Snow Drift
by: Cynthia and Elizabeth

Adam quickly deposited his bags into their room's closet. A whole three days away from school. "Man, a whole weekend away from Angel Grove, school, and everything!"

"We need this vacation. I just wish the others could've come though." Billy put his bags next to Adam's, and headed towards the window. The snow covered the ski resort, everything looked perfect.

"Rocky and Tommy have that competition tomorrow, and you know how Kim and Aisha get if you interrupt them while there is a sale going on at the mall!"

"Yeah, I know. No one better get in their way during a sale."

"What do you say we forget unpacking for now, and go hit the slopes?"

"Yeah, this is going to be a great weekend!" Adam and Billy both grabbed their skies and headed for fun in the snow. ***

Elissa Jones stood on top of the slopes, binoculars to her face, looking for someone. "Oooh, yes, we have a winner!"

"Your drooling!" Evanthe Foster stood behind her friend. The secrets the two of them shared were incredible.

"Blame me?" She pointed straight towards Adam.

"Not bad, but the other one…" Her voice trailed off as her jaw almost literally landed on the ground.

"What?" Evanthe showed her friend the other guy. "Ah! You saw dinner!"

"That would come later!"

"Your almost as bad as I am, almost!" Elissa patted her older friend on the shoulder.

She stared at Billy, wanting him for her own. "Wonder if they need ski lessons?"

"Who cares! Let's just ask them if they want to ski with us!"

"All right!" She followed her friend down the hill to where to two younger men sat.

Elissa ran over to Adam. "Hi!" She smiled. _He's better looking in real life then through those binoculars._


"Care for some company?"

"Um…actually, my friend and I were just about to go skiing." She was beautiful, but couldn't figure out why she had chosen to talk to him of all people.

Evanthe finally reached Elissa, having been stopped by a couple of her students. "Hello!"

Billy smiled at her. She looked so familiar to him, like someone he had met before, but couldn't place where. _Who is this beautiful creature?_ Billy was shocked at her next question.

"I'm Evanthe, and you are?"

_How did she?_ "I'm Billy Cranston, and this is Adam Park." He pointed to his friend, who was staring deeply into the other girls hazel eyes. "Who is your friend?"

"This is Elissa Jones." Elissa never took her eyes off Adam as she waved to Billy.

"Nice to meet you."

"Would you two care to go skiing with us?" Adam didn't want to be far from her.

"Love to!" She moved a little closer to Adam, testing just how far she could get with him.

"Let's go. I know the best slopes here!"

The two Rangers walked off with their two new friends, enjoying a couple hours of skiing. ***

The four of them sat at one of the many outdoor tables, talking. Elissa and Adam seemed to be off in their own little world together. "You are good."

"Thanks, so are you."

"I was wondering if you wouldn't mind joining me tonight? For some dinner," Her eyes lowered on Adam's body, who was sitting right next to her. "…and whatever."

"That sounds…nice." The nervousness crept into his voice. _She wasn't looking where I think she was looking. Was she?_

Evanthe looked towards Billy, and smiled. "Guess that leaves you and me on our own."

"I guess, would you care to join me for dinner?"

For some reason, that Billy could not fathom, his question caused Elissa to start giggling uncontrollably. Evanthe just raised an eyebrow, and quickly answered Billy before laughing herself. "I'd love to."

Adam looked curiously to the girl on his right. "What's so funny?"

"Private joke," Evanthe answered for Elissa.

"Very private!"

Adam glanced over to Billy, looking a little more confused then usual. He had only known Elissa for a couple of hours, but could see spending the rest of his life with her.

Elissa glanced quickly at her watch. "Shoot, I need to get going. Adam, we live in that Cabin over there. Would you stop by around 7? I'll have dinner ready." She pointed to a building off in the distance.

"I'll be there!"

Billy and Evanthe quickly agreed to meet at the same time for their date, and the four headed off in their own separate ways. ***

Adam walked next to Billy, fidgeting with his jacket every couple of seconds. _What did I get myself into?_ He liked her from the moment he saw her, but he wasn't sure he was ready for what she had planned. He knew that it was evident to Billy just how much he liked her, after all, she was all he talked about since they left them that afternoon.

"Something wrong?"

"I don't know. I guess I'm just a little nervous. I like Elissa, but…" Adam looked at Billy, looking for what he wanted to say.

"Elissa's a beautiful girl, she likes you too. I can tell."

