Power Rangers Return to Zeo
Episode One
By Anonymous Author

With the destruction of the Power Chamber Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Tanya, and Kat return to Angel Grove and they go to the power Chamber and find Justin standing there looking over the wreckage of the once mighty Power Chamber.

Kat says "How did this happen." Justin says "Divatox overran us and we lost are powers and I found this." Justin holds up a mysterious box and then moves over to the Rangers and they open it and the face of Zordon appears and says "Former Rangers I am returning the Zeo crystal with you and with a map of the next five Zeo crystals to complete the crystal Tommy you are still the leader but when you find the crystals you must find 5 more rangers and there colors will be Aqua, purple, Silver, Orange, and Black and they will increase your powers 50 times and then you will be able to defend Earth from ant forces that are there but those people must be pure of heart mind and soul." with that Zordon ended the message.

"So what are we going to do" said Kat.

Tommy said "Look for some people to help with the powers."

Everyone looks at Justin but he says "Don't look at me I didn't go with the other rangers is because I am moving to I different state with my dad."

Then Adam got an Idea "How about Josh, Carrie, Billy, Jordan, and Violet."

Everyone agrees and then they go and find the five kids.

Episode Two
"Aqua Rises!"

Tommy is out looking for Josh to become the Aqua Ranger and pilot that the Alligator Zord and then he runs in to Carrie and then asks if she has seen Josh and she said " Last time I saw him he was at the Juice Bar then he went for a jog in the park and then go home and rest from practicing Ninja today you know he has a tournament tomorrow right."

Tommy said "No I was just wondering if you had seen him I need to talk to him about something important I will go by his house and talk to him and ask him the question and Carrie Tanya was looking for you too"

Tommy goes by Josh's house and find out he is upstairs and Josh Said "hey Tommy was sup" Tommy said nothing much and he needed to talk to him privately so he closed the door and Morphed" and Josh said "No way r u really a power Ranger."

Tommy than goes up to Josh and teleports them to the old command center and they found some old files and the then go through them and find plans for a new Command center but the need the new Zeo crystal to do it so they send him on his quest to find the Alligator Zord that has the crystal in it.

To Be Continued . . . .