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Bullet Eva Beckwith Bullet

Billy gets a letter from a relative.

Connections Two: Variations in Blue
A few more answers.

Connections Seven: Reflective Refractions
Tanya takes a trip.


Bullet Kay Enasni & Cynthia! Bullet

"The Raging Storms Series"

Before the Storm
Two new friends with secrets of their own, could
mean trouble for the Rangers.

A Storm of Green
A new Ranger joins the ream, or is it an old one?

A Storm of Violet
Those you least expect save the day!

"The Winds of Change"

Finished The Force of the Ninjetti Finished
When Divatox destroys the Turbo powers, some secrets are revealed!


Bullet Cynthia & Emerald J Bullet

"The Amber Ranger Saga"

Released Amber
A mysterious Amber Ranger has shown up. Things will
never be the same again.

Revealed Amber
Two new sisters have moved into the team and the hearts of two of the male
Rangers. Is it possible that one of them be the Amber Ranger?

Flawed Amber
The Amber Ranger isn't working for good anymore...

Restored Amber
The Rangers finally manage to bring the Amber Ranger back to
the side of good. Right?

Alien Amber
Aura discovers more of her past. The truth is often shocking.

Lost Amber
She can't be gone. . .can she?

Reborn Amber
Aura has returned, with even more big surprises.

Petrified Amber
Rita and Zedd have found a new way to terrify the Amber Ranger.

Broken Amber
An unwanted face from Azure's past shows up, with a big secret to tell.

Split Amber
Aura has been split into two forms of her previous self.
Can Billy handle them both?

Destroyed Amber
Even the Heart of the Earth isn't safe from Zedd's attacks.

Captured Amber
The evil on the moon has a new plan to destroy the team, a plan that
involves using Blue and Black Rangers as hostages.

Sibling Amber
Aura discovers that she has more family than just who's on the planet.

Peaceful Amber
A time of rest, and for Billy to ask Aura a very important question.

Endangered Amber
The Rangers have to face their most dangerous enemy: Rita and
Zedd's new daughter, Aura!

Married Amber
The big day has finally arrived, but it won't turn out as planned if Goldar
has anything to say about it.

Young Amber
Looks like Billy and Evil Aura's actions are having a repercussion
on the happily married couple.

Stolen Amber
Zedd takes a very direct form of revenge for the loss of his son.

Missing Amber
Aura is missing, but there may be a chance to get her son back.

Tortured Amber
Zedd is making sure Aura's stay on the moon is anything but happy.

Farewell Amber
Aura's home and safe. . .or is she?

Ancient Amber
Only by going to the past does Aura have a hope for the future.

Future Amber
With the death of her ancestral home only months away, Aura must regain
her courage before it is too late.

New Amber
A new foe arrives, one with a personal vendetta against the
entire Amber Ranger family!

Threatened Amber
Love is Aura's greatest strength: and her greatest weakness as well.

Dying Amber
Scorpina's poison is killing Aura... and there's nothing the
Rangers can do about it.

Loved Amber
Galan uses Azure in his latest scheme, and it could very well cost
the young woman her life.

Resurrected Amber
There may be one chance to save Azure, but can Aura calm
down enough to do it?

Changed Amber
There's gonna be some changes made...

Born Amber
Galan makes what could be a fatal mistake when he takes the
newest addition to the family.

Returned Amber
Zedd and Aura knew each other in the past, and he wants to keep
up the relationship in the present!

Revenge Amber
It's the return of more than one old enemy, as Zedd's
evil plan takes shape.

Taken Amber
Azure has a lot to get over, but Zedd and Eric don't want
to give her that time.

Healed Amber
It's the only hope Aura has of survival: for her three greatest friends
to enter her mind, and face all the horrors within.

Hidden Amber
Won't the forces of evil ever leave the Rangers alone??

Blocked Amber
Adam's only hope of survival is an old dead enemy.

Reptile Amber
Aura's worst nightmare lives in the faces of her dearest friends.

Dreaming Amber
When one sleeps, one often dreams. But dreams are not always pleasant.

Altered Amber
What might have been... who knows?

Hawaii Amber
Time for a vacation, but things are never that simple
for the Power Rangers!

