Legal Disclaimer: The song isn't mine, the characters aren't mine, this takes place in that scrap of time after the Power Chamber's final explosion but before the Rangers all came out of the rubble. Have a nice day. :)

Dust in the Wind
by Cynthia

Carlos' eyes blinked for a moment, trying to clear his vision. He glanced around, and the first thing he saw was the total devestation that surrounded him. No!! the word, short and simple as it was, summed up everything that he was feeling at that moment. How could this have happened?

He didn't move; he could hear the sounds of creatures moving, and the strong scent of fish in the air, plus cheap perfume, told him clearer than anything that it wasn't the others, it was Divatox and her Piranatrons.

He hid under a pile of rubble, staying as quiet as he could and trying unsuccessfully not to think of what had went on around him. Instead, his mind was drawn irrevocably to the lost battle, the lost Power Chamber. . .the lost war. ..

We have no more Zords. No mentor. No headquarters. I don't even know if our powers will survive the explosion, he thought, silent tears coursing down his cheeks. There was nothing they could do to stop Divatox's armies from sweeping over the entire planet, bending it to her sick and twisted will.

He slowly took a deep and silent breath, stopping the tears, not wanting to say or do anything that might draw the attention of the forces of evil. As he looked, the words to a song he had heard one morning on the radio came to his mind. So perfectly fitting were they to this moment, it was all he could do not to start crying again.

I close my eyes
Only for a moment
And the moment's gone,
And all my dreams
Flash before my eyes
A curiosity.
Dust in the wind.
All we are is dust in the wind.

Same old song,
Just a drop of water
In an endless sea,
And all we do
Crumbles to the ground
though we refuse to see.
Dust in the wind.
All we are is dust in the wind.

Don't hang on.
Nothing lasts forever
But the earth and sky.
It slips away,
And not all of your money
Will another moment buy.
Dust in the wind.
All we are is dust in the wind.

He nodded slowly to himself. They had tried with all their might to win, but they had failed. At least for now. Perhaps no one else could see the hope that song had brought him, but it told him something that could very well see him through what he sensed were going to be some very strange days ahead.

Something was going on outside, and he listened carefully, his teeth gritting as he heard of Zordon's capture and the summoning of Divatox to Dark Spectre, whoever that was. Must be someone important if she's dropping her conquest to go.

A few moments later, there was nothing but silence, then he could hear other people moving. This would have to be the other Rangers. Carlos took a deep breath and started out to join his friends.

Maybe the Power Chamber is dust, and our defense of the Earth failed, he thought as he walked over. But I think we have been given a second chance somehow. We have to save Zordon. Maybe we don't know the guy as well as we did Dimitria, but we do know how important he is, and we can't just let ANYONE remain in the clutches of evil.

He looked up and saw Divatox's flag waving over the ruins of all their hopes and dreams. With a cold fury in his eyes and movements, he went to throw it done. One thought burned through his heart and soul as he did so. We might be dust in the wind, Divatox. ..but so are YOU! We WILL free Zordon, and we WILL keep the Earth free from your evil and all else that tries to attack it. . .I, Carlos Alvarez, swear it!

He didn't know how he could keep his oath, but he knew if he had to chase into space after Divatox, he would. There would be nothing to stop him. He turned back to his friends. It was time to get started.

The End