Forbidden Memories
by: Cynthia and Elizabeth

Adam slowly kissed his way down Elissa's neck, enjoying the sensation he was causing and receiving from the butterfly-soft motions. "Adam!" Elissa moaned. "Stop that!"

"Why?" he murmured gently. He didn't want to ever stop! He'd come too close to losing Elissa the day before to be far from her every again.

"You have to go to school!" Elissa tried to pull away from him, no matter how much she didn't want to!

Adam pulled her closer to him, whispering in her ear, "School can wait!"

Elissa moaned softly. "Adam! It can't! No matter how much I want to continue this, you have to leave!"

Adam sighed, pouting a little. "Elissa!"

She kissed him on the cheek. "Sorry!"

"What about when I get home?" Adam wondered, kissing her on the lips.

"Maybe," she teased him a little with a mental caress of his entire body. She glanced up as someone knocked on the door. "I'll be right back," she promised, perversely enjoying the pained look in his eyes.

"Elissa, good morning!" Evanthe and her parents stood outside. Elissa smiled.

"This is a surprise! Come on in!" as they entered, she asked, "To what do we owe this honor?"

Diana smiled at her warmly and got right to the point. "I was wondering, would you like to be able to say good-bye to your parents?"

The words hit Elissa like a thunderbolt. In one second she had been offered something that meant more to her than anything in the world. She stammered out something that must have been an affirmative, since Evanthe smiled at her. "Mother can arrange it!"

"How?" Elissa listened intently as Diana explained how her magical studies had given her quite a few skills. She glanced to her husband. "I guess you are going to miss school! I so want you to see them!"

Adam nodded. "I want to see them!"

"I'm ready whenever you are," she told Diana. Evanthe's mother nodded, then began the ritual. The assembled watchers breathed out in awe as two figures took shape in the middle of the living room.

"Mother? Father?" Elissa stared up at them with tears in her eyes. They looked at her softly.

"Elissa?" Guinevere Jones asked, her voice hollow and echoing. "Elissa, is that you?"

"Yes, Mother!" Elissa whispered in pure love and longing. "It's me."

Her father, Jonathan, looked down at her. "Elissa. . .it's been so long. . ."

"Almost eighty years," Elissa whispered. Her mother touched her face gently; they were solid for this brief time.

"That long," the ghostly Gwen whispered. "That long."

Elissa held her mother's hand, tears streaming down her face. "I miss you both so much!"

"And we miss you!" her father told her. Elissa smiled a little through her tears. This was something she'd wanted to do ever since she'd met Adam.

"There is someone I want you to meet!" she pulled Adam over to her. "My husband, and the father of your granddaughter, Adam!"

"A granddaughter?" the ghost of her mother asked, surprised. As they spoke quietly with Adam, Elissa ran and brought the little baby.

"I'd like you to both meet Guinevere Park," she smiled as her parents looked at the child, and could tell they loved her. "The thing is, I shouldn't have been able to have her."

"Why not?" her mother wondered.

Elissa teared up again. "I should've told you long ago. I'm a werewolf," she could tell they were surprised, and kept going. "Marcus and Jareth. What happened to them, it was my fault!"

"What do you mean?"

"Their deaths were my fault!" Elissa couldn't hold back the guilt in her voice. For over a century she'd mourned what she'd done, and even Evanthe didn't know how hurt she was over it. "In my wolf form, I was the one who killed them!"

"Why?" Gwen-the-ghost asked. Elissa looked up at them.

"The man who made me into a werewolf told me if I didn't, he'd kill everything I held dear to me, starting with you two, and he'd do it slowly!"

Her father and mother looked shocked, to say the least. "Who was this?" he wanted to know.

"Michael Cromsdale," she spoke with pure hate in her voice.

"Is he still alive?" Elissa could only nod at her mother's question. Her father looked concerned and upset. "Does he still threaten you?" Unspoken in his ghostly voice was rage that someone did this to his child.

"He saved my life only yesterday," she reported.

"I don't understand," her mother was confused. "Do you hate him, care for him, respect him, want his head on a stick, what?"

Elissa sniffled a little. "I don't know. I hate him, but he is the one who married Adam and me for the first time."

"That is good," her father nodded. Elissa sighed and looked up at them.

"Am I forgiven?" she asked what she'd wanted to for quite some time. Her parents both nodded.

