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Notice: I looked back through my old stories, and I realized there's no way that they could all fit into a series the way I did them, not with the ideas I've been having. So I reorganized things. Galactic Thoughts now consists of *Unspoken*, *The Lost One*, and this story, *Sacrifice*. *Last Child* is a standalone, and *Wandering Thoughts* is the first of one called Kismet, and is going to be rewritten. Thanks for your patience.

by: Lilywynd

The pain was beyond incredible. She wanted to scream, but it would do no good, it wouldn't stop the agony ripping through every molecule that she had, and some she hadn't known she had. But she wasn't going to stop.

Slowly, step by step, Kendrix Morgan, Pink Galaxy Ranger, made her way over to where the Savage Sword was pinning Cassie's morpher to the ground. She couldn't look away, she had to keep herself focused on what was important, on what she was doing. She was only going to get once chance on this one.

Her Quasar Saber in her hand, she swung, putting every ounce of energy she had into it. The last thing she saw was a brilliant flash of energy, pink as her uniform, that washed over her and was heading for Cassie.

Then she was nowhere. If that was how the place could be described. An endless plain of stars overhead, an endless field of grass beneath her feet. And she was staring into a crystal pool.

"W..where am I?" she couldn't ...she didn't understand what was going on here. She had been fighting Psycho Pink, and now ...where was she?

"You are in Enaria," the voice was calm and quiet, and filled with a massive strength, something that shook her to her core. "Welcome to my realm, Kendrix Morgan, chosen Pink Galaxy Ranger. You have been through a great deal."

Kendrix turned to where the voice was coming from, behind her, and her eyes went rounder than saucers. Behind her was a great wildcat, larger and more fearsome looking than the Wildcat GalactaZord she had rode so many times into combat. "Who...are you?" she gasped.

"I am called Omanar," the wildcat bowed her head deeply to her, and Kendrix returned the motion respectfully. Something told her this being was worthy of the greatest respect. "You gave up your life in the pursuit of peace, and now that peace is yours."

Kendrix looked around, trembling. "I'm...dead?"

"Yes and no. Your body is no more, but a new body can be given to you, in time. There must be enough energy to make one free, and you must have the true desire to return to life."

The Pink Ranger stepped closer to the creature. "I do! I want to go back! I haven't finish yet! There's so much I have to do! I'm needed to fight Trakeena, and the Galaxy Book isn't anywhere near translation and...." her voice trailed off at the calm gaze of the creature before her. "There's Leo...." she whispered it softly, and felt a heavy, yet gentle, paw on her shoulder.

"Speak your heart, dear child. Know that I know it already, as I know the heart of all those who carry the Pink Saber. Speak your heart, and your mind."

Kendrix looked up into those kind eyes, and found it impossible to keep silent. "I love Leo. I have to tell him that."

"And you will," Omanar told her. "In time. But now it is your time to rest, to heal from the sacrifice that destroyed your mortal flesh and to watch over the others. It is harsh, I know, but it is what must be. They cannot do what they are meant to do with you. It is your successor who must wield your Saber for the rest of the time that the Galaxy Rangers are needed."

The young blonde stared at the creature for a few moments, who then slowly indicated the pool she had been gazing into. "From there you can watch what they go through and speak with them, on occasion. You will not be forgotten by them, and you will not forget them. You must apart for a time. Your sacrifice will bring to them a warrior they will need in the future. It will not be in vain."

Kendrix nodded slowly, turning her own gaze to the pool. It clouded for a moment, then cleared, showing Leo in his quarters by himself. Slowly she reached a hand out to him, and whispered softly, "I love you, Leo Corbett. Don't forget me."

The End