Legal Disclaimer: Power Rangers Turbo belongs to Saban. The characters of Marisa, Emerald Jade Dragon (Yes, I put myself into the story cause I couldn't think of anyone else to put in) and Castler belong to me, please do not use without my permission. Halfling is a word I think I made up. Thanks to Mark for the last named used in here for Carlos. This is the sequel (and a sad one too.) to Unicorn's Secret.

Winged Legend
by: Emerald J

Carlos looked once again of the picture of him and Marisa. It had been a year since her death, and yet she was all he could think about. At times, he thought about leaving this life to join her where she roamed. The others talked him out of it each time he thought about it.

"To be where you are, would be the grandest thing in the world." He said, looking up and out the window. His eyes widening to see Castler standing in his front yard. "What the hell?" Running as fast as his feet would carry him, he got to the front yard and decked the man.

"Not the best way to greet an old friend, now is it?"

"Your not my friend. You are my enemy. YOU KILLED MARISA!"

"And now, I finish the job so that I may die. I was wrong when I said the last Unicorn. There is one more. A special one. A winged legend you might say." Castler pulled a mirror out of the van he stood next to, and showed Carlos his reflection. "You are that winged legend. Time to die!"

Carlos stared at the mirror. That wasn't him in it, but that of a winged Unicorn. I am half Unicorn, half Pegasus? With that thought, he ran as fast as he could away from there. I die on my OWN terms. No matter how much I love you Marisa, I will NOT let him win. * * *

Marisa stood on the hill near a clearing. It had been a year since she was killed in human form. Only if my horn is removed may I die in Unicorn form, and soon my darling Carlos we shall be together. I go to you tonight and tell you the truth about you. If only you choose to be with me. She slowly made her way into town, no one noticing her. The joys of mystical powers that make you invisible. Her face beamed when she saw Carlos running down the street, but it quickly died down when she saw Castler. I take no chances! She thought as she appeared and called out to Carlos.

"Marisa?" Carlos stopped and stared at her. It can't be. She's dead!

Get on me! We must hurry. Castler is after us both now. Please my love, do not argue.

Carlos quickly did as he was told, not wanting to argue. "You've got some explaining to do later. Let's get out of here." Soon the two rode off into the sunset. * * *

TJ couldn't believe his eyes. It had been two days since Carlos disappeared from Angel Grove, and here he was with a Unicorn.

"Guys, this is Marisa." He knew none of them could believe it when they saw her change before, yet here she was again.

"Isn't she suppose to be dead?"

Only in human for TJ. For a unicorn to fully die, their horn must be removed. We must protect Carlos at all costs. Castler is out for him now. I am not the last. There is one who remains. A special breed of Unicorn. A halfling of sorts. Half Unicorn, half Pegasus.

"Why is he after Carlos then?" Ashley was as confused as the rest of the Rangers. "Surely he's not the halfling."

"I am." Carlos unveiled a large ornate mirror. "This mirror can show a person what they truly are. One similar showed me who I was." He moved in front and in his reflection stood a beautiful white stallion with a golden horn and silver tinted wings. "I am the halfling that Marisa told you about. My life is in danger." He held his charger in his hand and let it fall to the ground. "Give that to Owen. I want him to have my place on the team. I can't in danger your lives as well. I am going with Marisa."

"What are you going to tell your parents?"

"They'll think I died. Most likely in a suicide attempt. For me to go back to my form willingly, I must leave my human shell behind. Remember how Marisa's body was there when the police arrived?"

The other Rangers nodded. None of them liked the thought of lying to Mr. and Mrs. Alderete, but it had to be done. "We'll keep your secret, but can't you think of some other way? Maybe skiing accident or something?"

"Whatever it is, it'll have to be soon." * * *

Castler fumed as he searched through the Mystic Vapors for the last two unicorns'. He would destroy them, no matter what. No matter who got in his way. He would destroy them both.

"I will HAVE them!"

"You will not Castler." A woman's voice boomed from behind. When Castler turned, he did not believe who he saw. His jaw dropped to see a beautiful woman with dark green wings, light green skin, dark emerald's crowning her head and floor length emerald hair. "They shall be free, and you are no longer. For far too long, you have been free for FAR too long."

"How are you going to stop me Emerald Jade Dragon? Your powers are non-existent here. You cannot capture me!"

Emerald could do nothing but laugh. Little did he know that because of the two Unicorn's made it so she could use her powers off Draconia. She raised her hand and banished Castler to the far regions of Malara, the prison moon of Draconia. "I have no powers?" She said as she vanished to meet up with her two older friends. * * *

Marisa waited for Emerald to appear. Her time on Earth was soon to be over, and Carlos would return. As Emerald materialized in front of them, she took into account the Rangers bewildered stares.

"I am here my friend, and it is time to leave. Have you chosen your human forms death?"

"Not yet."

"Then he shall die of in a car accident," she said as Carlos's car appeared wrapped around a tree. "Your brakes and steering failed and you lost control of the car. Do not worry about your family. They will grieve, but soon bare another son and will name him Carlos Alderete I in your memory."

Carlos nodded and went over to the crash, sensing where his body was to be found, he laid down and the winged Unicorn arose from his body. Rangers, no longer fear for me. I go to Draconia to live out eternity. I can only die if the horn from my head is taken off of me. I shall be safe there. Live long, and may the Power Protect You! His last words hung in the air as the three of them vanished into the early evening. * * *

The Rangers watched as the coffin was lowered into the ground. Their friend was gone. Not only in human form, but in Unicorn form. The things he could tell them of the other world were simply amazing. It had been a week, and they had been contacted by the Draconian officials twice to arrange a treaty with the Rangers. Now that it was done, the Rangers had a new ally from an old friend.

TJ watched as Carlos's mother cried into her father. Already she shown signs of pregnancy. "I wonder how far along she is?" He muttered to himself.

"Six months." Cassie whispered. Her and Justin had spent a great deal of time comforting the Alderete family after their friend's body was discovered. They knew the police put down in their report that the car had "faulty repair done on it", but they also knew what really happened. * * *

Carlos watched from his new home as the funeral ended, then turned to Marisa. It is over. Let us run free now. He watched as Marisa nodded her agreement, and off the two lovers ran into the sunset.