Petrified Amber
by: Cynthia & Elizabeth

Things had changed on the moon since Aura, the Amber Ranger, had proven rather violently and noisily that she was quite alive, well, and at full Ranger-powers. The heavily muscled Goldar stared at Earth through Rita's RepulsaScope. He muttered under his breath, "That stupid Ranger. She will pay for humiliating me!"

Aura had stopped him three times from hurting or even killing Azure. He hated the Amber Ranger with a passion that burned far beyond what he'd ever felt for Tommy or Jason or any of the other Rangers.

"Whatcha doing, Goldy?" it was Rito; the walking skeleton came up behind him and asked. Goldar usually didn't mind hanging around Rito, but not today. He had his own agenda to start planning.

"I will have my revenge against you, Amber Ranger!" he growled. As he watched Aura, Rito tugged on one of Goldar's wings.

"Whatcha doing?" Rito insisted on knowing. Goldar turned to him.

"Planning my revenge on that Amber Ranger!"

"Why?" Rito asked. At times, Goldar wondered just why Zedd didn't blast the skeleton into dust. Then again, he was useful for comic relief.

"She's humiliated me enough already, and she stopped me from killing that human: three times!"

"Oh," Rito digested that. "Want some help? I can do. . .I dunno. . .something."

"Just be sure not to tell Rita and Zedd what I'm doing!" Goldar ordered as he stalked away.

"Now why would I do a dumb thing like that?" Rito muttered.

"Just don't tell!" Goldar shouted from the doorway before leaving.

"Of course not!" Rito replied. What kind of an idiot did Goldy think he was, anyway?

* * *

"Aura? Are you paying attention?" Mrs. Applebee asked the young girl. Aura pulled her eyes from the broad green grass outside and back to the class.

"Yes, ma'am," she replied. Of all things, she, Aura Robinson, was in summer school! Well, that was what you had to deal with when you spent six months trying to get back to Earth from the shattered ruins of the world you were born on.

"Then would you care to answer the third question on the board?" the kindly teacher asked. Aura took care of it; algebra was child's play when you'd used advanced calculus and more to plot a path through the stars themselves.

"Very good," Mrs. Applebee complimented her. The bell rang as Aura took her seat again. "All right, class is over, remember that we're having a test over what we did this week on Friday."

Aura gathered her books and headed for her next class. Along the way, she bumped right into Bulk and Skull. She and Azure still couldn't believe these two were on the junior police patrol.

"Well, if it isn't Aura Robinson. So what was it like?"

Aura stared at them; the most memories she ever had of them. weren't good ones; they'd teased her unmercifully as a child.

"What was what like?"

"Being dead?" Skull asked.

"I wasn't dead," Aura sighed.

"Oh, yeah, that's right," Skull laughed annoyingly.

"So what kept you away from Angel Grove?" Bulk wanted to know.

Aura sighed; this wasn't how she'd wanted to spend her return to Earth at all. "I had amnesia when the plane crashed and I just got my memory back a few weeks ago. I came back to Angel Grove as soon as I was capable of doing so."

"Oh," Skull nodded as if he'd understood that, which he might have. She wasn't sure anymore. "Want to go out Friday?"

Aura groaned to herself; navigating through asteroid fields had been easier than ditching these two. "No. I'm dating Billy, remember?!"

"Why do you wanna date that geek?" Skull wondered.

"Because I love him, that's why," Aura replied sharply. "And he loves me."

"There will be no more love for you!" Goldar was suddenly there, inches away from her! Bulk and Skull stared at him, stammering, "Mmmmmm.. .mmmmm. . .monster!" A moment later, they had both fainted. Aura acted reflexively, putting herself between them and Goldar.

"What are you doing here?" she snarled. With the few scattered students around, she couldn't morph nor could she even speak of being a Ranger. Luckily, they were all clearing out.

"I came to destroy some humans!" Goldar proclaimed, advancing on her with his sword at the ready.

"No way, never," Aura replied coldly. "The Power Rangers won't let you." Especially not the Amber Ranger, if these kids would just get out of here!