"It's how much she likes me that's making me nervous"

"What do you mean?"

"Was I the only one who noticed where she was looking when she asked me out?"

Billy turned away from his friend, face bright red. "No, I wasn't looking at you two at the moment."

"Yeah." Adam fell quickly to the ground as the earth started shaking. "What the heck?"

Billy stopped a few feet away from Adam, turning he saw what caused the earthquake. "AVALANCHE!!!"

Adam's eyes grew larger, swearing as the snow buried him and Billy. ***

Elissa watched her friend get ready for her date. She knew Evanthe was cutting it close. Elissa looked out the window in time to see the avalanche. "Great! EVANTHE!"

"What is it?" Evanthe poked her head into the living room.

"Avalanche." Looking at the clock next to door way, the panic struck in her. "ADAM!" She yelled and ran right out the door. Evanthe followed her friend closely, but stopped when she saw Billy's hand coming out of the snow. She quickly dug the young man out of the snow.

"Adam…where is he?"

"Elissa is digging him out." She watched as her friend started pulling the unconscious teen out of the snow drift. "He'll be okay. We need to get you both to some heat." ***

Elissa watched as the color returned to Adam's face; gently removing one blanket, replacing it with a warmer one. Watching, she noticed his eyes flickering, and Evanthe moving Billy a little closer to the fireplace.

"We need to put you into some warm dry clothes." Both of the young teens clothes were in the dryer. Adam was clad in his birthday suit underneath the blanket, while Billy was wrapped up in a far-too-short housecoat. Despite the seriousness of the situation, Elissa could clearly tell Evanthe was very interested in him and for more reasons than one.

Elissa looked at the two, and simply stated, "I think there are some in that old trunk I bought last week. They might do till their clothes are done."

Evanthe quickly nodded and kneeled next to her friend, whispering into her ear. "I need to feed, and…" She didn't have to finish her sentence when Elissa quickly broke in.

"Take him to the attic, I'll stay here with Adam," she knew Evanthe's need couldn't be put off. Missing a meal meant more than going hungry for her.

"I hope he's not revolted. I really like him, as more then just a midnight snack." _It's. .. well. ..I wonder if after all this time, I could really be in love? Who knows?_

She couldn't help but laugh at her friend. "Billy, do you think you could help Evanthe with that trunk? It's really too heavy for one person, and I don't want to leave Adam till he wakes up fully." If he only knew. ..

"I'd love to." He was up in a flash, a housecoat that had belonged to the former third owner fit him snugly around his body, almost too small in some areas, a fact which seemed to please Evanthe a great deal. Elissa watched as the two went up the main staircase. ***

Billy followed Evanthe up into the attic, the antiques surrounded him were beautiful. He couldn't help but smile at her when she turned to him from her spot near the trunk.



She looked into his blue eyes, she could scarcely bring herself to tell him the truth. "You know we're probably trapped here in the cabin for a while." The snow was still falling outside, bringing an unexpected snowstorm their way.

"I know."

"Billy, I have no food here, no sustenance, except..." Her voice trailed off at the look in his eyes.

"Except what?"

She quickly looked out the window at the new fallen snow, then to him. "Except you."

"Me?" The fear was evident in his voice. _This is just great! I am trapped in a cabin with a homicidal lunatic!_

_I have to tell him the truth about me._ "I...I'm a vampire, Billy."

Billy couldn't help but be more then a bit scared, but mostly shocked at what she just told him. "You...your a vampire?"

"I have to drink human blood every day. I don't kill those I feed from, but I have to drink."

"And you want to drink mine?"

"Not want to…have to. If I don't, you don't want to know what will happen."

He couldn't stand seeing this beautiful creature hurting in any way. "Okay, I'll let you drink mine. If you answer one question." He had to know this one little thing.

"And what's that?"

"Was that the only reason you wanted to have dinner with me?"

Evanthe laughed as she shook her head. "No, I was planning to go out for my...meal, before you got here. The avalanche changed things, though."

"Then let's get this over with. Can't keep my date hungry, can I?"

She smiled as she came over to him. "This won't hurt."

"I hope not."

Evanthe wrapped his arm around, her face nearing his neck. He felt her fangs enter his veins and he had to admit that it actually felt very nice! ***

Elissa sat humming as Adam started to wake up. She found it very hard not to make a move on him while he was only wearing blankets. The moan emitted from Adam, as his eyes flickered open and his hands reached for his head, could be heard throughout the cabin.

