Disclaimer: Saban's, not mine. This takes place the night before 'Only'. Slightly romantic warning. Don't worry, the fics are going to be getting longer as I progress. I'm still trying to get a feel for this before I launch into a full out storyline.

Good Morning
by: Amber Slade

It was the most beautiful night any of them had seen in a long time. There was silence all around. Nothing really seemed to need being said. Cassie was lost in thoughts of her own, probably about Phantom Ranger. T.J. was wondering how their revelation of their identities would affect their lives. Already they had decided to move onto the MegaShip permanently. It was just easier for them.

Andros and Ashley were thinking about things, but they were very different things from what their friends and teammates were concerned over. They were thinking about each other. Quite literally about each other. Sex had never entered into their minds about their relationship; both of them were simply too glad that they had one, filling a part of their lives that they hadn't even known had vanished until it was filled.

But with the battles over, that was very much on both of their minds. Ashley had read about this sort of thing; both of them had come close to death in the last few days, and it was a natural reaction. She had never before done anything like that, and she didn't mind that Andros had. When they had started dating, he had told her that he'd been in one relationship many years earlier, back when he lived still on KO-35. It had been rather intense, but that was how things were then. But that had not been what he felt for her. . .not the depth of passion and compassion and love that he had for her.

She knew what she felt for him. She'd known from the moment she'd seen him, and her heart had skipped about a dozen beats. He was so handsome, so mysterious, and so much in need of someone to care about who wouldn't leave. . .and she had been that one. They had grown together, they had grown in love. . .

"Come on," she whispered suddenly, pulling on his shoulder. He looked at her curiously for a moment, then got up. In twin columns of red and yellow, they vanished off to the MegaShip. And more specifically: to his bedroom.

"Ashley?" her leader looked at her with confusion. "Ashley, what are you doing?"

She giggled as she tossed herself into a chair. "Nothing we're not both comfortable with," she said honestly. "But I just wanted to be alone with you for a while, and I don't think anyone is going to notice."

"I think you're right," Andros smiled at her. He could never have imagined all the love that had entered his life in the last year. His sister was back. . .his best friend was back. . .and he had Ashley. I love her so much, he thought. Slowly, he reached over to do what he'd been dreaming of doing ever since they had met: he planted a light, gentle kiss on her lips.

She smiled, returning the kiss, then pulled him closer to her. He felt so good, so right in his arms, so wonderful and so filling. She didn't know what she would possibly do without him. I'll never have to find out, she knew. She leaned against him, her eyes full of life and joy and peace, and didn't protest as he picked her up and carried her gently to the bed. "I love you, Andros," she murmured as the two of them curled up on the bed. He didn't touch her anywhere, nor did she touch him. . .but both knew that the day would come when they would do that.

Both of them were asleep in moments, worn out by the various events of their days. It seemed barely a second before DECA's voice was calling them to awaken. Ashley opened her eyes to see Andros looking back at her. He smiled softly. "Good morning."

She smiled back up at him. This was the beginning of their future. "Good morning."

Once again, the day began.