A Roller Coaster Ride?
by Georgia Peach

Ride of Life by 4Him

The wheels of life are turning
I feel I'm rolling down this track
And I know down deep inside my heart
I can't look back
And though it's hard discerning
All the fiction from the fact
You have led me to this truth and we have
Made a pact
And as we go through highs and lows and all
That's in between
It's good to know were not alone on this
Big scream machine

This is the roller coaster ride of life
Lifts you up and lets you down
This roller coaster ride of life
Spins you round and round and round
Heaven knows wherever you go
I will be right by your side
On this roller coaster, roller coaster ride of life
Roller coaster ride of life

So when I hear you calling
'Cause you have hit your all time low
I will hold you to my side and I won't let you go
And when it seems your falling
'Cause life has got you on a roll
I will take the wheel and hit the brakes we'll
Take it slow
And as we go through highs and lows and all
That's in between
The Lord alone is in control of this big scream machine

Life is a roller coaster . . .

All of the rangers broke out laughing as the song came to an end. Leeza bent forward and shut the tape off.

"Man, if that doesn't sum up life !" Rocky said in between laughs.

"Are lives certainly have been filled with a lot of highs and lows.." Billy began, than he slowly leaned forward so no one else could hear him, " Especially since we became rangers."

They all nodded in agreement.

"I'm sure you could really relate to this in particular, Billy." Adam stated.

Billy just lowered his head, and gently nodded. Than mentally he went back a year. Roughly a year ago Master Vile had turned time back. All the rangers had turned into kids again. Than he made an invention which would restore them to their rightful age. Only he would get a chance to use it, before Rito and Goldar, would destroy it along with the power coins. After this all the rangers would go on their quest for the Zeo crystals. He would in turn give up his crystal for Tanya. The one thing that no one else knew , was he would have had to give it up anyway. Aisha would have wanted it.

He would than remain in the power chamber helping Alpha out and building new machines. Which he never got thanks for. He often wondered if the others ever thought of him while they were out having a fun time. They would be at the Beach club, while he would be stuck in the Power Chamber with a robot!!!!

Than a hope came when the Gold ranger appeared. He would be able to fit in once more. It would turn out he couldn't contain the power. So once again he had to step down for his friends , and watch them have their fun.

As if this weren't enough he would than start an absolutely horribly aging process. He hoped the others would never know how scared he was. His body didn't even feel like his own. He than would have to go to another planet for the cure. Where he thought he had found the love of his life, and she just used him. That was one thing no body knew about….Not even Leeza . Cestria had just used him… He didn't want to recall what she had done to him… It was to hurtful, he made a vow never to tell anyone about that.

One up did come out of all this. He met Leeza. He came back from Aquitar because of the weird codes, and met who he knew, must be his soul mate. She was so much like him, yet so different, yet so wonderful. She was the only reason why he stood . If he could he'd go work somewhere and get paid for what he was doing.

Another up, and almost down. They found the crystals , which in turn made him the Silver ranger and Leeza the Peach ranger. They almost didn't find the crystals, but than there they were.

As for now his life was going smoothly, until another low were to hit that is. He enjoyed being in battle again. But things were different this time. He had his facts, and life straight with God. He had come to realize his true meaning in life. And that was all that mattered.

"Earth to Billy?…Come in," Tommy joked snapping his fingers in front of Billy's face.

Billy jerked, " Oh., sorry… I was just thinking over something's that had happened this past year…that's all. "

"Well, who told you to be sorry…"Leeza began. " I know I haven't been here that long, but I know for a fact that we've all been through a lot." Leeza lowered her eyes. "This song has helped me get through my hardest times…. I honestly don't know, what I would have done without it."

"Leeza, you know, you never did tell us what your life was like before you came to Angel Grove." Tanya hesitated. She remembered what it had been like for her before she had come to Angel Grove.

Her parents had been out exploring when she was really young and had disappeared. She than moved in with the nearby tribe in Africa. Her life had been hard from the beginning. She had never wanted to stay in Africa , but she had no choice… Than after the inter Zeo quest, she came to Angel Grove and began a totally different life. And a couple months later she would find her parents and bring them home safely.

"Tanya, are you all right?" Katherine asked breaking into Tanya's thoughts. "You stopped in mid-sentence. "

Tanya slightly shook her head trying to remember what she had been thinking. " Yeah, I'm fine my mind just started wandering that's all…. Leeza what I was asking was… if you don't mind, would you like to tell us what your life was like….and why you even moved here."

Leeza lowered her head, almost pondering what she should say. " Okay….Well, my life was pretty much the way it is now….Except I spent a lot more of my time inside of an ice rink…. I was training for Nationals…. If you place in the top three you can go to the world championships, and if it's an Olympic year, The Olympics!!!" Leeza explained. " Well, I was practicing really hard one day , and went into a triple Lutz…. Well, I fell out of it and….and my ankle snapped…. I tore several ligaments and tendons….I had to drop out of competitive skating and work on building my ankle back up to full strength. …I've been doing that for the past year….. And there's no way I'll be ready for the Olympics in '98…. So, I'm just going to have to wait till 2002, for the Salt Lake City games. " She finished, her voice beginning to choke. A tear rolled down her cheek, quickly she brought her hand up and swiped it away.

Katherine slowly put a comforting arm around her. " I know how you feel…. The same thing happened with my diving, but I was just to scared to go back in the water." She whispered softly.

