The Heart of the Storm
Chapter 1
by Georgia Peach


Everybody needs a helping hand
Take a look at your fellow man
And tell me what can I do today
Everybody needs a helping out
If that ain't what it's all about
Tell me what
What can I do
What can I do today

We've all seen trouble from time to time
There is a mountain ahead
I've got no strength to climb
If you're feeling that you're strong
Reach out to me
I hope this journey won't take long
But won't you please
Have mercy

I'm talking 'bout the soul all alone
Needing the daily bread
Someplace to lay his head
And I'm talking about the neighbor on your street
Won't you look him in the eye
Take time to speak
That's mercy

Love one another
Sister and brother
Love is the only way

Everybody needs a helping hand
Take a look at your fellow man
And tell me what can I do today
Everybody needs a helping out
If that ain't what it's all about
Tell me what
What can I do
What can I do today

The song came to an end as Leeza started the engine for the fifteen time that morning. Angel Grove had been hit with a major blizzard, sending the whole city into a frenzy. A little over a foot of snow had spread across the city. It was a shock to anyone since there was only supposed to be three inches.

And now she was stuck in a pile of snow and she couldn't get the car to go anywhere! She had gotten so desperate that she had contacted Billy and asked if he could come. Lucky for her his house was right around the corner.

She gazed at the rearview mirror to see if Billy was okay. He was trying to help push the car out, not with much luck though. She saw him slowly slide down the side. Panic shot through her as she ran out into the stormy weather.

"Billy! You all right?" She ran to his side.

Billy was sitting at the back of the car. He was exhausted. " Yeah I'm fine… But I don't think I can help you out… This car is too heavy… We need a tow truck, or something like that… Maybe we should contact the others?" He suggested.

"Don't have to." A voice came from behind them.

"Tommy!" Billy shouted in surprise." How did you know we were here?"

" You guys were supposed to meet us at the Youth Center, an hour ago… And when we didn't hear from you guys in any way, we all got a little worried…So we contacted Zordon, and he said you guys were stuck in the snow… So I got in my Jeep and drove here to help you out."

"Man, am I glad you came!" Leeza exclaimed getting up with Billy. " I was afraid I was gonna be stuck here until it all melted!"

"Well, you would have been waiting for awhile," Tommy began as they went around the front of the car. He pulled out some rope from his trunk and tied it to the bumper of his car." According to the news were going to be getting at least a foot more of snow, possibly due to El Nino…So we're all going to be snowed in for awhile." He finished, and tied the rope to the front of Leeza's car. "Ready?"

"Yeah… We used to get snow like this in New York all the time!!! It usually didn't last that long though, because of the plows and stuff." Leeza stated getting into the car with Billy following her close behind.

Tommy got into his car and started the engine. He let the engine run for a few seconds. Than he put his foot on the gas petal and the car began to move… It took a few seconds and much effort for Leeza's car to finally come lose from the snow… Tommy helped them get up the hill and then stopped the car.

He got out of his car and started unlatching the rope. When He was done he threw the rope in his trunk and went up to Leeza's car window. " Do you want me to follow you guys the rest of the way, or can you make it on your own?"

Leeza and Billy gave one unsure look to each other and at the same time said." Follow us!"

Tommy chuckled. " No problem… You guys start driving and I'll be right behind you." And with that Tommy got into his car and drove off.


It was no surprise to anyone that the Youth Center was empty. In fact the rangers were surprised that Ernie had opened the place up at all. By the time Tommy, Leeza , and Billy arrived the only people to be seen were the other rangers.

"You guys are nuts!" Was the first thing Leeza said when she saw them. " These are the days you stay home, and sleep in, and drink hot cocoa and stuff like that!! I think we can all spend one day apart from each other!!!" She finished grumbling and slumped down in a chair.
"Yeah, well, I just wanted to get out so that way I wouldn't have to shovel!" Rocky exclaimed.

"Man, are you lazy, Rocko!!!" Katherine said. " I had to shovel out my drive way…And it was really heavy too."

"Yeah, me too… coarse I shoveled most of the snow into my neighbor's driveway! " Adam started.

"Adam!!" Tanya interrupted. " I can't believe you did that… That was… Out right cruel!"

"You didn't let me finish," Adam got on the defensive. " When I was just about ready to leave, they shoveled all of the snow back!!! So I had to re-shovel it! That's why it took me awhile to get here."

