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Timeline: This story takes place after "Dark Spectre's Revenge, Part 2". But one thing in my story that has changed in that Astronema was rescued in time and returned back to her true form, Karone.

Power Rangers in Space
Wrath of the Psycho Rangers Series
"Psycho Shivers"
By Nick0706

Upon the Dark Fortress, once home to the great Villainess, Astronema, Princess of Darkness, and her former henchmen, Ecliptor, Elgar, and her troops of Quantrons. But now, a new villain resides there, a villain of pure evil and hate. With no scrap of goodness of love in it's shriveled heart, a villain among villains..... Nosferata, Empress of the Vampires.

On the Bridge of the Dark Fortress, the metal warriors know as Quantrons are at the small stations set along the floor of the bridge. Silence reins supreme there as they work like clockwork. The only sound that was heard were footsteps hitting the floor, and fingers hitting the panels.

As they worked on, the door from Astronema's former private chamber opened wide and a beautiful woman walked onto the Bridge. The woman wore all tight black leather, revealing every curve of her body, she also wore knee high dark silver boots, and silver spikes on her shoulders. Her raven-black hair was held in a bun by a long hairpin with hanging gems stones from the ends. Her pale blue eyes chillingly scanned the room as she walked over to a station, with a Quantron at it.

"Report...." she said in a soft, sweet heavenly evil voice.

"Your General is on his way here with your other henchmen." the Quantron told her in a metallic toned voice. "They should be here within a few hours."

"Wonderful," she continued in the same voice. She raised her left hand to the panel; she had long five-inch nails, painted blood red. She pressed a button and the main screen came to life with a picture of the six Lightstar Rangers on it, battling one of Astronema's old monsters. "So, these are the.... Power Rangers, that every evil monarch in the universe can not beat." she gave a small giggle of evil to herself. "Well Power Rangers, I will destroy you with a mere flick of my Fangs!" Nosferata simply smiled evilly to reveal a pair of razor sharp vampire fangs.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In orbit around the Earth, the Astro Megaship hovers high above the green and blue marble. The sleek blue ship slowly gilds along the vast ocean of space like a fish swimming in the deep waters. And along the Astro Megaship's side, is the powerful Delta Megaship.

On the Bridge of the Astro Megaship, two people are sitting at the main controls nearest to the Main Viewing Screen. An Asian Girl and a Caucasian one. Both wearing the same silver uniform, but of different colors. The shirts are Pink on the Asian woman and Yellow on the Caucasian female.

The Asian Female is Cassie Chan, the Pink Power Ranger, who has shoulder blade length wavy dark brown hair, tanned skin, and brown eyes. The Caucasian Woman is Ashley Hammond, the Yellow Power Ranger, with shoulder length light brown curly hair, light skin, and brown eyes also.

"Cassie, anything on the Ferona Galaxy?" Ashley asked.

"No sign of Zordon yet, I have checked 59% of the Galaxy, and no luck with his bio-readings." Cassie answered.

As the two continued to work hard on finding their mentor, Zordon of Eltar, the doors to the Turbolift opened up and slid into the walls. A Caucasian male with shoulder length brown hair and streaks of blond, and brown eyes entered the Bridge. He is dressed in the same uniform as Cassie and Ashley, but with a red shirt instead of a pink or yellow one.

"Anything?" he asked.

"Nothing Andros, I can't seem to locate Zordon in the Ferona Galaxy right now, but I am still scanning." Cassie informed Andros, Red Space Ranger.

"Well have DECA finish the scans, I have a surprise for Karone, and I need your help you guys." Andros said with a small smile forming on his face.

"What is it?" Ashley asked as she turned around to face Andros.

"A surprise Ashley..... That means I can't tell you." Andros smirked. "I don't know what surprise on Earth means, but where I come from, we can't say."

"Ha-ha-ha!" Ashley also smirked at Andros.

"DECA, can you finish the scans of the Ferona Galaxy for me?" Cassie asked still working.

"Affirmative Cassie." DECA responded. "Beginning scans of Ferona Galaxy, sector 461.5f4 now."

Cassie and Ashley then rose from their seats at the consoles and walked side-by-side over to Andros. They all then entered the Turbolift and stood there as the doors closed behind them. Andros then began to speak.

"DECA, Mega Deck 4."

"Mega Deck 4, affirmative." DECA responded. The Turbolift then started its way down to Mega Deck 4.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In one of the many rooms on Mega Deck 4, a group of four teenagers are standing around talking about stuff. All four are dressed in the same type of outfits, the uniforms that Andros, Cassie, and Ashley were wearing. A Caucasian woman who had a purple shirt with the silver uniform and chin length blonde hair and blue eyes stood next to a Hispanic male with a black shirt on with the uniform, shin length black hair that was pulled into a pony tail, and dark brown eyes. And next to him was an African American male with a blue shirt on that went with his silver uniform, no hair, and deep brown eyes. And along side him stood a male with a black uniform on and a silver shirt on, short blonde hair, and blue eyes.