"Hello Handsome."

Adam sat up, noticing the draft he looked under the blanket and turned a deep shade of red. "Umm...where are my clothes?"

"In the drier." _Oh, how I want him. I hope he wants me the same way._

"Oh." He looked quickly around the room and noticed that they were the only two. "So, what happened? Where's Billy?"

"You and Billy were caught in an avalanche. Billy's sorta helping Evanthe with something in the attic. Which leaves the two of us alone, for quite some time."

Adam smiled at her. "Yeah, I can see that."

"What do you want to do?"

"What are our options?"

"Eat or have fun."

"Fun?!" Adam squeaked, and was a little worried at the way she had said that word.

"Seeing how we are going to be stuck here for awhile..."

"And if Evanthe & Billy interrupt the fun?"

"They won't. Their going to be up in the attic for some time." Elissa got up and left the room.

"Elissa?" _She was so on to me a second ago. Did I do or say something to upset her?_

Elissa came back into the room, quieting Adam's fears, and carrying tray of food. "Thought you might be hungry."

"Yeah, I am."

She fed him a grape, but quickly grabbed her head. "Not now!"

"Elissa?" He reached over to her, only to have her back away.

"Adam...get away from me...for your own saftey...get out of here!" Her screaming brought Evanthe running down the stairs.

"What's going on?"


Evanthe saw Adam going towards Elissa. "No ADAM!! Come over here! Elissa, you've got to get out of the house!"

Elissa was trembling as she ran out of the house, screaming incoherently.

"Adam, come on, you'll be safe in the attic."

"What is going ON?"

"Just come on up, I'll explain everything there."

Adam followed her up as they both hear a wolf's howl. "We should've remembered it was tonight."

Adam looked around and saw one very dazed Billy sitting against a trunk. "What was tonight?"

"The night of the full moon."

"What is going on? What does a full moon have to do with why happened to Elissa?"

"Elissa is a werewolf, that's what's going on."

He couldn't hide his shock. "What?"

"I said she's a werewolf."

"Exactly how bad does she get on full moons?"

"She's a wolf now and she'll stay one until sunrise."

"What's wrong with him?"

"He'll be all right." She smiled as she remembered how much he had enjoyed her doing that, how his hands had started to roam all over her while she drank. _Pity I had to stop him. We could have had a lot of fun!_ She noticed how he sighed every time he heard Elissa's howl, and how tired he looked. "She'll come back at sunrise, and she'll be all right."

"I hope so."

"I know so. I've been through this before, many times."

"I guess you would." He suddenly found himself staring at her. "How long have you known Elissa?"

"Not long, by our standards, only a century or so."

"A century? What exactly are you?"

Evanthe looked him dead in the eyes. No lies would be told in this house. "I'm a vampire."

He couldn't believe his ears. First the most beautiful woman he ever met was a werewolf, now he finds out that her best friend and room mate was a vampire! "This night has gone from strange, to the bizarre."

"I've been a vampire for over 600 years, I'm used to it."

Adam slowly and carefully walked over to window, looking for some sign of Elissa. "For someone I just met today…" He whispered the next part ever so softly. "I fell in love immediately."

Evanthe laughed silently to herself, she knew she could hear him as clearly as if he were standing next to her. "So did she."

Adam smiled, then looked at Evanthe. "Um...question?"


He quickly looked down at what he was wearing. "You got something a little warmer then this blanket?"

Evanthe walked over to the trunk Billy was leaning on and pulled out some clothes, throwing them to him, she noticed his questioning look at his friend. "Oh, Billy's like that because I had to drink a little of his blood."

Adam thanked her for the outfit she selected and went behind an old screen and changed.

"He'll recover soon, though." She watched as Adam came out wearing the jeans and a sweater that amazingly fit like a tight glove. She couldn't help but lick her lips. "You know, if Elissa didn't already have a paw on you. You look good enough to drink."

Adam blushed, his cheeks turning the deepest of reds, as he watched Evanthe walk to the window.

"I hope we can get out of here soon."

"So do I." He agreed as the yawn spilled from his mouth. "Do we have to stay up in the attic all night?"

"Not now that she's gone. She won't come back indoors until she's human again."

He glanced up at the Grandfather clock in the corner. "Four more hours till sunrise."

"We'd better get some sleep then."

