Disclaimer: The power rangers in this story belongs to Saban and is used without permission. Sarah and Donavon Scott belongs to Naomi Tilly and is being used with her permission.

by: Michelle Penning

Jason woke up instantly screaming from a horrible nightmare. Alpha came up to him and tried to comfort him. Jason would not take it. He was scared out of his mind. He don't remember what the nightmare was about nor did he care to find out. The dream really scared him like it was some prophecy. Tommy came to his best friends side trying to calm Jason down. Jason looked at his friends with tears streaming down his face.

What happened?" asked Kimberly. "Jason can you tell us what the dream is about."

Jason shook his head. He was too frightened to let out a word. His body started to shake.

"Jason it must of have been really bad," said Kat putting her arm around him.

"Can you try to speak, bro?" asked Tommy. He was worried. He had a nightmare that was just as bad as Jason's. He knew the signs because it happened to him the other night.

"Yes....." said Jason softly. "Too....scared."

"Too scared to go back to sleep," asked Rocky.

Jason nodded. He was embarrassed by this situation. He was never scared of nightmares before well not like this one. But this one bothered him a lot.

"Don't worry about it," said Zack who knew what Jason was thinking. "We all get bad ones. Even if the person is strong. You'll still get really bad dreams."

"But that is just it Zack," said Jason. "This dream felt like a prophecy of something bad is going to happened. I can't remember the details exactly. But it scared the hell out of me."

"Would it make you feel better if I confide something to you, bro?" said Tommy.

"Yeah," said Jason. "You don't have to if you don't want to."

"I'm going to tell because what you just said freaked me out," said Tommy looking down.

"What do you mean?" asked Billy.

Sighing Tommy began to speak. "I don't know the details either but I had a really frightening dream last night. I woke up scared to death of falling asleep like you are Jason. I had the same signs like you did. My dream felt like a prophecy as well. I couldn't sleep for the rest of the night."

"That is strange," said Jason. "All I know is I'm not going back to sleep. Do you think the dreams are connected?"

"I don't know," said Tommy. "I hope not. You guys go back to bed and I stay with Jason. I probably can't go back to sleep anyway."

"You sure," said Adam.

"Go on," said Jason. "We'll be fine."

The others nodded reluctantly. They went back to the sleeping bags in the power chamber. They all had decided to spend the week with Zordon.

They don't mind. They are having a good time.

When the others fell asleep Jason looked worried. Tommy sat next to Jason.

"So what are we going to do?" asked Tommy. "It's only one o'clock in the morning."

"I would go talk to Zordon but he's out. I don't know." said Jason.

"I would say we can talk about it," said Tommy. "But I don't remember too much from last night."

"Me either," said Jason. "There is one part I do remember though, and that is that Rita is in it."

"You too," replied Tommy shocked. "She was in my dreams last night too. I'm getting a feeling that this might be the work of Rita and Zedd."

"But that is just it, Tommy," said Jason. "I don't think it is. I know it's strange because it would be their style. But I don't think that Zedd or Rita is behind it. With Mondo gone, well it sure isn't him. I don't like it one bit."

"Same here," said Tommy. "I don't think it's them. Come on let's find something to do, your freaking us out."

"Right," said Jason.

"So what did you want to do?" asked Tommy.

"I don't know," said Jason. "How about a game of poker?"

"Sure, so you can try to bluff me," said Tommy. "Thanks but no thanks."

"Your call," said Jason. "So what are we going to do? It is only three o'clock in the morning. I can't sleep neither can you. So what can we do?"

"I don't know," said Tommy. "How about we talk about old times?"

"Good idea." said Jason.

Tommy and Jason spent the rest of the night talking about the good times they had as friends as well as power rangers. Soon they found themselves worn out and decided to go to sleep.

* * *

Meanwhile on the moon, Rita was having her own problems as well. She was in a deep sleepwhen she woke up screaming. Zedd woke up instantly to see what is wrong with his wife.

"What the hell is wrong with you," sneered Zedd.

"A dream, Zeddie," said Rita. "An omen, if you will. When I have dreams that wake me up screaming then they are visions of what is to come. Sometimes they are good or bad. But this dream, it is a sign that things are going to change."

"Good for us?" asked Zedd curious.

Rita smiled. She could answer this one and won't get scolded either. It was to their liking.

"Good for us and really bad for the power rangers," laughed Rita.

Zedd knew Rita was right. Being a witch of Lokar their visions are just important as casting spells. What ever the dream was the power rangers are in trouble.

"Care to talk about it, my dear," said Zedd.

Rita sighed. She knew what the dream was about. She'd forgotten all these years about what happened thousands of years ago. Thinking back to then and the dream. Her black heart broke. She didn't want to remember that horrible day. The day should have been joyous for her and Zedd. But it was heartbreaking. After that Zedd never mentioned it to Rita and made himself forget. How can you forget them. She never did.

After all she gave birth to them. Their pride and joy. It was something that Lokar allowed Rita to do. That was to have a child. He said that Rita can only have one child in her entire life time. It all started about 10,000 years ago. Before Zordon imprisoned her. Zedd and Rita were married as they are now. Zedd desperately wanted to have a baby. Rita told him that she could not because Lokar forbid it. Zedd became distant. His demands for a child broke her heart. She also wanted to have a baby. She went to Lokar for advice. Being Lokar's favorite witches Lokar agreed to it. Rita looked up and asked how. Lokar told her that she was allowed to have one child in her life time.

She wouldn't lose her powers. In fact, that the child will posses the powers of both parents. If she had twins. Then the twins will be very strong in magic. She thanked Lokar and went to Zedd to tell him the good news. Zedd was ecstatic when she mentioned about the baby. She said Lokar would allow her to have a child and that the child would posses the powers of both parents. Zedd and Rita tried. Zedd slept with Rita every night to make sure she becomes pregnant. She didn't mind. The sex was great for her. She wasn't so sure about Zedd. Trying every night was exhausting for him. The problem was she couldn't get pregnant. They tried every night. Maybe the problem was they were trying to hard. Rita told Zedd to calm it down some. He looked at her and asked why. He was enjoying this as much as Rita. She was good in bed as being a witch. She said she's not getting pregnant. Maybe they have to tone it down a bit. Zedd was disappointed. They stopped having sex but a least twice a weak. Then one day, Rita came in with a smile on her face. She told Zedd that she was pregnant with their child. Zedd literally danced around his palace. They made plans for their baby. Five months have passed for them. Then, Rita made an announcement. She told Zedd some good news. She said "Zeddie, of course everyone know's I'm with child. Your child. Our child that was conceived to become evil and to help us rule the universe."