"Would you rather I went after that sister of yours again?" he taunted her. "I hurt her once, I can do worse this time!"

Aura growled, "I've said it before, and I'll say it again until you get it through your thick skull: leave her alone!"

"Maybe after I'm done with you, I will take her for a prize" Goldar drew closer, Aura backed away, hoping for enough space and solitude for her to morph. When she heard what Goldar was planning for Azure, she lashed out with a kick. Goldar swung at her, but she managed to avoid it.

Aura jumped over Goldar, heading for her bag, where she kept her morpher. She'd only needed it since getting her new, Earth-based powers; Kalakan Rangers had never needed them. Just as her hands closed on her bag, a large hand closed on the back of her blouse and threw her into the lockers hard.

She groaned as she looked up at Goldar, "You just had to come spoil my day, didn't you?"

"You humiliated me! Of course I'll spoil your day: and your life. . .what's left of it!" Goldar swung at her again, but Aura hadn't spent six months training on the way back from Kalakan for nothing. She backflipped out of the way and brought her communicator to her lips as she did so.

"Guys, big trouble at school," was all she had time to say before Goldar whirled her around and tore the device from her wrist. What else can go wrong today?

"Your friends cannot help you!" Goldar snarled as he grabbed her by one shoulder and pinned her against the lockers again. Aura tried to pull his hand off her, but he had always been physically stronger than she was. He raised his sword. "I'm going to enjoy this!"

* * *

Azure put the tray of sodas down and smiled at Adam. "Here you guys, go."

She was really enjoying her summer job at Ernie's, she got to see Adam a lot, even while on the job, and it brought in some good money. "Thanks, Azure," Adam grinned at her. Their relationship had actually strengthened during the time everyone had thought Aura was dead, once she'd realized it hadn't been the Rangers who'd driven her sister to her 'death'.

She leaned over him, whispering, "Are we still on for tonight after I get off?"

"Do you have to ask?" Adam's grin widened. She giggled.

"No, I'll be right back, I'm getting ready to go on break," she headed off to tell Ernie just as Tommy joined the guys at their usual table.

"Hey, guys, what's up?" he asked. Adam smiled.

"The usual stuff. Billy hasn't moved in over ten minutes, his eyes are glazed over, I think he's daydreaming about Aura again," the Black Ranger reported. As he said that, Billy looked over at them.


Adam grinned. "What kind of fantasy was it this time, Billy?" he poked gentle fun at his friend.

"I was doing it again, wasn't I?" Billy blushed a little. He'd never reacted like this to any of his girlfriends, and they all knew it. Something about not being with Aura drew his thoughts endlessly to her.

"That's the fifth time, in thirty minutes," Aisha said dryly. At that moment, the six-tone beep of the communicators interrupted them. Azure sighed as she rejoined them in time to hear that.

"So much for that idea," she dismissed the thought of spending a half hour of quality time with her boyfriend. Adam sighed.

"Wonder what it is this time?" Adam sighed as they went to their usual private corner.

"This is Billy," Billy touched his communicator. Their blood all froze as they heard, "Guys, big trouble at school!"

A moment later, Aura's voice was replaced by static. "Oh, man, this isn't good!"

"Be careful, guys," Azure advised.

"It's morphin' time!" Tommy declared as she stepped back. Moments later, they stood, morphed, in the hallway at Angel Grove High. Billy's heart jumped into his throat as he saw Aura on the floor, obviously badly beaten and unconscious. Goldar stood over her, about to bring his sword down on her.

"No!" Billy shouted as Tommy leaped over, Saba out already.

"Not today, Goldar!"

"Out of my way, White Ranger, this is between the two of us!"

Goldar growled.

"No way, I'm not going to let you murder my friend!" Tommy stood over Aura as Adam hit his communicator.

"Alpha, teleport Aura out of here, now!" the Amber Ranger dissolved into light and vanished, as Tommy and Goldar fought.

"Still want to stick around and play, Goldar?" the White Ranger asked. Kat hurried over to Bulk and Skull, still passed out against the lockers.

"Come on, guys, time to get out of here!" she urged them to wake up. Slowly they did so, and stared at the Pink Ranger over them.

