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Vampyre Chronicles
By: Emerald J & Kay Ensani

He walked down the park's path--his mind was elsewhere. He never noticed the strange looks he got. Wearing black in California was not something that was an accepted custom. He had no idea what was going to happen when he saw them again, or if he'd see them. The next thing he knew was he slamming into someone, both landing on the ground and hearing the other man's grunt as he hit. Looking up, he saw one of the people he had been looking for since that morning. "Tommy?"

Tommy looked up, and what he saw surprised the daylights out of him. "Adam?"

Adam stood, smiling at the Red Ranger; he quickly helped him to his feet. "It's been too long," he said pushing his now shoulder length hair behind his one of ears.

"Look at you, your hair. It has been too long."

"A whole year, to the date. Last time I saw you was at his Funeral." He looked around. It still pained him that he was gone. He had been his friend, his confidant, and most of all, his fellow Ranger.

"You're still sad, aren't you?"

"Yeah, I still can't believe he's gone. Not the best way to die."

"We're all still sad about it too, and in shock."

Adam looked at him and sighed. "It's not everyday a former Ranger gets stabbed with a wooden stake through the heart."

"I know."

"So, how's the team?"

Tommy looked closely at his friend. He had noticed that Adam was a lot paler then he use to be and the sunglasses and black clothing was something new. "Doing pretty good. Don't you think you should get out more often? You're awfully pale."

Adam smiled. "For some reason, I can't stand the sun as much as before. I feel weaker if I'm out in it for too long. Tommy, there's something I need to tell you."

"Go ahead buddy. You can tell me anything."

"It started about three months before he died. Billy and I were," he looks around and noticed, "right here as a matter of fact, talking..."


"So, you and Cestria really broke up?"


"Hey, at least she didn't dump you for her ex-boyfriend." It had been hard for the Rangers to believe that Billy couldn't live on Aquitar, but it was harder for him to accept. Adam had still yet come to terms with Tanya going off with Shawn, much less marring him. "I still can't believe they got married."

"I can!" Billy sighed as he rolled his eyes at the young Green Ranger.

"You would!" He glanced over to his friend and sighed. This had been the first day he got out of his house, and that was only because Adam threatened him. True, Justin wasn't much of a threat to him, but he hadn't been in the mood to put up with him. "What do you say we go out? There's this new club opening up in Stone Canyon, and I just happened to get tickets for it!"

"That is so typical of you. Sure, I'd like to go."

Adam smiled, but it was only a mask to hide how worried he was over him. "Well then, what are we waiting for?"

Billy smiled his first smile in the month he had been there. "Let's go," he said as he got up and headed towards Adam's jeep.


Adam parked the car, and quickly descended. Making his way through the already growing crowd, he figured they could probably sit over in the lawn area in front of the place. Then he saw her. She was about 5'8", just sitting down and lighting up some incense, her long red hair was pulled into a ponytail that hung loosely over her shoulder. She was the woman of his dreams. "Man."

Billy came up behind Adam and had to stop himself from running into him when he stopped suddenly. "Earth to Adam? You in there?" Billy waved his hand in front of Adam's face.

"She's beautiful." Adam noticed the blur moving up and down in front of him and snapped out of his revelry. "Huh?"

"Forget it, you're in love!"

"I am not!"

"Don't deny it!"

"I don't even know her!"

"Then, go talk to her!"

Adam knew that he was fighting a losing battle, but it was one he didn't mind losing. He walked over to her and stopped when she looked up at him. Her eyes were the darkest brown he had ever seen, and the sparkles danced with the magic of centuries. "Um...hi."

"Allo, care to sit?"

"Sure," Adam smiled as he sat on the bench across from her.

"My name is Victoria Brooks, and you are?"

"Adam Park. Nice to meet you Victoria." He held out his hand for her to shake, but she just smiled at him.

"Most of my friends call me Vic. I, from what Anya has commented, am probably going to be the club's local weird person."

Adam laughed as thoughts of Rocky ran through his head. "Weird is good!"

"I know."


Billy sighed as he looked around the club. It wasn't crowded yet, but the night was still young. Adam was in love, and Billy thought that he was probably going to drag down Adam's evening. Then he saw her. She was gorgeous. At 5'10", in her short heels, her brown hair was pulled into a loose bun. Her emerald green dress accented her smile. Billy found himself being dragged closer to her, till he accidentally bumped into her, while the waiter she was talking to made a quick exit.

"Oh, hello."

"Hi." Billy couldn't believe how embarrassed he was. This was not the best way to make a first impression.

"My name is Anastasia Romoff. And you are?"

"Billy Cranston. Wasn't this the old steak house?"

"Yes, it was. I think the owner died, and I bought it from his son."

"You did wonders with it."

"It wasn't to hard, not with all the time I've had to work on it. That and I had some help."

"I like it, I really do."


Adam studied Tommy's expression. There was not much there. "We spent the next month with those two when we learned some startling facts about them..."


Vic looked on as Adam and Billy climbed back on the boat from their afternoon swim. Anya had some great ideas in her life, but this was one of the best! Anya stepped out of the galley with a tray of lemonade. She had wanted the moment to be right. Vic hadn't thought it was a good idea to tell them, but agreed that in case he came for her, they should know. Vic couldn't get Adam off her mind, and how she'd love to taste his neck.

Anya stood in front of them, placing the tray of drinks on the table. She was trembling a bit from the nervousness of what she had to say. This had been the first time she had to tell anyone the secret they both held so dearly to. "Um...guys...we have something to tell you."

Adam looked at her, curious at what could be so important to bring them on this weekend cruise. "What is it?"

"Um...Er...we're uh...we're uh..."

"We're what is known as Vampyres!"

Adam and Billy both chorused their disbelief. "Your Vampyre's?"

"I can prove it to you." Vic walked closer to Adam, running her finger down his throat. "Do you trust me?"

Adam leaned his head back as he responded. "Yes, I do."

"Then let me prove this to you."


Victoria moved around behind Adam, moving his hair away from his neck, she dug her fingers into his skin. Placing her mouth over the wound, she sucked some of his blood out of his body. She was right, he was delicious.

Billy stared at Adam in shock. Adam's eyes had glazed over, and he actually looked like he was enjoying it. Part of Billy longed for Anastasia to do the same to him, but part of him feared it. He felt someone's lips caressing his neck, glancing down, he noticed they were Anya's. He felt Anya start to drag him away from the others and he didn't even resist her in the slightest. He noticed Victoria pulling away from Adam, then biting her tongue till it bled. A single drop landed on Adam's bleeding neck, and it was if nothing had ever happened to it.

"What," was all Adam had time to say before passing out cold on the floor.


"Oh, Billy. It's all right. Everything is fine!" Ana's kisses where becoming lower, and lower with each passing moment that Billy could no longer stand the sweet torture.

"It's a natural reaction, even I have it when another of our kind drinks from me."

"As I said, everything is fine."

Billy watched Victoria literally pick Adam up and walk off to her quarters. Anya continued her kissing, but stopped suddenly. "Come with me Billy. To my quarters!" He had no want to do anything but that. He loved her. More then he loved any other woman. More then he loved Cestria.


Billy lay on the bed, kissing Anya as she lay atop him. "I love you Anastasia Romoff!"

"As I love you, Billy Cranston!" Her hands worked their way down his neck, finding the perfect place. Digging them into his neck she sucked the smallest amount of blood from him. His eyes glazed over.


Adam's eyes opened slowly, trying to focus on the person sitting beside him, he groaned.

"Shh. It's okay." The female voice told him. Adam squinted and he was able to make out the face, if nothing else, of his Vampyre girlfriend.

"You really are a Vampyre!"

Victoria nodded her response. All she wanted to do was to be with him, entirely with him. Never in her lifetime did she want anyone as badly as she wanted Adam at that moment. She watched Adam rub the headache away.

"I thought so."

"I wouldn't blame you if you never wanted to see me again."

Adam smiled at her. "What makes you think that I don't want to see you again?"

"Most people would be scared off by a blood thirsty woman."

"Not me, just as long as I don't die in the process."

"I know when to stop."

"That's good!" He smiled as she curled up next to him and planted a kiss on his lips, and returned the kiss with the same amount of passion. He was surprised when she pulled away from him.

"I think I've fallen in love again!"

"I know I'm in love!"

"Adam, I'm over 2,000 years old."

"You don't look it."

"I know. Also, since I'm being honest with you. My real name isn't Victoria."

Adam looked at her questioningly. "What is your real name?"

"Mina DeSard."

"Well, Vic, Mina, or whatever name you go by, you maybe a Vampyre, but I'm in love with you!"

She smiled as he said those words, moving her hands over his chest, she started kissing her way down to meet them!"


Adam looked at Tommy. Judging by the look on his face, he didn't quite believe it.

"Vampyres? You...WHOA!" He looked quickly up at Adam, just staring, hoping for him to say 'I'm joking' anytime now. It never came! "You and Billy involved with VAMPRYES?"

All Adam could do was nod. "That's not all. There is a lot more to this tale. Tommy, what I'm about to say must be kept secret, and you must keep an open mind about it. Promise?"

"I promise. You can trust me!"

Adam began his tale once more. "Billy and I had no idea how many others there were in the world. Anastasia and Victoria told us how they met, and shared some of their deepest secrets. About two months had passed when we found out about Rasmuten." He couldn't bring himself to say it. The tears started to well up in his eyes.


"Let's just say that he and Anastasia didn't get along."


Victoria sat on Adam's lap. Enjoying the feeling of Adam's mouth going down her neck. Even though her mind was on Adam, she worried.

Anastasia ran into Vic's apartment, breathing heavily. "Rasmuten!"

"NO! How?" Vic jumped off his lap and ran to her friend. The one person was in her life that was like her sister.

"He found me! He's after me again! This time, he want's Billy TOO!"

Adam ran to the two girls. He glanced over to Billy, who was standing in the doorway. The shock of having heard that someone is after you being to great, he could hardly move from that spot. "What? Who is this Rasmuten guy?"

"He's a powerful Vampyre. He's been after Anya for a long time now. He will stop at NOTHING to get her. We had heard that he was in a plane crash in the middle of the ocean and thought that maybe, just maybe she'd be able to live a normal life. Well," Vic glanced at the woman next to her. The woman that she turned into a Vampyre. "Normal for a Vampyre."

"And now he's back!"

Billy moved closer. He feared for her. She had turned his life around. "What do we do now?"

"I don't know, but he chased me."

"Anya and I are leaving Angel Grove. I can't ask you to put your lives in danger for us."

Adam glared at her. He knew she couldn't ask it, but he was going to do it. "I'm going with you!" Victoria hugged the young man.

Billy held Anya in his arms. Rocking her back and forth. "I will be with you forever."

"Thank you!"

Vic got up from where she was kneeling and goes over to Adam's side. "I hope you know what you're getting yourselves into. Rasmuten was one of the FIRST Vampyres! He is more powerful then any Vamp alive today! He is the one who made me what I am!"

"I don't care. I want to help!"

Victoria stole a glance at Billy and Anya, then concentrated on the job at hand. "Anya? Maybe we should?"


Adam looked at the two, confused at the little conversation they were having. "Should what?"

"What would you two say to being turned into Vampyres?"

The two, in unison gave their answer. "Anything for you two!"

"Then let's!" She moved closer to Adam, placing a small peck on his cheek, said, "You first! This will hurt a bit. Our blood must intermingle." She took his arm in her hand and with her other hand, opened a vein. Adam stared as his blood rushed from it, his head started spinning. Victoria acted quickly, opening her own vein and placing it upon Adam's bleeding wound. Their faces twisted, from pain to ecstasy. They quickly fell to the ground. Adam pulled her into his arms; their wounds were fully closed. "That was wonderful!"

Anya looked at Billy. "Your turn!" She grabbed him by his sleeve and dragged him into her room in Vic's apartment. She wanted this for so long, but wanted it to be private. Billy sat on the bed as she kissed him softly on his lips, gently pushing him into a laying position. She took his arm and...


Billy awoke with Anya in his arms. The two had spent the night exploring the effects that two Vampyres could have on each other. The result was the same each time. PURE MAGIC! He nudged her gently. "Hey there beautiful. Time to wake up!"

Anya stirred from her slumber. The images of what they had done floated in her head as she woke. "Tell me that was a dream! Nothing could feel so wonderful and not be a dream."

Billy kissed her in the spot she found the most enticing. "If it was, then I am still dreaming!"

"We're never going to get out of this bed if you don't stop that. Not that I want you to stop, but I got to go to work." Ana's eyes started glazing over once again as Billy's mouth worked wonders on her neck. "BILLY!"


"If you promise to stop that for awhile, and talk with me about last night. I promise to call off work today!"


Anya got up, putting her black silk housecoat over her, walked to the window. She looked out over the beautiful beach that Victoria's apartment was near. It had been so long since she became a Vampyre, but it seemed like only yesterday. "Do you regret becoming one of us?"

Billy looked at her. "Not in the least bit. I love you Anastasia Romoff. You have made me feel things I never knew where possible of feeling. Things even Cestria couldn't make me feel. With you I am whole. Now that a part of you is inside me, I feel closer to you then I have ever felt." He couldn't help but smile at her. She was beautiful standing in the sun's rays. It was weird how weak he felt. Anya seemed to notice this weakness.

"You will get use to the sun again. It'll just take time. Vampyres are usually known as creatures of the night, but we can live in the day. We do not require blood to live, but we do need to feed off another from time to time." She quickly moved over to the phone and called in to the club, calling off. "I kept my end of the bargain. You keep yours," she said as she removed her housecoat and snuggled into him under the sheets.


Billy emerged from the bedroom four hours later. He noticed Adam sitting on the balcony, rubbing his wrist where his communicator should have been. Walking out he wondered how Adam was dealing with the change. "Adam?"

Adam glanced up at his friend. "Hey."

"Want to talk?"

"Yeah." His eyes shifted from Billy's face to the view overlooking the water. "How am I going to explain leaving the team?"

Billy just stared at him. He hadn't taken the Rangers into consideration when becoming a Vampyre. All he could manage to get out of his mouth was the word 'Um'.

"This isn't going to be easy. I just can't look at them and say, 'Guys, I'm a Vampyre, and I got to leave Angel Grove, because some obsessive Vampyre is after Billy and his girlfriend, and I may never come back!'"

"We need to make up some sort of story." He leaned back in his chair and thought about it for a little bit. "I got it! You could say that you got a scholarship for a college, say Boston College."

"Okay, that sounds reasonable, but what about you?"

"I got a job offer in New York."

Adam smiled as something else hit him. "It's weird. If you think about it, they are going to be gone before we die, if we die at all. Victoria was telling me that she is over 2,000 years old."

"Yeah, it is weird." Billy eyed his friend suspiciously. "What were you doing at the time?"

"That is none of your concern!" Adam said, blushing from head to toe.

"And with that, I don't need to ask anymore!"

"I could ask you the same question of you and Anya last night!"

"HEY! You were suppose to be unconscious!"

"You guys made enough noise that the whole cemetery knew what was going on!" Adam got out of his chair and walked inside.

"You are...NOT NICE! That's what you are!" Billy looked back to the water, sighing, he thought, at least we had fun!

Billy followed Adam into the other room, watching him head straight for Victoria. He had to smile as Adam kissed her. Adam looked into her eyes as he said, "When are we leaving?"

"In a few weeks. We do need to pack you know."

"That gives us time to do what we need to do."


Adam glanced around the Power Chamber. It was hard to believe that this would probably be the last time he would be here. They discussed how they were going to handle this. Billy was going to start out, cause Adam would be too nervous, and he was, to do it.

All Billy could do was stare at the control panels. "Guys, we have something to tell you."

Tommy looked at his two friends curiously. "What is it?"

"Well, Adam and I are going to be leaving Angel Grove."

Justin stared at Adam. "What?" was all he could manage to say.

"I got a scholarship to Boston College. I'm going to take it, and Billy," he looks at him, waiting for him to tell the others.

"I got a job offer in New York."

Tommy looked at them. Billy had just gotten back from Aquitar, and now was leaving again. He looked at them; there was something wrong with this whole thing. "I can't believe this is happening."

"We...we're grown up, out of school, and well, we need to get on with our lives. College in Adam's case, and this job in mine, which means we can't be Rangers anymore."

"I know, it's just hard to believe. I wish you two the best of luck." He looked at Adam and smiled. "Good Luck in Boston."

Adam smiled, as Billy spoke. "Adam, a replacement for you? You said something to me earlier about who it was going to be."

"I need to talk to him first, since he already knows who the Rangers are."

Tanya looked at him, noticing how he never even looked at her. "Who?"

"You'll see!" Adam grabbed his communicator and teleported out.


Billy stood outside the club waiting for the others to finish up inside.

"Hello. You are friends with Anastasia Romoff, are you not?"

Billy stared at the tall man, his black hair and dark eyes accented his pale skin. There was something eerie about him. "You could say that."

"Good. My name is Rasmuten, prepare to DIE!"

"Die? I don't think so!" Billy said as he started to back away, trying to make a break for the club's door.

"OH, but I do think so!" He pulled a wooden stake out of his trench coat and made his way to the young Vampyre. Billy felt something hard hit him in the chest as he blacked out.


Adam walked out of the club just as Billy hit the ground and a tall stranger ran off. "BILLY! NOOOOO!" He ran to his fallen friend, gathering him up in his arms as tears poured down his face. "You can't be dead! You can't be!"

"Adam?" Victoria's gently voice was filled with dread. "Please tell me hi isn't..." The fear she felt made it almost impossible for her to speak.

"BILLY!" Anastasia came out of the club and ran to her recently departed beloved. "Rasmuten? Where is he?"

Adam glanced to where the man ran off. "Someone left as I came out."

"I am going to kill him!"

"We all are! I may know of a way. If you are willing."


"Remember the legend of the Crystal of Narathan? The one that can bring a Vampyre back to life, but only be used on the purest of heart's?"

"I do."

"What if we found it? We could bring Billy back and, as a team, destroy Rasmuten and his evil ways!"

"Yes!" Ana's mood lifted one small notch, but her tears were falling harder then before.

Adam looked at the two Vampyres next to him. "What are we waiting for? Let's go find that crystal!"

"After Billy's funeral, we leave!"

Anya nodded at her and held Billy's still body tightly against her.


Adam stared at the body in the coffin. It was hard for him to believe that two weeks earlier they had become Vampyre's, a week later he had witnessed Billy's murder, now he had to leave Angel Grove for the safety. He felt a hand on his shoulder; Adam looked up and saw Jason standing there.

"We'll all miss him. He was a great friend."

Adam could hear the tears in Jason's voice as they walked back to their seats. Kim and Zack started singing the song they wrote when Tommy lost his Green Ranger powers.

Down the Road
We never know,
What life may have in store.
Winds of change
Will rearrange
Our live more then before
But you'll never stand-alone
My friend
Memories never die
In our hearts they always live
And never say

The words floated through his head as Victoria held tightly onto both his and Anastasia's hands. He was going to need her, not only with his training in the ways of the Vampyre, but in his grieving. He listened as the song played over and over in his head. Though originally written for Tommy, the now Red Ranger, nothing in the world could've been more appropriate for Billy's funeral. He wondered how they would react one year from now? Would they even remember?


The funeral quickly ended and Adam, Victoria, and Anastasia headed out to his car. Adam opened the trunk and rummaged around for the black box he was instructed to give to the Rangers. Anya looked at him and sighs.

"We'll find the crystal, and Billy will be back with you again. That is a promise." Victoria's hand lay on her shoulder. She wouldn't know what to do if anything like this happened again.

"I know."

Adam looked at the two. He saw Zack off in the distance talking to the Rangers. It was weird seeing him in green, but that came with being the Green Turbo Ranger. "What is everyone going to think when we bring Billy back?"

"They won't even remember."

Anya looked ready to break down into tears again. "I still miss him though."

"We all do." Adam glanced up to see Zack running towards them. "Hey Zack!"

Zack looked at them a little nervously. "How are you holding up?"

"Doing all right. Upset, but I'll be okay."

"It was a shock to all of us. You sure you won't stay a little longer in Angel Grove?"

"I can't stay." Adam looked away from Zack and stared at the box in his hands. He didn't want to give it to him. Knowing full well that it contained Billy's communicator.

"Why not?"

"A lot of reasons."

"I wish you'd talk to us." The voice came from somewhere to Adam's right. Looking up, he saw Tommy Oliver standing there with the rest of the current Rangers. The original ones were either talking to Billy's father, or paying their last respects to Billy. Adam stared at him and raised the hand that held the box. Tommy looked at it for a moment, before taking it into his hands.

"I really don't feel like talking. Not now."

"Call us. Promise us that much."

"I'll try. You may want wait before opening it." Adam saw that Tommy's eyes had never left the box. Somehow, deep down, he knew what the box contained. Victoria gently hugged Adam and told them that they were running late, and would miss their flight if they didn't go. "Well, I guess this is good-bye. I hope I'll see you all soon." Not giving the Rangers time to say anything, Adam got into the car, and watched as Tommy opened the box, tears flowing from his eyes as he looked at Billy's communicator.


Adam looked at Tommy. He noticed how red his face was turning. "Well?"

"Why in the heck didn't you say so in the first place? Why did you lie to us?"

"I had no choice! Would you, in all honesty, have believed me if I told you that I was a Vampyre?"

Tommy looked at him, and sighed. Adam was right. He wouldn't have. "No, but still!"

"Tommy, understand my point of view. Why I had to leave Angel Grove. I did it to protect you guys!" Adam looked into his friend's eyes, hoping that he would believe him.

"I guess your right."

Adam rubbed the commencing headache out of his head. "We spent the next six months looking for the Crystal of Narathan, and the last six trying to figure out how to use it, to bring Billy back from the dead."

Tommy looked so hopeful as Adam explained to him about the Crystal, and it's powers. "Did you bring him back?"

"Tonight. It has to be on the one year anniversary of his death."

"Tonight? Man, Anya must be excited!"

Adam let out a small laugh as the image of Anya and Vic rolled through his head. "Victoria had to give her a sedative to get her to finally get some sleep. Tommy, you probably aren't going to remember Billy being dead."

"Will I remember this? You talking to me?"

Adam nodded. "Probably. I don't know. To you and the other Rangers, Billy will have spent most of the last year in a coma, which he woke up from three months ago. The Crystal can change people's memories, and that is the memory we all agreed on."

Tommy smiled, as he and Adam walked towards a shelter a little ways away. He understood that Adam couldn't stay out in the sun for long, yet anyway. Would Billy be the same when he was alive again? "Where are Anastasia and Victoria anyway? I never got a chance to know them."

"They're at Ana's house. You'll see them tomorrow. When Billy makes his grand entrance back into the land of the living." Adam stepped into the shadows of the shelter and looked at Tommy. "Tommy, there's something else."

"What is it?"

"Dimitria. Her and Alpha's memories actually. They won't be changed. I need you to talk to them, but make it before tonight. I need them to understand why it's important not to tell the Rangers about this, cause if they find out that we changed history, man, I'd hate to see what happens."

"I'd probably seriously hurt your behind."

"I know. You and Rocky both would. Mostly Rocky, that's why I need Dimitria to agree to it. Do you think you can do it?"

"Sure, I can handle it."


"No problem, bro. You go get some rest."


Tommy teleported into the Power Chamber and looked at Alpha 6, plugged into the wall, then up to Dimitria. "Tommy? What are you doing here?"

Tommy looked up at her, and told her everything Adam had told him. His fear of them failing ran through his voice. He wanted Billy back as much as the next person. "He needs to know if you will keep it from us that Billy died."

"We shall both keep that secret. It is a promise, to him as a former Ranger. Did he think we would not?"

"Who knows. Probably just wanted to be on the safe side. Thank you Dimitria!" Tommy looked at her, then teleported out of the Power Chamber and back to his house. Tomorrow morning, I see Billy again. What a day this has been.


The three Vampyres walked closer to the gravesite. It felt weird to be there this late at night. Visions of what happened one-year ago flashed through Adam's mind. He knew he'd remember them, for as long as his life was. Victoria stopped and placed the blanket down. She looked up at his tombstone.

"Funny. This won't be here soon, and we will probably awake elsewhere."

"Hopefully, I'll awake in Billy's arms."

"You probably will. I'm sure he won't mind waking up to that!" Adam had to laugh at her. A year had passed, and her love for Billy was as strong as the day they met.

"He had better not!"

Victoria looked at the two, and wondered if they were not related, somewhere along their family line. "You two act like brother and sister at times."

"Who? Him and me?"

"Yes, you and him!"

Anya looked at her, giving her the best-puzzled look she had. She knew that Victoria was talking about her and Adam, and that their friendship had turned into a small sibling rivalry type of situation, but most of it was in done in fun. "Which him? I'm not paying attention!"

Victoria pointed to the love of her Vampyre life. "Him! You and Billy are a totally different story!"

"Oh, I'd definitely say so!"

Adam glanced at his watch. To him it felt weird wearing a watch instead of his trusty communicator. The two female Vampyre's knew his secret. It's hard keeping something like that from them, not when they can tell if you are lying or not. "Guys, its time. We better get started." He reached into the bag he carried and placed the crystal that was inside, on the blanket.

"Let's do it!"

Victoria opened the book that they had found with the crystal, and handed it to Anya, not before sneezing at the centuries of dust it had collected.

Anya looked inside and read the opening of the incantation. "In the hours of night, I call upon you power! Return the life back to my fallen love! Return him to the world he is so loved in. Return him so that the evil that did this can be stopped. Return him so that we can stop him."

The three stood, concentrating all their thoughts and powers to Billy. The crystal started to pulsate as it flashed a brilliant golden light. A golden mist full of sparkling stars swirled around a now forming form. The three Vampyres stared, as Billy's form became more and more coherent.


"Billy!" Anya ran from her spot and gathered him up in a big hug.

"What happened? What am I doing here?"

"Shhh! I'll explain everything later. We all will!"

Adam looked at the two as he picked up the blanket and placed it around Billy's shivering form. "Time to go where ever we should we."

"What?" Anya gave him a startled look. She had never heard Adam speak like that.

Victoria smiled. "The book. We need to leave here, so that this can be erased from time." They all turned to see her pointing to the tombstone.

Anya walked along the path with Billy noticing Victoria turning to look back at where they were just moments earlier she turned to look. "It's gone!"

Adam smiled at her, then looked at Billy. "It never should have been there in the first place!"

"Exactly, but it's not there anymore!"

"Let's go home. For some reason, I feel like I could use a shower."

Anya grabbed his hand, not wanting for one moment to let go. "Mind if I join you? Being buried underground does make a person feel grimy."

"I don't mind a bit!"

"Then shall we?"

"We shall!"


Billy walked out into the room he had become familiar with before he became a Vampyre. Tying the belt on his housecoat, he walked over to the window and looked out. "How long exactly have I been dead? I take it I was, if I was buried underground." The words didn't want to come out of his mouth, but they came out.

"You were dead a whole year."

"A year? How are we going to explain this to everyone?" Billy sat on the couch, looking for some kind of explanation of what was happening.

"No need. The crystal reset everyone's memory, except for Alpha and Dimitria's, to think that you were in a coma for six months, due to a car accident, and that you woke up three months ago."

"I take it that we just came back to Angel Grove too?" He asked, pulling her closer to him.

"You got it!"

"Tomorrow, I am going to see them, but tonight, it's just the two of us! Adam and Vic are doing God knows what together," he said, gently caressing her neck with his mouth. Anya couldn't stop her eyes from glazing over.

"Oh, I love it when you do that, and I've waited all year for it as well!"

Billy picked her up and carried her over to the bed, placing her down; he curled up next to her, and continued working on her neck. "I love you Anastasia Romoff!"

"I love you William Cranston, for all eternity, and a day!"


Adam stood near the doorway to the Juice Bar. He could tell how nervous Billy was, because he was nervous also. "Ready?"

"Ready as I'll ever be!"

"Then let's do it!" He grabbed Victoria's hand as Anastasia pulled Billy through the doorway.

Kat sat looking towards the doorway for Tommy to arrive, but noticing four familiar faces enter. She sprang from her seat yelling, "BILLY! ADAM!"

"Hey! How are you doing?" Billy walked closer to Kat, but was slower then he remembered ever being. Must be from being underground for a whole year!

Anya smiled at her. In the short time she knew Billy, she had seen Kat several of those times. "Hello Katherine."

"Hello Anya, Victoria!" Kat said as she gathered Adam and Billy into a hug. "We've missed you. Come on, Tommy and the others should be here any time now! Tanya's already here."

Adam followed Billy and Kat to the table, and smiled at his ex-girlfriend as Billy gave her a quick little hug. "How you going?"

Adam smiled as Tanya stood up showing that she was at least five months pregnant. "Looks like you and Shawn have been a little busy."

"You're not mad anymore?"

"Not at all. I never really was mad, especially after I met Victoria." Looking around he noticed that the elder two Vampyre's were talking to Lt. Stone.

Tanya followed Adam's gaze. "You two make a cute couple."

"It appears that he can't keep his eyes off of her either."

"Tommy!" Both Adam and Billy turned and faced the Rangers. Collecting them all in one enormous group hug. Billy was the first to pull away and speak.

"We missed you all!"

Rocky patted them both on the back. "How are you both doing?"

"Never better." They both chimed in chorus.

Tommy looked around the Juice bar, noticing how unusually crowed it was. "We better get a table, while there are still some available."

The Rangers went and found a table while Victoria and Anastasia went to the counter, giving Adam and Billy some time to talk to their friends. Zack was the first to speak up.

"Billy? Are you all recovered from that little um..."

Billy knew that they all thought that he was in a car accident, but for some odd reason Tommy was looking at him like he knew the truth. "Pretty much. I have pains every once in a while, but other then that, I'm fine."

Zack let out a small laugh as Billy winced a small bit. "You know, it's weird. First Rocky, then you land in the hospital. I think it's a first that two Rangers land in the hospital within the same year!"

"I guess we're accident prone."

The conversation died for a while, Zack was looking around the table, his gaze landing on Justin, then shifted over to Billy. "It's weird not seeing you as the Blue Ranger."

"I'm use to it. I haven't been a Ranger since Rita and Zedd destroyed the Power Coins."

Rocky looked at Adam. "What about you, Adam? Miss it much?"

Adam leaned back in the chair. "It's weird not being a Ranger anymore. Took me a year, but I think I'm use to it now."

They didn't get much of a chance to talk. As Victoria and Anastasia walked towards the table, the Rangers communicators went off. Victoria quickly spoke before they had a chance to come up with some excuse. "Guys, we should be going. We have a lot of unpacking to do."

Tommy smiled. He remembered his and Adam's entire conversation remembered that Billy had died and was brought back to life. "We'll catch up with you later then. We got some stuff around here to do."

"Bye!" Anya said, pulling Billy out of the Juice Bar.

The Rangers watched the group leave the building, then headed off towards their private little corner. "This is Tommy, what is it?"

"Yo, Yo, Yo! There's a monster named Teletron in the park and some junk. Get yourselves down there and stop that thing. Got it?"

"We're on our way!" Tommy looked at the others, who nodded their agreement to the unasked question. "Shift into Turbo!"

Five colorful flashes of light headed towards Angel Grove Park.


Adam walked into the living room behind Victoria. "Wonder what it is this time?"

"What is it all the time?" Anastasia said sarcastically.

"I just hope we can keep it from them that we know their secret." Victoria gently touched the crystal. Looking at it, as it started to pulsate a bright light. "Um, Anya? I don't think it's suppose to do that!"

"What isn't suppose to do what?" Anya and the others turned around to see the image of a wise looking, elderly gentleman appear over the crystal. "What the heck?"

"Hello! I see you are the ones who used the Crystal. I am Narathan, and by your own wish, Anastasia Romoff, you will now have the power to defeat the evil, which took the life you used the crystal to save. I am in luck, this crystal holds enough for four Ranger type warriors. You four will now be known as the Narathan Warrior Rangers."

The four Vampyres couldn't believe their ears. "We're going to be Rangers again?" Adam asked, looking at Billy who just nodded his head.

Narathan silenced them. "Adam, swift and strong, you will now be known as the Black Dragon Warrior. Victoria, graceful and pure, you will now be known as the White Pegasus Warrior. Billy, smart as you are brave," Narathan stopped for a second, then continued, poking a little fun at Billy. "And alive, you will be the Golden Owl Warrior. Finally, Anastasia, you are courageous and loving, you now hold the Silver Panther Warrior power. Do not fail me in your mission to protect the Earth from Rasmuten!"

Adam did a quick bow to Narathan. "Of that, we won't fail you!"


Rasmuten walked around the Sub's main room. Divatox, in her own right, was the perfect one to merge with. His thoughts somehow always shifted back to Anastasia Romoff, the woman he would one day possess. "So, Divatox, you want to form a partnership?"

"That's right, and it had better be a good one too!"

"Trust me, with your skills, and my power as a Vampyre, we will be unstoppable."

Divatox placed her hand around his neck. "If we aren't, you are going to pay with your life!"

"We will be!" Rasmuten had no idea that the three had found the Narathan Crystal, brought Billy back to life, and became the Narathan Warriors. He dug deep into the pouch he had attached to his belt and pulled out a huge diamond. "Something to seal our merger. What do you say we let Teletron work on defeating the Rangers, and we go have a little...discussion?"

Divatox stared at the diamond; it was beautiful, huge, and bright--just how she liked them. "Discussion is not what I want to do." She said as the two walked out with arms linked together as if nothing in the world could separate them.


"Man!" Zack yelped as he landed against a tree. Looking up, he saw four Ranger type people heading towards them.

"Need some help guys?" The Silver clad one asked.

Tommy stood, staring, before answering the female voice. "Any help is welcome."

The Rangers and the four new strangers started to fight again. Teletron moved his fight away from the Red Ranger, and moved to the Black and White strangers. The one in White pulled out a fancy type gun and blasted Teletron. "Go Suck On A Lemon!"

The Gold one ran over and slammed a sword into Teletron's back. "And Then Some!"

"How dare you strike me!"

"Easy!" The black clad male easily picked up Teletron and threw him in the lake, five miles away. They all waited for it to come back out, but instead were repaid by a giant explosion.

"Voila! Your monster is toast!"

Tommy walked over to the four strangers, asking quietly, "Who are you?"

The gold and black clad men stepped forward. The Gold was the first to speak. "We are the Narathan Warriors."

"And old friends." The Silver and White ones couldn't help but laugh at the last part.

"Let's get back to our Power Chamber. There is some stuff we need to talk about." Seconds later nine flashes of light sped away from the battle scene.


Alpha couldn't believe his eyes. The Rangers had just teleported in, with four more Rangers. "Whoa! I can't believe it! You guys are the Narathan Warrior Rangers? This is too cool!"

"The time has come to show our true identities. Drum roll, S'il vous plait!" The Silver one looked at the others as she said this. The Black and White ones just removed their helmets. "You're no FUN!" The Silver and Gold ones followed the other two Warrior's deeds and removed their helmets. When the four looked at the faces of the Rangers, they were met with five very surprised faces.

"Surprise!" Adam couldn't find any other words to express what had just happened.

Anastasia looked at them. "Hey people!"

Anya and Victoria stayed towards the back, not wanting to say much. Tommy approached the two former Rangers, now Narathan Warriors, and smiled. "I knew you two would be back, just not this way!"

Zack looked at them all, something bothering him at the back of his mind. "Just what exactly are the Narathan Warrior Rangers, and why haven't we heard about them before this?"

Billy knew that this would be coming from the moment Narathan gave them their powers. He quickly gave them the short version of what happened to them.

Justin looked at the four newest Rangers, two of them his friends. "You guys are Vampyres?"

Adam saw that Justin was looking straight at him when he asked that. Looking towards Billy, he saw no help from him. "Yes Justin, we are Vampyres."

"But how did this happen? I mean, its not like there are Vampyres around here at all, are there?" Justin looked quickly over the group of Narathan Warriors, and his eyes widened as his gaze fell upon the two women, one who looked almost exactly like his mother. "You two are the Vampyres that turned them into what they are?"

Victoria nodded as she moved closer to Adam. She couldn't help but feel Justin's gaze dig deep into her neck. "Is something else wrong, Justin?"

"You just look like someone I know, that's all."

"Probably a good coincidence," she stated as Adam's lips tickled the back of her neck. "Adam, stop that."

"What? What did I do?" His innocent little puppy eyes sinking deep into her soul.

Victoria knew that she would have to go and talk to Justin on her own, and quickly moved the young boy over to one side of the room. "Who do I remind you of?"

"My mother. You look exactly like her. Her name was Veronica."

"I can definitely assure you that I am just a doppelganger. There is one thing that I wish I could have, but can't, and that is a child. But if you want, we can be friends?"

"I'd like that." Justin moved back to the room with Victoria right behind him and told them all that he had to get home before his father, who had recently moved back to Angel Grover, got home.

"Rangers, it might be a good idea for all of you to return home and rest. Rasmuten and Divatox are probably planning more attacks on you. Will you not need all the rest you can get?"

"She's right," Tommy stated as he, and the others, quietly teleported home.

Victoria smiled as she softly whispered into Adam's ear. "Let's go finish what you started."

"Wahoo," was all Adam could respond as Victoria grabbed him into a long passionate kiss as they teleported off.

"Those two are almost as bad as we are!" Anastasia commented, as Billy played with her neck a little.

"If not worse. They're just quieter that's all. Come on, I think they have the right idea, let's go home.

"Yeah, home is good. So is louder."


Three days had passed since the others found out the truth about the four friends/lovers and Billy finally finished setting out the picnic as he looked around the wondrous garden. The waterfall gave off a beautiful rainbow mist as it gently touched the nearby flowers. "This place is beautiful."

"Isn't it though? It's so peaceful, that I wouldn't mind living here."

"Anastasia," he asked gently as he pulled a small box out of his jacket and walked over near her. Everything is too perfect. She is a picture of beauty. I never thought it possible for her to look better, but the way she looks standing in front of that waterfall and the way the sun plays with her...

"Yes?" Her response broke Billy out of his daydream and onto his knee.

"Will you do me the honor of being my bride?"

"YES! You know I will!" She was never happier then at this moment. His arms wrapped around her and pulled her down onto the ground. His mouth kissed every sensitive part she owned.

"You have made me the happiest man in the world!" Billy told her as they joined together in the joys of love.