"Of course love," said Zedd suddenly cautious. "Rita, is there something wrong with the baby?"

"No," giggled Rita. "I have some more good news. We are going to have twins. Twins sons."

"A boy," laughed Zedd with glee. "We're going to have a boy."

"Two of them," laughed Rita.

"Twin boys," said Zedd laughing. "I'm going to have twin boys. How exciting? Have you thought of names for them?"

"Of course," said Rita. "The firstborn son will be called Thomas, and the second son shall be called Jason. They already have the gift, Zeddie. Even five months of pregnancy, I know they have the power of both of us."

"This couldn't be any better," laughed Zedd. "I like the names of Tommy and Jason. The twins with power. And with their power combine, they will be unstoppable."

They all laughed as they prepared for the coming of the twins. Four months later the waiting was over. On October 31, Rita gave birth to her first son. Five minutes later, her second son was born. Zedd was holding their sons, while Rita was getting some sleep. Giving birth to twins took a lot out of you. Zedd holding Tommy and Jason who lie asleep in his arms was proud of them. True they look human and take after their mother. They held the power. Strong powers they posses. He saw how powerful they will become. With the right training Tommy and Jason shall destroy the world. He lay his boys in the cradle and went to Rita. He kissed her on the cheek and left. He and the others celebrated the birth of his sons. Rita woke up and went to the cradle.

She saw them sleeping and tears sprang forth. There was that mother bond that was formed. She picked up her boys and took them to see Lokar. Lokar looked at them and gave them his blessing. He cast a spell producing two necklaces. For Tommy there was a dagger. For Jason, it was a dragon's claw around a crystal. Rita put the necklaces around their necks and said her gratitude to Lokar and left. Zedd caught up to her as he took Jason from her. He was worried about the babies. She told him that she took the twins to see Lokar. He gave them the necklaces. Jason started crying. Rita went back to the nursery and breast-feed Jason and then Tommy. After they ate, she put them back into the cradle not knowing this will be the last time she will see her boys. During the night, a man came in the nursery with a robot. They went to the cradle and picked up the babies, than they left. The man sent the twins to the future to be protected from their evil parents. Rita screamed the next day as she found her boys gone. Zedd came rushing in and saw the horrible event. Rita screamed one name "ZORDON". Zedd knew who did this. He grabbed Rita who didn't want to leave and shut the nursery door and locking it forever. He will get his revenge on Zordon for stealing his boys from them. Rita and Zedd would never be the same again. Pulling herself from her thoughts she dreaded to tell Zedd what the dream was about. She didn't want to hurt him again.

"What is it Rita," said Zedd. "If it is an advantage to us than we have to take it."

"You might not like it," sighed Rita. "I don't."

Zedd knew Rita took advantage over anything but one. Their boys. Their beautiful babies. Could it be.

"Does this have anything to do with the twins?" asked Zedd.

"Yes it does," said Rita.

Zedd looked at Rita. No wonder she wanted to hid it from him. Ever since Zordon snatched their babies, he never wanted to hear about it again.

"What was it about?" asked Zedd.

"It was about our sons," said Rita. "The dream told me what happened to them. Zordon sent the boys to the future. He sent them to different mothers. They were born on the same day and at the same time. They were born on October 31, 1981. Zeddie, remember how I named them Thomas and Jason."

"Yes, I do. It was perfect names for them. Why do you ask?" said Zedd.

"Think about it," said Rita. "It's all starting to make sense. Tommy and Jason. Our boys. Zordon has two power rangers named Tommy and Jason. Think Zedd. Zordon put Tommy to a childless couple as they were adopting. The Olivers. Jamie and Alex Oliver. They adopted our first son. Our second son Jason went to another childless couple. Donovan and Sarah Scott. Zedd, Jason and Tommy, two of the power rangers for some strange reason we hate the most are our sons. Thomas Alexander Oliver and Jason Lee Scott are our boys."

Zedd looked at her with hatred. Then thinking about it made sense. They always wanted to hurt Tommy and Jason. They never understood why. Maybe it was because they were leaders. They didn't know. Zedd grew furious and started to have a fit. Rita getting out of bed scrambled to get out of her husbands fury. HOW DARE ZORDON PICK MY SONS WHO SHOULD BE EVIL AND TRYING TO DESTROY THE WORLD TO BECOME POWER RANGERS! I WILL GET MY REVENGE ON HIM. I WILL GET MY SONS BACK AND TRAIN THEM IN THE WAYS OF EVIL. I SHALL TELL THEM WHO THEY REALLY ARE?

"He shall die!" screamed Zedd. "I want my sons back now!

"But how?" asked Rita. "They will never believe you. They despise both of us. Tommy might believe us because he knows that he's adopted. But Jason. He doesn't know."

"Then we'll make sure he knows," said Zedd. "When he does, than we shall enact our plan for vengeance. Zordon will die by the hands of the two most precious rangers he holds dear. Our sons. Jason and Tommy. Rita, when are their powers suppose to develop."

"Six months into their sixteenth birthday," said Rita. "Why?"

"Since they were born in October, and March is approaching. The sixth month is approaching," said Zedd.

"They're powers will be coming through and then we can get them," laughed Rita.

"Of course," laughed Zedd. "The twins of evil shall be reunited and then Zordon will pay for his crimes."

* * *

The next day Jason had this strange feeling. He woke up and this strange feeling was there. He tried to ignore it but he can't. He went to the others who were having breakfast with Alpha. He took a seat.

"Good morning, lazy," laughed Rocky.

"Funny Rock," yawned Tommy who joined them.

"Got back to sleep," said Trini.

"Yeah," yawned Jason. "Hey Zordon, I have to go to my house for a second. I'll see you in a few."

"All right Jason," said Zordon. "Alpha, may I have a word with you, alone."

"Right away, Zordon," said Alpha.

The others didn't notice as they continue with their morning meal. In the far away chamber of the power chamber, Zordon and Alpha were having a discussion.

"Zordon," said Alpha.

"March is approaching," said Zorodn.

Alpha knew what he meant by it. "Are you planning to tell them?" asked Alpha.

"I cannot," said Zordon. "It is difficult for me."

"Zordon, you did the right thing ten thousand years ago. If Rita and Zedd were allowed to raise Tommy and Jason then the world will be in chaos. You know that Tommy and Jason will have strong powers if they combine them. Someone is going to have to train them in the powers," said Alpha.

"I know Alpha," said Zordon. "I'm still searching for the person who can train the twins without letting them become evil. If Zedd gets his claws on his sons then we all shall be doomed."