"W-what?" Bulk stammered.

"Oh, wow, the Power Rangers!" Skull stared.

"Yes, come on, it's not safe for you here!" Kat urged them away. The other Rangers could hear them begging for an autograph as she guided them away.

"I will destroy you for ruining my fight!" Goldar promised as he and Tommy dueled yet again.

"That was no fight, you would have killed her!" Tommy pointed out.

"That was my intention!" Goldar was so intent on Tommy he didn't notice Billy and Adam coming up behind him.

"Sorry, won't happen!" Tommy snapped back as Billy and Adam leaped on Goldar, knocking him into the lockers. This looked to be a long fight.

* * *

"Where is that fool, Goldar?" Zedd grumbled as he entered his throne room. "I can't find him anywhere!"

"Oh, he's down on Earth, Ed," Rito told him.

"What's he doing there?" Rita wondered. Her brother shrugged.

"He said something about doing in one of the Rangers."

Zedd growled, "Which one? How dare he attack without orders!"

"Ummm. .I think he said it was a 'she'," Rito tried to remember. Zedd knew exactly what was going on then, and was not happy about it.

"He's going after the Amber Ranger! The fool! Rito, you and a squad of Tengas go get him back!"

"You got it, Ed!" Rito teleported off with the Tengas as Zedd roared, "It's Zedd, you fool, Zedd!"

* * *

"Come on, Goldar, why do Rita and Zedd want Aura this time?" Rocky asked as he knocked the warrior into a row of lockers.

"They don't!" Goldar snarled, hitting at the Red Ranger. Billy blocked the blow and yelled, "So why were you going after her?"

"Revenge!" Goldar hissed, hitting Billy in the stomach. He hit at Adam, who blocked the punch.

"Sorry, not today," the Black Ranger taunted him. In a flash of black light, Rito Revolto appeared with Tengas.

"Hey, Goldy, I've been sent to bring you back, Sis and Ed ain't too happy with you!" Rito told him.

"Fine!" Goldar threw away the Rangers trying to stop him. "I did enough damage to the Amber brat for now anyway! IF she lives, tell her this isn't over with yet!"

A moment later, he, Rito, and the Tengas had all vanished. Tommy sighed. "Let's get back to the Command Center."

"I hope Aura's all right," Billy sighed. He'd just gotten her back; he couldn't bear to lose her for even a moment now.

At the Command Center, Alpha was busily working on Aura. She lay on an examining table and the little robot was busily running a scanner up and down her body. "She'll be all right," he reported a few moments later. "She just needs rest; she's healing already."

"Why does this keep happening?" Azure, who'd teleported in when she'd heard what had happened to Aura, wondered. Adam put an arm around her carefully.

"I don't know, Azure," he shook his head. Aura's eyes flickered a little as Billy came over to her side, taking off his helmet. He smiled a little.

"Time to wake up, beautiful," he smiled at her. Aura managed to sit up, wincing at the several bruises she'd collected complained at her movement.

"That hurts," she muttered. Billy gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek.

"Welcome back to the land of the living!"

"What happened to Goldar? Last I saw was his fist coming at me," Aura's voice shook a little.

"He got called back to the moon," Billy told her. Tommy nodded his agreement.

"It looks like he attacked you without them knowing about it," the White Ranger remarked. "And if I know Rita and Zedd, I could almost feel sorry for him."

"I don't," Billy hugged Aura. "Aura could've died if she weren't a Ranger."

Azure came over and hugged Aura. "You're safe now," she told her sister. Her watch alarm beeped suddenly. "Man, I've got to get back to work before Ernie fires me," she looked at the others. "I'll see you later!"

As she teleported out, Adam smiled. "Man, I love that girl!" Tommy chuckled.

"It's noticeable!"

"I guess it is," Adam smiled. He sighed happily; things were almost perfect.

* * *

"You disappoint me, Goldar!" Zedd growled at his servant as Goldar cowered in fear. He tried to cover it with bravado though.

"For what?" he asked. "Trying to get rid of that Amber brat!"

