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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
"Return of Twin Man"
By Nick0706

In the Dark Throne Room of the cold hearted creature known to the universe as Lord Zedd, the ground, covered in silver like fog, the room is bear, only a giant silver throne placed in the center of the room, and a door on the opposite wall of a large spinning fan. Zedd sits in his giant throne, his red visor glows bright red with horrid delight, and he raises his hand into the air, clutching a fist.

"Soon," he started to speak, "I will rid the Earth of those Power Pains! Goldar, is Finster's monster ready?" Zedd looked to his lead Henchmen.

The giant dog like monster with shiny golden Armor covering his body, and giant black wings on his back simply looked back and opened his mouth, "Yes Lord Zedd." Goldar told him.

"Go and bring him to me, I want to meet the Monster that will finish off the Power Pests!" Zedd told him, leaning back in his chair.

Goldar bowed and headed to the entrance of the Throne Room. On the Balcony, Babboo and Squatt are standing looking down at the Earth in Rita's old RepulsaScope. Babboo toke his eye from the telescope and looked to Zedd.

"My lord, it appears that the White and Red Rangers are all alone in the Park." Babboo told his master.

"Yes, quite unfortunate for the Red and White Rangers!" Zedd said standing. "Now this will be the perfect time to strike, I will send my monster to the Park, and take on the White and Red Ranger. Then lure them apart, and then capture them, then place a fake Tommy and Jason, to make it look like that they are still around."

"Yeah, but what if the other Rangers find out that Jason and Tommy are a fake?" Squatt asked stupidly.

"Good point, from a stupid lard of Blue berry pie, well I will order the fake rangers to stay away from them, unless I need to take the other Rangers!" Zedd explained to him. As he stepped onto the balcony, Goldar came into the room with one of Rita's old monsters, Twin Man. The monster was covered in shinning mirrors, that when light hit them, it would shin in ever which way.

"I am Twin Man, your loyal and powerful henchmen." Twin Man said to him, bowing his head.

":Perfect, Twin Man, go to Angel Grove Park with some putties, and when Jason and Tommy are separated make a copy of them and then capture them with this devise." Zedd pulled out a small round object that blinked all over. "This will transport those Power Punks to the Palace's Dungeon. Then order the copies to stay away from the other rangers till I give them the order."

"Yes master, I understand most perfectly!" Twin Man replied to Zedd. He then vanished in a colorful blaze of blue light.

"Perfect, this will surly mean the end of those Power Brats!" Zedd clutched his fist once again, then he took his seat again, and watched Angel Grove in his Zedd Vision. Babboo and Squatt toke turns watching through the RepulsaScope.


In Angel Grove Park, the Red Ranger-Jason Lee Scott and his friend, the newly "crowded" White Ranger-Tommy Oliver walk together down a public path, filled with green trees and all colors of flowers, a truly breath taking sight..

Jason is dressed in a red tank-top and some red jean shorts, he also have on some red and white shoes. Tommy is wearing a white short sleeve shirt and some white jean pants, with white high tops shoes.

"Man, it is good to have you back in the team." Jason told Tommy, referring to Tommy just getting his new white ranger powers a few days ago. "How does it feel to be the new 2nd- in-command? ((I hate that Tommy became the leader of the Power Rangers, just another lose end I tied up! Hope you don't mind all Tommy fans!))"

"Man, it is great, I am just glad I am back, you guys really need help with Zedd, Alpha and Zordon told me that you guys weren't doing so good." Tommy replied.

As Tommy and Jason continued down the path, the started to talk about other things. But, behind a bush, a bright blue light appeared for a split second, then dimmed. Twin Man appeared with ten putties behind him.

"Alright clay brains, Rita's Putties failed me the last time I fought the Power Pinheads, but hopefully you can do better!" Twin Man told the clay brains. "Now get those Power Punks!"

The putties jumped from the bushes and ran towards the unaware Power Rangers. As Jason and Tommy walked down the path, Jason stopped for a moment. ~What was that?~ Jason thought to himself. He then looked behind him to see ten of Zedd's Putties running to him and Tommy.

"Tommy! Putties!" Jason yelled out, Tommy turned around to also see what Jason was looking at. Tommy toke a stance ready for battle. "Lets send these losers to Zedd in clumps of mold!"

Tommy nodded. Jason and Tommy both slowly side stepped away from each other to get some room. The Putties split up in two groups of five, each group went after each Ranger.

The Five Putties surrounded Tommy, slowly circling him. Tommy looked around him, every where he looked he saw a Putty. He then jumped into the air, throwing his legs in the shape of an "A", hitting to Putties in the "Z" with the bottom of his foot.

The "Z" on the Putty's chests light up and they fell to the ground, and then exploded into pieces of clay. Tommy landed on the ground, and quickly turned around to face the other Putties, but when he turned around, they were not in sight. Tommy looked around to find them, but they were not any were in his sight.

"Those stupid Putties are so scared, they would run if they looked into a mirror!" Tommy said to himself, giving a small smile and chuckle.

"You are so wrong White Ranger!" a voice said, coming from all directions. Tommy looked around, and still saw no one.

"Who's there?" He asked shouting out.

"The Mirror!" Twin Man said. Two light beams shot out at Tommy, hitting him in the face. He fell to his knees and grabbed onto his face in pain. "Poor white weakling, I will help you, don't worry!"

A beam of light shot out from Twin Man's chest and landed on the ground, making a bright flash of light, then another Tommy appeared from the light, dressed just like the Real Tommy. Twin Man smiled and the Putties walked over to the Real Tommy. The grabbed a hold of his arms and held him in place. Twin Man pointed the devise that Zedd gave him at Tommy, he then fired a blast out of it at the White Ranger, the devise let out a light hum and then transported him away.