"Does Zedd even remember?" asked Alpha.

"Rita has told him," said Zordon. "She had the dream last night same with Jason. She told Zedd everything. I was hoping to protect Tommy and Jason."

"I know Zordon," said Alpha. "Tommy knows he's adopted but Jason. He doesn't. What happens if he finds out? And what will happen when Tommy and Jason finds out that their birth parents are none other than Rita and Zedd?"

"I don't know, Alpha," said Zordon. "But whatever happens we have to be prepared for it. Let's continue searching for a master of the powers."

"Right away Zordon," said Alpha. "I hope we find one soon."

"So do I Alpha," said Zordon. "Before it's to late for us."

* * *

Jason teleported home to get something. He didn't know what but something told him to. His parents were at work. They think he and the others went to the mountains for the week. He went to the den somehow it drew him there. He didn't realize that it was Rita's magic at work here. He opened the door and then stopped. When he was younger his father forbid Jason to ever go into the den without permission. He always minded his father. Most of the time anyway. He wondered what was so important that his father did not want Jason to go into the den.

Besides being that it was his father's study. Jason always been curious. He opened the door dreading if his father caught him. Two months groundation for disobeying and breaking the rules. His father was a strict disciplinary person. He went in and something caught his eyes. He sat in his father's chair and opened one of the desk drawers.

He knew if he caught got then he would be dead. He ignored the feeling and opened a drawer. There was a envelope containing his name. Odd he thought. My dad never keep secrets from me. Secrets that pertain to me. Why is he hiding an envelope with my name on it. Let's take a peek shall we. Turning to make sure no one was there Jason took out the envelope and opened it. He took out the documents. He turned the paper around and went pale as he saw the writing. He was in shock. He couldn't believe it. It couldn't be true, he thought. All these times I believed that my parents were my parents and here I find out that I'm not their son. Their birth son anyway. I wondered why I didn't look like them. Now I know. The reason is that I'm adopted! Me adopted. I still can't believe it. But here it is in writing. Baby Jason age three weeks old is hereby adopted to Donovan and Sarah Scott. It's a close adoption. Wow! I'm adopted. Now I know how Tommy's feeling. Jason took out the rest of the documents and looked at his birth certificate. Even on the adoption papers there was no birth mothers or fathers name. He put the papers in the document and took them with him. He shut his father's den and went to the shelf where all the books are contain. He took out his baby book and opened it to where it contained his birth certificate. Nothing. His parents name were on it. He's starting to wonder who he really is. He heard a car coming and quickly teleported out of there. He couldn't face his parents knowing what he knows.

* * *

At Zedd's castle, Rita and Zedd looked on and smiled. Part one of their plan was complete. Jason now know's he's adopted. They are waiting for a good time to take advantage of the situation.

"It going on as plan, Zeddie," said Rita.

"Good job on drawing Jason to the room," laughed Zedd. He knows he's adopted and by the look on his face he doesn't seemed to pleased."

"In due time, Jason and Tommy will know who they really are," laughed Rita.

"Yes, and then we will get our twin sons and train them in the way of evil," laughed Zedd.

"Master," said Goldar. "What happens if they accept that your their parents and doesn't come to you."

"Your such and idiot," screamed Rita. "Don't you realize that every child who knows that their adopted wants to find their real parents and asked them why. This thing with my youngest son will drive him to us. Knowing he's adopted, Jason doesn't know how to adapt to it and he will want to know who's his real parents are. Tommy always wanted to know so it will be easier for him to come to us. Adopted children will do anything to find their real parents even if their parents are evil."

Goldar didn't say anything. All he knew that the two boys whom he was suppose to train long ago was his two deadliest enemies. Who would ever thought that Jason and Tommy was Zedd's heirs? How could he live with them? Only time will tell.

* * *

Sarah and Donavon came home to find the door opened. They always locked it.

"Jason probably came home and forgot to lock the door," mused Donavon.

"You know our son," said Sarah.

They went in. Nothing was strange until Donavon went to his study. He opened the door and found a desk drawer opened. He wondered. He yelled to his wife.

"Sarah, did you forget to shut the desk drawer when you came into my study earlier," said Donavon.

"Hon, I wasn't in your study at all today," said Sarah walking in the door. "Why do you ask?"

"Because someone was in my study and the desk drawer was opened," said Donavon.

"Jason," said Sarah. "He wouldn't do this without your permission. Besides he's not allowed to look through certain drawers."

"I know," said Donavon. "It has to be Jason. Why? I told him not to come in my study without permission. And if he did not to go through certain desk drawers."

Donavon got a closer look at the drawer. He looked up quickly at his wife pale.

"What is it?" asked Sarah concerned.

"He went into the drawer that I forbade him," said Donavon softly. "The one that contains his adoption papers.

"Oh God," said Sarah covering her mouth. "Do you think he knows?"

"He does now," said Donavon. "The envelope containing the documents and his real birth certificate are missing. Sarah, he knows and I don't know how he's going to react."

Sarah didn't say nothing. She sat there shocked and confused. Her little boy, her precious baby, knows that he was adopted. How is he going to react. They never told him because they wanted to protect him from the pain and hurt that most adopted children went through after they find out that they are adopted. He's going to have questions in which they cannot answer. Most of all he's going want to find them. That's what is going to hurt them the most. Is finding his real parents. Donavon sat there thinking the same thing. He has a bone to pick with Jason for going into his study without permission. But that wasn't important now as Jason knew that he was adopted. Even though he was a psychiatrist he doesn't know how to deal with this.

"Donavon," said Sarah. "Let's pray to God that we all have the strength to deal with this."

"Sarah," said Donavon. "How are we going to deal with this? He's going to have questions that we can't answer. This is going to turn into a nasty argument."

"I know," said Sarah. "I guess we have to take it one step at a time."

Donavon grabbed Sarah and brought him to his lap and hugged her. She lay in his arms wondering what Jason is going through right now.

* * *

At the power chamber everyone was still in the pyjamas and talking when Jason came in. They looked at him and saw he was pale and in shock. Tommy came to him.

"Everything okay, bro," said Tommy.

"Huh," said Jason looking up. "Yeah, sure. Everything's cool."

"Are you sure?" asked Adam.

"Positive," said Jason.

"No your not," said Rocky. "What happened, Jase?"

"I don't want to talk about it," said Jason. He went to his sleeping bag and placed the envelope in his bag. He took out some fresh clothes.

"I'm going to get ready," said Jason as he disappeared back into the power chamber where they get dressed.

"Something's wrong," said Billy.

"Yeah," said Trini. "Something's bothering Jason. I wonder what he's found out."