"So what did Andros want to meet us here for?" the Hispanic male asked curiously.

"Got me, he didn't tell me anything. Only to meet me here." the blonde haired Caucasian answered. "Knowing Andros, he is up to something."

"Like what Zhane?" the woman asked the blonde haired man, unsure about it.

"Well Karone, me and Andros have been friends forever, and he does stuff like this alot." Zhane answered Andros' sister, Karone.

"Don't you remember Andros doing anything like this?" the African American asked.

"I don't remember much, just feelings and moments of stuff, nothing I can put into focus." Karone said in disappointment. "All the years that me and Andros spent together, I can't remember. And all the years we were apart, I wish I didn't remember."

"Well then you and Andros will make new memories that you will always remember." Zhane said, giving Karone a little smile. Karone's frown turned upside down into a smile.

"Your right, and I will make good memories with my new friends, TJ," she smiled to the African American male, and then over to the Hispanic male, "Carlos. Cassie, Ashley, and Zhane."

"Well you ready?" Andros asked when he, Cassie, and Ashley entered the room with smiles all on their faces.

"Ready for what?" Karone asked.

"Your birth-right." Andros held out a small black box in front of Karone when he approached her. "Open it."

Karone took a hold of the black box. She looked it over and finally opened it. Inside was an Astro Morpher, like Andros'. A flash of shock came over Karone's face. She could not believe what had happened. She was going to become a Lightstar Ranger like her friends.

"Oh Andros!" Karone closed the box and hugged her brother tightly. She started to smile like she was in ultimate joy. "You want me to become a Power Ranger?"

"It is your birth-right." Andros explained to her when she let go of him. "Father and Mother were one, just like Zhane's parents. And Mother and Father gave us their morphers to one day protect KO-35. Will you become a Power Ranger?"

The looks on her friends' faces were undeniable; they all wanted and urged her to become one of them. To fight off Dark Spectre and free the Universe from the forces of evil, once and for all. She once again opened the box and looked at her Mother's morpher.

"Alright, count me in!" Karone said pleased.

The Rangers let out a cheer of happiness and joy. Andros hugged Karone once again and lifted her into the air. The sounds of happiness echoed the room and the rest of the deck. The Rangers continued to laugh and cheer as the small robot known as Alpha 6 entered and looked at the Rangers.

"Aye-yi-yi, how sweet." Alpha 6 said to herself. "Andros, I did as you asked and fixed the Purple Lightstar Ranger's Weapons and Galaxy Glider."

"Mom was the Purple Lightstar Ranger?" Karone asked. "Purple is my favorite color."

Andros set his sister onto the ground and walked over to Alpha 6, as the laughter died down a bit. Alpha popped out a small gadget from her back and handed it to Andros. Andros turned around with the weapon in his hand and walked over to Karone. He then handed her the Purple Ranger's Weapon.

The weapon was a nicely shaped brown dagger, with a long blade on it, and some small buttons. Andros handed Karone her new weapon. She took it in her other hand and looked at it, then her morpher.

"Behold Karone, the Mighty Delta Dagger." Andros said in the quiet room. "This weapon is one of the strongest of Lightstar armory. It can slice through almost anything and is as powerful as the Battlizer, which will also aid you." Andros then pulled out the Battlizer and gave it to Karone. With her right pinkie and ring finger she took the Battlizer.

"My, I am just been crowned a Power Ranger and I get a whole bunch of cool stuff!" Karone said, the others laughed along with her. "I can't wait!"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Back on the Dark Fortress, Empress Nosferata watches the battles that the Lightstar Rangers have fought in the past. Battle after battle came across the Main Viewer of the Bridge. And with a smile on Nosferata's she spoke out to a Quantron.

"When my forces get here, I have the perfect idea to destroy them!"

"Your forces have entered docking bay 3." the Q-Tron informed his new mistress. "The crew and.... its cargo are being unloaded as we speak."

"Excellent!" Nosferata said pleased.

"Shall I order them to report to you at once?" the Quantron asked.

"No, I will go there myself!" Nosferata snapped her fingers and instantly in a blaze of purple sparkles, Astronema's old staff appeared in her hands. "I missed you so much my baby!" Nosferata said to the staff that was stolen from her years ago, by her hated enemy, Astronema. Nosferata twirled around and then in a blast of pink and purple streams of light, she vanished into thin air.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In Docking Bay 3, a large Spacecraft had landed on the deck. A ramp from the main doors lead down to the floor, and on that ramp, Q-Trons were unloading large silver crates from the ship. Also, people dressed in black leather were walking own from the ramp, no doubt, Vampires like Nosferata.

As the unloading continued, a bright flash of pink and purple lights appeared for but a moment, then faded, and Nosferata appeared where the lights had been. She slowly walked to the ship with a wicked smile on her face. She looked over to the crates that had been unloaded and set in the bay. Upon the crates were alien writings in strange curves and lines.