"Tommy, now you know your orders, stay here and wait for the Fake Jason!" Twin Man ordered to his creation. Tommy nodded and toke a seat at a park bench. "Come on Putty Pains, we got ourselves another Ranger to get!"

Twin Man walked over to Jason, who was fighting some putties near the Park Bridge. Twin Man took a long look at Jason, who was fighting bravely against the menaces of Lord Zedd.

Jason kicked one Putty into the "Z" and then hit another one in the same spot. Those putties blew apart like water balloons hitting the sidewalk. He then stood before the last Putty in his way, he readied for battle.

"Come on Clay Brain, lets see what you got!" Jason shouted at the last putty.

"He's got me Red Ranger!" Twin Man yelled to Jason. The Red Ranger quickly spun around to see the former monster that he destroyed.

"Twin Man!" Jason shouted out, knowing of this creature of pure evil.

"I am so touched, you remembered me, well I would just like to say Hi, before I say good-bye!" Twin Man yelled to his opponent. He then fired a blast of light from his chest to the Red Ranger.

But Jason quickly dodged the blast. He rolled along the ground and then got to his feet, he then reached for his morpher. He held it to the sky and began to shout out, "Tranna---" before he could finish, the Putt knocked the morpher from his hands and then kicked him in the stomach. Jason fell back a few steps.

Twin Man pointed to the Morpher, one of the four putties grabbed it and gave it to him. Twin Man toke the Morpher and put it in a part of his body. He then looked at Jason. The other Putties grabbed Jason and held him, Jason tried to get free, but the Putties were all to strong for the Red Ranger.

"You destroyed me! Now, let me return the favor!" Twin Man said to him, he then shot out the Same ray of light at Jason's Eyes. Jason cried out in pain, he tried to cover his eyes, but the Putties held him to tight for him to. Twin Man pointed the devise at him and fired, causing Jason to teleport to the Moon. "Two down, just two more to go!"

Twin Man then shot out another blast of light, it hit the ground and a Fake Jason appeared, dressed the same as the Real Jason. The Fake Jason looked at Twin Man and nodded.

"Now, Jason, go with Tommy to the Youth Center and tell the other Rangers that yu and Tommy are going to go to the Angel Grove Gym to work out, because the Juice Bar is to cramped." Twin Man told him, the Fake Jason nodded. He headed to the Fake Tommy. "Jason!" the Fake Jason turned. "Take this with you, Tommy already has his!" Twin Man threw Jason the Red Ranger Morpher. Jason smiled evilly, and walked to Tommy, both of them then started to walk down the path. "Lets go boys!" Twin Man and the Putties transported away.


In the popular teen hangout known to Angel Grove as Ernie's Gym and Juice Bar, or simply as the Youth Center. Teens are enjoying some fruit drinks and healthy foods in the Juice Bar area, a small restaurant like place in the front of the Youth Center, and working out at the Gym, a small exercise area to the back of the Youth Center.

Near the edge of the Eating area of the Gym and Juice Bar, sits four students of Angel Grove High, also the protectors of Earth, Zack Taylor, the Black Ranger, who is wearing a brightly colored purple shirt and black shorts. Next him is the Pink Ranger-Kimberly Hart, who is dressed in short pink shorts and a shoulder cut pink shirt. Along side her is Trini Kwan, Yellow Ranger, who is dressed in yellow pants, a yellow shirt, with a flowered yellow vest, and finally, Billy Cranston, Blue Ranger, who is wearing Blue overalls and a blue stripped shirt.

"When did Jason and Tommy say they would get here?" Trini asked the others.

"I think they said like ten minutes ago, I think." Kim replied, looking at the door, like a puppy waiting for her master to come home.

"It is not like Tommy or Jason to be late." Billy added.

"They probably meet up with some friends." Zack said stepping in on the conversation. "And if they were in trouble, Zordon would contact us."

The Rangers looked at each other in worry, but that quickly came to an end when they all saw Jason and Tommy enter the Juice Bar at the same time. Jason and Tommy walked over to the table and looked at the others.

"Hey guys, I just came to tell you that me and Tommy are going to workout at the Angel Grove Gym, we are going to prepare for a match." Jason told them. The other Rangers looked confused as to Jason and Tommy would not stay in the Youth Center and workout.

"Sure, no prob!" Zack told Jason and Tommy.

"Cool, so catch you later!" Jason said, him and Tommy left the Juice Bar the way they entered.

"Why would they not stay here and workout?" Trini asked, looking at the others.

"I know, that seems weird, but we are making something out of nothing." Zack replied. "Lets get some food." Zack said with a smile.

"Right, I want a salad, with lots of salad dressing." Kim told them, they all started to laugh as Ernie came to the table.


Outside the Youth Center, Jason and Tommy exit the main entrance. They both walk the other way down the street. As they crossed the street, strange thunder bolts filled the sky, and started to make crashing noises all around.

"Ahh!" a feminine voice screamed out, falling to the cemented ground.

"Woah!" A male's voice cried out when he hit the concert sidewalk.

"Son of a-" another male voice was heard, falling to the sidewalk.

"Oh, nice landing Nick!" A familiar voice said, getting of the parking lot. It was Nikki Richards, a person from another dimension that was sent to the world of the Power Rangers when she, her brother, and Boyfriend were watching the Power Rangers on TV. "Again you always come out on bottom."

"Very funny, if it wasn't for Kevin, I would have made a soft landing with this piece of crape Zedd calls technology!" Nick said, holding up a time devise, that was taken when Nick and the others were transported back to their world.

"Sorry, I got a little worried, I hate crossing worlds!" Kevin snapped back. "Why are we here again any ways?"

