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Elemental Rangers: The Prolouge
By Chantel Oliver

January 15th, 2016

In the desert of Angel Grove a familiar building lies all alone, unnoticed to the human eye, but inside lies a secret that had been laid to rest for 16 years until now. The Secret Of The Power Rangers. An android ran around looking for different things, as an alarm went off.

"Ay Yi Yi! Ryanaza is here!" The android says.

"Yes Alpha, I know. Its all right. I have already thought of a solution. I will chose six teenagers to be the new Power Rangers." A woman with long curly brown hair says.

"Teenagers!" Alpha exclaims. "Anything but that Dimitrea." Alpha says.

"Yes but not any ordinary teenagers! These teenagers are the sons and daughters of old Power Rangers." Dimtrea replies.

"All right Dimitrea, I trust you." Alpha says.

Meanwhile on the moon a space ship had landed and a girl with long Purple hair and Purple eyes stepped out, behind her was Goldar and Scorpina.

"Looks like someone has finally come back to the moon palace." The girl says, behind her Putties, Tengas and Quanatrons walk.

"Yes Ryanaza someone finally has." Goldar replies.

"I think that we should wait a little to see if Delphine will get a new group of Rangers." Ryanaza says.

"Yes, mistress that is a great idea." Goldar says.

"Good now lets go into the moon palace and set things up." Ryanaza orders everyone, and they all walk in.

I ran though the parking lot, up to the school, panting for breath. I stopped for a second to catch my breath and then I ran into the school. I walked to my locker and opened it up. "Ahh there you are, my evil math homework!" I say to my self and turn around. There stands Mike Narvey and Jason Schriner. "What do you two want now?" I say sounding annoyed, which I am considering that they are like the MOST annoying people in the world.

"Well, Your going ON a date with me tomorrow, and then on Wensday your going out with Jason." Mike tells me.

"Um, I don't think so, bonehead! I am NOT going on a date with a person who orders me too! AND You two aren't my type." I tell them.

"Come on Chantel! Please!" Jason adds.

"I think she said NO! Which part of No don't you bird brains understand?" A boy with shoulder length Black hair says.

"Who are you? And this Isn't your conversation." Mike tells him.

"I invited him!" I say sweetly.

"My names Mateo!" He says.

"Whatever! We're leaving!" Mike tells us.

"Oh you're leaving me already!? What a shame." I say sarcastically. Then Jason and Mike walk away. I turn around smiling. "Hi, I'm Chantel and I really gotta go! I have to meet a new student to show around and I am already 4 minutes late! Ms. Townsley is gonna kill me!" I say.

"If your Chantel Oliver, then you must be the person who's gonna show me around the school." Mateo tells me.

"That's me." I say. "What classes do you have?" I ask him.

"Um, I have Math, Science, English, Lunch, Spanish, History, and Study Hall." He says.

"You have Math, English, Lunch, Spanish, History ,and Study hall with me." I tell him.

"That's cool." he says and we start to walk to our classes. Later on at the end of the day, I ask him if he wants to go to the juice bar with me, my sister and, my friends. "Ok, sure. How do I get there?" Mateo questions.

"I'm driving." I tell him.

"Ok." he says.

"Just to let you know my sister and I are twins." I say. "But, There are big differences between us." I add. Then we walk outside and Mateo meets my twin. "Andrea this is Mateo. Mateo this is Andrea." I say. "Hi." They both say.

"Lets go." I tell them and we get in my Purple jeep and leave. When we get to the juice bar, we see our friends Chris, Ben and Destiny.

"Hey Guys!" Destiny yells.

"Hey, This Is Mateo. Mateo this Is Destiny, Chris and Ben." I say.

"Hi." They all say.

"Chantel, up for a karate match?" Chris asks.

"Yeah, Chris if your ready for a beat down." I say jokingly.

"Funny Chantel." Chris says and we both go change. After I walk out we take our positions.

"Ready?" I say, Chris nods his head. Chris punches at me first and I counteract that move and kick him. He loses balance. " 0 points for you. 1 Point for me." I say and get back into my position. I punch at Chris but he ducks and kick at me, I flip out of the way and he falls. "2 points for me. 0 for you." I say. After that Chris gets me down once and then I kick him and gain my last point. "Good job Chris." I say.

"Thanks Chantel." Chris says.

"Chantel, How bout you and I try once?" Mateo asks and he is already in an karate gi.

"Ok." I say and we start. It ends up in a tie. "Great Job." I say.

"Thanks, how did you learn all of that?" Mateo asks.

"Well My father is the famous Martial Arts Instructor Tommy Oliver and My mom is a famous Gymnast. I learned Kung Fu from Trini and Hip Hip Kiedo from Zack." I say.

"Oh, I see." Mateo answers.

In the command Center Delphine decides its time for the Rangers. "Alpha its Time." She says. Alpha nods and hits a button.

At the juice bar an earthquake hit. Just as Chantel, Andrea, Destiny, Mateo, and Chris go to get out they are teleported to the command center.

On the moon Ryanaza laughs. "Its time." She says and sends Quanatrons to earth.

"Lets see how these new Rangers can handle the Quanatrons!" Goldar says and laughs.

"Yes, lets see." Scorpina says and laughs with Ryanaza and Goldar.

Meanwhile The six of us stand in the command center looking completely clueless of our sourundings. I look around and notice Mateo. "Mateo?" I asked.

"Yeah It's me." He said.

There was a Woman with long blonde hair standing there along with a weird robot.

"Where are we?" Destiny asks.

"Well we're not in Kansas anymore Toto." I say.

"You are in the Command Center. We have chosen you to be the newest addition to the Power Rangers." The woman told us.

Our faces droped open and we all had a surprised look on our faces.

To Be Continued in: Elemental Rangers:: The Begining


To be continued . . .