The Casey Episodes
New Evil
By: Krista and Lesley

Sunny and cool described the weather in Angel Grove. The wind was calm and the breeze blew gently rustling the leaves. Casey jogged up the beach to meet Jason at the other end. Jason sure had been seeing a lot of her lately. Figuring he had just lost his powers, he needed all the attention he could get. Although he was still a Ranger at heart, he no longer had the battles of victory that kept him waking up in the morning. Now, without the feeling of protecting the world, he had his girlfriend to protect. It was the new reason he wanted to live, without her he was nothing.

Casey jogged up and noticed Jason staring at the lake, "Penny for you thoughts?"

He looked up at her, "It's nothing."

"You sure?"

"Yea, come on last one back to this point gets to buy lunch," Jason ran off ahead.

Casey ran after him and passed him, "Get ready to lose ha ha!"

"You don't know who you're dealing with, I was a Ranger twice!" Jason says full of energy and commitment with dealing about his depression still keeping his egotistical attitude out in the open, catching up to her.

"Oh really! Well I still have my powers! So Ha!" Casey says at the top of her lungs while passing him, finally realizing what she had just said. Jason pulls back and falls on his knees, out of breath, as Casey keeps going. She turns around and sees Jason with tears emerging from his eyes.

"Jase, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to say that," Casey states nervously.

Jason looks up her with the most hurt look a human could ever show.

"Casey, the one person I love more than anything, the one person I want to grow old with, you know it bothers me, but you rub it in." Jason says as he walks violently in the sand beneath his feet.

"Jason, believe me, it slipped out. Do you really think I would mean something like that?" she calls out at him as he keeps walking and stops. Jason turns around, about 20 feet away, and screams at the top of his lungs,

"WE'RE THROUGH! You broke my heart Casey, whether you meant it or not, you said it, and that's all that matters!"

"Jason! Listen to me! I love.." Casey says as she watches Jason storm off, more angry than she as ever saw him, more angry than when he had lost everything a few weeks ago in his final battle. All Casey had been thinking about was her boyfriend, her one and only Jason. She felt so bad for him, it was as if she had lost her own powers. The two of them were so close and she just blurted out the worst thing she could say to him. "How could I say that? I am such an idiot, I don't want to be a Ranger anymore. I'd give up all this passion of protecting the world, just to bring Jason back, to take back what I just said!" Casey mumbles to herself as she lies in the sand pouting and moaning like she had just lost her best friend forever. But Jason was more than that, Jason was exactly what she was to him. The one thing that brought so much happiness in her life was gone. At least in her eyes.

Casey must have laid there for nearly an hour, thinking of what Jason and her had been through the past 6 months. They had finally become so close, as if they were married. Her eyes shut, she could still see the red reflection of the sun, as something happens. It was red for so long, the sun, shining on her eye-lids. She finally sits up, completely confused from what was happening. The red had changed, somehow. someway the red was white, that white had shadows, those shadows had grey to them and the most perplexed confusion was realized, as Casey opened her eyes. Earlier she had hoped when she would open her eyes, there would be Jason kissing her - holding her --- forgiving her, but this was all lost now. That hope was lost forever in Casey's mind, either she was dilusional, or this was really happening. But Casey, the newest addition to the Ranger team had lost her sight. Casey now deprived of her strongest sense, stands up, un-aware of exactly where she was. -Still on Earth?- Casey wonders, as she ponders what had happened during that hour she had closed her eyes near the lake the lake she had trusted so well, the lake where her dreams came true.

She feels around thinking she is hearing voices. She feels something familiar, - Alpha?- She uses her hands to make out the whole figure,


"Yes Casey, your in the Power Chamber," Alpha responds.

"Why? What's happened? I can't see anything," she responds frantic.

Alpha helps to sit her down, "While on the beach, Zordon detected that you were immediate danger, as for your sight, it should return in a few minutes."

Casey looks around, "Are the others...\ coming?"

"We contacted them, they should be here shortly," Alpha said. As Alpha said this, six beams of light teleport in. Casey senses Jason.

"Alpha, teleport me home, please," Casey turns away from the others. Alpha responds, "You need to remain here, until your sight returns to normal."