"Stupid, to say Hi and how is it going!" Nick said, smacking Kevin up side the head. "Why do you date this stupid reject Nikki? Surely not for brains."

"I think he is cute!" Nikki told him, kissing Kevin on the check.

"Thanks Nikki, and I am not stupid, and I do have brains, I just don't use them all the time." Kevin told Nick.

"Come on, there is the Juice Bar, lets go say hi to the Ran--" Nick stopped seeing two people walk into the Entrance. "Friends!"

"Nice one stupid!" Kevin said, making fun of him.

"Shut up Kevin, I didn't know they were there, lets go!" Nick started to walk on the sidewalk to the Youth Center's doors. He pulled them open and walked in, behind him was Nikki and Kevin.


Back up in Lord Zedd's Throne Room, Zedd is watching the Earth, namely his new Fake Rangers, but to his discomfort, he sees some old pains that he thought he would never see again, Nicholas Richards, Nichole Richards, and Kevin Martin.

"NO!" Zedd shouted out, cutting off the red beam of light shooting from his red visor. "What are those Humans doing here, I thought they went back to their home dimension."

"They must have returned, maybe a devise that Zordon gave them?" Goldar asked.

"Maybe Monkey Brain., but what if they interfere with my plans, we have to stop them, but how?" Zedd asked.

"They Fake Jason and Tommy, if they worked on Zack, Trini, Kim, and Billy then it most certainly will work on those humans." Babboo said, from the telescope.

"Finally, it appears that you have brains Babboo, show them more often, I like your ideas!" Zedd complimented Babboo. "But they are with the other Rangers, I will have to watch them closely, to make sure that they do not tip anything off, or destroy my plans!"

"Master, have Scorpina watch them, why not go to the Dungeon to see our "guests", you have not been down there to see them since they arrived." Goldar told Zedd, Zedd nodded to Goldar, he then rose up from his chair, he grabbed his staff and pointed to Babboo and Squatt.

"Care to join us my hideous henchmen?" Zedd asked in a happy mood.

"Come on Babboo, lets go and make fun of the Powerless Rangers." Squatt told him.

"Alright, lets go." Babboo said back, he joined Zedd and Goldar with Squatt. They all walked down to the lower parts of the Palace, to the Dungeon.


In the dark and cold dungeon of Lord Zedd's Palace, Lord Zedd, Goldar, Babboo, Squatt, and Finster are walking down the narrow hall to the cell that holds their greatest enemies, the Red and White Power Rangers.

"Here, open it Monkey Boy!" Zedd commanded. Goldar nodded and opened the cell door. Inside of the well light room, Jason and Tommy were tied up with chains, around the arms, hands, and chest area, to make sure that they would not get away. Lord Zedd and his henchmen entered the room.

"Oh, it looks like the former Power Rangers are in a bind." Babboo joked about the Rangers being tied to the walls. The other villains laughed.

"Let us go Zedd!" Jason shouted out.

"Now, the other Power Rangers will find out that you have locked us up." Tommy told Zedd, like a big man.

"Poor little Powerless ranger, the for all the rangers know is that you are at Angel Grove Gym, working out!" Goldar laughed at Tommy.

"What?" Tommy asked confused.

Zedd raised his staff into the air and a picture of Jason and Tommy's latest battle appeared in the middle of the room, it then started to show the battle. "Long ago, Rita Repulsa created, Twin Man, a monster that the Power Rangers defeated, long before you became Green Ranger. But now I brought him back, with better powers, and the ability to create copies out of you, with out a putty to pose as you, so right now, the copies of you are in Angel Grove, posing as Jason Scott and Tommy Oliver, and as a bonus, they are staying out of the other Rangers way, just incase they find out who they really are, but that will not happen, for this is perfection in work!" Zedd told them, laughing along the way.

"The other Rangers will find out who they are and free us Zedd!" Jason snapped back.

"I think not, Goldar is the Black Crystal of Trinumocha ready?" Zedd asked him.

"Yes Lord Zedd, here you are!" Goldar handed Zedd a large Black Crystal that looked like the Green Crystal ((in "Green No More")).

"What this Crystal does is it drains energy from those that I choose, like, namely you two! And with your power of goodness and love in your soul, it will make the punch ever so much sweeter!" Zedd said laughing. "But the sad thing is that it will not drain it out of you freely, pain has to be caused on you, and then it will do it's job! And I do not have the time to beat you up, so I have this little toy! Babboo, the Pendants of Pain!"

"Yes Lord Zedd!" Babboo said, holding two small pendants in his hands, the pendants were white and red, they had a symbol of a dragon on them both. Babboo placed the red one on Jason and the white one on Tommy.

"Now these will make every part of your body start to pinch, then hurt like a thousand deaths. Really great Pendants, the demon who created them was a master mind, but sadly, he was killed with them. Heh heh heh heh! Bye-bye, don't have to much fun!" Zedd laughed at them both, he and his henchmen walked out of the room and closed the door behind them

"Well, looks like we are in trouble Jason." Tommy said to his friend, he looked down at the white pendant, that was glowing white. "Alot of trouble!"

"We are Power Rangers, and we are going to get through this, and make Zedd huddle up in a corner and cry for his mommy!" Jason said confidently. ~At least I hope so!~ Jason thought to himself.

"Ouch!" Tommy yelled out surprised.

"What, are you ok bro?" Jason asked him.

"It felt like something pinched me." Tommy replied, looked to see what it could have been.

"Yeah, the Pendant, it is starting!" Jason said worriedly.


Part 2

Back in Angel Grove's Youth Center, Nicholas and Nikki Richards walk in together, and Kevin Martin from behind them. Nick immediately stopped out his ranger friends. He walked over to them with Kevin and Nikki by his side.

