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"A Day Together"
Episode 5
Written By: Lesley & Krista (PinkTurbo)



Casey looked in the mirror as Kim entered the bathroom, "Zack is so gross, you should hear the topic out there, Casey."
"Iíll pass, but thanks anyway." Casey says.
Casey glanced out of the bathroom room and looked at Jason. He was listening to Zackís stories. She blushed to what Zack said. Again she looked at Jason. She instantly thought of them, and realized they were only going out. It seemed like more than that, but she wasnít sure. She thought how cute Kim and Tommy were together, always holding hands, and on occasion, making out at lunch. Jason was not that straight forward, neither was she.
Even Trini, always looking at Richy. She wanted to get them together so bad, it was killing her. One was always staring at the other. It was too funny when they did it at the same time. She remembered when that happened the first time. Triniís face turned bright pink, and Casey almost cracked up at her when she tried to hide it.
She looked in Kimís direction. "Iím going back."
"Even with Zackís stories?" Kim asked as she fixed her make-up.
"I think I can handle it." Casey says as she walked out of the bathroom.
She walked slowly back into the living room of Tommyís uncleís cabin. She walked to the nearest couch, and it just so happened that Jason was sitting on it. She sat next to him. A couple seconds later she saw her discman sitting on the table in front of her. She took advantage, and quickly grabbed it.
"Hey, Casey, don't you like my stories?" Zack calls to her.
"Ugh . . .um. . .sorry, Zack, but no I donít!" Casey says as she put the headphones on her head, and pushed play.
Zack snatched the discman, pulling out the headphones cord.
"Zack, Iím really not in the mood so give it back." She says trying to remain as calm as possible.
Zack quickly ran into another room, then came back with out the discman.
"Zack, where did you put them?" She yells.
"I donít know." he said laughing to himself.
"Give them back now!!" Casey yelled as she grabbed him by the collar, bringing him to her level.
"Jason, please CONTROL your girlfriend!"
Jason looked at him surprised, and his face grew hot.
"You know what, I donít care, Iím leaving!" Casey said as she made her way to the porch. Jason got up, spared Zack a look, and went after her. Kim came from the bathroom, "Nice going, now look what you did!"
"Shh! Kim!" Tommy motioned to her. Kim looked at him confused.
"We are trying to get Jason and Casey alone. They like each other so much, but theyíre too shy around each other." Trini whispered.
"Affirmative." Billy added.
Kim looked at them, and laughed to herself. Then Zack went to the window, and started to look out, "This is gonna be funny!"
The others laughed softly, and joined Zack at the window.

(On the Porch)
Casey is sitting down on the bench. Jason walks over to her, and sits beside her. "I get so mad over nothing." she says not facing Jason.
"Well, I have to admit, Zack was being too gross, even for him!" He looked at her and then looked up to see the stars. The night was very clear, and warm except for the light breeze that was blowing. She also looked at the stars. They were bright, and the moon was crescent. It looked so beautiful. "Wanna go back inside?" Jason asked. Please say no! He looked at her fingers that were fiddling with her yin yang ring. "No, not really, besides they all probably think Iím stupid for overreacting."
"Your not stupid, Casey." Jason told her. They looked at each other, and Jason took her hand in his. He leaned forward putting his lips to her. She kissed him back. He let go of her hand and put his hands on her waist. He smelled her perfume, it smelled so sweet, like strawberries. As they kissed, she ran her fingers through his hair, and over his neck..

Back inside, the teens were having a field day watching them. At one point it became so unbearable, that Tommy and Zack returned to the couch and began to laugh so hard, they thought Jason and Casey might hear. They all decided to return to their rooms. The girls took the guest room, and the boys went to where Tommy always slept.

(The Guest Room)
The girls were getting ready for bed, when Casey enters the room. Kim motions to Trini, "So what were you guys doing out there?" Trini sits on the bed, waiting to hear what she is going to say. "Oh, we just talked about school, and stuff." Casey says as she gets her bag with all her stuff.
Trini and Kim look to each other at that same instant and yell, "Not!" They instantly start cracking up hysterically.
"You were spying on werenít you?" Casey smirks.
"We wouldnít do anything like that." Trini says sarcastically. She and Kim start laughing so hard they almost started to tear.
Casey gets up, and walks towards the bathroom and, "Go head laugh all you want, ha ha ha. . .

