Child of Wolves
by: Cynthia and Elizabeth

Elissa stared into her locker, her thoughts and stomach both churning. This was her first day back to school since she'd awakened and returned to Angel Grove. "Elissa?" she glanced up to see Adam standing next to her.

"I think I'm going to be sick again," she muttered. She'd been getting sick fairly regularly, and was halfway beginning to wish that she couldn't have gotten pregnant, if this was what it meant.

"Need Evanthe to help you to the bathroom?"

Elissa shook her head. "I'm not going to make it!" she ran for the garbage can, and proceeded to do what came naturally at that point.

"Is she going to be okay?" Adam looked up to see Mr. Caplan staring at his beloved. He nodded briefly.

"Yeah," in about five months or so. Adam smiled a little to himself. He'd never have imagined when he first transferred to Angel Grove High that he'd ever be standing in it's hallways watching the woman he loved throwing up due to his child inside of her.

Evanthe, who'd only been a few feet from Elissa the whole time, quietly handed her best friend a handy wipe she was carrying. Elissa smiled a little at her as she wiped her face off and walked back over to Adam. "I think I'll be okay now," the werewolf sighed a little. So this is what being pregnant is like.

"Good," Adam smiled at her warmly as Evanthe joined them.

"Hello, Mr. Caplan," the vampire nodded, eyes flicking casually to his neck. Evanthe had never broken herself of the habit of checking out every human she met for potential as a meal, and she knew better than to even try. Like it or not, she was a predator.

The principal wasn't paying that much attention to her, though. Elissa was on his mind. "If you don't feel well, Elissa, maybe you should go home," he suggested. She really didn't look very well.

Elissa glanced to Adam. "I think I should tell you the truth. I'm sorta. . .well. . .," she glanced back to Adam, who nodded briefly. "Mr. Caplan, can we talk to you in your office?"

The principal nodded and led the way inside. "So what's so important?" he asked, worry in his voice. Elissa gripped Adam's hand tightly.

"I'm four months pregnant," she said softly. Caplan's eyes widened in shock.

"Please tell me I didn't hear that!"

Elissa and Adam nodded practically in unison. "You did. It came as a total shock to me. I shouldn't even have been able to conceive a child." which is why we were so active. . .

"This. . .this is. . .well. . .I don't quite know what this is!"

Elissa leaned forward a little. "Please, understand. We haven't even told Adam's parents yet."

Mr. Caplan's eyes went even wider. "Then you'd better do that at once. What about your parents, though?"

"They're dead," Elissa wisely neglected to mention it had happened nearly a century before. "And their death is the reason I shouldn't have been able to conceive this child."

"I see," Caplan nodded. "Well, the only thing I can really say is 'congratulations!' and I wish you well."

I didn't think he'd take it this well! Elissa thought to Adam, who only nodded, too lightly for anyone to notice. "Thank you," she said out loud. "But the child is going to be born before the end of the year. I'm going to have to miss some school."

"We'll make arrangements for home tutoring," Caplan told them, already thinking over what would have to be done. This wasn't the first pregnancy Angel Grove High had dealt with, but it was the first time a student as good as Adam was the father!

"Thank you," Elissa smiled as she got up. Adam nodded.

"We'll tell my parents tonight, after school," he suggested. And I REALLY hope they take it half as well as he did!

You and me both! Elissa agreed.

"You do that," Mr. Caplan shook their hands as he released them to their first class, then went back to business. As they walked, the lovebirds quickly conversed.

He handled that better than I thought, Elissa whispered to her love.

Hey, if he took it this good, imagine how your parents are going to take it! that was the only cloud on their horizon, how Adam's parents were going to deal with suddenly becoming grandparent before their son was even out of high school.

I hope just as good!

Elissa smiled as she gave him a quick peck on the cheek. They will. If not, we always have the apartment over Rocky's garage. I still can't believe they agreed to let us use it, rent-free of all things! That was a sweet deal, though she could easily have bought up half the property in Angel Grove if she'd really wanted to. She'd made good investments over the past century.

