Author's Note: (Special thanks to Joe Rovang, the patron saint of PR fanfic writers, for being able to double check in his Writers' Guide, that no reference was made as to the gender of Billy's cousin.)

by Eva Beckwith

Sent: 0205--
I got the new glasses! Thanks so much. They are amazing. I don't recognize the material in them though. They arrived just before I left Earth. Your father brought them to me.

I'm going to try the contacts again, but it is so nice that SOMEONE understands the problem with my eyes, and who better than you. I just wish I could see you in person again -- it has been so many years! I was just a little kid when I visited your family. Whatever did happen to that toy cannon I left behind?

This place is fantastic! You really should see it for yourself. It is strange that after such a short time, everyone now takes anti-null-gravity for granted. You have no idea how much I want to tell everyone here that the co-inventor of the Cranston-Bookala Effect is my cousin, but I really think your advice is wise. If I truly want to make my own mark as a scientist, I just won't mention to ANYONE who my brilliant relative is. But now I have a question for you -- when you sent that advice, it sounded as if you had some experience in not revealing information. I can't find any references in any other journals concerning a Dr. (?) Bookala, except in another paper of yours concerning the control of weather. Care to clue me in?

I'll fill you in on MY research developments when I have a more time.

More later - K