Tommy, Billy, and Zack are talking while listening to music when Jason enters the room.
"Well if it isnít Casanova himself!" Tommy yelled.
"Shut up you guys."
"So. . .Howís Casey? Did you have a nice evening?" Tommy joked.
"You werenít watching were you, or. . ." Jason thought a minute, and realized all the coincidences that happened over the course of the day. Zack taking her discman, telling Jason to control her. "Tell me you didnít plan that."
The three looked at each other and smiled.
"Iím never gonna live this one down am I?" Jason muttered.
"Not in the near future!" Billy chucked.
They all laughed and Jason threw his pillow at Zack, witch started a pillow fight.

Back in the girls room Casey walked out of the bathroom brushing her long brown hair.
"So, do we get details or do we get the traditional ĎMind you own business?í" Kim asked.
"You get . . .um . .," Casey stops in the middle of her sentence, "You hear that? Shh!"

In the hall. Tommy, Zack, and Billy are sneaking up to the girls door, "Okay, keep quite!"
Jason taps Tommy on the shoulder, "Would you please stop this?!"

Casey, Kim, and Trini stand behind the door and listen to the guys, as they get closer to the door Tommy places his ear on it and Casey swings the door open and four guys fall in, "Hey ladies! Howís everything?" Zack says guilty.
"Weíre fine Zack, what brings you to our room?"
"Um. . .we uh." They muttered as they tried to think of something. "I think weíll go back to our room now, bye." Tommy send hurriedly as he walked away. As they walked away Jason turned back to see that Casey was in the doorway, watching them leave. He smiled at her and then turned to see Tommy standing in the doorway watching both of them. Jason smacked him in the arm, and pushed him into the room, "Get in there!. Casey could hear Jason say something to the boys that sounded like "Not one word!" then a sudden burst of laughter. She walked back into her room smiling and shut the door.
Two hours later, Casey finishes reading her book. She feels wide awake. She glances at the clock next to her. It read 1:36pm. She looked over to Trini and Kim that had been asleep for some time. She gets up from the bed, and opens the door. All the light were out, except for one, that was in the living room. She walked down the hall being as quiet as she could, not to disturb anyone.
Maybe Iíll watch some TV
She walk over to the television set, and flicked the ON button. She backed up towards the couch, and laid down. She put on Nick at Nite, and saw that Dick Van Dyke was on. She turned down the volume. She yawned as she watched the show. . .

Casey and Jason are in Angel Grove Park. Jason pulls Casey besides him and starts to kiss her. While he keeps her busy, he reaches to his sword. She opens her eyes to see what he was doing, and sees the sword. She knocks it out of his hand and tried to pull away. The sword goes flying, but Jason hangs on to Casey. "Sorry, Casey, but now itís my turn to be evil!" Jason laughed.
His hand was clenching her so tight, she could barely breathe. "Jason stop, please!" she yelled frantically.
"AH!" "Itís no use, Casey. No oneís here to help Casey! . . .