"I can't believe I'm finally getting married!" Divatox stated as she waited for the one final ingredient to her happiness. "Where is he?"

"I am right here! Keep your dress on!" Zedd grumbled as he entered the subs main control area. "Let's get this over with." Finally! She is FINALLY getting MARRIED! He thought as he started the ceremony. "Do you Rasmuten take Divatox as your bride?"

"I do."

"Do you Divatox take Rasmuten as your husband?"

"I do."

"Anyone objecting?" Please, don't. I just want to go home and go back to bed. "So be it. You are now, husband and wife! You can kiss her now." He left the sub as the newlyweds kissed.

"Shall we go on our honeymoon?"

"Yes, we shall and when we get back...DISASTER for the RANGERS!" Divatox glowed. "Those Narathan Warriors have not seen the last of US! They will PAY for bringing him back to life... but first...some rest and relaxation!"


Victoria put the final touches to her friend's veil. "Hey, don't tell me your nervous!"

", I'm VERY nervous!"

"I would be too, if it was me getting married in less then ten minutes."

"You'll be married eventually!" Anya looked carefully at her friend, noticing how she doubted what was being said to her. "Unless he's the kind to sleep with, not the kind to marry?"

It was all Victoria could do not to laugh her head off. "In the past two days that is all we've done! Then again, between Rasmuten and Divatox's attacks, plus the last minute planning for your wedding, we've been too exhausted."

"Understandable," was all she said as Tommy knocked on the door. "I guess it's time. I am so excited!"

Victoria smiled at her friend, as a small ping of jealousy hit her heart. "Then let's go get you married off!" The three Rangers made their way to the back of the church...


Billy couldn't help but to fidget with this tie.

Adam smiled as he fixed his friend's tie one last time. "Nervous?"

"Is it that obvious?" As Adam nodded, Billy just laughed. "Just wait till it's your turn!"

"I was planning to ask Victoria..."


"Soon...maybe today...I don't know."

"You better! I think she's starting to wonder if you really love her."

"I DO love her, WITH ALL my heart."

The two friends watched as Tommy went into to the back, towards the Bridal Dressing Room. "It's time..."

"Good luck!"

"I'll need it not to pass out during the ceremony. Then again, Anya would probably drive a stake back through me if I did!"

"Whoa, then I suggest you don't pass out!"

Billy smiled as they took their positions. Watching Adam as he went and met Victoria halfway down the aisle and walked her up to the alter. His jaw almost dropped as he saw the dress his lovely bride wore. The tight bodice was a beautiful shade of ivory, while the skirt flowed around her. As Tommy was asked if he was the one to give the bride away, he nodded and kissed the Narathan Warrior on her check, whispering her luck. Billy took her hand as she joins him, and mouthed how beautiful she looked as the preacher got started on the ceremony. Neither was paying close attention to anything but each other.

"Do you, William Michael Cranston, take Anastasia as your legally wedded wife? To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live?"

"I do."

"Do you, Anastasia Christine Romoff, take William to be your legally wedded husband? To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live?"

"I do."

"The rings." The Preacher watched as Victoria and Adam handed the rings to the happy couple. "William and Anastasia have decided to write their own vows."

"This ring symbolizes my love for you. No matter what happens to this ring, our love will last until the end of time. No flower is as sweet as you are. Nothing can even come close to my love for you." Billy proclaimed his love as he slipped the ring on her finger. "I now give you this ring, as a final act. The final act of our joining. For now, we are one."

Anya stood there, fighting back the tears at how beautifully he spoke those words. "You are; my love, my heart, my only. I would die before I would look on someone else if you were in existence, and if you didn't exist, my heart would be the loneliest in the entire universe. Since you do, my soul and heart and body and will are all on fire with passion, love, and the magic of your very being."

"I now pronounce you Man and Wife! You may kiss the bride." Cheers of joy filled the room as the young couple kissed. "Ladies and Gentlemen, may I be the first to introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. William Michael Cranston!"

Everyone cheered as the two made their way down the aisle, and to the limousine, friends and family cheered for joy.


Billy maneuvered Anya over to the hot tub. She had told him about this place, but didn't expect him to take her here for their honeymoon. He planted a passionate kiss on her lips, and let it slowly move down her neck.

"Billy!" She knew he was getting close to the spot she loved him kissing. "If you keep that up, we'll never be able to use that hot tub!"

"Then let's get in!" Billy let her slide in first, then followed her. He resumed his caressing of her neck.

"That feels so good! Don't stop!" She leaned into Billy, her arm traveling around the back of his neck as she pulled him closer. Not letting go for a moment, she lavished his movements.

Billy stopped his kissing, and started massaging her shoulders, letting her swimsuit straps fall off her shoulders. Anya couldn't help removing what he wore, and turning to plant one of the century's most passionate kisses on him. "Billy, how did I luck out finding a man like you?" She asked after their three-minute kiss.

Billy stopped his playing, and looked at her with all the love the universe held at that moment. " I have no idea, but what I do know is that I personally intend to thank every god, goddess, major & minor deity of every degree & religion & belief in the entire universe for blessing me with someone as beautiful, perfect, loving, kind, generous, and just in general flawless as you. I have no idea why you stay with me, of all people, when you could have anyone you want, and I keep thinking I'm going to wake up to find it's nothing but a dream, but if it is: it's one I hope lasts forever"

"Billy!" Anya felt her cheeks, and every other inch of her body that Billy was looking at, turn the deepest shade of red. "I am not all that! You are over exaggerating!"

"I assure you, I am not. You are all that, and more!" The two newlyweds kissed, and sunk into the waters of the hot tub, enjoying every sensuous moment they could have; entangled in each others scorching, moist bodies.