"Sight? What happened?" Kimberly asks confused.

Zordon speaks, " Casey was exposed to some sort of energy on the beach, as soon as I detected her in danger I teleported her here before more damage could be done."

"Energy from what?" Tommy asks.

Alpha speaks slowly, "We have a new villain Rangers, her name is Divatox."

"Diva who?!?!?" screams a startled Zack.

"Yes Zachary, the new menace to our world, the new evil." Zordon proclaims.

"But I thought, there was Zedd, Rita, Machine Empire, and well...nothing else, Zordon!" yells Billy at the top of his lungs.

"Whoa, a non-dorkish Billy, something new?!" Casey says with a migrane from the beach.

"Hey, watch the attitude!" Billy says in a new form the Rangers have never seen.

"Billy, you ok?" says a frightened Tommy.

"Look guys, it just seems I'm always the one doing the most work around here, and with a new threat to our world, I'm afraid it will be 10 times worse..." says Billy.

"I'm sorry bud, you just know so much more than the rest of the team, we kind of lose track sometimes." Tommy says.

"Ok, let's just work in the Power Chamber some more, as a team." Billy says still kind of upset.

"It's a deal!" shouts Jason as he pats Billy, cheering him up.

"Ok, well guys, for now there's not much we can do, but just carry on till an attack, and be prepared at any moment." speaks Billy pretending to smile.

"Yeah, well I gotta get back to my karate class, we're finally getting somewhere with the kids." says Jason.

"Oh,'re right, I said I'd help you out for a while to show them the reverse wind-up speed kick." Tommy says exposing somewhat of an ego.

"I see, when we're in danger the most, when the Power Rangers could lose it all, you just figure, 'Oh, hey, Billy will do it.'...well you're wrong, all you guys ever do is look our for yourselves. And I personally am getting sick and tired of this crap I have to do to save every one of you." Billy nearly yells.

"Hey Billy, I think you need a break, let's go hang out at the beach, till something comes up." says Kim.

"No, I'm taking a break, by myself, away from all of you, the people I thought I could trust to help our team out when we needed it the most." Billy speaks angry for once in his life.

"Rangers, you all need to take a break, together, me and Alpha will take it from here." Zordon says in his master voice.

"Look Zordon, just because you lost your son, it doesn't give you the right to make me your step-son, it doesn't mean anything for me to pretend to be something I'm not!" Billy states in his new personality.

"Wha...what?" Trini says.

"Yeah, what?" Zack says.

"Umm, you know, what those two said, 'What the hell?!?!?' Zack screams.

"Zordon? Is this true? Keeping a secret from your own team?" Tommy says, but he is too late, as the Rangers are all teleported out, leaving a sad and alone Power Chamber.

(Outside the Power Chamber)

The Rangers land on the front cement area right below the chamber.

"Hey, Billy, try telling the rest of us your secrets, how do we know when we can trust you now?" Jason says astonished by what just happened.

"You know, I'm sick of it, all of you, I'm outta here." Billy pulls out a device and sets it onto his communicator. He types in a code, "6-6-4" and is teleported away from the others.

"Poor Billy, he's finally lost his mind." Casey says upset.

"Yeah, well it looks like we're stuck out here, in the desert, till whatever happens next." Jason says glaring at Casey, still mad at her for what had happened earlier.

(A crowded mall)

Billy teleports into an arcade, right in front of the bathroom that was present. Luckily, he was not seen, as he leaves the arcade... " Ugh, I'm just so sick of this much more of this can I take." Billy mumbles to himself. "I suppose I'll just take this day of for myself, under the circumstances." Billy says disappointed with life. Billy now walks through the mall and notices a flashy light in the corner of his left eye. He ignores it, figuring it was the reflection of the sun...

5 minutes pass by, Billy sees the cool new clothing store and enters it. " Whoa, this is a pretty cool shirt..." Billy says as he goes to try on this new shirt, which he would obviously be wearing in the Power Chamber.

He enters the try-on room, looks around, sees nothing but empty mini-rooms.

He walks about half-way into the room, and looks at himself in the mirror.

"God, I am such a mess. I never even sleep anymore." Billy says as he looks at his feet, and back up at the mirror once more.