"Secret weapon....." she read one of the crates. ".... Well it appears that Dark Spectre is going all out for me" she paused. "As he should."

She then continued to walk over to the ship, where she saw a tall man approach her. He was dressed in all black leather, revealing his muscular toned body. He had on a sleeveless black shirt with wristbands, leather pants with chains on them, and heel and toe steel tipped boots. Also he had along sword around a belt at his side. He had brown short hair and green death looking eyes. The man bowed down before Nosferata.

"My Empress, I come to serve you." he spoke.

"Vampirell, my General. Rise!" Nosferata told her henchmen. He slowly then rose to both feet and looked into her eyes. "Now that you are hear my vampire servant, I think that it is time we strike the Rangers!"

"Yes my Empress of Vampires." Vampirell agreed. "Dark Spectre as armed us with great weapons to destroy the Power Rangers."

"The crates?" Nosferata asked when she walked over to one.

"Yes great Empress.... Dark Spectre wishes you to attack with them right away!" Vampirell informed his queen. "They are very powerful."

"Then lets give it a crack!" Nosferata backed up a few steps and pointed her staff at the crate. She then fired a single purple thunder bolt at one of the six crates that were unloaded. In a blast of sparks and smoke, the crate opened up.

When the crate fell to pieces, a bight flash of red light began to glow. It then, with great speed, started to circle the entire docking Bay, reaching every corner in a mil-a-second. The flash then stopped near Nosferata. It then morphed into a humanoid shape. A red and black shaded creature stood before her, looking like a Ranger costume.

"I am Psycho Red, your loyal servant!" the Red Psycho Ranger bowed before Nosferata. "What do you wish of me, my Empress?"

"Well, you seem to be quite fast, but does your strength match your speed?" Nosferata asked with a smirk.

"As well as you can hope and beyond!" Psycho Red spun around and pointed his hand at a Q-Tron. His hand started to glow bright green when it sparked. Psycho Red then summoned some of his strength together and fired out a round of thunder bolts at the unsuspecting Quantron. In a blast of fire, the Q-Tron exploded. "You see how my powers work, I am able to destroy anything, or.... Anyone you wish!"

"How many Psychos are there?" Nosferata asked.

"Six." Vampirell answered his mistress. "Psycho Black, Psycho Pink, Psycho Blue, Psycho Yellow, Psycho Silver, and Psycho Red."

"Very good, a Psycho to match a Ranger." Nosferata smiled in evil pleasure. "Once the Psycho Rangers are unloaded, send them down to Earth with a squad of Quantrons. I want to Power Rangers to be destroyed within forty-eight hours!"

"Yes my Empress." Vampirell bowed once again then stood straight up. "And the matter with Ecliptor?"

"Oh yes, almost forgot." Nosferata blushed. "Have him drained of most of his blooded, then toss him into the Vortex of Destruction. He is in holding cell 13." she paused then turned to Psycho Red. "Psycho Red, drain the Rangers of their memories so that you know them inside and out!"

"Yes my Empress of Evil." Vampirell nodded his head as Nosferata transformed herself into a blaze of light. The light then vanished into thin air once again.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Back on the Astro Megaship, on Mega Deck 4, the party for the new Purple Ranger had just begun. The room that they were in was turned into a placed filled with decorations, balloons, and other party decor. Each of the Rangers, Alpha 6, and DECA were enjoying their party that they had just thrown.

"Karone, you are going to be a great addition to the Ranger team." Cassie told her friend who smiled at the remark.

"Thank you Cassie, that means alot to me." Karone said still having the smile on her face. "It really does."

"Food, I got the food!" Zhane said. He walked over to Cassie and Karone and gave them a plate with some chips and dip. "Enjoy, enjoy!"

Cassie and Karone took the plates that they were handed and thanked Zhane for bringing it to them. The mood of the room was bright and chipper, nothing could break their happiness, or so Karone thought. She walked over to where she had placed her Delta Dagger, Astro Morpher, and Battlizer on a table. She picked up her dagger after she placed her plate on the table.

"Hmmm...." Karone said to herself as she looked over her new weapon once again. Here eyes focused on the mighty weapon, and she could tell you every curve and shape the dagger had, she memorized well when she held it. Karone raised it in the air and looked at it, the light flickered off the shinny blade of the dagger. The glimpse of light quickly caught her attention, her mind once again focus and she muttered to herself, "Ecliptor!"

Without anyone knowing, she walked out of the room and into the corridor of the ship. She quickly started to walk, faster and faster, but she then ran down the corridor. She reached a Turbolift and entered it when the doors opened.

"Bridge!" Karone told DECA.

The doors closed behind her and the Turbolift started up towards the Bridge. Once the lift reached to Bridge, the doors opposite the ones she entered opened up. She walked out of the Turbolift and onto the Bridge. She walked up to a panel that lined one of the walls.

"DECA, locate the Dark Fortress!" Karone said in a commanding voice.