"What ever it is, it's in the brown envelope," said Rocky. "Let's find out," said Zack.

"No," said Kat. "Whatever is in the envelope Jason doesn't want us to know about it. It is private information. If Jason wanted to tell us then he would let is know. Give him time. He still may want to tell us."

"Kat's right," said Tommy. "Jase, tell us in due time."

The others nodded as Jason came back. He put his pj's in his bag and took out the brown envelope. He then went to Zordon.

"I'll be at the beach. I have things to think about," said Jason teleporting.

"This is not good," said Zordon to Alpha.

Billy overheard the remark Zordon made to Alpha. He went to Tommy.
"Tommy," said Billy.

"Yeah, Billy," said Tommy.

"Keep it kind of quiet," whispered Billy. "Zordon said something that this is not good. I guess he's referring about Jason. Tommy, we have to find out what is wrong with him."

Tommy looked at Billy for a second. He knew something was up with Jason. He felt it as soon as Jason teleported back in. "Your right, Billy."

Tommy mentioned to the others to get dressed. After they did, Tommy told them it was time to find out what was wrong with Jason. "Zordon, we're going after Jason, wether you like it or not," said Tommy as he and the others teleported out.

"AyiAyiAyi," said Alpha. "Zordon, things are turning from bad to worse."

"I know," said Zordon. "Keep searching."

"Right," said Alpha.

* * * *

At the beach Jason was sitting on the sand looking through the documents. The thought raced through his mind. I'm adopted. How can he deal with this. Jason was angry and hurt at the same time. Angry that his parents never told him the truth and hurt because no one wanted him. He felt used. He sighed as he put his head in his arms and started to sob. This is not what he wanted. He wished he never went into the room. The room that contained the secret of being adopted for sixteen years. What to do? He felt a hand on his shoulders as he saw Tommy and the others standing there.

"You okay, buddy," said Tommy. "Don't lie, bro."

He would have said he was fine but the truth was he wasn't.

"No, I'm not," said Jason tears streaming down his face.

"What is it?" asked Trini sitting next to Jason wiping away his tears with her hands.

They all sat next to Jason.

"Have you ever found out something that you wish you didn't," said Jason.

They all looked at each other.

"Yeah we all had," said Billy. "Remember how we reacted when Tommy was the green ranger."

"No, I mean something more than that. Not power ranger stuff." said Jason. "I mean in your life."

"I can't think of any," said Kim.

"Neither can I," said Zack.

"I can," said Kat looking down.

Jason looked at her. "How did it made you feel?"

"Angry," said Kat. "I was little when it happened. Thinking about it now makes me mad."

"How did you find out?" asked Jason. "I hope I'm not getting into an area where you don't want to talk about Kat."

"It's fine," said Kat. "Dreams mostly. I found out in my nightmares. I didn't find out about it since last year. I found my mom's diary it was opened. I was being curious and I started reading it. Then I found out what happened. She had an entry that was made twelve years ago. I was four years old. She said she got my father molesting me."

The rangers looked at Kat in shocked. They saw the tears flowing through her eyes. She didn't even look at them. Tommy came and hesitated for a moment. Wondering if he should put his arm around her.

"Go ahead," said Kat as Tommy put his arm around her. "I don't remember it. I told my mom about it and she denied it at first. I told her I found it in her diary. Then we got into an argument on how we should keep our minds to our own business and I said how could you keep something like this from me. I didn't talk to her for a couple of months. I was so angry with her. Then I started to remember things that I didn't want to. Then I started to see your dad, Jason. I've accepted the abuse and could get on with my life. I'm not afraid of dating if you all are wondering about that."

"I shouldn't press you on it," said Jason. "I'm sorry.

"No don't be, I was going to tell you as soon as I gotten up the nerve," said Kat. "You find out something."

"Yeah," said Jason.

He got up to his feet and walk a couple of feet gathering the courage to tell his friends. He still can't get it out of his throat. The others were still sitting waiting for Jason to talk. Then it hit them like nothing hit them before.

"I'm adopted," said Jason looking at the ocean.

"What!" exclaimed Zack. He couldn't believe his best friend is adopted. Tommy yeah, because he told them. But this. He always thought his parents were his parents.

"Didn't you all wonder why I don't look like my parents," said Jason.

They were all still sitting there in shock. Tears were flowing from Tommy's eyes as he remember his parents told him. But he was young. They did wonder that. They thought he got his looks from his grandparents or something.

"Well the reason is I'm adopted," said Jason still has his back turned. It hurt him to say it but he needed to say it. Tears were flowing down freely.

"Here's the papers and everything," said Jason turning and handing the papers to his friends. They saw the tears flowing down his face. They each turned and looked at the documents. It was true. He was adopted. The papers, the birth certificate, everything.

"That's my real birth certificate. "It doesn't even have my birth parents names," sobbed Jason. "Remember when I went home. I didn't know what I went home for. Anyway something drew me to my dad's study where I have to have permission to go in there. I disobeyed him and went in. Certain drawers I wasn't suppose to touch. I was looking around when something caught my eye. One of the drawers were glowing. It was like someone wants me to know something. Anyway I opened it and there was a brown envelope with my name. I thought it was odd. I took it out and opened it. I took out the papers and I looked at them closely. That's when I found out that I was adopted. I took them and left. I heard a car knowing it was my parents. I teleported away."

"That's why your upset," said Kim.

"Yeah, I know I shouldn't have gone in there. But something possessed me to. Either that, or curiosity," said Jason still standing. "You want to know the worst part. They never even told me."

"Some parents don't want to tell their kids because they are afraid of hurting them," said Tanya.

"And not telling the kids is not hurting them, come on Tanya," said Jason.

"It's true," said Billy. "Your parents were trying to protect you."

"Yeah right," said Jason finally becoming angry. "That or they didn't want me to know."

"That's not fair, Jase," said Adam. "Your parents love you."

"They're not even my parents!" snapped Jason.

Silent through this thing Tommy finally got up and confronted his best friend.

"They'll always be your parents, Jase!" snapped Tommy. "Damn it, Jase! It's going to hurt! That I know! Remember me, I'm adopted to! They may not be your birth parents but they'll always be your parents! They raised you since your were three weeks old until now! That makes them parents! They went through the years teaching you, raising you, feeding you, they did everything for you! They love you! That's what parents are! Not just giving birth but raising the child as well! It's going to take awhile to getting use to Jason, I know that. But I'm here and so are the others. Don't let this get to you."

"Oh it's easy for you to say that!" snapped Jason. "At least your parents told you, mine just shut me out and didn't even trust me to tell me the truth! Reality check! My parents don't give a damn about me to even tell me!"

