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Love Is Here
by: Cynthia

Tommy stared out through a window in the resort's main room. He had never felt this alone. It had been a long time since he'd seen Kat. Months. After they'd passed on their powers, she had moved to England to start her ballerina training full time. They hadn't broken up, but things were starting to be rather distant between them.

He had thrown himself full time into his racing, and had been doing well. Until a viscious rival had sabotaged his car. Tommy had honestly thought things like that only happened in bad television shows or poorly written stories by untalented hacks. But it had happened to him. He had made it through alive, amazingly, with the only real damage being a broken leg.

No more racing, though. He had been losing the enthusiasm for it anyway. This just solidified things for him. I want to find Kat again. I want to tell her I love her.

He sighed. He wanted to be with her so much. He looked at the star he could see coming out near the moon and whispered softly, "I wish for Kat to come back to me. I wish for us to be together forever. I love you, Kat Hillard."

Oh whoa

There's music in the mountains tonight (music in the mountains tonight)
Up above a crescent moon is gleamin bright (moon is gleamin bright)
Can't recall ever feelin so right
He sighed deeply, and was about to turn away when a soft voice spoke from behind him. "I love you, too, Tommy Oliver."

A quick turn showed the beautiful face of a woman he hadn't seen in far too long. Kat Hillard.

Whoa, Love is Here (Echo) where you are (echo)
Wish upon a star (echo)
And the one you're dreamin' of (echo) is certain to appear
(Love is Here) Love is Here
She reached out her hand, smiling softly at him as their fingers touched briefly. "Oh, Kat..." he breathed the words out and drank in the beauty of her features. The sparkling blonde hair, the crystal blue eyes, the every flawless was a sight that was the next thing to Heaven to him. "I've missed you so."

"I know, Tommy." She leaned against him, his arms going around her as if they had never left. "I know. I thought about you every day."

"I never stopped thinking about you." He reached into his pocket, pulling out something he'd bought just before his accident.

There's magic in the touch of your hand (magic in the touch of your hand)
In your eyes I see a look I understand (look I understand)
Could it be this is what fate has planned?
"Kat Hillard," he said softly, looking at her. He wanted to kneel, but his leg throbbed too much at the moment. "I have loved you for a long time now. When I was in the deepest despair, you pulled me out of it. When I thought I couldn't love again, you taught me how to open my heart one more time." he opened the box and showed her the diamond ring inside. "Will you marry me?"
Whoa, Love is Here (echo) where you are (echo)
Wish upon a star (echo)
And the one you're dreamin' of (echo) is certain to appear
Love is Here (echo)
She stared down at it, then took a long breath. "Yes, Tommy. I will."