Threatened Amber
Cynthia and Elizabeth

Galan, the Amber Ranger Hunter, watched his prey from his lunar palace. He licked his lips in desire and thought as Aura, the beautiful Amber Ranger he wanted so badly, spoke with some girl she was frequently with. The girl looked exhausted, as if she'd slept little recently, and Aura seemed very concerned over her.

"So she worries about this girl," he mused. His second-in-command, Scorpina, nodded.

"She's worried about her constantly, since she became aware of her powers."

The Hunter nodded to himself. "This could work to our advantage."

Scorpina raised an eyebrow. "What do you have in mind, sire?"

"We kidnap Aura's husband," Galan paused, that word felt nasty to say if he did not mean it as himself, "and this girl, and then we 'promise' her the return not only of her powers, but of these two if she comes willingly to me."

Scorpina shook her head. "Zedd did something similar once, she did surrender, but he double-crossed her, and tortured her for a month. I don't think she'll fall so easily for that again," assuming she learns from her mistakes, that is.

Galan smiled. "She'll have no choice. Not if they are put in serious danger."

"You're not actually going to undo your spell are you? She's not going to get her powers back, is she?"

"Of course not!" Galan laughed. "She's too dangerous with them!"

Scorpina muttered to herself, "Good. Maybe I can kill her while she's here."

Galan continued to stare at the woman he had chosen for his mate and the girl with her. "Now to wait until this girl is alone." I will have you, Aura. No matter what it takes.

* * *

Aura waved to her sister as she headed out the door to Billy's waiting car. The Rangers hadn't let her be alone for more than two seconds at a time since she'd been rescued from Galan's palace. As she got into the car, Azure closed the door and leaned against Adam.

"You're worried about her, aren't you?" he asked as he put an arm around her. Azure yawned lightly.

"Yeah. . .blame me?"

Adam shook his head. "Not really. We all are," the Rangers had noticed a definite change in Aura from the moment she'd returned from Galan's. It wasn't just the loss of her powers, it was a fear none of them had ever seen in her before. She was afraid of Galan, far more afraid of him than she'd been of Zedd or Rita. I don't blame her, either. Imagine a person who's only reason for existing is to destroy you and your family: and that same person decides they want to marry you: whether you want to or not.

Azure sighed a little. "Maybe we should turn in?"

Adam nodded; it was getting late. "Maybe we can come up with some answers," it certainly couldn't hurt.

As they headed for the bedroom, the phone rang, and Azure groaned. "If that's my producer, I'm comatosed!"

Adam grinned as he headed for the phone. "I'll get it," he promised her. Azure sighed, she was so completely worn out. The rehearsals were taking a lot out of her. She almost literally collapsed into bed, falling asleep a second later.

"This is too easy!" Scorpina declared as she appeared next to the near-comatosed young woman. Azure's only response was to turn over in her sleep. Scorpina picked her up just as Adam walked into the room.

"It was your. . .let her go!" he screamed. As they vanished Adam fell to his knees, crying. "NO! Azure!"

* * *

"It feels weird," Tommy said as he and Billy sparred. "To look at her and know that there's part of her missing."

Billy nodded. "Aura isn't taking it well at all, either."

Tommy agreed. "I don't blame her. I didn't when something similar happened to me."

Billy shivered. "I can't imagine going through that," he whispered. "To be blocked off from a part of-----"

Whatever Billy was going to say was lost as the Zalics, Galan's lizard-warriors, appeared. "Dessssstrrrroyyyyy!" one of them proclaimed. Billy groaned as they started to trash everything, sending the patrons running in every direction possible.

"Oh, man. Why here. Why now?"

It only took a few seconds before the Youth Center was deserted of everyone except Billy, Tommy, and the Zalics. Tommy looked at his teammate. "Let's kick their butts!"

Billy nodded. "Let's do it!" he was about to morph when several Zalics surrounded and grabbed him before he could do anything to stop them. "Hey! Let go of me!!"

