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Bog of Eternal Poop.
By: Emerald J

The small group made their way through the stone pathway leading into the bog, being extremely careful as to where they stepped. None of them wanted to smell like that for the rest of their life.

"Man. This place smells worse then when my Uncle Diego is in our bathroom."

"Rocky, NOTHING smells that bad!" Billy laughed, having been at the DeSantos household while his uncle had been visiting did give Billy knowledge of what he was referring to.

Kathleen smiled to herself as dozens of different thoughts entered her mind. Is there such a place that smells worse then the bog? Is Billy single? Is Jareth going to make pretend to make it difficult for these Rangers to find the castle? What about my uncle? Her smile shown brightly as she noticed Billy looking directly at her. Maybe there is hope after all. Just maybe.


Didymus looked around the giant underground structure that was his home. He smiled as he placed the last book on the shelf. Making an entrance big enough for his brother Ludo had taken two years, but was well worth it. The two could now spend most of their time inside and playing Magic the Gathering. Oh the fun times that lay ahead.

"Ludo done." The giant beast said in his limited vocabulary. Didymus found that even though Ludo didn't know how to talk very well, he was in fact a very intelligent creature. Neither of they're thoughts could go any further as the alarm went off, signaling the presence of strangers inside Didymus's beloved Bog.


"Where is he?" Tesenisis looked around the tree for the keeper. Something was wrong about this whole situation. Where was Didymus? "Kathleen, try walking across the bridge!"

"You think that Didymus is still here? After all this time?" He probably moved on to other pastures. Finally realizing that the former king is gone and won't be needing him to protect the bridge anymore, she thought as she headed towards the bridge. Yelping as a small furry figure leaped across the newly constructed bridge.

"No one may cross this bridge without my permission!"

"Didymus, I don't need permission."

Didymus looked up at the young lady who stood there. For a moment, his heart fluttered wildly as it remembered their friendship. It truly was a joyous time in both of their lives. "Lady Kathleen? Lady Kathleen of Arlana?"

"Yes, my old furry friend. It's me." She kneeled down to her friend, looking him almost in the eyes. "We need to cross. It's important."

"I'm sorry Milady, but you cannot pass."

"Just why not?" Kathleen looked at him very crossly.

"Cause his highness has so ordered it. No one may pass without his permission."

"So, he wants to play it that way? Well, we'll just see about that." With that she vanished into thin air.


Jareth sat looking out of the window, knowing full well that his sister would arrive soon. What else can I do? I have to give them challenges to overcome. This just being one of them. Glancing around he looked at Alpha and couldn't help but miss his brother. All this time in that time warp dear brother. How do you stand to be out of the fight? "What to do to them next."

"Why must you do anything to them?" Alpha looked up from where the goblins were trying to take him apart.

"Those are the rules of the Labyrinth. I HAVE to do something to interfere." Jareth stated from his window ledge. He only wanted one thing at this moment. His beautiful Tesenisis by his side.

"You can CHANGE those rules."

"I can't. Not in the middle of their quest, anyway!"

"But why make it SO hard for them?"

"It isn't. Not really anyway, they can find a way through if they think hard enough." Jareth glanced into the magic ball, noticing his young sister was gone.

"Through the bog?"

"There's always a way through. All you have to do is be clever enough to find it." He laughed as Alpha shook his diode head, then went back to watching the youngsters. So involved was he in his viewing, he did not notice the young woman storming into the palace throne room.


"Kathleen?" Never in his life had he seen his sister so upset with him. Then again, I've never pulled a stunt like this!

"You HAD to tell Didymus not to let us pass, didn't you?"


"Thank you for blocking our ONLY way through."

"You KNOW I have to put obstacles up!"

"But THAT?" She growled as he told her that it wasn't such a hard obstacle to conquer. "Oh yeah! Didymus won't let us pass unless you change the order. You are going to change the order!"

"Very well, tell Didymus to let you al pass."

"Good." Kathleen didn't waste any time traveling back to the bog. Sometimes I wish I could just string him up from the nearest tree.


Billy stared at the spot that Kathleen had stood just moment earlier. Could someone I just met a couple of hours ago? Is that possible to do?

Rocky placed a friendly hand upon Billy's shoulder and whispered softly. "I think she likes you."

"What makes you say that? "Oh, just the way she looks at you and turns red. The stealing of glances between you two. I think it adds up to being in love, don't you agree Rocky?"

"Of course Kat. What about you Tesenisis? Do you think that Kathleen likes Billy?"

"I know her very well; we have known each other for years. Never before have I seen her as in love with someone as she is with you. It is a good thing to see, she's practically glowing. A sight I've NEVER seen before!! Trust me, she loves you!"

Billy's face was dashed with the softest of crimson colors. "And I love her."

"You love who?"

Billy spun around to see the woman he had just admitted his feelings about standing there, looking more lovely then he remembered. "You."

"May time stand still for everyone but us." She looked around, smiling to see that no one but them moved. "I love you Billy. Forever you are going to be in my heart. May nothing part us."

"Not even the fact that you live here and I live on Earth?"

"No, I shall join you on Earth. I miss my brother dearly." Neither saw the time pass as they slowly became one.


Rocky looked around as he saw Kathleen all of a sudden kneeling before Didymus whispering softly into his ear. How did she move so fast, and why isn't she going to tell Billy how she feels about him?

"If that is his highness's wish, so be it. You may pass the bridge, but be careful fair maiden. You are entering a dangerous area."

"I know Didymus. But we can handle it. They won't defeat us."

"Good, for they have gotten stronger and meaner then you remember."

Kathleen kisses her friend softly on the forehead and entwined her hand in Billy's. "We must fight as a team from here on out. This next part of the Labyrinth is very dangerous indeed. For a new foe lies there. One that only one has survived an encounter with."


...Giving you the title would give away "the new foe!"...

Story 6 of the Into The Labyrinth Series