Passing Love
by: Cynthia and Elizabeth

Elissa sat staring out window with a huge smile on her face. Her thoughts flew by with what she and Adam were going to do that night. So deep were they that she barely noticed Evanthe enter the living room.

"I'm going to take Billy out for his first lessons."

"Yeah." Her voice was almost totally distracted.

"There's a parade of snowmen doing the rumba in the back yard." Elissa only nodded. I gotta snap her out of this. "I saw Adam with this cute Doberman the other day."

"That's nice."


The werewolf looked over at her friend, frowning slightly at the interruption of her daydream. "What?"

"You're dreaming about Adam again!" Evanthe smiled. "What was it this time, you two in your place, his place, the woods?"

"Evanthe," Elissa said softly. "You promised not to. . . "

The vampire bit her lip. "Oh, man, I'm sorry, I just forgot!" Oh, what have I done now? I should've remembered how sensitive she is over this!

Elissa got to her feet and glared at her best friend. "Excuse me," in tears, she stormed out of the room and locked herself into her bedroom.

"Elissa!" Evanthe pounded on the door. "Elissa, come out, please, I'm sorry!"

"Leave me alone!" Elissa yelled as she pulled her suitcase out from under the bed. She needed time away from everything right now, even Evanthe. She ignored her friend as Evanthe called her name over and over again. With quick, precise movements she packed, then threw the door open, walking past Evanthe as if she wasn't there.

"Elissa, where are you going?" Evanthe worried more about Elissa than she did about herself; it was only natural, considering all they'd been through together.

"Away," Evanthe shivered at the chill in her friend's voice.

"What should I tell Adam?"

Elissa turned away. "I can tell Adam, thank you very much. Or did you forget that we can communicate telepathically?"

"No, but. . .," Evanthe couldn't find the words to express how she was feeling, maybe there were no words for it.

Elissa turned back around, putting the suitcase down next to her. "What?" still no trace of warmth or friendship there.

"Elissa, we're best friends," Evanthe tried again. "I'm sorry I hurt you!"

"I'll see you when I get back," Elissa headed out the door again.

"Be careful, wherever you're going."

Elissa barely nodded. "I will. And next time, think before you speak," she stormed out. Evanthe leaned against the wall, tears in her eyes.

"Oh, man, I hope you do come back!" she jumped a little as the phone rang. Picking it up, she asked, "Hello?"

"Hey, gorgeous!" she smiled a little, it was Billy! "What's going on?"

She sighed. "Nothing good, at least not where Elissa's concerned."

"What do you mean?" she quickly told him what had happened just minutes earlier. When she was done, Billy was in shock. "Man, I never realized we hurt her that much with our teasing!"

"I did," Evanthe blamed herself. "I should have thought more."

Billy wanted to reassure his love. "She'll be back, and soon. Give her time to cool off. In the meantime, I think all of us need to talk."

"Yeah, we do," Evanthe sighed; things had gotten no less complicated since she and Elissa had met Adam and Billy. She smiled a little, though, remembering his arms around her. But they have gotten a lot more fun!

"Meet me at the Youth Center," Billy asked. "We'll talk, I'm pretty sure all but Adam are there."

"See you there," Evanthe made a kissing noise into the telephone, then hung up. Be safe, Elissa. * * *

Elissa pulled up in front of Adam's house and got out, seeing him on the porch. He lit up like a light bulb at her approach. "Hey, Elissa!" he greeted her as she came over to him.

"Hi, Adam."

He came over to her, worried. "What is it? I can tell something's up."

"I'm leaving Angel Grove," she told him quietly. "I can't take this anymore."

His jaw almost hit the ground at his feet. "What?" she had to be quick to reassure him, "I'm coming back. I just need a few days away."

"What happened?"

She sighed deeply. "Between the attacks, and the constant teasing, I just can't take it."

"Where are you going?" he asked, hardly able to bear the thought of being away from her for a single moment. She shook her head.

"Don't ask," she asked him. "There's more. Sometimes I think the others don't like me. And I've noticed how they separated themselves more when you became. . .what I made you."

Adam growled a little. "They just don't understand it. I'll make them understand. I'll show them there's nothing different about either of us, except that we turn into wolves once a month."

"I wish it were that easy," she leaned over for a quick nibble. "I'll miss you."

He returned the kiss and nibble, whispering in her ear, "I love you, Elissa. Come back soon."