"Noooooo," one hissed as it tied a rope around him. Tommy started over towards them, kicking Zalics this way and that.

"Tommy, warn the others! Tell Aura!" Billy shouted just as he and the lizard-warriors vanished. Tommy swore and hit his communicator; the others had to be warned. Galan was up to something.

* * *

Aura slid Alaina into the playpen; it was standard procedure to bring the twins to the Command Center along with her. They weren't going to let anything happen to them. She caught a glimpse of the amber pendent, which had turned black and twisted at the moment of Galan's spell. I'll get my powers back, and shove Galan straight into a black hole if that's what it takes to get rid of him!

"What's going on?" she asked, turning to the others. Adam was the only one who hadn't shown up yet; Tommy had called them all together. As he explained, Aura's fists clenched in rage. Adam teleported in just moments after Tommy finished the explanation, looking both angry and worried.

"Galan got Azure," was all he said. Aura felt the red rage of anger well up within her as Adam explained what had happened. Aura couldn't believe her ears; her sister and her husband were prisoners of her worst enemy!

"I'm going to tear him into very tiny shreds!" she declared, wishing she could morph at that moment and destroy the entire Lunar Palace.

"Not if I get my hands on him first!" Adam snarled. He was every bit as angry as she was, if not more so.

"I'll let you help," she promised. This was more than personal: this was family. Alpha glanced over the computers briefly, then told them, "Incoming transmission."

As one, they turned to the Viewing Globe, to see Galan smiling far too sweetly for any of their tastes. "Hello, Aura," the Amber Ranger Hunter grinned.

"I want Billy and Azure back now!" Aura declared. She was absolutely livid, to say the least. Galan chuckled.

"My, you do have a nasty temper. You can have them back, on one condition."

Aura's only response was, "Drop dead."

Galan frowned. "You didn't even hear my condition! But before I tell you, would you like to see them?"

"I want them back!" Aura hissed through clenched teeth. She'd had more than enough of people bothering her family in their attempts to get at her.

"I'll take that as a yes," Galan stood aside, showing them two figures chained up against a wall. Azure was just beginning to lift her head as they came into focus.

"Billy. . . Azure," Aura whispered, eyes widening at the sight of the Zalics looking ready to do some serious damage to the captive pair. Aura heard Adam whisper her sister's name next other, knew how tired she'd been from the rehearsals. "Don't you dare hurt them!"

"Then come to me, willingly," Galan chuckled soft and low. He would have his bride, he knew. He knew how sentimental every Amber Ranger was over those they were related to.

Aura shook her head. "No. We'll find a way to get them out of there; I won't ever come to you willingly!"

Galan drew his sword. "So be it," with a dramatic flourish, he pointed it at Billy's communicator, which flew off the Blue Ranger's wrist and formed into a monster. "In one hour, it attacks Angel Grove. But first, it has a little fun with these two!" the Viewing Globe went dark.

"No!" Adam hissed. "That bastard!"

"No," Aura whispered. "This can't be happening!"

Adam was trying to locate them already, forcing himself past his fear. "We have less than an hour to get them back," he whispered the next to himself, but Aura's keen hearing picked it up. "I don't know how long Azure can defend herself in her condition."

Aura laid a hand on her brother-in-law's shoulder. "We'll find them, Adam. No matter what."

* * *

"This will be too easy," Galan laughed as he stared evilly at Billy and Azure. Billy stared back at him, refusing to show even a moment of fear.

"Let us go, Galan, Aura will never come to you willingly!" Billy hissed at him. Galan smiled.

"That is where you are wrong. I meant it when I told her that my ComMonster here is going to have fun," He gestured towards Azure. "Maybe I should let him have her first!"

Billy did his best to kick at Galan, to no avail. "Leave her alone!"

The Hunter frowned. "Why? What importance is she to you?" I knew Aura cared about her, but why would this fool do so?

