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Bullet Blue Ranger Bullet

"Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy Series"

More Than Friends?
Can Leo admit his true feelings for Kendrix before its too late?

"The Purple Sibling Saga, Continued"

Karone is experiencing Nightmares, that could lead to her destruction.

Pink Sorrow
Has Karone become Astronema, again??

"Stand Alones"

When All Is Said and Done
Kendrix and Leo finally admit the truth.


Bullet DECA367 Bullet

"Power Rangers: The Galactica Saga"

Part 1: A New Beginning
Dark Specter and the Alliance of Evil set their sights on
conquering our galaxy after capturing Zordon. It will take
a mixture of old and new Rangers to stop them.

Part 2: The Trial of Bulk and Skull
When the Turbo Rangers are captured and Angel Grove High
School is taken hostage the only ones who can save the day
are.... Bulk and Skull?

Love in Space
While the Space Rangers try to deal with an asteriod that is
threatening Earth, Astronema lures Ashley and Andros into
a trip!

The Resistance Begins
The Ninja Rangers, Ninjor, Dimitria, Alpha-5, and the Blue Senturion
along with a new friend named Zara team up to save the citizens of Eltar
from being turned into mindless cyborgs.

"The Purple Sibling Series"

The Rescue
Has Andros lost Karone, forever??

Battle Lines
Darkonda is intent on destroying the Rangers and becoming
the Grand Monarch of Evil and will stop at no means to
achieve his goals.

Love's Trials
Cupid is running amuck aboard the Megaship . . .!

The Wedding
Surprises are abound as some surprise guests
show up for Karone and Zhane's wedding.


Bullet Cynthia Harrell Bullet

"Alternate Destinies"

Prince of Darkness
Karone was not kidnapped here.

Silent War
There is much to do.

Dreaming Of You
Ashley dreams...

"The Gifts of the Avatars"

To Everything There is a Season
In the aftermath of the Zeo Quest, Billy finds himself learning that
his days of adventure aren't necessarily over.

Dark Destiny
A new power is revealing itself.

Gift of the Wind
Billy begins to understand more of what is before him.

Legacy of Fire
Trini learns why she is needed in Angel Grove.

Wisdom of the Water
It's up to Kimberly to rescue the Avatar of Water before it's too late.

Strength of The Earth
The Dark One is enraged that three of the Avatars have succeeded in
passing their powers. This time, he is going to preempt the Avatar
of Earth and fool her chosen replacement.

Spirit's Bond
Jason is called into action as the last of the Avatars.

The Final Battle
The Avatars face down the Dark One in a fight to the end.

Magic's Touch
It looks like there's still more for the Avatars to do!

Wind and Fire
With a moment of peace, Billy and Trini at last speak.

Earth Magic
Zack and Aisha have some time to themselves.

Spirit of the Pink
Kat and Jason find themselves together.

Metallic Danger
A dance night won't be once of peace if the forces of
evil have anything to say about it . . .

Shroud of Darkness
What's happening to Kat?

Ray of Light
They come for Kat.

"Comet's Tale Series"

A Ranger By Any Other Name
A new white Ranger has arrived in Angel Grove.
However, this Ranger works for Divatox.

When T.J. is injured due to one of Divatox's plans, it is up to
Carlos and White Ranger to help him.

Wild Comet
Will a secret cost Carlos his life?

Mystery of the Maze
Morgan, Cassie, and Ashley find themselves in a dangerous new world.

Blood Born
Justin finally finds out who his mother really is.

Camping Trip
Just a little trip.

"Green Enchantment!"

A New Life
What if Kim had never left for Florida?

Mystic Flames
Rocky is under attack from a mysterious source....

"Memories Forgotten!"

Love's Redemption
A love story you've never seen before!!

The Other Side of the Spell
The Rangers have one more friend to rescue.

"The Jeweled Zeo Saga!"

With the return of the old Rangers, a new evil also follows.

Loving Pain
The Jewel Rangers are on the side of evil: what can the Zeos do?

Old Friends to the Rescue
Have Shanara and Vile won? Are the Power Rangers finished??

Tainted Power
The Rangers at last find out what happened to the Jewel Rangers.

"Life and Death"

Red Blues
In light of the retrieval of the Zeo Crystal, tragedy befalls the team.

Pink Desire
Kim takes the news about Tommy hard, to say the least!

Red Healing
All the Rangers have a bit of emotional healing to do . . especially Billy!

Pink Memories
Katherine needs a push into reexamining her feeling for Billy.

Yellow Gold
Who would Billy choose to take Trey's place?

Blue Tears
Rocky has fallen in love at last . . . !!

Golden Jealousy
Trini's having second thoughts on her love life.

Linked Hearts
Rocky and Trini find themselves trapped in more ways than one.

Phantom Love
You'll find love and aid where you least expect it!

Final Destiny
The ending of a tale.

"The Second Zeo Quest!"

A New Beginning
Billy takes a detour into destiny.

Silver Touched
Jason's destiny is revealed to him.

Purple Cheers
Jason and Billy look for their third Ranger, but a blind date
could interrupt things!