"You are only to do what you are told! I have plans for the Amber Ranger, and you nearly destroyed them! For that, say good-bye to your wings!" Zedd raised his staff, pointed at Goldar, and a moment later, his wings were gone!

"No!" Goldar roared in pain. That Amber brat will pay for this! No matter what it takes!

* * *

Over the next two days, Aura's injuries healed and she seemed to have made a full recovery. As she, Tommy, and Billy walked through the park, there was no sign at all she'd gone through one of the worst beatings ever dished out to a Power Ranger.

Tommy looked over at his two friends and smiled a little. It was obvious they wanted to be alone together. "I guess I should go find Rocky; he said something about wanting to spar today."

Aura smiled, holding onto Billy's hand. "Yeah, you go spar with Rocky!" she giggled. Tommy was about to leave, when a monster with a clock's face and boxing gloves appeared.

"What time is it, Rangers?" it snarled. "I am TimeKeeper, and your time has run out!"

"Man, not what we needed!" Tommy groaned. "You ready?" he glanced over at Billy and Aura. Billy was about to morph, but Aura. . .what was wrong with her?

Aura stood, her eyes wide, unseeing. Her breath came faster and faster with every moment, and she was literally shaking. "Aura?" he asked gently. "You okay?"

She couldn't move, he had her pinned against the lockers with one huge hand. He kicked her in the guts, then threw her into the stone wall, hard. Blood was pouring into one eye from a cut on her forehead, and she could hardly see. She couldn't morph, Bulk and Skull might wake up, and she didn't dare risk their lives at any rate; Goldar probably wouldn't bother them.

Then a huge armored fist was heading straight for her face, and only blackness followed.

"Aura? Come on, talk to me!" Billy seized her arm and shook it a little, to no avail.

"Billy, get her back to the Command Center, and contact the others. I'm not taking any chances she's going to get hurt."

Billy carefully took Aura's hand and teleported away. The other Rangers arrived a few moments later, and as they did so, Adam growled, "Man, this monster has no sense of timing!"

"Hah! Keeping time is what I do best, Rangers!" TimeKeeper bellowed as it attacked.

"Azure's one day off this week and this happens," Adam grumbled as he blocked the monster. The fight didn't take long; as TimeKeeper vanished shortly after it began.

"Let's get back to the Command Center. There's something going on with Aura and I want to find out what it is."

* * *

"So, the little Amber Ranger is scared to fight," Zedd chuckled evilly. "Maybe Goldar's attack on her was a good idea after all."

"Did you see how she was shaking, Zedd?" Rita could hardly believe her eyes.

"Yes," Zedd nodded. "We need to find a time when she is alone, and then we attack! That will be the end of the Amber Ranger!"

Rita frowned. "If the Rangers know she's afraid, they won't leave her alone, though."

Zedd had an answer for that. "Then we attack her when she's with her sister!"

Rita's evil laughter echoed throughout the palace. "Should Goldar be permitted to help? She might be even more helpless if she saw him again!"

"Yes!" Zedd was proud of his evil queen. "Goldar, Timekeeper! Be ready to attack the moment the Amber Ranger is alone, or with her sister! Understood?"

"Yes, sire!" Goldar was still sulking over the loss of his wings, but dared not deny Zedd.

"We'll be right on time with this attack, Lord Zedd!" TimeKeeper chimed in.

"Oh, and Goldar," Zedd favored him with a glance. "If you succeed, you may just get your wings back!"

* * *

Aura leaned against a console, unmorphed, still trembling, when the others teleported in. Billy removed his helmet and came over to her. "Are you okay?"

Aura closed her eyes and visibly forced herself to stop shaking. "I don't think so, Billy."

"What happened?" he asked tenderly.

Aura took a deep breath, trying to calm down. "When. . .when I saw that monster; I kept seeing Goldar the other day at school. I couldn't move. . .I couldn't do anything. . .I was literally too afraid to think!"

Billy hugged her gently. "It's going to be okay."

Aura looked him in the eyes. "What if it isn't, Billy? What. . .what if I can't fight at all. . .ever again?"

"You will," he reassured her. "We just need to build your confidence back up. You are a great fighter, and you have a big heart. We won't let anything happen to you."