"The Dark Fortress in orbit around the Micam Planet, within the Yute Galaxy." the computer responded.

"Can you scan inside the Fortress?" Karone asked again in a commanding tone.

"The Dark Fortress is made of Universally Hardened Matho Metal, the Megaships scanners can not penetrate it." DECA explained.

"Well add this program to your scanning system." Karone said when she placed her hands on a few buttons. She started to tap in some information; the monitor in front of her filled with data and different picture settings.

"New program has been established into the Scanning Matrixes, stand by." DECA paused. For a moment or two, the data processed from scanning the Dark Fortress. "Scan confirmed, we are now able to scan inside the Dark Fortress."

"Locate Ecliptor!"

For a moment, the computer sent data along the screen in front of Karone's face. Then a picture of a weak and frail Ecliptor came across the screen inside a cell. "Ecliptor located in Cell 13, on Deck 3 of the Dark Fortress." DECA answered.

"What happened to him?" Karone asked worriedly.

"Scanning life signs....." DECA once again paused wile her scanners examined him, ".... Extensive blood loss through his system. In result, loss of motor skills and respiration system. Death is within 93% capability in the next twelve hours."

"Ecliptor!" Karone shouted out in fear. "DECA, lock onto his signal and transport him here at once!"

"Unable to comply, a type ten forcefield in around Ecliptor's cell. Creating an anti-teleportation frequency." DECA informed Karone.

The sweet eyes of Karone fill with tears; slowly they made themselves down her cheek in little river patterns. The sound of her pain echoes the room as she wept for her friend and "father-like" parent who raised her since Darkonda kidnapped her.

"Do not worry Karone, I am sure Ecliptor will make it, he has a strong pulse though." DECA told her weeping friend.

"DECA, alert the Rangers. I want to go on a rescue mission for Ecliptor." Karone told DECA as she wiped away the rivers of tears.

"I have sent a message to the other Rangers, they report that they are on their way to the Bridge." DECA said.

As Karone was about to speak, the doors to the Turbolift opened up and out stepped the six Lightstar Rangers, with worried and surprised looks set upon their faces. Slowly, the other Rangers approached Karone, trying to figure out why she would want to rescue of all people, Ecliptor.

"Karone, are you feeling alright?" Andros asked when he walked to his sister. "Anything you want to talk about?"

"Andros, don't look at me like I am a fool!" Karone said annoyed and angry. "Just because I want to save Ecliptor does not mean I am crazy or turning back to Astronema!"

"Karone, I did not mean it that way." Andros admitted. "But I think it is strange that you want to save Ecliptor."

"Well, he raised since I was little, and I- - -" Karone was cut off when DECA spoke out.

"Rangers, there is an unknown force attacking the Angel Grove Downtown Business Area." DECA informed them.

"Ok, let's go!" Andros shouted out. "Karone, we need your help."

"I will be there in a minute." Karone told her brother.

"Alright! Let's Rocket!" Andros told the others. Each of the Rangers pulled out their morphers and tapped {3 3 5} on their control panel. In a bright spiral of color, the Rangers morphed into their outfits and teleported to Earth to meet the new menace.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Down in the peaceful city of Angel Grove, a fierce attack upon the city has taken way. The once clean and decorative Angel Grove Downtown Area was now turned to a wasteland like area. Buildings were turned into scrap metal; trees were turned into burning leafless bark. Also people ran around screaming for help, and away to get out of the fury of the attacker, the Power Rangers.

Six figures in Red, Black, Yellow, Pink, Silver, and Blue colored Ranger outfits, stood proud upon a building top looking down on the havoc that they have caused, and the destruction they have done. Cruel, inhuman, and heartless laughter came from them as they watched the citizens of Angel Grove run for ear life.

"Are you ready to have some fun?" the Red Ranger asked his counterparts in a deep echoing voice.

"Yea, lets make the Earth into a desert plain of destruction!" The Black Ranger added.

"Those humans will bow to our feet, and then we will destroy them!" the Silver Ranger said with glee.

"Along with the Power Rangers," the Yellow Ranger said in the same tone as the others, but with a feminine way.

"Right! Eh-heh-heh-heh-eh!" the Blue Ranger told the others with a psychotic laugh afterwards.

"Let's do it!" the Pink Ranger finally said.

They six Rangers jumped from the building top in pairs of two, Red & Silver, Black & Blue, Pink & Yellow. As the reached the street from below, the spun around and in a blast of color, their weapons appeared in their hands. Unlike their normal Astro Weapons, their new ones were dark colors and strangely shaped.

"Rangers, move out!" the Red Ranger said. "Destroy everything and leave no one or thing standing!"

"Psycho Arrow!" the Pink Ranger pulled back the string of her pink bow and a blue energy arrow appeared in it. "Times up!" She fired the arrow at a building top, and in an explosion; a large part of the building came crashing down to the street.

"Psycho Slinger!" the Yellow Ranger shouted out.