Jason couldnít sleep, so he went down stairs to get a snack. As he went to the kitchen, he heard something, and became alert. Is sounded like it was coming towards the living room. He cautiously walked in to the living room, and heard Casey yelling in her sleep.
No oneís coming Casey! Casey . . .
Casey awoke to Jason. "Casey!" he said softly. She shuttered, and backed away from him. "Casey, itís Jason, your safe." He said to her. "You were evil! You tried to kill me!" she told him
"Casey, you were having a bad dream, itís okay now." He hugged her, as her she became confident again. What a dream
The next morning Kim, Trini, and the guys came down for breakfast, " Shh! Look," Kim points to the couch where Casey and Jason are asleep.
"Hmm I wonder what happened here," Zack asked.
"Nothing, Zack, look the TV is on," Trini said.
"Theyíre so cute!" Kim said softly.
Jason woke up to all the commotion, he looked at Casey then at the group looking at him,
"Nothing, we just are wondering how you two ended up down here?" Billy says.
Jason looked down at Casey who was coming to, "I couldnít sleep."
Zack sat in front of Casey, "Whatís your excuse?"
Casey rolled her eyes and got up, "I also couldnít sleep and I decided to watch some television."
Casey walks up the stairs and Jason stops her,
"Casey would you like to . . ." He stops an looks at everyone staring, "You people mind?"
Everyone disappears in different rooms.
"Well I just thought since we were . . ." Just say it! " Would you be my girlfriend?"
Casey looks up at him surprised, "Yeah, Iíd love to!" With that Jason picks her up and kisses her uncontrollably. Zack peeks around the corner along with Tommy and Billy. Kim and Trini are below staring at the two.
"Man look at them go," Zack says, "I wonder if they have come up for air."
Kim slaps Zack, "Shut up, they might hear us."
"Air break anytime now!" Zack whispers.
Tommy shakes his head, "Man, I have never seen this side of Jason before."
"Might never again, get the camera!" Zack orders Billy.
Trini stops Billy, "No pictures, they will kill us!"
Zack rushes around a corner to his duffel bag and slides out his camera. He races back, "Okay here goes." Zack snaps the picture and Jason immediate lets go of Casey.
Zack holds up the polaroid, "Just in case I ever have to blackmail you!"
"Excuse me, I have to kill someone!" Jason says to Casey, them begins to chase Zack.
Casey smiles and walks up the stairs and stands at the railing watching the chase.
Zack makes a run up the stairs and Casey sees him coming so she decides to take a chance at getting the picture. At the top step Zack falls, Casey runs and grabs the picture and runs into her room and locks the door. Jason walks up the stairs and helps Zack up, "Now what were you saying about blackmail?" "This sucks, man I had it. Zack runs to the girls room door and bangs, Jason follows.
"Casey, let me in!" Zack yells.
"You only wish Zack," Casey says, "Oh and your lovely picture is now dust."
Dust? What did you do to it?" Zack says fiddling with the handle.
"Thatís for me to know, and for you to find out." Casey says laughing.
"Never under estimate a female, Zack." Jason said slapping Zackís shoulder as he walked away.
"Casey?" Jason says.
"What?" She says opening the door. "What did you do to that picture?" He asks curiously.
She hands the picture to him, "Do with it what you want. Iíd much rather see it burned." She says.
Jason takes the picture and rips it in half, "There, now Zack has nothing." Kim and Trini walk towards the room, "Jase, what are you planning for today?" Kim asks.
Jason shrugs, "Why?"
"Tommy, Trini, Billy, Zack and I were thinking of going hiking and I thought maybe youíd like to come." Kim replies. Jason nods agreeingly
"How about Casey?"
"I have never been one for hiking." Casey says.
"Come on, Casey, itíll be fun." Jason persuades. Casey thinks it over a minute. I just wonít tell them about how I hate heights. "Yeah, okay, why not." I could think of a million reasons!
Later, the teens pack up their gear and head out.
Casey lags behind not really wanting to be there, "Guys, would you slow down?"
Jason stops and starts to walk with her, "Hey, are you all right?"
"Yeah, weíd better catch up to them," Casey says picking up speed.
Jason walks faster with her. Casey looks forward to see where the others went but no one is in sight.
"Do you see them, she calls to Jason who is walking behind her.
She looks up trying to find them when, when she trips over something and lands hard on the ground. "Ouch!" Casey says trying to sit up. Jason runs over to her, "Are you okay?"
"I canít move my leg," she says trying not to cry at the pain. "Let me see it." Jason says.
I think you broke it, but donít take my word for it. Letís go back to the house."
Jason throws her pack against a tree and lifts her up, trying not to hurt her leg anymore.

Meanwhile, Tommy and the others are hiking ahead, when Kim says, "Hey, we lost Jason and Casey."
"There are probably off in the woods somewhere, theyíll be okay," Tommy says.
Kim shakes her head, "I feel like something is wrong, but maybe itís nothing."