"Hey guys, long time no see!" Nick said, waving to the Rangers.

"Nick, yo man whats up!" Zack said, glad to see them.

"Not much, how about you guys?" Nick asked back to his friends.

"Same." Trini replied.

"We came to see how you guys were." Nick told them, not telling them of Zedd's devise or the thing about them being from a world were they are characters on a TV show.

"Well, were is Jason and Tommy?" Nikki asked, pulling up a chair from another table, she then sat down in it, near Kimberly. Nick and Kevin did the same.

"They are working out at Angel Grove Gym, for some karate meet or something." Kim told Nikki, taking a sip from her drink.

"Oh, really." Nikki said surprised, she turned to Nick and pointed to her noise, meaning that she could smell something was wrong.

"Hey, I forgot to close the car door to our car, come with me Nikki?" Nick asked, trying to make up a lie quickly. Nikki nodded ad got up from her chair, they both walked out from the Youth Center.

In the hallway, both Nikki and Nick stopped and looked at each other for a brief moment. Nick then finally said something.

"You can't believe that, this episode has no mention of the Karate Meet, and...." Nick stopped for a moment as Nikki stepped in.

".... And why would they got to Angel Grove Gym and not workout here? Jason and Tommy both like this place way to much to go to another place." Nikki told her brother, saying what Nick was going to say.

"You smell what I smell?" Nick asked.

"Smell like rotting flesh. AKA," Nikki paused.

"Lord Zedd!" they both said at the same moment.

"Yeah, but how did Tommy and Jason say that they were going to workout in Angel Grove Gym?" Nikki asked her intelligent brother.

"Well there could be.... clones, or a shape shifting monster, I think since we came here in the "Green No More" part of their Timeline, we caused it to go a different path."

"If that is so Nick, then we know nothing of what is to come, we are helpless to the Rangers with their future."

"Yes, their future, we can't mess with their Timeline. Even though I want Jason, Trini, and Zack to stay, I can't, it is just not right."

"Alright, but can we make a quick stop to the land down under, I need to say Hi to someone." Nikki asked giving puppy dog eyes.

"No, I can't let you kill Kat, you might bother the timeline, for all we know, Rita could pick Tori Spelling to be her future Kitty Kat, and unless you want Tori to take over Kim's place and fall in love with......" Nick was silenced by Nikki's nagging voice.

"I get it, I get it! Now lets go find the fake Tommy and Jason." Nikki told him, they both nodded and headed to the main part of the Juice Bar.


Back at Lord Zedd's Palace, Scorpina watches from the old RepulsaScope on the Balcony, over looking the giant blue, green, and white marble called Earth. Scorpina takes her eyes from the lens of the telescope and has an expression of worry-ness on her face.

"If those Teens mess up Lord Zedd's plan, he will hold me responsible." Scorpina said to herself. As she looked back into the telescope, Zedd walked in twirling his staff around. Goldar, Squatt, Babboo, and Finster followed from behind.

"Lord Zedd, huh, how are the Rangers?" Scorpina asked Zedd.

"Just great!" Zedd cheered, jumping up and down on the floor, and doing a little dance also. "Just perfectly great, those Power Punks are finished, I feel like killing them off right now!!"

"Yes, I say you send Twin Man and myself down with an army of putties to...." Goldar started, but Scorpina stopped him.

"NO, wait! Think of all the planning went into this, why ruin it for a small attack, destroy them slowly, watch them fall apart." Scorpina covered her tracks. ~Please agree, please agree!~ Scorpina thought to herself.

"You are correct Scorpina!" Zedd took his throne. "But now a new addition has come up, and I have no way to deal with it."

"Those stupid little brats, they know nothing!" Scorpina lied. "I say that you take a break, the Fake Jason and Tommy will not be of anything to maintain, Goldar and I can take over for awhile, nothing major to maintain, we just watch and tell you what is happening."

"You know what Scorpina, you are right. I need a break, trying to destroy the Power Rangers and all, now that it is going perfectly, I will take Serpentara and go to Galinor. I am leaving now, make sure those fake rangers are not seen by the real rangers, do not attack either!" Zedd stood again and walked out of the room, heading for Serpentara.

After Zedd walked out, Scorpina ran over to Goldar and looked him straight into the eyes. "Goldar, the Humans Nick and Nikki know about Lord Zedd's plan!" Scorpina shouted at Goldar.

"What, how?" Goldar asked in shock.

"I don't know, they guessed or something." Scorpina added back.

"We have to finish them off." Goldar ordered her.

"No Goldar, the Rangers will know he is gone, we need Twin Man to make copies of them!" Scorpina corrected Goldar.

"But Lord Zedd's Staff is the only thing that can summon Twin Man." Goldar explained to Scorpina, who looked worried.

"Not really," Babboo added, "I believe that Rita's old staff could do the job also."

Squatt opened his tiny bag that was around his shoulder. He then pulled it out Rita's old staff, both Scorpina and Goldar looked at Squatt and hi bag, thy wondered how that tiny bag could hold that large staff.

"Here yah go Babboo!" Squatt handed Babboo, Babboo took the staff and held it up.

"Um, Powers of Darkness, Hate, and Pain. I summon Twin Man, so we can finally have Power to Regain." Babboo shouted out into the palace, causing thunder bolts to fly from the staff. One hit the Balcony and morphed into Twin Man.

"I am here to serve you, my masters. What am I needed for?" Twin Man asked bowing.

"There are some humans getting close to our plans, they must be kidnapped and replaced with copies!" Goldar ordered him.

"Yes, and make sure you don't cause lots of havoc, like last time. These humans are not able to defend themselves, they will be easy targets, you just have to make copies and bring them to us, understood?" Scorpina asked.