They're very good people. Adam smiled, then sighed as Elissa covered her mouth and ran for the bathroom as fast as she could. "I will certainly be glad when that's over with," he muttered. * * *

Telling his parents wasn't quite as they thought it would be though. Elissa managed not to need to throw up any more as she entered the kitchen. She'd kept a tight grip on her stomach ever since school was let out. "Can I help, Mrs. Park?" she asked softly. Adam's mother nodded and they got to work.

"So, how is school going?" she asked gently. Elissa shrugged.

"Fine," school would be better if I didn't get sick all the time!

"Good," Mrs. Park nodded as they set the table. Elissa took her seat next to Adam and smiled a little at Mrs. Park across from her.

When do you want to tell them? she asked Adam softly.

I don't know.

"We're glad you could join us, Elissa," Mrs. Park smiled at her son's girlfriend. Her younger son, Ian, was watching them both with wide eyes, and a strange smile on his face. She made a note to find out what was on his mind as soon as possible.

Elissa glanced to Adam. Now would be a good time to tell them.

All right, he nodded, then spoke out loud. "Mom, Dad, we have something to say."


Adam took a deep breath. "Elissa and I are going to be parents."

Mr. and Mrs. Park chorused in a round of, "What????"

Adam continued. "Elissa's pregnant, and I am the father."

Elissa smiled as Ian laughed, finally able to revel in the knowledge he'd kept a secret so long. "It came as a total shock to us both!"

"We thought she couldn't have kids," Adam agreed, over his mother's sharp order to Ian to be quiet as she turned to the two expecting parents.

"And what exactly are you two going to do with this child?"

Adam had an answer ready for that. "We're going to get married," even though we already are, sort of, "and raise it."

His dad raised an eyebrow. "You are going to get married, raise a child, and go to school? How are you going to support this child, Adam?"

"I'll get a part time job for now, and when I graduate, I'll go full time," the Black Ranger answered. Elissa nodded briefly.

"My parents made certain that I would be able to live more than comfortable. There's no problem on the money situation."

Mrs. Park nodded, then looked to Elissa. "You said you thought you couldn't have kids. Why not?"

"The accident my parents were in," Elissa looked down as she told the story she'd made up for her lack of parents. "I was in that accident with them. The doctors told me I'd never be able to conceive a child," actually, she whispered to Adam, I don't think your parents would be able to handle the truth.

Me either. We'll just keep it at this for now, Adam agreed as Elissa held his hand. Ian glanced at them.

"Does this mean I can have your room?" he asked. Adam laughed.

"I'm not moving out just yet," he glanced over at his parents, worry in his eyes. Mrs. Park looked back at them.

"Where are you two going to stay?"

Adam replied, "Rocky's parents have an apartment over their garage they said we could use until we can get a place of our own."

His mother's eyes widened. "Oh, so I see Rocky's parents know. When did you tell them?"

"Yesterday," Elissa replied.

"We wanted to make sure we had a place to go in case. . .," Adam didn't finish his sentence out loud, but mentally he told Elissa, in case they kick me out.

"In case of what?" his dad wanted to know.

"In case you didn't want me staying here anymore," he finished quietly. His mom nodded slowly.

"Adam, we are mad, yes," she told him. "But we'd never kick you out!"

Told you so! Elissa crowed triumphantly in his mind.

"But at least you considered the possibility and the consequences of your actions," his dad approved of this. His son might have made some mistakes, but it was obvious he'd thought them through as well. And as beautiful as Elissa was, and as much as they loved each other, Mr. Park knew perfectly well he would have done the same thing as Adam in his situation.

Elissa covered her mouth suddenly and ran for the bathroom. Here I go again! she groaned mentally. Adam sighed.

"I will certainly be glad when that's over with!"