"The reflection, there it is again!", Billy sees the bright light shining through the mirror and into his eyes. Billy now realizes that light he saw, in the mall, was the same as this. Billy now falls on his knees, looking up...and remembering what Casey was telling his eyes are now in another place, his sight is gone...and all Billy can see is the face of an evil queen. An evil queen named Divatox...

Back in the desert

Casey and Jason sit on two rocks not speaking to each other. Of all the people I have to get stuck in the desert with it had to be her, Jason thinks to himself. Casey, who still can't see, wonders what Jason is thinking. He's still not talking to me. Casey finally started to get fed up, "You know this is really pathetic! We are sitting here in the desert not talking to each other waiting for someone to come down and take us home. It's hot, I'm tired, I can't see and I'm bored, I don't need this, I'm leaving, have fun!" She stands up, and begins to walk with her hands in front of her to keep her from walking into anything. "Fine! Go!" Jason says as she walks off. About 15 minutes later when Casey is out of view, Jason starts getting worried. The sun was beating down on him and he was very thirsty. She must be thirsty. I should go find her, she could get killed out there. Why did she say those things though? Ugh! I might be mad at her but I don't want her killed. Jason gets up and start running in the direction she was walking.

"What do you want?" Billy asked the villian in an angry tone of voice.

"Oh...welll...hmmm...where could I possible start...well I'll be vague... THE WORLD, and if I can't have it, then I want everyone dead! Any other questions?"

"No that just about covers it. But I'll tell you right now, we, the Power Rangers-- will stop you." Billy vowed.

"Right blue boy, I buy. Pretty tough to fight when your blind." She reminded him. "Oh yeah..."

Meanwhile at the beach club, the other Rangers are sitting around a table.

Zack looks at his watch, " It's not like them to be late.... maybe we should contact Zordon, he did teleport us all together."

Tommy nods in agreement, " Maybe we should."

They all get up and proceed in to the hall. Tommy activates his communicator,

"Zordon, this is Tommy."

"Yes Tommy, what can I do for you?" Zordon asks.

"Jason, Casey, and Billy are missing... are they there?"

"No... I'll have Alpha do a scan for them."

"Ok... Tommy out."

Casey walks aimless through the desert, -Being blind is such a pain... ouch!

-She backs away from a cactus, " Erg! If I ever see Billy again.. I'm gonna kill him!" She feels around her for a rock and finally after a few minutes spots one, "It's soo hot... " She starts to feel dizzy and finally just passes out.

Jason wanders in the direction Casey began to head. -I hope she's alright... I'm mean she's blind... she could of stepped off a cliff somewhere.- His thoughts start to wander when he spots Casey flat on the ground unconscious.

He runs over to her, "Casey? Casey... wake up.."

He looks to her wrist and spots her communicator. He unstraps it and attepts to contact Zordon, "Zordon this is Jason.." Static is all that responds. -I bet the circuits are fried.-

He turns back to Casey, "Casey wake up!" He shakes her and she finally comes to. She sits up slowly, " What just happened?"

" You passed out.... cold." Jason looks up at the sky, "We need to find shade or we'll both be out cold in no time."

He helps her to her feet and they begin to walk towards a patch of trees.

Kim, Tommy, Zack, and Trini sit and wait helplessly waiting from a response from Zordon. "Okay, I'm worried, and you know that I'm not the worrying type but I am, and uh...they could be in trouble..." Kim told the teens. "Kim, calm down, everything's going to be just fine. Right?" Trini tried to encourage.

"Yes everything is going to be fine," Tommy concurred.

They sat in a dead silence until a familar sound reached their ears, "Beep, beep ba-beep beep beep.."

"Tommy here, what's up Zordon?"

"Tommy, I have been able to teleport Billy to the Power Chamber, but I have not been able to contact Jason or Casey, Casey's communicator is offline."

"Well at least one of them are back." Zack said relieved.

"Yeah, but then we have two that we have no way of contacting," Trini reminded.

"Anyting else, Zordon?" Tommy asked.

"Yes, Billy has the same condition that Casey had before."

"We'll be right there. Tommy out," and with that the rangers teleport to the Power Chamber."