Aura's smile made him feel a lot better. "But what if someone gets hurt because of this, Billy? I've hurt you guys before, and I don't want it to happen again."

Tommy opened his mouth, but was interrupted by Alpha. "We will keep a lock on you; that way if something happens, we can get the others to you quickly."

"Thanks, Alpha," Aura smiled at the robot. "I don't know what I'd do without you guys. . .all of you."


"Let's go," the Amber Ranger sighed. Still in her gray eyes hovered a touch of fear.

* * *

Aura insisted on walking home alone; she wanted some time to think over what had happened. I don't believe I was such a wimp. I couldn't even move I was so scared! That's not like me at all. But I couldn't help myself. Oh, if something happens to Azure or the others I'll never forgive myself.

Aura was so deep into her thoughts; she didn't even notice when Goldar, TimeKeeper, and a group of Tengas appeared in front of her. She did, however, notice it when TimeKeeper snarled, "What's the matter, Ranger? No time for us?"

Aura's first scream of fear echoed. "Leave me alone!" Already her entire body shook with fear.

Goldar laughed. "She doesn't sound happy to see us!"

"I'm not!" Aura spat out. She could think of quite a few things she'd rather see than these two right now. Goldar paced closer to her, his sword out and ready.

"Hurt my feelings, why don't you?" he tried sounding mournful. Aura managed to back away, her heart pounding and sweat dripping from her face. She slid her hand into her pocket, pulling out her morpher.

I can do this! I can fight them! Aura's hands shook so badly she actually dropped her morpher! This is not good!

"Looks like the little best lost something!" TimeKeeper cackled. It came closer to her, looming menacingly. "And the next thing you will lose is your life!"

"Come on, Aura, you can do this," Aura muttered to herself. "You've got to do this!" a moment later, a powerful punch into her guts by Goldar knocked the breath out of her, and knocked to her knees as well. "Oh, that's real brave of you, monkey-boy!"

"Not as good as this one!" TimeKeeper moved too fast and hit her with a strong uppercut that nearly knocked her unconscious.

"Don't you guys know how to play fear?" Aura asked, barely able to keep herself steady.

"Leave her alone!" Adam yelled as he and the other Rangers teleported in. Billy ran straight to Aura's side and handed her the morpher she'd dropped.

"You okay?" Tommy glanced at her and asked. Aura nodded, a fury boiling up inside of her.

"For someone so scared she can't even hold her morpher, I'm fine!"

Timekeeper and Goldar backed away. "Till next time!" the monster promised.

"When you're not hiding behind your friends!" Goldar mockingly saluted her with his sword, then they both vanished. Aura crumpled against Billy, crying.

"Why won't they leave me alone? Why won't they stop trying to kill me?" she sobbed. "Or just do it and get it over with."

Billy hugged her firmly. "It's going to be okay. They're just trying to freak you out. Don't let them win."

"I can't even hold my own morpher, Billy!" Aura turned a tear-streaked face to him. "How am I supposed to fight when I'm shaking like this?"

Tommy knelt down by her. "It's going to take time, but we are going to get you through this. That is a promise."

Aura smiled shakily. "Thanks, Tommy. I needed that," she sighed to herself. Will I get through this?

* * *

"The only thing that spoiled that was the Rangers showing up! They're always spoiling the fun!" Goldar complained as he and TimeKeeper

appeared back in the palace.

"We are winning," Zedd smiled. "There is no way the Amber Ranger will regain her confidence, being attacked around every corner!"

"Then we'll finally be rid of her!" Rita cackled. "Keep up the good work, Goldar, don't give her a moment to rest!"

* * *

That was exactly what they did over the next week. Aura almost couldn't step outside of her house without Goldar, TimeKeeper and a batch of Tengas appearing to make her life miserable. Her panic attacks got worse and worse with each battle, until she shivered and shook so much she was quite literally too afraid to go outside.

She huddled in her room, in the dark, shaking with fear. This is pathetic. I'm the sworn defender of the Earth, and I can't even go out of my own room without shaking like a leaf!

