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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
"What Nightmares May Come"
Chapter 1 "A Festival Freak"
By Nick0706

In the popular teen hangout known to Angel Grove as Ernie's Gym and Juice Bar, or simply as the Youth Center. Teens are enjoying some fruit drinks and healthy foods in the Juice Bar area, a small restaurant like place in the front of the Youth Center, and working out at the Gym, a small exercise area to the back of the Youth Center.

At a table, Jason Scott, Kimberly Hart, Nicholas Richards, Nichole Richards, and Tommy Oliver are sitting down and enjoying different drinks that Ernie has made for them.

"So, how is Billy's New Mind Machine coming along?" Kim asked, taking a sip of her Drink.

"I don't know, all he told me that we was almost finished with it, he said it should be done by tonight or so." Nick answered.

"Hey guys!" Zack called out to his friends. The five turned to face him. "I got jammin news about the October Festival, they want us to design the lay out of the land."

"That's cool!" Nikki said, the others agreed. "Never been to the October Festival, I hear it is the pride of Angel Grove of that month."

"Yep, they have great games, prizes, booths, rides, everything you can think of!" Kim told her, getting excited just thinking about it.

"Well I can get started with some designs for the lay outs, it should take me about oh---" Nick said, being interrupted by his sister.

"Nick, hold a second, this is a project that WE work on TOGETHER, not just one person, so we can help with the blueprints." Nikki told him,

"Yeah, that is the hold idea of teamwork, when you have a team, you are never alone." Jason explained to him.

"Alright, I guess we can work on it together." Nick said jokingly.

"That's the spirit!" Tommy added, the other laughed.


In the Dark Throne Room of the cold hearted creature known to the universe as Lord Zedd, the ground, covered in silver like fog, the room is bear, only a giant silver throne placed in the center of the room, and a door on the opposite wall of a large spinning fan. Zedd sits in his giant throne, "You pathetic fools!" screamed Lord Zedd from his large silver throne. "I can not believe you let three more rangers enter the team, are you that stupid?!?"

"But my Lord, we did not know!" Goldar told him.

"Still, you stupid brainless fools may have cost me the Earth!" Zedd shouted to them again.

"But Lord Zedd, from what I over heard, that the three other ranger's powers are limited. We can use that to destroy them, and maybe the other six power pests also!" Scorpina added.

"Good idea Scorpina, but how to destroy the people that stop my every move at taking the Earth?" Zedd questioned. His red visor eye then light up with a blood red color. "Like they say, 'the only way to beat your enemy, is to destroy him from the inside out!' Heh heh, this will be perfect, to destroy the Rangers by crushing their mind, what horrid delight!"

"But Lord Zedd, how can we destroy the Power Rangers that way? Rita tried that with the Crystal of Nightmares, and it failed." informed Babboo.

"Fool, I will not fail like Rita did, and I will not use a stupid crystal ball to rid myself of those power punks!" Zedd yelled at the bat creature. "I have a new way of creating ways of destroy their minds!"

"You mean you will use some kind of new crystal of nightmares that will drain them of their confidence?" Squatt asked stupidly.

"Of course not you brainless boob!" Zedd told him.

"I don't get it." Squatt scratched his head, with a blank look on his face.

"Err! Silence you over grown muffin!" Zedd screamed out, his chair then turned to where Goldar and Scorpina were standing, "Goldar, Scorpina, tell Finster to ready a monster that can take control over people's dreams!"

"Yes Lord Zedd." Goldar and Scorpina said in unison.

"Now, Tommy will be the first to fall to my evil power, and nothing can save those stupid humans from their deaths!" Lord Zedd shouted, laughing.


At Angel Grove Lake, a place where people go for a nice day to relax, to enjoy nice picnics by the lake's edge, and take in the breath taking sights of the crystal clear blue water, the Power Rangers are standing around talking about how to set up the October Festival.

"Ok, I say the pony rides go right there!" Kim said, pointing next to the lake. "That will be so great."

"True, but I think they should go over there, it makes it look, more open." Nikki added her opinion.

"Ok, ladies, we will get this set up." Zack said, stepping between them.

"Oh, Billy, oh is the new Mind Machine coming along?" Nick asked.

"It is almost done, all I have to do is readjust the phase modifier and it is set, but that is going to take like three hours." Billy told him, Nick nodded, knowing a little of what he meant.

"Guys, I just had a great idea!" Kim shouted out, getting excited. "Why not lets make a new theme for the fair, why not have a date fair, where you like bring a date?"

"Oh my God, that will be so cool!" Nikki said, also getting excited. Nikki walked over to Kim and grabbed her hands. "I think you should wear the Pink Dress with those ruffles. It will look so cool!"

"I know! Heh, I can't wait!" Kim and Nikki started to jump up and down, getting excited, like three year olds going into a toy store. They both then darted off, talking about fashion.

"Hey guys, wait for me!" Trini said, joining them.

The Men all stopped and had the most dumb-founded look across their faces, wondering what had just happened.

"Did anyone get that?" Tommy asked confused.

"Huh?" replied Zack.

"I---- What-- Uh?" Jason also added.

"Who--- When?" said Kevin.

"Where---- duh?" Billy also said.

"And How and Why!" Nick added. All the men looked at him, strangely. "Well you guys forgot how and why."


Back in Lord Zedd's Palace, Babboo and Squatt watch the Rangers from Rita's old RepulsaScope. Babboo toke his eye from the looking lens and turned to Lord Zedd, who was sitting in his Sliver Throne.

"Lord Zedd, we have a problem!" Babboo told him.

"Yes Babboo, and that would be?" Zedd asked excited.

"Well, your plan to take over the Ranger's dreams will not take action for another eight hours." Babboo explained to him.

"How little you know Bat Brain!" Zedd shouted to him. "For while Finster is making my newest Monster, another Monster that I will create will be sent to Earth, but I will make a flaw in my Monster, and that talking tin can, Alpha will find it and give it to the Rangers, and the Power Rangers will finish off my Monster, and but my Monster will tire them so much from the battle that they will go to bed early and Finster's Monster will take over their dreams, and turn them into nightmares!" Zedd explained, laughing.

"Ah, now I get it." Babboo said back, pushing Squatt out of his way so that he could look in the RepulsaScope.

"Now, to create a monster, lets check here!" Zedd shot out his Zedd Vision upon Angel Grove, then he saw it, the October Festival. "That is perfect!" He held up his staff and fired a thunder bolt into the air and summoned his newest monster. "Festival Freak, come and make those Power Punks Pay!"

"Yeah!" Squatt cheered.

"Go Zedd!" Babboo clapped his hands.


Back at Angel Grove Pond, a Thunder Bolt flew through the air at great speed, hitting the ground a few feet from the Female Rangers. The ground shock for a moment, the a gray fog lifted around the area, and appeared Festival Freak, with a Fairish Wheel for a head.

"Hi yah Rangers, the Name is Festival Freak!" FF said.

"Guys, look!" Kim pointed seeing the hideous monster.

"Its Morphin Time!" Shouted Trini, the other Female Rangers put their hands behind their backs and grabbed their morphers. "Sabertoothed Tiger"

"Purple Owl!"

"Pterodactyl!" The Female Rangers morphed into their colorful Power Suits, and readied for battle.

"Lets finish the Freak!" Trini shouted out.

"Right!' Kim and Nikki said at once. The Female Rangers leaped into the air, pulling their weapons from behind their back.

Together Kim and Nikki flew through the air, weapons in hand, the Pink Ranger fired an arrow from her mighty Power Bow, and Nikki threw a razor bladed Fan to the Monster.

Festival Freak knocked the weapons out of their paths and to the ground. Then the Yellow Ranger threw her Daggers at the Monster, but he did the same as the other weapons. The Female Rangers then landed on the ground, and rushed at the Monster with the other weapons they had.

Kimberly took the sharp edge of her bow and then swung it at monster, but he quickly dodged and slammed his arm into her chest. Kimberly fell to the ground in a blaze of sparks. Nikki quickly ran to Kimberly.

"Are you ok Kim?" Nikki asked, helping her up.

"I'm fine." she replied.

"Not for long Power Pests!" Festival Freak yelled out.

"E-Yah!" Trini cried out, slashing her dagger across Festival Freak's back. The Monster fell face forward to the ground. "Look who is the Pest Festival Flake."

"Nice one Trini!" Nikki said to her happily. Kim and Nikki ran over to Trini's side. "Give up Monster!"

"Knock over a Power Pin with a ball and you get a teddy bear!" Festival Freak said, throwing a baseball at the Rangers. The Ball glowed bright green and then split into five other balls, each ball hit the ground around the Female Rangers. Sparks arose everywhere, making it impossible to see anything. "One, two three, pull your arm back, get ready to thr---" Festival Freak held up two balls, but he was interrupted by a red Laser Beam flying through the air and hitting him in the arm. He dropped the balls and looked around. But he saw nothing. "Who did that?"