Jason and Casey had managed to find some cool shade under some palm trees.

They had been there for over two hours and were severely dehydrated. Casey's vision was beginning to come back, but was still very blurred. She laid on the sand with her head on a rock while Jason sat up and tried to fix the communicator. The heat was really starting to get them and Casey, being so tired, was just about to fall asleep.

Jason turned around and saw her sleeping, "Casey, no, you shouldn't go to sleep while we're here, stay awake."

"I can't I'm so tired, I didn't get any sleep last night, just a few minutes." Casey pleaded.

"Alright, just a few..." Jason was cut off by a school of Pyronatrons that had appeared, "What the?! Fish monsters?!? Come on Casey, can you fight them?" Jason screams aloud.

"I'll try," she got up and they began to fight the annoying group. Jason was doing alright concidering how hot it was, but Casey was fighting a losing battle. As Casey spun around to kick a puddy, the sun, the heat, and her sleeplessness combined together was just to much. She missed the kick and collapsed to the floor. "Casey!" Before the Pyronatrons could reach her Jason stood in front of her, and the Pyronatrons vanished.

The Rangers arrived at the Power Chamber to find Billy on the Observation Table. Tommy walked over to him, " You okay, Billy?"

"I'm fine and everyone please stop asking..." Billy rolled over onto his side facing away from the Rangers.

Tommy turned to the others and shrugged, " Find anything yet?" Alpha looks over his recent read out, " Maybe.... there was just an interspacial interuption in the desert about 4 miles from the Power Chamber."

"Could it be where Casey and Jason are?" Zack asked.

"Possibly... but I don't wanna risk anything by sending you out Rangers.... not without new powers," Zordon says.

"New powers?" Kim says, "Here we go again..."

Jason bent down to Casey who was laying looking up at the sky, "I'm sorry... I just have Zero strength..."

"It's okay.... what were those things anyway?"

Casey sat up slightly, " Probably Divatox's little henchmen."

"Yea probably..." he looked at Casey who was attempting to stand but was having no luck, " You should stay sitting in your current condition."

" Thanks for the tip..." she sat down and messed with the dirt, " What are you doing anyway?"

" I'm trying to fix your communicator to send out a signal so the others can find us."

"I hope it works cuz I sure could go for one of Ernie's Smoothies right about now."

Jason smiled, " Yea, me too."

" Alpha, have you picked up the signal yet?" Tommy asks him scared for his friends...

" Almost, it's just something else with energy is blocking it, I'm very confused Tommy." Alpha says in his worrysome robotic voice.

" What do you mean Alpha? This is like totally weird stuff." says Kim.

At this same moment Billy jumps up from the table and turns around angrily at the Rangers.

" Billy? Honey? What's wrong?" Trini says as Billy violently throws the table across the Power Chamber.

" Gee, looks like I'm not blind anymore, doesn't it? Time to bring in the re-inforcements." Billy says as he hits consoles and waits leaving the Rangers falling back, away from the now in-sane Billy.

"So Jase, how come you're such a jerk?!" Casey says to him.

"Um, Casey, I wasn't the jerk, you were." Jason says in a bothered way.

"Is that so? Well I think your ego is just a little too far sensitive, and when I say one wrong thing, you act like a total retard!" Casey screams angrily.

"Here, take your communicator, and don't ever speak to me again." Jason speaks as if his heart has been crushed.

"Thank you, took you long enough, you stupid a...what? What is going on? Why am I being so mean? I don't understand!" Casey says to Jason and then to herself.

"Casey, you mean you didn't mean to say that stuff?" Jason says un-aware of what is going on.

"Oh yes I did, and guess who can now see? Da Du Da! Me you idiot! Perfectly aware of my mission, to serve my queen, Divatox!" Casey screams as she starts shaking and moving violently as a purple light surrounds she teleports up in the air, and into the Power Chamber.

"Oh my God, how can this be happening to us...again..." Jason says as he stares in shock.

(In the Power Chamber)

A purple light is formed behind the Power Rangers.

"What the..? Casey?!" Zack yells out.

"Yes, it is me...the one you've always wanted, right Zack?" Casey says as she pulls Zack towards her.