"She's my friend and sister-in-law!" Billy told the evil warrior. Galan raised an eyebrow in surprise.

"So Aura has a sister. This is better than I expected. ComMonster, come here."

The creature made from Billy's communicator shambled over. "Yeah, boss?"

"She is your first target. When I give the word, have fun!" Galan ordered, pointing directly at Azure, who seemed to be in shocked.

"Okay," the creature turned an evil glance to the near-comatose young woman. "It'll be fun!"

"No!" Billy protested, pulling at his chains with all his might. He couldn't, he wouldn't let anything happen to Azure, she was too tired and had been through enough since she and Aura had returned to Angel Grove.

"Billy?" she whispered as she began to wake up. "What's going on?"

"Don't you dare touch her!" Billy declared. "I'll kill you!" Is this how Aura feels? So protective, so caring? So determined not to let anything happen to Azure? It must be. . .

"I'd like to see you try!" Galan laughed as he gestured to his lizard fighters. "Zalics, prepare her for battle!"

As the Zalics unchained Azure and pulled her out to the middle of the room, ComMonster looked happily at Galan. "Do I get to beat her up now, boss?"

"Yes," Galan nodded. "Right in front of her brother-in-law," he spoke that last word with a large amount of distaste. None should touch Aura but me!

ComMonster cracked his knuckles evilly. "This is gonna be fun!"

Azure stared at the creature, then prepared herself. She'd spent a lot of time training over the past year, and she was ready.

She hoped.

* * *

The Viewing Globe crackled to life again, and this time there were no smart remarks by Galan to any of them. As they watched, it focused on Azure as she squared off against ComMonster. Aura and Adam stood in the forefront, eyes wide and fists clenched in almost mirror image of each other.

"I'm going to pay great attention to detail when I tear him into pieces," Aura growled. Adam's attention was totally taken up with Azure.

"Come on, Azure, remember what I taught you!" he urged. Aura nodded.

"Give him a piece of your mind, girl, and of your fists!" Aura nodded, paling even as she cheered for her sister. Azure was knocked down, and huddled there for a second. "Azure," she whispered. They all had to laugh when Azure lashed out with a harsh kick to the monster's most sensitive regions. "She learned that from me!" Aura declared. It was her favorite area to strike a male opponent in.

"Remind me to stay on her good side then!" Adam smiled as Azure leaped to her feet and launched a series of punches and kicks to her opponent's midsection and chest. The fight continued, but they could all see Azure was weakening. Finally ComMonster flattened her with one well-placed hit to her stomach. Galan blocked their view of Azure then.

"Now come to me, or never see your sister again!" the globe went blank yet again as Adam swore vilely at the Amber Ranger Hunter.

"This isn't happening," Aura whispered as she leaned against a console. "This just isn't happening."

"She. . .I. .. .Azure," Adam groaned as he broke down into tears. Aura stared up at Zordon, tears in her own eyes.

"How can he do this?"


Aura went over to Adam, and put a hand on his shoulder, causing him to look up at her. "We'll get them back. And Galan will pay for it."

As their eyes met, Aura stepped back, revolted by the raw hatred and sorrow in his eyes. "This is all your fault," Adam hissed to her. "This wouldn't have happened if you weren't around. Azure would be safe back at our apartment! First Rita and Zedd were always after you, now this bozo!"

Aura stepped back even farther, almost ready to cry from the emotion in his dark eyes. The other Rangers stared, not sure how to take this. Adam had never reacted quite like this before, but then again, Azure had never been in the grip of a killer like Galan before either. Tommy tried to reason with him.

"Adam, man, it's not Aura's fault!"

"Adam, calm down, please," Kat joined her pleas to Tommy's. Adam turned to them both.

"It's not her fault? Would Galan even be here if it wasn't for her?" he pointed to Aura, who stared at them, eyes wide and lip trembling with emotion.

