The Jedi Knights of Earth and Beyond
by Kirsten Sihlanick

Chapter One

It was another hot and sunny August day in Angel Grove, but six attractive teenagers didn't seem to notice. "What a boring day it's been," exclaimed Jason to the other five at the Juice Bar, "With no monsters to fight for three days it gets pretty dull around here." Of course Jason was talking about Lord Zedd's monsters. What else was a Power Ranger to talk about to the other rangers when they all know something just didn't feel right. "I wish there was another adventure for us to do instead of doing homework or a test." What they didn't know was that there was another adventure for them just right around the corner.

* * *
"How is your stay so far your highnesses," asked Kofi, a short rust colored Martian who works at the famous Kwadzo Hotel in Moonbeam City on the planet Mars.

"Excellent, Kofi, excellent!" answered sixteen year old Prince Nassir of Ironos, "Ever since Rakia and I got here we've been having the best time of our lives!"

"Yeah. This is way better than studying all day in that cold castle back home," agreed Princess Rakia, twin sister of Nassir.

"Well, I'm glad I caught you in a good mood. I just came to tell you that your city tour guide is in the lobby waiting for you," exclaimed Kofi.

"Thank you, " Rakia said as Kofi walked off.

"Let's go!" Nassir said enthusiastically as he dashed down the stairs with Rakia right behind him.

* * *
The tour started out like any other tour until they were stopped by Abdu, the teenagers' former teacher who had secretly followed them from Ironos. "Abdu! What are you doing here?! " questioned Nassir.

"I've come to take you to Emperor Gunnar himself, " answered the sly teacher.

"Why should we go with you to Todak?!" shouted Rakia in an angry, but frightened, voice.

"You better come with me," said the teacher pulling out a knife from his coat pocket as a group of Todakian foot soldiers came out from an alley.

"RUN!!" shouted Rakia as she and Nassir started to dash off towards where they left their spaceship. "We can't stay here. We've got to get out of here!"

Once they had reached their ship they quickly climbed aboard and started it up. They went through Mars' atmosphere, but they weren't safe yet. Right behind them Abdu's ship was firing laser blasts. "Hang on," said Nassir to Rakia as he turned the ship around and fired blasts stronger than Abdu's. Suddenly Abdu's ship blew up, but not with Abdu. He had ejected and, since Mars' gravitational pull was so strong, started towards Mars' surface.

"Did he do any serious damage to the ship?" asked Rakia, coming into the cockpit.

"If you think that a laser blast springing a leak in the fuel tank is serious, then, yes," answered Nassir, leaning back in his seat, he looked up at her.

"Does the leak destroy our chance of getting home?" asked Rakia looking out the cockpit window in the direction of Ironos.

"Yes, but we do have enough fuel to get us to one of neighboring planets of Mars. If we go to one of them we're sure to be safe," answered Nassir after looking at the control panel for a while. "So, what shall we do: float around in space until our life supports are gone, go to Jupiter, or go to Earth?"

"One thing for sure is that we are not going to float around in space," Rakia thought aloud. "We can go to Jupiter, but we would have to work in the mines for the rest of our lives, but I don't see anything bad about going to Earth. After all, we do look a little like the people there." Rakia was right that Ironnites look like Earthlings, except all Ironnites, except the king's family, have symbols on their foreheads. The king's family look more like the people from Edenoi with crystals on their foreheads, except the Ironos' king's family have what look like symbols of Egyptian hieroglyphics.

"Then let's go there," said Nassir while turning the ship around in the opposite direction.

* * *
"So, what should we do now?" asked Tommy finishing up his mango juice.

"We could take a walk in the park. Maybe that will give us an idea of what to do," suggested Trini.

"Sounds good to me," said Billy, grabbing his crutches. "I need some exercise anyway."

"I'll go with you too, Trini," said Jason. "Anybody else want to go with us?"

"You guys go on. The rest of us are going to the mall," answered Kimberly, smiling as she stood up.

"Again?" whined Zack.

"We've gone to the mall with you for the past three days. Can't we do something else? Please?" pleaded Tommy.

"No. Besides, they're having a big sale today in every store," said Kimberly tugging at Tommy's arm giving him her best, sad, puppy face.

"Oh, all right, but this is the last time we go to the mall with you for the rest of the month. Got it?" warned Tommy.

"Okay," agreed Kim in a unhappy voice as they walked out of the Juice Bar.

"Let's go," Trini said to Jason and Billy and off they went to the park where a big surprise was waiting for them.

* * *
"This, so far, has not given me any ideas of what to do, but this surely is relaxing," said Jason as they walked down the path.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm tired. Is it okay if we go rest under that tree over there?" questioned Billy, his voice sounded exhausted.

"Sure. Resting in the shade is music to my ears," answered Trini as they walked over to a shady tree. Suddenly the rangers heard a roaring sound coming from the sky. They looked up just in time to see what looked like a ball of fire crash into the earth about a kilometer away.

"What was that?" asked Trini.

"My guess is that it's a very large meteorite of some sort," answered Billy looking up at the sky.

"Let's go find out what it was," said Jason as he started to run towards the crash site.
Chapter Two

"Jason! Wait up! "shouted Trini at the top of her lungs, but Jason didn't seem to hear her. Finally Billy and Trini caught up with him when he stopped about five yards from a smoking alien spaceship. Their eyes grew wide as they scrutinized it.

"No one's in it," Jason told them when he noticed they had reached his side. "I've already checked, but the door looked like it was forced open. If it was, someone... or something... can be seriously hurt."

"Let's look around for whatever was in the spaceship," suggested Trini, not taking her eyes off the ship. "Maybe we could help it."

"Good idea, Trini. You and Billy look over there," Jason said pointing to the south side of the lake. "I'll look over at the north side of the lake."

"Okay. Good luck, Jason," said Trini.

"Good luck to you, too," echoed Jason over his shoulder as he headed for the north side of the lake.

"Well, let's get to the search," said Trini to Billy and off they went to their searching area.

* * *
"Hmmm. What do we have here?" asked Lord Zedd to himself as he gazed through his visor at the park, "It appears that we have some unwelcome alien visitors in my galaxy."

"Zedd, what do you mean by your galaxy?!" questioned Rita in a bitter tone as she sauntered onto the balcony.

"Excuse me for my mistake. I meant our galaxy," corrected Lord Zedd with a growl. "There are some newcomers on Earth that I sense have unusual powers. We could force them to use their powers to destroy the Power Rangers and take over the world for us!"

"Zeddie, sometimes I think your ideas are the worst in the universe, but this time I think you're on to something," complimented Rita, "From this point on the galaxy is going to be mi- I mean ours!"

* * *
"What are we going to do, Nassir?" asked Rakia as they rested behind some bushes so they wouldn't be seen, "I sense Gunnar coming to get us."

"There's only one thing we can do," answered Nassir looking at the ground, "and it's not repairing our ship."

"No! Not that! Is there any other way we can avoid that!" shrieked Rakia, "I don't want to do transferation!"

"We have no choice, Rakia. If we don't we'll be in more danger than when we started out, " explained Nassir to his trembling sister, putting a hand on her shoulder. "And I don't think we have to wait long. I sense two earthlings heading in this direction."