"Serves you right." Rocky told him.

Adam nodded," Yeah, well, nobody's perfect."

Billy smirked." You kidding Adam, I am."

Leeza stared at him for a second." Oh, brother!!!" Everyone broke out laughing. "Tell me, if your so perfect… Why couldn't you get my car up the hill, just a little while ago?"

Everyone had to stop themselves from laughing." Okay… I'll give you that one." Billy joked. He got a stare from everyone that made him change color." Com'on guys!!! Can't any of you take a joke? Yeesh." He pretended to pout.

"Billy, grow up…" Leeza sighed." Anyway… On to some real topics…Did you hear how many homeless people are out in this storm…All the shelters are filled up! Its unbelievable!!"

"Well…how many are there?" Katherine asked intrigued by this sad topic.

Leeza shrugged," Don't know, they said that between Angel Grove and Stone Canyon, there had to be over a hundred… Maybe more… Isn't that sad."

"Yeah… I just wish we could help people like that… I mean… Being a ranger you can save the world and everything, but… Some things I just feel so hopeless on… Do you know what I mean?" Adam asked.

Everyone gave assuring nods." Well, we can't help everybody… Even though we're rangers. But we can always help in little areas…I shoveled out two of my neighbors' driveways this morning… That might not seem like much…but it was something." Tommy admitted.

"But you gave of yourself Tommy, that's the best thing you can do for somebody… There's no greater gift than giving of yourself." Billy encouraged.

Rocky broke into the conversation. " Guys… Can we please change the subject… I'm really beginning to feel guilty about not shoveling out my driveway…"

Katherine chuckled." That's okay Rocky… Oh, I have one… Leeza, did you remember to bring that plant book I asked for? I don't think my spider plant is going to last much longer the way I'm treating it…"

"Oh, yeah!" Leeza slightly tapped herself on the forehead." I left it in the car… I'll go get it." She stood up and put her jacket on. Billy gave a look of objection. But before he could say anything, Leeza was heading out the door." Be back in a sec."

As she proceeded outside the wind blew harshly. She trenched up to the car through the snow. Most of the citizens of Angel Grove found this storm a pain, but to Leeza it felt like home… It didn't really snow that much back in New York City, but in Massachusetts were Leeza had grown up, it always snowed. The streets of Medway were always covered in December and January. She felt like a little kid again.

As she opened the car door , she shook her head to return to reality. If she dreamed to much she might actually go back there. She peered inside her car for the book. It was no where to be found. "Hmm… I know I brought it… In between the seats!!!" She felt down in between them and there was the plant book.

She turned from the car, heading back to the Youth Center. The sight that beheld her eyes shocked her. The gutter over the roof of the Youth Center was barely even hanging! The snow was so heavy that it was weighing the gutter down. Any more pressure and the roof would collapse. She had to tell the others about it. If there was as much snow as Leeza saw they could all get snowed in and wouldn't be able to get out.

She slowly and quietly walked up to the door and opened it. " Guys come here… And be as quiet as humanly possible." She whispered.

They did so, not about ready to ask questions. They all placed their coats on and stepped outside." What's up Leeza?" Billy asked striding up to her.

"Shh… Just follow me for a minute…" She led them over by her car, and began speaking in her normal tone of voice." Take a look at that." She pointed to the falling gutter.

"Wow… That thing looks like it's about to collapse!" Tommy exclaimed.

"That's the point Tommy… We all better get out of here… Any more pressure of any kind and that things gonna bust… Where's Rocky?" She asked noticing a member of their party was missing.

"He had to go to the bathroom." Adam said bluntly.

"Oh…Well we better go tell him not to be loud or he's gonna be snowed in, along with Ernie." Leeza told them.

"I don't think we have to…He's already here." Tanya pointed out.

Rocky, unaware of the dangerous snow above him, came out as rambunctious as could be. "What are you guys doing out here?" He asked loudly.

"Rocky, quiet your voice." Tommy ordered as quietly and calmly as he could.

"What?" Rocky stepped away from the door and let it slam shut behind him. The gutter finally gave way, cascading piles of snow to the ground. Lucky enough for Rocky, he saw it in time to jump out of the way. But the snow still managed to fall onto his legs immobilizing him.