"Psycho Spinout!" the Blue Ranger said after.

The Yellow and Blue Rangers pointed their weapons at a giant statue of a woman holding a baby. They both fired a yellow and blue energy charge at the statue. As the blasts hit the graceful statue, it shattered into hundreds of tiny pieces that fell to the ground.

"Psycho Lance!" the Black Ranger said when he fired a black spherical shaped ball from his lance at a group of running people. When the orb hit the ground, blasts of fire raised from the surface around the running citizens. Luckily, the people escaped from the Black Ranger's wrath.

"Psycho Silverizer!" the Silver Ranger spoke out.

"Psycho Saber!" the Red Ranger added. The two Rangers charged at the group of people that were fleeing the Black Ranger. "You humans are done for!"

The Silver Ranger fired a silver blast to where the people were running. When an explosion happened, the people fell to the ground in pain. They huddled up together; the older people covered the children for protection against the Power Rangers. As the Rangers walked over to the people, the Red and Silver Ranger's lifted their blades, ready to strike the people.

"Time to die!" the Silver Ranger said with a cruel laugh.

"Enjoy your life while you an, the last five seconds of it!" the Red Ranger readied the weapon to strike. He and the Silver Ranger swung down to the people but were knocked over by three laser blasts that crashed into their backs.

"What was that!" the Red Ranger asked when he and the Silver Ranger looked around.

"Us!" a voice shouted out.

The Real Power Rangers rode in on their Galaxy Glider, with their Astro Blasters drawn. They placed them back in the holsters and jumped off their Glider to the street. With a shocked look under the Power Rangers helmets they looked at the fake Power Rangers that were destroying the city.

"Look!" shouted a civilian that the Evil Rangers were attacking. "The Real Power Rangers! The ones attacking us were fakes!"

"We may be fakes, but we are perfect!" the fake Pink Ranger said, when she joined the Silver and Red Rangers.

"I'm sure." Cassie smirked.

"Laugh now, die later!" the evil Black Ranger said as he and the Evil Blue, and Yellow Rangers joined the others.

"Rangers!" the Fake Red Ranger shouted out. "Get them!"

The Evil Rangers rushed after the Real Rangers, with their weapons drawn. The Real Rangers were ready for battle; they drew their Astro Weapons and rushed after the fake Rangers. Each Ranger took their fake counterpart.

The Pink Ranger jumped into the air with grace and speed. She readied her weapon to fire at the Evil Pink Ranger, who was just under her. She did a flip in mid air and then a dive kick to the false Pink Ranger. The phony Pink Ranger quickly dived out of the way of her counterpart. Cassie safely landed on the ground and looked around for the fake Pink Ranger.

"Huh, where did she go?" Cassie asked herself.

"Here!" The phony Pink Ranger did a dive kick to Cassie from behind. With this blow, Cassie felt face first into the hard street. "Always watch your back Pink Ranger!"

Cassie quickly regained her footing and faced the Evil Pink Ranger. The Phony Pink Ranger had her powerful bow in her hand as Cassie had her strong Satellite Stunner in hers. Cassie raised her Stunner to the Fake Pink Ranger and fired out several circular shaped blasts at her.

The False Pink Ranger simply put her hand up in front of the weapon charges and deflected them back to the Pink Ranger. In a blow of sparks, the Satellite Stunner's blasts crashed into her chest, throwing her weapon out of her hand. Cassie fell back a few feet, and stood weakly. The phony Pink Ranger raised her bow towards the real Pink Ranger, once again, she pulled back the string an arrow appeared. She fired the blue energy arrow at the Pink Ranger. Cassie once again was hit by a weapon charge and fell to the ground in a swarm of sparks.

"Come on Black Ranger! Or are you scared!" the false Black Ranger said with a totally evil toned voice. Carlos stood before the Fake Black Ranger, who was spiraling his lance around and around. "Don't tell me that a Ranger is afraid of little ol' me?"

"I can take you, and I will!" Carlos shouted out. He quickly rushed after his fake counterpart. Carlos swung his lance at the phony Black Ranger's chest, but missed when the Evil Black Ranger side stepped out of its way. The False Black Ranger took his opponent's clumsiness to his advantage. The Evil Black Ranger used his Psycho Lance and smashed it into Carlos' back. In a blast of sparks and smoke, Carlos fell to the ground.

The fallen Black Ranger tried to stand, but he was kicked in the stomach by his advisory the Phony Black Ranger. Carlos winced a bit when he fell back to the ground again. The fake Black Ranger looked at the fallen real Black Ranger, then he laughed.

"Pathetic Black Ranger!" the Evil Black Ranger taunted his foe.

"Star Slinger!" Ashley yelled out in mid-air as she pulled out her weapon and fired at the Fake Yellow Ranger who was a few feet away from her. The Star Slinger's blue balls of energy pass over the Phony Yellow Ranger when she ducked, then exploded behind her.