* * *
"Do you see anything yet, Billy?" asked Trini while looking through the cattails.

"No, but I hear something coming from those bushes," whispered Billy pointing to a clump of bushes beside the edge of the lake.

Slowly moving towards the bushes they started hearing low whispers and fabric being ripped. They were about three feet away when a boy and a girl around their age dressed in unfamiliar clothing popped out from behind the bushes, with a silver ribbons wrapped around their heads, startling Billy and Trini. "Hello. How are you two on this bright sunny day?" asked the boy, stepping out of the bushes.

"F-Fine," answered Trini shyly, "But may I ask what you were doing behind those bushes?"


"Why were you hiding?"

"We were hiding, Trini, because we didn't want any attention drawn to us because we are not Earthlings," replied Rakia.

"How did you know her name?" asked Billy shocked. His eyes were growing wide.

"When you have special powers like ours, Billy, you can do things like that," replied Nassir. "But we need your help."

Billy and Trini grew pale as Rakia and Nassir took off the ribbons around their heads to reveal crystals with hieroglyphic symbols on them. Rakia's had the beetle which represented good luck to the Egyptians and Nassir had a key- like symbol which was said to open the door to the Egyptians "under world." Edenoids?

"I'd like to introduce ourselves. I am Nassir and this is my twin sister Rakia. We are the children of King Mahmud, ruler of Ironos," said Nassir with a graceful bow.

"What do you want from us?" asked Trini trying to sound brave, although deep inside she was scared to death.

"All you need to do is let us transfer ourselves to you two in transferation so we can be hopefully safe from emperor of Todak who is coming for us. If you don't, our lives and your whole planet could belong to him," explained Nassir.

Billy and Trini looked at each other and turned pale. Could these two Ironnites mean more trouble for the Power Rangers to deal with? "Transferation? What's that?" questioned Trini curiously.

"Transferation is when an Ironnite combines his or her life to another being to protect themselves. So, will you do it? I'm positively sure no harm will come to you if you do so," said Rakia.

Billy and Trini looked at each other again. They are protectors of the Earth. Should they agree so they can save the Earth from the newcomer's clutches when he arrives?

Of course they should and will agree. "Okay. We'll do it. Just tell us what to do," announced Billy, still a little uneasy.

"Very well," replied Rakia.

"Will you, Trini, step in front of Rakia and Billy in front of me," instructed Nassir, "Now, Trini, hold Rakia's hands. Billy you do the same with mine. Close your eyes and clear your thoughts."

Suddenly Rakia and Nassir turned into spirits and went into Billy and Trini in a second. When Billy and Trini opened their eyes they were alone. All that was left of the Ironnites were the ribbons that they had worn around their heads.

Trini bent down and picked them up. "Who knows. They may come in handy later," she said to Billy rubbing them between her fingers.

"Hey, where have you two been? I've been looking all over for you," said Jason as he walked towards Billy and Trini startling them.

"Just... uhh... look at this weird ripped material," replied Trini handing the two ribbons that Rakia and Nassir were wearing to Jason.

"Maybe we should go meet with the others at the Juice Bar to discuss what had happened. I've contacted them and they'll meet us there," suggested Jason looking at Billy and Trini with a suspicious look. "Are they trying to hide something from me?" thought Jason.

"Uhh... okay, but we would like to stop at the library on the way. Okay?" said Billy trying really hard not get Jason more suspicious.

"Okay, but only for ten minutes. Tommy and the others are expecting us in twenty," replied Jason as they walked out of the park and towards the Angel Grove Library.

* * *
At the library, Billy and Trini began to carefully scan the shelves of the bookcase where the mythical story books were held. "Why are you scanning the books on these shelves? I thought you would look at the books over in the nonfiction section," said Jason getting more suspicious by the minute.

"We think that they may give us some clues about the... ummm... fabric," replied Billy not looking up from his scanning.

"I found two copies of a book that could be useful to us, Billy," said Trini pulling off the shelf the two copies of a book called Myths of Super - Powered Aliens.

"Excellent! Good work, Trini," praised Billy receiving one of the copies from her. "Let's go check them out."

After checking the books out of the library, the three rangers headed towards the Juice Bar.

* * *
"Cage Master! Scanzenizer! Get up here!" shouted Lord Zedd in an furious voice.

"What is it, Lord Zedd? What is troubling you?" questioned Cage Master, a monster of Lord Zedd's that looked like a giant rusted key with a bird cage on top of it. Behind him was Scanzenizer who is also one of Lord Zedd's creations. He looked like a muscular metal man with a laser scanner as a head.

"While you two were discussing how to capture the Ironnites, they had already done transferation with two citizens of Angel Grove! " answered Zedd getting more furious as he talked. "You now have to go to Earth and scan everyone in Angel Grove until you find the two who did transferation with the Ironnites. I must have their powers. Go and charge up for you're sure to come across a battle with the Power Rangers. Now get out of my sight!"
Chapter Three

"Hey, guys. What took you so long to get here? We've been waiting for you five minutes longer than we had planned," said Tommy as Jason, Trini, and Billy came towards the table.

"On the way we stopped at the library because these two said they needed to get a book. They say it may help us find out what kind of fabric this is," replied Jason handing the silver ribbons to Tommy.

After looking at them for a few minutes Tommy asked," Where did you get these ribbons?" Jason began telling Tommy, Zack, and Kimberly about what had happened in the park. While Jason told the others about what had happened, Billy and Trini were reading the myth about the Jedi Knights, Mindtalkers, and Liquidnators which read:

Jedi Knights are warriors that are believed to have special powers. By using what the story tellers say they called the Force, the warriors were believed to have telekinetic powers, able to see the future or the past, able to read someone's feelings, read life signs, send warnings to other Jedi, sense other Jedi Knights, and fight with liteweight swords called lightsabers.

Mindtalkers are a race of aliens that are believed to be able to communicate with each other by using thought waves. They also are believed to be able to teleport anywhere in the universe they want to go in a second.

Liquidnators are a race of aliens believed to be able to turn themselves into puddles of water and then back to their normal forms. They are also believed to shoot yellow electric waves from the hands, mess up electricity, and break codes to electrical locks on doors.

"Billy! Trini! Someone left this for you!" shouted Ernie from behind the counter, interrupting their reading.

Trini went up to get a long package wrapped up in the same silver fabric that Nassir and Rakia had worn. "What's this?" asked Trini to herself as she set the bundle on the table she and Billy were sitting at and started to open it. Inside the cloth were two unusual bamboo swords and two deactivated lightsabers.

"Wow! Look at these devises!" said Billy while picking up one of the lightsabers, "They're incredible!"

"What's this?" said Trini putting down the bamboo sword and picking up an envelope.

"Open it," suggested Billy.

Trini opened the envelope and pulled out a letter which read:

Here are our lightsabers which we had used for years since we constructed them. Now we give them to you. The bamboo swords are practice wood sabers which are used to practice your new skills with a lightsaber. Be careful with them and keep them in good condition. Do not use the lightsabers unless you are forced to. Remember: fear, anger, and depression are part of the Dark Side.

