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The Light
by : Cynthia

He'd been trapped in the darkness for so long. He could barely remember what the light was like. He could only vaguely remember that light even existed. His entire being screamed out for it, though. He wanted the light, more than anything he could ever remember wanting.

And he could remember very little. He knew only his name. Thomas Oliver. He knew nothing else, he was nothing else. All he had known before was sealed away from him, subsumed under the cloaking shadows that shielded him from the light.

He saw things, though. He saw a few, hideous things that the darkness which ruled his body now was doing. Fighting. Hurting. Deliberately wounding the emotions of a girl who he at times thought he remembered. Her name danced and teased at the corners of his mind, but it was no use. Always did the enfolding evil keep it from him, as it kept everything else from him.

"Why me?" he screamed over and over, demanding answers, demanding a reason for the evil that had violated him. He almost felt like crying; had he still been in full control of himself, he might very well have done so.

For what could've been forever, he wandered in the shadows, in the darkness. He could feel nothing. He held onto his name, repeating it over and over to himself, as if it were a lifeline. Perhaps it was. Remembering that was the only thing that kept him in anything that resembled sanity. He no longer knew pleasure or pain. He couldn't see what was going on with his own body. He was no longer sure he wanted to.

Then pain split his entire being, driving him to his knees. There was something happened, this pain meant something. And it could very well mean something good.

The darkness shredded. Twilight, the mergence of light and dark, took it's place. He felt the power he'd been forced into accepting. It was still a part of him. But there was no more evil. That had left him completely.

"All right, guys, let's morph!" he heard a voice saying. Jason, he was able to name that!

"You destroyed the Power Sword!" another voice declared, bright and happy. "Rita's spell is broken!"

Spell? Zack? That's Zack. ..Jason's friend. . .I . .Rita. .I was under a spell?

He felt a hand on his back, and sand under his fingers. Memories flooded through his mind. Being jumped by Putties. Being enspelled by Rita, becoming her evil Green Ranger. Destroying the Command Center. Almost killing Jason. "You okay, Tommy?" he looked up into Jason's warm, welcoming eyes.

"What's happening to me?" he wondered, attempting to think.

"You're no longer under Rita's power," Jason told him, helping him to stand.

"My head's spinning," he whispered, trying to make sense out of everything. Slowly, as memory seeped into his mind, he shivered. "What have I done?"

Jason looked kindly at him. "What you did, you did under Rita's influence. You own the power now. Fight by our side and we can defeat Rita."

Tommy shook his head. "After everything that's happened?" he couldn't believe this was getting offered to him!

"Tommy, we need you," Jason told him. "It's where you belong! Will you join us, Tommy?"

The Green Ranger thought it through. The darkness had ended. The light had reclaimed him. Through these people, these friends, though he hardly knew any of them, he had come to the path of the true Power Ranger. He smiled, and reached out to shake Jason's hand in agreement.

He entered the light.

The Beginning