Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
"Green No More - {{with a twist}}"
by Nick0706

"Turn it up!" a young male's voice said, coming form the kitchen of a large home. The house design was not complicated, the Kitchen was right behind the Front Room, a Dinning room next to the Kitchen. A den across the hall and a small bathroom next to it, and the bedrooms, and other bathrooms were upstairs.

A fifteen year old boy walked out of the Kitchen with a bowl of popcorn and three drinks in his hands. "Some help over here please!" He looked at a 15 year old girl, that looked the like him a little, brown hair and eyes, about the same height, weight about 20 pounds under then him. They were twins, Nicholas and Nichole Richards, son and daughter of Alex and Terri Richards.

"Alright Nick, give me the bowl!" Nichole said, she got off the couch in front of the TV, she walked to him and took the bowl of hot popcorn. "God, you are so lazy."

"I am lazy, what about your Boy toy over there." Nick said, he pointed to a sixteen year old boy sitting on the couch, right next to where Kelly was sitting. "Kevin could help."

"I could, but I wont." Kevin replied laughing.

Nichole picked up a pillow from the couch and threw it at Kevin, he tried to dodge, but it hit him right in the face. Nick and Nichole started to laugh.

"Lazy and slow." Nick said. Nichole kissed him on the cheek, and at down. Nick came to the couch and placed the drinks on the coffee table. Nichole did the same with the bowl of popcorn.

"What was that for Nikki?" Kevin asked her, the TV screen popped on with a bright picture.

"Shh, its on." Nick told Kevin, their eyes glued to the screen. The picture on the screen showed a picture of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers symbol on it. Then they could here, "Today on Power Rangers... Tommy gets a mysterious message... from himself." then Tommy's voice comes in, "its me." Then the narrator comes again" And very bad news about his powers." Tommy comes in again, "So what is the verdict Zordon?" then a picture of Zordon appears on the screen, "our last best hope to restore your powers, has failed."

"Man this is so cool, I can't believe that they are having 'Green No More' and 'White Light' Back to back." Kevin said with happiness in his voice.

"Shh!" That was all Nick could say, still watching the TV.

About Twenty Minutes into the program, Nick, Nichole and Kevin were still glued to the Television. They watched the part where Tommy was leaned up against the side of a tree, the other Six Rangers ran to his side, wondering if this was the last of Tommy's Powers.

"Oh no, Tommy is losing his Powers." Nichole said. "What are they going to do with out the Green Ranger?"

"Oh God Nikki, it is a TV show, like in NOT real." Nick said rolling his eyes. The Lights and the TV started to flicker a bit. Because of the storm out side, it was poring like hail, and lighting light up the sky, and Thunder filled it with horrid sounds.

"Man, not now, just when it is getting good." Kevin said, getting a little mad. On the TV screen, a thunder bolt fell from the ground and hit the Green Ranger, he then transported away into thin air. The Rangers looked around for Tommy, but they did not see him anywhere.

Kevin, Nikki and Nick looked at the screen, and wondered where Tommy went also. Then Tommy appeared in a wide open grassland, he stood and wondered where he was. Then the new monster, a giant size Worm with a giant shell on his back. He fired a blast at Tommy, and drained him of his Powers. The Powers then flew into the sky, Tommy looked at his lost powers, one last time.

Zedd held up the Green Crystal, and the Green Rangers powers flew into it, and the crystal glowed bright Green, Zedd then talked to Goldar, after that he let out a blood curdling laugh.

"Zordon, come in" Jason said, looking to his Communicator, behind his Power Glove. But he got no response.

"Zordon, are you there?" Billy asked, he then tapped his communicator, can got static. "Something is blocking the communicators."

"First Tommy then Zordon, Something is majorly wrong." Kim said, when thunder bolts started flying all around them.

Outside of the Richards homestead, a thunder bolt also came down from the air and hit a satellite dish that was placed on the roof of the home. It started to spark and then caught on fire.

On the screen, the thunder bolt hit the Rangers, and they vanished like their friend, Tommy. As that was happening, the Screen was covered in a small electric charge, it fired out a Thunder bolt, grabbed a hold of the three teens, and sucked them into the TV.


