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A Lonely Journey
By Kay Enasni

Space is a dark, cold, lonely place to live. Especially when all you loved in your life has been snatched from you; destroyed right in front of your eyes. It's big, and black…and painful. And when you're the only Power Ranger to protect the entire galaxy, it's deadly.

I know this from experience.

I am called Andros. I am from the human colony KO-35 in the Korova system. I am the only Space Power Ranger remaining out of five total, and I travel the cosmos with on the Megaship with the shipboard computer DECA as my only companion.

Shipboard computers don't really make good friends. They don't even have real emotions. This leaves me without anyone with a pulse to talk to. I do so miss the conversations I used to have with my little sister Corone, and all of my former teammates.

But they aren't around anymore.

I sigh and lean back in my chair in front of the Megaship's main control panel. I let my eyes close tightly as I try to relax and clear my head. Slowly but surely, the memory of my painful past shatters the blackness in my mind… ***

We were playing in the woods, as we did every day. Practicing our telekinesisis, and just enjoying ourselves. Nothing could go wrong. How could it? Everything was perfect.

Then the ball we were playing with got away from us, bouncing down the trail. I ran after it, leaving Corone by herself. How could I have been such a fool? I still curse that day, and always will. I heard her cries for help as I grabbed the ball, and ran back to her as swiftly as I could.

But it was too late. She was gone. All I could see was the disappearing back of whoever had taken her. They had left before I could do anything about it. They had left, and Corone was gone.


But I would never give up searching for her.

Ever. ***

Ever since that day, I searched the universe for my kidnapped sister. She meant the world to me, and what had happened crushed me severely. Over the course of nearly twenty years, I never once stopped in my search.

But no matter how determined I was, it didn't help. I still never found a trace of her. Every day, though…I still try. I will always try. I'm not going to let two decades of failure make me stop searching for Corone.

I don't give up so easily.

The last time I did that, I lost a group of people who meant as much to me as Corone had, if not more. My team of Power Rangers…rest their poor souls. My dearest friends in all of my life. ***

I still remember it like it was only yesterday, though this event happened half a decade ago. I had been the leader of the Rangers in Space for three years prior. We fought Dark Specter and his evil minions across the galaxy. We protected anyone and everyone who was threatened by him and his forces. So far, we had been successful in our plight, and we almost had him running.

Until…he came up with a good plan for once!

It was too good, and we never expected it. How could we have? With all of those failed, demented plans of his in the past, Dark Specter had never been much of a threat, and we had never been too overly concerned with him.

He somehow managed to increase his powers by over one-hundred fold. I heard tale that he drank the radioactive lava from the sacred volcano on the hidden Island of Muirianthias on Earth. All I know is that he changed radically from his human form, into this gigantic lava-like creature, and that he was stronger than any force that had ever before exsisted in the universe.

My team and I, thought…well, this is one of Dark Specters practical jokes! We thought that it was nothing to be concerned about and just disregarded his threats with a toss of our hand and an annoyed sigh or two.

We had been so foolish.

Before we had time to react, Specter had our ship grounded on Earth near Muirianthias and his foot soldiers, Quantrons had totally overtaken us. Monster after monster spurted from his powerful hands. We did all we could to fight them off, but he had proved to us for the first time in our entire carreers that he was deadly serious, and that resistance against him was futile.

My high spirited crew, my friends and allies of the fight! The brave souls! They refused to give into him and continued into the fight. Oh how sometimes I wish I could have been like them. I still regret my decision.

I gave into Dark Specter, and he took me captive.

Some brave and benevolent leader I turned out to be. I deserted my brave crew in their most desperate hour.

And in their struggle, after I had managed to free myself from Dark Specter as I had planned, they died. The monsters completely over took and slew them all. I could not even salvage their poor bodies. All I did was run for the Megaship, then fly off into space as fast as the jet boosters would carry me.

And ever since then, I remained alone on the Megaship.

I had allowed Dark Specter to slaughter my team…It was my fault.

But I had already made a promise to myself that I would carry on the legacy of bravery that they held up to their very last breath. I would get my revenge on Dark Specter, no matter what it took.

And after that, I would get revenge on myself for letting them die, and letting my sister be taken away from me. It all…was my fault. ***

"Andros, Dark Specter is having a gathering of all of the forces of evil. You might want to look into this." DECA tells me of Dark Specter's new major plan. I nod and walk over to the control panel. Now is not a time to mourn, it's time to work.

Mourning doesn't do anything for a person, it only slows them down. I can't be slowed down…not now. I have a mission to accomplish. The entire group of evil-doers, huh? Why don't I just go down and crash their little party. They cannot be allowed to continue on with their plan. There is too much in stake. I don't want my work to get harder for me than it already is. I am the only one, and I intend to stay that way. There is only so much of a fight that one man can handle.

I will stop this…then continue on my lonely journey. Maybe soon, I can join my friends and my sister…

The End