Legal Disclaimer: The song isn't mine. The characters aren't mine. The song belongs to whoever did the soundtrack for Sailor Moon, NA version. The characters are Saban's, and I thank him for making such nice characters for us to write about. Your plotholes have led to some of the better fics.

Note From Me: I wrote this fic and two others based on Sailor Moon songs while rather bored one evening during a 'fanfic writing marathon' I was putting myself through. This is far shorter than my usual stuff, and quite frankly, I don't care. I just felt that this fit in so perfectly with who I've written it as, it deserved to be written. There's mild references to adult things in here, but nothing graphic at all. Also, though I have complained about 'songfics' {those who have read my little muse fic understand}. ..I actually kind of like them, if it's a decent enough song and I don't have to strain too hard to make connections between the song and the story. By the way, I know parts of this contradicts "The Power Transfer Part 2", in which the Rangers were watching Jason, Zack, and Trini leave on the Viewing Globe. Personally I can't believe that friends as close as they all were wouldn't see them off, so that's what I have them doing.

Dedication: To my sisters, most especially to Elizabeth and Kathy. If it weren't for "Carry On" and "Rainy Day Man" to inspire me, I might never have had the courage to do this. It took more than you might think. Thanks for everything.

My Only Love
by: Cynthia

"I wish you wouldn't go," Billy said quietly, all trace of techno-babble gone from his speech. His words came directly from his heart, and Trini knew it. She slowly reached up to caress his cheek gently.

"It's a great opportunity for all three of us," she replied. The two of them were curled up like a pair of spoons in Billy's bedroom. In his bed, to be technically accurate. She had come over to bid him a private farewell, and to bring her bags, since his parents were going to be taking her, Zack, and Jason to the airport in a little while. The simple words had turned, almost without them realizing it, into a much more intimate session. "I'm going to miss you."

Billy nodded, leaning his head on her shoulder and letting the scent of her glossy black hair fill his nostrils. She had such a wonderful fragrance about her. . ."Do you. . .regret what we just did?"

"No," her answer was quiet and firm. "Billy, there's something I want to say to you. Something I've wanted to say ever since I first saw you when we were kids," she turned her head just enough to look deeply into his eyes. "I love you, Billy Cranston."

He smiled. He'd wanted to hear those words at least as long as he could remember. When she'd started to look at Richie with more than faint interest, he'd though he'd lost her forever. Now he knew that he never could lose her.

"I love you, too, Trini Kwan."

Deep in my soul,
Love so strong,
It takes control.
Now we both know,
The secrets bared,
The feelings show.
Driven far apart,
I'll make a wish,
On a shooting star.
There will come a day,
Somewhere far away,
In your arms I'll stay,
My only love.
Even though you're gone,
Love will still live on,
The feeling is so strong,
My only love,
My only love.
There will come a day,
Somewhere far away,
In your arms I'll stay,
My only love.
You've reached the deepest part,
Of the secret in my heart,
I've known it from the start,
My only love,
My only love.
"Good-bye," Billy hugged Trini, enjoying the feel of her arms around her. By mutual consent they had agreed not to mention to the others that they had made love only a few hours earlier. It was an intensely personal event that they never knew if they would be able to repeat. It was best that it remain between them. Besides, both entertained hopes in their heart that one day they would be together again.

"I'll be home for Christmas," she smiled at him, wishing she dared kiss him in front of everyone. They weren't going to try anything like a long-distance relationship, they both knew that just wouldn't work out. "Keep yourself safe till then."

Billy smiled back, almost totally oblivious to the rest of the team behind him. Aisha and Zack were exchanging addresses and promises to write; the two of them had hit it off almost at once when they had met. Billy wouldn't have been majorly surprised if some of the times they hadn't seen Zack lately had been because he was spending a bit of 'quality time' with one of their new friends. It was almost a shame that they had found each other just when they would be separated by several thousand miles. "Same to you."

"I'm not the one who's still going to be fighting off Zedd's latest," Trini whispered to him softly. He nodded, then squeezed her hand.

"No, but you and the others are going to be former Rangers who have caused him a great deal of trouble. Let us know if you need any help. . .for anything."

Before she could answer, the blare of the announcer's voice declaring their flight was boarding interrupted their farewells. "I've got to go," Trini whispered, her voice shaking. "I'll call you. . ."

"Good-bye, Trini," he murmured as she picked up her carryon bag and turned around, obviously to hide the same tears in her eyes that he knew were in his. Very lightly under his breath he whispered, "My only love."