May the Force be with you.
Rakia & Nassir

* * *
"Let's go see if we are able to use a lightsaber," Trini said handing Billy a wood saber and putting one of the lightsabers and the silver cloth in her backpack.

"Hey, guys, what are those?" asked Tommy, interrupting Jason who was still telling what had happened in the park.

"Oh, just some unique bamboo poles," answered Trini as Billy pulled out a small spray can of his invisiblity formula from his shirt pocket after he put his lightsaber in his bookbag. He opened the can and sprayed the substance on his cast. The cast vanished and Billy started moving his foot around in circles, suprising everyone, including himself.

"Whoa! How did you do that?!" asked Zack in total shock, raising his eyebrows.

"I... uhh... I've invented a spray that I am able to use so I can walk around without crutches for a certain amount of time, but I only use it when necessary," lied Billy, getting to his feet after he had taken his sneaker and his sock off his right foot.

"Come on, Billy!" shouted Trini, twirling the wood saber in her right hand.

"Coming," replied Billy grabbing his wood saber and walking over to where the mats were set up.

Billy and Trini faced each other on the mats and lifted their wood sabers to attack position with both hands on the handles. The others watched in amazement as Billy and Trini began striking the sabers together using a method they had never seen before and were certainly not expecting Billy and Trini to know it. SMACK! The wood sabers struck each other with a noise that sounded like thunder. Hit after hit made it sound like a thunder storm.

After about a half an hour Trini suddenly made a mistake by missing Billy's wood saber. Quick as lightning Billy moved his wood saber to Trini's unguarded side. "Gotcha," exclaimed Billy showing Trini her mistake and then pointing the wood saber down to the ground. All the people who had been watching them applauded.

"Boy, am I tired," said Trini.

"Me too," agreed Billy. "Let's go back to the table."

When Billy sat down his cast reappeared. "The spray must have worn off since I've been sweating a lot," he groaned placing his broken foot on an empty chair.

"That was amazing!" said Tommy in a shocked voice while walking over to them. "Where did you learn that?"

"Yeah, I want you to teach me that so I can use it in a new dance I'm making up," agreed Zack from behind Tommy.

Billy and Trini looked at each other. Should they tell their friends now what had really happened at the south side of the lake? "Uhh... we'll tell you some other time. Right now we need to go to the Command Center so Alpha and Zordon can look at the fabric," replied Trini, changing the subject.

"Okay," said Jason looking again suspiciously at Billy and Trini, "Let's go."

The rangers went into the abandoned trophy room and teleported to the Command Center.

* * *
"Power Rangers. What brings you here?" asked Alpha 5 when the rangers appeared in the Command Center.

"We need you to take a look at something," replied Tommy handing Alpha the ribbons.

"Where did you get these?!" Alpha asked as he looked carefully at the ribbons. Jason then began to tell, again, the story about the spaceship crash.

"Alpha, scan the torn fabric," ordered Zordon after Jason finished, "I sense something unusual on them." The robot began moving a scanner back and forth over the fabric.

"The scanner reads that there is a faint reading of something unidentifiable on the fabric," said Alpha putting the cloth down. "It doesn't seem to be harmful though."

Billy and Trini felt a shiver run up their spines, but they tried not to show it. "What's going on?" Billy thought to himself.

He was startled to receive a response to his question. "I don't know, Billy," came a voice in his head. Trini? Billy looked at her wide - eyed, but quickly calmed down when he remembered about now being part Mindtalker.

Just then the alarm went off.
Chapter Four

"Lord Zedd's latest monsters, Cage Master and Scanzenizer, are in Angel Grove Park scanning all the citizens. You must stop them at once," commanded Zordon to the six rangers.

"But why are they scanning people?" questioned Tommy.

"It is uncertain at this point," replied Zordon. "Even so, you must stop them. Go now and may the power protect you."

"Understood, Zordon," Tommy said, "It's Morphin Time!!!"





"Sabertooth Tiger!"


The rangers appeared in the park in time to see two children being scanned. While being scanned, the children were frozen. "Hey, Flathead! Leave those kids alone!" shouted Jason to Scanzenizer.

Scanzenizer stopped scanning the kids, freeing them from their frozen stage, and turned around and faced the Power Rangers. "No one, and I mean no one, calls me Flathead!" cried Scanzenizer and shot laser scanner blasts at the rangers making them fall to the ground.

"Oops! Scanzenizer, we forgot to invite the rangers to our scanning party. How should we forgive them?" asked Cage Master as the rangers slowly began to get to their feet.

"By giving them their own special scanning party!" shrieked Scanzenizer sending his scanning waves towards the now charging Power Rangers.

"Look out!" shouted Tommy to the others. They all quickly moved away before the scanning waves hit them.

"Whew! That was a close one," Trini thought-waved to Billy.

"You got that right," Billy thought-waved back. "Now it's time to see how strong Metal-Man is without his scanning abilities."

Billy squinted his eyes and concentrated on destroying Scanzenizer's scanner. Almost instantly the monster's scanner head began sparking. Scanzenizer cried out in furry as he fell to the ground and blew up.

"What the?!" exclaimed Jason. "How did that happen?"

"Well, whatever happened this is our chance to get Bird-Cage over there," said Tommy pointing directly at Cage Master.

"Who, me? Oh, you don't want to destroy me. What destruction could I do?" exclaimed Cage Master trying to sneak out of the situation.

"Plenty," replied Trini in an angry voice slowly walking towards the monster.

She began concentrating on disintegrating the small black key that was on a chain around Cage Master's neck. It suddenly fell to the ground in ashes. "NOOOO!!" screamed Cage Master as he fell to the ground and also blew up.

"Whoa! What is going on around here?" asked Zack in total shock.

"Maybe Zordon can answer that," suggested Kim.

"Good thinking, Kim. Let's go," ordered Tommy lifting his communicator up to his chest.

"Uhh... Trini and I will stay here. You go on," exclaimed Billy as he and Trini demorphed.

"Okay," answered Jason slowly staring at the two sixteen-year-olds from under his helmet for a while before he and the others teleported away.

* * *
"Those fools!" shouted Lord Zedd furiously as he smashed his fist onto the railing. "I can't believe they were stupid enough not to recharge their powers."

"But, Your Majesty," exclaimed Finster as he strolled into the throne room, "I saw them recharging while I was working in my lab. Their power level was at a hundred percent before they left."

"Hmmmm...." muttered Lord Zedd to himself while thinking. Suddenly, the ground began to shake. Objects began falling all over the place.

"What's going on?!" screeched Rita as she stumbled into the throne room.

"EARTHQUAKE!!!" shouted Squatt and Babboo in unison as they dove under a table.

When the ground stopped shaking, Lord Zedd went onto the balcony to see what had caused the surface of the moon to shake. After a while of searching, Lord Zedd cried, "Oh no! It can't be!"

* * *
Billy and Trini were quietly talking to one another as they headed down the path when Billy felt the hair on the back of his necks stand on end. His legs began to feel like jelly. He tried to stay standing, but his legs gave in on him. He fell to his knees as a headache began to form.

"What's going on?" asked Trini terrified.

"I don't know," answered Billy holding his head with his hands.

His headache became so bad that it knocked Billy unconscious.

"Zordon, this is Trini. Come in!" Trini shouted into her communicator.

