangers. They get their powers from the Shogunzords."

Tommy turned to face Zordon. "So Zordon," he said. "How do we get the orb of doom if we don't have zords?"

"A good question, Tommy," Zordon replied. "Kimberly, have you ever heard of the Ninjazords, or of Ninjor?"

Kimberly thought for a moment, then answered, "Come to think of it, ya. Billy found some stuff on a Ninjor in the Power Chamber's computer, like he created the original power coins."

"Correct," Zordon answered. "But no one has found the zords or Ninjor?"

"Not that I know of." The rangers looked at each other, thinking.

"We've got to get the orb of doom before the Machine Empire reaches Earth. We could use some zords," Tommy said.

"Ya," Jason agreed. "Is there any chance of finding Ninjor?"

"We know the exact location of his temple. I think we have enough power to get you there," Alpha said.

"Here we go again," Rocky said.

"Kim," Jason said. "You should come with us." She nodded.

"I'll stay behind," Billy said.

Tommy turned. "Maybe you should-"

"No, it's okay. I'll stay here." Alpha punched in the coordinates and the rangers were teleported away.

He found himself starring at a familiar gate. But that was about all that was familiar.

"Man, what happened?" asked Rocky, starring at the mess before the rangers.

"Was it like this before?" asked Jason. Neither he, Kat or Kimberly had seen the temple before. Through the gates, the rubble could be seen. Pillars, fallen over, lying broken on the ground amid colored sheets of cloth.

"Let's get these gates open," Tommy said. After a good push from all present, the gate opened. The rangers looked around.

"Oh-no," Adam said. He then rushed over to a broken blue jar on the ground at the back of the room. "Ninjor!" he exclaimed.

"Wh. . .who's there?" a familiar voice asked. Adam stood up.

"Ninjor!" he said. "Where are you?" The other rangers were looking for the voice's origin.

"I want answers!" the voice said.

"It's the power rangers!" Tommy said aloud. There was a long silence.

"Well, go away!"

"Aw, not again," Tommy groaned. They all continued looking for the voice's owner. Kim was over in a far corner. She turned and waved the other rangers over. In the corner, amid the ruble a small blue figure could be seen.

"So this is the great Ninjor?" Kimberly asked. Rocky closed his eyes and groaned.

"I said go away!" Ninjor answered.

"Look," Jason said, peering down at Ninjor. "We need your help to defeat Master Vile. We already have Zeo powers. We just need zords."

"I see," the voice answered. There was silence again. Then, the temple began to shake slightly, and a cloud of blue smoke arose. When it cleared, a large blue figure stood in front of them. Ninjor.

"So," he said. "You have acquired the zeo crystal? And you need the great Ninjor to supply you with zords, huh?"

"Yes," answered Adam.

"Well, as you can see, I've got a lot of cleaning up to do, so come back tomorrow."

Not again,. thought Adam.

"Y'know, the world isn't supposed to turn out like this. Time has been altered. Where we come from, Ninjor helped us, and gave us new powers," Adam said.

Ninjor turned. "Oh, alright. C'mon back." The rangers approached Ninjor.

"This may take a minute," Ninjor said. He raised his hands, and the room became dark. His hands began to glow yellow, and then dimmed, as light was restored to the room. He held out his hands. In each were three power coins.

"These are your new power coins," Ninjor said. "These will combine with you zeo sub- crystals, giving you zords and increased powers. I can not combine them myself, for I haven't enough power. You nor I control who gets which power - the zeo and new animal spirit will decide."

Tommy took all six coins. "Thank-you, Ninjor," he said. The other rangers each thanked him then teleported away.

As they were teleporting, Kimberly thought about Ninjor. I wonder what happened to Ninjor in the other ranger's time?

"So, that's the story," Alpha said.

"You have 'ta understand, this is all coming real quick!" Zack said.

"Yes, Zack," Zordon said. "I realize how difficult this must be for you and Trini to understand. But, it is imperative you assist us in returning time to it's normal state."

"We'll do all we can, Zordon," Trini said. Zack was marveling at the Power Chamber.

"Wow!" he said. "This is definitely an improvement on the Command Center."

"I'm glad you like it," Alpha replied.

Trini was about to speak, but was interrupted by six beams of light materializing in the center of the chamber. Gold, red, green, blue, pink and pink.

"Trini! Zack!" Jason greeted.

"Hey guys!" Tommy added. Kimberly also gave her greetings, as did Adam and Rocky, although they had barely known them. Katherine was introduced.

Tommy turned. "Zordon, we got the power coins, but why are Trini and Zack here?"

"I trust Ninjor informed you that I have no control over who attains which power. It was necessary to have all those who have had the power to be present."

Behind the rangers, the large door slide open. Billy entered, pushing a cart with a large mechanical device.

"Yo, Billy," Zack said. "What's that?"

"You'll see," Billy said. "Zordon, is everything ready?"

"Yes, Billy," Zordon replied. "You may proceed."

"Okay," Billy said. "I need the power coins, and the zeo crystals." Each zeo ranger gave their crystal to Billy. Alpha gave him the balance zeo crystal. Tommy handed over the coins.

"Now, you all need to line up, facing the trans-modulator."

Kimberly was about to speak, but Billy cut her off. "Don't ask." The rangers did as they were told. Billy punched a few buttons on the machine. Six holes opened in the top. Billy placed the zeo crystals in them, half of the shards still visible. He then opened another hole and placed the six coins into it. The hole closed.

"Rangers past and present," Zordon began. "You all know the important nature of this mission. It is imperative we repair time before the Machine Empire arrives, which is in less than forty-eight hours.

"By combining the power coins and the zeo crystals, you will attain new powers and zords. Normally, this would be very dangerous, but circumstances have forced us to take action. I have no control over which powers combine, and who attains them. If you are not chosen, do not feel bad. You will still be important in this mission, and are in no way lesser rangers. Now, it is time to begin. Billy?"

"Right," Billy answered. He punched more buttons, and the lights in the Power Chamber dimmed. The zeo crystals began to glow their respective colours.

The pink zeo crystal, the power of oval, rose into the air. As it hovered above the other shards, pink energy shot out of the machine, engulfing the crystal. Then, a power coin emerged from the opening below the crystal, and flew into the energy cloud.

"Kimberly," Zordon said. "Step forward." She did so. The mass of pink energy floated over until it was directly above her. The energy ceased, leaving the zeo sub-crystal, a power coin embedded in the top. From it's bottom shot a ray of light which engulfed Kimberly. When it ceased, she was in a power suit, a combination of the old and zeo ones.

Her helmet had an oval faceplace, and a grey mouth. On her armored chest, a white diamond with gold edges. Her golves and boots had pink diamonds with gold edges.

She removed her helmet, and looked down at the new armor.

"Wow," she said, putting her hand around the morpher at her waist. "This is totally neat!" The other rangers agreed.

"Kimberly," Zordon said. "You are gold ranger one, the power of oval crane." On her chest was a coin which depicted a craned with an oval superimposed over it.

"Next..." Billy said, punching some more buttons. The power of balance, zeo shard two, arose. From the energy below, a coin merged with the crystal.