"Us!" Billy and Zack said at the same time, jumping through the air, weapons drawn. Billy swung his Lance at Festival Freak at the same time as Zack slashed him with his Power Axe. As the blades hit him, he fell back.

"Can I join in?" the Brown Ranger asked, tossing his Power Mace at Festival Freak. He stumbled back more.

The White and Red Ranger also flew through the air and slammed their weapons into the Monster's chest. In a blaze of sparks he fell back.

"Don't forget about me!" the Gray Ranger shouted out. He pulled out his staff in mid-air and smashed it into Festival Freak. The Monster flew into the air and then to the ground.

"Alright rangers, assemble the Power Blaster!" The Leader of the Power Rangers shouted out.

"Power Axe!"

"Power Bow!"

"Power Daggers"

"Power Lances!"

"Power Sword!"

The Rangers called out and placed their weapons in order to form the Power Blaster. The Rangers then took their normal stance and said, "FIRE!" The Power Blast shoot out a blast of Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow, and Black lights heading for Festival Freak. The Blast hit him straight in the chest, he then fell to the ground, but he did not explode.

"What?" they all asked confused.

"We have to bring together all of our weapons!' Nikki advised.

"Right!" the others said.

"Power Fans!" the Purple Ranger said, placing her two fans at the end of the Power Bow.

"Power Staff!' the Gray Ranger shouted out, putting his staff on top of the Power Sword.

"Power Mace!" The Brown Ranger called out, putting his weapon on the bottom of the Power Axe.

"Lets do it!" the Red Ranger said. The other three Rangers stood behind Kim and Trini.

"FIRE!" The all said again, firing another blast. This time of, Red, Black, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Gray, Brown, and Purple. As Festival Freak stood up the blast hit him square in the chest.

"Oh no!" he cried out, falling to the ground and then exploding.


"NO!" Zedd shouted from his Throne, he rose to his feet, glowing all red. "That stupid Monster was to make the Power Rangers become so tired that they would fall over. That is the last time I use him!"

"Yes Lord Zedd, you should not use a monster that is a failure" Goldar told him.

"Shut it Monkey Boy!" Zedd grunted. "Is Finster's Monster ready?"

"Yes it is Lord Zedd." Finster told him as he entered the Throne Room. "I have him right here." Finster handed Zedd a small black box, with devil and gargoyle designs all over it.

"What is this?" Zedd asked in anger.

"Your new Monster. All you have to do is cause Angel Grove to have one full night of pure evil Nightmares, and while they sleep the nightmares will be captured in this box." Finster explains. "And then the Nightmares will join together as a monster, Nightmare Master."

"So all I do is cause nightmares all night and then they will come in this box and join as Nightmare Master?" Zedd asked.

"Yes!" Finster said back.

"Get ready Angel Grove, for this night will become worse then you can ever dream!' Zedd said, laughing.

"There is one problem, the box has to be on earth for the nightmares to come to it." Finster told him.

"No Problem, Babboo and Squatt will go with Goldar and Scorpina, with some Putties. And to make sure it goes alright, you will go with them Finster!" Zedd told them, taking his seat.

"Yes Great Lord Zedd." Finster said, bowing.

"But I am scared of the dark" Squatt told him, as his lower lip started to shake.

"Oh grow up Squatt." Babboo said when he smacked him over the head.


Back at Angel Grove Lake, the nine teens are standing around, tired from the battle that had just taken place against Festival Freak. As they toke a seat at a park picnic table, their communicators went off making the six beep hum.

Jason tapped his Communicator and held it up to his mouth. "Jason here, go ahead."

"Rangers, I must say I am very proud of you, for destroying Lord Zedd's newest creation, Festival Freak. You all have proven yourselves as the best fighting force the Earth has ever known." Zordon told them from the Command Center. And I am very proud to know you all."

"Well the same goes for you Zordon." Trini said, the others nodded in agreement.

"Hey guys!" Zack said surprised. "We have a festival to plan!"

"That's right!" Kim said.

"We had better get to work." Nick agreed.

The Rangers jumped up from the Park Bench and ran to the Festival Area.


Chapter 2

"This is so cool!" Nikki said, she slowly slipped into a bed, wearing some purple PJs. "I love sleepovers!"

"Me too, thanks for having us over Kim." Trini said to her, also slipping into a bed, wearing Yellow PJs.

"Anytime guys, I like doing stuff like this with my friends. Besides, I had nothing better to do tonight." Kim said jokingly. Kim opened her covers and plopped in her bed, wearing nice pink PJs.

"So what do you wanna do? Truth or Dare?" Nikki asked.

"Nah, I had something better in mind, like a---" Kim stopped for a second, pulling her pillow out and throwing it at Nikki. "--- Pillow Fight!"

"Yeah!" Trini agreed, pulling her pillow out and jumping from her bed. She ran across Kim's semi-large pink room and slammed her pillow into Kim's Face.

"Ah!" Kim shouted out, grabbing another pillow and fought back. "Take that evil Yellow Ranger!" Kim said quietly.

"Hey, no fare!" Nikki grabbed her pillow and ran to Kim and Trini and started to join in on the beating up. "Take this Pinkie!"

They three girl throw their pillows at each other and slammed, smashed, plowed, and lammed the pillows at each other also. With smiles and laughing, the girls fought happily, not knowing of the hour or the neighbors. As the fought, the pillows exploded one by one into a storm of white and brown feathers, falling through the air as "light as a feather" ((Sorry, I just had too!)).

With no more pillows to sock at each other, the Power Girls rested on their beds, out of breath. They all still has the same smiles on their faces that could light up a dark room.

"That was so much fun!" Kim said laughing. "What am I going to tell my mom? She loves those pillows!"

"Well then why did she give them to you?" Nikki asked jokingly.

:If there was a pillow in this room, I would hit you with it." Kim said out of breath, but still able to laugh.

"Yah, if you could hit, you punch like a girl Kim." Nikki said back, laughing historically.

"That's it!' Kim shouted out, jumping from her bed like a frog. She ran over to Nikki and started to horse play.

"Wait for me!" Trini said, joining in.


At the Scott Homestead, a two story red brick house. In the front room, decorated with dark red furniture, is Jason Scott, wearing a red shirt and shorts. Next to him on the couch is Kevin Martin, wearing a brown tanktop and brown pants. Opposite the couch is a loveseat, sitting in it is Zack Taylor, wearing a purple shirt and black shorts. Next to Zack is Tommy Oliver, wearing a white short sleeve shirt and white shorts.

"You think Sara is cute?" Zack asked. "Come on, she is ugly man."

"No way, she is cool and hot." Jason replied. "She is better looking then Angela."

All but Zack started laughing out of control. Zack just shock his head and put his hands up.

"Yo yo check it out! Hold it, Angela is a babe-o-ramma, she could melt the polar icecaps." Zack replied, sitting back.

"Yeah, she is cool, but not as cute looking as Nikki, she is majorly hot!" Kevin said, talking about his girlfriend.

"Kim is really fine too. She is sweet, kind, sensitive, hopeful, a woman through and through." Tommy told them, going all puppy dog eyed.

"I think someone has been hit by Cupid's Arrow of Love." Jason smiled.

"Come on Guys, I know I like Kim, but what if she doesn't like me?" Tommy asked, with a frown on his face.

"Man, she likes you about as much as Zack has a crush on Angela." Kevin said when Zack gave him a dirty, but friendly look.

"I think you should ask her to the Festival this Saturday." Jason told him.

"Yeah, I am going to ask Angela." Zack said.

"I am talking Nikki." Kevin added.

"Yeah, Trini and I are going." Jason spoke next.

"Ok, I will ask her. Don't want to go to the Fair without a date now do I?!?" Tommy told them all.

"Hey, lets hit the sack, I am tired." Kevin said, yawning. "I think fighting Festival Freak and putting up the Fair was a hard day's work."

"Yeah, lets hit the sack." Jason said.

"Cool! But where is Billy Boy and Nick?" Zack asked, looking around.

"They went to his lab to work on his new Mind Machine." Tommy told him. Zack nodded as the guys headed up the stairs.


"Now is the perfect time to strike. Those Power Punks are getting ready to go to bed!" Zedd shouted out in pure evil glee, cutting off the Red Beam of Light coming from his visor to the Earth. "Goldar, Scorpina, Finster, Squatt, Babboo, ready to go to Earth, and take the Nightmare Box with you! I don't want you five making anymore trips then necessary!"

"Yes Lord Zedd." the all said and vanished into thin air.

"This is the beginning of the end for the Power Punks! And the End of the New Beginning for Earth's Future." Zedd shouted out loud, laughing with complete evil glee. He picked up his staff and sat in his chair, shinning the ZEDD VISION on the Earth.