"He. . .he's right," she whispered. A moment later she'd teleported out of the Command Center. Tommy rounded on the Black Ranger.

"Good going! What is with you!"

"How could you, Adam?" Aisha wondered. Adam stared back at them, then teleported away himself. The Rangers looked at each other; what was going to happen next?"

* * *

Galan watched as the Zalics chained Azure back to the wall. She had passed out from the exertion; ComMonster had barely had time to do anything to her. "Now Aura will have no choice!"

"I'm going to get you for this!" Billy declared. Galan cast a casual glance over him and laughed.

"How? You can't morph in this place!" Galan had researched ways to nullify Power Ranger powers for centuries; this room had a spell on it that prevented any Ranger from morphing while in it's confines. Even if Aura had possessed her powers still, being in here would nullify them, and the spell would last beyond his own death, until the very palace around them collapsed. That was how strong of a spell it was.

"Somehow!" Billy declared. Galan laughed again; this was quite amusing!

"I must take my leave of you," Galan told them both as Azure began to revive. "I have to see someone about a marriage!"

"Azure?" Billy turned to her quietly. She looked up at him through swollen eyes.

"What happened?" she mumbled. As Billy told her, she winced in remembrance. "No wonder I feel like I was hit by a bus."

"He just doesn't give up!" Billy sighed deeply.

"Why is he doing this?" Azure wondered. "Why can't these bad guys just leave us alone?"

Billy shrugged. "I don't know. I hope the others can figure a way to get us out of here!"

So do I. Aura, be strong, don't give in to him. No matter what, be strong, my sister! Azure hoped that somehow, Aura could hear her. She could only hope. . .

* * *

Aura leaned gently against her favorite tree in the park. Here Billy had asked her to marry him, here they had been married. She shoved away the one bad memory of the place, where Eric, Rito, and the Tengas had kidnapped her when she was pregnant with the twins. This place held more good than bad for her, and now she came to it to think her way through things.

Adam was right. So much has happened to Azure just because of her being related to me. Galan would never have come to Earth if I wasn't here. This is my fault. Which means it's my responsibility to take care of it. No matter what that means.

"Ah, my lovely, what is your answer?" the hated voice of Galan interrupted her thoughts. It took all of her self-control not to lash out physically at him in that moment. He'd taken the three things that meant anything to her: her husband, her sister, and her powers. She hated him more than she could say.

"I. . .I don't know," she couldn't, she wouldn't just give in to him. There had to be another way, somehow.

His slimy voice continued. "Do you wish your powers back? Or your sister?"

Azure. "My sister. . . if. . .if I say yes, can I help the other Rangers fight your monster first?" ComMonster had begun it's attack on Angel Grove shortly after she'd come to the tree.

"If you say yes, I will call back the monster, and free your sister and your current husband," the implications of 'current' left no doubts, if she'd ever had any, of what he had planned for her.

"And if I say no?"

His matter-of-fact voice chilled her to the bone. "The two of them die. And the Rangers try to defeat the monster with two less Rangers."

"I can't let that happen," she decided in that moment. It hurt every inch of her soul to do it, but her love for those she cared for wouldn't permit her to do anything less.

"Then you will join me?"

Aura couldn't bring herself to say the words out loud. There was simply no way she could say it. She nodded helplessly and let him take her hand. "You will not regret this. But first, I will give you some time with my two prisoners."

"You said you were going to free them, and call back your monster," Aura told him, hating the feel of her hand in his, but not daring to draw it back.

"I am," Galan smiled a little. "But first you can spend some time with them. That is all I meant."

"All right," she whispered. I can only hope I have the courage to do this to their faces. Especially Billy's. A moment later, she and Galan were in the Lunar Palace, in the prison cell Billy and Azure were in. They had already been unchained, and were looking at each other in shock. "Billy. . .Azure. . ." she ran over to them, drinking in the sight of those she loved.