In the Other World, a realm ruled by Lord Zedd, a oval shaped force field is spiraling around and around. The same thunder bolts that teleported the rangers away, shot in the center of the force field. The Ranger appeared, unmorphed and scared.

"Where are we?" Kim asked.

The Rangers then heard the evil and vile laugh of Zedd from behind them, the turned around to face Lord Zedd and Goldar. Lord Zedd toke a step forward and started to laugh again.

"Ha ha ha ha! Welcome Rangers!" Zedd said to them. "You are probably wondering where you are, you are now in my dimension, known as the Other World." Zedd explained to them, the Rangers reached behind them for their Morphers, only to find, nothing there. "I am afraid that you will find out that your morphers are worthless here, and so is Zordon, for with this....." Zedd stopped as he saw another Thunder bolt it the ground, a few steps from Goldar.

As the Thunder Bolts stopped, a known face appeared, Nicholas Richards got off the ground and looked up as he dusted himself off. Nick looked up to see the hideous face of the Golden Monkey, Goldar.

Nick looked at him for a second and then started to scream out in fear. Goldar looked back at him and did the same. Zedd just stood their, wondering why Goldar was screaming, and who this person was.

"SILENCE!" Zedd shouted out, both Goldar and Nick shut up.

Nick looked at him and his knees started to shake. "Lord Zedd, but how, you aren't real!" Nick said to him.

"Oh, for I am Little Human, if I was not real, then I would not be standing here." Zedd told him, taking a step closer to Nick. "Now who are you and how did you get here?"

"I.... I am Nicholas Richards, and I have no clue to the second one, oh great and wise Lord Zedd, who would not hurt a poor little human." Nick said in fear, trying to make Zedd not turn him into a toad or something.

"For I would Nicholas Richards, that is what Evil does." Zedd said to him. "Goldar, take this Human, and hold him, if you can." Goldar nodded and he grabbed Nick's Right arm and pulled Nick closer to himself.

"Let him go Zedd, he is nothing to you." Jason told him.

"Thanks alot Jason!" Nick said, in a sarcastic voice. "And you were my Fav Ranger."

Jason looked at him funny, and was wondering how he knew that he was a Power Ranger. Zedd then pointed to a cave that was behind him.

"Once Zordon choice five Teenagers to protect the Earth, and I have chosen five teenagers, to destroy it. Ha ha ha!" Zedd laughed out, five rangers, in pathetic copies of the Original outfits walked out. "Soon Powerless Rangers, the Dark Rangers will destroy your world. For with this Crystal, I hold the Green Ranger Powers, and pathetic young Tommy is now Powerless, and out in the open plains of Other World, with Turban Shell, Killing him now. And there is nothing you can do about it Power Rangers!"


In the open plains of Other World, Tommy is hiding behind a rock, trying to figure out what to do, fight Turban Shell, or run like the wind, to find some where else to hide. As Turban Shell came closer to the Former Green Ranger, the same Thunder bolts filled the sky with noise and light. Both Turban Shell and Tommy looked around, wondering what was happening.

"What the--?" Turban Shell asked, looking around. The Thunder bolts then hit the ground next to Tommy, and two figures appeared in the grass. Kevin Martin and Nichole Richards.

Nikki looked up, and saw Tommy, scared and leaning up against a rock. Her mouth dropped to the floor, she then tapped Kevin on the back, he got up and saw the same thing, his mouth also dropped to the Earth.

"Oh my God, Jason David Frank, I must say that you are one of the best Actors I have ever seen, you make a great Tommy." Nikki said to him, walking over to him. She put out her hand for him to shake it. He just looked at her, confused and disoriented.

"Um, ok, so you don't like me, or what?" she asked, she then heard foot steps coming up in front of her. She looked up and saw Turban Shell, she opened her mouth and then started to scream louder and louder.

Tommy looked up too and saw the worm, he then spin kicked the giant thing in the face and then knocked him to the ground. He grabbed Nikki's hand, she was still in shock, and still screaming, he then started to run the opposite way. Kevin looked at Tommy then Nikki, he then started to run with them.

As they ran, they fell into a large rounded ditch. The all fell to the ground, Kevin looked up, he saw no Giant Shell Monster. He helped Nikki out of the Grass, her face was in shock.