Jason arrives at the cabin with Casey who has fallen asleep. He places her on the couch and looks around for a phone book. He goes in the kitchen and sees one. He finds the name of a hospital nearby. When he gets one, he writes the name down, and goes to Casey, "Casey, do you want me to drive you to the hospital?"
"I donít know, maybe we should wait and see if the others come back."
"All right, does it still hurt?" Jason looks at her leg which has begun to bruise.
"Not really," she says, "I hope they get back soon."

Kim runs ahead to Tommy, "I think we should go back to the cabin."
"Why?" Tommy asks.
"Something is very wrong, I can feel it," Kim says and starts walking back the way they came.
"Come on guys, letís go." Tommy says and everyone follows.
Casey is sound asleep and Jason is pacing in front of the window looking to see if the others are approaching. After twenty minutes of pacing he finally sees Kim come out of the woods.
"Jase, is everything okay? Kim asks him.
"Miss psychic thought something was wrong," Tommy says jokingly.
Jason points to Casey, "We were trying to catch up when she tripped over something and hurt her leg. I think itís broken, but Iím not really sure."
"I told you something was wrong." Kim says to Tommy and walks over to Casey on the couch.
"She slept a lot, since weíve been here." Jason informed.
"Iím, sure sheís okay, Jason." Trini says.
Trini and Billy walk over to Casey, and Billy examines her leg. "It doesnít look like itís broken, but I canít tell for sure. Letís get her to the Power Chamber and Alpha can tell us for sure."
Trini wakes Casey up, and Jason contacts Alpha. "Alpha, weíre bringing Casey in so you can check her leg, have the examination table ready."
"Yes, Jason, right away."
"Okay, lets go."
They teleport in a rainbow of colors, Casey lying on the table. Alpha gets to work and starts to scan her leg. After a few minutes, the scan is completed.
"I have ran several scans of her leg only to find that she sprained it seriously. I recommend that she keep it up for a day or so just until the swelling goes down." Alpha says.
"Alright, thank you Alpha," Kim says walking over to Casey, "How are you feeling?"
"Tired," Casey says , "really tired."
"Alpha, why is she so tired?" Jason asks.
"Because you wear her out, Jason." Alpha says.
Jason looks at alpha in surprise, "What!?!"
Zack made me say that!" Alpha says trying to laugh.
Jason bowed his head in embarrassment while the others canít control their laughter.
"If I had a can opener Iíd. . ."Jason says jokingly.
Casey just lays there trying not to show her face that is as red as Jasonís shirt.
Jason looks at her and they both start laughing. Even Zordon laughs for a good minute.
This lasts about five minutes, then they go back to the cabin.
(Back at the Cabin)
Jason carries Casey upstairs to her room and sets her on her bed, "Here ya go, get some rest and try not to move your leg." He bend down and kisses her on the cheek. Casey smiles.