"It's no big deal," Leeza said trying to pull herself together. She blinked her eyes several times trying to get rid of the tears." The reason why we moved here was because my mom lost her job… We didn't know what to do…. I really have no close relatives…. And the ones that we do have live real far away…. My mom left my dad when I was four, so it isn't like we could look him up…. Than my mom remembered that her sister lived out in Angel Grove…. So she gave her a call and asked if she could put us up for a while, 'till we could find our own place… She agreed and let us come and stay with her…. Well, within not even a week a job opened up for my mom… And two weeks after that we moved into our own apartment….. That's pretty much it." Leeza finished.

Everyone stood silent. There really wasn't anything that could be said to this. Leeza just stared down at her shoes… There was so much more that she couldn't or didn't want to tell them… Like the reason why she had no relatives was because they were dead, or couldn't be bothered with them… That back in New York all she did was train… Nothing else, her life was skating. Nothing else mattered. She had no friends, and no fun time… Her life was skating, school, and computers…That was it!

Sometimes she wondered if God let her get the injury for a reason… Maybe God didn't want her to be going into serious competitive skating, with this type of perspective. She was obsessed with winning and being the best… Not like there's anything wrong with winning or being good at what you do… But you can go too far. When winning's the only reason why you do it, than you have a problem. The sport, or thing becomes your God. And God can't allow that. " You shall have no false gods, before Me." The Bible says.

And she had broken that commandment. She hoped all that had changed. As she thought back though, it seems as if her falling was a good thing. She might never had come here. Even if her mom would have lost her job it wouldn't of mattered. Cause if she would've won the Nationals, or World Championships, like everybody said she would. They would've had enough money to move or live anywhere they wanted. She than never would have come to Angel Grove, or have the most important thing she has now. No, not having superpowers, but friendship. And being able to have fun. She was almost glad things had worked out the way they did. She hoped to still be able to go to the Olympics one of these days, but to remember it's just a competition. Nothing more.

" I guess," Adam began, " We've all been through our own form of a roller coaster…. And yet somehow, we've all gotten through it."

"But I think that's the point… That somehow through it all we've come through to the other side. And that no matter how hard it gets you'll get through it." Tommy added.

"But the problem, is how you get through it…I mean is it faith ? God ? What ?" Rocky inquired.

"I think a combination. " Billy started." There's no way you can get through something without faith, but there's got to be faith in something…. You can have faith in yourself, but that really isn't enough because eventually you need more than that… You need to believe in something… The problem is a lot of people believe in other people, and when they make a mistake, they lose faith."

Everyone looked at each other strangely. Ever since Billy and Leeza, had gone on their quest for the crystals, Billy had totally changed. Nothing really made sense to them anymore… I mean Billy had always been hard to understand. Tommy could defiantly vouch for that one. But this was a whole other story. It was easier to understand Billy with all of his scientific, talk than what he was saying now. He seemed so… grounded in faith. It seemed as if they were talking to a totally different human being… He viewed science differently. He even viewed the power rangers differently… Everything he said, seemed as if some unknown being had made him say it.

Tanya was the first to break the queer silence, " But who is God?.. Everyone is talking about him and of him, but there are so many different believe systems out there…. How do you know that the God you believe in, is the true God?"

Everyone looked from Tanya to Billy, waited anxiously for the answer. " Because, from what I've learned… No other God sent His own Son to die for us… That tells me everything I need to know, and want to know." Billy let out a breath of relief.

Everyone was almost afraid to speak. What Billy, had said made some sense, and yet it made none. Katherine was the first to comment, " That makes sense," She said solemnly. Everyone looked at her wondering what she meant, and how she meant it." It makes sense in every way…. Even logically…. It tells you who the true God is… That almost, makes you want to believe in Him."

Billy smiled, " I agree with you… That's one of the reasons why I believe too… This past month I've literally, been relearning everything…. Everything's new to me, and I need to explore it, and find out what makes it real… Maybe one day, you'll all understand what I'm saying."

"I think we can now… We all have our own belief system, Billy… I'm glad you've found one that's brings you happiness… As for if it's the real thing, or not I have no idea… But it's good to know you can find comfort in your faith, and belief system… Especially when the hard times come. " Adam jumped in, with a comment that added to the shock of the conversation.

Now everyone knows Rocky's a pretty goofy guy from time to time. Well this conversation had been to serious, to long, it was time to bring a little levity to the conversation." I have to be honest guys," Everyone looked at him expecting some words of wisdom." When I woke up this morning I never thought I'd be having a conversation like this… Heck I never thought I'd ever have a conversation like this."

Everyone burst into hysterics. No one was expecting him to goof off like that. But in a way it was just what they all needed. Tommy pretended to punch Rocky on the shoulder. "Man, Rocko, with you we never know what to expect !! And I mean that in a good way. " Tommy exclaimed.

" Yeah, well… This conversation was getting a little too serious for comfort…. What everybody was saying made sense and everything… It's just when people talk a lot about faith, believe systems and stuff, it kinda bugs me….I don't know why, it…just does. " Rocky sighed going into his form of deep thought.

"It's okay Rocky…besides today has been and eventful day…. And you're right, when I woke up this morning I never dreamed that we'd be talking about this either." Katherine comforted.

"Not to bring up 4Him's song again, but isn't this kinda what the song is about?" Leeza brought up.

Even Billy was puzzled by this comment," What do you mean by that, Leeza?"

Everyone glanced in her direction, "What I mean is, if life's just like a roller coaster than we never know what's coming… It's a consistent surprise…. Sometimes good ones, and sometimes….bad ones….The point is God never leaves us alone, He's always there for us. And that's all that matters." She explained.

"That's true, we all have ups, and downs… Life's always changing, and we have to be ready for whatever may come our way… Good or bad." Tommy agreed.

"Yeah," Billy jumped in and gave a very mischievous smile, and always remember." He began.

Everyone else knew what he was going to say. At the same time they vaguely chuckled, and sang out, "Life is a roller coaster ...!"