Legal Disclaimer: Power Rangers Turbo is the property of Saban Entertainment and all that jazz, yadda yadda, so on and so forth. This story is different from all of my others, due to the fact that it is written in the first person form. I would also like to know what you think of my work. What other people think is very important to me. For those of you who are Carlos fans, I urge you: Please don't kill me!!!

As I Dream...
by Kay Enasni

I can't believe I'm thinking things like this. If the other Rangers knew about this…they'd think I was under a spell, possessed, or just plain crazy. Maybe I am. But I'm thinking them anyway. Who cares what they would think? I'm entitled to my own opinions! And if I am in love with Divatox, then I am in love with Divatox! That's all there is to it, and no one can change my mind. I know she's evil and all, and that's the reason why it's so hard for me to believe, and so hard for me to tell my friends. What do they know about love anyways? Ha! They wouldn't know love if it hit them square in the middle of their foreheads.

I closed my Alebra book as I decided that finishing my math homework was impossible and I placed it on the grass nearby. I snuggled into the trunk of the tree more, trying to make myself more comfortable. At the moment, I sat alone against a large tree in a lovely clearing somewhere in the middle of Angel Grove National Forest. It was my own private place and no one knew where it was. It was my very own quiet place for me to do my homework, draw…or just sit around and think.

And at the moment, all I could think about was she. Divatox had occupied my fancies for weeks since I had first seen her in person. How could I possibly love my loathed enemy? How could all my fantasies revolve around the only person alive who was trying to obliterate my entire exsistence?

Oh, I remember well that battle when I first saw her! For me, it was love at first sight! Well…almost…


"Carlos! Look out!" Justin screamed to me, just as he slammed into my side and sent me sprawling onto the ground three feet from where I had just been standing. When I turned to look back at my former place, I saw nothing but a scorched hole where the gigantic fireball the monster had sent hurling towards my head impacted.

Suffice it to say, I was grateful to Justin. I climbed to my feet, then grabbed onto his wrist and helped him up. "Thanks, man." I blurted quickly, just as we had to jump away from yet another fireball. There was no giving up for this monster, and we were already losing the battle! Flame Blaster had already trapped Ashley, Teej and Cassie inside a twelve foot ring of fire. It was mine and Justin's job to save them, and Flame Blaster didn't really want us to succeed!

"You rangas are gonna be roasted, toasted and burnt to a crisp!" He howled, pointing his gigantic blowtorch straight for my torso. For some reason, I guess I was a little giddy from the heat, I laughed at him.

"Yeah, right!" I put my hands on my hips, trying to sound really brave. "First, you gotta catch me!!" I myself wondered if someone had slipped some alcohol into my soda, because I broke out in a run, straight towards the monster and headed straight to the butt of the blowtorch.

And what Flame Blaster did next didn't surprise me, and brought me back to my senses. He fired the blowtorch! Dang it, that thing HURT! I jumped back, screaming and clutching at my chest. Then my helmet began to fill with smoke! It wasn't fair! At that moment, I wanted to strangle anyone who said that being bold payed off, and I fumbled with the clasps of my helmet. Without realizing it, I had toppled over and I was on my back.

Finally, I managed to get the helmet latches loose, and toss it off to one side. I gasped in the fresh hair, waving my hand in front of my face to clear the smoke. My eyes had watered up, and I blinked them furiously. Before I managed to get my eyes open again, my side stung with the great pain of someone kicking me in the ribs with a boot. And not only that, but a boot with a really pointy heel! Damn it, life is just not fair.

The air that I had just managed to suck into my lungs gushed out between my teeth, and I curled up into a ball. Then I looked up at whoever had kicked me…glaring meanly.

I had expected it to be Flame Blaster! But no… oh no it wasn't! It was Divatox!!

I had never seen her before in my life, not in person at least! And of course, my first impression was to be totally and completely terrified. But first impressions seldom mean anything.

Especially when you are a warm blooded sixteen year old male in the middle of puberty, staring up a pair of long lucious legs, and a pair of…well…I wont mention those…but I liked them, A LOT! It was love at second sight for me, and all I could do was stare up at her.

She stared back.

"Hi." I said.

Sucking her teeth and rolling her eyes, she bent down and spit right between my eyes. She turned around {giving me a wonderful rear view…hehe} waved her arm and Flame Blaster came up to her. She whispered something to him, and then the ring of fire dissapeared, with the monster and Divatox along with it.