A knock on the door sent Aura diving under her covers, heart pounding with fear. "Aura?" it was Azure's voice. "You going to come with me or not?"

"No," was Aura's shaking reply. A moment later, Azure came in, turning all the lights on. Knew I should have locked the door!

"Leave me alone, Azure!"

Azure was having none of that, however! "This has gone beyond ridiculous! You're a Power Ranger, for crying out loud! You are so scared you can't even go to the movies with your sister!"

"I don't want you to get attacked along with me!" Aura told her. "It's bad enough when I'm on my own!"

Azure grabbed Aura and pulled her out of the bed. "I've been watching you degrade for the past week! Adam told me to give it time, but I've had it! Now, either you can get ready on your own, or I can help you!"

If I don't, she'll hound me forever!! That's worse than being afraid! "All right! I'll go, if you promise to leave me alone once we're done!"

"Maybe," Azure looked at her. "We'll see."

* * *

As they walked to the theater, Aura glanced around nervously. No sign of them. Maybe they're not looking. Maybe I can actually have some free time. . .some peaceful time.

"See, it's not so bad!" Azure told her.

Aura sighed. "I guess not.

"Tick-toc-tick-toc!" Timekeeper appeared in front of her. "Ranger and her sister about to be stopped!"

Aura moved like lightning; putting herself in between Azure and the monster. "Don't you bother her!"

"Puny human," it was Goldar, coming from nowhere to wrap an arm around Azure's neck. "You can't stop us!"

"Azure, get out of here, now!" Aura shook already; she had to get Azure out of here, she'd known it was too dangerous to come out! Her sister tried to move, but Goldar's trip was too tight.

"Surrender, Amber Ranger!" Goldar hissed. Aura backed away, her eyes round with fear.

"Leave her alone!"

"Never!" Goldar growled at her. Timekeeper pulled out a stop watch.

"Maybe we should freeze the girl!" the monster threw the watch at Azure, and as it touched her, she froze solid.

"Azure!" Aura screamed. In place of fear. . .rage and hate filled her voice.

"What are you going to do about this?" Goldar laughed. "You certainly can't fight us!"

"I can," Aura stared at them, her voice still shaking with fear.

"Pathetic human," Goldar smiled evilly. "Your friends cannot help you now! Go ahead and call them!'

"I think I will!" Aura reached for her communicator, then paled. "Oh, man, I left it at home! This is not good!"

"This is the beginning of the end! Rito and the Tengas are taking care of your Ranger friends! I am going to deal with you personally!"

Aura grabbed for her morpher; finally managing to grab it this time. But as she did so, Goldar knocked it out of her hands! "Sorry, Amber Ranger, no such luck for you!"

"You and Rita and Zedd haven't left me alone since I got back from Kalakan! Why?!"

"Because it's our job to annoy you Rangers!" Goldar stomped towards her, sword upraised. Aura backed away, her eyes flicking to the morpher on the ground. She suffered a sudden flashback to when she had been under Zedd's control and chasing down Adam; she knew Goldar wouldn't permit her the "last request" she had Adam, to morph for the fight.

"My sister's not a Ranger!" Aura snapped. "Why do you keep bothering her?"

"She is your sister, and the girlfriend of the Black Ranger! That is why!"

Aura's nerves, frayed to the bone from a week of emotional torment, suddenly snapped. Her fear vanished and she leapt towards Goldar. "You are going to learn to leave my friends and family alone!" she snarled, uppercutting the gold monkey.

"Never!" he promised her. She did a combination backflip/kick to his chin and landed perfectly on balance, a warrior reborn.

"So the little Ranger is getting her confidence back!" Goldar laughed. "Pity it will be one of the last things you will do!"

"Yeah, right," Aura laughed. "I've heard that before!"

Aura rammed an elbow into Goldar's stomach, then grabbed him by one arm and threw him over her shoulder. She glared at him as he struggled to his feet. "That's what six months of training coming home from the world you bastards destroyed did for me!"

The other Rangers teleported in just as Goldar was getting to his feet. Aura stormed straight back into battle, taking out months worth of fear, frustration, and anger on him. When Billy saw her fighting, he smiled. "All right, Aura!" He cheered her.