"Of course, see you soon my lords and lady!" Twin Man vanished in a blaze of colorful blue light.


Outside of the Juice Bar, Nikki and Nock walk out of the main entrance to the Youth Center. As they started down the sidewalk, a bright blast of blue light appeared before them, causing them to hold their eyes from the blinding light.

"Well, well, Hello Power Pals!" Twin Man appeared.

"Twin Man, you are the reason for the Tommy and Jason Clones!" Nick said, revealing the Master Plan of Lord Zedd.

"You are so smart, I wonder if your copies will be the same?" Twin Man pondered. "Lets find out!"

Twin Man's chest started to glow bright blue, but when he shot out a blast at Nikki, she quickly dodged and rolled along the ground, she then stood to her feet, holding something in her left hand, a rock.

"Hey Twin Muncher, I got you something!" Nikki shouted to Twin Man, she then threw the rock straight to his head. The rock hit Twin Man square in the face. He fell back and let out a moan.

"Ohh, that hurt, you Stupid Human, your gonna pay!!" Twin Man shouted to Nikki.

"Sorry, I don't pay the schoolyard bully!" Nikki shouted back. Nick and Nikki both laughed at him. Twin Man then got to his feet.

"Well this Bully loves to take your lunch money!" Twin Man said back, closing in on the twins.

"Hey, Twin Man, me and my sister are twins, does that count by anything for you?" Nick asked cowering.

"Nope, to bad for you little human, you shouldn't have got in Zedd's way!" Twin Man walked closer to Nick and Nikki. The twins felt fear like none other, to know that they would be finished off by a monster that was fake to them.

As Twin Man got closer and closer to the twins, a pink arrow flew through the air with great speed, as did two yellow razor sharp daggers. They slammed into Twin Man's chest, knocking him to the ground.

Nick and Nikki looked around, knowing that it was the weapons of the Pink and Yellow Rangers. Then four colorful figures landed in front of them, the black, blue, pink, and yellow rangers.

"Power Rangers!" they all said in unison.

"Are you guys ok?" the Pink Ranger asked.

"Yeah, we will be fine, go and stop Twin Man!" Nick told her.

"Right, go inside., you will be safe there." the Black Ranger ordered them. Nick nodded his head, as did his sister. They ran behind a garbage dumpster to watch the battle.

Twin Man got to his feet and readied for battle. "You Power Punks are no match for my Rangers!" The chest of Twin Man glowed bright blue, and then four rays of light shot out from chest, and landed near the Rangers. Four replica's of the Rangers stood there, a black, blue, pink, and yellow ranger, all holding the same weapons of the power rangers.

"Now you Rangers, get ready to fight your greatest enemy, yourselves!" Twin Man pointed to the Fake Rangers. "Now, MY Rangers, finish them off!" The Fake Rangers nodded and pulled out their Power Weapons. And stood ready for the attack.

"Get real, lets do it guys! Power Weapons!" Zack said to the other Ranger "Black Power Axe!" Zack held out his hand and his Axe appeared in a black light.

"Pink Power Bow!" Kimberly shouted out, her bow reappeared in her hands in a blaze of pink light, with one arrow.

"Blue Power Lance!" Billy yelled out, his long blue lance appeared with a shimmer of bright blue light.

"Yellow Power Daggers!" Trini cried out, receiving her razor sharp daggers in a yellow gleam of light.

"Rangers, attack!" Twin Man ordered. The Fake Rangers rushed after the other Power Rangers Team. The Real Rangers stood ready for battle, holding their power weapons.

"Lets send these fakes to the trash compactor!" Zack shouted, the Rangers ran after their fakes. Zack swung his Axe at the Fake Zack, but the fake blocked with his Axe, when the blades hit each other sparks flew everywhere. They both tried to force each other to the ground, through the Power Axes, but they were both of equal strength, so it was pointless. Then the Fake kicked Zack in the stomach. The Real Zack fell back a few steps. The Fake Black Ranger had the step up, he then swung his across Zack's chest. Zack fell to the ground in a blaze of sparks.

"Alright you fake freak, lets see what you got!" Kim shouted to her copy.

"I may be a fake, but like Kimberly, as the refection in the mirror, I see all, like your bad hair job today!" The Copy Kim started to laugh.

"Alright you Copy Kim, Once I am done breaking you, your going to have seven years bad luck!" Kim shouted at the fake, Kim then used her sharp edge of her bow as a sword, swinging at the copy. Copy Kim dodged the blow, she then rolled to the ground and tripped the real Kim. Kimberly fell hard on to the ground, dropping her bow in mid-air.

"Now like Kimmy, try using your upper body strength, it will help live longer when Zedd is going to kill you!" Copy Kim laughed at her fallen adversary.

Billy swung his Lance at the Bogus Billy's head, but the fake ducked and used his lance to trip Billy. But he quickly jumped into the air, kicking the fake along the way. Billy's foot kicked Bogus Billy straight into the helmet. Bogus Billy fell back into a wall, but he quickly recovered and swung his lance at Billy's helmet. The strong lance struck the real Blue Ranger in the side of his hard helmet, Billy real to the ground, losing a hold of his lance.

"Darn, and your Physical Strength was almost as high as mine, but oh well!" Bogus Billy said, laughing.

"Billy!" Trini shouted to her fallen teammate and friend. Trini tried to run over to Billy, but the Typify Trini blocked her path. The Typify Trini swung her daggers at Trini, but she quickly jumped back, the edges of the blades missed her suit by a centimeter.

"Come on Trini, I want to be friends! Not!" the Typify Trini started to laugh.

