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Bullet Kay Enasni Bullet

"The Universal Judgement"

A Lonely Journey
Space is a cold, dark and lonely place to live.

Can Ashley melt Andros' frozen heart?

A Loving Stranger
While trying to locate Andros' sister, Carlos is shot down
on a strange planet. But he's not alone!

Revenge is Blind
With revenge on his mind, Andros can't afford to make mistakes!

The Eternal Sleep
Andros is dying, can a voice from the past save him in time?

A Thousand Words
Carlos learns the heartbreaking secret behind his beloved's disappearances.

Behind the Shadows
Dark Specter has a plan to bring an old ally into his universe..

New enemies...along with new allies arrive on the scene, revealing
long buried secrets.

"The Things Nightmares are Made Of!"

The Things Nightmares are Made of
The Nightmare Crystal has returned to haunt the newest team of
Power Rangers; and in ways that they could have never dreamed of . . . !

"Other Stories!"

Half-Breed - The Rewrite*
Prince Gasket and Archerina take full advantage of Billy's heritage.

Half-Breed: The Original *
A Spirit Animal is closer to Billy than he had ever imagined.

Alpha's Gotta Go
Alpha's having a little trouble with . . . . .

FanFiction: What You Don't Know
Each author has their own style, and here is how Kay does it!

As I Dream . . .
Carlos is in love with . . . . !!!

Rainy Day Man
Ashley reflects on what at first seemed to be one
of the worst days of her life.

The Way Home
Tommy and David's biolgical parents want them back.
Unfortunately, the two brothers don't feel the same way!


BulletKay Enasni & Jessie Bullet

The Silent Warrior
The past can hurt you!


Bullet Gael Filson Bullet

"The Home Guard Series"

A Blue Christmas
Billy, Rocky, and Justin get together for the Christmas holidays,
and receive news of Zordon's trouble.

The Great Power
The Rangers find themselves facing great trouble, but a supreme
sacrifice at the hands of two old friends may help them out.

Corruption of Innocence
Ivan Ooze and Scorpina have plans for Orange Ranger Tanya,
and Tanya won't be a willing participant.

Black and Gold
The Rangers, and Adam in particular, are desperate to get
Tanya back, while Scorpina has her own plans for the Black Ranger.

Inner Strength
While the Rangers are reunited with an old friend, Emmie's quest continues.

Answered Prayers
A lot is going on everywhere.

All is settled as a storm gathers.


Remember Me
Remembering the past!!

"Stand Alones"

A Life Well-Lived
A husband is with his wife in her last hour.

Passing of Love
Dimitria mourns her beloved.


Bullet Lanie Tayler Galupe Bullet

"Dark Prophecy Saga"
Series One: New Powers

Helping Tiara
The Astro Rangers come to the rescue of a very strange girl.

Three Wishes
The Rangers receive a special gift from Tiara.

What happened while the rangers were away?

The Return of an Old Friend
With the Megaship gone, what will the Rangers do now?

Til Death Do Us Part
Can the rangers help Karone in time?

Resurrecting Innocence
Why is Tiara trying to destroy the rangers?

Gifts from a Princess
A new enemy appears, but the rangers are caught powerless.

"Dark Prophecy Saga"
Series Two: Finding the Anointed

Trouble at the Track
Acelos has his eyes on an ex-ranger... or two.

Fire Within
The first of Emiline's rangers is found.

Listen to the Wind
To win the battle, you must listen carefully.

"Stand Alones"

Regrets: Part One
Cassie is having a hard time dealing with Kendrix's death.


Who Invented Muses Anyway?
Can muses go on strike?

What's In It?
What do you do when a muse goes on strike . . . make him feel guilty?


Bullet Mandi B. Gordon Bullet

"Tommy's Song"

Tommy faces an opponent.

All Souls Night
A tragedy from Tommy's past comes back to haunt him, literally!