Tommy slapped Jason across his face. The others looked on in shock. They've never seen Tommy hit Jason. Not like that. They stood there dumbfounded.

"Damn it Jason!" yelled Tommy. "I'm not going to treat you like a kid! Your doing that yourself! Your parents love you to protect you from the truth! I can't judge them to say what they did is wrong or right! I'm saying that the'll always be your parents no matter what happens! They love you and they'll always be your mom and dad!"

Jason looked at the ground. He didn't think it was bothering him this much. But it was. Tommy was telling the truth but it did not comfort his pain one bit. He sat on the ground bursting in tears. Tommy came and sat next to him.

"I know it's hard, Jase," said Tommy remembering his own pain. "But you can get through this. I'm hear and so are the others. I really can't explain how I feel on this. But I know what your going through. I went through the anger and denial and all that. It takes time. I know what the questions you are thinking about. You'll have to confront your parents on that. I'll go with you."

"I'm sorry," said Jason finally getting his emotions back into check.

"Don't apologize on how you feel," said Rocky. "You have the right to feel like that. I know I would."

"Thanks Rocky," said Jason. "Tommy, would you go with me, to talk to my parents."

"You bet," said Tommy getting up to his feet and then helping Jason.

"Guys, meet us back in the power chamber," said Tommy.

"You got it," said Adam.

"One thing bothers me," said Jason.

"One thing," teased Zack. It was typical for Zack to do this. "You've got more than just one."

"All right, smart ass," smiled Jason. "Two, happy."

"Quite," laughed Zack.

Jason rolled his eyes and continued. "I haven't heard Rita or Zedd all day. I wonder."

"Don't Jase," said Billy. "We don't need them right now."

"I know," said Jason.

"Let's go," said Tommy.

They all teleported back to the power chamber. And then Jason and Tommy teleported to Jason's home.

* * * *

On the moon, Rita and Zedd was having a field day with this. They were laughing at Jason's reaction.

"This is to good," said Rita. "Pretty soon, our sons shall conquer the universe."

"Yes," laughed Zedd. "Jason and Tommy make a good team. Let's continue to watch the reaction when Jason and his parents get into it."

* * * *

Jason and Tommy were at his front door. Jason didn't know if he could face them.

"It's going to be hard, but you can do it Jason," said Tommy. "I'm right here if you need me."

Jason nodded and opened the door. He breathed in and both of them walked in. Sarah and Donavon went to their feet immediately.

"Jason," said Sarah.

"Mom," said Jason.

"Forget the pleasantries," said Donavon. "Jason, you shouldn't have went into my study."

"Why?" snapped Jason. "Afraid I'm gonna find out your little secret!"

"Take it easy, son," said Donavon.

"Don't call me that!" snapped Jason. "Your not my father!"

Donavon slapped Jason hard in the face. Jason was shocked and hurt by his father's action. He didn't mean to say that.

"I may not be your biological father but I'm still your father!" roared Donavon. "Don't you ever talk to me or your mother like that again!"

"Donavon!" yelled Sarah. "He's confused! True he shouldn't have said that but don't take your anger out on him! Damn it, don't hit our son!"

"I'm sorry dad," said Jason looking on the ground. "Mom's right, I shouldn't have said that. I still love you."

"I know," said Donavon.

"But I want to know something!" said Jason as tears started falling. "Why didn't you tell me? At least Tommy's parents told him. Why couldn't you tell me? Don't you trust me to handle it?"

"Son," said Donavon. "We wanted to protect you from this. Your right we should have told you. But we couldn't."

"Why?" sobbed Jason.

"Because we love you," cried Sarah.

"I know you love me, but I want to know why?" cried Jason.

"We're afraid that you might want to go to your real family. We were afraid of losing you," said Donavon finally breaking down. "I don't want to lose my only son."

"You're not going to lose me dad," cried Jason. "You are my real family. You may not be my birth parents but your my family nonetheless. I love you a lot. I don't want to lose the parents that I've ever known."

"Baby," cried Sarah running and hugging Jason. Jason hugged her back not wanting to let go. Donavon joined in. Tommy watched meanwhile thinking about the time when his parents told him. Tears started falling. It was hard on him but his best friend as well. What else is in store for them.

Jason finally pulling away looking at Tommy. "If it wasn't for Tommy, I've probably couldn't have faced you."

"We know," said Sarah. "We called his parents and talked to them for awhile. Tommy, thank you."

"No problem, Mrs. Scott," smiled Tommy. "Glad I could help. I know what's it like to be adopted. I'm going to help my best friend."

"Dad," said Jason. "I have questions."

"I know son," said Donavon.

"Do you know who my parents are?" asked Jason.

"No we don't," said Sarah. "Your birth certificate didn't have their names on it. I guess you know that. When we were adopting you, the adoption agency said that you just appeared out of know where with a letter saying that you should go to us. Other than that we don't much."

"Your mother's right," said Donavon. "If you want to find them, you have our blessing. We knew it was going to come down to it, sooner or later. I don't want you to get hurt if you find out that they don't want you son."

"I know, dad, but you'll always be my parents," said Jason. He got an idea. Tommy was thinking the same idea. "We got to go."

"Yeah," said Tommy. "We'll call you."

" We know baby. All right," said Sarah. "Be careful."

"We will," said Jason as they left and shut the door and then teleported to power chamber.

"It's going to work out," said Sarah.

"I know," said Donavon. "I know."

* * * *

Rita and Zedd looked at each other with glee in their eyes. It was only a matter of time when their sons will be theirs again. They watched. Waiting for the right time.

* * * *

The power rangers were in the power chamber waiting. They figured Zordon was listening in. He always does. So they didn't tell him. Just then Tommy and Jason appeared.

"How did it go?" asked Billy.

"Better than I imagined it would," said Jason.

"Yeah," said Tommy.

"Zordon, I need to ask you something," said Jason.

Zordon seemed to know where this was heading. "Go on Jason."

"My mom said I'd appeared at the adoption agency with a letter attached. Zordon, there's more to this, isn't there?" asked Jason.

Zordon was silent. How could he tell Jason and Tommy that he sent them. "I don't know anything about it."

They all looked at Zordon shocked. Zordon knew everything.

"Zordon," said Jason.

"I was asleep and so was Alpha. Remember Rita hasn't escaped from her prison. So there was no need of me," replied Zordon.

The rangers seemed to accept it all except Jason. He knew Zordon well enough to know that he was lying. Why was Zordon lying? Thought Jason. He never lied to us before. He knows something and I want to know what it is. Tommy was thinking the same thing. Jason didn't argue with Zordon. Zordon will probably give some sort of excuse like he did.