Ashley landed safely on the ground and rushed at the Evil Yellow Ranger. The Fake Yellow Ranger did the same. They both held onto their weapons and swiftly raced towards each other. As Ashley once again tried to fire a blast from her Star Slinger, the Phony Yellow Ranger did a jump flip over Ashley and the Star Slinger's weapon energy blasts. The Evil Yellow Ranger then landed a few feet behind her when the Slinger's blue energy balls exploded a few feet away from Ashley.

The Fake Yellow Ranger quickly spun around and blasted the Real Yellow Ranger in the back. Like Cassie and Carlos, Ashley fell to the ground in a fury of blazing sparks. The Phony Yellow Ranger just laughed at her fallen opponent.

TJ rushed after the Fake Blue Ranger with his Astro Axe in hand. He tried to slash at the phony Ranger, but failed. The Evil Blue Ranger blocked the Axe blow with his own weapon, a Blue Axe. Both tried to force their opponent to the ground through the force of the Axes. The Phony Blue Ranger was too strong for TJ; he forced him to the ground. TJ lost his balance and fell to his backside.

"Give it up Blue Ranger..... Eh-heh-heh-heh-heh-eh!" the Evil Blue Ranger said in a psychotic toned voice. "You are finished!"

"Guess again!" TJ said. He wrapped one of his legs around the Fake Blue Ranger's legs and forced him to the ground. With in a second, the Phony Blue Ranger was on the ground. TJ jumped up to his feet and pulled out his Astro Blaster and aimed it at the Blue Ranger. "Your finished!"

"Guess.... Eh-heh-heh-heh-heh-eh!" Evil Blue Ranger once again laughed psychopathically. "Again!" He turned into a bright flash of blue and jetted from the ground with rocket speed towards TJ. In a blaze of sparks, TJ fell to the ground when the blue blaze of light hit him.

Both Silver Rangers rushed forth at each other, their weapons drawn and facing one another. Both let out warrior cries once they begun their attack upon each other. The Evil Silver Ranger slashed his Psycho Silverizer across Zhane's chest, causing an explosion of sparks to happen. Zhane was knock back a bit, but regained his footing.

"Super Silverizer, Blaster Mode!" Zhane cried out. His weapon morphed into a gun that wrapped around his fore arm. "Game over, fake!" Zhane fired three blasts of silver energy to his enemy.

The Evil Silver Ranger just laughed like his evil Counterparts do at their opponents. When the laser blasts came towards him, he did like the Phony Pink Ranger did, he simply raised his hand in front of their path and deflected them back towards where they came from. The charges hit Zhane square in the chest, causing sparks to fly once again. Zhane fell to the street in pain.

"Come now Silver Ranger..... A true Power Ranger would not let that hold him down!" the Fake Silver Ranger let out another laugh and watched Zhane stand up to his feet. Zhane took his Silverizer into his hands and pointed it at the False Silver Ranger.

"That didn't hold me down!" Zhane said in a weak voice.

"Well, then this will!" like lighting speed, the Phony Silver Ranger raised his Psycho Silverizer and fired it at Zhane, knocking him off his balance with a folly of laser blasts. "See...."
"You are the last Ranger standing!" the Evil Red Ranger informed Andros. He pointed out every Ranger who had fallen to the Fake Ranger's wrath. "You are no match for me!"

"That is where you are wrong! I can and will destroy you, fake!" Andros shouted out to his Red Ranger counterpart. Andros lunged forward to the Phony Red Ranger with his Spiral Saber in his hand. He swung his sword at the Ranger, but was blocked in the process. The False Red Ranger then side kicked Andros in the ribs, causing him to fall back a little.

Andros then did a roundhouse kick at the Red Ranger, but he quickly ducked. While in a squat position, the Evil Red Ranger took the advantage of Andros' round house, he did a sweep kick and Andros lost his balance and fell over. The Fake Red Ranger then struck Andros in the chest while he was still on the ground. A fury of sparks sprang up when he hit him. Andros cried out in pain.

The Evil Red Ranger then rose to his feet, "Rangers! Begin the Brain Drain on your Ranger!" The others nodded their heads. The fake Ranger then put his hand out and reached for the Red Ranger, to his surprise was gone. "What?!?" He swiftly looked around to find him, but did not see him.

The other Fake Rangers also had "lost" their Power Rangers. Confusion swept all of the Evil Rangers minds, trying to figure out what happened to the other Rangers. Each looked around the entire Angel Grove Downtown Area with in their sights, but saw no Rangers.

"Where did they go?" the Phony Pink Ranger asked.

"If we knew then we would have them now wouldn't we Pink!" the Evil Silver Ranger told her, still looking.

"Well, like you we have some tricks up our sleeves too, Power Fakes!" Andros' voice echoed the area. "Lets do it!"