The Old Ways
New Years Eve is a time of reflection on one's life, and on one's losses!

That River
Some say love is a river . . .

Who Wants to Live Forever
While on his way to meet Kim, Tommy's life changes forever!

Winds of The Heart
After losing Tommy, Kim isn't sure she wants to go on!

Revenge of the Soul
Tommy gets a chance to avenge a friend's death.

Once Upon A December
Tommy has some news for Kimberly.

Tommy Came Home
Tommy finally gets home!

To the Moon and Back
In the future, Tommy meets the child of an old friend.

"Lost in the Shadows"

Into the Shadows
Tommy faces a new danger -- one that could separate him
from his loved ones, forever

Between the Shadows
Everyone is beginning to wonder what has happened to Tommy
-- including some visitors from out of town

"Non Power Ranger Stories"

When Gargoyles Go to A Sci-Fi Convention!
Anything can happen at a science fiction convention, and
you never know who you might meet!

My Heart Will Go On
When Demona meets Daniel aboard the Bonny Heather, she knows she's
fallen in love. But can the love between a human and a gargoyle survive?

Who wants to live forever anyway?


Bullet Harmonyhawk Bullet


Last Chance
Tommy's trying to ask Kat out. ..

Next Chance
Who will Kim hook up with??

New Chance
Trey and Kim start together.


Bullet Hollytiger Bullet

"Power Ranger's Zeo"

Jessie's Story
Part 2
An unusual girl moves to Angel Grove.


Love Is All It Takes
Kendrix and Leo get together.


Bullet Icequeen Bullet

"The Reunion Duology"

Falling Rain
Kim talks with a stranger on the way home.

The Wolf and the Cat
How Kat and Billy got together.

Where Do We Go From Here?
Two warriors find love with one another.


Bullet Kahva Bullet

A former Ranger reflects in the twilight of his life.


Bullet Kahva and Ivy Bullet

"The Tale of the Prophecy Series"

How a strange tale began. ..

Weaving the Threads of Fate
The Silver Flame series is just someone's imagination. . .or is it?

Weaving them Strand by Strand
The travellers find a new home, that has some all too familiar faces.

Willing Open the Gate
Could they really be where they think they are?

Leading to Another Land
A fateful meeting between the two groups.

Receiving the Destiny
Answers come, but so do even more questions.

Foretold from Past to Present
With the new information they have, the Rangers and the Sisterhood
search now for peace with that they know.


Bullet Krista and Lesley Bullet

"The Road Rules Series"

The Vegas Adventure
Road Rules . . . Power Rangers style.

When Ice Skates Heat Up
Relationships are forged and some are changed along the
route to adventure!

"The Casey Episodes"

Meet Casey Marie Davenport!

The Dangerous Romance*
A New friends comes to town, turning a Rangers' heart upside down!

Dangers in Love*
Mondo has other plans for the newest friend of the Rangers.

A Day Together*
Is Mondo on vacation???

Casey's Aftershock*
Casey's having a few reactions to being evil.

New Evil*
Zordon keeps something from the Rangers, and the arrival of
Divatox reveals his secret.

"Other Stories"

Slayer Times Two
Vampires are haunting Caseys' dreams!


Bullet Lilywynd Bullet

"Galactic Thoughts"

Some things are better left unsaid?

The Lost One
Mike falls into the crevice and into his destiny.

Kendrix knows what she must do.


Wandering Thoughts
Damon muses.


Last Child
Could Maya be the last of her race??


Bullet Shauna Mattox Bullet

Down the Road
The last thoughts of Zordon. ..

Left Behind
Mike learns of Kendrix's death.

Father of Blue
Justin's father is waiting for him.

Karone is making a change.


Bullet Mele Bullet

"The Zeo Chronicles"

Tommy travels to a alternate universe, and meets some very familiar people.

Strangers With Familiar Faces
Tommy isn't just Tommy, anymore!

