Unicorn's Secret
by: Emerald J

She was beautiful. He watched the unicorn gallop around the open field, then charge for him. Not moving, he stared as she slowed, stopping inches from him. The mist that had entangled her every night, reappeared. When it finally faded away, his girlfriend, Marisa stood there. Grabbing him into a hug, she kissed him softly on the lips.

Carlos bolted upright in his bed. Why am I having these kind of dreams about Marisa? Why do I dream she's a horse? Wait, that's wrong! A UNICORN! He headed towards the bathroom, and noticed that this dream had the same effect on him that the other ones had. This is not happening! Sliding down the bathroom wall, he cried into his hands once again. Tomorrow, I'm going to have a talk with Marisa!


Marisa stood outside of Angel Grove High School, waiting for her Prince Charming. She couldn't get her mind off that movie they watched that night with her little sister. The song alone brought her to dream about him, and it never ceased to play in her head.

When the last eagle flies

Over the last crumbling mountain

And the last lion roars

At the last dusty fountain

In the shadow of the forest

Though she may be old and worn

They will stare unbelieving

At the Last Unicorn!

When the first breath of winter

Through the flowers is icing

And you look to the north

And a pale moon is rising

And it seems like all is dying

And would leave the world to mourn

In the distance hear her laughter

It's the Last Unicorn

I'm Alive.I'm Alive

When the last moon is cast

Over the last star of morning

And the future is past

Without even a last desperate warning

Look into the sky where through

The clouds a path is formed

Look and see how she shimmers

It's the Last Unicorn

I'm Alive.I'm Alive.I'm Alive!

"Marisa? Can we talk?" She turned to face her loved one. To her, the word boyfriend didn't hold the feeling she held for Carlos.

"Sure!" The two walked to their usual spot on the school grounds, with that song playing through her head again. "What's it about?"

"Us. Me mostly."

NO! He's breaking up with me! This can't be happening!

"I've been having these dreams recently. I needed to talk to you about them." He took her hands into his, and held them in his, never wanting to let go. "Ever since we watched your sister that night, and saw that movie. I've been having these really weird dreams," his smile let her know that they were more than just weird, but some romance was in them too.

"About what?"

Carlos took his time in explaining his dreams, but instead of her laughing, she looked shocked. "What?"

"I've had the same dreams, except through the eyes of the Unicorn."

"Aren't those types of dreams suppose to have a certain meaning. Especially if the two people have the same reaction?"

Marisa smiled at him. True, she was bothered about her reaction, but how did he know her reaction? Carlos leaned in and gave her the deepest kiss he could. When the two pulled away from each other, they knew that there was something more to their dream. But what it could be, neither of them knew.

"You shouldn't have done that Carlos!"

"Why not?"

"Cause I want to do it again, never letting you go!" Carlos pulled her close to him, not letting her go until they had to leave for their first class. He spent the rest of the day, remembering how she felt in his arms, how her lips felt on his.


Adam watched Carlos's failing performance on the field that day. Did I make the right choice? Is he handling the power okay? Is it interfering with his life? "Carlos! Come here!" He pulled the new Green Ranger off to one side. "Are you okay?"

"Fine Coach."

Adam shook his head, he hated when he called him that. "Then what's going on out there?" He pointed back to the field, but saw where Carlos's attention was; a young red headed girl in the stands. "Who is she?"


"The girl, who is she?"

Carlos smiled at Adam, still finding it hard that he had chosen him to take his place on the team, "Marisa Claywood."

"Your girlfriend?"

Shaking his head, Carlos answered. "More like my soul."

"Don't let your relationship get too far ahead of itself!"

"I won't Adam."


Three days had passed, and the two still had the dreams. Carlos and Marisa had decided that a nice drive, and a picnic might clear their head. Stopping at a beautiful field, Marisa laid the blanket out. Carlos, busy getting some stuff out of the car felt something sharp touch his shoulder. Turning around, he wasn't prepared to see Marisa gone, and an actual Unicorn standing there!

"What?" His eyes were wider then when had been pulled to the Power Chamber, awaking fully morphed.

"Do not fear, Carlos. I mean you no harm!"

"You're? You're a Unicorn! I thought they were just myths."

"I assure you, I am not a myth, but am the last of my kind. For protection, I take on human form. My human self doesn't know about the Unicorn half. I am sorry Carlos, but my human self must leave you soon."