"Shadows Descending!"

Dark Queen
An ancient evil is released, and the Rangers have a new foe to face.

Casual Effort
Mera launches her first attack on Angel Grove.

"The Touch of the Stars"

Birthday Blues
T.J.'s got a birthday coming up, and everyone intends
to do something for TJ. Including Astronema.

Unexpected Visitor
An old friend of Astronema's makes life miserable for the Rangers.


Passing of the Pink
Kat reflects on her life before passing on the power!

Billy returns home to speak with Kimberly.

Romancing Red
Tommy's love life was quite. . .involved.

"The Tales of the Cat!"

The Mark of the Cat
There's more to Katherine than meets the eye.

An Old Shade of Pink
Kat is having problems with her powers!

"The Starlight Quest"

The Starlight Crystal
While the child-Rangers seek the Zeo Crystal,
Billy finds his own special power.

Deep Sleep
Rita and Zedd have a very exhausting plan in mind for Billy!

"Deadly Beauty"

Return of an Old Flame
Kimberly returns to Angel Grove as a new foe arrives on the moon.

"Destiny's Demands"

Gathering Clouds
An evil Purple Ranger attacks at Gasket's command.

"The Power of Turbo"

Eclipsed Green
Carlos finds himself in the clutch of evil..

"Rising Shadows"

First Sight
Cassie has fallen in love.

"On Raven's Wings"

On Raven's Wings
The Green Candle is stopped in time, and Rita puts a new plan into action.

"True Gold"

True Gold
Negative protons...I don't think so!


Acceptance of Destiny
You just have to accept it sometimes.

"Returned Power"

Shades of Green
Take a clone, add a Power Coin. Mix well.
Results: Trouble

"The Music Collection"

Tommy does some thinking after he's no longer Green Ranger.

Dust in the Wind
In the aftermath of the Power Chamber destruction,
Carlos ponders the fate of everything.

Love Will Find a Way
Zhane and Astronema wonder about their love.

My Only Love
Billy and Trini say farewell to one another.

Oh, Starry Night
Ashley wonders about Andros soon after they meet.

Only a Memory Away
Zhane thinks of his friends as he stays with the rebels.

I'm Not In Love With You
Cassie tries to rationalize her heart . . . but it's not easy!

Everything I Do
Andros had more reasons than one to go to the Dark Fortress.

Will You Marry Me?
Emily wants to ask Jason something!

Lost In Your Eyes
Phantom recalls his love.

Could I Have This Dance
Aisha and Billy spend a pleasant evening together.

You Needed Me
Tommy thinks of his friends!

Falling In Love With a Stranger
Cassie is in love with someone she doesn't even know.

A Woman and A Man
Trini goes for a walk on the beach.

What isn't he telling her?

Tomorrow Is My Wedding Day
Someone is preparing for marriage.

Something Is Missing In My Life
Justin misses the power.

Poetry In Motion
Kat realizes her true destiny.

Love Will Show The Way
Kim is searching for true love.

Love's Not Easy
Cassie is determined to hang on.

Flowers In My Hair
Andros and Ashley are one.

You Already Know
Trini loves Billy.

Under My Spell
Billy loves Cestria.

Happy Ever After
Trini is going to kill Cestria.

Perfect Match
Someone wants Kim.

Alone Again
Kim is lonely in Florida.

Who Is He Kissing?
Kat isn't sure she can trust Tommy.

Love Is Here
Tommy wants to find his beloved.

Friend or Stranger
Always lend a hand.

Believe In Yourself
Billy is trying to grow up.

I Knew I Loved You
Jason's coming home.

When I Saw You
When Carlos saw her...

"Universal Love"

Waiting For You
Phantom is there when Cassie gets back.

"Old Friends"

Zack remembers an old friend.


Queen of the Universe
Trakeena was busy while the Rangers were away.

"Forbidden Romance"

Shades of the Past
You are not going to believe this couple!

"Dynasty of Night"

Family Secrets
A little secret..

"Onyx Tavern Tales"

Aisha is launched into an unusual adventure.

"Stand Alones"

Kimberly's return to AG is a pointed one.

Circle of Fire
Rocky's dreams mean trouble!

Mexican Takeout
Divatox wants something from Carlos, and he just
might want the same thing from her.

A Buzz from the Past
Just why was Waspicable unable to be evil? You might be surprised.

Mall Magic
Five Rangers meet in an unusual way.

The Light
Enter the mind of a warrior of darkness . . , if you dare!

Red Memories
T.J.'s friends remember him in a sad time. . .

Maligore's Children
After Murianthus, Jason and Kim find true love. . .

Divatox wants a Turbo Ranger all her own. . .

I Love You, Mom
While visiting his mother's grave, Justin tells his father
about the Power Rangers!

Zodiac Rangers
In light of the destruction of the Zeo Crystal, a surprising ally comes
forth with news that could save the day.

The Message
Phantom's last message to Cassie. .

Parting of the Waterways
Billy and Cestria do some talking.