"Aura?" Azure looked at her, hugging her a moment later. Aura fought back the tears in her eyes, which almost burst free when Billy asked,

"What are you doing here?"

"It was the only way to get you two out of here. You're needed, Billy. I couldn't let either of you be killed."

"You're more important to the Rangers than I am. You shouldn't have agreed," Azure protested. Aura shook her head, refusing to let herself cry.

"You are my sister, that's more important to me than anything!" Aura reminded her. She looked over at Billy, hardly able to face him now. "You will always have my heart and my love, Billy, no matter what."

"You still shouldn't have come," Azure wasn't giving up her protest. Aura sighed a little.

"Tell Adam I'm sorry," Aura told her sister. Sorry for coming into your lives and destroying so much that could've been good without me. Maybe now things will leave you alone.

"I'm not leaving without you," Billy insisted. Azure ignored him, looking at Aura with fury in her eyes.


"He'll explain it when you get back. . .

"You're both going to explain it!" Azure exploded. Aura stepped closed to Billy and kissed him with all her heart.

"I will always love you," she told him. Billy returned the kiss, until the moment Galan shoved him away rudely.

"That's enough. You two are free, she's staying here. She agreed to that," he waved his sword at the both of them, teleporting them to Earth. He didn't care about ruling the world, defeating the Rangers, or any of that. All he wanted was the dark-haired warrior next to him.

"You promised me something else," she said harshly. Galan snapped his fingers, and ComMonster appeared, called back from the battlefield.

"There," he smiled at her, hoping she was pleased now. He certainly was.

"And?" Aura glared at him. I'm at least getting my powers back if nothing else!

"That is for after the marriage," Galan told her, smiling evilly at her. Aura trembled a little at that smile; she knew what she was in for that night.

"You don't intend to give them back at all, do you?" she hadn't spent years fighting villains without learning how they thought in some ways.

"That is for you to find out, after we are married, and have consummated it!" he laughed as he stared at her, a dark and foul light in his eyes. Aura wasn't taking it quite the way he thought she would, though.

"If you don't," she seized him by the throat with all her strength. "I'll be a widow." And will go back to the man I really love.

He pushed her away and smiled. "We shall see."

"Indeed we will," Aura glared at him nastily. She wondered briefly if she'd made the right choice coming here.

* * *

As Azure and Billy appeared in the Command Center, Tommy's eyes went wide. "Hey, how'd you escape?"

"Aura," Azure whispered, a little disoriented from the sudden travel. Tommy stared at them; he hoped Aura hadn't done what he thought that meant.

"What?" he asked, just managing not to squeak in fear.

"Aura," Billy sounded royally annoyed. "She turned herself over to Galan for our freedom."

Azure glanced around, looking for her husband. "Where's Adam?"

"He's kind of upset. He teleported out somewhere," Kat told her. Azure's jaw tightened.

"Could someone please tell me what Aura meant when she said to tell him she's sorry?"

The Rangers all looked at each other until Rocky admitted, "Adam said some things that weren't very nice and I think Aura believed him."

"Like what?" Azure growled. When Aisha explained what had happened, Azure exploded with fury. Tommy tried to soothe her.

"Whoa, Azure, calm down! He was upset at the time, very upset!"

Azure glared at him. "I think I have a right to be upset too! I just found out that it's my husband's fault that my sister turned herself in. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go find him and give him a piece of my mind!"

Not one of the Rangers dared stop her as she teleported away.

* * *

Adam sighed as he stared at the picture of himself and Azure on their wedding day. He couldn't believe that she'd been taken prisoner again. That he might never see her again. Who knew what Galan was capable of? Who knew what he'd do to Billy. . .to Azure? Oh, Azure. . .

The sound of their bedroom door slamming open startled him, but who he saw when he looked up startled him even more! "Azure?" he stared in disbelief. "Azure, you're back!"

