Power Rangers 2089
Part 2
by Andrew Nelson

{See part one for disclaimer.}

"Good morning, Mr. Oliver."

"Mornin', Clyde." Clyde came to his side and joined his walk.

"It's a _fine_ day, sir," Clyde said as the two approached the access lift. "It's a shame to spend it inside." Clyde didn't take his eyes off Oliver as he inserted his master card into the slot.

"Yes," Oliver replied, placing his own card into the control panel. "Indeed." The light went from red to green as the doors slid open, revealing the lift. "Good morning!" the lift chimed as Oliver entered.

"Are you not coming today, Clyde?" he asked, his countenance lifting to almost and expression of sympathy.

"Uh, no sir. Not today." He motioned behind him to his small basement desk. "I've work to do. Have a good day, sir."

"And you." The doors slide closed, as Clyde turned. The lift began to hum as it shot upward. Oliver closed his eyes and massaged his temples. He tried to collect all he knew about Clyde.

Clyde Sheffield. Mid-fifties. Divorced. Children all working. Current position held for three years.

Note to self, he thought. Promote Clyde.

The lift had made it to the top with no interruption. But it always did. He was priortity.

The doors slid open, and Oliver stepped into the massive lobby. People were busily going about their business. He crossed the lobby in ten strides and stopped infront of the desk of an attractive women - brown hair, early-20's.

"Good morning Mr. Oliver," she said. There was something strange about her. It may have been her voice.

"Good morning, Jen. And how are we?" Oliver asked, reaching down and picking up a small disk off Jen's desk.

"Actually sir, I've been better," she replied.

Oliver didn't look up from picking up some more disks, but said, "Oh, really?"

"I am currently awaiting the technician. I am need of some repair." She flickered once, and her voice became low static for a brief instant. "As you can see. I've been waiting for more than a week!"

Oliver now holding three disks in his hand, looked up. "I'll see to it he comes right away."

"Thank you, sir." Oliver nodded and turned, walking towards his office. The massive oak (well, not REAL oak) doors slid open before him, and he stepped into his mammoth office, overlooking the city, on floor two-hundred ten of the Oliver Enterprises building.

"We have Earth on screen!" the navigator said.

"Let's see it, then."

The large viewing screen on the bridge showed clearly the beautiful blue planet Earth.

"Ah-hahahaha! Our conquest is near!"

He sent the message to the holo-programmer : "Here now!" That should do it. He stood up and streetched his legs, casually walking over to the window. From this height, the world below was nothing more than a green smear.

"Window, magnify tenfold," Oliver said aloud. The windows in his office flashed and then the earth below was clearly visible. He looked down on the park which surrounded his building. There was a man sitting on a bench. Running along the path was a women. A very attractive women at that. She was dressed completely in white. He thought for a moment about magnifying her, but decided against it. She passed the man sitting on the bench and continued on.

Then Oliver felt a strange flash of something cross him. When the women had passed the man. Something...some kind of energy.

Oliver stumbled backward and fell to his chair. He felt dizzy. What was that?

The feeling shortly passed. When he thought back, all he could see was two bolts of lightning crossing - white and blue. Strange.

Yes. Strange.