"Rocky!" Adam screamed and ran up to him. Rocky was lying face down on the ground sending fear into everyone. "Rocky, are you okay?" Adam asked praying for an answer from him.

"I'm okay, but the snows', to heavy… I can't get my legs out from it." Rocky cried.

"I'll go get a shovel." Billy ran to Leeza's car and got a shovel out of the trunk. He ran back to Rocky and began removing the snow. Within two minutes all the snow was removed and Rocky was able to free his legs.

After a moment he attempted to stand, but he couldn't." My-my legs feel numb… I can't move them."

"It's okay Rocky… We'll help you up…" Billy stated. He was secretly worried. Rocky could have the beginning of frostbite… He should defiantly be taken to the hospital, just to be sure.

With the others help Rocky was standing. You could see him shivering." Rocky, why don't you come and sit down in my car?" Leeza suggested. And before he could answer, she took his arm and led him too her car.

Adam gazed after them worriedly." Don't worry Adam… With Leeza taking care of him… He'll be fine." Billy comforted. Adam nodded.

"Yeah, Rocky's okay… But what about Ernie? There's no way he's going to be able to get out of there… The door's impossible to move." Tommy pointed out.

Everyone turned their attention to the Youth Center, with the fallen roof. Rocky would be okay. Everyone was certain of that. But what about Ernie? And possibly the rest of Angel Grove?


They all continued to stare at the door. With the snow on the ground and the snow in front of the door, there was no way Ernie would be able to get out of there.

"Maybe we should call the fire department or someone like that, to come and help." Tanya suggested.

"Where? There are no pay phones around, and almost everybody's closed." Adam pointed out.

"What if…we did it." Billy thought aloud.

"What?" Tommy asked.

"What, if we did it? There are some shovels around the back of the building. I saw Ernie putting them out yesterday… We're all pretty strong… I mean, if we can fight, putties, tengas and cogs we can shovel some snow. " He answered.

"You're right… I say we do it." Katherine agreed.

" Me too." Tanya followed.

"Count me in." Adam added.

Everyone turned to Tommy to see his answer." Why not! Let's go for it!" And with that they headed around the building for their big adventure.


Back at Leeza's car Rocky was the one to notice the others. _ I wonder where their going?_ He thought. Maybe Leeza knew." Leeza, where are the guys going?"

Leeza was reading an magazine article about, Michelle Kwan. " What?" She asked a bit startled.

"The gang just headed around the corner of the Youth Center, and I was just wondering where they were going." He explained.

Leeza shrugged. " Your guess is as good as mine Rocko… Can you hang on a minute and I'll see were their headed. " Leeza asked all ready getting out of the car.

"Take as long as you need Leeza… I'm not going anywhere." He shouted after her.


Leeza jogged to the back of the building and almost collided with Tommy." Sorry, Tommy." She said when she came to a complete stop." What are you guys doing?" She asked. Tommy gave a quick summery of Billy's idea." That's pretty cool… Can I help?"

Tommy bit his lip." If Rocky can go without you… Than definately. "

Leeza shook her head." I want to help, but Rocky needs me there… I'm not going to leave him all by himself, in a cold car… So you'll just have to do it without me." She said plainly and took off back to the car, and explained it all to Rocky.


The rest of the rangers came back in front of the Youth Center a few moments later. They all were each assigned a specific place to shovel. But they did goof off a few times.

"Adam stop throwing snow on Tanya!" Billy shouted. But wished he hadn't, because Adam than sent a good size snow ball flying at him. "I'm gonna get you for that Adam Park!!!" Billy shouted sending a snowball at him.

"Guys com'on, we're supposed to be helping Ernie." Katherine called after them, as the two boys started shoving each other in the snow.

Tommy just laughed." Don't worry Kat… They aren't hurting anybody… Let them have some fun… They'll stop eventually." Tommy stated continuing to shovel the snow away from the door.

Two minutes later and they hadn't stopped acting like two five year olds. Katherine had had it. She took a big shovel full of snow and dumped it on the two. " Will you two knock it off! We're supposed to be shoveling Ernie out, not burying each other with snow… Now grow up and start shoveling!!" She screeched.

Adam and Billy were shocked, they had never seen Katherine so aggravated. The two got up without speaking, walked over to their shovels picked them up and finished shoveling. Within five minutes the concrete of the sidewalk was visible to anyone. Tommy tried the door and it sung wide open and shut.

