The Rangers Destruction
Part One
by: Tina Marie (or Michael)

Astronema: "Set a course for the Astro MegaShip."

Elgar: "OK!"

Little do the rangers know that they are going to be attacked.

Andros: "Scan for Astronema."

T.J.: "OK!"

Carlos: "The Galaxy Gliders are ready."

Andros: "Let's go."

Ashley: "Cassie and I will stay here in case Astronema shows up."

Andros: "OK!"

* * * * Cassie: "So what should we do?"

Ashley: "I don't know."

Cassie: "I do!"

Ashley: "What?"

Cassie: "Pool!"

Deca: "We are being attacked."

Cassie: "What we need to do is contact Andros?"

* * * * Andros: "What?"

Cassie: "We're under attack!"

Andros: "We'll be right there."

Part Two

Astronema: "Destroy the MegaShip!" * * * * Andros: "Lets Rocket!" (He enters the morphining code of 335.') "Battle stations."

During the battle!

Deca: "Shields are gone."

Andros: "Astro Megazord." The Zord transformation begins.

* * * * The Astro MegaZord is damaged during the fight.

T.J.: "Set a course for Earth."

Andros: "There we can repair the ship."

* * * * DECA: "Repairs are made."

Andros: "Good . . . finally!"

* * * * Astronema: "You failed me . . . Elgar." Divatox: :He's never done anything right." King Mondo: "We'll find a new plan." Master Vile: "I almost destroyed them!" Rita: "My brother's like Elgar!" Astronema: "We'll attack again, tomorrow. Elgar don't fail me again!" Elgar: "Ok!!"

To Be Continued