"Katherine," Zordon said. "Step forward." As she stepped, the crystal positioned itself above her, and changing it's color, a blue ray of energy firing from it's tip. When it ceased, Katherine was dressed in a similar armored outfit, only blue.

"Katherine," Zordon said. "You are gold ranger two, the power of balance wolf." Her coin showed a bear, with the balance symbol over it.

"Awesome," Kat said. Billy once again punched in commands, and the third zeo crystal, triangle, rose into the air. As it erupted in blue energy, a power coin merged with it. The energy cleared, revealing a now green crystal.

"Tommy," Zordon said. "Step forward." Tommy did so, and was infused with the green energy, revealing his new power armor, like the first two, but green with a triangle faceplate, and no skirt.

"Tommy," Zordon said. "You are once again the green ranger, now as gold ranger three, with the power of triangle bear." Tommy removed his helmet, and clenched his fist, feeling the glove on his hand.


The next crystal rose - zeo shard four, square. A coin flew up from the machine, and, as the crystal exploded in energy, merged. Then, the crystal seemed to suck in the energy, the began glowing deep yellow.

"Zack," Zordon said. "Step forward." The shard hovered over Zack's head, and shot a burst of black energy at him. He now stood in a new, yellow, power suit. He then removed his helmet, waiting for Zordon's address.

"Zack," Zordon said. "You are gold ranger four, with the power of yellow frog." Zack looked down at the helmet in his hands, seeing his reflection in the square faceplate.

As Billy pressed more buttons, the fifth zeo crystal, the power of the star, elevated itself. Another power coin rose from the machine, merging in a burst of energy with the crystal.

This time, the crystal kept it's color.

"Adam," Zordon said. "Step forward." After the familiar process, Adam was wearing a red power suit.

"Adam," Zordon continued. "You are gold ranger five, the power of star ape."

Billy began to punch in the final sequence. I wonder, he thought. Who will it be? Trini or Rocky? Probably Jason.

The final zeo crystal rose into the air. It illuminated the power chamber with soft, gold light.

The final power coin flew into the air, combining with the last zeo shard. It stood, rotating in mid-air.

"Billy," Zordon said.

Billy quickly turned. "What-?" he said. He frantically looked up, seeing the zeo crystal above him. Before he could say anything, he saw the gold light come down over him.

He then felt the most wonderful feeling, like being fully energized with pure goodness. He knew it was right.

The next minute, he was looking out at the other rangers from behind his new armor. He slowly removed his helmet, seeing his suit, a combination of the gold and white ranger suits.

He looked down at his black armor-clad body, his white gloves and gold morpher.

"Billy," Zordon said. "You are the leader of the gold rangers, gold ranger six, golden falcon."

Billy looked over at Jason, Trini and Rocky. Then back at Jason. "Man, I'm-"

"Look, bro," Jason interrupted. "You were chosen, and for good reason. It's not like we're not going to be helping."

"Thanks, man," Billy responded. The gold rangers then talked amongst themselves. Rocky was quiet.

"Now," Jason said. "About those zords. . ."

Part 4

The ape stood perfectly straight, a few solitary lights illuminating it's surroundings.

Beside it, the wolf remained on all fours, ready, blue metal giving a strong reflection to the light.

At the ape's left, the green bear stood motionless. The yellow frog was crouched, and the pink crance was perfectly still.

"Man, they look so powerful!" Zack exclaimed. He, Kimberly, Jason and Trini had never seen these zords before. The other rangers knew them as the Ninjazords.

"But Zordon," Katherine said. "They look just like the Ninjaozords, except for a few colour changes."

"You are right, Katherine," Zordon replied. "They are what you knew as the Ninjazords."

"But more," Billy added.

"More?" asked Adam.

"Because of the new power source, the zords are far more powerful, and you will have new weapons at your disposal," Alpha explained.

Kimberly examined the globe. "Um, where's Billy's zord?" she asked.

"The golden falconzord is located in another chamber," Zordon answered. The viewing globe then switched from the zords to that of the Falconzord.

"It's so. . .shiny," Trini joked. The rangers were silent.

"Rangers," Zordon said. "The Machine Empire will arrive in less than forty hours. You must go and retrieve the orb of doom. Use your powers and zords carefully. You are each controlling a dangerous amount of power. And, as always, may the power protect you."

"May the power protect us all," Tommy added.

"Billy, you ready?" asked Katherine.

"Right, IT'S MORPHIN TIME!" Each ranger removed their morpher from their belt, and in two hands, held it forward, ready to call on their powers.

"Oval Crane Power!" exclaimed Kimberly.

"Balance Wolf Power!" yelled Katherine.

"Triangle Bear Power!" called Tommy.

"Square Frog Power!" exclaimed Zack.

"Star Ape Power!" yelled Adam.

"Golden Falcon Power!" commanded Billy. The six figures were then transformed into beams of colored energy, and teleported away.

"May the power protect us all," Rocky said under his breath.

"Ya, please." He held out his bowl, awaiting the portion. He excepted it with a smile.

"Next?" asked Ernie. A skinny fellow in dirty and tatered clothing held out his bowl. Ernie reached into the pot with his spoon and served up the soup.

"Many thanks," the stranger said.

"Hey, no problem," replied Ernie.

He paused and looked around him. It used to be so much more, he thought. He missed the kids. He lived for them. No what did he have? The juice bar had been destroyed. Luckily the basement had not collapsed. Now he used his talent to help the needy, which was now everyone.

He decided he needed to get some air. He left his basement and climbed the stairs. It would be dawn. He loved to see the sunrise.

As he entered the outside, the light was unusually bright. Ernie squinted. He could see not only the light from the sun, but another light. Or lights. A rainbow? he thought.

The other source of light became more visible - six colored beams.

"It can't be. . ." Ernie gasped. It could . . . .

Billy absorbed the landing. It was something he hadn't felt in a while. He looked around, seeing the destruction - buildings in ruble, trashed cars, burnt trees.

"Guys," Katherine said. "Isn't this where the youth center is?"

"Or was," Zack added. They were right. Billy could recognize what was the park.

The rangers surveyed the area.

"Uh, guys?" said Adam.

"Ya, Adam?" replied Tommy.

"Check that out." Facing the rising sun, in the center of what had been Angel Grove stood a massive structure like nothing any of the old zeo rangers. Even the rangers from this time-line were silent.

It was like a sky-scraper, at least two-hundred floors, but also big, perhaps a mile across. There were no windows. It was made of what looked like black steel. On the top, Rita's old palace.

"That's Vile's fortress of darkness. He keeps everything there - the putties, the zords. You can't get in," Zack explained.

"Ya, well we'll see about that," Tommy said.

Billy was about to speak, but was interrupted by Adam. "Guys!" He pointed to a small figure running towards them.

"What is it? I wish I could scan or-" As Billy said it, his view changed to infared, a computerized view.

"Whoa!" he said, taking a step back.

"What is it, Billy?" asked Kimberly.

"Nothing. I've got it," he said. "Scan and magnify," he said aloud.

In his view, the figure running towards them was magnified. Ernie.

"Off," Billy said. "Don't worry guys. It's Ernie."

When Ernie arrived, he was breathing heavily.

"Power Rangers," he gasped. "I knew you'd be back."