His mother chuckled. "And then comes the getting up at two in the morning to feed the little one!" she looked tenderly at her son. "Are you sure you're ready?"

Adam sighed. "I guess we'll find out."

They quietly spoke for a few minutes until Elissa rejoined them. "Sorry about that," she murmured. Mrs. Park sighed.

"I remember how that feels."

Elissa smiled as she looked to Adam. "When does it stop?"

"How far along are you?"

"Four months," the werewolf replied. Mrs. Park raised an eyebrow. Her own morning sickness hadn't lasted that long.

"Well, maybe another month or so," she estimated. "It's different for everyone really."

Elissa held Adam's hand a little tighter. "I can't believe I was actually away from this guy for almost all of this pregnancy so far!"

"Well, you won't be for the rest of it!" Adam promised as he kissed her.

"Why were you away for so long?" Mrs. Park wondered.

"I was sick," Elissa started the second story about her recent absence. "A friend of my parents took me in and helped me back on my feet. I guess it was side effects of the accident rearing their ugly head again."

Mr. Park nodded. "I see. Well, it's good to have you back. And just when are you two getting married?"

Already are, Elissa chuckled softly.

Yup! Adam agreed. But we're going to have to have a public one now!

"Soon," Elissa replied out loud. One nice side effect of their bond was they could carry on two entirely different conversations if they had to. Adam nodded.

"In about a month or so," he suggested. "As soon as we can get things ready." * * *

And the next month quite literally flew by in a frenzy of preparation. Rita, Zedd, Girard, and Sophie sent the usual attacks, all of which were fought off. They didn't seem to be bothering anyone in particular, having reverted to their usual policy of "send a monster, make it grow". The Rangers beat the monster down, hopped into their Zords, and then sliced it to ribbons. Things were actually a trifle dull and predictable, all the way up until Adam and Elissa's wedding day.

"From the way you look, I'm very glad I really can't have kids!" Evanthe grinned at her friend. Though Elissa had thought the same thing, Evanthe's situation was a little different. It was rather difficult to have children when you were undead. But Elissa looked at her friend curiously, with her hand resting quietly on her expanding waistline.

"Neither could I," was all she said, smiling a trifle.

Evanthe smiled back at her. "Look, in another few months, it'll all be over, and you get to have your very own kid to raise!" she hid the pain in her eyes at that.

"Yeah, but between now and then I've got to put up with throwing up constantly, ballooning up to the size of a blimp, and some very bizarre cravings!"

The vampire grinned. "What's the latest craving for?"

"Guacamole," Elissa chuckled. "But I think that has more to do with living on the DeSantos property, and his mom makes it a lot. It tastes pretty good," though his parents hadn't kicked him out, Adam had gotten permission to move out anyway, even though he was still a few months from his eighteenth birthday. They were searching for a place of their own, though.

Evanthe shrugged. "I've gotten out of the habit of eating these days," she told her friend. "Except when I have to."

"How is Billy shaping up?"

"Doing very well," Evanthe smiled, a little in sadness, a little in pride. "Much better than I did."

Elissa smiled at her friend. "Look at who he's got for his teacher! I just pray he doesn't have to go through the Blood Lust."

"So do I," Evanthe couldn't help but shiver as she remembered her teachers. A shiver, and a smile. The shiver, for Girard, who had transformed her. A smile for Vlad, who had taught her how to be a good vampire. And so much more, if Billy could have seen the light in her eyes at the thought that passed through it, he and she would've been involved deeply in half a second. "But as long as I'm around, I think he'll remember, and he should remember, just from how it happened to him!"

A knock on the door drew both of their attention. "Who is it?"

"It's me," Rocky, who was giving Elissa away, called out. "It's about time!"

"Hey!" Elissa opened the door and gave him a hug. "Thanks for doing this!"

He returned the embrace; things had changed so much between her and all the Rangers since her return. Now they accepted her as they hadn't before, having had their careless actions rubbed right in their faces. "No problem!"