"What do you mean? Who is your." He knew what the answer was. "Marisa?" This isn't happening! I finally meet the perfect girl, and she's leaving me!

"I am sorry Carlos, but there is a hunter searching for us. We cannot let him catch us."

"Then let me protect you two. I love Marisa more then anything!"

"Then let us go! You cannot help us. You will perish if you try."

"Why are you like this?" If the others saw me talking to a horse, they'd think I'd flipped!

"Cause of your dreams. They will soon come true." With that, her horn touched his head and he fell to the ground, unconscious.


Carlos groaned as the sun filter through his opening eyes. "That was one weird dream!"

"That wasn't a dream Carlos." He looked into Marisa's deep brown eyes. "I remember everything now."

"Then you are leaving me?"

Her nod was all he needed as he pulled her into him, holding her tight. Neither of them knew how long they held each other when Divatox's minions arrived.

"Hand over the Horse-Lady!"

"Never!" Carlos automatically put himself between Elgar and Marisa. "Now, get out of here!"

"The Rangers won't be able to stop us from taking her, and neither can you!"

No matter how much he hated to admit it, with Marisa around, he couldn't contact the Rangers or morph. Looking over his shoulder, he called out to Marisa to run.

"I'm not leaving you yet Carlos!"

"Oh, but you are, my fine Unicorn!"

"No, it can't be!" Marisa stared into the eyes of Castler, The Unicorn Hunter.


T.J. paced the Power Chamber once more. Somehow, Divatox was blocking their teleporting to help Carlos and his girlfriend out. Now, they had to get there before the guy with the crossbow took pot-shots at them.

"Justin, Alpha, any luck?"

"Not yet T.J., but I think I can have it down soon!"

"Hurry, I don't like were that guys crossbow is pointing!"


Carlos stared as the man pointed the crossbow at his heart. This is not good! GUYS.ANYTIME NOW!

"So, tell me boy, what's it like to fall for a horse?" Carlos' gaze moved to Elgar.

"She is not a horse!"

"Unicorn, Horse, what's the difference? No matter what way you look at it, Auntie D wants her powers! So hand her over!"

"The boy shall do no such thing! The Unicorn is MINE!"

"Oh yeah? Says who?"

"I am Castler, the Unicorn Hunter. I have searched for centuries for her, and she will perish!"

Carlos took the opportunity that had just arisen to try to sneak Marisa out of there, and to his car. By the time he reached the car, he felt something plunge itself deep into his left shoulder. This isn't happening. I have just been shot!


"NO!" Ashley's voice rang through the Power Chamber as she watched Carlos fall to the ground, the arrow sinking deeper as he landed. "Justin, how close can you teleport us to Carlos?"

"Right now? About 10 feet away."

"Then let's do it!" TJ grabbed his key, and looked at the others. "Shift into Turbo!"


The Rangers teleported in, but were not prepared to see Marisa take on the form of a Unicorn. Her horn touched Carlos, making the arrow and wound disappear. He laid there, too still for their liking though.

"You shall pay for that Unicorn!" Castler leveled his crossbow at her, and rang out the shot.

"NOOOO!" Carlos bolted up, wanting to save her, but got to her as she turned back into human. "You can't die on me! Not now! I love you Marisa!"

"Don't cry Carlos." She reached up and wiped the tears from his eyes. "I will always love you too." She closed her eyes, with Carlos the last thing she saw. He did was crying so hard that he didn't see Elgar, Castler, and the Piranatrons disappear, or the Rangers coming up behind him.

"Carlos? You going to be okay?"

Looking up into TJ's eyes, he couldn't bring himself to say anything; just nodding.

"We'll leave you alone for a little bit. If you want to talk, you know where to get in touch with us." Carlos only nodded again. The Rangers left, leaving Carlos to mourn her.

Carlos brushed her hair away from her face as she disappeared into nothingness.


She was beautiful. He watched the unicorn gallop around the open field, then charge for him. Not moving, he stared as she slowed, stopping inches from him. The mist that had entangled her every night, reappeared. When it finally faded away, his girlfriend, Marisa stood there. Grabbing him into a hug, she kissed him softly on the lips.

"There was always something missing before. The reason we had that reaction." She fell to the ground with Carlos wrapped in her arms. For one last time, even if it was just in his dream, they made love.