Adam helped get Billy downstairs and onto the couch Adam had just vacated. Evanthe showed Adam to Elissa's room.

"Oh, and before you ask, no I don't sleep in a coffin."

"You know, I wasn't even thinking about that. I kinda figured you didn't when you were out in the sunlight today." ***

Evanthe watched out the window, worried at the still falling snow. Her eyes widen as Elissa staggered up to the porch and fell down. Running out in the thin tee and shorts, she brought her in and laid her down on the couch.

"This is the worst it's ever been."

"You'll be all right. "

"Adam?" Her thoughts were a jumble. This hadn't happened in a long time.

"He's all right. I told him everything."

"Where is he?"

Evanthe gestured Adam to come closer. He moved over to the side of the couch and brushed some of her hair away from her face. "Hey, Elissa."

"Adam, you look well." Was the last thing she said as she passed out cold.

"She'll be fine once she sleeps some." She watched as Elissa turned over and silently called for Adam.

"I'm here, Elissa." He stayed next to her as she fell into a deep sleep. ***

Zedd spied on the two recovering Rangers. His thoughts turned to evil plans he could hatch with them.

"What're you looking at, Zeddy?"

"The two snowed in Rangers...and their special friends"

Rita, who obviously hadn't been paying attention, looked at her husband questioningly. "What's so special about them?"

"One's a Vampire and one's a werewolf!"

"Ohhhhh!!!!! That sounds fascinating!!!!"

Rita took the opportunity to look down through her Repulsascope to watch Elissa and Adam talking together. "No! They're a GOOD vampire & werewolf!!!"

"Not if I can help it!"

"That's what I love about you, Zedd, you've got such a wickedly twisted mind! What are you going to do?"

"We capture the two Rangers, and DEMAND the two girls surrender!"

"What a wonderful plan!" Her laugh echoed through the Throne Room, almost shaking the walls.


Rito entered the room, holding the smallest little rat in his big clumsy hands. "Yeah, what is it Ed?"

Zedd growled at Rito, but decided not to correct him this time. "I want you to take a squadron of Tengas down to Earth and kidnap the Black and Blue Rangers...take them to this cave and hold them there." Zedd showed Rito the cave, praying his bumbling brother-in-law got something right for a change.

"Whaddya want me to do that for?"

"I want their friends, but for this spell to work they must come to me willingly."

"Okay, I'm on the way!" Rito gathered up the Tengas and headed out towards Earth. ***

Elissa held Adam close to her. She was thankful he let her, and that it had finally stopped snowing. "I am sorry for last night."

"Hey, you couldn't help yourself. You are what you are."

The memories of the man who made her into a werewolf flooded into her head. _This isn't the time or place to think, or talk about him._ "I wasn't always like this."

"How did it happen?"

"I got bit by a werewolf." _While having sex in the barn with my fiancé!_

"How old are you, anyway? Though I must say, you don't look a day over 17."

"117, I was 17 when I was turned into a werewolf. I met Evanthe about the time that it happened. She helped me through what I had done."

Adam shivered a bit at the thought that his best friend was inside the cabin with a 600 and some odd year old Vampire. Much less him being with a 117 year old werewolf. "She does not look 600 years old!"

"That she doesn't." Elissa wanted him since the first moment she saw him, she looked at the perfect spot and starts to take the opportunity to caress his neck ever so gently.

An electric charge ran down his back and he stood there smiling while she tended to his neck, hoping for her to do more then just that. "Just what HAVE you learned in 117 years?"

"A lot, and this is what I wanted to do to you last night." She said as her mouth moved down the back of his neck and her tongue traced the neckline of the sweater he wore.

Adam let out the softest of moans. She knew right were to hit him. "Now you can."

"And now, you're coming with me!" Rito Revolto appeared in the snow in front of the cabin. The Tengas stood behind him ready to attack them if need be.

"What the heck? Evanthe! Get out's your ex-boyfriend!" She said all to jokingly.

Evanthe came out, laughing at Elissa's little joke, not looking upset in the least.

"Man this is not good." Adam looked over to Billy as the two came out, his eyes widened when he saw Evanthe in only a bikini top and jeans.

"Ewwww. No, Elissa, my ex smells better than this!"

"I don't think he would anymore, he's been dead for almost 90 years."

"They all die sooner or later. Now you, bone guy. .what're you doing on our property?"

"I came for those two!" Pointing to Adam and Billy, who were getting ready to fight the Tengas.