"Gee, thanks guys." Ernie exclaimed." I probably would have been stuck in here for a week… Com'on inside… Hot chocolate on the house!"

Katherine chuckled." Sounds great to us!"

Billy started to walk in and then paused." You guys go ahead… I got to go and get Leeza, and Rocky." He said walking backward toward Leeza's car.

"No problem! See you later man." Tommy called out him as he let the Youth Center door swing shut.


A half hour later they all were inside of the Youth Center as warm and cozy as could be. Ernie had made a huge batch of hot chocolate and gave them all any meal of their choice.

"Hey Adam, was my mom home?" Rocky asked as Adam came back from the pay phone.

"Yeah… She's coming to pick you up soon." Adam stated.

"I really feel bad you guys… "Rocky began." If I had been quieter none of this would have happened… It's all my fault."

"Don't feel bad Rocky, it happened for a reason…Everything that happens in life, has a purpose behind it… Everything means something." Billy encouraged.

"Hey, I've been trying to read that article on Michelle Kwan for the past month… If you hadn't talked loud I wouldn't of had a chance to read it… You never know what will happen… Whatever you do always affects someone… And there's always a reason for it, even though you can't understands the reason for the happening…It happens." Leeza tried to explain.

Tommy had to try not to smile." Leeza, I have no idea what you just said."

Leeza sighed. " Neither do I! Let me figure it out and then I'll try and explain it again later."

"I'm just glad you guys were here." Ernie stated bringing another round of cocoa. " A lot of gutters broke around the city today… So many that the fire department can't help them all."

"How do you know that Ernie?" Billy inquired.

"Heard it on the radio… It's kinda sad too. None of the neighbors will lend a helping hand, some of the people will probably have to two or three days before they can get out of their homes… It's so sad that no one cares enough to help them out isn't it?" Ernie said beginning to walk away.

"Yeah, real sad." Tanya said her mind elsewhere.

"Leeza," Tommy began." I think I know what you meant."

"Really?" Leeza asked surprised." What did I mean?"

"Because… Now I feel like going around town and shoveling people out." Tommy explained.

" Me too." Katherine said softly.

"Same here." Tanya whispered.

"Add me to the group." Adam stated.

"I'm always willing to help." Leeza said.

"Always." Billy agreed.

"Well whose stopping ya?" Rocky broke in.

Everyone startled. " What do you mean by that man?" Billy asked.

" Whose stopping ya? I can't help out because my legs are half frozen… What's your excuse. If you want to help people out today… Call the fire department, ask where the houses are, go there and dig 'em out! That simple." Rocky told them.

"He's right! Why don't we? We can do it! I mean, if we can do everything else we do, we can do that… Wanta ?" Tanya said starting to get excited.

"I say we do it." Tommy agreed, staring at the others for there approval. Nods of asurement followed. "Let's get started then."

They all stood up and got on their jackets, gloves and hats and started for the door.

"Hey where you guys going?" Ernie asked surprised that they were heading out into the storm again.

"To help the people out that you heard about on the radio… So that way they won't be snowed in for three days." Billy responded.

Ernie just smiled. These kids had always been great kids. Now he found them growing in so many different ways…reaching out to people more and leading a help hand. " Be careful… You don't want to get sick." He called out to them.

"We won't!" Leeza shouted back, as the door swung shut behind her.

And Ernie had no doubt in his mind that they wouldn't… They were strong and persistent. He just continued to smile as he watched them get into their cars and drive out of the parking lot, to the biggest and yet strangest adventure of their lives.


To love God, love people
That's the center of the mark

In this life some things are bound to change
But one thing remains the same
We all need love
Time goes by, moves like a hurricane
And through all the wind and rain
We all need love
As this world just keeps on turnin' round and round
There are treasures to be found
If we just let compassion lead the way

Draw back your bow, let love go
Shoot straight for the heart
With all of you might, set your sight
Take aim from the start
To love God, love people
That's the center of the mark

Every day, thru what is and is to come
When all has been said and done
We all need love
So Jesus came, a gift from the heart of God
He gave us his life because
We all need love
And the love that death could not keep in the grave
Is alive in us today
So we must live to show the world the way

For the world is the target
And the arrow is the cross
As we set out on this journey
Let's obey the call from the heart of God
Let us love at any cost