"Get fake!" Trini pulled her Daggers out and jumped into the air, she then let out a warrior cry and threw one of her daggers at the Typify Trini. Typify Trini dodged the dagger's path, but the dagger was not meant to hit Typify Trini, but Bogus Billy. The Dagger jammed right into Bogus Billy's shoulder blade. The Dagger bounced off and caused sparks to fly everywhere. Bogus Billy fell to the ground, blue beams of light shot out from him, and then he exploded in a puff of blue dust.

Trini ran over to the fallen Blue Ranger. She put out her hand, and helped Billy up. Billy got to his feet and looked at Trini. "Thanks Trini, I was a goner for sure!" Billy thanked Trini, she nodded.

"No Problem Billy, now I figured out the problem." Trini told him.

"What?" Billy asked, curiously.

"You can't fight yourself, and I can't either, so I say we take a ranger that is not ourselves." Trini explained to him.

"Right! Blue Power Lance!" Billy shouted, his lance reappeared in his hands. "Hey Fake Zack, time to get tuff!" Billy ran over to Zack, holding his lance in his hand. He then split the lance into two different pieces and ran past the Fake Zack, swinging his lances across his chest. Sparks flew from his chest, then beams of black light shot from his body.

"NO!" The Fake Zack cried out, he dropped his Axe and then exploded into a puff of black dust.

Billy ran over to Zack, he helped him to his feet. Zack looked at Billy, weakly. "Thanks Man, your my hero!" Zack laughed the pain off, and readied himself for some action.

"No prob!" Billy said back.

Zack jumped into the air and let out a warrior's call. "Hey Copy Kim!" Zack shouted in mid-air. Copy Kim looked up to see the Black Ranger jumping down at her, legs spread and both hands holding the Axe over his head. He then came down on the Copy Kim, slashing the Copy Kim with his Axe.

"Ah!" Copy Kim shouted as the Axe hit her. She fell to the ground and rolled over a couple of times. She tried to stand up, but Pink rays of light shot out from all over her. "This is so not cool!" Copy Kim exploded into a puff of pink dust as she fell to the ground again.

Zack then looked to Kim, she was standing, a bit dazed. She looked back, she held her helmet. "Man, this job has to pay better money." Kim joked, Zack laughed too.

"Thanks, now time to fry me some Typify Trini Butt!" told Zack, she grabbed her bow and jetted off. She stopped a second and leaped into the air. She pulled back the string to her bow and an arrow appeared in it. "Typify Trini!" The Fake Yellow Ranger looked up to see Kim, flying gracefully through the air like a bird. The Mighty Pink Ranger fired three Arrows from her bow before landing on the ground. All the arrows struck Typify Trini. The arrows that hit her caused her to be blown off her feet and fly through the air, while in the air, yellow beams of light shot out from the fake yellow Ranger. She then hit a wall, and exploded in a puff of yellow dust.

Nikki and Nick watched their friends and cheered them on, as they shouted out the "good job" and "Way tah go Rangers" Kevin ran up to them. He looked out of breath. Nikki looked at him.

"What is it?" Nikki asked her boyfriend.

"Jason and Tommy are back, they are coming this way." Kevin took a breath. "And they look mad!"

"Tommy and Jason are fakes." Nick told him.

"I knew that, that is why I came here to tell you guys!" Kevin said back to them.

"Hi guys, whats new?" A voice came from behind them, they all looked slowly, knowing that voice, the voice of....

"Jason!" Nick said scared, but slightly firm. "Not much, just thought we would say hi, then, bye!" Nick pointed the other way, he started to walk when Jason grabbed him, Tommy grabbed Nikki.

"Hey let them go!" Kevin shouted to the fakes. "I said..." Kevin stopped at the sight of Goldar and Scorpina.

"Sorry, but you are coming with us, Twin Man has failed as did Lord Zedd's Plan to make fake Rangers. So you are insurance, so that we can get the other four morphers, we already have Jason's and Tommy's." Goldar told him.

"Sorry, but, NO!" Nick shouted at them. He stepped on Jason's foot, and then elbowed him in the stomach. Jason fell back, holding his foot and Stomach.

"I hate this part!" Nikki said, she reached for Tommy's hand and bite it. Tommy shouted out in pain, he let go of her. She then kicked him in the "Family Jewels". He fell to the floor. "That has to hurt!"

"Hey Goldar!" Kevin said to Goldar, he then kicked him in the chest, Goldar went back a few steps. Nikki and Nick rushed after Scorpina, fists flying to her head. Scorpina was hit in the face and fell back, a bit dazed. "Lets go!"

Kevin, Nikki, and Nick ran the other way. They both ran right into the middle of the Ranger Vs Twin Man battle. They all looked at each other in terror as Twin Man rushed at them.

"Lets make like a Banana and split!" Nikki said, screaming. As they turned to run the other way, all three teleported into a beam of White light and headed to the Mountains of Angel Grove.


At the Command Center, Alpha is working as hard as his little robotic body will let him, and maybe faster. Going from console to console, trying to find Jason and Tommy, the REAL Jason and Tommy. As he hit a button, the three beams of white light entered the Command Center and landed.

"Never get tired of that!" Nick said to Kevin and Nikki, who both laughed. They looked to Zordon and Alpha.

"Nicholas, Nichole, and Kevin, I have brought you here because Jason and Tommy are terrible trouble. Lord Zedd has trapped them in his Dungeon of Dread and placed the Black Crystal of Trinumocha to give Lord Zedd more power then ever, and with the Dragon Pendants of Pain they will feed the life force of the Rangers to the Black Crystal of Trinumocha." Zordon explained to them. "But, the other four rangers are busy fighting Twin Man, and they will not be able to beat him in time to save them in time."

"And you want us to save them? How? We would be taken out like that!" Nikki said, snapping her finger.