I sighed happily, rubbing the spit off of my forehead, then fainted dead away. I think the others thought it was a reaction from the heat. Hehe, what did they know? ***

Yep, I was in love. I, Carlos Vasquelez, was in love with Divatox. I know it sounds strange, but that's all there was to it. The situation sorta reminded me of Romeo and Juliet, like how in the beginning Romeo loved that girl Rosaline, but she didn't love him back. Yeah, that was me and Divatox there. Romeo and Rosaline, Carlos and Divatox.

I always wondered who the Juliet would have been.

Not that I really cared, I didn't want no stupid Juliet. Who needs a Juliet if they've got a Divatox? Juliet was only thirteen years old, Divatox was a woman. Oh, and what a woman she was!! So exquisite, so perfect in every way.

My mouth watered at the thought. I couldn't help it really, I was just a typical teenage guy. Don't blame me, blame my hormones.

One time, I was daydreaming about her on the way to a soccer game with Justin, when I started to talk about her outloud. Justin, being twelve and all, couldn't see what the big deal was over thinking some chick was cute.

"Girls, girls, girls…" He had muttered as he jumped from one block of cement in the sidewalk to the next. "Big pizzaz! Ask her out, you never know until you try!"

I of course thought to myself: If you knew who it was, Jusitn…you wouldn't be saying that. But then I got to thinking about it. I wondered exactly what a date with Divatox would be like…I wondered how good she…

Then I looked at Justin and said "I guess you're right…" and then we walked on to the soccer game.

And ever since then, when I was alone I thought of her. Every other minute I was thinking about her. Maybe not every other…not every other minute. It was actually every single second. There…that's right! Every single second of my day I spent thinking about Divatox! And my parents had been wondering why my school grades had been starting to slip. I hadn't been able to concentrate on anything but her.

And still I sat there alone! And I was still thinking of her! Wow, what an amazing imagination a young man in love with an evil pirate villianess can have! I'd rather not go into detail with that one though!

All I can say, was that what happened next nearly scared the crap out of me. As I was sitting there, still thinking of Divatox of course…she suddenly appeared in front of me! I wasn't sure if I wanted to jump for joy or scream in terror…but it was her! She was there, standing in front of me. And dang, did she ever look GOOD!

I watched her carefully as she pulled off her golden mask, and tossed it to the ground beside her. I watched her as she pulled her hair out of the high ponytail and let it cascade down her muscular shoulders. I watched her as she came and sat next to me, the sounds of purring vibrating from within her throat.

My first thought: I was dreaming! Something like this couldn't possibly be real! And if it was, there must be some alterior motive to all of this, it just didn't seem RIGHT! But there she was, here, sitting next to me and she was….wait a minute…she was kissing on my NECK! I nearly had a heart attack!!

"Carlos, I know you've been thinking about me." her hot breath sent chills down my spine; goosepimples rose up on my neck.

"Uhhh…y…yeah. I…h…have." I managed to choke out. Oh, she did NOT just unbutton my shirt, she did NOT!

Wait a minute, she did! She really really did!

"I've been thinking about you too, hon." Long fingernails traced a delicate line down my tensed up neck, all the way down to my chest. Where my shirt had dissapeared to, I have no idea…and at the moment I didn't really care either.

She brought her lips down hard upon mine, prying them open with the tip of her tongue. Without arguing, not caring who saw or what the warring bits of logic inside of me were trying to prevent me from doing, I opened my mouth as wide as I possibly could. Heck, if this was a dream, I wanted it to be the best dream I had ever had in my entire life!

I kinda hoped it wasn't a dream though.

Our kisses deepened, and air…well, it didn't seem to be necessary any longer! Oh, man was I ever enjoying this! She pressed herself up against me, then broke her lips from mine. I nearly protested, until I felt her once more kissing at my neck.

After that, the rest of it was very vague. I remember that the clothes dissapeared, and she pushed me down to the ground. After that, all I can recall is that my hormones took control of the situation…..

And then I woke up!

Dang it, I woke up! It was just a dream!

I woke up, in my bed, in my damn boxers, in the middle of the night….IT WAS JUST A DREAM!

I nearly screamed and cried and kicked and thrashed about, but kept my calm. Life is so unfair sometimes, and I was SO ANGRY!

At least I had a nice dream….hehe…very nice dream.

Too bad I had to wake up.


"Too bad you didn't just wake up from a dream, hon…" Divatox laughed evilly, placing her hand on her stomach. "It was real!! Too damn bad too! Wonder how you're gonna explain to your parents that you're gonna be a father!"