She wiped the tears from her eyes and got back into her jeep. "I will," she told him. I love you, Adam.

As she drove away, Adam looked after her, tears in his eyes. Come home soon, Elissa. Please. * * *

On the moon, Zedd watched with cold eyes filled with dark greed. "I think the bait has just been found," he almost purred the words out. So, the Rose Ranger is separated from the others. Perfect. Simply perfect.

"Oh?" Girard smiled. "What sort of bait?" there was very little he wanted other than the return of Evanthe to the side of evil.

He gestured down to the world beneath them. "Her werewolf friend."

"What do you have in mind?"

Zedd explained. "We kidnap her, make her our servant, let Evanthe think that she is here, being tortured. She comes to us willingly, and I place the spell on her that will make her obey me!"

"Then we have them both at last!" Rita laughed evilly. Sophie nodded.

"It could work!" the vampire temptress agreed. Rita stared to Earth, seeing Elissa driving away.

"Where is the dog-girl going?"

Zedd shrugged. "I don't know. But we must stop her before she reaches there!"

"Having her as a groveling pet will be almost as much fun as killing her!" Sophie declared. I wish I were anywhere but here right now.

Girard smiled. "That it is. And the other Rangers will think she's dead!"

"Oh, this is too rich!" Rita laughed. "But, the vampire could tell them the truth once we tell her that we have her!"

Sophie nodded. "True. But she won't have the time!"

"We tell her the werewolf only has a few hours to live, if she takes the time to talk to the others, she'll be too late!" Girard explained. He knew just how to torment Evanthe; after six hundred years, there was little he didn't know about her.

"Perfect!" Rita crowed in delight.

"Rito! Goldar!" Zedd bellowed. He quickly outlined the plan to him, ordering them to dump Elissa's jeep over a cliff once they'd kidnapped her.

"You got it, Ed!" Rito saluted as Zedd bellowed out his usual reply.

"It's Zedd!" * * *

Elissa stopped her jeep in an out-of-the-way part of the highway and got out for a stretch. She sighed a little. "Oh, Adam, I miss you already."

"And you're never going to see him again!" came from behind her. She whirled to see Goldar and Rito there, glaring at her.

"What do you want?" she yelped, backing away. Oh, great, just what I need! The Dimwit Duo!

Rito laughed. "You, babe!"

"I'm not your babe!" Elissa hissed as she started back towards her jeep. She stopped in her tracks as Goldar blasted the vehicle with lightning from his sword. The jeep went over a moment later, Elissa watching in horror. "Hey, that was new!"

Rito grabbed her harshly from behind. "You're not going to need it where you're going!"

She struggled as hard as she could. "No! Let me go!"

"No way!" Goldar laughed hideously. "We're outta here!" a moment later, they were on the moon, in Rita and Zedd's throne room.

"You'll never win!" Rito declared. Goldar nodded, an evil glint in his eyes.

"Just give up!"

Elissa responded as a true Power Ranger. "Never!" a tremendous pain ripped through her skull as she was hit by Rito upside the head. She collapsed, to the foul laughter of the four evil creatures watching. Zedd raised his staff and wrapped her in the most evil spell of control he knew. A moment later, she looked up at him, eyes blazing with evil red light.

"Oh, this is going to work out fine," Girard chuckled. "Just fine!" * * *

Adam stormed into the Youth Center, ready, willing, and able to tear every last Ranger apart who had hurt his beloved Elissa. He saw them sitting together, even Billy and Evanthe, at their usual table. "What the heck is going on with you guys?" he growled as he marched over to them.

"What's wrong, Adam?" Tommy asked. He'd never seen his usually calm friend this upset!

Adam's eyes shot daggers at the White Ranger. "Elissa left today. But I'm sure you already knew that one!"

"It was my fault," Evanthe sighed. There was pain in her dark eyes; she and Elissa had almost never fought, and the vampire wasn't sure how to take this.

"It's not only yours," Adam glanced at, his voice filling up with anger with every passing second. Aisha sighed a little, nodding.

"We all teased you guys," she'd really liked Elissa, but after Adam had become a werewolf, things had changed. She could never forget the sight of Adam's bone sticking out of his arm like that.

Adam nodded. "Among other things!"

"What other things?" Rocky didn't quite understand.