Twenty-Four Hours
This sequel to "Strangers With Familiar Faces" finds Billy laid
up with a head injury and forced to remain awake for 24 hours,
so the Rangers tell stories from their pasts to keep him awake.

Tommy's Choice
The second part of "Twenty-Four Hours"
Will Tommy's new friends spell trouble for the Ranger?

Forty-Eight Hours
This story is a pseudo-sequel to "Twenty-Four Hours" and it would help to read that story first.
Rocky's got family problems.

Male Bonding
Jason, Tommy and Billy have their relaxing vacation in the forest
disrupted by murder....

Identity Crisis
A teleportation accident causes personality displacements among five Rangers.

Inescapable Destiny
Jason travels to the past in an alternate dimension to assemble the first team.

Friends in Faraway Places
Billy finds he has friends far and near in the wake of being kidnapped.

"Before and After"

Forged in Flames
Just who are the Power Rangers???

Elemental Bonds
A sudden, violent storm stands the Rangers on a deserted island..

Someone to Watch Over Me
In the wake of tragedy, two old friends come to
watch over those they've left behind.

That Which Doesn't Kill You
Jason tells his children of a troubled time.

A Last Good-Bye
An old friend comes back to Angel Grove.

"Stand Alones"

Mother's Day
Sometimes the questions you don't ask are more
painful than the ones you do.

Rocky: A Love Story
Even when tragedy strikes, true love can survive.

An alien race tries to destroy the Gold Ranger.

Billy faces a choice that will change his life.

Learning to Forgive
Tommy finally faces his past.

Christmas Angels
Angels of all kinds help Billy find some Christmas joy.

What Price Duty?
The death of a teammate teaches the Rangers about duty.

The Clone War
A Retelling
An alternate ending to the episode "Blue Ranger Gone Bad."

A Small Act of Kindness
Even the smallest acts can make a big difference.

There are many things that make a hero.

Attack of the Yosties
The title pretty much says it all....

Attack of the Yosties 2: Initiation
Once was definitely not enough ...


Bullet Julia Phares Bullet

"Forever Love"

Forever Love
Kimberly grieves over the inevitable departure of a loved one.

The Morning After
The long awaited sequel to "Forever Love!"

Jason`s Back In Angel Grove
Does Jason want Kimberly back??

Coming Back In
Things change between the Rangers which brings them closer together!

"Battle of the Supernatural"

Death of a Ranger
The Rangers find themselves dealing with vampires!

Aisha`s Story
The memories keep coming back...

"From The Radio"

How Do You Like Me Now
Jason secret love!

That`s What Friends Are For
Just what the song says!


Just in Love

They Go On

Thank You

Like Bros To The End

One Last Call

A Death

He Passed It On

Just Tommy

Fun Lovin Guy

Best Of Them All

He Still The Best


A Time For Letting Go
Is it really over between Tommy and Kimberly?

A Ranger Timeline
Part 4
Has time slowed down??

The Brand New Yellow Ranger
There's a new Yellow Ranger, but is she friend or foe?

Finding A Way
Jason loses the gold ranger powers.

Powers Lost, Powers Gained
The Power Ranger meet Xena, Hercules, & Young Herc.

Power Ranger Island
Are the girls in trouble??


Bullet Lisa Rayven Bullet

"Ghosts & Darkness"

Argentine Damson
Billy Cranston is going to be King Mondo's new toy.

White Ivory
The evil Purple Zeo Ranger can't be stopped or can he???

Onyx Awakening
Two new warriors stir things up.

"Stand Alones"

Their Wedding
Billy watches Tommy's wedding.

Love's Eternal Fire
Trini and Tommy meet again.


Bullet Amber Slade Bullet

" Love and Laughter Series"

Where is the line between dreams and reality?

Good Morning
Andros and Ashley celebrate their victory.


Tell Him
Maya admits her true feelings about Mike.

Zedd thinks back.

Someone Else's Man
Cassie's heart is not her own...


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