Tommy approached Ernie. "It's okay," he said, putting his hand on Ernie's shoulder. "We're gonna stop all this."

"No-one believed. . .I knew, I said. . .thank goodness."

"Don't worry, Ernie," Kim said.

Ernie glanced up. "You know my-"

"The Power Rangers are here."

"All right," Kimberly said. "Past this point is heavily guarded. Expect putties."

"Let's do it," Zack said. The rangers went cautiously forward. Nothing. A little further. Nothing.

"Any. . .minute. . .NOW!" she yelled. The putties jumped out at them.

"Alright guys," Billy said.

"POWER UP!" they all said at once.

Tommy found himself facing two of the new putties. "You clay-brains want a fight?" he asked. The putties charged. "I'll take that as a yes." The two putties attacked, side by side. Tommy jumped into the air. In mid-air, he split-kicked, landing solid blows to the head. As the putties were recovering, he pulled both fists back, and extended forward, catching both putties in the gut. Each bent over forwards. He quickly jumped and kneed both putties in the head, sending them to the asphalt.

As they were getting up, Tommy grabbed his right fist in pain.

"Man, these guys are hard," he said under his breath. The putties slowly got back up.

Adam was caught off guard. He felt the weight at his side, forcing him to the ground.

When he regained his senses, he saw that the weight had been Kim.

"Sorry, Adam," she said, getting to her feet.

"No problem," Adam said, jumping up.

"Let's take these guys!" Kim said. She took on step forward and lept into the air, flipped, and knocked a putty down. She then turned, but not fast enough. A fist caught her square on the helmet, forcing her back.

"Hang on, Kimberly," she heard Adam say. She looked up to see a putty come crashing down at her feet, Adam standing behind it.

"Uh, thanks," she said.

The putty swung left. Blocked. The putty swung right. Blocked.

"Later," Tommy said before planting his foot just under the putty's ribs, sending it flying back.

He walked up to it. It wasn't moving.

Hmm, thought Tommy. The 'V' on the chest ... of course.

Tommy was about to turn, but the putties foot came flying upward. Tommy grabbed the foot.

"Nope," he said. He then delivered a solid punch to the large 'V' on the putties chest.


"I thought s-... what the?" Tommy looked down at his power suit. It was fluxing with green energy. In flashes he could see his clothing beginning to appear.


"Ki-yah!" Katherine yelled, extending her left foot out at ninty degrees. But, the putty grabbed her leg, and threw her back. She hit the asphalt hard, and slowly staggered to her feet.

I wish there was someway to destroy them, she thought. Then an image flashed into her head. For a moment she was silent, trying to figure out what it was. She then realized what it was. She ran forward, and lept into the air, assuming the position of a flying kick. "Wolf thunder kick!" she commanded, and for a moment, she seemed to stand still in mid-air, as if frozen in time. He body began to surge with blue energy, as what sounded like thunder echoed in the street.

Time unfroze, and she flew towards the putty, her foot connecting with the 'V' on it's chest.

She then ricochet off and flipped backward, avoiding the large explosion that was the putty defeated.

She landed and assumed a crouched position. Ready.

"So," she asked, "who's next?" But as she prepared herself for the next putty, she saw what she thought was a flash of her clothing over her power armor.

Trini looked around. Zack was right, she thought. It is a big improvement.

Rocky was seated on one of the consoles, a sad look on his face.

With no notice, he sprung up. "Aw, Alpha," he said. "There's got to be a way to get the darn thing working!"

"I'm sorry, Rocky," Alpha replied. "But the viewing globe is not capable of external viewing."

"Ya, I know, I know." Rocky sat back down. Jason was seated in the far corner. He was meditating.

She walked over to Rocky. "Is ... something wrong, Rocky?" she asked.

Rocky looked up. "Aw, it's not important."

"No, really. What's wrong?"

"Well, I know I'm not the greatest person in the world. Not even the greatest ranger, but ..."

"You wanted to be on the gold team?"

"Ya, I guess," he replied, dropping his head.

"Look, you know we had no choice in who made the team. It has nothing to do with what kind of person you are!"

"Ya, you're right," Rocky replied, not raising his head. Trini was about to say something, but the sound of the command center alarm began ringing in her ears.

She turned, and said, "What's happening, Zordon?"

"Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi!" Alpha whinned.

"What?" asked Rocky. He was standing behind Trini. Beside him was Jason.

"We can't handle all this power!" Alpha yelled.

"What?" asked Jason.

"Rangers," Zordon said. "Although the new source of power is the combination of the zeo crystal and the power coins, all of the power is connected to the morphing grid."

"The morphing grid?" asked Rocky. "But that was destroyed!"

"Not here," Alpha explained. "We have to figure out a way of holding the extra power!"

"Man," Jason said, looking around. "I wish Billy was here!"

"Yah!" Billy exclaimed as he struck the putty in the mid-section, sending it flying back. He then turned to his left, seeing a charging putty. But, as he prepared for it, he was blind- sided by another putty, knocking him to the ground. Then, the putty he had originally prepared for came running towards him at full speed. Before Billy could get up, he felt a sharp blow to the gut, and the feeling of being projected into the air. He then felt another pain in his back.

When he regained his senses, he saw he was on the third floor of a un-completed building.

"That hurt," he winced. He slowly got to his feet. "Bad move. Stega-" Billy realized that he no longer had the stega-stinger at his disposal.

I must have a weapon, he thought. But what?

"Um, power weapon!" he yelled. Nothing. The putties were climbing the building.

"Staff!" Nothing. "Gold Weapon!" There was a flash of gold light all around Billy. Then, something shot out of his power coin on his chest. Something long. It flew into the air, and landed in his hands. It was a white staff. The head looked like a falcon.

"That'll do!" The putties had made it up. Billy quickly knocked the first back by planting the butt of the staff in the putties chest. To his surprise, the putty's body began to spasm before exploding.

"Oh course. Z, V. How could I have been so blind?" Before the next putty could make it up, he slammed the staff down on the putties fingers. As the putty hung by one hand, he smacked the putty across the face. It didn't fall. He tried again, harder. Nothing. He then raised his foot and stepped on the putty's foot. It let go.

As the putty fell, Billy turned, and found himself looking at a large letter 'V'. He looked up. Towering above Billy was a putty. Before Billy could react, the putty swung it's hands cross-wise at Billy. On each hand was a long blade.

Billy avoided the first slashes, but the second grazed his chest plate,. leaving two large gashes. He quickly ducked the next swing and looked back, seeing the ground three stories below him.

Can't go back, Billy thought, ducking another slash. Can't go over, the blades passing inches from his face. He was on the edge. He looked at the putty's face, and could almost make out a faint smile.

"Have to go under!" he exclaimed, collapsing to his knees and rolling between the putty's legs. He quickly sprung to his feet, to see, not surprisingly, the putty looking back at him from between it's own legs.

He quickly kicked the putty in the bottom, sending over the edge to join it's friend many feet below.

Well, they're not that much smarter, Billy thought.

Zack was having little luck with the putty's. He was rusty.

He heard a crackle in his helmet, followed by a voice. It was Billy. "Guys," he said. "Aim for the V!"

"What?" asked Zack.

"The 'V'. Hit it. Hard!"