"I didn't see it at the time," Adam practically hissed. "But I realize now that she was right," he held up the arm that was still in a cast. "Ever since this happened, you've distanced yourselves from her, big time!" he practically screamed at them when he saw the expression on their faces. "You've done very little to make her feel welcome! I think the only one of us who opened up to Elissa besides me is Billy."

Kim looked a trifle nervously at Billy, Evanthe, and Adam. "Well. . .ummm. . ."

"What is it, Kim?" Adam asked sharply.

"Well, you guys aren't human anymore," she whispered. "And it scares me, at least."

Adam shook his head; he wasn't buying that one in the slightest. "You opened up to Evanthe, but you couldn't open up to Elissa, even before any of this happened!"

Kim reflected on her behavior since the Night Rangers had shown up, and paled. "Oh, man, I can't believe I was like that!" she had never treated someone like that, and realizing she had disgusted and frightened her!

Adam took off his communicator, then noticed Lieutenant Stone, Bulk, and Skull entering the Youth Center, heading straight over to them.

"Lt. Stone, hi!" Tommy waved to them, glad for the slight decrease in tension their arrival marked.

"I wish I were here on friendlier terms," the officer said. Even Bulk and Skull looked serious, something that had never happened before, to their knowledge.

"What's wrong?" Evanthe wondered. She had a sudden bad feeling; something very wrong was going on here.

The officer took a deep breath. "A little while ago, I got a call from the Highway Patrol. They found a car at the bottom of a cliff," he glanced to Adam briefly. "I'm sorry, Adam, it was Elissa's jeep."

The ground literally vanished from under Adam as he tried to sit down. "No," he whispered. She can't be gone. I'd know it. No. No.

"I wish I could bring better news, but there was no body in the car," he explained how it had probably been thrown clear, then floated downstream; there was a river not far from the foot of the cliff. "There's no way she could have survived that"

The three of them turned and left, as Adam held onto the wall for support. He tried as hard as he could to contact her, only to feel nothing in return, nothing at all. "Adam, can you contact her in the slightest?"

"Adam?" Tommy asked softly.

Adam shook his head, throwing his communicator onto the table. "There's nothing," his voice held nothing but pain and loss. "He was right. She's gone. Thanks to you guys. You make me sick!" he marched away from them, staring out the windows on the other side of the Youth Center.

The Rangers were silent for a few moments, the only sound being Evanthe's tears as she mourned her best friend. "No," she whispered. "Not Elissa." My fault. My fault. I shouldn't have said what I did. She wouldn't have left. . .she wouldn't have died.

"He's right," Tommy said softly, staring at Adam's communicator. Aisha nodded.

"How could we have done that?" she was appalled at herself. Rocky's eyes were on Adam.

"And we just lost Adam on top of that. We should've tried to be nicer, and not tease them so much."

Kim nodded. "This is horrible, beyond horrible!" she whispered, watching as Billy did his best to comfort his distraught girlfriend. How could I have ever thought they were anything other than some of the best people I know? Adam's hurting as much as I would if this happened to Tommy. If not more so.

Tommy got up, picking up Adam's communicator. "I'm to go talk to Zordon about this," he murmured. "I want to know what happened; why her jeep went over that cliff," with Kim, Aisha, and Rocky all following, he left the Youth Center, a large cloud of guilt hanging over them all.

Adam sighed as he walked back to the table. "I'm sorry. . .I. . .I. .."

Billy nodded. "We did tease you guys too much. I wish we could change that," guilt and regret filled his eyes.

"But you accepted what happened to me," Adam reminded them. "And you accepted her. I can overlook you two teasing, but not the others."

"I think it was just too much of a shock," Billy tried to understand his friends. "One thing just kept happening after another."

Adam looked ready to either break down, throw up, or both. "I can't feel her anymore. She's not there," tears began to trickle down his cheeks, in silent counterpoint to Evanthe's own weeping.

Billy sighed, one arm around Evanthe, the other hand on Adam's hand, doing what he could to comfort them both. "This isn't going to be easy, but we will make it through."

"I'm alone again," Evanthe whispered through tears. "Alone. . .," she felt like someone had torn a large chunk of her soul out with the loss of Elissa. Adam stood up.

"So am I," he staggered a little. Billy caught him quickly.

"Whoa, you need some rest it looks like," he said. Adam nodded briefly.

"I didn't get much sleep last night."