"Yes, Trini. What is it?" asked Zordon with concern.

"I need Alpha to teleport me and Billy to the Command Center. Hurry!" Trini cried. She and the unconscious Billy teleported to the Command Center.

"What happened to him?" asked Zack when Billy and Trini materialized in the Command Center.

"I don't know!" Trini shouted. Tears started streaking down her cheeks. "I have no clue!"

"Now what's happening?" asked Tommy staring at Billy, lying on the cot. The others looked at Billy. He was starting to fade away.

"No!" shrieked Trini running to Billy's side as he disappeared from the Command Center.

* * *
"Where am I?" Billy thought to himself when he woke up. He was lying on a beautiful bed with blue silk sheets and a quilt made out of the material Rakia and Nassir wore, only blue. Billy sat up and looked at his surroundings. The wallpaper was yellow silk and the floor boards were Indian red. All the chairs in the room had blue cushions and the tables were all red marble.

Billy twirled his head around when he heard the large double - doors open. In came a teenager about three years younger than him wearing a long silver robe over his light brown skin. In the middle of his forehead was an Ancient Egyptian symbol. What a minute, an Ancient Egyptian symbol! Billy quickly used the Force to bring a hand - held mirror to his outstretched hand and looked at his forehead. There, in the middle of his forehead, was a crystal with the Ancient Egyptian "key-like" symbol on it. The same one Nassir had on his forehead!

A light-bulb came on in Billy's head as he set down the mirror. Now he knew where he was. He was in Nassir's room on Ironos.

But how did he get here? Billy was startled when the mirror was picked up off the bed. He looked up to see the boy take the mirror back to the table where it had been.

"How did I get here?" Billy asked the boy.

"You teleported here of course," said the boy staring at Billy in confusion. He then turned away and went back to whatever he was doing.

"Who teleported me here?" asked Billy pressing to get more answers.

The boy chuckled a little, shaking his head. "You have a short-term memory, don't you? You did."

"What?! How? Everything went black on me and then I end up here. How could I have possibly teleported myself?" said Billy in disbelief.

The teen smiled at Billy and then said, "You mean Prince Nassir didn't tell you? He teleported you and himself here when you were out, to get away from the emperor's presence."

"What emperor?" questioned Billy getting more confused.

"Man, you and Nassir need to work on communication between each other. Emperor Gunnar of Todak. Until you get use to feeling his presence, you would both be dead just because of sensing it," explained the boy. "Are there any other questions you have?"

"Where's Trini?" Billy asked.

"She's still on earth. You're the only one that is effected by Gunnar's presence. He thinks that by getting rid of Nassir and Rakia he will be able to take over Ironos. Oh, that reminds me, you have to go see Commander Saied for your training," exclaimed the boy.

"Training? What training?" questioned Billy.

"Your Nizer Coin training. Now hurry up or you'll be late. And believe me, no one wants to make the Commander wait," explained the teen shoeing Billy out of the room.

* * *
When the doors closed behind him, Billy looked down at himself. Instead of seeing his regular clothes he was wearing what looked like a black body suit with a blue crystal just bellow his neck. Over it was a strange blue vest. On his waist was a silver belt with its ends held together by an unusual buckle with strange symbols engraved on it. On his feet were silver boots. It was the SAME outfit Nassir was wearing when he and Billy met!

"Ignore what you're wearing and get a move on! We'll be late if you don't!" whispered Nassir in Billy's head.

"Okay, okay! I'm going, I'm going!" answered Billy moving down the hall. "By the way. Where should I go?"

"I believe you should try the Great Hall. That's where I was trained to use the Nizer Coins," Nassir suggested. "I'll give you directions."

With help from Nassir, Billy made it to the Great Hall. Luckily, Commander Saied was there or he would be late for his training. Billy found the Commander talking to someone wearing a red cape over a black body suit. The Commander, himself, was wearing a purple ninja outfit. Billy cleared his throat to get the two men's attention.

"Hello," exclaimed Saied walking over and shaking Billy's hand. "You must be Billy. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Uh... you too, Commander," echoed Billy. He began to feel butterflies in his stomach. He never really enjoyed meeting people for the first time.

"Oh, before we begin I would like to introduce you to Nassir's father, King Mahmud," said Saied moving out of the way so Billy could see the king better.

"So that's why he looked so familiar even though I have not met him," Billy thought to himself as he stared at the smiling man.

"Hello, Billy," exclaimed Mahmud. "Good luck with your training." He then sauntered out of the hall.

"Well, shall we begin?" questioned the Commander.

* * *
It's been days since Billy's disappearance. There had been no news on where he was or if he was okay. Everyone was starting to get worried, especially Trini. Every night she would try to contact him with though-waves, but every night she ended up empty-handed.

"Billy, where are you?" Trini thought waved into outer space when she was hanging out with the others at the Juice Bar. Still no response.

"Trini? Trini?" Jason said waving his hand up and down in front of her face. "Trini? Earth to Trini! Come back to earth!"

She then "snapped back to earth" after five minutes of Jason trying to stop her "day-dreaming". "What?"

"Are you okay? This is the forth time in a half an hour that you went off into your own world," Jason answered with concern.

"Oh, I.... I'm just worried about Billy. That's all," Trini replied turning a little red.

"We all are, Trini, but Zordon will contact us if he finds him," reassured Tommy.

"I know, but I just don't feel comfortable about that," Trini exclaimed.

You have a right not to be comfortable, exclaimed Rakia in Trini's head. Emperor Gunnar's on the earth's moon right now getting ready to look for him and you.

* * *
"What is it, Zedd?" shouted Rita at the Lord of Evil. "What did you see?"

There was a moment of silence before Zedd answered, "Order the putties to pack our things. We're leaving!"

"What?! Why are we leaving?! What did you see out there?!" shrieked Rita.

"Emperor Gunnar has arrived and we better not get in his way. If he finds out we're here he'll destroy us immediately!" answered Lord Zedd. "Let's get out of here!"

With the putties carrying all their items, the group of aliens marched to their spaceship and left the solar system.

"Until next time, Planet Earth! We'll be back! You just wait!" shouted Lord Zedd as they passed Pluto.

* * *
Commander Saied found Billy in the garden practicing his powers on an old wall that was falling apart. He was practicing shooting the kill ray, the stun ray, and other defensive rays from his hands. When Billy saw the Commander he stopped and jogged over to him in his blue ninja suit.

"Good day, Billy. I see you have gotten very good at using your powers. You learned quicker than Prince Nassir did," complimented Saied.

"Well, when you're a Power Ranger you learn to use powers very quickly," Billy thought to himself. "Thank you, sir."

"I've been ordered by your father, I mean Prince Nassir's father, to tell you that you must go to Planet Monarch on a quest," announced Saied.

"A quest for what?" asked Billy curiously.

"He didn't tell me, but you must go immediately," replied the Commander.

"O-Okay," said Billy, not satisfied with his answer. Even so, he put both of his pointing and middle fingers to his forehead and teleported away.