"Nikki, are you ok?" he asked concernedly.

"Did you see that, giant, Worm thing! It was the Monster--- Turban Shell, from "Green No More"," she paused and looked Tommy from head to toe. "Oh my God, Kevin!" she put her mouth close to Kevin's ear, and whispered to him, "Kevin, remember that we were watching "Green No More", well when we were sitting there, the TV started to spark and it must have sucked us into this world, of Power Rangers."

"I don't believe it, your kidding, this is so cool." Kevin said when Tommy got off the ground.

Tommy just looked at the Teens. "Who are you?" Tommy asked them.

"I am Nichole Richards, and this is Kevin Martin, and I think that Lord Zedd must have transported us here, with you." Nikki told him, lying about the Zedd part.

"Oh, are you two ok? And how did you know about Zedd?" Tommy asked again.

"TV!" Kevin added. "I am fine, Nikki?"

"Yeah, all my body parts are on and working, so that is a good sign." she told them, Tommy could hear Turban Shell close in on them, so Tommy pointed to another way, Kevin and Nikki followed Tommy's lead, not questioning him, knowing his wisdom in battle.

"Ok," Kevin whispered to Nikki, softly so that Tommy would not hear him. "This is the part where Turban Worm finds Tommy."

"I don't like this part then." Nikki said back, she then smelled this really gross scent, like fried fish, that was a week old. "Do you guys smell that sick scent?"

"Nope, I don't smell--" As Rob tried to finish his comment, he heard Turban Shell.

"Fee Fi Foe Thumb, I smell something green and really--" Tommy grabbed Turban Shell's foot and then tripped him. He fell straight down the side of a hill.

"-- Dumb!" Tommy finished Turban Shell's statement. "And Worm Face, you are dumb."

Kevin and Nikki watched Turban Shell fall down the side of the Hill. Nikki put her hand up and started to wave to him. "Bye-bye Sardine Breath!" Nikki said, all of them laughed and got out of the ditch.

"Ok, I am Tommy Oliver." Tommy introduced himself. "And you are Nichole Richards and Kevin Martin, Right?"

"Yes." Nikki said. "But my friends call me Nikki."

"Ok, now Kevin and Nikki, we have to find away out of here." Tommy told them.

"Where ever here is." Nikki said, playing along, like she knew nothing.

"Right, but where do we go?" Kevin asked.

"Got me, by the way, do you know anything about me?" Tommy asked them, referring to him being the Green Rangers, or Former Green Ranger.

"Yeah, your Tommy Oliver, you go to Angel Grove High, you are a Karate Master and hang out with Jason, Zack, Trini, Billy and.... Kim" Kevin said, bobbing his eyebrows up and down a few times.

Nikki saw what he was doing and smacked him upside the head. "Kevin, Pig!"

"What did I do?" Kevin asked innocently.

Nikki gave him a dirty look and then looked back at Tommy. "You are always in the Youth Center with those five, and from what I remember, you were the new kid last year. And like the first few days you where here, you acted really strange, must have been getting used to Angel Grove?" Nikki asked.

"Yeah." Tommy agreed with her. Kevin shook his head and looked at Nikki like he was Mr. Know-it-all.

"No Nikki, he was acting weird because of Rita's spell." Kevin corrected her.

"No you idiot, we are not suppose to know that! Idiot!" Nikki smacked him again.

"So you do know I am, or was the Green Ranger?" Tommy asked them, knowing the answer for himself.

"Yes, we have known all the time, even that Jason, Zack, Trini, Kim, and Billy are the other Rangers." Nikki told him. Nikki thought to herself for a moment. -What if he asks us how did we know, oh God, need a story, need a story. Ah, got one!-

"Oh did you guys know?" Tommy asked again.

"Well," Nikki started, "one time, me, Kevin, and my Twin, Nicholas were walking in the halls and we saw you six talking into your little watch, and then we saw you pull out your little morphing things. But we kept it to ourselves, we knew that if we gave out your identities it could be dangerous to the Power Ranger Team."

"Oh, well thanks." Tommy said to her. "Come on, lets go this way." Tommy pointed, then they all started to walk that way.