As the old night's wind brushed through the trees of Angel Grove Park, the sound filled the sky with perfect harmony and complete bliss. Nothing more wondrous could Nature give the Earth, then a shinning starry filling the black night sky, a slightly cold breeze sweeping across the ground, and the harmonious sounds of the night.

As the perfect night continued, it was brought to a crashing holt as the Armies of Evil came blazing in with a dark blast of color.

"Now, lets get to work!" Goldar shouted waving his sword. "Finster, do you have the Nightmare Box?"

"Of course Goldar, I am not as stupid as Squatt." Finster remarked, holding the box in is hands.

"Hey, I am not stupid!" Squatt shouted back.

"No, your just slow!" Babboo replied.

"This way fools." Scorpina said when pointed to a picnic area of the park. "I say we cast thee spell here, it is perfect, besides, it is to peaceful around here."

"Yes, I have the scrolls of Nightmares right here." Finster said, pulling out some old scrolls from a small pack.

"Now get to work Finster!" Goldar yelled out. The five Monster walked over to a picnic table. Finster sat down the Nightmare Box and opened the scrolls.

"Quan la mosin tric moig fic eiuf do mares, open the powers to the Realm of Nightmare!" Finster shouted out in the night, reading the ancient scroll of Nightmares. The Box then glowed bright red and Black, causing it to spring open like a Jack-in-the-box. Beams of Black, Red, Pink, Purple, White, Brown, and Yellow shot out into the sky.

"Oh my!" Babboo shouted out, looking up at the beams going into the air.

"Cool, fireworks!" Squatt said stupidly. Babboo simply smacked him in the back of the head, while watching the blast of light, light up the dim sky.

"Now Powers of Nightmares, cause this City to fall to the depth of their fears in their dreams, for eight hours!" Finster shouted out.


As Tommy lay sound asleep in his bed, a beam of white Light sprang into his head, causing him to move around a little in his bed. In the peaceful dreams of Tommy Oliver, Tommy is laying in a beach chair wearing nothing but a pair of simple white beach trunks, watching the harmonious ocean crash upon the rocks. Tommy slowly takes a deep breath as he enjoys his trip to the beach.

"This is nice." he mumbled to himself.

"Hey Tommy!" A voice said from behind him. Tommy got up from his chair and looked around, only to see Kim Hart in a Pink two piece Swimsuit, waving to him. "Wanna go and swim?" Kim ran to the water.

"Sure!" Tommy yelled back excited. He quickly ran after her. As his feet it the water....

.... he stepped in front of a console, looking up to the giant Tub that Zordon of Eltar lived. His face, filled with sadness.

"Tommy, this is hard for me to say, but Lord Zedd has found away to take your White Ranger Powers. And in a matter of Minutes, your powers will be his, Forever!!" Zordon told him. "And we have no way to make you anymore Powers!"

"What, but Zordon, I thought you told me that the White Ranger Powers were made from the goodness of light, and that they could never be taken by the forces of Evil." Tommy replied remembering what he was told when he got the White Ranger Powers.

"We only told you that because we had the faith that you would not lose the powers that we gave you, but as always Tommy, we were wrong." Alpha said.

"Alpha, what do you mean?" Tommy asked confused.

"He means that you are a failure Tommy!" A Red Beam of Light hit the ground near the viewing globe, to reveal Jason, standing as cold as a statue.

"Jason? How did you get here? Wait, I should be at the Beach?" Tommy asked more confused.

"There you go again, forgetting every thing." A Pink beam shot down near Zordon's Tube, revealing the Pink Ranger, Kimberly. "How could I ever loved a foolish dork like you!"

"Kim?" Tommy said blank.

"We thought you would be there to help us Tommy, but again we were let down by you!" Trini appeared from a Blast of Yellow Light. "Zordon trusted you with the Green Ranger Powers, but you lost those to Rita!"

"What is going on here?" Tommy shouted out. Jason, Trini, Kim, and Alpha vanished. "Zordon, what is going on?!?"

Then Zordon's Tube went dark, as did the entire Command Center, leaving Tommy in the dark, not knowing what next may happen. "What is happening!"

"Your destruction Green Ranger!" a blast of light shinned down on the floor Zedd appeared. "For you were the target of my forces at one time, and you still are! I have claimed you Green/White Ranger, your Powers both fell to my hands, as will your life!"

"Guess again Zedd, I am not afraid you or your parlor tricks!" Tommy shouted back.

"You coward at my hands Green Ranger, err, Tommy!" Rita appeared Next to Zedd. "And you will do it again!" Ah ha hah heh ha heh ha heh hah!"

"No Way Zedd, Rita you will not get me that easy!" Tommy quickly rushed around to run as.....

..... he ran into the cold electric bars of the Dark Dimension. Tommy almost hit them, but he quickly stopped an inch in front of them.

"Now how did I get here?" Tommy turned around, scratching his head. "This is really weird!"

"Hello Tommy, long time no see!" a voice echoed the room. Tommy spun around, looking for who next would come up, but it was no one. As he walked forward, a hand reached from behind him and grabbed a hold of his shoulder.

Tommy once again spun around to face a black visor, the black visor of the Green Ranger. "Who are you!" Tommy shouted out.

"I am you, the part of you that you have hidden when you gave up the Green Ranger Powers, the part of you that you left behind!" the Green Ranger shouted out, pushing Tommy away.

"The only part of the Green Ranger I left behind was the evil!" Tommy shouted back. "And you just can't push me around anymore, I have the Power of the Green and White Ranger within my Heart and Soul, and there is nothing you can do about it!"

"Oh, you lost both the Green and White Ranger Powers! There you go again forgetting, what a loser you have become since you lost me!" The Green Ranger snickered back.

"What, is this the point where you want me to become evil again so that I can become the Green Ranger?!?" Tommy asked, making fun of Green Ranger.

"No, this is the point where... I KILL YOU!!" Green Ranger pulled out the Sword of Darkness and ran after Tommy.

Tommy quickly dodged as Green Ranger swung the sword at his head. Tommy rolled along the ground, sweeping Green Ranger from his feet. Green Ranger fell over and landed on the ground, dropping the Sword of Darkness. Tommy picked up the sword and held it to the fallen Evil Green Ranger's throat.

"Go ahead and kill me Former White Ranger, lets see what you can do!" Green Ranger taunted Tommy.

"I will kill you!" Tommy pushed the blade closer and closer, till a powerful force threw Tommy off his feet and to the ground, dropping the sword.

Goldar stepped from the shadows. "Now my former friend, shall we go at it?" Goldar asked Tommy.

"Monkey Face! Sure why not!" Tommy quickly jumped into the air, forming a flying kick, but he slammed into an invisible like wall. He fell to the ground, weak and frail. "What--- I?"

As he tried to get up, Goldar knocked him off balance with a powerful kick. Tommy Fell back once again.

"Agh!" he shouted out in pain. "I have---- have to----- to fight!" Tommy tried to gain his footing, but he fell to the foggy ground. He looked up to see Goldar and the Evil Green Ranger coming near him. He tried once again to stand, but he......

...... fell onto a grassy wide open plain, with the Sun setting to his back. He looked up again, seeing three tall pillars before him. A beam of White Light fell upon him, he then felt stronger then ever before, he stood up and looked to the top of the pillars. Before him on the Pillars stood three graceful Statue Angels, their white wings spread across their back.

"Tommy, you must fight the Evil that is in your mind!" one of the statues spoke not moving her lips, who was in the center of the Angels, her arms in a praying form. "You must always fight, and never give up to the hate and evil in your mind."

"Who are you?" Tommy asked in a soft voice.

"We are the three Angels of your Soul." the Angel to the Left answered, her Arms opened wide to Tommy, as if she wanted him to come in her arms and lay. "We are the three Angels of your Soul. Love, Goodness and Strength"

"And we are here to help you!" Strength, the final one said, one arms high in the air, holding onto a white sword. And her other hand holding a white Shield with a Tiger painted on it. "We must warn you of the Vile Lord Zedd's newest plans to take the Nightmares of Angel Grove, and form them into a new Monster."

"What can I do?" Tommy said back. "I am powerless!"

"No, this is but a Nightmare, none of this is real, you still have the strong powers of the White Ranger!" Love told him.

"But how can I fight something in my head?" Tommy said, lowering his head.

"For this is your Mind, and you are the controller of your mind!" Goodness said. "Do not let Evil come and destroy that control you have."

"You did not let Rita control your Mind, do not let these nightmares do the same!" Strength spoke. "For you would not allow it, neither would the rest of the Power Rangers!"

"Your right! But the other Rangers and myself do it as a team, I need them!" Tommy shouted out. "I need their help!"

"The forces of Darkness are not stronger then one man alone, you can do this Tommy." Love said. "Your Heart, Soul, and Mind is stronger then that!"

"I don't know if I can." Tommy said in a sad voice.

