Author's Note: Krista and Lesley created the character of Casey. She was first introduced in our fanfic entitled " The Dangerous Romance", the first episode in the Casey Episodes. Here's a little information about her.

A Few Things You Should Know
Krista and Lesley

Name: Casey Marie Davenport
Age: 18
Powers: Zeo VII (Purple) and Purple Turbo Ranger (River Racer) Appearance: Brown hair, Green eyes, 5'3, and a slim 105 Profile: Casey was brought to Angel Grove by her parents to live. Her father is a world-renowned scientist and her mother is a doctor. Casey was captured by Mondo in conjunction with his plan to create an evil Ranger to defeat the Power Rangers. His attempts failed because Casey broke through everytime. Currently, Casey is the Purple Turbo Ranger and working to stop the sinister Divatox from taking over the world. Current love interests include Jason. Her closest buds are Kim and Trini. Casey spends her free time doing gymnastics, karate, shopping, studying, and hanging with her friends.

The Timeline:

In our fanfics, Jason, Trini and Zack never attended the Peace Conference. Instead they stayed with the team and became the Zeo Rangers and then Turbo Rangers. In the Road Rules Series, we have Rocky, Tanya, Katherine, and Adam. They are friends of the Rangers and their appearance is never explained. We may decide to write a fanfic explaining them.

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