Legal Disclaimer: The Wildcat GalactaZord is Saban's, and so is anyone in here that he invented. If I made it, then I guess I can sorta claim it. This is just after Protect the Quasar Sabre.

Loss of the Pink
by: Cynthia

She is gone. She was a part of me, destined since my creation so many eons ago, and now she is gone. I cannot express in words the pain I feel. There are no words, in any tongue, that will encompass it all. She and I fought side by side so many times, and there were times when I felt I knew her as no one else ever could. Unknown to the others of her team, even the Yellow Ranger to whom she shared all else, she would often come out to where the other Beasts and I dwell and together we would run.

This land we are in is false, artificial, it holds none of the reality that is Mirinoi or any other planet that we have encountered in this quest of theirs. But it is still a good place to run. A good place to be with the one who shares my essence. Many times we have wandered under the stars and gazed in the waters that run through it. I would give so much to be able to do that again. Yet I cannot.

For she is gone. She cannot run with me any longer. She has gone where even I, her loyal GalactaBeast, her friend, her companion, cannot follow. And my soul aches for her.

Yes, I have a soul. All of the GalactaBeasts do. Even Stratoforce, Centaurus, and Zenith have souls, though they can no longer assume Beast mode as we can. It is not a usual thing, but we are what we are. Creatures who can assume the form of metal to perform in battle. Zords who can speak to their human partners when we need to. Warriors. Companions.

She is gone, and yet I am not alone. I have the other GalactaBeasts with me, and my new human companion. She is not the One I was born for, she is not Kendrix Morgan. Her soul does not glow with the light and the intelligence that my fair companion had in her. She is tainted by darkness, though she fights most proudly to conquer it.

Karone is not Kendrix. Karone is herself. I feel no connection to her as I did for Kendrix, yet I am glad of this. To feel that bond would be to desecrate the memory of my Kendrix. I come when I am called for battle, nothing more. Karone spends her solitary time with Maya or with Leo. I have forgotten how many nights I have wandered throughout the Domes, calling as a lost thing for Kendrix's soul. I can feel it still exists, I know it is around somewhere.

She asked me to watch over Karone when she gave the Pink powers to her. I do not regret this; I know there must be a Pink Ranger. I do watch over Karone, as much as I can. Yet I feel no love for her. It is merely a duty, a task I must accomplish because someone I care for asked it of me. How can there be joy in something I must do because I lost my other side?

Yet there is sweetness in Karone. I know it, I can see it in the way she fights to protect her new friends and in the way she refuses to give in to the shadows that have hovered over her. Sweetness and strength both, just as Kendrix had.

They are a little alike. Not much. Kendrix was a genius, brilliant and unashamed of it. Karone is more insightful. Perhaps serving the darkness gave her a bent for the mysticism of her species. I know not. All I know is that Karone is the Pink Ranger, and I am the Pink GalactaBeast. I will be with her whenever she calls me. She is not Kendrix. But Kendrix will return one day. I know this. I feel it in the air, and in the Power that makes me what I am. All that remains is to wait. Wait until she comes back to me.

Wait until she comes home.