"Good luck," Saied whispered as the blue light vanished.
Chapter Five

Billy arrived on Planet Monarch in a tunnel glisening as if there were thousands of tiny diamonds in the walls which seemed to give off light. He slowly scrutinized his surroundings. After making sure it was safe, Billy slowly walked further into the tunnel. As he moved on he began hearing the wind blowing, twisting through the tunnel. Every now and then the wind carried a howl of some kind of animal.

Billy turned the corner and almost ran into somebody in red armor. "Whoa!" he shouted jumping backward towards the wall.

The armored man then made a fist with his right hand. It began to glow like a red flame. "Oh, boy," Billy thought to himself. "I'm in trouble."

The "Man of Steel" swung his glowing fist at Billy's head. Quickly, Billy ducked, just missing the blow, and shot a stun ray out of his hand back at his attacking opponent. It was a direct hit, but it didn't even phase him!

"Now what am I going to do?" Billy whined to himself as the armored warrior towered over him with a disgusted look on his face.

"Go under him! He won't get you! Go under him!" shouted Nassir from inside Billy.

"Right," replied Billy and rolled between the warrior's legs before he could grab him. Billy then quickly knocked the warrior off his feet. As Billy stood beside it the warrior disappeared. In his place was a torch standing on its handle with light blue flames blazing from it.

"That may give us some more light," Nassir pointed out.

"Yeah. Maybe we'll find a way out of this tunnel with help from it," replied Billy. When he went to pick the torch up Billy's hand accidentally hit the flames, but suprisingly he didn't notice, even if the flame is the hottest it can get when it's that color.

As he lifted the torch off the ground Billy felt something seeping from the torch, through his fingers and to his chest. He stood there trying to figure out what it was, but, after a while the feeling disappeared. When it did the blue flames didn't seem as bright as they had been a second ago.

Suddenly the torch disappeared! "What the?" exclaimed Billy looking around the tunnel for the torch. Remembering that weird feeling, he looked his hands. "They look the same," Billy thought to himself. He made a fist with his left hand, it began to glow light blue like the torch! On the right pants leg of his ninja suit appeared golden flames stitched onto it. "Oh, boy."

"Just get a move on. We've further to go," said Nassir, trying to stay patient.

"Yes, Your Worship," Billy replied sarcastically and began to move on.

After a while of walking Billy almost bumped into another warrior. "Not again," Billy whispered to himself.

Instead of attacking Billy, the warrior bowed down at Billy's feet! When the warrior rose, there laid two metal pieces, both shaped like the outline of the human eye. Billy picked them up. When he looked back up to where the warrior was, he was gone. Suddenly, he got the weird feeling again, as if he was drawing energy from the objects in his hands.

Billy looked down at his hands. The two metal pieces were gone! He suddenly, was somehow wearing blue armor similar to the second warrior's. "Uh... Monarch Armor; power down!" commanded Billy. Suprisingly, the armor disappeared and he was back in his ninja suit which now had a gold outline of the human eye on each shoulder.

"Come on, Billy! You can look at yourself later. Let's go!" ordered Nassir who was trying not to loose his temper.

"Right away, Your Majesty." Billy replied, again sarcastically and began to move on.

An hour had passed and still Billy was in the tunnel. He began to grow very tired of walking , so he sat down on a rock in the middle of the tunnel. Just then a third warrior appeared. "Not another one," Billy whined getting to his feet. He made a fist with his left hand, making it glow light-blue, and swung it at the towering warrior. The armored man yelped in pain as he struggled to stay on his feet. Billy punched him again as the warrior fell to the ground.

The warrior laid there for a few seconds before he turned to ashes. Among the ashes were two coins that looked exactly the same. Billy picked them up. The "key-like" symbol on his ninja suit disappeared and in its place was a coin with the "key-like" symbol on it. "Not again."

Billy put the coins in his pocket and was about to leave the ash pile when something else caught his eye. Billy went over to look at it closer to find out that it was a crystal glowing with a faint blue light. "It must have fallen from one of the walls," Billy thought as he picked it up. The light in the crystal began to grow brighter as he held it making Billy blind for a few seconds.

When the light faded Billy noticed that the crystal was gone and on the left pants leg of his ninja suit had white crystals running up the outside of his leg. He stood there for a while with his eyes closed. Billy began to feel the powers from the torch, the metal, the coins, The Nizer Coins, and the crystal.

"Nassir, you may think this sounds silly, but I believe we've come across that legendary Tunnel of Powers you told me about a few days ago," whispered Billy as he moved further down the tunnel.

About a half an hour later Billy stopped to rest on the dirt floor of the tunnel and looked around. On the floor he found a crystal shaped like a leaf. Billy picked it up to examine it, but, after few seconds of holding it, the crystal seeped into him. "Here we go again," groaned Billy getting up. His ninja outfit now sparkled like the walls of the tunnel. He was about to go further when he heard Commander Saied's voice echoing in his head.

"Billy, come on back. Your quest is over," Saied thought-waved to Billy.

"Coming," Billy thought-waved back. He touched both of his pointing and middle fingers to his forehead and teleported away.

* * *
Trini walked into the Juice Bar and up to the table where the others were with dark circles under her eyes. "Hey, Trini. Are you feeling okay?" questioned Zack when she sat down. "You don't look like you have been sleeping well."

"I've been sleeping well," protested Trini. "I just look like I haven't when I have too much on my mind."

"Well, maybe we can help you take off some of that weight," suggested Tommy.

"I-I don't think that would do much good," she replied. "Thanks for at least trying to find ways to ma-"

Trini stopped in the middle of her sentence started stare off into space again. She'd heard someone call her name. "Trini," came the voice from inside her head.

"Billy?" Trini thought-waved back to the owner of the voice. "Billy, is that you?"

"Yeah, it's me. Listen, I need for you to teleport to Ironos," explained Billy.

"Okay. I'm on my way," replied Trini. She then turned to the others, "I-"

"What were you saying before you went off into dream-land?" interrupted Jason.

"I got to go. I just remember something I have to do. Bye," Trini said as she got up from the table and left.

"Bye," echoed Jason and then turned to face the others, "Something's up with Trini, guys."

"What do you mean, Jason?" asked Kimberly. "She just probably had to baby-sit her neighbor's daughter and she forgot."

"Then how come the circles under her eyes disappeared when she left. If she was going to baby-sit they would have stayed, wouldn't they?" explained Jason.

They all glanced at each other. They all knew Jason was right. Something was up.
Chapter Six

Days passed and Jason, Zack, Tommy, and Kimberly were getting more suspicious about the way Trini acted. She acted happier than she did days before and she kept disappearing at one o'clock everyday. Then at five, the only place they'd find her was at the lake practicing unusual moves the others have never seen.

"Today, we're going to find out what Trini has been up to these past three days," announced Jason to the others as they walked to the Juice Bar around noon.

"How? She's too good at keeping secrets," complained Kimberly.

"We're going to follow her," answered Jason as they enter the Juice Bar.

After a while of Jason explaining his plan Trini came up to the table, "Hi, guys."

"Hello. We got you a Smoothie," said Kim cheerfully.

"Thanks," Trini said slowly. She sensed something was up as she glanced at all her friends.

"So, Trini, do you want to go with us to the movies to see Bottomless Depths with us at one?" asked Jason popping a piece of popcorn in his mouth.