"Now you're talking." Putty's began to circle Zack. There were five of them.

"So, y'all want a piece of the Zack-man, huh?" The putties continued to circle, making the familiar 'bluh-bl-blh' sound which Zack could never figure out.

Zack turned, looking at each putty. They were huge. There was no way he could take them all by himself. Man, he thought. I wish I had my old. . .

Before he could finish the thought, he began to shimmer with yellow energy. He could see two objects materializing in his hands.

"Cool," Zack said, marveling at what he now held. In each hand was a yellow hatched. "Now we're talking!" He say that the putties appeared to be temporarily blinded by the light the hatches had made. Now was his chance.

He lept forward. "Hi-ya!" he yelled as he slashed one of the axes forward at a confused putty. Sparks flew everywhere as the putty toppled to the ground. Zack quickly turned and ducked a swinging fist. While crouched, he then extended his right leg, and spun on his left, sweeping the putty's feet out from under it.

Zack quickly elbowed it in the chest, and flipped back, avoiding the explosion. He landed a good fifteen feet back, seeing the putty brake to pieces and finally disintegrate.

"Who's ... what the-?" Zack looked down at his power-suit. Small bands of yellow energy were beginning to wrap around his arms. In flashes he could see his clothing.

"Um, guys," he said, looking up. "I've got a problem." He was staring into the eyes of a putty.


* * * * * "Zack, come in!" exclaimed Billy. "Zack!" Billy waited for the reply. "He's not answering, or communication links are down."

"Where is he?" asked Katherine, looking around. The six rangers were standing in the middle of an intersection. Although she hadn't been in Angel Grove long, she guessed it to be the intersection of First and Hayden.

"He could be anywhere!" exclaimed Kimberly.

"He must be somewhere isolated," concluded Adam.

"Right, but where?" asked Tommy. Billy tried the communicator again, but got nothing but static. The others tried, to the same result.

"Look," Tommy said. "We're running out of time. You guys go ahead. I'll look for Zack."

"But-" Billy began.

"Go, guys," Tommy answered. The other rangers took off towards Vile's palace.

"Now, where to next, Tommy?" Tommy said aloud.

"Well, I recommend north." Tommy jumped, and looked around.

"Who said that? Who's there?"

"I did." Before Tommy could ask again, a large mass of white energy formed infront of him. It began to take shape and form. Human form.

"What the-?" Tommy asked into the swirling mass of light in front of him. He began to make out features in the cloud. A white face. Fur? Fangs?

"It's good to see you, Tommy. I have many questions, as I am sure you do."

Tommy simply stood and stared. Finally, he said, "Saba?"

"There," Alpha said. "I hope that holds." He punched some more buttons.

"Alpha, I must commend you on an excellent job," Zordon said.

"Aw, it was nothing." The rangers were lost. Alpha had simply gone over to a control consol and began pressing buttons and the like. After a few moments, the alarm had stopped.

"So, uh, Alpha. What exactly did you do?" Rocky finally asked.

"Well, Rocky, we knew that the morphing grid couldn't handle the large amounts of power the rangers are now using. So I redirected some of the power from the zeo crystals and enlarged the morphing grid."

"Alpha, that's genius!" exclaimed Trini.

"Well ..." Alpha's voice trailed off. The alarm began to sound once again.

"What now?" asked Jason.

"External censors indicate ..." Alpha was silent.

"What is it, Alpha?" asked Trini.

"Putties, on the surface."

"Master Vile has obviously sent them to probe the remains of the command center, hoping to discover the origin of the new rangers," Zordon said.

"But the entrance is hidden, right?" asked Trini.

"When we came down, the doors closed, but the putties will be able to see them!" Jason said.

"We've got to stop them," Rocky said.

"Rocky is right. The Power Chamber must not be discovered," Zordon agreed.

Jason looked to Trini and Rocky. "Let's go."

The three rangers walked to the large metal door they had entered through. It slid open in front of them.

"Rangers," Zordon said. "May the power, the power from within, protect you."

* * * * * * * "I don't understand it!" screamed Rita. "Where did they come from?!" She kicked over the Rita-scope in anger.

"What are you looking at, you over-grown monkey?" Goldar shrugged and left the room.

She couldn't believe her father had let that side-show freak stay.

"Rita!" Rita snapped upright and turned around.

"Yes, father?" A huge figure entered the room. Atop his rather large frame was a small gold head, eyes covered by small circular sunglassed. On each side of the head, what looked like snakes protruded. His blue-gold cape blew back slightly as he approached Rita. Master Vile.

"I suppose you know of the return of the Power Rangers?" Vile asked his daughter.

"Yes, but how?" Rita responded.

"How is not important!" snapped Vile. "What to do about them is. They've already taken out an entire putty squadron."

Goldar entered the room and began listening to the conversation.

"Deploy the Shogunzords, Master," suggested Goldar.

"I know, I'll deploy the Shogunzords!" Vile exclaimed.

The fortress was infront of them. Along the bottom were five large steele doors.

"That's where the Shogunzords are kept," said Kimberly. Before anyone could respond, the earth began to shake, as the five large doors began to slide upward. Large amounts of smoke shot out of the doors. When it cleared, the five Shogunzords appeared.

"Billy," Adam said. "We're gonna need the zords."

"But what about Tommy and Zack?" asked Kat.

"Don't worry," Kimberly said. "If I know Tommy, he'll be right behind us."

"Let's do it, then!" Adam exclaimed. The four rangers formed a circle.

Kimberly raised her hand to the sky, "Golden Crane Zord!"

Adam extended his right hand to the sky, "Golden Ape Zord!"

Katherine reached upward, "Golden Wolf Zord!"

Billy stretched his hand sky-ward, "Golden Falconzord!"

Then, from the coin on each of the ranger's chests, golden energy began materialize and engulf the rangers, transforming them into golden energy and carrying them away.

Jason scanned the scene. There were twenty of them. They were so much bigger than the old ones.

"You guys ready?" he asked.

"As I'll ever be," Rocky said. The three assumed martial arts positions, ready.

The putties noticed the teens, and attacked.

"Spread out!" Trini yelled.

Jason took the first on head-on. The putty swung high, but Jason dropped and swept the putty's feet out from under it.

In his battle, Rocky had gotten in a kick, sending the first putty to the ground. But the next caught him from behind, kicking him to the ground.

Trini blocked and landed a blow to the side of the putty's head. Nothing. The putty grabbed her blocking hand and threw her backwards. She found herself lying beside Rocky in the sand.

"They're tough!" Rocky exclaimed.

"We've got to hold them off!" Trini said, getting to her feet. "Now let's-" Trini looked around and the empty landscape.

"Where'd they go?" asked Rocky, equally confused.

"And where's Jason?" Trini asked.

Rocky felt a slap on the back of his head. "Hey!" he said, turning around.

"What?" asked Trini.

"Was that you?"

"Me what?"

"I felt something hit me."

"Wasn't me." Both teens looked around. Then, the silence was cut by a loud "Ki-yah!"

"Jason?" Trini wondered.

"I don't-" Rocky felt a sharp pain in his back, as he fell forward. He then felt a pain in his side accompanied by the feeling of weightlessness.