The Fake Rangers looked around for the place of the Red Ranger, but saw no one again. As they continued to look, the sounds of weapon charges were heard from behind them. When they turned around to see what that was, a giant spiral orb of Black, Blue, Pink, and Yellow charged at the Fake Black, Yellow, Blue, and Pink Rangers, knocking them over in an explosion when it hit them. Also a blast of Silver and Red lights were seen coming towards the Fake Silver and Red Rangers. Like the others, when it hit them, they fell over and exploded.

"We did it!" Cassie cheered when the Rangers reappeared in a blast of colorful light.

"Yes, bye-bye Fake Rangers!" Ashley said when she waved to the fallen Rangers.

"This was extremely tiresome." Carlos added.

"You can say that again." TJ told them.

"This was extremely tiresome." Zhane said repeating Carlos' comment. The others laughed at his joke.

"Now who is up for going back to the Megaship and resting?" Andros asked. All of the Rangers agreed and readied to teleport. But were knocked over by a powerful folly of thunderbolts.

The Rangers then weakly pulled themselves up to standing and looking around for where that thunder bolt came from. And to their surprise, they saw six figures walking towards them slowly. The six figures were dressed like the Red Psycho Ranger from Nosferata's Docking Bay, but in different colors. One in Blue, Black, Pink, Yellow, Silver, and Red.

"Who are they!?!" Andros asked worried.

"Oh, you will find out soon enough!" the Red one said. "For we are not Power Rangers of Fake Rangers, but Psycho Rangers!"

"But there are some differences between us as you can tell! Eh-heh-heh-heh-eh!' the Blue Psycho Ranger added.

"We are stronger then you!" the Silver one said.

"Faster then you!" the Black one told them.

"Smarter then you!" the Yellow one explained briefly.

"But we are evil!" the Pink one finished.

"What, that is impossible!" Andros said in disbelief

"Psycho Red!"

"Psycho Silver!"

"Psycho Black!"

"Psycho Blue!"

"Psycho Yellow!"

"Psycho Pink!"

"Now Psychos, lets show them what Psycho Rangers can do!" Psycho Red shouted out when him and his team of Psycho Rangers charged at the Power Rangers.

The Rangers had no choice but to fight. Each taking the Psycho Range that matched their color. In a row, each Ranger met up with one another. First the Yellow Psycho Ranger struck Ashley, causing a blast of sparks to happen when her fist meet her chest. Next the Blue Psycho Ranger elbowed TJ in the head, forcing him to fall back in a fury of sparks. Next Zhane meet up with Psycho Silver, who nailed him right in the upper chest area. In a swarm of sparks, Zhane fell over. Psycho Red then double punched Andros in the chest, causing a storm of sparks that forced him to the ground. The Black Psycho Ranger kicked Carlos right in the chest and then hit him in the helmet. Like the others, he was injured in a folly of sparks that flew out everywhere. Psycho Pink took a hold of Cassie's neck and pulled her chest into her knee. Cassie then fell to the ground in utter pain. The Psycho Rangers stood over the Rangers and just laughed at their defeat.

"Psycho Rangers!" Psycho Red shouted out. "Begin the Brain Drain at once!" The Psychos nodded and swiftly placed their hands on their Ranger's Helmet.

The Power Rangers tried to struggle out of their grip, but it was impossible, they were trapped in that position. Then the Psycho Rangers hands started to glow their color, and started to absorb the Ranger's Powers, Memories, and entire way of thinking. For the past few moment, the Rangers relived their entire life, memory by memory, feeling by feeling, sense by sense. Every painful part, glorious part, and the normal parts were lived up to the fullest of reality, but only one thing was different, the Psycho Rangers were the Rangers in their memories.

As the Brain Drain continued, a bright flash of purple light was not noticed high above the Psycho Ranger's Heads. Gracefully, a Purple Galaxy Glider flew through the air with great speed and headed towards the Psycho Rangers. On the Glider was the Purple Ranger, caring an Astro Blaster in her hand and the Delta Dagger in the other.

"Hey you, leave my friends alone!" Karone shouted out. The Psycho Rangers looked up to see the Purple Ranger jump off her Galaxy Glider, in mid air, she fired six blasts of her Astro Blaster. The Blasts crashed into the Psychos and forced them to stop the brain drain as they fell away from the Power Rangers.

"What! Another Ranger!" Psycho Pink said surprised and angered.

"That's right, and this Ranger is going to destroy you!" Karone said after she landed safely.

"Guess again, Purple Ranger!" Psycho Red said. He and the other Psycho Rangers charged after the Purple Ranger.

Karone once again aimed her Astro Blaster at the Psycho Rangers. She fired four rounds of laser blasts at the Blue and Yellow Psycho Rangers. When they hit their target, both Psychos fell back when the other four Psychos still attacked Karone. She placed her Blaster back in its holster and readied to attack the Psycho Rangers. The Psycho Pink Ranger was the first to meet up with the Purple Ranger. Psycho Pink tried t sweep her, but Karone jumped up into the air and then kicked Psycho Pink in the head, throwing her off balance. Psycho Black was the next to face Karone, but when he ran up to him, he quickly meet the fury of the Delta Dagger as it slashed across his chest, creating a fury of sparks to explode as he fell to the ground.