"I wish I could, but I have something to do then. Maybe some other time?" answered Trini looking suspiciously at her friends.

"Okay. Some other time," echoed Tommy.

They then changed the subject and started talking about school. Trini glanced at the clock. It was five minutes to one and the best place to secretly teleport is near the south side of the lake. If she went now she could make it to Ironos in time for her training. "I've got to go. See you guys later," said Trini softly as she headed out of the Juice Bar.

"Let's go," ordered Jason as he and the others got out of their seats and ran after Trini as quietly as possible out of the Juice Bar.

* * *
"Look! There she goes!" whispered Kimberly pointing. The others look to where she was pointing in time to see Trini disappear form view. "She's heading to the south side of the lake!"

"Let's go before we loose her," exclaimed Jason in a low voice dashing off after Trini.

When they finally were about ten feet from her, Trini went behind a tree. When the others looked where she was she was gone.

"Where did she go?! I saw her with my two eyes go behind this tree!" whined Zack.

"Maybe Zordon can help us find her," suggested Tommy.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!" said Kimberly excitedly. They all lifted their communicators to their chests and vanished from the park.

* * *
"Zordon, we need your help on locating Trini," Explained Jason when they materialized in the Command Center. "She's been up to something for the past three days."

"Alpha, do a universal scan to locate Trini. I believe it has something to do about Billy's disappearance," ordered Zordon to the robot.

An hour later Alpha ripped a print out from the computer. "The scanners have picked up Trini on a planet called Ironos in the Yavin System which is located in the Star Wars Galaxy," read Alpha off of the print out.

"Whoa, hold on," exclaimed Zack. "The Star Wars Galaxy? You mean to tell us that Trini somehow teleported herself into one of the Star Wars films or books?"

"No, Zack. The Star Wars Galaxy is real. It is the home of thousands of species never known to humans here, including other humans," explained Zordon. "If you are to bring Trini back you must go and get her."

"All right! I get to meet Luke Skywalker!" shouted Zack excitedly, jumping up and down.

"Um... Zack. Luke Skywalker is a just character, not a living person," announced Kimberly putting a hand on his shoulder to stop him from jumping again.

"How do you know, Kim? If the Star Wars Galaxy is real, I bet Luke Skywalker is too," replied Zack calming down.

"All right. It's a bet. The loser has to pay the other five bucks," Kim agreed with a sly smile on her face.

"We're out of here," said Jason as they teleported away.

* * *
The rangers appeared outside of a large double-door about two stories tall and twenty feet wide. It was made out of some kind of gray stone that the rangers had never seen before. Engraved on it were beautiful pictures of planets.

"Should we knock?" asked Kim, glancing around uneasily.

"I- I guess," stuttered Tommy, raising his hand to knock on the stone door. Suprisingly, it opened on its own.

"Uh... thank you," said Zack to an imaginary someone... or something. The hair on the backs of their necks stood on end when the wind carried sounds of lightning bolts crashing together to their ears.

The teens slowly walked into a large hall of doors. Ten doors on one side and ten on the other. There was also another huge door that looked like the one they came in at the other end of the hall. The sounds of lightning seem to come from that room.

"Let's go look to see what's making that sound," suggested Jason. "We may find Trini there."

* * *
Billy and Trini deactivated their lightsabers and reattached them on their belts. "Good work, Trini," complimented Billy, still panting from their practice.

"Thanks. You did well yourself," exclaimed Trini, also panting. She sat on the floor and leaned against the wall.

"Well, I'm going to go see what the Commander wants. Why don't you take a break from practicing," suggested Billy after catching his breath.

"Okay. See ya," replied Trini waving to him as he left the Great Hall. Just then, the door to the front of the castle opened. Out stepped... _Jason?... Tommy?... Zack?... Kimberly? How did they get here?!_

"Oh boy," whispered Trini to herself as she snuck behind one of the marble pillars. "Nizer Power, power down," She commanded quietly. In a split second her yellow ninja outfit disappeared and she was back in her normal clothes just before Jason spotted her.

"There she is," he said to the other, pointing. "Trini!"

"Jason?" Trini called back in a low tone, pretending she didn't know they were there. "Jason what are you doing her? What are all of you doing here?"

"We're here to get you," answered Tommy, looking around the room before facing her again. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh, Billy, please come back in here. The others somehow got here and found me," Trini thought-waved to Billy. She then said to the others, "Uh... I don't know."

"Well, we're here. Come on. Let's go," Jason said in a soothing voice, stretching out his arm to put it around her shoulders, but light blue fire balls flew between him and Trini, making him jump away from her.

"Look!" shouted Tommy, pointing towards the back of the hall. There, standing there with his spear, was Billy in his ninja outfit. He had his hood on and face mask which covered his face from his chin to his nose. All you could see was his golden hair and sparkling blue eyes.

"W-Who's that?" asked Kimberly as the color drained out of her face.

"That must be some kind of prison guard or ninja warrior," guessed Zack, slowly backing his way to the door with Kimberly following him.

Billy started saying words in the Shadwa language, an alien language used thousands of years ago that was forgotten, which sounded like moans and groans to the rangers, not including Trini. "Get away from here," she translated in her mind.

Tommy looked at the warrior for a minute, raising an eyebrow in confusion, and then slowly made his way to Trini. Again, just like with Jason, Billy shot light blue fire balls out of his right hand between Tommy and Trini, repeating the command in the ancient language.

"Looks like we'll have to fight to get Trini back, guys," announced Tommy. "Let's do it!"

"Right," the others said in unison, getting into a defensive stance before charging towards Billy.

They were about three feet away from Billy when they all fell down by a knock-down blast. "He's too much for us," exclaimed Zack as he and the others staggered to their feet.

"Then we have no choice," announced Tommy. "It's Morphin' Time!"





The four teens' clothing vanished and in replace of them were their Ranger suits. "You asked for it, Ironnite!" shouted Tommy doing a jump kick at Billy's chest, knocking him to the ground. Billy quickly got back up, preparing himself to dodge when he needed to. After a few punches and kicks didn't seem to touch him the rangers pulled out their laser pistols.

"Ready, guys? Fire!" ordered Tommy. The rangers shot them and all the blasts were a direct hit on Billy's chest, sending him to the ground unconscious.

"NO!" shouted Trini from her place by the pillar. She ran over to Billy's side, checking to see if he was okay.

"Trini, what's wrong? We just freed you from this... monster and now you feel sorry for him?" questioned Zack, raising an eyebrow after he and the others demorphed.

"I guess we can't keep this from you anymore," Trini said softly, unmasking the warrior and pulling down his hood.

"Billy?!" exclaimed Tommy in surprise. The others went into shock.

Tommy slowly walked over to Trini, kneeled down beside her, and put a hand on her shoulder. "Why didn't you tell us that it was Billy?" he asked.

"Because, you weren't supposed to know about us until the time was right," replied Trini. Tears started overflowing her eyes.

"Why don't you tell us now since we're here," Tommy said in a low tone voice. "I think it's the perfect time."

Trini began pouring out the whole story from the time when the spaceship crashed to the point when she started disappearing. "And that's why I acted so strange these past few days," she finished, looking up at the other four friends.