"Well, you can't have them! They're ours!" Evanthe and Elissa quickly joined their new friends in the snow, reading for the attack.

"Sorry little girl, but their coming with us! TENGAS! ATTACK!"

The Tengas quickly aimed their attack at the two guys, but fought the Vampire and Werewolf off of them. Evanthe headed straight for Rito. "LITTLE GIRL!??! I'm 645 years old!"

"So, I'm 2000!" Rito shrugged and deflected Evanthe's attack with ease.

"How much of that have you spent dead?"

Elissa jumped back towards the porch and snapping one of the Tengas necks in the process. "Probably 1500 years!"

Evanthe couldn't help but laugh at her friends remarks and charged at Rito with all her might. "Probably so!"

Adam and Billy spent most of their time and energy on the attack rather then the usual "making fun of the bad guys" routine. Both being a little weak from the previous night were taken prisoner with very little effort.


Elissa watched as Adam was taken away, snapping yet another Tengas neck, she did her best to reach him. "ADAM!!! NO!!!"

Evanthe glared at Rito, doing her best to kick him where the sun didn't shine. "LET THEM GO!"

"I don't think so toots!" Tossing a little black cube towards Evanthe, he and the two Rangers evaporated into the mid-afternoon sun.

Evanthe caught it with very little effort. "What's this?" The two friends handled the small black cube. A revolting image of a skinless man become visible before them. "What the hell?"

"Evanthe Foster and Elissa Jones, listen carefully. You have five hours to save your friends, and all you have to do is serve me. Meet us at the Olderon Cave."

"Olderon Cave?" Elissa couldn't believe what idiots these people were.

"Elissa, we can't do it"

Elissa removed her hand from the cube, no longer being able to stand the sight of him. She was thankful that his image had dissolved before she informed Evanthe, "I know that cave like the back of my paw."

"Good, then we can get in there & get them out."

"One of us will have to distract them."

"Which one of us?" She eyed her friend curiously, wondering what she had planned.

"You'll have to. I can sneak in and get them out." She glanced over to Evanthe who simply nodded in agreement. "Let's get them out of there."

"Let's show this guy that tangling with two creatures of the night just isn't smart!" They set out on the road to the cave. Evanthe knew how worried Elissa was about Adam's dwindling health. ***

Adam looked around the small cell they had them in. _Too much like the one they kept Aisha, Rocky, and myself in._ His eyes barely able to stay open, and to make matters worse he was freezing without a jacket on. "What do you want with us Rito?"

"Oh, it's not me, it's Ed. Actually, he wants those two girlfriends of yours."

"Why didn't he just take them then?"

"Ed said something about they had to come willingly."

Adam found himself stumbling, hardly able to stand up, much less concentrate. "Why?"

" Something about the spell he wants to use. I wasn't paying attention, I had this really cool rat I was playing with at the time."

Adam fell to the ground, he found that he just couldn't stand up anymore. "Damn." He whispered.

Rito couldn't help but laugh at Adam's condition. "You Rangers think you're SO smart, it sure was EASY to catch you!"

Billy looked quickly at Adam, his worry over him shown brightly. His eyes moved over to glare at Rito. "You think the fact that we were caught in an avalanche yesterday could have something to do with that?"

"Course not, Blue Ranger! You're just weak!"

Billy laughed at Rito's statement, hoping Elissa and Evanthe weren't within ear shot. Not knowing that they were right outside the doors. Going over to Adam, noticing how close he is to passing out, listens to his chattering teeth for a little bit. "You going to be okay?"

"I don't know, I really don't."

"Let's hope the others have detected Rito on Earth."

Evanthe wandered into the cave's opening and shouted out to Rito. "Hey, Bone-guy! You're ugly & your mother dresses you funny!"

"Ah…so one of you decide to surrender?"

"Nah, I'm just here to be annoying. You know, in 600 years I have NEVER met anyone who smelled as nice as you."

Rito stepped closer to her. _Did she just pay me a compliment? She is kinda cute._ "Really?"

Evanthe backed up a bit. There was no way she wanted to be too close to that stench. "Yeah, you smell like rotting cabbages and dead fish!"


"You can't catch a cold much less me!" Evanthe took off running towards the hills, not going anywhere near as fast as capable of going.

"I wouldn't bet on that!" Rito ran after, leaving only two Tengas behind to guard the Rangers. Elissa sneaked in, and quickly snapped their necks.