Still in Other World, Lord Zedd stands near his Dark Rangers, with Goldar at his side, still holding onto young Nicholas Richards, and the Powerless Rangers, behind the forcefield. Goldar looked to his master and starts to speak.

"Oh hideous master, please let my squash the Power Rangers?" Goldar asked him.

"No you fool, I want them to watch as Angel Grove falls to the Dark Ranger's Hands. But what I will give you, is the chance to finish off Green Ranger, for the Dark Rangers are not ready as of now, and I want Turban Shell to Attack the Earth, so that leaves you left. Now go." Zed told him, Goldar bowed and vanished in a red orange smoke. Zedd held up his staff and made a forcefield go up around Nick.

"Zedd, forget it, the Power Rangers will win, and there is nothing you can do about it." Nick told him, smirking.

"Is that so young human, for I will win, and there is nothing they can do about it, and if they do, you will be my insurance so that they will not come near me, Ha ha ha!" Zedd laughed and raised his staff high into the air, in a thunder bolt, the Rangers teleported away, back to Angel Grove. "I always win!"


In Angel Grove Park, a thunder bolt flew from the sky and landed onto the grass. THe Rangers appeared, they looked at each other.

"Come on guys, we had better get to my Lab and reach Zordon." Billy told them, they all agreed and ran to Billy's Lab.


In thee main room of the Command Center, Alpha 5 is working hard at the bright consoles. One starts to beep over and over again.

"Zordon, Lord Zedd has put up a Forcefield around the Command Center, and from the readings, the field is closing in on itself." Alpha told him, and then let out a, "Ayi yi yi"

"Alpha, we must find away to break through the field and contact the Rangers at once." Zordon told his little robot sidekick.

"Right Zordon, but where to look for them, and where to start!" Alpha went to a panel and started to push some buttons and got to work.


Back in the open Plains of Other World, Turban Shell is hot on the trail of Tommy, Nikki, and Kevin. They are running as fast as they can from the over grown worm creature.

"Come on guys, just a little bit farther." Tommy said to them. Nikki was out of breath, she fell to the ground. Tommy and Kevin stopped and went to her.

"I can take her." Tommy picked her up and then a red orange puff of smoke appeared near them.

Goldar then appeared, Turban Shell reached them after they stopped. "Turban Shell, Lord Zedd wants you to attack Angel Grove, go now!" The Worm agreed and vanished. "What, more Humans, how did you two get here?"

"Zedd!" Kevin said to him.

"Leave them out of this Goldar, Just you and me!" Tommy placed Nikki on the ground, Kevin went to her side.

"What makes these humans any better then the ones on Earth, thy will all suffer the iron hand of Zedd's Power!" Goldar told him, waving his sword in the air.

"This makes us more special you brass monkey!" Kevin told him, grabbing some dirt in his hands. He then threw it at Goldar's eyes. Goldar struggled to see, but his eyes were closed.

"You cheat!" Goldar shouted at them. Tommy and Kevin did a spiral kick at the same time, knocking Goldar to the ground. He then dropped his sword, and a strange device. Goldar got to his feet and grabbed his sword.

"You will pay, later Tommy!" Goldar vanished in a puff of smoke.

"Now, how to get out of here." Tommy told himself.

Nikki held the device in her hands, she then held it out to Tommy. "Lets just say, that the message from the Future is from you, right now!"

Tommy nodded and activated the device. Thunder Bolts came from the sky, and another Tommy appeared, the Tommy handed Tommy a communicator.

"I got the Massage, here you go!" the other Tommy vanished. Tommy toke the Communicator and grabbed Nikki and Kevin, they all teleported away in a green flash of light.


Back in Angel Grove, in Billy Cranston's Lab, Billy Cranston, Zack Taylor, Kim Hart, Jason Scott, and Trini Kwan are working as hard as they can to try and contact the Command Center, for they need to find Tommy, and get their powers back.

"Billy, what are you doing with our Communicators?" Kim asked, watching him doodle with the devices.

"Well, I attached this Scanning Device to the Communication Waves that our Communicators send to the Command Center. In doing that, I am scanning the Field that Zedd put around the Command Center, and since the Forcefield is jamming the Comm Waves, they are coming back to the Communicator, along with the scans I sent with them." Billy told Kim, she just nodded and agreed.