"Well, we'd better get home. It's been a long day for all of us," announced Jason, picking up the unconscious Billy.

* * *
Emperor Gunnar went up to the bridge of his crusier and looked out the window at earth. After a few minutes, he turned to the captain, "Well, Captain Pearsall, what have you found out about this... earth?" he asked in a cruel voice.

"We have found out that it's more of a water planet than land and has a large growing population," answered the captain in a straight and formal voice. He then gulped and said a little softer, "It is also a well protected planet, sir."

"Protected by what?!" shouted Gunnar in a furious voice, giving a hard look at Pearsall.

"These, sir," Pearsall answered showing a picture of the Power Rangers. "They have almost never lost a battle against anyone, sir."

"Ha! Those wimpy humans won't stand a chance against me." laughed the emperor. He then stopped his laughing and looked back at the captain, "Have they been found yet?"

"No, sir. We haven't found the twins yet, but I promise you our scanners won't fail detecting them," reassured Pearsall.

"I hope our best spy wasn't lying," Gunnar muttered to himself looking out the window again. Streaks of red, black, yellow, pink, and white sped past the window and towards earth.

"Sir. Our scanners have picked up the twins on the west coast of a continent called North America. They have transferred into two of the protectors of earth," announced a commander from below the balcony to the emperor.

"Excellent! Get ready four of my finest warriors to go with my faithful servant Dagmar. Also send two more to capture Nassir and bring him to me," ordered Gunnar.

"Yes, My Lord," replied the captain. He twirled on his heels and left the bridge.

* * *
Billy awoke under a tree in the park. He looked around to see his friends playing Frisbee a few feet away from him. He suddenly remembered that he was in his ninja outfit. He sat up and looked at himself. Thankfully, Trini had demorphed him.

Suddenly, a group of six ninjas and a Jedi warrior appeared near the others. The five rangers all stopped playing Frisbee and turned to face them. The color drained from everyone's face except Trini's. _Well, at least there's two of us who have controlled fear,_ Billy thought to himself.

The Jedi warrior was dressed all in black from her neck to her toes. She had sleek black hair, deep black eyes, and black lips. In her hand was her lightsaber. Only one name came into Billy's mind when he saw her: Dagmar.

Dagmar made a fist with her empty hand, lifted it to her chest, and opened it. Billy and Trini suddenly were wearing the clothes Rakia and Nassir wore, black body suits with a crystal below the neck-line, vests, the silver belts, and the silver boots. Their crystals appeared on their foreheads. "There he is," announced Dagmar in a wicked voice to two of the black warriors behind her, pointing to Billy. "Take him to the emperor. The rest of you shall take on those humans." She pointed to Kimberly, Tommy, Zack and Jason. "I shall take on the princess myself."

Two warriors came over to Billy and grabbed him by the arms. "Let him go!" shouted Tommy, moving towards Billy, but the warriors and Billy disappeared to Gunnar's cruiser. Tommy's face turned red with anger.

"He'll be able to deal with what he has to face, Tommy. We have own problems to deal with," whispered Jason, turning to face Dagmar as the four black warriors slowly started to circle them.

"This does not look good," exclaimed Kim in a low tone, jumping backward into Zack as one of the ninjas brushed past her.

* * *
Billy and the two black covered ninjas appeared in a bare room. The soldiers threw him to the floor and vanished. The floor was hard and cold black stone of some sort. The walls were a dark scarlet red that, in some places, looked poorly painted. And Billy guessed that those spots were not paint.

As Billy got up, he heard the low hum of a lightsaber from behind him. He felt cold and the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end. He knew what it was, or actually who it was, without turning around. Gunnar.
Chapter Seven

Jason was knocked down by a powerful blow in the chest. That was a sure sign that these guys weren't fooling around when they were ordered to destroy them. "We aren't getting very far are we?" asked Zack as he doubled-over after a massive blow in the stomach.

"Looks like we should stop being Mr. Nice Guys," shouted Tommy. "It's Morphin' Time!"





In a flash of light the teens were once again in their colorful spandex. "Let's do it!" shouted Tommy, lifting his fist up to his chest.

"Right!" the others replied in unison, each charging towards one of the warriors.

Trini, on the other hand, had her hands full. Not because of ninja warriors swarming her, but by a woman waving a humming red lightsaber in front of her, waiting to strike. Trini ignited her saber she had secretly had hidden under her vest so no suspicious eyes would see it. It glowed a faded yellow color. "Even with your saber, I shall finish you, Princess," Dagmar muttered behind gritted teeth.

"Try your best shot," Trini murmured under her breath. She let the Force envelop her.

Dagmar swung her lightsaber at Trini. With help from the Force, she blocked it with hers. The sabers crashed together making a sound that rumbled in her ears. The sabers detached from each other as Dagmar swung again at Trini. When the sabers crashed a second time Dagmar pushed with all her might sending Trini flying backward into the trunk of a tree. She winced with pain as her back hit it. She opened her eyes to see Dagmar charging towards her.

* * *
Billy swiftly turned around, lightsaber in hand, to face the enemy. Sure enough, there stood Gunnar, his green lightsaber at his side. He had long, sleek black hair tied back tightly with a black string. He wore black armor from the neck down, a black cape flowed down his back. His eyes sparkled with hatred.

"Your time is up, Nassir," the emperor said in a pleased voice. "No more running away from me. You can't escape your fate." He slowly walked closer to Billy. Billy ignited his lightsaber. It glowed an eerie blue. He brought it up to attack position. Gunnar did the same. "This is your last day to live, Nassir. You will not survive," Gunnar exclaimed in quiet voice, smiling. "I guarantee it."

Gunnar swung his lightsaber at Billy. Quickly, Billy moved his saber and block the blow. Gunnar tried again to hit him, but with little success. The emperor swung towards Billy's right side, but quickly moved back to Billy's left. Thankfully, with help from the Force, he jumped back, barely missing the green-white blade. Slowly, inch by inch, Gunnar slowly backed Billy towards one of the red walls. "I've got you now, Prince of Ironos. Just a few more steps and I'll cut you into tiny little pieces," the emperor thought to himself as he took another step forward.

* * *
CRASH! The lightsabers hit each other with powerful force. Trini tried her best to keep the red blade from approaching her body, but she started to get tired. Dagmar was becoming to much for her. But she couldn't give up. If she did she would not be living anymore. "Don't give up, Trini. You can do this," Rakia said encouragingly. "You don't want to let Billy or Nassir down because you gave up on everything."

Rakia had a point, she didn't want to let either Billy or Nassir down. Trini swung at Dagmar's right shoulder, but never got near it for Dagmar had blocked it. She tried again to hit Dagmar, but still Dagmar kept up with her moves. Dagmar then suddenly knocked Trini's lightsaber out of her hand, making Trini loose contact with the Force, and pointed the tip of her lightsaber right at Trini's chest. "Looks like I won this battle, Princess," she said, slowly backing Trini into the tree. "You've been a good competitor."