"Like the White Ranger, we are able to create more power coins, but the ones will not be as strong, I would say they could last a few battles, that is all." Alpha told them, looking them in the eyes.

"So you are going to make us Power Rangers?" Kevin asked.

"Yes, but the powers will not last that long." Zordon told them all. "Are you ready to take the power and save your friends?"

"Yes Zordon!" Nick said, standing forth.

"I am in for a few punches!" Nikki added.

"Count me in Zordon, I have always wanted t fight Zedd, along side the Power Rangers." Kevin told him.

Alpha held out a small green box to Nick, Nikki, and Kevin. Alpha opened it to reveal three golden power coins, shinning in the well light command center. Alpha picked up one and handed it to each newly crowned Power Ranger.

"Kevin Martin, your courage and sense of honor will make a well granted addition to the Power Ranger Team. With this, you will become the Brown Ranger, and you will pilot the Brown Gargoyle Thunder Zord in times of need." Zordon explained to Kevin. "Nicholas Richards, you sense of creativity and loyalty surpasses your age, from the deep creativity of your soul, you will become the Gray Ranger. And you will control the Gray Pegasus Thunder Zord." Zordon told him, as he looked at is power coin. "And Nichole Richards, you sense of compassion is also above your age. With your pure heart and soul, you will become the Purple Ranger, and pilot the Purple Owl Thunder Zord."

The teens looked at each other, with a pleased look on their faces. As the started to laugh and smile, the alarms went off. They looked to each other and then to Alpha 5.

"What is it Alpha?" Nick asked.

"Aye yi yi!!" Alpha cried out. "I locked onto Jason and Tommy's location, their life readings are very low!"

"You must get to them Rangers." Zordon told them.

"Right, lets do it guys!" Kevin shouted out. "ITS MORPHIN TIME!!" The newly rangers held up their morphers and cried out.

"Gray Pegasus!"

"Purple Owl!"

"Brown Gargoyle!" They all morphed and teleported to Lord Zedd's Palace, on the moon, to free their friends, with their new powers.


In the Dungeon of Dread, Jason and Tommy stand, strapped to the walls in locks and chains. Both crying out in horrid, blood curling sounds. The Pendants around their necks glow bright red and white, causing them heart aching pain. And the Black Crystal glows also red and white.

Then, a Brown, Purple, and Gray beam off light landed near the Rangers. Tommy and Jason did not even notice the Rangers, that were wearing uniforms just like the original outfits, with the white diamond shapes in front and the white gloves and boots.

"Jason, Tommy, it is us, Nick, Nikki, and Kevin!" Nikki said to them, Jason looked at the Purple Ranger, eyes blood red. "Hand on!" She pulled off the Red Dragon Pendant of Pain. Nick walked to Tommy and did the same. Both Tommy and Jason felt like "hell" has been lifted.

"Thanks!" Tommy said weakly.

"No for this thing!" Kevin said, staring at the Black Crystal. He lifted his hand to smash the crystal of evil when the door to the dungeon slammed open. Babboo, Squatt, and some "Z" Putties stood there, looking to them.

"Now, don't make me raise my voice in anger new power rangers, because I hate getting mad." Babboo shouted at them. "Now, go get them putties!"

The Putties rushed at the three rangers. The stood ready for battle when Nick, Nikki, and Kevin heard a voice, but not outside, but in there helmets.

"Power Rangers, now is the time to call upon your power weapons!" Zordon said over the comm system. "Kevin, your Power Mace was formed from the Gargoyle Thunder Zord's mighty tail, and its sharp claws. Nicole, your Power Fans were made from your Zord's Razor Sharp Bladed Wings. Nicholas, your Power Staff was made from the Pegasus Thunder Zord's powerful hooves, and when in time of need, the top opens up and a Fan like Nichole's comes out of it. Use these weapons wisely, and may the Power Protect you!"

"Brown Power Mace!" Kevin said, as his weapon appeared in a brown light.

"Purple Power Fans!" Nikki cried out, when her two Fans appeared in a purple shimmer of light.

"Gray Power Staff!" Nick shouted when his Power Staff appeared in a gray blast of light.

The Rangers then charged at the enemy. The Purple Ranger ran to four putties, she opened her fans to reveal like Zordon said, razor sharp bladed. She swung one fan at a putty's chest. The Putty fell over in sparks. She then closed one fan and jammed it into a putty's head. That putty fell over and exploded. She then threw her fan at a putty, it went straight through the clay creation. The Putty fell over, with a hole in his chest. Nikki looked at the last putty and put her right index finger on the "Z" on his chest. The putty exploded in a blaze of clay.

'To easy!" Nikki said to herself, she went over and grabbed her fans.

"Alright Clay Brain!" Kevin shouted out at the four Putties near him. He spun around his mace, hitting two Putties in the "Z" area. They both exploded. Kevin kicked one Putty that rushed to him, that putty fell back. He then threw his mace at the other putty. The Clay Mold fell apart. Kevin then turned to the last putty. That Putty ran the other way. The Brown Ranger quickly ran to his Power Mace, he picked it up and threw it at the last putty. The Mace hit the Putty in the back and then for some strange thing, the putty exploded. "Cool!"

"Alright, my turn!" The Gray Ranger said, he slammed his staff at one Putty's head. The Putty fell onto another. Nick then spun around and jammed his staff into then "Z" on a Putty's chest, that clay creation blew apart. The Fan part open on the staff and Nick swung it at two Putty's heads, their head's were cut off, they then exploded. The Gray Ranger then Kicked the last Putty in the chest, that Putty then exploded also. "Ok, Babboo, wanna play?"

"I have a---- well---- later!" Babboo ran with Squatt. They both jetted out of the dungeon like a couple of scardy cats.