"Alright Purple Ranger, prepare to meet your fate!" Psycho Red shouted at Karone. "I will destroy you along with the Red Ranger!"

"Guess again Psycho Creep!" Karone said mocking him. "There is only one way you are going to beat us- - wait, there is no way you can beat us, sorry!"

When Psycho Red and Silver charged at the Purple Ranger, a wave of bright blue light swept the entire area of the city. When it past over the Psycho Rangers, they turned into a blaze of colorful light and vanished into thin air. With a look of surprise on Karone's face (under her helmet of course) she rushed over to her fallen friends.

"Andros!" Karone ran next to her brother, the Red Ranger and helped him to his weakened feet. "Andros are you ok?"

"Yeah- - " Andros said weakly. "I- - will be alright."

"We had better get you back to the ship." Karone told him and the others. They all were able to stand to their feet and teleport away in a bright flash of light.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Back on the Bridge of the Dark Fortress, Nosferata just finished watching the last few moments of the Battle of the Power Rangers vs the Psycho Rangers. With a pleased look on her face she turned around and pressed a button on a panel. The images of the battle faded off the main screen.

In the back of the Bridge, a door opened and the angry Psycho Rangers walked through it. Psycho Red led the way to Nosferata with his fellow Psychos behind him. With anger, Psycho Red pushed a Q-Tron out of his way and into the wall.

"Why did you pull us out of Battle!?!" Psycho Red asked in anger. "We almost destroyed the Purple Ranger and the others!"

"What how you speak to me Psycho!" Nosferata said in false anger. "Or I will destroy you where you stand!"

"When will we get to destroy the Rangers?" Psycho Yellow asked in annoyance.

"Soon!" Nosferata told them briefly.

"When is that!" Psycho Blue bursts out.

Nosferata spun around to face Psycho Blue. She took hold of her staff and struck his across the face. She then fired a red thunder bolt from her staff towards Psycho Red and Yellow, temporarily weakening them. Both of the Psychos fell to the ground along side Psycho Blue.

"Know your place.... Psychos!! Or like I said before.... I will destroy you where you stand!" Nosferata told them.

Psycho Red, Yellow, and Blue pulled themselves up to their feet and one by one of the six Psychos, stormed out of the Bridge. As Red was about to leave, he turned around and faced Nosferata. "As you wish!" he said. "For now!" He then left the Bridge.

"Hmm....." Nosferata said to herself when she entered her Private Chamber. From behind, Vampirell also entered her chamber when he took a set behind her desk. "What do you want Vampirell?"

"Please My Empress, tell me why you have taken the Psychos from the battle?" Vampirell asked.

"Long ago, before Astronema was around... Dark Spectre treated me as he did her. I was his prize protegee. He had me do all of his work for him. But then his new work of art came along, Astronema!" Nosferata explained. "Then I dropped out of favor with him and was forced to give up my Power Scepter to my successor, that infant Astronema!"

"What does this have to do with the Psychos?" Vampirell asked in confusion.

"I am taking my revenge out on Dark Spectre!" Nosferata shouted out in pleasure. "The Psychos grand energy comes from the very source of Spectre's, and with every fight, they use up more energy, draining it from Spectre and leaving himself dry! This will be my revenge against Spectre! Like Astronema did to me, I will succeed Spectre and become the new Grand Monarch of Evil!"

"Excellent plan my Empress." Vampirell said with an evil grin, showing his vampire fangs. "Is there anything I can do as of now?"

"Yes, inform Dark Spectre we have seven rangers to deal with now and that we need another Psycho.... The Purple Psycho Ranger!" Nosferata said happily. "With more Psychos comes more power, and comes the end of Spectre!"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In the Medical Ward onboard the Astro Megaship, the Power Rangers are in there getting checked out for their injuries. Karone and Alpha 6 are the only ones who were standing; the other six rangers were laying on the Med-Beds. From person to person, Alpha6 walked over to them and scanned them to see if they were all right.

"Ayi-yi-yi!" Alpha 6 cried out. "This is not good." She slowly scanned TJ who was unconscious like his Ranger Counterparts. "He is very weak, like the others."

"Is there anything you can do for him Alpha?" Karone asked worriedly.

"Yes, he will be fine, but he needs at least a few days to rest." Alpha explained. "That Brain Drain the Psycho Blue Ranger did really drained him of most of his energy. He will not be able to stand for much of a fight against him if he attacks anytime soon."

"Well, knowing Dark Spectre, he wants us out of the way." Karone told him. She then turned her head to face the door to the Medical Ward, where a figure stood. A creature of all black, and green lines over his body. Also he had little mechanical devises running through out his body.... it was Ecliptor.

"Yes indeed, he will destroy us all my Princess." Ecliptor said in a weak voice.

This is not the end, but more like the beginning. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .