Disclaimer:  Power Rangers, Tommy, Kat, and Kimberly belong to Saban. The song Before I Gaze at You Again is from the musical Camelot and was written by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe.

Author's Note:  I wrote this cause I love the whole Tommy/Kat relationship, and that while singing this in Voice Class (at Sinclair Community College) Miane came and sat on my shoulder and asked me to write this during my extremely busy schedule. So I did. Warning. This story is VERY short, and I'm hoping that it's emotional enough for people! This takes place between PRIS and PRLG! This story is dedicated to all the young lovers of the world. May you all find true happiness! This story is also dedicated to my O.L. Brother! ENJOY!

Before I Gaze at You Again
By Emerald J

Before I gaze
At you again
I'll need a time for tears.

Tommy watched as Kimberly and Jason sat talking as the other Rangers-past and just newly retired from space-enjoyed the party to celebrate Earth's freedom from the forces of evil, and to mourn Zordon's loss. It had been almost three years since he received the fateful letter that broke them apart, and he still couldn't face the torment his heart went through each time he saw her. Turning quickly, he walked out of the building-his mind lost in the song he remembered from one of his and Kimberly's many trips to the theater.

Before I gaze
At you again
Let hours turn to years.

I have so much
Forgetting to do
Before I try
To gaze again at you.

Forgetting, if only I could forget the sweetness of our relationship. Forget how much she still means to me. Forget that I feel that for Kat, only it's deeper. In that instant, Tommy realized whom his feelings were truly for and why he couldn't face Kimberly, yet anyway. He ran back to the building and found the former Pink Turbo Ranger, pouring herself a soda, and scooped her up into his arms.


"Katherine, I love you with all my heart. Nothing in the world can change this fact. You are the only woman I ever felt this way about."

"I love you too, but what about your feelings for Kimberly?" She knew that they couldn't get any further in their relationship unless he faced the fact that he still cared for his lost love, and it scared her that he might never do it.

The young man gently pushed the golden hair out of her face and smiled at her. A smile that rang deep down into her heart and soul and spoke volumes about his affection for her. "It's you I love, not Kim. Forever will I love you and want you in my life and by my side."

"Tommy, what are you trying to say?"

"I guess, I'm trying to ask something of you," he softly said as he got down on bended knee. "Katherine Anne Hillard, will you do me the honor of marring me?"

She stared at him, not knowing what to think. "Um..." was all she had managed to get out of her mouth.

"I don't expect an answer tonight," he said standing back up and taking her hands into his own. "I'll wait forever if it means finding you in the end."

"I'll answer your question, after you and Kimberly talk." She watched as Tommy nodded and headed out to find Kimberly, his first love.

Stay away till you cross my mind
Barely once a day;
Till the moment I awake and find
I can smiles and say;

That I can gaze
At you again
Without a blush or qualm,

My eyes a shine
Like new again,
My manner poised and calm.

Tommy finally found her after searching for twenty minutes out in the garden behind the hotel. The moonlight hitting her auburn hair as it gently blew in the wind. Be strong Tommy, a small voice inside him said, you just asked Katherine to marry you, no need falling in love with Kimberly again. "Kimmie?"

Kim turned to see the face of her Knight in White Armor. A pounding in her heart and a jello feeling in her knees made her realize how much she loved him, truly and deeply. "Yes, Tommy?"

"We need to talk," he stated as he guided her to a nearby bench. "About us and our future."

He wants me back! Oh my god, he wants me back! Kimberly smile reached almost back to her ears as she looked into his brown eyes.

"I want to continue being friends. I think it's important to us both."

"Friends?" The total idea shocked her. The only thing she'd ever really been able to conceive of Tommy as had been her boyfriend.

"Yes, friends. I just asked Katherine to marry me, and I wanted to make sure that you and I could go on being friends. Is that okay with you?"

"Um, I guess." She couldn't hide the disappointment in her voice, having regretted sending him that letter because of her coach's insistantcies.

"You were hoping we'd get back together, weren't you?" Tommy had been able to tell what Kimberly thought at times, and this was one of those times. The hope in her eyes had been unmistakable.

"Yes, I did. I never stopped loving you and I'm at fault for our break up...forever." Kimberly stood up and walked a little bit away. "Goodbye Tommy," was all she said as she vanished into the night-leaving Tommy with the night and the song...

Stay far away,
My love,
Far away.
Till I forget
I gazed at you today.

Katherine watched from a distance as Kimberly left the party behind her as she sped off into the night, going to find Tommy and find out what happened. "Tommy, is everything okay?"

"Yes, it sorta is."


"Kimberly thought we'd get back together, and left when I told her that I asked you to get married."

Katherine stared at him for a moment. "Tommy, about that proposal."

Great, she's going to turn me down now. "What about it?"

"How does June 1st sound as a wedding date?"

Tommy looked up at her, his eyes wide as he ran over and hugged her. "Sounds like the best date in the world."