As Elissa made a quick run to the bathroom, Evanthe sighed. "I almost really do envy her."

Rocky shrugged. "I think it's my mom's breakfast speaking, not the kid!" at Evanthe's sad smile, Rocky sat down across from her. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing really," Evanthe sighed. "Just. . . well. . ."

"Spill it!" he almost ordered. She sighed again.

I guess I should tell someone. "I never told you how I became what I am, did I?" she didn't have to ask that. The only people who really knew her history were Elissa and Billy, and neither of them knew all the details of her life.

"No," he shook his head. "We figured you would when the time was right."

She took a deep breath. "Maybe it is now," for the first time in a very long time, she told the tale of a young girl who had seen her parents killed before her eyes. Tears poured out as she remembered that last day again, and she leaned against Rocky crying. She could tell Elissa was there, and didn't care. She wanted her to hear this.

"After I saw Girard tear my mother's throat out," she continued. "I was running back to the village, when Sophie grabbed me. They said they'd make sure I couldn't tell anyone. My scream. . .was the last sound I made as a human."

Rocky shuddered. "Man. I see why you were upset when you made Billy into one!" I never imagined it had happened like that. ..never!

"What's worse, the day before my parents died, we'd had an argument. . .a bad one."

"About what?" Rocky wondered.

Evanthe chuckled. "Marriage."

Elissa couldn't help but chuckle as well. "I think we'd better go. We don't want them sending out a search party!"

"You know, the guy my parents wanted me to marry wasn't anywhere near as nice or good-looking as Billy," Evanthe mused. "Maybe Sophie and Girard did me a small favor. Because if I wasn't a vampire, I would never have lived to meet him."

Elissa smiled a little. "Maybe. But look at all the hardship you went through to find him."

"Don't remind me," Evanthe shivered as Tommy peeked in the door.

"You guys coming or not?" he asked.

Evanthe laughed. "You were right, Elissa, they did send out a search party!" * * *

The chapel was absolutely beautiful, hung in white and silver and rose, with the wedding march filling the room, and the assembled guests' joy. As Evanthe walked down the aisle to the position of maid of honor, Elissa watched her, trembling.

You okay? Adam's voice sounded in her mind.

I'm scared I'm going to throw up again!

Please don't!

Already did, she smiled a little. Twice.

Try not to make it a third time! he couldn't help but smile at that. Rocky glanced from him to Elissa, then whispered in her ear, "I wish you two wouldn't do that!" she nodded. "Then let's go."

Quietly they walked down the aisle, and Rocky handed her gently to Adam. They all knew Zordon, Ninjor, and Alpha would be watching from the Command Center, and no one could help but smile. The bad guys were leaving them alone, for once, and Adam and Elissa were getting married!

"Dearly beloved," the preacher began. "We are gathered here today to celebrate the union of this couple."

I love you, Elissa told Adam. And Rocky wants us to stop this.

Should we?

Oblivious to their internal conversation, the preacher continued. "If there is anyone here who objects to this union, let them speak now or forever hold their peace!

Not the wedding, Elissa corrected him as she glanced around for anyone who might have the nerve to object.

The way we talk to each other.

What's wrong with it?

He can tell, and I think he's scared we're saying something bad about them!

We're not! Adam glanced at his friend, a bit surprised.

"Adam, do you take ELissa to be your lawfully wedded wife?" the preacher asked.

"I do."

Elissa nodded briefly. But he can't tell.

True, Adam agreed. Okay, we stop for now!

"Elissa, do you take Adam to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do!"

The preacher smiled at them both. "I now pronounce you man and wife!"

Doesn't he mean wolf and wife? Adam chuckled mentally. Elissa returned it.

Yeah, but let's not correct him!

Wouldn't dream of it! Adam smiled as everyone crowded around to congratulate the happy couple. Elissa's eyes widened suddenly and she pushed her way through the crowd to the bathroom. "Excuse me!" was all she had time to say as she did so. Third time's the charm!