Dagmar rose her saber above her head, ready to cut Trini right down the middle. Trini quickly called on the Force again. Suddenly, time seemed to slow down. Dagmar moved her red blade towards Trini's head, but it didn't seem to go very fast. Trini could easily move away by going under Dagmar's legs, since that was the only way to avoid the saber. So she turned into a puddle and slivered under Dagmar. When Trini returned to her original form, time seemed to speed up again. Dagmar turned around and faced Trini, her anger flowing through her. She charged toward her opponent with her red blade over head.

Trini called for her lightsaber through the Force. It left the ground where it was thrown and flew into Trini's outstretched hand. She ignited it and quickly blocked the incoming red-white blade.

* * *
Billy bumped into the blood-stained wall. Sweat was running down his face from all of the fighting. He had been fighting with all his might and yet there he was, sprawled out against a red wall with a lightsaber pointed at his neck. How much better could it get?

"So long, Nassir, " said Gunnar in a fake sad voice. "It has been a pleasure doing battle with you." He swung the green blade at Billy's neck. Billy tried to get out of the way but the tip of the Gunnar's blade hit him on his left shoulder, making a pretty deep gash in his skin.

"Ahhh!" he cried out in pain, holding onto his wounded shoulder. This was not his lucky day.

Gunnar twisted around, staring angrily at the boy. How could he, the great emperor of Todak, miss cutting the head of a mere boy? Gunnar's face turned as red as the scarlet walls. He swore silently to himself that he would not miss again.

Billy stretched out his left hand to retrieve his saber. It had fallen out of his hand when Gunnar hit it with a powerful blow before he bumped into the wall. The saber flew into his open hand. Still holding on to his shoulder, he ignited the blue blade preparing for another face off. This time it was going to be a lot harder because he had only one free hand. It just got better and better.

* * *
Trini now had the upper hand. Dagmar was beginning to get sloppy. Trini suddenly hit Dagmar's red blade, sending it flying to the ground where it deactivated. Dagmar slowly paled, her eyes full of fear. Trini swung her yellow blade at her opponent. The blade made a clean cut at Dagmar's waist, cutting her in half. Both pieces of her body laid there for a few more seconds before they teleported away.

Trini gave a sigh of relief, deactivating her lightsaber. The battle was over. She had won.

The rest of the rangers , on the other hand, still had their hands full. Even with their powers the ninjas were defeating them. Trini knew that they were in desperate need of help, she could feel it. "Prepare for a sneak attack," she announced to herself. She then liquefied herself and slithered towards her friends' battlefield.

* * *
Kimberly was thrown to the ground by the powerful arm of the warrior she was fighting. "This is not what happens," she breathed. "I thought the good guys were supposed to win." She quickly glanced around the battlefield. All the others were down with their black-covered opponents punching and kicking them every which way. Then something shiny caught Kim's eyes. Just a little ways away was a small object swiftly moving towards them....

* * *
Tommy winced with pain as he was kicked in the side by the black warrior's iron foot. His suit didn't seem to shield him from his opponent's blows. It was almost if someone shutdown the power everytime one of those ninjas came near. Tommy opened his eyes to see the dark figure prepared to smash his skull when all of a sudden a hard yellow laser beam slashed the warrior's side, almost cutting his right arm off, making the ninja collapse to the ground beside him. The White Ranger looked over to where the light blade came from and standing there, waiting to strike her next opponent, was Trini.

* * *
Billy collapsed onto the floor. Just as he figured, he was not doing so hot. Gunnar pointed his green blade at Billy's chest, slowly moving the blade forward. Billy weakly crawled away from it, but the blade kept coming closer. His hair was soaking wet from sweat. He was beginning to grow tired and weak. His whole body ached and tremble from the coldness of the room.

"This shall be your last day of living, Nassir," declared the emperor with a smile. "You're too weak to get away from me now."

"Not in your lifetime," Billy growled in his mind.

_Keep your temper down, Billy,_ commanded Nassir. _You still have the Force. You can beat this guy!_

"I hope you're right." Billy glanced up at his winning foe. He made a fist with his left hand. It began to glow bright blue.

"What...what are you doing?" Gunnar staggered, moving the tip of his lightsaber away from Billy, staring at the blue flames around Billy's hand.

Billy slowly got up and , using all his strength, jabbed the distracted emperor in the chest with his lightsaber. Gunnar shrieked in pain. Strong winds of blue spewed out of Gunnar's chest. Billy collapsed back onto the floor from the impact of the winds.

When the blue wind died down Billy struggled to lean on his right elbow and looked over to where the Emperor used to be. All that was left of the Dark Jedi Knight was the black armor that he'd worn, now lying on the ground in a heap. Billy tried to get up, but winced. His whole body screeched with pain. Billy dropped back to the floor. As he laid the with his eyes shut Billy called out through the Force, "Trini."

* * *
The last of the black covered warriors collapsed to the ground and teleported away. Trini left her defense stance and switched off her lightsaber. She then turned around to face her friends, who had demorphed. Near the back of their little group Kimberly applauded and congratulated, "That was super, Trini. I didn't know you had in you."

"Thanks," Trini replied shyly. In the back of her head, Trini heard Billy's faint voice calling, "Trini."

"I've got to go," she announced, placing her middle and pointing fingers near the crystal on her forehead.

"Go? Go where? You just got back," questioned Jason, stepping towards her.

"Billy needs me," Trini answered. "I have to go help him."

"Will you come back?" Zack whispered sadly.

"Of course I'll come back, Zack," reassured Trini. "Once I help Billy." She then, in a flash, was gone.

* * *
Trini reappeared in an empty room. The floor was cold black stone and the walls were blood red. Over in the darkest point of the room moans of pain reached her ears. Trini hurried over to where the moans were coming from. There on the floor trembling, was Billy.

"Billy," Trini whispered gently, laying a hand on his left arm. Billy moaned again, rolling onto his back. It was then when Trini noticed the rip on his Blue vest surrounded by a blood stain. She gasped.

"I've get you to the Command Center, " Trini said in a low voice. With Billy, she teleported away.

"How's he doing?" asked Tommy to Trini as he, Jason , Zack, and Kimberly came into Billy's bedroom.

"He's healing up very well," replied Trini softly, so she didn't disturb Billy. "In a few more hours he should come out of his Jedi healing trance."

"That's a relief," sighed Zack, looking at the floor.

Silence fell between them. After a few minutes it was suddenly broken by a question Trini knew would be asked sometime. "Could... could you and Billy train... us... to become Jedi Knights?"

"That depends," answered Trini. "You have to have Force potential to be trained."

"How can you find that out?" asked Kim, raising her eyebrows.

"Like this." Trini shut her eyes and sighed a relaxing sigh, letting the Force flow through her. She then reopened them and glanced at each one of her friends.

After a while Trini announced, "I hate to say this, but only two of you can be trained."

All eyes looked at the floor. "W-We can handle it," Tommy stuttered, glancing up at Trini.

"Very well," Trini said softly. "The two we can trained are... Jason... and Tommy."

Tommy's and Jason's eyes widened. "Really?!" they both shouted in shock at the same time. The others gave them pats on the back, congratulating them.

"When's our first lesson?" asked Jason anxiously.

"Your first lesson is when Billy is better," she announced and then added, "And when you two calm down."

"Looks like they'll have a long time to wait for that first lesson," teased Zack glancing at Tommy and Jason with a sly smile. The two girls and Zack laughed.