Aura waved as she pulled off a roundhouse kick that knocked Goldar's sword ten feet away. Billy and Adam both broke out laughing, until the Black Ranger noticed Azure's frozen form. "No!"

"Till another day, Rangers!" Goldar swore and vanished. Aura joined her friends and smiled a little.

"I feel a lot better now!" she told them. She had her morpher in her hands already.

"What happened here?" Adam asked, fear choking his voice now. He couldn't seem to take his eyes off Azure.

"He did," Aura glared at TimeKeeper, who seemed to be frozen in time himself at the fierce look in the Amber Ranger's eyes. "And we're going to tear him apart for it!"

"You can say that again!" Adam snapped. "Power Blaster!" Tommy and Aura stood by as the other five Rangers blasted the creature. As it faded to dust, Azure collapsed to the ground. She looked up to see a look of confidence and strength in Aura's eyes that she had almost forgotten.

"Aura! You did it!" Azure smiled. Her sister nodded.

"And I have you to thank for it, Azure," she helped Azure up, smiling, and hugged her.


"I would have never come out tonight if it weren't for you," Aura reminded her. "And when you were frozen, I just couldn't let it keep on going. I never have been able to stand you being hurt."

"Glad you're back," Azure hugged her in return. "I'm also glad you're overprotective!"

* * *

"Goldar! You idiot!" Zedd roared in supreme anger. "You can forget getting your wings back!"

Goldar was confused. "I don't understand! How could she have gotten her confidence back?"

"It must've been that sister of hers," Rita growled as she watched Earth. "She cares so much for her!"

"It's been like that every time! Whenever we think we have her, her love for her sister always messes things up somehow!"

"That is so," Zedd nodded, deep in thought.

"What are you thinking of, Zedd?" Rita bounced like the evil child she'd once been. "Is it evil?"

"It is indeed!" Zedd laughed.

"Then tell!"

"We destroy Azure!"

"Excellent plan, my dear!" Rita approved. "But how? The Amber Ranger is almost always with her, or the Black Ranger is!"

"Then we make sure we get her when they are busy with one of our monsters!" Zedd decided.

"Shall we simply kill her then?" Rita wondered. Zedd shook his head.

"No, I have a few other plans than just that," Zedd turned his gaze to the Robinson house, watching as they bid each other good-night. "Now, I just need to know a few things about her."

* * *

"Good night, Azure, and thanks!" Aura called as she closed her door.

"You're welcome!" Azure slid into bed and kissed the photo of Adam next to her bed good night. Moments later, she was deep into sleep and deep into nightmares.

Eric smiled evilly. "You can never escape me, Azure. You're going to be my girlfriend, whether you like it or not!"

Azure backed into a corner, whimpering as he slapped her hard. "No, please, Eric, leave me alone!"

"Oh, no, this is too much fun! You're so beautiful when you beg!" Eric advanced on her, a cold and harsh light in his eyes.

"Eric, stop!" Azure screamed. "Please, stop!"

"Azure!" it was Aura's voice, pulling her up out of the nightmare and into the waking world. "Azure, you're having a nightmare, wake up!"

"Aura?" Azure stared at her sister. Aura held her tightly.

"You were dreaming. . .about Eric I guess, you were telling him to stop!"

Azure's eyes filled with tears. "Why am I having these dreams again? I finally find someone who makes me feel safe, and now this!"

Aura sat on the bed next to Azure. "Azure, they're only dreams. They're not real."

Her sister looked up at her. "Oh, Aura. What am I going to do if he finds me?"

Aura smiled lightly. "If he does: he'll find out just how deadly the Amber Ranger can be when she puts her mind to it."

* * *

"So, the little human has dreams of an old love," Zedd mused as he watched Azure's nightmare and Aura trying to comfort her afterwards. "This could work to our advantage."

"What have you got in mind, Zeddy?" Rita knew this would be a plan like none other. "Tell me!'

Zedd scanned the Earth, seeking out who he wanted. "This is going to be the ultimate plan!! The destruction of both that blasted Azure Robinson, and all the Power Rangers along with her!"