"Behold," Goodness said as six glass mirrors appeared all around Tommy. Each showing one of his fellow Rangers fighting their nightmares in gross combat. Jason fighting the Green Ranger in battle, unmorphed. Trini, fighting the Mantas Monster alone in a graveyard. Zack, fighting a swarm of Spider Monsters. Kimberly, trying to fix her bad hair, and terrible makeup job. Kevin faced against Zedd himself. And Nikki fighting the thing she fears most, death. "You see, your friends fight the fears that haunt their minds, that they can not run from."

"But the other Rangers are stronger then me, Trini and her karate knowledge. Jason and his leadership. Kimberly and her loving heart. Zack and his creativity. Kevin and his will never to give up. Nikki and her open warm personality. I am not as good as them." Tommy admitted to the Angels.

"You are not to give up, you will be killed if Nightmare Master is Created!" Strength said in anger.

"Think of the future you have with Kimberly, would you want to lose that, to have to spend it serving Zedd, or worse, to die by his hands!" Love explained to him.

"NO!" Tommy shouted out. "I can't give up, and I won't give up!" Circles of white light went around Tommy, morphing him into the White Ranger. "I am the White Ranger! And Zedd will not win against me!"

As Tommy held Saba into the sky, six beams of Red, Yellow, Pink, Black, Brown, and Purple shot from the mirrors and landed next to Tommy. The lights faded and the Rangers appeared, morphed and ready.

"Hey, where am I know?" the Red Ranger asked.

"Guys! The last thing I remember was doing my hair, and now I am morphed and with all you guys?" the Pink Ranger told them.

"Listen to me guys, this is important." Tommy said, filling them in on the story of what has been happening to Angel Grove and them, about the Nightmare Box and Zedd. As Tommy finished the long story he said, "You guys ready for some action?!"

"Are we ever!" Zack said excited. "Lets send these guys to their knees!"

"Right!" Kevin and Nikki said in unison.

"Let's have some fun!" Trini said, ready for action.


Chapter 3
The True Fear of Nightmares"

"Its not working!" Finster cried out, looking at the scrolls. "The spell is not working the right way on the Power Rangers!"

"What!!" Goldar shouted. "What do you mean little rat!!"

"What I mean is that the spell is working on all of the other citizens of Angel Grove, but it is not working on the Power Rangers, they are beating their nightmares." Finster explained to Goldar.

"There must be some way that we can cause the nightmares to over power the Power Rangers!" Scorpina added.

"Well there might be away.....' Finster remarked. ".... but it is not how Lord Zedd wanted his plan."

"Huh? And that is?" Squatt asked.

"By creating Nightmare Master now." Finster said.

"But if we did that, then Nightmare Master's powers would be very low and limited. He would not be able to stand much of a fight against the Power Rangers in this world." Babboo also explained to them.

"But he will not be sent into this world. The Nightmare Box is just a more faster way to get Nightmare Master more power," Finster paused, "but if we send him into the Nightmare Realm, then he will do fine, he will not get as much power, but it will have to do."

"Good plan Finster, when can it be done?" Goldar asked.

"Give me at least Forty Minutes." Finster told him, pulling out some more scrolls.


"And so, by putting the neuro-chip inside the neuro-transmitter, you get a better wave of emotions from the Mind Machine." Billy explained in his techno-babble to Nick while he pointed to his new machine.

"This is so cool, can it even go to the deepest reaches of the Human Mind?" Nick asked puzzled, but he knew what Billy was talking about, most of the time.

"Well, I am still trying to get that far, the farthest I can get is the dream states. And still, all I get is strange images that don't make any sense." Billy told him.

"Well maybe the neuro-beam should be tuned to a high EM band, that way you can get the image more clearly." Nick explained to Billy, who agreed by nodding his head.

"Good point!" Billy said. "Want to help me with it? I need another hand in the---" Billy was cut off by the six beeping sound of their communicators.

"Zordon!" Nick said out load. He then tapped his communicator and spoke into it. "This is Nick, go ahead Zordon."

"Ranger, I must ask you to come to the Command Center at once." Zordon said over the speaker.

Nick and Billy agreed and tapped the teleportation button on their communicator and transported away in two beams of Blue and Gray blaze of light.


In the well lighted Command Center, Alpha is running around from console to console, trying to find out how to save his Ranger Friends from the horrid Nightmares that plague their minds. As Alpha went to another console, a blaze of blue and gray lights came to the ground. Billy and Nick then appeared as the lights faded.

"What is wrong Zordon?" Nick asked.

"Rangers, Lord Zedd has sent down his henchmen to fill the sleeping minds of Angel Grove with nightmares, to feed the horrid Nightmare Master energy." Zordon explained to the two awaken rangers.

"Well what can we do?" Billy asked looking to his mentor. "And are the others under this nightmare spell?"

"Yes, only you and Nick are awake." Alpha told Billy.

"Well lets go and wake them up, we need their help on this one." Nick said in a confident.

"You can not Nicholas, for Finster has made it so that no one in Angel Grove can awaken till morning. The only way to stop this is to go and destroy the Nightmare Box." Zordon told him.

"Nightmare Box?" Billy asked confused.

"The Nightmare Box is what Nightmare Master is made from, the Box was made to take and hold the energy from people's nightmares. If you destroy that, then Nightmare Master will be destroyed." Alpha replied to Billy's question.

"Ok, were is the box?" Nick asked again.

"In Angel Grove Park, be careful Rangers, and may the power protect you." Zordon said.

"Its Morphin Time!" Billy shouted out. "Triceratops!"

"Gray Pegasus!" Nick yelled out loud. The Rangers morphed into their power suits and teleported to the Park to fight off Zedd's Vile Henchmen.


In Angel Grove Park, Finster is working around the clock to ready Nightmare Master. Only 10 more minutes before he is released from the Nightmare Box and sent into the world of Nightmares.

"Are you finished Rat?" Goldar shouted out.

"At least ten more minutes. Then he will be able to destroy the Rangers for good!" Finster said back to Goldar.

"Well your ten minutes is now up!" a voice cried out in the night.

"Who's there?!?" Scorpina shouted back to the unknown voice.

"Us!" the Blue and Gray Rangers said in unison. Both Rangers jumped to where Goldar and the rest of the villains were. "Power Rangers!"

"Get them!" Goldar shouted out, holding up his sword. Goldar and Scorpina rushed at the two Rangers, weapons in hand and a evil grin on their faces.

Billy and Nick pulled out their weapons in a spark of colors. They stood ready for the attack of Goldar and Scorpina. Goldar rushed after the Blue Ranger and Scorpina took the Gray Ranger.

"Come on Goldar! Eh-Yah!" Billy cried out. The Blue Ranger slashed his Lance across Goldar's gold plated chest. As the blade his the metal, sparks flew every where, but Goldar was still standing, laughing at the Blue Ranger. Goldar slashed his sword at Billy, when the sword's sharp edge hit the Blue Ranger's arm, Billy dropped his lance and fell to the ground.

"Not so tuff now are we little Blue Ranger." Goldar taunted at the fallen Blue Ranger. "Stand up so I can finish you off!"

"Think again!" Billy said back, pulling out his Blade Blaster. "Blade Blaster, Fire!" A blue laser bolt fired from his blaster to Goldar. The blue laser his right in Goldar's forehead. Goldar was knocked off his feet and to the ground. "So much for you loser!"

Scorpina's mighty sword swung across the Gray Ranger's chest. Sparks flew every where in sight. But the Gray Ranger quickly swung his razor sharp staff's edge at Scorpina's arm, her shoulder exploded in a blaze of sparks. Both Scorpina and Nick fell back.

"You can't win Scorpina!" Nick shouted at her, holding his staff to Scorpina from a distance.

"I can and will Power Punk!" Scorpina replied, pointing her sword at Nick.

Both enemies rushed at each other. As Scorpina was almost at the Gray Ranger, a blue laser shot from the sky at her. The blue laser shot right at her arm, causing her to fall over. The Blue Ranger landed near the Gray Ranger, and put his blade blaster in it's holster.

"Thanks!" Nick said.

"No prob! Now I say we get to that Box!" Billy pointed to Finster and the others.

"Right!" Nick replied. Both Ranger ran over to where the Box was.

"Look!" Squatt shouted, pointing to the running rangers.

"Hurry! Come on Finster, faster!" Babboo shouted at him.

"I am almost done, keep them busy while I do this!" Finster shouted back.

As the Two Rangers ran closer and closer to the three idiot villains, Squatt opened his bag and pulled out Rita's old scepter. He then handed it to Babboo.

"Alright Rangers, lets play!" Babboo said pointing the staff at the two rangers and fired some thunder at them. When the blasts hit the ground, explosions happened all around, causing the two rangers to fall to the ground. "Much better!"

"Its done!" Finster called out. "Nightmare Master is now in the realm of Nightmares!"