"Hey, let's go get something to eat," said Rocky. "I'm starved."

"Your always hungry," laughed Adam.

"Funny," mocked Rocky. "Anyway let's go."

"Jase, Tommy, you guys coming," said Billy.

"Yeah, we're coming," said Jason.

They rangers teleported as Zordon watched. Little did he know that Tommy and Jason teleported back and hid themselves before they were caught. They needed to know why Zordon was lying to them.

"Have you found the teacher, Alpha?" asked Zordon.

Teacher, they thought and looked at each other.

"Not yet, Zordon," said Alpha. "But I'm still searching."

"The twins need a teacher and fast. I can't allow Rita to train them in the ways of the power. She'll only make them evil," said Zordon.

Jason and Tommy were even more confused than ever. Twins, what twins. And why haven't you told us about twins. And who are the twins anyway. What does Rita have to do with this? And what powers. They thought to themselves and continued to listen on Zordon and Alpha.

"In a couple of days, March will be here, Zordon," said Alpha. What happens if we can't find a teacher? Will become of Tommy and Jason if their minds aren't train in the powers."

Wait a minute! screamed Tommy and Jason in their minds. What does this have to do with us.

"Then their powers will become out of control. Besides it will harm their minds. Then Rita and Zedd will and probably convince Tommy and Jason that they are their birth parents," said Zordon.

What the hell is going on, they both thought.

"But Zordon," cried Alpha. "Tommy and Jason are Rita and Zedd's twin sons."

"I know Alpha. When Jason asked me about what happened at the adoption agency. I did not have the heart to tell them it was I who sent them there. I do not have the heart to tell them that their birth parents are two of the galaxies deadliest enemies. I can't tell them that Rita and Zedd are their mother and father, and that they are brothers. I don't mind telling them they are twin brothers. But I can't tell them that Rita and Zedd are their birth parents. It could do some do some mental damage to them personally," said Zordon.

Tommy and Jason was shocked. It didn't dawn on them of what Zordon was saying. Nor did they care. They couldn't get past the fact that their parents are Rita and Zedd. They are the spawn of evil themselves. Thinking that made them shiver. They knew Zordon was telling the truth but still they couldn't believe it. Tommy looked at Jason and saw that he was equally pale. He saw the rage in his eyes. Can you blame him, Tommy thought. I mean, Zordon did lie straight in our faces. We weren't even suppose to be power rangers. We were suppose to be evil. Our parents are evil. Why did Zordon take us away from our parents? Why? Jason was thinking the same thing. He couldn't believe it. He hit his head on the panel.

"Ow," said Jason out loud.

"Who's there?" asked Alpha. "Come on out."

Jason and Tommy came out. Zordon saw who it was and dreaded to know how much they knew.

"I assume you heard everything," said Zordon.

"Yes," said Tommy. "Why Zordon? Why didn't you tell us?"

Before Zordon could answer, Jason gave in to his rage. He was hurt and he felt that Zordon betrayed him.

"Damn you Zordon!" yelled Jason.

"Please Jason, let me explain," said Zordon.

"No!" yelled Jason. "What ever you tell me is going to be a lie anyway! Just stay the hell away from me!

Jason went and teleported himself out of there. He couldn't be in that room with Zordon. Not while he was upset.

"Tommy," said Zordon.

"No!" screamed Tommy who was just as pissed off. "I can't! I can't believe you anymore! You lied to us! You fucking lied to us!"

Tommy followed Jason suit. He was betrayed and hurt. Zordon after all these years lied to them. He didn't know what to think. He went after his brother.

* * * *

Tommy teleported to the spot where he knew Jason would be. It was the spot where Jason went when he lost the Gold powers. It became Jason's thinking spot whenever Jason needed to think or be alone. He came and saw Jason sitting there his head buried in his lap. He didn't need to be an Einstein to figure out what was bothering Jason. It was bothering him to. He came and sat next to him.

"Bro," said Tommy.

"Funny huh," said Jason.

"What do you mean?" asked Tommy as if he didn't know.

"To think that all this time we called each other bro's and never realize that we really are brothers," replied Jason.

"Fate's funny that way," said Tommy. "I never knew who were my parents until now. I mean I had about eight years of wondering and now my questions had been answered. You on the other hand only knew only a couple of hours. I can't say that I don't envy you."

"You know what Tommy," started Jason. "All these years Zordon knew. Why? Why didn't he never told us? I know along the lines of protecting you and all that but he could at least told us."

"I know," said Tommy. "I'm still pissed off at him."

"I don't know if I could forgive him," said Jason. "Go figure, it's in the blood."

Tommy laughed. He knew what Jason meant. "I still can't believe it. I was hoping maybe Zordon and Alpha were pulling a joke even though it's not Zordon's style."

"Yeah, but it's not. And Zordon never lies accept when it came to us," said Jason.

"Look at it this way, Jase," said Tommy. "At least we found each other. I mean we are brothers. True brothers. Blood brothers. If I had to choose my brother it would be you. I'm sort of glad it turned out like this. We've found out that we're brothers and I wouldn't have it any other way."

Jason smiled and looked at Tommy. He was glad about that to. "Me to bro. I'm sort of not surprise. I always felt this connection to you. I never knew why. Until now. Brothers, wow! Zack is never going to believe this."

"Neither are the others. I still getting used to the idea," said Tommy putting his arm around his brother.

"I wonder who is older," asked Jason. "After all we are twins. Fraternal twins I'm guessing. Being brothers isn't a bad thing you know that. But our mom and dad. (Jason shudders) Wow."

Tommy also shudders. "I think I am. I mean the way Zordon and Alpha went on to saying Tommy and Jason. Aw man, Jase. Did you have to bring it up?"

"Hey, I could be older you know. Just because Zordon said Tommy and Jason doesn't mean your older. Someone has to," said Jason.

"I still think I'm older. Yeah, I know," said Tommy. "We were suppose to be evil. Rita what she did to me as the evil green ranger was the real me."

"Not entirely," said Jason. "She cast a spell on you. It wouldn't have really been you. Now I know why Rita and Zedd has been after us the most for so long. But I got the hint that they wanted to destroy us."

"Yeah," said Tommy. "I know what you mean. But I don't think they knew or they remembered until we had those dreams. That's why we were having those dreams. We were remembering us being in the same cradle when we were just babies. Rita looking over us, she was and is our mother. Zedd's our father. (Again Jason and Tommy shudders) repulsive isn't it."