I really can't wait till that's over with! Adam sighed.

Shouldn't be much longer! Elissa told him as she dealt with her problem in the bathroom.

Good! Adam was very tired of Elissa being so sick! Michael had told them that since Elissa was a werewolf she'd probably be sick right up until the day she gave birth. The next few months looked to be very long. * * *

The next few months were as peaceful as they could be. Billy and Evanthe grew closer and closer, their relationship improving and strengthening due to his vampirism. As the time for Elissa to give birth grew closer and closer, Evanthe never stayed too far from her friend, and Adam was even closer to her.

One day, close to the end of school, Elissa was doing her best to hide her face in her locker. She was huge by now, and hadn't transformed monthly since her child's conception. "Elissa, is anything wrong?"

The werewolf glanced to her vampire friend. "Besides all the stares, the whispering behind my back, and being the size of a house? No, nothing's wrong!"

"Elissa, who's staring? Who's whispering?" Evanthe grinned a little. "I'll have them over for dinner."

Elissa looked at her friend again. "Evanthe, I'm pregnant. People tend to talk when you're still in high school and having a baby, especially with one of the most popular boys at the school!" of course, the fact I'm older than everyone here except Evanthe has very little to do with it!

Her friend shrugged. "They're just jealous then. Don't worry about them."

Elissa laughed. "I'm probably the first student in. . .," she paused as a ripple ran through her stomach.


"It kicked," Elissa breathed. "Hard!" Adam, get over to my locker, now!

Adam, who hadn't been that far away, was at her side seconds later. "Elissa?"

She'd started to breathe heavier as the contractions increased. "Time!" she told him. That was all she said. In a mad dash, the three of them headed for the hospital, once Evanthe had put in a hurried call to the other Rangers. This was one birth no one wanted to miss! * * *

"I'm going to get you for this, Adam!" Elissa growled in fury as yet another contraction ripped through her. Adam gazed at her quietly.

"Yes, dear," he winced as she dug her nails deeply into his arm in time with the pain going through her.

Did that hurt? she hissed.

A little.


The doctor tried to get her attention. "Push, Mrs. Park, push!" as she did so, he grinned. "I can see the head!"

I hate you! Elissa roared at him.

Yes, dear.

Would you stop saying that? it was seriously getting on Elissa's nerves how calm he was being about this!

Yes, dear.

Elissa growled as a tiny scream filled the air. "It's a girl!" the doctor declared. Elissa sighed as she cleared the afterbirth out of herself.

"Can I see her?" she asked as she relaxed at last. A few moments later, a delicate little bundle was placed in her arms. "She's beautiful," she whispered softly.

Adam put a hand on her shoulder. "She looks just like her mother."

Sorry about the arm, Elissa apologized quietly.

It's okay. I know you didn't mean it.

Didn't I? Elissa chuckled. "She looks like my mother a bit," she murmured as she gazed into the small face looking back at her.

"I wish I could've met your mom," Adam sighed. You did then. But do you now?

You'll never know! Elissa smiled warmly. "So do I. Maybe this child is her reborn?"

"Maybe so," Adam smiled. "What are we going to name her?"

"Guinevere Amanda," Elissa whispered the name. She'd known from the moment she'd seen her daughter what her name would be. Adam smiled.

"Guinevere Amanda Park," Adam repeated the full name, then saw tears in Elissa's eyes. "Elissa?"

His werewolf wife looked at him. "I just realized how much I miss her."

Adam kissed her gently. "Maybe she came back to you."

Elissa cried against him as a nurse took Gwen, as they would call her, to be checked over completely. "I hope so."

"I think she did," Adam held her.

I never mourned her, Elissa told him.

Why not?

I don't remember. I just know I never did.

Then do it now.