"Well, bye-bye little rangers!" Babboo said, waving to them. All the villains teleported away in a spark of color.

"No!" Billy shouted out, making a fist and hitting the ground. "The others are in major danger!"

"We have to get to the Command Center and figure this out." Nick advised Billy.

"Right, lets go!" Billy said back. They both tapped their morphers and teleported to the Command Center.


In the Realm of Nightmares, the seven Power Rangers are fighting their most hated fears in hand to hand combat. Tommy and Jason are fighting the Evil Green Ranger together. Kim is fighting the horrid Samurai Fan-Man. Trini is facing the Mantis Monster. Zack is facing the Dark Knight. Nikki and Kevin are fighting the master of evil himself, Lord Zedd.

"Power Bow!" Kim cried out, before her mighty bow appeared in her hand. "Alright Samurai Fan-Freak, lets party!" The brave Pink Ranger rushed at the monster with her bow. In a blaze of pink light, the Samurai Fan-Man vanished. "What?"

The rest of the nightmare monsters also vanished into thin air. The Power Rangers looked around, wondering where in their minds the Monsters went.

"I think we won." Kevin told them.

"Maybe, but knowing Zedd, anything is possible." Jason added. "We should be careful, they could be anywhere."

"Right!" the other Rangers said in unison.

"Welcome to my world Rangers!" said a pure evil voice, coming from all directions.

"Who's there!" Kim shouted out. But she got no reply.

The other Rangers looked around every where, but saw no one but the open Plains. As they continued to look around the ground started to shake, causing the Earth to break apart.

"Oh no! What's happening!" the Yellow Ranger cried out.

"The Earth, it's.... breaking apart!" the Black Ranger answered in shock.

"Hold on guys!" the White Ranger said, grabbing onto the Pink Ranger so that he could protect her.

"To what!" the Black Ranger remarked. As the ground still quaked a bright flash of green light blinded the rangers. Each of the Rangers fell to the ground, unconscious.


As the Rangers awoke, they all looked around, a bit foggy. The saw that the flat plains that they were at had turned into large chunks of floating rock, smooth on the top, but jagged on the bottom. And the once blue clear sky, with white cotton like clouds had turned into a dark red color with black feather like clouds.

"Where are we?" Kim asked, picking herself up to her feet.

"I don't know." Tommy answered her.

"I do!" said the same unknown voice. "Welcome to the heart of the Nightmare Realm."

"Who are you!" Kevin looked up and shouted out.

"I am the thing that you fear. I am the dark side of your minds. I am the thing you run from when you sleep, and can never get away from.!" A black thunder bolt hit a large chunk of floating land near the rangers, and appeared a dark figure, with a black robe over his body, and a hood hiding his head and face. "I am the Nightmare Master."

"Your the one doing all this!" Zack pointed to him.

"Ever so clever Zachary!" Nightmare Master taunted. Nightmare Master held out his hands and fired a few thunder bolts at the Rangers. The thunder bolts crashed right into the Rangers, causing them to fly back in sparks.

Zack was hit so hard he fell over the edge, barely grabbing the edge before he fell off into the bottomless pit below. Zack started up too the other Rangers as his fingers began to lose their grip.

"Guys! Help me!" Zack cried out as he slowly started to slide down the edge of the rock.

"Zack!" Trini shouted out for her friend. The Yellow Ranger jumped to her feet and darted to where Zack was.

"No, no Yellow Loser!" Nightmare Master shouted at her with a smile. He held up his hands to her and fired out a blast of Black Thunder.

The Black Thunder Bolt hit her right in the back, with sparks flying the Yellow Ranger fell to the ground.

The other Rangers got to their feet a little dizzy. Jason, Tommy, and Kevin rushed over to Nightmare Master, with their weapons drawn. Kimberly and Nikki ran over to the fallen Trini.

"Trini, are you ok?" Kim asked as she helped her up.

"Yeah, but get Zack!" Trini said weakly.

Nikki and Kim nodded and rushed over to the falling Black Ranger. The Purple Ranger grabbed the Black Ranger's left had when the Pink Ranger grabbed the lack Ranger's other hand.

"Hold on Zack!" Nikki said trying to pull Zack up.

"I'm hangin." Zack said back.

"Almost got- - " Kim tried pulling Zack up to the flat plain, but as she lifted more a black like cloud was seen in the corner of her eye. "Huh?" Kim looked up to see Nightmare Master floating high in the air.

"Help me Kim!" Nightmare Master mocked Zack. "Help me Nikki!" Nightmare Master then started to laugh. "You humans are so weak! And I will prove it!"

Nightmare master then exploded into a giant swarm of black bats. Each and every one of the bats flew after Kim and Nikki. The bats covered around the two female rangers, they both were unable to see anything but black.

"I can't see!" Nikki shouted out, still holding onto Zack's hand.

"Me too! But we have to help Zack!" Kim said to her friend.

But they could not hold on, the urge to run and hide from the bats was to powerful for them to control. First Nikki let go one of her hands from Zack's to get the bats out of her eyes. She then let go of the other hand and screamed out. Nikki fell to her back waving her hands in the air to rid herself of the bats.

"Ahh!" Zack screamed out.

Kim then did the same, she let go of Zack and fell back. Zack lost his grip on the rocks and fell into the bottomless pit, screaming out every where.

"Zack!" Kim shouted out when the bats flew away. Kim ran over to the edge to see her friend fall into the nothing less void. "ZACK!"

Nikki then got to her feet and ran to the edge along side Kimberly. Nikki looked down and saw the same sight. "Zack, oh my gosh! Zack!"

The other Rangers ran over to Kim and Nikki. Tommy picked Kim up to her feet and held her in his arms. Kevin did the same to Nikki.

"What happened?" Jason asked with anger.

"Zack was thrown over the edge by Nightmare Man and we tried to save him but Nightmare Man created bats that flew every where around us. We could only see black." Kim explained to them crying.

"It is alright Kim, it is not your fault." Tommy said holding onto her tightly. "It is not your fault."

"I always thought Zack was good with his feet. If he was then why did he get them pulled underneath him?" Nightmare Master asked laughing an evil laugh.

"You did this! Show yourself!" Jason shouted out into the air.

"Well alright." The Ground then started to shake a little and a figure made of entirely out of brown dirt morphed from the ground. It then transformed into the black robed creation Nightmare Master. "I showed myself, so what is my prize?"

"Death!" Tommy shouted out when he jumped into the air and swung his saber at Nightmare Master. He hideous monster just stepped to the left.

The White Ranger landed on the ground and ran after the dark man. Kevin then sprung into the air also and pulled out his mace, slicing at Nightmare Master. Nightmare Master once again stepped aside missing the blow.

"You two really should keep your feet to Earth!" Nightmare Master laughed. "In fact, why not have every thing in the Earth!"

Tommy and Kevin looked at each other puzzled at what Nightmare Master meant. Nightmare Master lifted his hands to the air, and they glowed bright gray. Then he pointed them to the ground and the Earth beneath the White and Brown Rangers started to turn to mud. The two Rangers then started to sink down into the ground.

"Tommy!" Kim shouted out.

"Kevin!" Nikki shouted out after Kim.

The other four Rangers started to run over to their sinking friends when vines wrapped around their feet from letting them run even move.

"TOMMY!" Kim shouted trying to reach for Tommy.

"Kimberly!" Tommy shouted back, reaching his hand to Kim.

"I hate slow-moes! Lets speed up this game!" Nightmare Master said. The White and Brown Rangers then sank faster and faster into the mud as the screamed for help. Then Tommy and Kevin completely sank into the ground. Where they once were, the soft mud had turned to hard rock. "Much better!"


Back at the Command Center. Billy, Nick, Alpha, and Zordon are hard at work trying to free the Rangers from their nightmare prison an their captor, Nightmare Master.

"Alpha, is there any ways we can break Zedd's spell?" Nick asked.

"Zedd's powers are most difficult to beat. But I believe we can." Alpha said back.

"But how?" Billy pondered.

"What you have to do is journey into the Realm of Nightmares and destroy Nightmare Master. Since you will not be under Zedd's Powers you can be able to fight Nightmare Master with out any major problems." Zordon explained to them.

"But like I said, how do we get into the Realm of Nightmares?" Billy asked again.

The room went silent with the thinking minds of the Good Force. Nothing either of them could think of could help then fight their way into the Realm of Nightmares and fight Nightmare Master.

"Wait! I have got it!" Nick said out with surprise.

"What?" Alpha asked.

"Billy's Mind Machine!" Nick answered back.

"That's right! I can readjust the neuro transmitter to send mental energy instead of scan it. It is perfect." Billy explained. "Alpha, transport my Mind Machine to Command Center."

"Right!" Alpha said back as he began to press some buttons. In a blast of white light a small machine appeared on a console.