"Rocky!" was all he heard before the darkness.

Part 5

It had to be. That face. But, a body? The outfit. Like my old ninja one .

"It can't be," Tommy gasped.

"It is," the figure replied.

"Saba? It's really you. But you have a ... a ..."

"Body? Yes, I do."

"But I don't understand."

"Allow me to explain," Saba replied. "You see, when the Thunderzords were destroyed, you probably thought I was destroyed along with them. Well, slightly after the emergency systems ejected you from the Tigerzord, I too evacuated the Tigerzord."

"But where did you go?"

"The only place I could think of - into the morphing grid. It wasn't until a large power surge set me free."

"But, I don't belong here. How can I explain?"

"No need to. I already know everything."

Tommy thought for a moment. "Zack!" he exclaimed. "I've got to find him!"

"I've taken care of that, too."

"Oh, okay," Tommy said, calming down.

He felt a sharp slap on his cheek. He forced his eyes open.

"Wha ... what?" he asked.

"Rocky get up," the reply came. It was Trini.

"I'm up, I'm up," he said, slowly getting to his feet. He gathered himself.

"Where are the putties?" he asked.

"They're invisible."


"Shh," Trini replied. "Like I said - they're invisible." Rocky examined his surroundings. Behind them was a large boulder. The same were at their sides.

"Where's Jason?"

"Out there," she answered, motioning out into the darkness.

"Golden CraneZord totally ready!" Kimberly exclaimed, grasping the controls.

"Golden ApeZord ready to go!" Adam said, landing firmly in the cockpit.

"Golden WolfZord powered up!" Katherine said over the intercom, examining the controls of her new zord.

"Golden Falconzord online!" Billy said, grabbing the control stick.

"So what's the plan, Billy?" asked Adam, landing the Apezord on the street.

"I'm open to suggestions."

"Well," Katherine said, "we can't form our Megazord, so we should try to stop them from doing the same."

"Great idea, Katherine," Billy answered. "Adam, you should be able to handle the Red Shogunzord. Kat, take the White. Me and Kim will try to contain the other three from the air."

"Let's do it!" Kim exclaimed.

He hit the ground hard. "Aw, man," Zack groaned. "What happened?"

"Get up, Zack," urged Tommy. "We've got to meet up with the others."

"It was so weird," Zack said, rising to his feet. "I was surrounded. Then there was this flash of white light. That's all I remember. The putties?"


"Man, I must'a beat 'em all and blacked out. 'Spose the 'ol Zack-man isn't so rusty after all!"

At least that'll serve as a confidence booster, thought Tommy.

Zack was about to speak again, but was interrupted as the earth began to shake.

"What the ... oh man!" Over the horizon, the Shogunzords appeared.

"Let's call our zords!" Tommy instructed.

"Right!" Zack agreed. He stood beside Tommy, and raised his hand to the sky. "Golden Frogzord!"

Tommy mimicked his movement. "Golden Bearzord!"

Over the horizon two large objects could be seen descending from the sky. They both gave off a metallic shine in the mourning sun. Yellow and green.

"Let's go!" Tommy exclaimed as the two rangers were carried up-ward.

"Guys," Billy radioed. "Tommy and Zack are on their way."

"Okay," Kim replied. "Billy, I'm right behind you. I've got the yellow shogunzord at two o'clock. I'm breaking off."

"Go get'em, Kim!" Kat said over the intercom.

Kimberly angled off to the right, placing herself in a direct path towards the yellow Shogunzord. She flattened off and steadied the Cranezord. "I'm arming my lasers," she said, punching several buttons on the control panel in front of her. "Targeting." On a small monitor directly in front of her the shogunzord could be seen. It was preparing itself for the crane.

Two lines, one horizontal, one vertical moved over the screen. The intersected and stopped, forming an '+' on the yellow shogunzords chest. "Fire!" she yelled. Two beams of pink energy shot out of Cranes wings. The yellow shogunzord quickly jumped to it's right.

One of the lasers caught the shogunzord's left shoulder, the other just flying by and smashing into the pavement, sending chunks of asphalt into the air. One of the chunks hit the wing of the Cranezord, throwing her off balance.

"Steady, Kim," she told herself. She looked up and saw the sparks shooting out of the shogunzord's shoulder. She was headed right for it.

"Kim, pull up!" Billy yelled.

"I'm pulling!" The zord was wobbling to much. She frantically pulled back on the stick. The zord remained on it's downward course.

"C'mon, please!" She realized there was no way she would pull up in time. She jerked the stick to the right, forcing the Cranezord to roll onto it's side. It passed by the yellow shogunzord, avoiding the sparks. Kim sighed relief.

"Kim, look out!" Adam warned. She was headed straight towards the fifth street tunnel. There were still cars in it - left by fleeing citizens when Vile conquered the earth.

"Flip back! Flip back!" Adam yelled.

"I'm flippin'!" She pulled the zord back on it's stomach. Her first thought was to pull up, avoiding the tunnel completely. But there was no time. She had to go in.

His motions were quick and smooth. He never stopped moving. Sometimes, after a quick punch, his hand would jerk back, as if it had hit something.

Then, the things began to appear. They would materialize out of the air, and fall to the ground, eventually blowing up.

He then stopped, and began walking away. But in the horizon, one could almost make out a red tyrannosaurus, like a guardian angel, watching over the original red ranger.

"Who's there?" asked Trini.

"It's okay, guys," the reply came. "It's me."

"Jason!" Rocky exclaimed, walking out of the protected alcove. "What about the putties?"

"I took care of them." Trini thought it best not to ask how. Rocky didn't.

"But how?" Rocky asked.

"Easy," Jason answered. "I closed my eyes."

She took another quick jump forward, but was again knocked back.

"Guys," Kat said over the radio, "I need some - ahhhhh!" The white Shogunzord picked up the Wolfzord and held it above it's head with two hands. It took a step forward, getting momentum to throw the zord.

"Not so fast!" Tommy said. The Bearzord came falling out of the air towards the white Shogunzord. It collided with it, sending the Shogunzord to the ground. The wolfzord fell to the ground.

"Thanks, Tommy," Kat said, getting her zord onto it's feet.

"No problem." Tommy brought his zord to it's feet. "Let's see how he likes this!" The bear jumped into the air and landed on the shogunzord before it could stand.

Tommy reached to his side, and pressed various coloured buttons. Two control sticks emerged from the sides of the control panel in front of him. He grasped them firmly. He then pressed a red button on the side of the right stick. This caused the Bearzord to bring it's right claw back and slash down at the pinned Shogunzord.

He pressed the left. The left paw came clawing down at the Shogunzord. He then pressed the right again, then left. He continued to slash until the Shogunzord managed to knock the bear off and get to it's feet. The Shogunzord tuned and then kicked the Bearzord, sending it flying backwards and colliding with a building.

Zack was looking down at the city. Tommy and Kat were taking the white Shogunzord. Adam was in hand-to-hand combat with the red Shogunzord. Billy was attacking the black and blue shogunzords from the air. The yellow Shogunzord seemed to be recovering from a hit to it's shoulder. Kimberly was no-where to be seen.

"Zack's online. I'm over the city," he said over the intercom.