"Totally," said Jason. "I have to know from their point of view Tommy. As stupid as it sounds. I have to know if they, you know. I can't even say it."

Tommy was silent for a minute. He was thinking the same thing. "You mean love us."

"If they are capable of love," said Jason. "Then yes. Zordon took us for some strange reasons. I have to know why."

"You and me both," said Tommy. "Even though they are evil, I suppose they would care for their own children."

Jason got up. Tommy looked at his brother. "Where are you going bro."

"We have to tell the others," said Jason. "This is going to be a test of friendship. If they want to be friends with the sons of Zedd. But I got a feeling they will stick behind us."

"Yeah," said Tommy. "They always had before. I mean how is it Rita can have a baby."

"Let's put it this way, if she hadn't we wouldn't be here right now," said Jason.

"Yeah, your right," said Tommy getting up. "Let's go find the others."

* * * *

Tommy and Jason left the spot and headed to the Youth Center. That's where they were suppose to meet after Jason and Tommy told them that they were going to find out what Zordon and Alpha was talking about. Little did they know that their parents were watching them.

"When are we going to bring back our boys?" asked Rita.

"Soon enough," said Zedd keeping an eye on them. "Once they tell their friends they are going to seek us out for answers. Then we will snatch them. We will bring back the twins once and for all."

Rita and Zedd laughed. Soon they will enact their plan to destroy all that is good with the help of two twins. Goldar looked on and wondered what is going to happen to him.

At the youth center the rangers were waiting for Jason and Tommy. They wondered what happened in the power chamber after they left. Jason and Tommy told them that they wanted to know what was up with Alpha and Zordon. They had to find out. Just then Jason and Tommy walked in.

"Hey guys," said Tommy.

"Hey," said Rocky. "What's the matter? You two look like your pissed off at someone."

"We are," stormed Jason.

"Well who," teased Zack.

"Zack, please, don't start," said Tommy.

"Sorry, shesh, didn't think a little humor would hurt," said Zack.

"Look, that doesn't matter," said Jason.

"I know," said Zack. "So who are you pissed at."

"Zordon!" said Tommy and Jason.

"Zordon, but why?" asked Kat.

"Let's get out of here," replied Jason.

The rangers left with Jason and Tommy they went to the park and sat underneath the trees.

"So what's the deal with being pissed off at Zordon," said Tanya.

Tommy and Jason just looked at each other.

"Come on," said Billy. "We're your friends."

"Yeah, we want to help," said Trini.

"You can tell us anything," said Rocky.

"That is what friends are for," replied Adam.

"Speak up," said Kim.

"We've found out who are parents are," said Tommy looking down at the ground. He couldn't face his friends knowing who his parents are.

"But what does it have to do with Zordon?" asked Kat.

"Zordon is the one who sent us away from them," said Jason looking up at the sky. He to couldn't face his friends.

"What do you mean?" asked Zack suddenly concern. "Zordon wouldn't do something like this. Besides he said he didn't know anything."

"Come on, Zack," started Tommy. "He was lying to us to protect what he did. He stole us from our mom and dad."

"But why would Zordon do that," said Adam. "It doesn't make sense."

"Because of our parents," said Jason.

"Huh," said Rocky confused. "We're confused here guys. Care to explain."

"Your making Zordon look like a bad guy," said Kim.

"Maybe he is," said Jason.

The rest of the rangers looked at Jason shocked. They couldn't believe that Tommy and Jason was putting Zordon down. They didn't like it one bit.

"Will you guys quit treating Zordon like he's a criminal!" screamed Rocky who finally lost his temper.

"He is a criminal!" shot Jason.

"How can you say that!" yelled Trini. "He's a good guy. He promotes peace!"

"Yeah, well he's been fooling us for the past four years!" snapped Tommy.

"What's wrong with you two!" roared Billy. "Zordon's is kind and gentle! He wouldn't harm a soul!"

"He should have thought of that before snatching babies from their cradles!" hollered Jason.

The rangers gasped with shock. They couldn't believe Zordon would do something like this.

"You said something about we," said Kat. "What do you and Tommy have to do with Zordon?

Tommy looked at Jason and Jason gave a small nod and smile. Tommy nodded and precede to tell the rangers that they are brothers.

"Jason and I are twin brothers," said Tommy.

"Your pulling our leg right," said Kim.

"No we're not," said Jason. "Tommy and I are brothers."

"No way!" said Zack.

"Yes way," said Tommy. "Remember Jason and I went back to the power chamber to see what Zordon and Alpha are up to. Well we hid and Alpha and Zordon were talking. They mentioned something about March approaching and they need to find a teacher fast."

"A teacher?" asked Rocky.

"That's what we thought," said Jason. "We thought a teacher. Then Zordon went on about needing to find a teacher so he or she can train the twins."

"Twins?" asked Adam.

"That's what Zordon said," said Tommy. "Zordon went on about he can't allow Rita to train them because she knows how. Anyway, Alpha said what happens if we can't find a teacher? He also went on to say what will become of Tommy and Jason if we don't."

"Wait a minute," said Tanya. "What does this have to do with you?"

"We don't know," said Jason. "But Zordon said that our powers if not trained in the ways of the powers will become out of control. And that it will harm our minds."

"Are you sure that Zordon was talking about you two?" asked Zack.

"Do you know of any other Tommy or Jason that Zordon knows of?" stated Tommy.

"Good point," said Zack. "Go on."

"Well," said Tommy. "Zordon said then Rita and Zedd will probably try to convince us that they are our real parents."

"You know them," said Kat. "Rita and Zedd would take the opportunity to take advantage of."

"We know," said Jason. "But what Alpha said disturbed us. He said Rita and Zedd are our parents."

"No way," said Kim. "Alpha is probably on something."

"It can't be right," said Tanya. "Maybe you misunderstood Alpha."

"There is no way that both of you are related to Rita and Zedd in anyway," said Adam.

"Yeah," said Rocky. "You two are better looking. You don't look like them."

"Rocky's right," said Kat. "There isn't a resemblance to them at all."

"Maybe Alpha blew a circuit," said Billy.

"There's no way you guys can be related to Zedd and Rita," said Zack.

"It can't be true," said Trini.

"It is," said Tommy. "Zordon even confirmed it. He said that he was the one that sent us to the adoption agency. He didn't have the heart. He said that our parents are Rita and Zedd and that Jason and I are brothers. Actually that part is cool, that Jase and I are brothers. We always acted like brothers but didn't know that we are. I always felt a connection to him. Then the rest of you. You know Zordon. He never lies. What he was talking about is the truth. Jason and I are the sons of Zedd. (Tommy and Jason shudders at the thought)"

The rangers were silent for a minute. They couldn't handle the thought that their best friends are the sons of Rita and Zedd. They were shocked. They believed Tommy and Jason but still couldn't believe it. It was hard. If it was hard on them then it was very hard on Jason and Tommy. They had to be there for them.