(Two hours Later)
Casey gets up during the night, and canít get back to sleep. Maybe Iíll go downstairs. Casey limps to the door and then starts moving down the stairs. As she walks down, there is a gold flash of light, "What do you want Goldar?" she tries to be loud to wake everyone up. Goldar aims his sword at her which releases a beam. The beam hits Casey, and She falls down the stairs.
Zack wakes up and hears Caseyí screams, he jumps up and shakes Jason, "Jase, itís Casey!" Jason jumps up and runs down the hall to the stairs where Casey lays at the bottom at Goldarís feet.
"What do you want with her Goldar?" Jason yells in anger, "Itís not her, but you Gold Ranger." Goldar says.
"Me?" Jason says as he notices Casey slidding away from Goldar. He runs down the stairs past Goldar and to Casey, "Are you okay?"
"yeah, Iím okay, he just came from nowhere." Casey being scared hugs Jason so tight. "Come on can you get up? Jason asks.
"I think so." she says.
Jason lifts her up, and she leans on him. "Watch out!" Casey and Jason fall to the floor, as Goldar swings his sword by them. Tommy comes out, and kicks Goldar. Goldar falls back, "Iíll be back Gold ranger, I promise you!"
"And Iíll be waiting!" Jason throws back.
Jason once again lift Casey upstairs, "Get some rest,Casey."
"I canít sleep, thatís why I was going downstairs." Casey says.
"Try for me please." Jason tells her.
Casey closes her eyes and ten minutes later awakes to darkness. Sleep, I need Sleep! Couldnít stop sleeping this afternoon, I need sleep
She sat in the darkness for a few minutes.
Jason kowing Casey wouldnít be able to get sleep wals down the hall toward her room.
Jason opens the door, "Casey?" he wispers softly. "Jason," she wispers back. Jason stnads at the door as casey comes out limping. She graabs hold of him as soon as she comes within reach.
He helps her downstairs, and unto the couch. Then he goes into the kitchen and brings back two drinks.
Casey moves her leg to the table in front of her and Jason sits down. "I wish I could sleep,"Casey says while taking a drink. "Well you did sleep al lthis afternoon, so your probably not tired at all. Donít worry, Iím not tired either."
Jason and Casey sit quiet not knowing what to say.
Jason looks at Casey who is looking around at the pictures on the wall. Jason moves closer to her.
Come on Jase, just do it! He looks into her eyes deciding.
I wonder what heís thinking? Casey thinks.
Jason leans forward and kisses her very passionately.
Casey very surprized kisses him in return God, I love this! Casey thinks to herself.
After a few minutes, Casey realizes that Jason wants to go a little further than she expected. She shruggs it off for a while and continues kissing him. Should I stop, no Casey you love him, but... Jason moves slow giving Casey time to think. Casey starts to remember:
"Shut up! Casey you know I love you now stop!"Caseyís boyfriend Mark pushed her down on the floor. He stared to take off her clothes. She struggles, and screamed like crazy. Casey, thanked her lucky stars she knew Karate, and kicked Mark off her. She ran out of the house . . .
Casey got Jason off her. "No, I canít stop!" she yelled startling Jason. "Okay, Casey, Iím sorry." he says respecting her. He looks up to see her crying, "I didnít mean to, Casey, Iím sorry."
"Itís not you, you didnít do anything wrong." she cries harded. Jason hugs her tightly, "Shh, Iím here, what happened?" She tells him the story, of what happened two months ago.
Jason realizes that the incident was something Casey wasnít completely over, "Casey, weíll hold off. Iím really sorry." Casey hugges him, "Itís not your fault, itís his." Casey looks at Jason who has gotten up and moved away, "Jason, this doesnít change anything does it?"
Jason looks at her uneasy, "No, I just. . .feel strange, I didnít even do what I was, like something was controlling me. Agh!" Jason puts his hands to his head. Casey turns to see Goldar in the corner, "Thatís right Gold Ranger!" Casey gets up, "What are you doing to him?"
"What? You donít like it, Casey?" Goldar laughes. Casey limps over to Jason who is starring at Goldar, "Jason, whatís going on?"
"I. . .I donít know, but whatever it is, itís gonna sto." Jason pauses, "Casey, can you get the others?"
"I think so." She lookes at him before limping up the stairs. She decided to yell to wake them, "Everybody up!!"
Kim wakes up, "Hey! I was having a good dream about . . ." She jumps and joins Trini in the hall.
They meet the boys in the hall who are half asleep, and they look over the railing. They see what is going on and run downstairs. "what do you want now, Goldar?" Trini yells. Then she looks at Jason glowing in a red beam, "What are you doing to him?"
Billy walks over it, "Itís a forcefield." Jason screams loud as goldar shoots a beam toward him. Jasonís head throbbs.
Casey gets angered by Glodarís treatment of jason and Tries to summon her Cluaw of Destruction
"Claws od destruction, power up!" Nothing happens, "I forgot they work in conjunction with my powers." She pauses, "letís try this, Purple Zeo Ranger power up!" She transforms into the purple Ranger, "Oh Goldar, I want you to mmet my claws of Destruction," She summons them and trows them down to where Goldar stands. They strike Goldar and knock his sword from his grip. Casey sees his sword is away from him and jumps to the lower level and grabs it and realses the forcefield around Jason. Her Claws of Destruction come back to her and she domrphes, "Goldar, I believe this is yours," she throws his sword at him. Jason is on the floor in pain from the beam. Goldar grabbs his sword, "This isnít over!"
"Oh yes it is," Casey says in an angeres voice. Goldar vanishes. Casey leans down to Jason, "Jason?" He looks up at her. Jason closes his eyes and doesnít answer. The others run over to him. "Jason?" Billy looks him over. Jason is unconscious. Billy puts his ear to Jasonís chest. Beating slow Then he touches Jasonís forehead, "Heís burning up."
Kim looks at Billy, "we have to get him upstairs."
"Alright." Billy says as Tommy and Zack lift him up the stairs. Kim looks at Casey on the floor, "Casey?"
"huh? Iím sorry, I . . ." she stops in the middle of her sentence. Kim sits besides her, "You did you beat, at least heís free, thatís the important thing."
"I guess your right." Casey gets upstairs and meets Billy at the top. "Heís okay Casey, he just needs a good nightís rest."
"Alright, I guess Iíll try to sleep," she walks to the door of the guys rooms and looks at Jason who is sleeping. She turns around and heads for her room and gets into bed, "Letís try and sleep shall we?" She says to herself. Casey lays there on her bed and thinks of all the things that happened that day. Hey, my leg doesnít hurt anymore! Surprizingly she falls to sleep quickly.