Her cold glare froze him in his tracks. "You are in so much trouble right now it's not even funny!"

He frowned. "Azure? What's wrong?"

"How dare you say those things to Aura?" she snapped.

He winced a little, then retorted. "Azure, it's true!"

Azure kept one eye on him as she headed for the closet. Adam gulped as she opened the door and started pulling things out of it. "Azure, what are you doing?"

"Take a lucky guess," Azure hissed. "Until the other Rangers can get my sister back, and you can work things out with Aura, I don't even want to be in the same apartment with you!"

"Azure, no!" Adam's eyes flew wide open. Then it hit him what she'd said. "Wait, get her back?"

"Because of your stupidity Aura turned herself in to Galan!" she screamed at him. Adam stepped back, shocked by what she'd said and the fact she'd yelled at him.

"No, she didn't,' Adam couldn't believe it. "I was mad, but I never meant. . .I never wanted her to do that!" I can't believe she did that! But after what I said. . .

"She did," Azure said flatly as she finished her packing and grabbed her car keys. Adam followed her quickly.

"Azure, please, don't go!" he urged. He couldn't believe this was even happening! Azure stopped and turned to stare at him.

"Just remember whose fault this is," she said coldly. Adam whispered her name, heartbreak in his voice as he begged for her to stay. "Why should I? You were the one who said those things: those things that led my sister, the one person I trust the most in my life to go to Galan! I'm sorry, Adam, I need time."

She headed out the door as Adam sank against the wall, crying his heart out. I can't believe this. She's free of Galan, only to leave me! This is all my fault! I should have never said what I did to Aura! We could've found some way to rescue her and Billy, some way for me. . .to keep my wife.

* * *

"I hope you will be more co-operative this time," Galan watched Aura hungrily as she stared up at the Earth through the balcony in the palace. She glanced over at him.

"I don't have a whole lot of choices, do I?" she growled. He found he liked that tone in her voice. He was happy just to have her here, willingly in his palace and soon, in his arms forever.


"I want you to know something," she fixed him with those delicious gray eyes of hers. "You might have me, but you will never have my heart. That belongs forever to Billy: deal with it!"

Galan grinned evilly at her. "Oh, I can live with that." She will change her mind after a few years.

"You're going to have to," she reminded him. "It's all you'll ever have," she turned to walk away, not able to stay near him a moment longer. Galan grabbed her by one shoulder and whirled her around to look at him. "Let go of me, or deal with a broken arm," she promised him. She was sickened a moment later when he pulled her closer to him and kissed her. She pushed herself away, wiping the feel of his lips on hers away. Oh, I think I'm going to be sick! She saw Galan's perverted smile, and her fists clenched. He knew how much she hated him; he'd enjoyed doing that to her! Well, I'm going to enjoy this! Aura delivered one of the most perfect karate kicks she'd ever done to Galan's stomach. She smiled herself as Galan doubled over in pain. Oh, that felt GOOD!

Aura lost her smile as she got out of Galan's sight. She sighed a little, wondering if she'd ever see her family again. She hated Galan, hated everything he stood for, and knew she'd never be able to live with what they were going to be doing that night. She paused to look up at the Earth again, and felt tears pulse down her cheeks at the sight of the world she loved so much, and had sworn to protect.

"Billy. . .I miss you," she whispered. I will love you forever, my Billy, my Blue Ranger, my heart and soul. For love of you I returned to Earth, for love of you I was able to take up my powers again. For love of you I survived Zedd's dungeon and was able to come back to you.

"Pity you're never going back. . .or anywhere else ever again!" Scorpina stepped out of the shadows, her stinger raised and ready. Aura whirled, her heart pounding suddenly.

"What do you mean?"

"You stole the man I love from me," Scorpina paced closer to her. "Now you die!"

"What?" Aura couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"You are going to die," Scorpina repeated.