"I could use a little assistance here," Billy replied.

"I'm on my way, Billy!" Zack positioned himself over the two Shogunzords and began circling. Billy had just made a pass at the two , and was circling around for another strike.

Zack thought it was the perfect time to land, and he did so, right behind the two Shogunzords. They didn't notice Zack land, as they were concentrating on the Falconzord. Zack examined the control panel before him, and began pressing buttons.

"Not so fast, boys," Zack said as the Frogzord's tongue lashed out at the two Shogunzords.

The blue Shogunzord jumped away, but the Black fell to the ground as the Frogzord's tongue wrapped around it's legs.

"Well," Billy said over the com. "I'm sure glad to see you!"

"If that was a 'thanks', your welcome then!" Zack then returned his attention to the task at hand. "One fried Frog commin' up!" The Frogzord's tongue began to glow as bands of energy shot out and down towards the fallen Shogunzord. As the energy stuck the Shogunzord, it began to glow and then erupted in sparks. Zack's cockpit began to glow red as a buzzer went off.

"What the-?" Zack said as he frantically examined the controls.

"Zack, the black Shogunzord has reversed your energy flow. Disengage now!" Billy exclaimed.

"I'm trying!" Billy had to take action, because Zack was in more trouble than Billy had let on. The blue shogunzord was behind the Frogzord, and gaining ground towards him.

Billy circled around and armed his missiles. Two compartments on the Falconzord's wings slid open as six missel heads - three on each wing - emerged.

"Locking on," Billy said.

"Billy, what are you doing? Your aiming right for me!" Zack said.

"Trust me Zack."

"What? You're about to fire at me and you want me to trust you?"

"Fire!" Billy exclaimed as he pressed the large red buttons on top of his control stick.

The six missiles flew out of the Falconzord's wings and darted towards the approaching blue shogunzord. There was a burst of light as the two missiles connected on the shogunzord, sending it flying back across the street.

"I'm disconnected!" Zack said as the Frogzord's tongue whipped free of the black Shogunzord. "And Billy, thanks."

Billy smiled under his helmet. Before he could respond, the black Shogunzord got to it's feet and flew into the air.

"Guys," Adam radioed in. "The red Shogunzord just left. I have it on sensors in the center of the city."

"Just as I thought," Billy said.

"What?" asked Zack.

Billy ignored Zack's question. "Tommy? Kat? Are you there?"

"Ya, but the Shogunzord split!" Tommy answered.

"Alright. Guys, we'll meet at the coordinates I'm sending you. It's time for the Megazord!"

She looked ahead, and at the narrowing tunnel.

"I'm not gonna fit!" Kim then realized that the other rangers could no longer hear her.

"You need to pull the wings in."

"Who said that?"

"Just do it!" Kimberly thought about the suggestion. If she pulled her wings in, she would fit, but the only way to bring the wings in was to begin Megazord head transformation. She would have to stop the transformation half way. But to do that, she would need to cut the power - literally turn the zord off.

"Trust yourself. It will work." The voice was right. She looked to her side and opened a red panel. Inside was the power cut off.

"Engage Megazord head transformation!" she said, pressing the appropriate buttons. She saw the wings of her zord begin to fold back. She had to cut the power at just the right time.

"Not yet ..." she said under her breath. "Almost ... now!" She quickly punched the power cut-off button with her fist.

The cockpit went dark. Kimberly could hear the Cranezord slowing. The screech of metal on metal could be heard as the bottom of the zord skidded across the roofs of the abandoned cars in the tunnel.

"Please ..." Kimberly said. She could see the end of the tunnel. She would need to ride up the off-ramp and get airborne. That was, if she made it.

"A little further ..." The zord was now sliding along the asphalt. Luckily, there were no more cars in Kimberly's path. She was losing speed. If she didn't have enough when the end of the tunnel came, she wouldn't be able to become airborne again.

"I'm ...out!" The Cranezord shot out of the tunnel, and slid up the up-ramp. She had to time the zord's reactivation so it would be able to fly when she flew off the end of the ramp.

She began powering up the Cranezord. The wings began to extend as the rest of the zord began to activate. She was a few feet before the end.

"Let's go!" she said as she pulled up on the control stick. The Cranezord flew into the air.

"Good job, pink ranger," the voice said.

"Thanks, whoever you are," Kim replied. The voice had been familiar. It wasn't until a few moments later that she put a name to the voice. Saba.

The sound of metal on metal was loud in the mourning sun. The Shogun Megazord was almost complete.

"Kimberly, are you there?" Billy tried again.

"I'm on my way!" Kimberly replied. She had been out of reach on all of the ranger's previous attempts. When she arrived, Billy made the call.

"Okay guys? I'll join later. You guys take care of the Shogun Megazord!" Billy said.

"Right!" Tommy agreed.

"Golden Megazord Power!" the rangers said in unison.

The Frogzord's legs began to extend. It was topped by the now compacted Bearzord. The Wolf and Apezords' appendages folded in as large hands emerged. Finally, the Cranzord's wing began to fold back as the head bent backwards, revealing a face.

The Wolf and Apezords joined onto the bear's sides, forming arms. The crane landed on top, forming the head of the now-completed Golden Megazord.

The rangers found themselves in the large control centre located in the Megazord's head. The control centre was arranged in two levels. On the lower, Adam and Kat sat at their control centres. In between them was Zack, also at control centre with buttons and levers.

On the upper level at opposite sides were Kimberly and Tommy.

"There's the Shogun Megazord!" Tommy exclaimed as he pointed out the figure on the horizon.

"Here we go!" Zack said, pushing his control sticks forward. The Megazord walked forward. It was now standing a mere kilometre from the Shogun Megazord.

"Ready guys?" asked Kimberly. They all agreed, as the battle began.

The Golden Megazord quickly planted a large fist on the Shogun's head, sending it back a few steps. But the Shogun countered, landing several solid blows on the Golden's mid-section.

As the Golden Megazord was recovering, the Shogun quickly drew it's power sword, a took a quick slash at the Golden Megazord, sending it tumbling back to the street.

The rangers looked up in fear as the Shogun Megazord stood over them, readying it's sword for a finishing slash.

"Not so fast!" Billy exclaimed. He circled the Falconzord and fired several laser blasts at the Shogun Megazord, knocking it off balance and falling into a near-by building.

"Thanks Billy," Tommy said as the Golden Megazord got to it's feet. "We need some more power!"

"Power Sword!" the rangers said together, as a massive gold sword appeared in their Megazord's hand. The Golden Megazord quickly stepped forward and swung at the fallen Shogunzord. As sparks erupted from the Shogunzord, the rangers swung again. The Goldzord was about to swing again, but the Shogunzord kicked up, knocking the sword from the Goldzord's hands.

"The sword!" exclaimed Zack.

"Guys! Look-out!" Billy yelled. The Shogunzord had gotten to it's feet, and was

preparing to take a swing at the Goldzord. But Tommy noticed the Shogunzord out of the corner of his eye, and quickly jerked his control stick to the right.

The Golden Megazord's left hand quickly moved up and grabbed the Shogun's approaching fist.

"Ha! Not so fast!" Tommy laughed. He pressed more buttons on the control pad before him. The Goldzord's grip on the Shogun's hand tightened, more and more, until the hand was crushed.