Billy frowned some. "Come on, I'll take you home," after a quick check with Evanthe to see if she would be all right on her own, the two young men left. Evanthe wiped her eyes and sniffed a little. Oh, Elissa. . .

She glanced up as a familiar figure entered the Youth Center, nearly growling in rage. Sophie sat down next to her, a small box in her hands. "I am here to offer you some good news," the vampire temptress smiled evilly.

"What, you and Girard are committing suicide?" Evanthe retorted. How dare they approach me now!

Sophie put the box down. "Open it," she ordered. Curious, Evanthe did so, and her eyes widened to see an image of Elissa on a bed appear. "She's alive," Sophie told her. "Just comatose. We were able to pull her out of the car."

"Let her go, now!"

Sophie smiled. "I'm afraid she's too weak to move. But you can go to her if you want."

Evanthe stood up. "I have to go to her. She needs help, and not from you!"

"Then come," Sophie stood up as well. "I'll take you there, but we must go this moment, she doesn't have much time left."

Evanthe glanced down at her communicator. "I need to tell the others."

Sophie shook her head. "You don't have time, she is dying. We must go this moment, or it will be too late!"

"All right," Evanthe couldn't, and didn't, hide the look of concern on her face. "Let's go then." * * *

Evanthe didn't care she was taken to the moon; the only thing on her mind was saving Elissa's life. "There she is," Sophie pointed to Elissa, on a bed just as she had been in the image, eyes closed.

"Elissa!" she ran over to her friend, heart pounding. Elissa's eyes opened a little bit as she came over to her.

"Evanthe?" she whispered softly.

Joy filled Evanthe's voice. "Elissa, you're alive!"

"Adam. . .I can't. . .," she spoke very weakly; it was plain to Evanthe she wasn't in good shape.

"He's going to be so happy you're alive!" Evanthe smiled. "Everyone is!"

"Am I in the hospital?"

Evanthe shook her head. "No, we're on the moon. And we're getting out of here as fast as we can!"

"That's what you think!" Elissa hissed, leaping off the bed and twisting Evanthe's arm behind her back painfully.

"Elissa!" Evanthe screamed, too surprised to fight back. "Let me go!"

Elissa reached around her friend and pulled off the blocking bracelet on her wrist. "Sorry! You won't be needing this anymore!" she crushed it easily, Evanthe's eyes filling with tears as she saw her only defense against Girard and Sophie fall to dust.

"No!" the vampire cried out. "Elissa!" she fought as hard as she could to get away, increasing her struggles when Zedd entered the room. Elissa held her still while the evil overlord pointed his staff at her, casting the spell he'd planned for them since their first meeting with Adam and Billy.

One final scream was all Evanthe had time for before the spell gripped her mind completely. Elissa released her as it did so, and the two friends, reunited in evil, stood side by side.

"That was easy!" Sophie declared. "Come, my Child, time to rejoin your true family!"

"Yes!" Evanthe laughed. "The family of evil!" * * *

Adam sighed as he wandered around his house alone. Alone. He hated the thought of that word. "Elissa," he whispered. "I can't. . .imagine. . .eternity without you. It's a nightmare to think about being alone."

Adam? Why are you upset?

Elissa? Adam couldn't believe his ears/mind. You're dead!

No, I'm not dead. Adam, you must help me. Zedd has me. He sent Rito and Goldar down to get me, they pushed my jeep over the cliff.

You're alive!!!!

Yes, I am. And I've gone and done something stupid.


The bracelet's been destroyed. Evanthe's bracelet. She's now serving Girard and Sophie. I destroyed the bracelet, Adam, somehow, Zedd has control of me!

Then how can you be speaking to me?

It's like there are two parts of me. The one you know, and the one created by Zedd.

We need to get you out of there.

How? I don't even know where I am.

Maybe you can find out somehow, then I can let the others know.

Evanthe said something about the moon, but where on the moon, I don't know. or if I'm still there.

It's a start. I 'll go tell the others, Billy can probably find you.

Adam, be ready. They may not believe you, and I may be forced to hurt you. Forgive me before hand.

I know, and I understand, and I love you.

I love you too. I'll contact you as much as I can, but I must depart for now.

I love you. * * *

Billy entered the Youth Center and glanced around. "Ernie?" he asked the portly man behind the counter. "Have you seen Evanthe?"

Ernie nodded. "She left just after you and Adam did, with some woman."