"I heard that part! What I meant was, stealing the man you love?" Aura was really hoping this didn't mean what it could mean.

"He loves you now," Scorpina hissed. "You took him."

Aura dodged away from Scorpina and asked what she feared. "Ummm . . . you are not going to tell me you like Billy?"

"I could never love a weakling human!" Scorpina declared. "I don't know how you can!" That was one thing she'd respected in Aura; she wasn't human.

"He's not weak," Aura snarled. "And I might not be able to morph, but neither am I!" she jumped at Scorpina, avoiding the stinger adeptly. She'd never fought the warrior woman hand to hand, and had no idea of just how strong she really was. Back and forth they rolled, until Scorpina had Aura pinned down. She lashed out with her stinger, delicately scraping Aura's arms.

"Scorpina!" Galan shouted suddenly as Scorpina leaped away from the Amber Ranger. "Get away from her!"

Scorpina backed away, doing her best to look innocent. "I didn't do anything to her!"

"You didn't?" Galan marched over to Aura, who was trying to get to her feet. "What do you call this?" he pointed to the scratches on Aura's arms from the stinger.

"An accident!" Scorpina declared. What he doesn't know won't hurt him. . .but will kill her!

"We shall discuss this later," Galan told her. "Now, I must tend to her wounds," he quickly cleaned and wrapped up Aura's arms. The fight had taken more out of Aura than she was willing to admit; she'd felt weak ever since Galan had blocked her connection to the Spirit of the Earth. Galan looked at her when he was done. "How are you feeling?"

"I'd feel better if you'd stop looking at me and let me go home!" she growled. She refused to feel the slightest bit of anything except hate for him, no matter what.

"Aura," Galan stared at her for a moment. "Go and rest, you need it after that attack on you," Aura took herself to the room he'd set aside for her without another word. Galan sighed a little; winning her heart was going to be harder than he thought. Then again, he already had her body. That was a start.

* * *

The Rangers were doing everything they could to locate and rescue Aura; Billy had absolutely no intentions of letting her stay there. Zordon would normally have never agreed to them take Aura, since she had given her word to Galan, had it not been Galan. Their mentor told him that the Amber Ranger Hunter was notoriously untrustworthy; he would betray his word to her somehow. They didn't dare let her stay there; it would mean her life, and they all knew it.

In the middle of their searching, Adam teleported in. He looked sorrowfully at Billy, then said, "Guys, I'm sorry about losing it earlier."

Tommy sighed. "You were upset."

Adam looked even more upset than he had before. "I still shouldn't have said it."

Aisha frowned; she knew something was wrong with him. "Adam, what's wrong? Where's Azure?"

Adam leaned against a console, not looking at any of them. How could he look at them? "I don't know."

Kat went over to him, forcing him to look at her. "Adam? What happened?"

"She left me. And I can't blame her either!"

"What?" came from every corner of the room.

"She left me," Adam's voice was thick with tears. He was ready to collapse; but he had to fix right what he'd done.

"Why?" Billy asked from where he was searching for Aura."

"Cause it's my fault her sister is with Galan!" Adam reminded them all. Billy turned to look at him.

"Do you believe that?" he knew Aura down to her core, and he knew she would've done it anyway. What Adam had said would've only helped her make up her mind more quickly.

"I do," Adam nodded. Billy sighed.

"Well. . ..hey!!" he looked up, joy in his voice. "I've got a fix on her, I can get her out of there!" Galan obviously didn't believe in guarding his place too well with Aura there willingly.

Adam smiled a little. "Let's get her back."

"Teleporting her," a moment later, the usual amber light that marked Aura's arrival appeared in the Command Center. She smiled at Billy as soon as she realized where she was.

"Billy. . .you got me out," he stepped over to her, smiling. As she looked around at them all, she suddenly went as pale as a ghost.

"Aura?" Billy asked, feeling weak with fright all of a sudden. Things got no better when she collapsed into his arms, unconscious.