"That should give us the upper hand!" Tommy said, pleased with himself.

"Let's finish this!" Kim said. The Golden Megazord turned and went to retrieve it's sword.

But the rangers underestimated the Shogunzord. When the Golden Megazord's back was turned, the Shogun Megazord got to it's feet and charged the unsuspecting rangers. Billy gave no warning, for he was circling around and was facing away from the two zords.

The two zords collided and fell to ground. The Shogunzord had a firm grip on the Gold's waist, and would not let go.

The two behemoths rolled back and fourth on the asphalt, crushing cars and buildings.

"We've got to break free of his grip!" yelled Kat.

"That shouldn't be hard, seeing that he's missin' a hand!" Zack replied.

Billy had circled around, and could now see what was happening. He knew the rangers couldn't break free on their own. He would need to shoot the Shogun Megazord.

"I'm going to need to take extra care in this," Billy said to himself, readying the missiles.

"Aiming." The cockpit turned infrared and a large target appeared on the windscreen.

"Locked on." Billy slowed his approached as the missel bays on the Falcon's wings slid open.

"Fire!" Six missiles rocketed away towards the Shogunzord.

"Please," was all Billy said before the missiles connected.

The Shogunzord exploded and disintegrated.

"Alright, Billy!" cheered Katherine.

"Ya, way to go, man!" Tommy added.

"Thanks guys," Billy said. "Now, let's go get the orb."

The rangers landed on the destroyed landscape of the city.

"Good thing this isn't how it really is!" Katherine said.

"I know," Billy agreed.

"Well, let's get the - " Tommy was interrupted by a sound like thunder.

"Not so fast, rangers," a voice said. It was like a low gargle.

"Uh-oh," Kimberly said, looking around.

"Who was that?" asked Katherine.

"It was us, rangers!" the reply came. In front of the rangers stood five multi-coloured figures. Red, white, black, blue and yellow. Each had a large 'V' on their chest, and the unmistakable face of a putty.

"The five," Kim said. The rangers were in for another fight.

"Man, what's taking so long?" asked Rocky as he paced back and forth across the Power Chamber.

"Rocky, you must calm yourself," Alpha replied.

"But Rocky's right, Zordon," Trini protested. "This 'Machine Empire' will be here in less than ten hours."

"Trini, you are correct," Zordon answered. "But I have faith in Billy. He will return with the orb of doom, and time will be returned to the proper state."

"Guys," Billy said. "We don't have time. We need to get the orb of doom now!"

"But what about the five?" asked Adam.

"Me and Zack will hold them off," Kim said.

Tommy turned. "What?" he asked.

"Kim's right, man," Zack said. "This is our time, or whatever. We're not the ones who belong somewhere else." Kimberly shook her head 'yes'.

"Are you sure about this?" asked Katherine.

"One-hundred percent," answered Zack.

"It's your decision. And guys," Billy said. "May the power protect you." Billy, Adam, Katherine and Tommy took off towards Master Vile's palace. Kimberly and Zack prepared for the fight that lay ahead.

Getting in wasn't easy. First, they had to be teleported inside. Then, there were putties to fight. And more putties.

"Well," Tommy said, lifting his fist from a fallen putty's chest. "That's it."

"Okay, Alpha said that the orb is located directly above us," Billy said, pointing to the ceiling.

"I'll take care of this," Kat said. "Wolf thunder kick!" she yelled as she jumped into the air in a flash of blue. Thunder sounded throughout the palace as Katherine's foot connected with the ceiling.

"Come on, guys. Up here!" said Kat, looking down at the other rangers through a large hole in the ceiling.

The rangers found themselves in a vault-like room. All of the room's light was being generated by a small circular object in the centre of the room. It was the orb of doom.

"There it is," Tommy said.

"So, do we just take it?" asked Adam.

"I'm not sure," Billy replied, examining the orb. It was hovering in mid air. "There's probably something protecting it."

Katherine was about to speak, but was interrupted by a loud sliding sound originating from behind the rangers. The rangers turned.

"Master Vile!" Tommy said.

"I will not stand this intrusion! Who are these?" asked Vile.

"They look like those new rangers!" answered a large figure at Vile's side. It looked like a monkey in gold armour. Goldar.

"They're trying to steal the orb of doom!" screeched the witch at Vile's other side.

"Silence Rita," answered Vile. "So you're the new rangers? You've destroyed my Shogunzords, which I am very upset about. So, I'll just have to destroy you!" Master Vile then let out a wicked laugh and raised his hands.

"What's he doing?" asked Katherine.

"I don't ... aah!" Billy grabbed his head and fell to the ground. "Noise ... un ... bearable!" Then Katherine began to fell it. A sound like nothing she had ever heard. She too fell to the ground in pain.

Adam collapsed, clutching his helmet. Tommy was struggling to stay standing.

"I've ... got to ... stop him!" Tommy said. He took a step forward, wincing in pain.

"It's no use, ranger," Vile said. "Give up!"

"Never!" Tommy yelled. His legs felt heavy, his head pounded. I have to keep going! he thought.

He managed another step. And another.

"What?" asked Rita.

"I'm not sure," Vile replied. "I'll just have to increase the volume!"

The sound hit Tommy like a truck, knocking to the ground.

"Saba ..." he gasped. "Help."

"I'm right here, Tommy," Saba answered. "You must stand up!" Tommy slowly got back to his feet.

"Take the saber!" Saba ordered. Tommy looked down, and found Saba, in saber form, in his hand.

Tommy gathered all his strength and lunged forward. Saba hit Master Vile in the chest, knocking him to the ground. The sound ceased.

Tommy backed flipped and grabbed the orb of doom.

"Zordon, get us out of here!" he yelled. He and the rangers were teleported away, just as lasers shot from the walls, filling the vault.

Rita was caught between two lasers, unable to move.

"Daddy, help!" she whined.

"Not now, Rita. I'll get you later!" Vile replied.

"Ya, later!" laughed Goldar, as he joined Master Vile and left Rita wedged between the laser beams.

"They made it!" exclaimed Alpha.

"Oh-no!" Trini said, seeing Billy, Katherine and Adam lying on the ground.

"Don't worry," Tommy assured. "They'll be fine. Now Alpha, what do we do with this?"

he asked as he handed over the orb of doom. Alpha carefully took the orb over to a control consol, and inserted it into a hole.

"I will require Billy's help," Alpha said.

"Aw, man," Tommy replied, looking down at Billy - on the floor. "I don't think Billy's gonna be much help." Tommy exchanged concerned glances with Jason, Trini and Rocky.

"Well, what exactly do we need to do?" asked Trini.

"It is a complex procedure, Trini," Alpha replied. "It involves using to orb to enter the space time continuum, and then reprogramming it. I have all the re-programming instructions

ready, but I am uncertain I will be able to enter the time stream without rupturing it."

"And the Machine Empire will be arriving shortly, rangers," Zordon added.

"What are we gonna do?" asked Rocky.

"I don't know," replied Jason. "I just don't know."

"Wait," Rocky said, cutting the silence. "Alpha, what's so difficult about entering the time stream?"