"I can't believe it," whispered Zack.

"I know," said Jason. "Disgusting isn't it."

"Yeah," said Zack. "No offense."

"None taken," said Tommy. "It gives us the willies. We still can't believe it."

"Wow, you talk about a bomb shell," said Adam. "So what happens now."

"I don't know," said Jason. "But I want to know why Zordon took us from them."

"So you guys won't be evil," suggested Rocky.

"Rocky," said Tommy. "We were supposed to be evil. When Rita made me her evil green ranger, that was the real me."

"No it wasn't," said Jason. "She casted a spell on you. Tommy, we've been over this. If it was the real you than you would know what you were doing. You didn't. So it wasn't you."

"Jason's right," said Billy. "I still can't believe Zordon did this. Why?"

"Maybe he wanted to protect both of you," said Kat.

"From what?" stated Jason. "I know from Zedd and Rita. But think for a minute. If Zordon hadn't taken us from our parents don't you think that Zedd and Rita wouldn't have been this evil. They might have not try to conquer this planet. They are parents and parents don't like it when their child is taken from them. Maybe they were looking for us."

"And pigs can fly," said Rocky. "Jase, it's Zedd and Rita. They were evil no matter what."

"I see where Jason is going on this," said Tommy. "Rocky you don't get it do you. If Zordon never have taken us then maybe none of this would have happen. The Machine Empire, yes. But not Rita or Zedd. No matter how evil the parents are they still care for their children. I think."

"Makes sense," said Adam.

"What are you guys are going to do?" asked Kat. "Are you going to you know, go to them?"

"We don't know," said Tommy.

"Hey, don't forget that they are the bad guys," said Zack.

"We know," said Jason.

"But Zack," said Tanya. "They have questions. They want to know what they parents are like. Even thought they are evil. But still Rita and Zedd are Tommy and Jason's parents. We have to bide by what they want."

"Tanya's right," said Kat. "Whatever you guys want we'll be behind you."

"Yeah," said Adam. "One hundred percent."

"Do you think it could be a trap and you two are falling for it?" asked Billy.

Jason and Tommy looked at Billy.

"Just listen for a minute, Zedd and Rita could be doing this because they found out about your adoptions. They probably are taking it for advantage," said Billy.

"We were thinking along the same lines, Billy," said Tommy. "But Zordon said it as much. He wouldn't be doing this as some dumb joke. He wouldn't have. Zordon's telling the truth."

"I know," said Billy. "It's just that. I don't know."

"We don't either," said Tommy. "We have to ask Zordon about this."

"Yeah," said Jason.

"One question," said Trini.

"Shoot," said Jason.

"I know you two are brothers, which is cool. But who's older?" asked Trini.

"I think I am," smiled Tommy. "Zordon kept mentioning about Tommy and Jason. I think I am."

"You would," smiled Jason. "Just because he says your name first doesn't mean your older."

"Jason's right," said Billy.

"See, I have a genius behind me," laughed Jason.

"I still think I'm older," laughed Tommy.

"What ever," said Tanya. "Wow brothers. Who would have imagined?"

"I know," said Kat. "Both of them are very cute."

Tommy and Jason blushed.

"Yeah," smiled Kim. "You can have Tommy and I'll take Jason."

"You got it," said Kat. "Your not trying to give me the one who looks like Zedd now are you."

"But what do you mean," said Kim pretending to be innocent.

"Uh huh," said Kat.

"Hey I know when I'm being insulted here," smirked Tommy.

"Hey bro, you do look like Zedd," smirked Jason.

"Funny, maybe you look like Zedd," laughed Tommy.

"Nah, I prefer to look like Rita," laughed Jason.

"Me to," laughed Tommy.

The rest of the rangers laughed. They were debating on which parent Jason and Tommy looked like.

* * * *

On the moon, Rita couldn't help but laugh.

"You think it's funny," roared Zedd.

"It is," snickered Rita. "You and I know that the boys look like me."

"Barely," said Zedd.

"Is it time?" asked Rita.

"The timing couldn't be more perfect," laughed Zedd. "Let's bring our boys home.

"Right," said Rita. "Goldar!"

"Yes," said Goldar.

"It's time," said Rita. "You know what to do."

"Yes my empress," said Goldar walking out the throne room.

"Now it's a new dawn for us. Our sons are coming home," laughed Zedd as he and Rita disappeared.

* * * *

At the park the rangers were sitting and laughing on who looked like who. Just then Goldar appeared with Zedd and Rita. The smiles on their faces scared the snot out of the rangers.

"Uh oh," said Zack. "Here comes trouble."

"Man," said Tommy. "It looks like our parents are coming to get us."

"Damn," said Jason. "Ready when you are bro."

"Rangers! Fighting positions!" shouted Tommy.

The rangers got in position and got ready to fight. It was going as plan. Distract the rangers and get their hands on Jason and Tommy. Then Goldar and the tengas attacked with fierce animosity. The rangers were caught off guard. Each ranger took on two at a time. Goldar went and attacked Tommy and Jason. But of course.

"Just like the old days!" said Jason dodging Goldar's sword. "Putties or tengas go after our friends and Goldar seems to go after us!"

"Yep!" said Tommy punching Goldar "It never seems to fail! Jase, behind you bro!"

Jason turned around and managed to duck one tenga and then he kicked the bird and sent him flying into Goldar.

"You two will pay," snarled Goldar.

"You always say that and never come through," said Tommy as he kicked Goldar.

Meanwhile Rita and Zedd smiled.

"Now, my dear while our sons are distracted," said Zedd with a smile that would send shivers down your spine.

"Right," smiled Rita. She pointed her staff where Jason and Tommy was backed up together because of Goldar and tengas and shot a beam out of her staff. Tommy and Jason never saw it coming. They were hit and both disappeared in front of their friends eyes.

"No!" shouted Kat.

"Bring them back!" shouted Adam.

"Never!" laughed Zedd. "They are finally where they belong."

"Zordon will never steal my babies from me again!" wailed Rita sending her voice to pitch up that everyone had to close their ears. "You give Zordon a message for me. The time of destruction is at hand!"

She and Zedd and along with Goldar and the rest of the tengas disappeared. The rangers were frightened and looked at each other. They had to get answers from Zordon and fast. They teleported to the power chamber.

To be continued