There was mental silence for a few moments. Then Elissa turned the conversation to a whole new angle. It will be weird turning into a wolf again.

It's like riding a bike. You never forget, Adam told her. Elissa nodded a little as she slowly cried herself to sleep. Adam kissed on the forehead. "Sleep well, Elissa Park," he whispered. "I love you." * * *

Tommy paced back and forth in the waiting room. "Man, this is nerve-racking!"

Evanthe glanced over at him. "Calm down, Tommy, you're not going to get her done delivering any faster!"

Mrs. Park smiled. "Sometimes the firstborn can take hours. Adam took almost the whole day!"

"That does not sound like fun!" Kim shivered. Mrs. Park nodded.

"It wasn't. But it was worth it the moment I held him for the first time."

Mrs. Park, and all the other Rangers, totally missed the sadness in Evanthe's eyes as she heard that. I will never know what that's like, she thought to herself. Her would-be melancholy thoughts were headed off as Adam entered with a little bundle in his arms.

"Mom, Dad, want to meet your granddaughter?"

As his parents oohed and ahhed over the little baby girl, the other Rangers came over. "She looks like her mother!" Tommy declared. Evanthe smiled.

"That she does. What did you say her name was, Adam?" the first vampire Ranger asked.

"Guinevere Amanda Park."

Evanthe smiled. "That was Elissa's mother's name," she glanced at the baby. "Welcome to the world, Guinevere," she whispered, remembering what her own mother had said to her younger sister so many centuries ago.

"Do you want to hold her?" the new father asked. Evanthe looked surprised, then nodded gently as Adam slipped the baby into her arms.

Evanthe gazed down to the small thing she held, and felt the wonder of life filling her undead body. This was taken from me. The right and the chance to have a child. I won't let this one be hurt, ever. I swear it.

"Makes you wish you could, doesn't it?" she glanced up into Billy's warm eyes and nodded.

"More than anything in the world, though," she whispered. "It makes me miss my parents!"

"Am I an uncle yet?" Ian ran in, he'd just gotten out of school. He stared at the small thing in Evanthe's arms, and stared in raw shock as Adam came over.

"Yeah, you're an uncle!" he glanced to Billy and Evanthe. "You okay?"

Evanthe nodded. "As okay as I can be, I guess."

"If it makes you feel any better, Elissa and I talked about this last night," Adam told her. "And we want you two to be Gwen's godparents."

Evanthe couldn't believe her ears. "You're joking!"

"No, I'm not. Who better than the two people who know our secret?"

Evanthe smiled at Billy, with light joy in her eyes. "Well?"

"Sure!" Billy nodded, then glanced at his best friend. "What's wrong, Adam?"

"It's something Michael said," the Black Ranger murmured. "About Gwen."

"What's that?" Evanthe wondered.

"She won't have her first wolf transformation until after her twelfth birthday. And with both of us turning into wolves every full moon. . .," he left it hanging. Evanthe smiled.

"We'll take care of her that night, if you want us to."

Adam sighed with relief. "Thanks. Before I forget, we found a permanent place to stay!"

Evanthe smiled. "Where's that?"

"About a block away from you!" Adam told her. Evanthe smiled. "I'd better get back to her. She was asleep when I left."

Evanthe handed Gwen back to her father. "Here you go," she said a trifle reluctantly. Holding a child had felt very natural to her, and it hurt to think she would never hold one of her own. As Adam showed his daughter first to Ian for a few moments, then headed back to Elissa's room, Evanthe swore something softly to herself.

Mother, Father, I have not seen you in six hundred years. You will never have grandchildren by me. But I will protect this child, the daughter of my best friend, as if she were my own. Evil will never harm her. Though it cost me everything, I will never let Guinevere Amanda Park come to harm, no more than I have her mother, to the very best of my ability.

She glanced down the hall to where Elissa slept. Sleep well, my friend, my sister. You have a new life to deal with when you wake up.

She wiped away a tear. I wish I could have that.