"What did this woman look like?" Billy was worried; what was going on? The description he got didn't make him feel any better, either. Sophie! "Crap!" he growled.

"Is something wrong?" Ernie wondered. He waved towards the table they'd been sitting at. "Oh, they left that."

As the phone rang, Billy went over to the table and opened the box to see Elissa's image on the bed. He growled a little; they must've lured her with this! They're SLIME!

"Hey, Billy, phone call for you!" Billy ran over at Ernie's shout to grab the phone.


Adam spoke eagerly. "Billy, Elissa's alive!"

"What?" Billy asked. "How can you be sure?"

"She spoke to me!" Adam had never been this excited! "Look, come back to my place, I've got to tell you what she said, and I don't want to do it over the phone."

"I'm on my way," Billy promised.

"Good! Hurry!" Adam hung up, life had returned to his voice. Billy sighed as he hung up the phone.

"He never gives up hope." * * *

Billy knocked on Adam's door quietly, and was surprised to see Adam pull him inside at once. "Billy, we've got trouble!"

"Adam, before we go any further, are you sure you didn't just imagine her talking to you?"

Adam glared at him. "Could my imagination have told me that Elissa's on the moon, and that Evanthe is now with Sophie and Girard, since Elissa destroyed Evanthe's bracelet."

"What?" Billy growled at the thought, remembering Ernie had said Evanthe left with Sophie. No! this isn't happening! He held out the box to Adam. "Adam, look in here."

When the Black Ranger did, he practically hissed. "She told me Goldar and Rito forced her jeep over the cliff and took her to the moon. Zedd has her under some kind of control, but her subconscious or whatever, some part of her, the part that's connected to me, was able to speak with her."

Billy could hardly think straight at the moment. "We may need that part of her to free her then. Why didn't you just teleport to the Command Center and tell us all at once?"

"I don't have my communicator, remember?"

"Oh, yeah!" Billy nodded. "Let's get to the Command Center," he took his friend by the arm and teleported. * * *

Tommy leaned against a console, looking at Adam's communicator, and not liking the answers Alpha was giving him about Elissa's accident. "I can't believe the sensors were down during the accident!"

"There's got to be something we can find out, something new!" Aisha insisted as Adam and Billy teleported in. Tommy glanced over to them, really afraid to say anything because of Adam's outburst earlier.

"Elissa's alive," the Black Ranger told them. Tommy frowned a little and came over to his friend.

"Adam, there is no way she could have survived that," he insisted softly. "I mean, just look at the Viewing Globe," he gestured towards where Elissa's jeep was shown in ruins.

"She spoke to me!" Adam told him. "Rito and Goldar kidnapped her and shoved her jeep off the cliff."

Tommy shook his head lightly. "Adam, you could've dreamed that."

"When I wasn't asleep? And when she told me that she's their prisoner, under a spell, and Evanthe's bracelet has been broken, Elissa broke it because of the spell, and Evanthe is now with Girard and Sophie?"

Alpha checked the sensors; now that they were working again. "Evanthe is on the moon, but I get no indication that Elissa is there, or has been in the past twenty-four hours."

"Billy, show them the box," Adam practically ordered. Billy put the box down on a console and opened it."

"He's not lying."

Aisha glanced around the Command Center. "Then where is Elissa now?"

"I don't know," Adam sighed. "She didn't even know, she thought it was on the moon."

Billy nodded briefly. "Evanthe's there, we know that much. But if Girard and Sophie have control of her, what can we do?"

Kim stepped forward. "We've got to get them both back!'

"And soon," Adam nodded, a bit shocked by what Kim had just said. Maybe she really is sorry. The alarms blared suddenly, and the White Ranger glanced to the droid.

"What is it, Alpha? What's going on?"

"Ay-yi-yi!" Alpha whirled around. "Evanthe, she's on Earth, but this can't be right!"

Billy had perked up at the mention of his girlfriend. "Alpha? What is it?"

"She's in six different places at the same time!"

The Blue Ranger's eyes widened in shock. "No way!"

Tommy nodded a little. "Let's split up, but be careful."

"Very careful!" Aisha agreed. "You know how strong she is!"

Adam nodded, then glanced at the box that showed the image of his love. First Evanthe, then you, Elissa. I promise you that.