Hearts Touching
Billy gets a bit of advice from two mysterious strangers.

Dweller in the Shadows
What if Count Nocturne bit someone else?

Mystery of Love
Can anyone understand it?

United In Love
Tommy and Kim talk at last.

Choices of the Heart
Tommy wants to ask Kat something.

Golden Romance
Trey lands in Emily's backyard.

Blue Beloved
Kai and Karone spend some time together.

Rescue Dawning
The new team has arrived.

Up at the Moon
He stares at the moon.

Enter the Ninja
Who is the ninja?

Just a little closure..

Crazy Is My Middle Name
What's on Kelsey's mind?

Loss of the Pink
The Wildcat GalactaZord misses Kendrix.


Bullet Amanda Ohlin Bullet

Where is Mike?

Wherever You Are
Mike falls into the chasm...and lands somewhere unexpected indeed.

New Blood
Mike is adjusting to Sunnydale, but he's not the only new face in town.

"Special Case"
Jason's in the army now.

Special Case
An eventful Stargate mission raises serious questions
about a rookie lieutenant. What's a former Ranger to
do when the secret might come out?

Full Fathom Five
Jason seeks refuge on Aquitar, but he's not out of the woods yet.

"Don't Speak"
They part and meet again.

Don't Speak
A sentimental parting by Billy and Trini, set to music.

A Minute Without You!
Sequel to "Don't Speak," but with a different ending.

"Stand Alones"

All I Want For Christmas....
A Christmas semi-parody set after the last season of PR Zeo.

Irreconcilable Differences
Friendships can be precious and relationships can be pretty brief.

Lie to Me
Can the truth (and a little denial) ease a broken heart?

Creativity Demons Don't Dream
Yet another writer plagued by active ideas!!

Where Sanity Has Lease
Never let a bunch of hyperactive story ideas near your candy stash.

Zordon gives one final gift to the Rangers.

Twelve Months of Zingers
This is what comes of too many fragmented ideas...

"Non-PR Stories"

Why did Dr. Morriss choose to save Micheal's life anyway?


Bullet Georgia Peach Bullet

Intruder or Friend?
Someone hase broken in the Power Chanber. Are they friend or foe?

The Quest
Parts of two very powerful crystals are found, and when assembled can
create new Rangers! But it could be dangerous.

What About Tomorrow?
Tanya takes a trip into the future, and finds it unsettling.

A Roller Coaster Ride?
As a Ranger, life has its' ups and downs!

The Heart of the Storm
Being a Ranger isn't only about saving the world, sometimes it's
just doing things for others.

Keep the Faith!
A mysterious disease has several of the Rangers down, and its' up to the others
to find a cure. Can they find it in time?

Back to the Basics!
Even Power Rangers feel peer pressure. So how do Kat
and Tommy deal with temptation?

Life is Puzzling
Life can be a puzzle???

I'm Willing
It's summer in Angel Grove!!!

What's wrong with Jason?

"Non Power Ranger Stories"

Deny The Truth
The X-Files/Touched by an Angel
An ordinary day brings both Mulder and Scully to the edge.
Will some heavenly visitors be able to help them before it's too late??

new Countdown 2000 new
A girl fears the coming of Y2K, but learns that faith doesn't know
what year it is nor does it care?

The Emptiness Within
The X-Files
Mulder and Scully question their faith in God!

Crying Out
The X-Files
A different ending to the X-Files movie.


Bullet Michelle Penning Bullet

Rocky's mistake could cost someone their life.

Purple and Black
Two new girls have moved to Angel Grove
and befriended the Rangers.

"Command Center Archives"
If only those walls could talk!

Finished Test of Love Finished
Kat has a secret for Tommy!

Jason and Tommy find out something about their heritage.

Secrets and Lies
Kimberly gets some life altering news.

"Reality Series"

True Brothers
Jason is having trouble dealing with the loss of "The Gold Ranger" Powers.

"Devastation Series"

Broken By You
Kat receives a Dear John Letter from Tommy.

Heart Break
Life gets worse for Kat after she gets the letter From Tommy.

I'll Be There for You
Tommy Could Lose what he cherishes the most, Katherine Hillard.


Bullet Cheryl Roberts Bullet

"Til Death"

Til' Death
Kim brings trouble with her, when she returns to AG.

Falcon's Daugher
Sequel to "Til Death," explains the mysterious pasts of Tommy and David!

Dark Lady
Who is the Dark Lady, and why does she hate Kim?

"Challenge and Consequences"

Top Gun
Kimberly's piloting skills are put to the test as
a determined opponent has the Crane NinjaZord in its sights.

Pretty In Pink
It's time for Tommy to pay up as his teammates welcome
the new Pink Ranger. (Sequel to Top Gun)

"Other Stories"

Murphy's Law
When things go wrong that means a tough times for Billy.

All I Want for Christmas
This is a darker look at why Kimberly wrote
the letter, but at Christmas, things have a
tendency to work out all right.

Upon review, Kimberly's life didn't turn out like she thought.

When tragedy strikes, Kim and Tommy's love pulls them through.


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