"Well Rocky," Alpha began, "we've located the orb of doom signature in the space time continuum. But we need to fix time exactly where is was distorted. We have narrowed it down, but I need Billy's help to find the exact coordinates. If I enter in the wrong place ..."

Rocky turned to the teens on the floor. "C'mon Billy. We need you."

He floated through the energy. He usually took the time to enjoy such trips, but not today. He had to revive them. Even though their survival could, and probably would, mean his end.

Tommy seems okay, he thought to himself. But his determination and will had set up a force field around him. But do the others have his strength?

They would need to. The effects of Master Vile's spell wouldn't wear off any time soon.

Certainly not before the Machine Empire arrived.

"I hope you are prepared, Billy," Saba said to himself.

"Whoa, what's wrong with Billy?" Tommy rushed to Billy's side.

"I think he's waking up!" Trini said.

"Billy, can you hear me?" asked Tommy. Billy squinted. He clenched his fists, feeling the gloves close around his hands.


"Billy, we need your help with the orb of doom," Rocky said.

"Just give me a minute." After a few moments, Billy got to his feet. After placing his

helmet on top of a consol, he was ready to man the time readjustment.

"Okay, I've got the reprogramming instructions all ready. All I need to do now is isolate the time stream," Billy said, pressing various buttons on the consol pad. "I'm going to need to really concentrate, guys. I'd appreciate silence."

"No problem, man," Jason replied. Katherine and Adam were still unconscious. But how had Billy been revived? they all wondered. It didn't matter now, though.

Billy carefully turned a knob counter-clockwise, while monitoring a small red screen.

"I'm almost there..." he said, carefully turning the knob. A few moments later, he punched in a combination on a small key pad beside the knob, and a button raised out of the control panel. He turned his attention back to the small screen.

"Now!" he exclaimed all of a sudden, and slammed down on the button. The lights in the Power Chamber began to flicker, as wind began to blow. Then, a large red mass of energy appeared behind the rangers. The wind ceased.

"Excellent, Billy," Zordon congratulated.

"What is it, man?" asked Jason.

"This is an opening in time," Billy answered.

"Do we...go through it?" asked Rocky.

"No," Billy said. "When I hit this button again, it enlarges and engulfs the Earth, repairing time."

"Wow," Trini commend. "Great work, Billy."

"Billy," Tommy said. "I have one question."


"Zack and Kim still have zeo crystals. Won't they be lost?"

"No, Tommy. You see, this will repair everything. It will be like this never happened."

"But what about Kim and Zack. And me?" asked Trini.

"As I said," Billy explained, "all will be returned to normal. You will all be safe."

"Are you ready, rangers?" asked Alpha.

"As we'll ever be," replied Tommy.

"Then Billy, you may begin," Zordon instructed. Billy returned to the consol, and pressed the button. The wind began again, as the red light began to grow, until it's warmth surrounded the rangers, pulling them in.

"You were saying Zordon?" asked Tanya. Tommy turned to his left, a confused look on his face. He the looked to Billy, who gave a wink.

"This concerns Alpha, Rangers," Zordon replied.

"Me?" asked Alpha. "What do you mean, Zordon?"

"I have never told you this Alpha 5. But, I found it appropriate," Zordon continued.

"What is it?" asked Katherine.

"Alpha, it was this night, over sixty centuries ago, when you were activated. This is your birthday. Happy birthday, Alpha 5."

The rangers laughed, and each wished Alpha 'happy birthday'. It turned out that Zordon had prepared a party, complete with cake, and video of Alpha. Some of it was quite humorous, showing Alpha in early stages of activation, making errors in speech, and one particularly funny one, where Alpha had made a programing error, causing Zordon to turn pink.

After the party, Alpha returned to his recharging chamber, and the rangers went home.

Tommy and Billy stayed after.

"Billy," Tommy said. "They don't remember anything, do they?"

"No, just you and me. And Zordon."

"But why?"

"It was out of our hands, Tommy," Zordon explained. "In reprogramming time, we also reprogrammed ourselves, making it seem like nothing happened."

"Then how did we remember?" asked Tommy.

"I found a way to adjust the reprogramming sequence. But I could only use it on three of us," Billy said.

"And the orb of doom?"

"Destroyed after reprogramming was complete," Zordon said.

"And we still don't know where it came from?"

"I'm afraid not," Billy said.

"What about Saba?" asked Tommy. Billy's head dropped.

"What is it, man?"

"Well, do you remember when me, Adam and Katherine were knocked out by Master

Vile's sound wave?"

"Of course. Saba protected me from the sound. That's how I got the orb."

"Well, when I was unconscious, Saba took me into the morphing grid. He explained to me that the spell wouldn't wear off in time for me to fix time. So he used his last energy to reverse the spell. I don't think he survived."

"I am sorry, Tommy," Zordon said.

"Naw, it's okay, Zordon..." Tommy's voice trailed off. "But, we're all okay now. And that's what matters."

"I think we'd better go," Billy said.

"Good night, rangers," Zordon said.

Two beams of coloured light exited the Power Chamber. White, and red.

One month later ...

"Great work out, man!" Jason said, giving Tommy a punch on the shoulder.

"Thanks," Tommy replied. "Hey, it looks like Tanya's really getting the hang of the martial arts." Tommy motioned over to the corner, where Tanya and Adam were going through a sequence of moves.

"Well, she has a good teacher," Jason said. Rocky and Katherine were sitting at a table doing homework. Kat seemed rather frustrated.

"Um, Kat," Rocky said. "Is there something wrong?"

"No, nothing."

"Really. What's up?"

"Oh, okay. I'm writing this story for the contest next month. Only I have a problem..."

"Which is?"

"Well, I have the two main characters - a boy and a girl - stuck in this vault. The only source of light is this glowing tube, which is powered chemically - a fully efficient form of light."

"So what's the problem. It sounds cool."

"Well, the two need to get out of the vault. They realize that the light is powered chemically. They want to use it to melt the lights and get out. Only if the light is powered by a gas, they'll die. I've decided the power source will be liquid, but I need a reason why they would go ahead and break the light when it could kill them. Pretty dumb, huh?"

"I don't think so. And maybe Billy can help."

"I heard my name?" a voice from behind Katherine said.

"Ya. Billy, maybe you can help Kat with her story," Rocky asked.

"Sure. What's the problem?" Katherine explained the scene to Billy. It seemed to disturb him.

"Is something wrong, Billy?" asked Katherine.

"Uh, no. Just thinking." How can she remember? Billy asked himself. And more over, what if it _had_ been gas?

"Well," Billy finally said. "I'd have the boy use the light to melt the lock, and explain to the girl that it was a risk they had to take."

"Hmm, good idea, Billy. Thanks," Katherine said.

"No problem. Uh, I've got to go. See you guys later!" Kat and Rocky resumed their work.

Billy exited the youth centre.

"A risk I had to take," he said to himself, with a slight laugh.

The End!

Extra long disclaimer: I, Andrew Nelson, am in no way associated with Saban. Power Rangers, Zeo, and all related characters and ideas are sole property of Saban Entertainment. Although I am using these without knowledge of Saban, the story ideas are my own, and this story can only help(I hope) the show's popularity. This story may not be re-distributed for profit.