Billy picked up a small tool and shot out a blue blast of energy at it.

"There, it is ready." Billy told them all. "Now all we need to do it get ready."

"Rangers, I have to warn you to be careful." Zordon told them.

"Right!" they both said in unison.

Alpha walked over to the small Mind Machine and began to fiddle around with the buttons and zapped a ray of light at Nick and Billy. Their eyes began to glow bright blue and they both fell to the ground asleep.

"Opps." Alpha muttered to himself.


Back up in Zedd's Lunar Palace, the Dark and Evil Lord of Evil watches down upon the Earth using his dark red beam of light from his visor.

"Well, well, it would seem that the Power Rangers are having some problems in their dreams." Zedd said to his court of henchmen. "And what a problem, the destruction of the White, Black and Brown Rangers!"

"Yes my Lord, and with the Rangers out of the way, Earth is n match for your power of evil!" Goldar sucked up to his master.

"I know Monkey Brains, and once Nightmare Master is finished in the Realm of Nightmares I will bring him to the Earth to finish off the rest of Angel Grove and the Earth!" Zedd said.


Back in the Realm of Nightmares, a place filled with giant floating pieces of land, and a blood red sky filled with black feathered clouds. And on a large floating rock is the four Rangers, Red, Pink, Yellow, and Purple Rangers, who are facing the dreaded Nightmare Master.

"Shall we end this now or do we continue to play?" Nightmare Master taunted the four Rangers who were badly injured from his all mighty power.

"You will never win Nightmare Freak!" Nikki shouted to Nightmare Master while she held herself up.

"That is what you think!" Nightmare Master pointed his finger at the Purple Ranger. "You really should watch what you say. Because your words can just carry you away!" Nightmare Master fired out a ray of green light at the Purple Ranger that flung her off her feet and over the edge.

"Nikki!" The other Rangers shouted trying to reach for the Purple Ranger. But they were to late, like the Black Ranger, the Purple Ranger was already doomed, by falling to her death.

"What did you do to her?!?" Trini shouted to the blacked robed demon creature.

"Well you know what they say, 'Curiosity killed the Saber-Toothed Kitty!' Time to die little cat." Nightmare Master once again exploded into a flock of black bats. Each of the winged creations of the night flew after the Rangers.

The Rangers ran for cover, but every where they ran and looked the black bats were in the dozens flying around them Trini, who was nearest to the edge tried to get the little black flying rats out of her eyes by waving her hands in the air, but that did no good.

"Bye-bye Kitty my dear!" Nightmare Master said to her when he pointed his finger at her. "One and two and one, two, three!" Nightmare Master blasted the Yellow Ranger with a black thunder bolt.

In a blaze of blue sparks, the Yellow Ranger fell off the floating Rock into the red bottomless pit void. The sounds of Trini's screams echoed the area with a cold and horrid sound.

"Ok lets see her, first was Zack, then Tommy and Kevin, next was Nikki and now Trini." Nightmare Master counted the fallen Rangers with his fingers. "Ok, that is five down and two more to go! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!"

"You will never win!" the Red Ranger shouted at the dark Nightmare Master. "And I will see to your down fall!"

The Red Ranger ran towards the creature of darkness, weapon drawn and ready for action. With a warrior's cry, Jason leaped into the air and slashed his sword at Nightmare Master. As the blade was about to touch his shoulder, Nightmare Master became translucent and the blade went straight throw.

"Ha-ha-ha-ha!! You really think your powers match up to mine! I am the most powerful thing this world has ever seen!" Nightmare Master said to the Red Ranger. "I will enjoy killing you Red Ranger!"

"Don't count on it Nightmare Freak!" a voice said coming from the air. Nightmare Master looked around wondering who that was.

"Who is there- - " Nightmare Master was silenced when two blue and gray laser blasts hit him in the chest. In a blast of sparks, Nightmare Master fell back.

The Gray and Blue Ranger then landed next to the Pink Ranger. With a shock of surprise, the Pink Ranger hugged them both.

"It is so good to see you both!" Kim said.

"Lets send this Nightmare loser to the pits!" Billy said making a fist.

"Right!" Jason, Nick, and Kim said in unison.

"Power Bow!" Kimberly shouted out, her bow appeared in her hands in a blaze of pink light, with one arrow. Kimberly jumped into the air and shot the arrow at Nightmare Master. With a mighty blow of the arrow, Nightmare Master fell back.

"Power Lance!" Billy yelled out, his long blue lance appeared with a shimmer of bright blue light. Billy ran up next to Nightmare Master and slashed his sharp razor edges across his chest. Nightmare Master fell back again.

"Power Staff!" Nick shouted when his Power Staff appeared in a gray blast of light. Nick ran after Nightmare Master after Billy did and swung his staff across Nightmare Master's Face. Nightmare Master fell to the ground.

"You are finished nightmare freak!!!" Jason shouted. Jason once again jumped into the air and slashed at Nightmare Master. In a blast of sparks, the creature fell back.

"NO!" Nightmare Master cried out as he fell to the ground and exploded.

"Power Rangers!" Jason, Kim, Nick, and Billy shouted out at the same time as they put their backs to the explosion of Nightmare Master. Each Ranger stood proud in graceful yet powerful stances, with their weapons to their sides.


Chapter 4
"When Nightmares Become Real"

In the slumbering Angel Grove Suburbs, at the Scott Homestead, the four sleeping Rangers, Jason, Zack, Tommy, and Kevin awaken with a smile on their faces, knowing that they had beaten the Nightmare Master, one of the most powerful creatures they had ever had to fight.

"Man, I cant believe we won!" Zack said with a smile.

"I had no doubts whatsoever." Tommy said with a fake smile.

"Sure Tommy, I believe you." Kevin said in a sarcastic voice. The other two Rangers laughed as Tommy smiled with embarrassment.

"Hey, I wonder how the girls are doing." Jason said surprised.

As Jason was about to tap his Communicator, the sic toned beep came to life from his Communicator. Jason tapped his Communicator and listened as did the others.

"This is Trini, is every thing ok over there you guys?" Trini asked.

"Yea Trini, we are fine." Jason answered. "What about you girl?"

"We are fine to, just a bit shucked up." Trini replied.

"This is Kim, Tommy I just wanted to make sure you were fine." Kim said.

"Hey Kim, I am fine, what about yourself?" Tommy asked.

"I am good thanks." Kim answered.

"Well thanks for asking how I was Kevin!" Nikki's voice echoed over the Communicator too.

"I was about to, I swear!" Kevin said back quickly. "I was but you didn't give me time."

"Sure, and the moon houses a good Lord Zedd." Nikki answered back coldly.


In the Dark Throne Room of the cold hearted creature known to the universe as Lord Zedd, the ground, covered in silver like fog, the room is bear, only a giant silver throne placed in the center of the room, and a door on the opposite wall of a large spinning fan. Zedd sits in his giant throne, "You worthless fools!" screamed Lord Zedd from his large silver throne. "I can not believe you let the Power Puns beat my newest and greatest monster ever!!!"

His henchmen did not reply, the just stood there cowering from Zedd's anger.

"Lucky for you I can ring him back! But not in the Realm of Nightmares, that had already failed, this time in the Real World!" Zedd stood and pointed his staff to the earth and called out. "Dark Nightmare Master of the Realm of Nightmares, I call upon you to take revenge upon the Rangers and destroy the Planet Earth!"

Thunder bolts flew from his staff to the planet below at North America, in Angel Grove City.


Back at Angel Grove, Lord Zedd's blasts of Thunder hit a building top in the center of the city. With a blast of green sparks, the once thought to be destroyed, Nightmare Master appeared once again.

"No more playing around!" Nightmare Master said in Anger. "Power Rangers of the Earth, you will feel the true power of my anger and hate!"

Nightmare Master lifted his hands to the air and summoned a large green orb of light. The then released it, the Orb flew through the air and hit a building, causing it to explode in a blaze of fire and smoke.

"Now, lets see here, what next to destroy?!"


In the Command Center, Alpha 5, Billy, and Nick are standing around talking about the victory over Nightmare Master, or so they had thought. The conversation came to a crashing hult as the Alarms went off.

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi!" Alpha cried out. "Nightmare Master is back and he is destroying Angel Grove!"

"What?!?" Billy shouted out. "That can't be, we destroyed him!"

"No destroyed a nightmare Rangers, but the only way to truly beat him is in this world." Zordon explained to them both.

"Alpha, contact the other Rangers and tell them to meet us where nightmare master is, morphed!" Nick explained. "ITS MORPHIN TIME!"


"Gray Pegasus!"


Back in Angel Grove City, Nightmare master continues to destroy the Buildings below, with his terrible Nightmare Orbs. Flinging one after another to the building tops and the streets below.

"This is more fun then I thought!" Nightmare Master said to himself. "It is like a little party!"

