Disclaimer: Damon's turn. A lot of people don't write about him, I've noticed. So I will. I've also got a longer story planned to go into more depth with his character. I’ve also decided that ‘Galactic Thoughts’ will be a prelude to a longer series, and with this in mind, something will happen in this fic to set things in motion.

Wandering Thoughts
by: Lilywynd

The MegaShip was quiet. It always was these days it seemed. Even on those few times when the Galaxy Rangers were here, there was a silence hovering in the background. If he wasn’t so used to it, Damon Henderson knew he would’ve gone crazy from it. The others didn’t even notice it.

It wasn’t as if they spent that much time there, really. Except for the infirmary {which Kai had threatened once to put a sign up there that read ‘Leo’s Room’, since the Red Ranger spent so much time there}, and the bridge when they were in flight, they didn’t pay that much attention to it. Damon felt that was sad. But then again, in some ways, it was fitting. The last team of Rangers to use the ship had needed it for a home and a base of operations. His team needed it only for the occasional lift around the stars.

Rangers. It still shocked him to think that he, he, Damon Henderson, mechanic, was a Power Ranger. The Green Ranger. It sent chills down his spine to think about it. From being just a simple tool-wielder to one of the defenders of the universe, or more specifically, Terra Venture, in just a single moment. All he had had to do was pull a sword out of a stone. And he had done that because ...

Well, because of the dream. Because of the dream he’d had so many times in his youth. Over and over it had come to him, the Quasar Sabre had spun in his mind night after night. After he had pulled his out, the dream had ceased. And the adventure had begun. Hadn’t stopped yet, either, and he doubted it would.

The Green Ranger took a long pull off his drink, his eyes drifting across the expanse of shops and stores at Terra Venture Mall. There were smaller shopping centers all throughout the colony, but this was the main one and the largest, hence the name. Kendrix and Maya had dragged him along for a shopping spree, using him to haul around their packages. For a girl from the jungles of Miranoi, Maya had adapted amazingly well to the modern conveniences of the space colony.

{I wonder why they didn’t ask Leo and Mike. It’s not like no one knows they’re all in love. Kendrix nearly blew a gasket when she saw Leo drooling all over Tracy...I mean, Trakeena, the other day. And Maya didn’t look utterly thrilled over the way Mike was hanging near her either. Everyone’s got a girlfriend but me.} Damon felt just the tiniest bit left out at that. Kendrix had been head over heels for Leo ever since they had first met, and Maya had been gone on Mike as long as Damon could remember: which wasn’t saying that much really. Kai and Heather had been dating off and on for a couple of months also. Damon was the only person in the group who was completely unattached, or at least not in love with someone.

“Excuse me,” a soft, sultry voice spoke up, and he turned around to see a young woman of about his own age standing behind him. She wore a dress of glistening gold and her eyes were a sparkling warm brown, the same shade as her skin. “I’m afraid I’ve gotten myself a little lost. Do you think you could help me? I’m still not used to how big this place is.”

He leaped up to his feet, neatly avoiding all the packages in his way. “Not a problem. I know my way around fairly well. I’m Damon Henderson. What’s your name?”

She smiled warmly at him. “Aisha. Aisha Campbell.”


Author’s Note: I know Aisha would normally be somewhat older than Damon in the normal course of things. However, when I get started on the full-length series, all will be explained.