As Nick turned around, he saw that Nikki and Kevin had already freed the other Power Rangers from their chains. The five Rangers then transported back to Earth, to face Twin Man.


Back on Earth, in Angel Grove, the Black, Yellow, Pink, and Blue Power Rangers are fighting off Twin Man, Goldar, and Scorpina, with the help of the Fake White and Red Rangers. The Real Power Rangers tried to fight off the monsters, but they were out matched 5 to 4. As the Rangers grouped together, five beams of light landed near them.

"Alright, lets do it!" Kevin said.

"Right!" Nick and Nikki said at once.

Nick and Nikki leaped into the air and sung their power weapons at the fake Red and White Rangers. The razor sharp edges of the weapons hit the fake rangers in the chest, they both fell back, and beams of white light shot from the White Ranger's Body, as did with the Red Ranger. They then exploded in a puff of white and red dust.

The Gray and Purple Rangers walked over to where the Fake Rangers had exploded, Nick and Nikki both picked up a morpher that they had dropped. They then walked over to Jason and Tommy, and gave them their morphers.

"Its Morphin Time!" Jason yelled out, still weak. Jason and Tommy both morphed and were ready for action.

"Oh no, I can't face," Twin Man pointed to the Rangers, and counted in his head, "Three, five, Eight, Nine! I can't face, Nine Rangers!"

"Lets do it guys!" Jason said.

"POWER RANGERS!" the nine power rangers cried out in unison.

As Twin Man cowered behind Goldar and Scorpina, Babboo and Squatt appeared onto of the Youth Center, with Rita's old scepter.

"Now you Power Punks, meet the full force of Twin Man!" Babboo shouted to the Rangers. "Magic Wand, make it so, Cause Twin Man to Grow!" Babboo threw the Staff to the ground. In a thunder bolt storm Twin Man grew to City Wrecking Size.

"NOW XOME AND FACE ME POWER PESTS!" Twin Man shouted to them.

"Alright, we need Thunder Zord Power Now!" Jason, Zack, Trini, Kim, and Billy said in unison. The Thunder Megazord appeared, with the thunder saber in its hands, ready for action.

"Tiger Zord, Power Up!" Tommy shouted, as his Zord appeared in Battle Mode. The six Rangers jumped into their cockpits and piloted their Zords.

Twin Man then rushed after the Zords, as he ran towards them, he pulled out his sword and slashed at the Zords. In sparks, the Thunder Megazord and Tiger Zord fell back. The Thunder Megazord got to its feet and slashed back with the Thunder Saber, but as hit flew through the air, Twin Man caught it with his hand. Twin Man then slashed at the Thunder Megazord, causing it to fall back again.

"Guys, I think we should call upon our Zords!" Nick explained to them, watching their friends lose.

"Right Nick, We need Thunder Zord Power, NOW!" Kevin shouted out, putting his hand in the air. "Brown Gargoyle Thunder Zord Power!" A large Brown Zord appeared, with giant wings on its back, and sharp claws, ready for action.

"Purple Owl Thunder Zord Power!" Nikki also put her hand to the sky. A Purple Owl flew through the air, with the grace of an Eagle, and the speed of a cheetah.

"Gray Pegasus Thunder Zord Power!" Nick called out for his Zord. A Gray Pegasus danced through the sky, Wings spread vast, and it's feet galloping in the air.

"Lets go!" Kevin said, jumping up into his Zord's Cockpit.

"Up we go!" Nikki said jumping into the air, with her brother at her side.

"Going up!" Nick added. The Twins jumped into the cockpit and readied their Zords.

The Gargoyle Zord slashed its claws at Twin Man's back, the Monster fell to the ground. The Gargoyle then helped up the two fallen Zords.

"You think I am going to give up so easy! Think again!" Twin Man shouted to them, throwing a silver rope around the Gargoyle, MegaZord, and Tiger Thunder Zords. He then sent electricity through it to the Zords. The Three Zords then fell to the ground, again.

"Tag Team!" nick shouted from his Zord. The Pegasus and Owl Thunder Zord's flew through the Air and fired missiles at Twin Man, forcing him to the ground.

"Alright Rangers!" Jason said. "Time for Thunder Ultrazord!" The Thunder Megazord detached and became the Dragon Thunder Zord, and Thunder Assault Team. The Tiger Zord became it's Tiger Mode. And then Tor appeared. The Zords attached in the Thunder Ultrazord Mode, with the Brown Gargoyle attached to Tor's back end, the Pegasus and Owl attached to the sides of Tor.

"Alright, Thunder Ultrazord, Power Up!" The Rangers said at once, The Thunder Ultrazord flew up into the air, over Twin Man, then fell on top of him, causing him to explode. The Rangers then cheered from their cockpit.


At the Command Center, the Nine Rangers stand, with their Helmets on the Consoles. All the Rangers have proud smiles on their faces, from one of the most challenging battles they had ever faced.

"Power Rangers, as you know, Nichole, Nicholas, and Kevin's new Powers are limited and weak, but they are not like the Green Ranger's old Powers, we will have full notice when the Powers will weaken, so that they will not be in harms way." Zordon explained to them.

"Yeah, it is great to have you guys as Rangers." Tommy said to them.

"Thanks, it is great to be rangers!" Kevin added.

"A team chapter of Power Rangers!" Trini said, with a smile.

"New friends." Kim said also.

"And Teammates!" Jason added. Tommy, Jason, Trini, Kim, Zack, and Trini, formed a circle and each put their hands on each others, with a space left for the new Rangers. Nick, Nikki, and Kevin placed their hands on the Other Rangers and they all said in Unison, "POWER RANGERS!" They all jumped into the air and raised their hands as they did that.

THE END...... FOR NOW!!!!!