"How is it coming Billy?" Trini asked.

"I am done, I have the data stream of information, all I need to do now is put it in the Computer and then I can see what is wrong." Billy told her, he then started to type on the keyboard, he inputted all the data and some read outs came across the screen. "There, I can contact the Command Center now."

A picture of Alpha 5 came onto the screen. Then a picture of Zordon. Zordon looked at the Rangers and started to smile.

"Good work Billy." Zordon said to him. "Now, can you fill me in on some things that have happened?"

"Zordon, Turban Shell toke Tommy's Powers." Jason told him.

"And Zedd is using it for the forcefield. Along with that he has created his own Rangers." Zack said to him also.

"Yes, and a kid teleported along with us, I think he might have been transported by mistake when we were taken to Zedd's Other World." Billy told Zordon.

As they told Zordon everything, three green streaks of light transported near the other Rangers. Tommy appeared with Nikki and Kevin.

"Hey guys, guess who is back!" Tommy said to them in excitement.

Kim hugged him and kissed him on the check. The Rangers cheered and looked at Kevin and Nikki. Trini pointed to Nikki.

"You look like that Kid that Zedd is holding, Nick Richards, I think his name is." Trini told her.

Nichole's eyes widened. She then started to worry. "Oh my God, Zedd has Nick, we have to do something." Nikki said.

Kevin then filled the other five Rangers in on the story that they told Tommy. He also told Alpha 5 and Zordon over the Computer. After he was finished, Zordon spoke.

"Ranger, this appears most dreadful, Turban Shell is attacking Angel Grove, your Morphers are gone, Tommy's Powers are feeding this, and Nicholas Richards is at the hands of Zedd. There is only one way that we can stop the Dark Rangers from destroying the world, by destroying the Green Crystal." he told them all. "But only a Non-Power Ranger can go to Zedd's Other World."

"Then I am up for the job." Tommy said. "I will get my Powers back, and your twin."

"Let us go with you Tommy, please, he is my twin brother." Nikki pleaded to him.

"Sorry Nikki, you should stay here, you could get hurt." Kim told her.

"Alright." she said back. Billy hit a button and Tommy glowed Green and transported out, but before he left, Nikki and Kevin grabbed onto and they all transported to Other World.


In Zedd's Other World, Lord Zedd stands along side with his Henchmen, Goldar, Babboo, and Squatt. He stands in front of his new warriors, the Dark Rangers.

"Now my Dark Rangers, your Zords are ready to destroy the Earth, and..." Zedd stopped for a moment when he saw three green lights fly down to the Green Crystal, "Huh? Tommy! And more Humans!"

"That's right Zedd!" Tommy yelled to Zedd.

"And your number is up, time to hit the road Zeddie Lips!" Nikki said to him, seeing her twin, Nick stated back, happy to see her.

Tommy toke the Green Crystal into his hands, and looked at it, then he smashed it up against a rock. The crystal glowed to a black color and the Powers went into Tommy.

"No!" His Rangers' transported away, and then the field around Nick dropped. "This can not be!"

"Told you Zedd, you are losing!" Nick told him. Tommy tapped his Communicator and they all teleported away in green lights.

"This is most unfortunate. It appears that you might lose Lord Zedd." Babboo told him.

"Yeah, sorry Zedd." Squatt also said.

"No, I can't Lose, I am Lord Zedd! AaaaaaHhhhhh!!" Zedd screamed into the Other World.


Back in Billy's Lab, the streaks of light hit the Ground and appear to be Nicholas and Nichole Richards, Tommy Oliver and Kevin Martin. The others looked pleased at them, and then their morphers reappear in their hands.

"Guys, our Morphers are back!" Trini said in delight.

"Yeah, and I am ready for one more battle!" Tommy told them.

"Right, lets go kick that Worm's Butt!" Zack said pleased.

"Guys, you have to jump in his stomach and cause him over whelming heat, that is the only way to beat him, your Zords will be worthless." Nick explained to them, they nodded and held up their morphers.

"Its Morphin Time!" Jason said outloud.

The Rangers Morphed and headed to the City.


