Disclaimer: More Galactic Thoughts..we're dealing with Maya now.

Last Child
by: Lilywynd

She was the last child of her planet. The last of those who belonged to Miranoi. Only she remained to carry on their proud legacy, to show that they were just as worthy and honorable as those of any other world. Their science might not have been as advanced as that of some other worlds, and certainly wasn't on a par with that which she found herself now, but they had known magic that rivaled that of the legendary Eltar itself.

"I miss Miranoi." Maya, Yellow Galaxy Ranger, stared out the window, her fingers tracing a design on it. She had never dreamed that she would be in a spacecraft like this. But not only was she here, but she was a Power Ranger. "And in love." She pushed that little thought away. Mike might be back, but she and he had a long way to go before they could even consider anything that might vaguely resemble a relationship.

She sighed, moving over to her hammock. She had managed to replicate a few of the things native to her world when she had set up her quarters here, but it really wasn't the same. She had wanted to weave the hammock herself, to find the materials that she had dreamed of using to make the things she needed. Instead, she was thrust headfirst into a world as unlike hers as could possibly be imagined, where things weren't made by hand, they were just...made.

Slowly she toyed with a long strand of hair, thinking back to the early days of her life on Terra Venture. She had then, and still now, kept close to Leo. But it wasn't because of any feelings she had for him. The Red and Pink Rangers were in love with each other. She had been captured by someone else: by the mysterious Mike. She had seen him so briefly, but it had happened anyway.

"Maybe now that he's back, we can talk...or something." Back on Miranoi it had been unbelievably simple with matters of the heart. Your parents arranged your marriage when you were twelve summers old, and that was it. It wasn't the most romantic thing in the world; indeed Kendrix had seemed horrified by it, but it had worked for them. "I wonder. .."The very thought of marrying someone her parents hadn't chosen for her was new, unusual. She was beginning to think that she liked it, however.

Maya had kept a great deal from her new friends. It wasn't that she didn't trust them, it was quite simply she didn't think it was their concern. She had been married, and had even had a child. Her husband, Aeneas, had died two years earlier in a plague, as had her daughter Syrope. It had been the custom on Miranoi for widows to never re-marry, but every time Maya looked at Mike, she could easily imagine that it was a custom well worth forgetting.

She stretched out, and a gleam of metal caught her eye. She looked down at the scientific device on her wrist. A communicator. It still intrigued her. Everything around here did. The smallest thing held a wonder she had never dreamed possible. "My people would never have believed half the things I have seen. They would have to be seen to *be* believed, at any rate. One day, they will see these things. We will free Miranoi from the stone-spell, and my people will know the great things that this universe has to offer us."

The people of Miranoi had feared the rest of the universe for lifetimes, for the Quasar Sabres had brought the worst of evil seeking them. They had never known that there were people and cultures who cared not for power, but for peace. Maya was intent on not just upholding the honor and memory of her people, but on showing them one day that the universe was a very wonderful place to live in.

The last daughter of Miranoi touched her fingertips most gently to her communicator, then went to go explore the Mountain Dome. Maybe she might even run into Mike along the way....