Past Amber
An attempt to change the past could have horrible effects on the present.

Final Amber
Rita and Vile make their ultimate plan, and it has ultimate results as well.

Turbo Amber
With Divatox's arrival on the Earth, the Rangers go back into battle
with what could be fatal results.

Fallen Amber
Aura is free of Divatox's control... isn't she?

Magical Amber
The gifts of Aura's daughter, as well as the
Amber Ranger are wanted by Divatox!

Accidental Amber
Facing death in various ways can be scary.

Golden Amber
An old enemy has joined forces with Divatox.

Hostage Amber
Aura would do anything to save her sister's life. . .

Distracting Amber
Not even a wedding is safe from the forces of evil!

Good-bye Amber
Aura says farewell to her sister.

Slumbering Amber
Mysteries need solving...!

Chosen Amber
Divatox decides to cut the Amber line off at the beginning.

"The Amber Night Trilogy"

Amber Night
Aura and Azure find themselves in a different dimension,
with familiar foes.

Night Sorrow
The effects of the dimensional rip are showing up.

Restless Night
The Zedd of the Night Dimension is just as evil as
his fallen Amber counterpart.

"The Rangers of the Night"
A WebMaster's Warning:
Some of the future fics may not be suitable for small
children. You have been warned ahead of time.

Snow Drift
Adam and Billy make two very surprising
allies with very surprising secrets on a skiing trip.

Blood Lust
A basic concept of Evanthe's physiology is used by
Lord Zedd in an attempt to destroy the Rangers.

Once Bitten, Twice Changed
Adam is never going to be the same...

Mating Season
Adam and Elissa decide to take their relationship to a new level.

Family Reunion
Evanthe's past returns to haunt her.

Blood Flame
Evanthe must make a decision that could have
a profound effect on Billy.

Passing Love
When Evanthe leaves due to the Rangers teasing, tragedy follows.

Elissa finds herself fighting a severe internal battle with herself.

Freedom Way
Elissa and Adam have a big surprise.

Child of Wolves
As Elissa's due date approaches, the werewolf couple
begin to tell their family and friends.

Bring Back the Child
When Adam's parents find out the truth about him and Elissa,
they have a very distinct reaction.

Parental Consent
Evanthe's parents have returned to the picture...

Adam's little brother has run away from home. Elissa volunteers to
join the search, but she refuses to go back to Adam.

Forbidden Memories
Elissa gets the opportunity to see her parents again.

Too Good to Be True
Evanthe desperately wants a baby to call her own.

Missing Feelings
Adam's jealousy is starting to come between him and Elissa.

Unwilling Union
Much to Billy's horror, Evanthe has been chosen to marry
the Vampire King. Even more to Billy's horror, she seems
to be pretty pleased about it.

In Memory Alone
Vincent, king of the vampires, has kidnapped Elissa in
an attempt to get Evanthe.

All Alone
Evanthe and Billy are working on their wedding plans, but as
per usual, things never go smoothly.

Two Days to Live
In forty-eight hours, things may drastically change...

Tears of Joy
An enemy has been made an ally, and Evanthe has some
good news for a change.

Rita and Zedd have come up with a new plans... kidnapping.

Evanthe's pregnancy is in full swing. Meanwhile, Elissa tells the
team of her latest decision

The Nightmares of Rangers
The Rangers are having nightmares...

Future Wisdom
Time has always been one of the few constants in the
Rangers lives. Until now...

Fading Moon
Elissa has been getting tired. Seriously tired, and to such an extent
that the Rangers are beginning to suspect Zedd and Rita.

Love and Betrayal
Billy and Adam have little time left when Rita and Zedd strike
a mortal blow.

Eye for an Eye
Something is wrong with Elissa, something bad !!!!

Eternal Peace
Can a vampire die. . .forever?

In the Heat of the Moment
An evil sorceress tries something most foul...

Blood Treachery
Rita and Zedd are back.

How did Evanthe and Elissa meet?

Tortured Souls
Rita and Zedd have a dark gift for the girls.

Going Away
Sometimes you just need to get away.

Loving Control
Evanthe's weakness is love.

My Enemy, My Brother
Tommy learns something about..Rito?

Til Death Do Us Part
Elissa's heart is divided.