"Well the party is over!" the Red Ranger said as he appeared on a building top next to Nightmare Master.

"Well this is a private party, no one else is allowed to come with out an invitation." Nightmare Master said to the Rangers as he cracked a smile.

"Well then we are party crashers!" the Black Ranger added, laughing.

"Do you know what I do with party crashers! Clear them out of the party!" Nightmare Master pointed his hands to the Rangers and fired out a blast of thunder to the ledge of the building.

In an explosion, the Rangers fell back as part of the building fell to the streets below. The Rangers then quickly jumped to their feet and jumped off the building top to where Nightmare Master was.

The Yellow Ranger was the first to strike. She quickly kicked her left leg at Nightmare Master, but he blocked with his arm and swung his other hand across Trini's chest. The Yellow Ranger fell to the ground in sparks.

The Pink and Gray Rangers then rushed after Nightmare Master. The Monster quickly shot out a thunder bolt from his right hand to the two running rangers. In a blast of light, the two rangers fell to the ground.

The Brown, Purple, and Blue Rangers pulled out their blade blasters and swung them at Nightmare Master. But he blasted the blasters out of their hands with a sonic wave. He then slammed his hands into each of the three rangers, causing them all to fall back.

"This is all to easy!" Nightmare Master taunted them. "It is so much fun I hate to end it!"

"Well your going to come to an end!" the White Ranger said. The White Ranger pulled out his Saber and sliced it across Nightmare master's shoulder. In a blaze of shinning sparks Nightmare Master fell off his feet and to his back.

"You cheat!" Nightmare Master shouted to Tommy.

"Well that makes two of us!" Tommy said, referring to Nightmare Master.

"Make that four!" Jason said when he and Zack jumped into the air, pulled out their Blade Blasters and fired a blast at Nightmare Master.

When the laser blasts hit Nightmare Master, he one again fell through the air and landed on a building top below.

"What's wrong Nightmare Monster?" Zack laughed. "You seem to be losing, why is that?" The other Rangers walked to Zack's side and joined in on the laughing.

"Because I was playing around! But play time is over!" Nightmare Master held up his hands to the skies.

His hands then glowed a dark red as he shot out a red lighting bolt into the sky. The night sky turned from a friendly black to a vicious blood red, like the skies of the Realm of Nightmares.

"Now the Realm of Earth will be destroyed, as for all of the humans on Earth!" Nightmare Master lowered his hands from the sky as a Large ray of red light shinned down on him, with a horrid laugh, Nightmare Master grew to city wrecking size. "I will now finish off this city!"

A blast of light a few feet wide fell onto Nightmare Master, causing gigantic explosion of fire and sparks all around him. With a puff of smoke and blaze of light, Nightmare Master started to grow slowly.


"You will never win!" the Red Ranger shouted at Nightmare Master. "Lets do it!"

Each and every Ranger lined up next to each other and raised their hands to the sky. "We need Thunder Zord Power, NOW!"

"Mastodon Lion Thunder Zord Power!" Zack said.

"Pterodactyl Firebird Thunder Zord Power!" Kim said.

"Triceratops Unicorn Thunder Zord Power!" Billy Said.

"Sabertoothed Tiger Griffin Thunder Zord Power!" Trini said.

"Tyrannosaurs Red Dragon Thunder Zord Power!" Jason Said, their Zords morphed from the old Dino Zords to the new Thunder Zords. The Rangers jumped into the cockpits and readied the Zords for battle.

"White Tiger Thunder Zord Power!" Tommy shouted out when his Zord appeared and morphed into battle mode.

"Brown Gargoyle Thunder Zord Power!" Kevin shouted out as a large Brown Zord appeared, with giant wings on its back, and sharp claws, ready for action.

"Purple Owl Thunder Zord Power!" Nikki also shouted out when a Purple Owl flew through the air, with the grace of an Eagle, and the speed of a cheetah.

"Gray Pegasus Thunder Zord Power!" Nick called out for his Zord when a Gray Pegasus danced through the sky, Wings spread vast, and it's feet galloping in the air.

"Thunder Megazord!" the Red, Black, Pink, Blue, and Yellow Rangers shouted out at once. Their Zords then formed into the Thunder Megazord. "Thunder Saber!"

The Megazord pulled out its powerful saber and swung it at Nightmare Master. The hideous nightmare thing just grabbed the saber by the blade as it came closer to him. He just looked at the Megazord trying to pull break free.

"Wrong move!" Nightmare Master said to the Rangers in the Megazord. Nightmare Master raised his hand to the and began to blast thunder bolts at its chest, causing sparks to fly every where. "Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!"

As he continued to blast the Megazord, damaging it to almost a point of no repair, three red and orange balls of fire came crashing into Nightmare Master's body. In a blast of light, Nightmare Master let go of the sword and fell to the ground, causing it to quake a bit.

"You are the one who made the wrong move Nightmare Master!" the White Ranger said from the Tiger Zord cockpit. "You mess with the Power Rangers, you better be willing to mess with all of us!"

"Strong words of an old has been!" Nightmare Master said when he regained his footing. "You will die with all the pain that my powers has to give!"

"Guess again Nightmare Loser!" the Purple Ranger said out of anger. The Purple Owl blasted out a folly of missiles at the weak Nightmare Master.

The monster once again fell back in a spark of fire and explosion, but before he hit the ground, both the Gargoyle and Pegasus Thunder Zords fired a blast of laser blasts at Nightmare Master. He then hit the ground.

"You Power Punk are making me MAD!" Nightmare Master shouted out in an echo that spanned the entire Angel Grove area. The trees blew with the power of his voice, the ground shook, and the building quaked a tad. "Now meet my power!"

Nightmare Master began to hover in the air, his dark black robe vanished in a whiff of silver smoke. As the smoke cleared, the true Nightmare Master appeared, a dark blood red demon creature, with giant black bat wing that span about 100 feet, razor sharp claws, a long spiked tail, and four thick golden horns on his head, two coming from his forehead and the other two on his temples.

"I am Nightmare Master!" he said in a deep evil echoing voice. "The original Nightmare Master!"

"Ehh!" Nikki said to herself. "You should stay with the robe!"

"Rangers!" Alpha said over the COMM system. "His power levels are dangerously high, I don't think you can beat him with just your normal Zords. Tommy, Nick, Nikki, and Kevin, you need to form the Thunder Mega Tiger Zord."

"How do we do that?" Kevin question.

"Just hit the large green button on your control panel!" Alpha answered back.

"Right!" the four Rangers answered in unison. "Thunder Tiger Megazord Power Up!"

The Gargoyle Zord split up into three pieces, the head connecting to the Tiger Zords head. The Arms and chest connecting to the Tiger Zords arms, fitting like a glove. And the Legs, connecting to the back of the Tiger Zord. The Owl Zord landed onto the right arm of the Tiger Zord and wrapped its wings around the hand, like the Phoenix Zord. The Pegasus separated into two pieces and attached to the Legs of the Tiger Zord, forming the Thunder Tiger Megazord.

In the Cockpit of the Zord, the Gray, Brown, and Purple Rangers joined with the White Ranger. All four readied for battle as they took their places.

"Lets do it!" All nine Ranger said at once.

"New Zords can not save you from my power!" Nightmare Master said. He raised his hands to the two Zords and fired out a small white ball of light at them. The White Ball of light quickly attached itself to the chest of both Zords, it then turned into a black thunder like net, covering every inch of the Zords. "These thunder nets will drain you of your energy and bring it to me, making me stronger in this world!"

In the cockpit of the Thunder Megazord, the area is shaking violently. The lights are blinking on and off like stars in the sky. The Five Rangers are trying the best they can to find away out of the thunder net.

"Trini, give me all the Power you can from the secondary power batteries." Jason commanded.

"I did, all power is gone." Trini said back.

"Billy, is there anything we can do?" Zack said working his console.

"I can't think of anything! All ideas are useless!" Billy answered.

"We have to get out of here, before the Megazord is powerless!" Kim told them all.

In the Thunder Tiger Megazord, the rest of the Rangers are doing the same, trying to find away to break through the net and destroy Nightmare Master.

"Any ideas?" Tommy asked.

"None that I can think of!" Kevin answered.

"Ditto!" Nikki shouted back.

"We have to find his weakness!" Tommy told them all. "He is getting stronger through our energy!'

"Wait! That's it!" Nick shouted out in delight. "The Nightmare Box, that is his weakness! We have to get down there and destroy the Nightmare Box!"

"Great idea!" Tommy said. "I will man the Zord, you guys go down there and destroy that box!"

"Right!" Kevin, Nikki, and Nick responded in unison.

The Three Rangers exited the Zord in a blaze of colorful light down to Angel Grove Park below.


In Angel Grove Park, the three beams of light landed near the Picnic Table and then vanished. The Brown, Gray, and Purple Rangers then appeared with their weapons in their hands.