"Let's go," was all Billy said, his thoughts all on the lovely vampire who had captured his mind, heart, and soul so fully. * * *

Tommy walked nervously down the street, his hands near his communicator and morpher both. I hope I find her. It didn't occur to him what he'd do when or if he found the vampire. She was, at the very least, four times his strength, and in her six hundred years of life, had learned tricks of combat he'd never even considered existed.

He stopped suddenly as a shadow stepped out from behind a tree. Eyes as red as fire glinted at him, as whoever it was stepped into the light. "Evanthe?" he asked softly.

"Who else would it be?" her voice was silken light, yet edged with an evil he had never imagined it could be.

"Evanthe, we need to talk!"

She shook her head. "I need to feed, and you look so tasty!"

Tommy started backing away from here; what had happened to Billy was clear in his mind. "Evanthe, this isn't you!"

"Oh, but it is!" she smiled, and he gulped at the sight of her sharp fangs. "A vampire drains the blood from the living, and I'm a vampire. . .and you're living! For now!" she leaped at him, bearing him to the ground.

Tommy fought as hard as he could, to no avail. "What would Billy say if he saw what you were doing!?" he tried to reason with her before she sank her fangs into him. "You know he hasn't eaten yet, at all!"

"Billy. . .," her voice was slightly softer as she spoke his name. Tommy nodded; hoping he'd be able to reach her through the spell.

"Yeah, Billy! Remember, he's a vampire now! You were going to take him feeding tonight!"

Evanthe smiled a little, and he winced away to see those fangs glint again. "Billy. . .needs me."

"Yes, he needs you!" Tommy told her. "Do you really want to do this?"

"Yes!" she replied. "I have to! I'm hungry! And when I'm done with you, I'll go teach Billy how to be a real vampire!"

Tommy closed his eyes, fear filling his entire body and mind. I can't believe this. This isn't happening. He was being held too tightly to fight as he felt Evanthe's fangs pierce his neck. Then a wave of unutterable pleasure swept over him, and he lost all desire to get away.

Evanthe pulled away from Tommy, the spell shattered as she'd drained the White Ranger. "I. . .no. ..what happened. . .Tommy!" she grabbed for his communicator; she had no idea what had happened to hers. "Guys!" she called into it. That was all she needed to say, a moment later, the Rangers were there.

"Evanthe," Billy whispered, till he saw the semi-conscious White Ranger. "Tommy?"

"He'll be okay," Evanthe sighed. "I didn't drain him too much."

"Let's get him to the Command center; Alpha can help him, and now we need to get Elissa back."

Evanthe nodded as she got to her feet and brushed herself off. "We have something else to do, Billy. Something just as important."

Billy shivered a little. "I know."

"It's not so bad," she told him, shoving the horror of the controlling spell into the back of her mind. Panic and terror could wait for later; Billy needed her now. "And I know just where we're going to hunt tonight."


"A part of Angel Grove most people don't see," she wrinkled her nose a little. One part of being a vampire she could definitely do without was where she tended to hunt. "Where some very nasty people live."

"Okay," Billy was willing to take her lead on this; she knew far more about being vampiric than he did.

"Come on," she gestured to him. "We'd better get it done, then we can start looking for Elissa without having to worry about feeding."

Billy glanced to Adam. "She'll be fine."

"I know," Adam nodded. "Now you go, I can get Tommy back to the Command Center."

Billy smiled a little, then hand in hand with Evanthe, entered the world of the vampire. * * *

"I did not see that!" Rita wailed. "She did not get free of the spell!"

Sophie shrugged. "It appears she did!" she smiled, a practiced evil smile. "But we still have her young friend."

"Yes!" Girard nodded. "Our little lapdog!"

Elissa stepped forward. "Sires, let me at that vampire!" she begged. "I shall make her serve you, or die!"

Girard glanced at his cohorts in evil. "Perhaps."

"That might not be such a bad idea," Rita nodded. "Then we could try corrupting Billy into working for us."

"Yes!" Zedd laughed. "Two vampires, and one of them is a true genius!"

Sophie smiled. "Perfect!" she glanced to Elissa. "And the Rangers will never trust her again, but then again, they think she's dead!"

Zedd glared suddenly. "But that blasted vamp girl can tell them the truth!"

"Really?" Rita laughed. "I thought we used a disguised Tenga!"

"We can make them think that, at least!" Zedd declared. "And Elissa can attack Evanthe the moment she's alone!"

Evil laughter echoed in the lunar palace as twisted plans were laid all through the eternal night of the palace.


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