Grandfather of Evil
Master Vile has arrived.

Family Problems
Evanthe fears her grandfather greatly.

In the Name of Friendship
Evanthe and Elissa are each other's help.

Cat Tales
Goldar wants a pet...bat?

Baby Mine
It's almost time.

Vampire Never Was
If you can't beat them...destroy them.

Time to end things.

Co-authored with Elizabeth

Unexpected Romance
Lord Zedd learns to feel a new emotion: Love.


Bullet Cynthia and Kahva Bullet

"The Silver Flame Series"

Silver Rising
The lastest weapon in the Machine Empire is a young
woman with an interesting past.

Something Inherited, Something Blue
Billy must prove himself worthy to marry Sheena, and in the
process, finds a wonderful gift.

Just as Sheena thinks she is getting her life in
order, King Mondo tries to ruin it.

Sheena gets a wonderful opportunity that no Earthling
has ever received before. Unfortunately, she must go alone.

Dance of Light
Sheena's Quest teaches her more about herself than she would
have ever dreamed possible.

Visions of Silver
Wedding bells for Billy and Sheena!

Put to Rest
Danger comes from all sides when Sheena and her friends
goto the moon to recover her ancestor's body.

Dreams of Old
Sheena received something additional from her ancestor,
that could spell disaster.

Silver and Sapphire
Sheena and Billy reflect on their relationship.

Reflection of Love
An evil clone of Billy successfully alienates the Cranston family.

Quest for Truth
The Rangers prepare to rescue Sheena.

"Blue No More"

Fading to Black
Master Vile is returning to Billy's life. a friend?


Bullet Rangergirl Q. Jedidiah Bullet

"The Power of the Elements"

The Power of Elements
When a new evil force arrives, Zord sends the Rangers on a quest
for the Crystals of the Seven Elements.

"Simple Wishes"

Wish Upon a Star
Wishes sometimes can come true!

Ghost Eyes
Ashley tells Cassie about an old, painful memory.

Cultural Exchange
Ashley and Andros go on a date in the SimuDeck.

Le Rossignol
Cassie and TJ talk about themselves over some music.

Carlos meets an alien friend of Andros'.

Silver Wishes
The Silver Ranger has much on her mind.

No Place That Far
The Rangers are on a mission - Get Karone from the Dark Fortress.

"Quest Crosstime"

Their fate lies in the hands of a people they've never even met.

Down the Rabbit Hole
The Universe as we know it will never be the same...

To Tell The Truth
The truth is not as simple as anyone suspects.

"Reflections on Crooked Walking"

Love's Sacrifice
Who really built the Scorpion Stinger

"Other Stories"
"Stories written under the name of Jennifer R. Norton"

A Different Shade of Green
When Tommy's sister comes to town, Rita and Zedd want to
welcome her to the neighborhood.

Dear Mom, Part 1
Kim's returned to Angel Grove, and finds it has changed a little.

Ashley's Revenge
Muses are STILL causing trouble.


Bullet Seth Richards Bullet
Paladar`'s Exclusive

"Power Rangers: Time Corps"
When a new menace threatens a reality the regular Power Rangers
aren't a part of, it's up to that reality's Zordon and Alpha to make history
repeat itself by giving the other realities and times six new
Power Ranger Champions: the Time Corps.

Braving the Timestorm
It's up to Alpha and Zordon of another dimension to summon
a team of rangers and make history repeat itself.

Calming the Timestorm
To stop Timestorm, the six Rangers of the Time Corps must
encounter some very familiar faces and bring together all six
Temporal Zords... or risk the destruction of the first Earth
they must defend.


Bullet Trini Bullet

"Soul Mates"

Tommy's sister moves in, and things heat up between
her and Adam. She's about to find out "the closely guarded

Can the Heart Go On?
A sequel to "Soulmates."

"Stand Alones"

Affairs of the Heart
Ashley and Carlos are just good friends . . . right?

Whisper in the Dark
Life in Florida isn't what Kimberly thought! She's hiding
a secret only Rocky knows.

A Love Like No Other
What happens when two people are in love, but can't
be together?

A Song Remembers When
When an old flame from Adam's past comes to visit, he's
in for a big surprise.


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