"There it is guys!" Nikki shouted when she pointed to a small black box, with devil and gargoyle designs all over it.

"That has to be it!" Nick said back.

As the three Rangers ran over to the small box, a flash of red light appeared between them and the Nightmare Box. The Rangers covered their eyes from the bright flash. As it dimmed Lord Zedd appeared, spinning around his staff.

"My monsters can not beat you, nor can my servants or putties." Lord Zedd started. "So I am going to finish you off myself!"

"Yeah Right Zedd." Kevin said laughing. "You couldn't beat your great-great-great grandmother."

"Enjoy laughing now Power Rangers," Zedd paused as his visor glowed red. "For when you are dead, it won't be so easy to do." Zedd held up his staff and fired out a folly of Thunder Bolts at the three young rangers.

Each of the thunder bolts hit the Rangers, causing them to fall to the ground in pain as explosions of light, sparks, and fire happened around them. Zedd began to laugh at his fallen opponents with a echoing laughter that when heard, shuttered all.

"You still do not comprehend my powers do you Rangers?" Zedd said as he continued to laugh. "You think good always wins, guess again! I will destroy you all."

"Talk-talk-talk!" the Brown Ranger said when he regained his footing. Kevin sprang into the air like a cat and pulled out his mace and began spinning it around. The sharp spiked ball hit Zedd right in the left cheek, throwing him to the ground. "Looks like you aren't half the demon you say you are!"

"That is what you think!" Zedd said angrily. The Demon Lord of Evil stood to his feet and fired a blast of thunder at Kevin. "Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! So much for the good guys!"

The Thunder bolts wrapped around his body like wild vines on a poll. He could barely move a muscle. "Guys! Help!" Kevin cried out.

Nick and his twin, Nikki rose to their feet also and pulled out their weapons. The rushed at Zedd with a grinning look under their helmets. While Zedd concentrated on the Brown Ranger, the Purple Ranger opened up her razor-bladed fans and swung them at Zedd's staff. With an explosion of thunder and lighting blades sliced right through the magical scepter of Zedd.

From the crack in the scepter, a blue and white shock wave sprang to life and swept the entire park. Blowing own every thing in its path. The Rangers and Zedd fell back with a forceful like push to the ground.

"NO!!!!" Zedd shouted out with a blood cry.

"Now is our chance!" Nick said. "Lets bring together our power weapons and beat Zedd!"

"Right!" Nikki and Kevin said at the same time.

"Power Staff!" the Gray Ranger said. He throw his staff into the air and magically it stayed in place.

"Power Fans!" the Purple Ranger added when she threw her fans into the sky like Nick did. The Fans attached to each end of the staff and faced towards Zedd.

"Power Mace!" the Brown Ranger said finally. He jumped into the air and connected the handle of the mace to the center of the staff. The spiked ball faced Zedd like Nikki's fans.

Kevin then grabbed the Power Blaster and landed next to Nick and Nikki who were in position. Nikki was placed at the right side of the weapon. She placed her right hand on the Blaster and her other hand on Kevin's shoulder. Nick did the same ting, but in an opposite position.

"Three......" Nick said.

"..... Two......." Nikki added.

"...... One!" Kevin finished. The Power Mace chain and spiked ball then started to spin around with lighting speed and glow brown as the Power Rangers glowed bright Purple and Gray.

"FIRE!" the Three Ranges said in unison. The Power Blaster then shot out three blasts of light, Brown (from the Mace), Purple (From the Power Fan near Nikki), and Gray (From the other Power Fan next to Nick).

The three beams of colored energy shot throw the air and right into Lord Zedd's chest. With a magnificent show of lights, sounds, and explosions, Lord Zedd fell to the ground and exploded into thousands of thunder bolts and shock waves.

"We did it!" Nikki shouted out happy.

"Bye-bye Lord Zedd!" Nick added.

"Cool!" Kevin said in happiness.

"Huh, guys the Nightmare Box." Nick reminded them.

"Yea, right!" Kevin said.

The Rangers pointed the Power Blaster at the Nightmare Box and once again fired the same three colorful beam of light. The blaze of light hit the box and crushed it with a single blow.

"Nick to Megazords," Nick tapped his communicator and talked into the speakers. "The Nightmare Box has been destroyed, feel free to do the same with Nightmare Master."

"Good going guys!" Jason said.


In the Thunder Megazord Cockpit, the five Ranges are controlling the massive Zord against the master of dreams, Nightmare Master. A horrid demon like creature with grand powers, or his powers were grand.

"Thunder Saber, Power Up!" the Five Rangers said. The Megazord took a hold of the Saber at it's side and held it up high. Several thunder bolts from the sky fell onto the sword and began to charge it up. "Thunder Saber, Hi-Yah!"

The Thunder Saber ran through the sky and struck Nightmare Master in the shoulder and sliced through him. Causing part of this body to creak up.

"No, I am to- - - Powerful to- - - Die!" Nightmare Master shouted out as he started to fade away.

"Thunder Tiger Megazord, FIRE!" Tommy shouted out.

The Owl Zord placed upon the wrist of the Zord detached and flew with great speeds towards the horrid Demon Nightmare Master. The mouth of the Tiger Zord on the chest of the Thunder Tiger Megazord glowed bright red and shot out a beam of light at the Owl Zord, causing it turn into pure energy. The energy Owl then rammed into Nightmare Master's chest.

"No, I hate- - - this job!" Nightmare Master screamed out when he hit the ground and then exploded like all the other monsters that have faced the Power Rangers.


In the Lunar Palace of the former Lord Zedd, the henchmen of the lord of evil watched the battle that had just toke lace on Earth. The Destruction of Lord Zedd. Each of the faces dropped to the floor with amazement and disappointment.

"I can not believe it!" Goldar began. "Lord Zedd destroyed?"

"He was destroyed!" Scorpina shouted out in anger. "Those Power Punks will pay for that!"

"No, no they will not!" Goldar added with a smile. "For I always hated Lord Zedd! I would prefer Rita over him any day, the only reason I served him was because I was cared of death. But now that he is gone, I will take control of his Empire!"

"I really am going to miss you Lord Zedd!" Squatt shouted out as he cried like a baby. "He wasn't half good!"

"Shut up Squatt!" Babboo said when he smacked him over the head. "With Lord Zedd gone, I am sure that you oh most powerful King Goldar can take over the Earth!"

"General Goldar!" Goldar shouted. "It has a better sound."

"Yes General Goldar and you will need a Monster Maker." Finster added. "Something that I master in."

"And an Advisor." Babboo said, smiling.

"Someone to lead your troops to victory, that would be me." Scorpina said.

"And ah- - - ah- - - A stupid Henchmen!" Squatt smiled also with a dumb look on his face.

"I am going to keep you all." Goldar said. He walked from the balcony and to Lord Zedd's giant silver throne, placed in the center of the room. He toke his place and sat down. "I am General Goldar. Watch out Power Rangers, for I have you in my sight, as well for the Earth!!"

"Yes! I say we attack as soon as possible!" Scorpina said. "The Rangers will think with Zedd gone that the Earth is safe!"

"Good idea Scorpina, but before we attack, we are in need of changes." Goldar told the Royal Court. "Babboo, you are now my advisor and my Sorcerer. Use Rita's old wand and transform my rusty Armor into Armor of Kings!"

"Cre Gotr Huyt Juio Fesa Comis Marmor!! Transform Goldar's protective covering into Kingly Armor!" Babboo said when he raised Rita's Staff into the air.

The Scepter began to glow red and black. The red orb of staff shot out a beam of energy and morphed Goldar's old and dirty golden armor into shinny Golden and Silver Armor, with red, green, and Blue gems, jewels, and stones all over, and a horses main on his helmet.

"Excellent, I am more powerful then ever!" General Goldar said with evil glee. He raised his sword to the shy, and like his armor, it transformed into a mighty weapon, with gold and silver covering, and jewels covering it. "Watch out Power Rangers, for General Goldar is ready for action!"


Back in the Command Center, Alpha 5 and Zordon of Eltar are watching the viewing globe with an image of the Power Rangers on it. With a pleased look on Zordon's face he signals for Alpha to open a COMM link between them and the Rangers.

"Rangers," Zordon paused. "I am very pleased with what you have done."

"Thanks Zordon." Kim said.

"You have fought and defeated two of the most grand and impossible villains to beat, Both Lord Zedd and Nightmare Master will never bring chaos to Earth again." Zordon explained.

"Well, we couldn't have done it without Kevin, Nick, and Nikki." Zack said..

"Come on guys!" Nikki said with a blush.

"Way to go Rangers, I am o happy! No more Evil coming to Earth!" Alpha 5 said with a little giggle. "La-Dee-Dee-Dee!"

"POWER RANGERS!" all the voices of the Rangers were heard over the Communicators.

THE END...... FOR NOW!!!!!