"How do I break this force-field?"

Billy gestured towards the control panel on the wall. "Over there, I think." He watched as Elissa broke it with one quick punch to it.

Elissa walked over to them, noticing how badly Adam is shaking. "We need to get him help. Evanthe, where are you?" She held Adam close to her, the tears fighting to fall down her face.

Evanthe jumped into the cavern, having heard her friend. "I'm right here!"

"We need to get Adam help, he's not going to make it if we don't hurry."

"Then let's go. Those idiots won't be back for a while."

Elissa looked at Evanthe, who is was now more appropriately dressed for the weather, picking up Adam. "Hang in there."

"Can we make it back to your cabin?" The fear dripped from Billy's voice. Adam had quickly become his best friend, and he didn't want to lose him now.

"It's too far."

"Oh, man." He quickly glanced at his communicator, he knew he could save Adam, but wasn't sure if he how to tell them he could.

"He's...he's..." The words were being trapped in her throat. She knew that if this had happened the night before, she would have been able to save him. He would have ended up a werewolf, but a small price to pay for living.

Evanthe looked at Billy, now was not the time for secrets. "He's dead if we can't get to wherever your Power Ranger headquarters is, Billy. I guess you guys probably have some way of fixing up stuff like this."

Billy eyes showed how stunned he truly felt. "What?"

Evanthe tapped her ears, smiling towards Billy. "I can hear a mouse crawling fifty miles away, Billy, & that bone thing wasn't even TRYING to be quiet!" Elissa looked up from where she held Adam in her arms, tears streaming down her face, and just nodded her agreement.

"How do we get to wherever it is?"

Billy brought his communicator up to his mouth, contacting Command Center. "Zordon. This is Billy, we have a problem. I'm teleporting in. Adam's been hurt, and our secret it out."

The three could hear the worry in Zordon's voice as it filled the cavern. "I will have Alpha standing by, Billy." ***

"This isn't happening again!" Zedd's fist slammed against the banister.

"I don't believe this!"


Rito teleported into the throne room. He could tell that both Zedd and his sister where not in a good mood. "What is it Ed?"


Rito remembered the insulting things that one of them said. "That one girl was saying I smelled like ROTTEN CABBAGE!"

"She was being nice." Zedd watched the goings on in the Command Center as much as he could. He knew it Adam's condition wasn't good. "Well, one good thing came out of it. The Black Ranger is dying!"

Rita cackled with delight, even though she had always fancied this Black Ranger, she knew it was a hands off subject. "At least that's good! But what about the vampire & the werewolf?"

"We will get them! Oh yes, we will get them!"

"Do you have a plan?" She knew her husband, and simply muttered after asking, "No, that's asking too much most likely!"

"I do, but it's going to be tricky." ***

Elissa laid Adam's unconscious body down on the bed as Billy explained to Zordon and the other Rangers how her and Evanthe found out their secret, and just what they were. Alpha worked as fast as he could on Adam, trying his best to bring up his body temperature. She held onto his hand, looking at Alpha she had to know. "It's hypothermia, isn't it?"

"Yes, and I can fix that."

Elissa kissed Adam sensitively on his forehead, the joined the Rangers and Evanthe's discussion.

"That bone guy, Rito I think, said something about a spell not working unless we came willingly."

Elissa looked at the Rangers and asked. "Why do they want us?"

Kim looked at them. "Ummm, not meaning to be rude, but you're a vampire and a werewolf. They're evil villains trying to take over the world, they probably want you to help."

"Well, they can just kiss off and kiss some more of those bird things good bye." Her, Evanthe, and Billy all laughed a trifle at the remembrance of Elissa effortlessly snapping four Tengas necks.

"We might be creatures of the night, but we're not evil!"

Tommy sighed a bit, he was more concerned over Adam's well being then weather or not Evanthe and Elissa were 'creatures of the night'. "We know, Billy and Adam wouldn't have trusted you if you were evil. Thanks again for saving their necks."

"Billy's neck is so cute, it deserved saving."

"And we promise not to tell anyone your secret."

"We've got practice in keeping secrets, anyway."

Tommy smiled at the two. _One day, those two are going to be good friends to the Rangers._

Alpha walked over to the Rangers doing the one thing he loved to do, give good news. "He should be all right with a couple of days worth of sleep."

Adam's whisper reached the groups ears. "Elissa."