In Angel Grove City, Turban Shell is destroying building at a giant rate. Because of his great size, the city does not have a chance to fight back. As he destroyed another building, a green light entered his mouth, with out him even knowing it.

In side his stomach, the Green Rangers appears, holding a large weapon. "Alright Worm Face, time to get hot!" Tommy stated to blast all around, melting his stomach.

Turban Shell grabbed his stomach in pain, trying to fight off the horrid pain inside of himself. He felt like he was going to fall to pieces.

"My stomach, what did I eat?" Turban Shell said to himself.

The same green light exited his mouth and landed on a street, near the Rangers. Tommy fell to the Ground, his powers were leaving him, causing him pain also.

"Tommy, it will be ok, I promise!" Kim told him.

"Alpha!" Jason said into his Communicator. "Teleport Tommy right away." Then Tommy turned into a bright Green Light and vanished.

"We need Thunder Zord Power Now!" The Rangers said in unison.

"Mastodon Lion Thunder Zord Power!" Zack said.

"Pterodactyl Firebird Thunder Zord Power!" Kim said.

"Triceratops Unicorn Thunder Zord Power!" Billy Said.

"Sabertoothed Tiger Griffin Thunder Zord Power!" Trini said.

"Tyrannosaurs Red Dragon Thunder Zord Power!" Jason Said, their Zords morphed from the old Dino Zords to the new Thunder Zords. The Rangers jumped into the cockpits and readied the Zords for battle.

"Alright Rangers, lets take this worm down!" Jason told them all.

"Trini here, ready for action!" She said.

"Billy here, all systems online for Megazord action." Billy added.

"Zack here, lets send this Worm into his shell." Zack laughed.

"Kim here, Flyin high and ready to cook some wormy fish!" Kim added. The Zords came together to form the Thunder Megazord. The Thunder Megazord took out its Saber and it glowed bright yellow.

"Thunder Saber, Power Up!" the Rangers said all at once, the saber sliced at the fish and destroyed him in one shot. The Rangers cheered and headed to the Command Center.


In the Command Center, Tommy is standing around, with Nikki, Kevin and Nick by his side. Alpha is working at a station, as he turned around to face the others, the Rangers teleported in.

"Hey, Tommy, how are you doing?" Kim asked.

"I am fine, but Zordon told me that My Powers are gone." Tommy said, sadly.

"Oh Tommy, I am so sorry." Kim said to him. "No matter what, you are still a Power Ranger."

"Sorry Man." Jason said also.

"Yes, but never fear, even the fallen warriors make their come back, for the ashes of the Phoenix." Nick told them. "We are ready Alpha."

"Ready for what?" Trini asked them.

"To go home, we are not from your world, by mistake, we were sent here, sorry for lying to you all, but we did not want to upset you Timeline." Nick told her.

"Oh, I knew something was up with you guys." Zack said. "But you guys are cool, hope to see you around."

"Same here man!" Kevin told him, they High Fived each other. The Others gave a wave, and they said their good-byes.

"Nice to meet you Power Rangers, it has been a wonderful, and--- once in a lifetime chance to meet you." Nick said to them.

"Same here, I think." Jason said back. Nicholas, Nichole, and Kevin transported away in a colorful light.

"DO you think we will see them again?" Kim asked.

"Who knows, maybe, they were really cool to hang around with." Zack said.


Back in the Richards Homestead, the TV once again started to spark, and the three colors shot out from the TV. Nick, Nikki, and Kevin reappeared near the TV.

"That was so cool!" Kevin shouted out.

"I know, I can't believe it, we meet the Power Rangers!" Nick added.

"Yes, and they really are real!" Nikki said, laughing afterwards.

"Do you think we will ever see them again?" Kevin asked.

"I know, I miss them already!" Nikki said, giving a frown.

"Oh, I think we might!" Nick pulled out the same devise that Tommy used to contact himself in the Past with. "With this bad boy, we can."

"Oh my God Nick, your nerdy side is coming in good use after all." Nikki said, lighting up with a smile. Nick gave her a dirty, then he started to laugh, along side did Kevin and Nikki.

Nick put out his hand, Nikki put hers on his, and Kevin put his on hers. They all looked at each other, and said at the same time, "POWER RANGER' FRIENDS!"