"Get off me! Casey! You don't know who you are!" Zack screams in disgust.

"Oh yes I do, I'm the one who's gonna trash this dump, with my good old buddy Billy over there..." Casey says as she pulls Zack abover her head and throws him into Alpha. Alpha and Zack fall down, and Zack's leg seems to be broken instantaneously.

"That's right! It's time to prove to you all, that we are the ones running things now, Divatox's henchmen!" Billy screams as he punches towards Tommy, who now grabs Billy from behind, resisting his attack

"Come on Billy, what's wrong with you?!" Tommy says, now knowing another Ranger riot has just begun within their very own headquarters.

Everyone is fighting, the Power Chamber is once again being destroyed...

"Alpha! Call forth the...Phantom...Ranger...I am too weak to transport..." Zordon says as his eyes begin to fade away.

"Right away!" Alpha screams out as he punches in buttons with consoles and devices flying all over.

Another 30 seconds pass by, the Power Chamber now near destruction by the two fully charged Rangers, given the power by is in awe of a new light that has now entered the Chamber.

"What?!?!? This can't be...another?!?!?" Billy screams out pushing Tommy's face in the ground.

"Billy, please, enough..." Trini screams out.

"Never!" screams Casey who now jumps on Trini's body...and in a matter of seconds the Chamber turns black with red lights being thrown every which way. Another minute passes by, as everything is restored.

"What? What happened?" Billy gets up looking around.

"Divatox had blinded you and Casey, to become evil and destroy the Rangers, so she could have control of the galaxy." The new Ranger says to the others.

The rest of the team gets up and looks near the end of the Chamber, at Casey.

"Guys, help me...I'm, in pain..." the team runs over to Casey... Everything in the Power Chamber had been put back together, from the ruby inside the Phantom's uniform. Except one control panel, that was left off one of the consoles, which had now gone straight through Casey's right leg.

"Oh no! Casey!" Jason shouts out as he lifts her up and carries her towards the Phantom Ranger.

"Here, this will help..." The Phantom Ranger says as he pulls forth his ruby and the console teleports back to the panel.

Casey falls into Jason's arms now. And the Power Chamber is all back to normal, with everyone safe.

"Rangers, I have known about you, since you have begun." The mysterious Ranger says as the others are complete in shock.

"It is true Power Rangers, I have been waiting for the right moment, to let the truth out. But Billy decided to tell you earlier, and I felt once there was an enormous attack, I would bring him forth." Zordon says deeply.

"You mean? What Billy was saying earlier...this Ranger, is...?" Zack says.

"Yeah? He's your...well...?" Kim says in her wild attitude.

"Yes Rangers, he is my son." Zordon says proud that the truth is now out.

"Oh my God, well can we meet you?" Tommy says touching the Phantom's mask.

"No, just like Zordon, in order to restore my age, I must keep hidden from oxygen, the oxygen that exists in your world. My father is stuck in a dimension far away, that we will one day free him of. But he is in such a tube as you see above, just like I am in here, forever..." The mystery man says...

"Wait, but you can't just stay in there forever!" screams Billy.

"He must Rangers, he has for 10,000 years, and has kept his age...without losing it, just like myself." Zordon says.

"Yes, the ruby is what keeps my age the same, and we now have found a team as loving as you, who will soon, free my father, and me, of this fate we have held for so long. This fate of hiding, this fate of must end, with friends like you. Once peace has entered the world, we both can go on in our lives we one day had, we will be normal once again, just like you all..." The man says without ever showing his true identity. "In order to do this, I must help you all, as a team, against the evil in the world..." He says once more, as he teleports out... "Wait! You can't just..." Tommy says sad as the secret had finally been revealed, and had now been lost.

"Rangers, he had to leave, he is in a state like me, he must reserve his energy, he is also in another dimension, and can enter yours, when he is needed, he was getting very weak after restoring our Chamber." Zordon says to the team.

"Wow, this is too much." Kim says.

"Yeah, who would have known, another Ranger. So close to us all along..." Jason says as he holds Casey's head, who looks up at him, feeling the love they had lost earlier, as Jason leans down and kisses her for the longest time the two had ever kissed before...

The End


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