(Next Morning)
Casey gets up and rushes into the boys room to find no one there except Jason. Jason is going through his bag searching for something. "Jason?"
Jason flinches, he always does it when someone sneaks up behind him, "Casey!"
"Did I scare you?"
"No itrís just a reflex I have."
Casey tries to look behind him. "Are you feeling okay?" He nods and smiles. Jason closes his bag and walks over to Casey, Everyone is gone."
Casey smiles, "Donít even think about it." Casey leaves the room and walks to her room. Jason follows. She looks at him, "Hey I wanna get dressed here."
"Done mind me," Jason says.
"OUT!" Casey says to him. "Doesnít look like your leaving," she says.
Jason walks toward her, "I donít want to leave."
Casey donít you dare panic again she think to herself.
Jason pins her to the wall and starts to kiss her. He backs off a second, "your not gonna hit me again?" Casey shakes her head no and Jaosn kisses her agin. Whoa! This is for real she thinks as he lead her to the bed. Jason pauses and listens, Ď think they are back."
"Damn it!" Casey says. What the hell Casey sit Jason down and keeps kissing him. Jason is shocked, but doesnít complain. The other teens come up the stairs, and walk to the girls room.
"Whoa! Donít think we are supposed to be here>" Tommy says and lead Kim out. Zack stands there and watches, "God, we are gone for one hour and they are up here. . ." Trini cuts him off, "Come on Zack." They leave and close the door behind them. Casey and Jason laugh, but keep going

(Hours Later)
Casey walks down the stair and goes into the kitchen where everyone is. "Hi, Casey, How are you doing?" Zack says. Casey rolls her eyes, "Are we leaving today?" she asks. Kim looks at her, "yeah but not until tongiht."
"Okay." Casey walks out of the kitchen as Jason enters. Trini and Kim follow her out into the living room.
"So whatís up, Jase?" Zack asks.
"Not much, why?" Jason asks.
"No reason, it just looked like you and Casey were up to something earlier," Zack says.
"If we were Zack, itís none of your business." Jason leaves the kitchen and goes back upstairs.
In the living room, the girls watched Jason go upstairs. Kim was the first to speak, "So Casey, whatís going on?"
"Not much why?" Casey doesnít pay attention to Triniís remark, "Oh this is one of those ĎNone of you businessí moments."
Kim and Trini looked shocked at her comment, but knew it was really none of their business. Casey went upstairs and packed her bag to go home when Jason entered, "Casey, we have to talk."
"I know, but it can wait until we get home." Casey says. Jason nods in agreement and walks back to his room.

(Four hours later)
Everyone bids the cabin farewell and gets into their car to go home. "Well Zack, I think we accomplished what we wanted to." Tommy said.
"Yeah, but I think it went a little too far." Zack says as Jason gets into the car.
"Well, this was an interesting week, wasnít it?" Kim says.
"Iíll say," Jason says leaning his head back on the seat, "Very very interesting."
Everyone laughs and they begin their journey back to Angel GroveÖ

The End


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