"Sounds like he's doing better already." Evanthe smiled as she watched her friend of the past 100 years go over to him.

"I'm here Adam." She watched as Adam looked into her eyes and smiled. "You are going to be fine. Alpha saved you."

"Thanks Alpha."

"You are going to be staying with me for a while. I don't want to have to explain to your parents how you ended up at home after having Hypothermia."

"That sounds like a good idea to me."

Elissa whispered almost seductively into his ear. "Maybe we can pick up where we left off."

Adam's smile suddenly became even broader. "That sounds very nice!"

"Is it okay if I take him home?"

"Just let him rest a lot, and no heavy activity for a couple of days!"

Elissa pouted a little jokingly. "You no fun."

"When he's all healed up, then it's up to you two!"

"Okay." Elissa picked him up with no problems as Alpha teleported them out to the cabin.

Evanthe smile shone from ear to ear. It had been so long since she saw Elissa this happy. _Not since…_ "She's really in love."

"Isn't it time we got you back too?"

"Yeah, I have to feed soon."


Evanthe shook her head. She couldn't risk killing him. "Not on you. Not this soon after the last time."

"Then who? Remember, there's a huge pile of snow in front of the cabin!"

"That's simple. Teleport me to the nearest place w/lots of people. I'll just 'get takeout'."

Billy laughed as Zordon gave his approval. Billy teleported her to her dinner and himself back to the cabin. ***

The two sat in front of the fire in her cabin. Adam had recovered, and was feeling a lot better. "This is so wonderful." He felt Elissa's mouth on his neck, sweetly caressing ever inch of it. "Oh, yeah, that is WONDERFUL!"

Elissa stopped her caresses and moved to look at his face. "I am glad you came skiing."

"So am I. If I had known that you were waiting up here, I'd would've come a lot sooner."

Elissa smiled, gently putting a finger over his mouth. She moved closer to him, kissed him full on the lips, and wrapped him up in a hug. He returned the hug with all his strength.

"I'm glad we were able to save your life."

Elissa pushed him down into a lying position, and gently straddled his legs. "Adam, I need you in my life. I need you to love me in every way."

"As I need you." His eyes shone with the truest of love, as his voice radiated what his heart and soul had waited for.

She looked into his eyes, and knew that once again life had given her someone. "I love you." She leaned down and ravished Adam's mouth, and slowly removed his clothes, and they moved together as one. ***

Evanthe sat with Billy, watching the sun set over the hills of Angel Grove. "I haven't been this happy in over three centuries."

"I'm glad everything is okay now."

"I think I'm going to talk to Elissa about moving, though."

Billy looked a little upset, he didn't want to lose her. "Where to?"

"To Angel Grove."

"I don't think Elissa would mind."

"The food's better there anyway, and there are other reasons." Her hand encircled his, and smiled lovingly at him.

"If you ever need a midnight snack, let me know!"

"I will, and I might have to if pickings are slim someday.

Billy's grip on her hand got a little tighter. "I love you, Evanthe."

"I love you too, Billy. Before we go any farther, I have to tell you something. Remember I told you if I didn't feed, you didn't want to know what it would be like?"


"It's called the Blood Lust. If I go for more than three days without fresh human blood, I quite literally go insane, and will kill anything and anyone in sight."

"Can't you even drink from Elissa?"

"She's a werewolf, and it has to be true human blood. That's why I had to feed on you. I didn't dare risk being trapped without blood."

"Then we have to make sure it doesn't happen. Have you eaten today?"

"I usually feed at night. It's easier for me to get what I need without someone seeing me."

"If you can't, you always have me. Remember that." He leaned close to her and their lips met in the sweetest of kisses. ***

Zedd listened in on Billy and Evanthe's little conversation as Rita watched Adam and Elissa with total envy. "So, she goes through the Blood Lust. This could work to our advantage."

Goldar listened carefully to his master. "What do you have in mind, my lord?"


"Sounds like a cool plan, Ed!"

"That's ZEDD!" His eyes stared at Rita. "And just what are you looking at?"

"The werewolf & the frogboy!"

Zedd turned his attention down to the two in the cabin. "Their going at it like two love starved animals. That is totally gross!"

"I know! I wonder how they'll like it when their vampire friend loses her mind from blood loss, and starts KILLING anything in sight. .including them!"

"Who knows, but this might help us capture her." Zedd's sinister laugh filled the room as produced a handful of garlic.

The End... for now