"You did what you did out of fear for our lives, not because you wanted to!" her mother told her. Elissa glanced to Diana, who was gesturing for her to end this.

"I have to leave now, Mother, Father," they were already become insubstantial. "I love you! Good-bye, both of you!"

"We love you," they said as they faded away.

"I love you!" Elissa repeated the words. And one day, we will all be together again!

Elissa leaned against Adam, crying softly as her parents were gone and the greatest gift of her life was given. Adam held her gently. "I love you, Elissa," he whispered. She turned to Diana.

"Thank you."

Evanthe's mother smiled a little. "We owed this to you!" after all that we did to her, with Girard and Sophie, we owed her so much more.

"This has more than made up for it. More than made up!" Elissa told her. Christopher smiled.

"We're glad."

Elissa was holding on to Adam as if there were no tomorrow. "Stay with me," she whispered as Evanthe and her parents left. Adam nodded softly.

"I'm not going anywhere," he promised her. He smiled a little as Elissa fell asleep, a small smile on her lips. Quietly he put her to bed and tucked the covers in about her. I love you, Elissa.

* * *

Elissa walked into the barn, her long skirts swirling about her legs and ankles as she did so. She looked up to see Jareth standing there smiling at her, handsome in his suit. "Hello, Elissa," he whispered to her. She smiled and walked over to him, taking his hand gently. They kissed for what seemed like forever.

"I'm nervous," she whispered as he pulled her over to a pile of hay.

"You don't need to be," he promised, his voice a trifle muffled as his lips kissed her over and over again.

She smiled. "I know, but I just am! What if my parents come out here or something?" the barn wasn't exactly the best place for romance! As he assured her they wouldn't, she slipped and fell right on top of him! He laughed gently, turning the slip into a warm embrace. "I love you more than the Earth itself!" she told him.

"I love you, Elissa!" he whispered into her ear.

"I can't wait any longer, Jareth!" she told him. Neither could he, as they joined, though somewhat illicitly, in the sweet act of lovemaking. Afterwards, as they lay in each other's arms, she smiled at him. "That was wonderful!"

He pulled a strand of hair our of her eyes. "Indeed it was," the first time was absolutely SPLENDID for them both.

"I can't wait until we're married, and we can do this without fearing my parents!"

Jareth kissed her again. "Oh, yes! We don't have long to wait, either!"

* * *

Adam sat up a little, frowning almost at the images flowing through Elissa's mind. She and he saw each other's dreams frequently, but this was something he'd never seen before. He almost felt jealous for a moment.

"Adam?" he looked to see she awakened a little.

"Yes?" he smiled at her. No matter what she dreamed, he loved her.

"I love you!"

"I love you, too!" he told her.

Hold me. she asked, holding her arms out to him like a little girl. He smiled and came over to her, wrapping her up in his warm hug. Something wrong?

No, why?

For a minute, I thought you were angry.

No, just. . .I think I saw you dreaming, and it sort of startled me.

He was surprised to see her turn an extremely bright shade of red! You saw me and him? it was their habit by now to speak mind to mind. As he nodded, she pulled away and buried her head in her pillow. This is so embarrassing!

It was also almost a hundred years ago! he didn't mind that!

It was my first time!

Jareth. Adam smiled a little. That was his name, I heard you call him that.

She nodded and smiled as she nuzzled his neck a little. You know, I'd rather have dreams about OUR first time! Both of them paused as an image of Jareth flashed behind her eyes. Elissa's eyes widened some.

Why do you keep thinking about him? Adam wondered.

I can't! Elissa shook her head. I want to stop, but I can't. Maybe seeing my parents brought up some other memories?

I guess, Adam shrugged and began to kiss her. It'll probably stop after a while. Let me give you a few other memories, a few more recent ones, to go with it.

She pulled him over to her and kissed him deeply, intending to continue with the passion her dream had stirred up in her. She pushed him away, though, when a memory of Marcus and Jareth both appeared to her. Elissa? Who's he?

Elissa wiped away a tear. My brother. She pushed him away as he tried to hold her and went to the window.

Elissa? Is something wrong? More than just your memories, I mean.

She shook her head, and sighed, wondering what was going on with her. Another memory unfolded before her eyes, one of the other times she and Jareth had enjoyed each other's bodies. She gasped to hear Adam's cry of surprise from behind her. You saw that?

Yes, I did!

I was trying to block you from seeing it!

He came over to her, taking her hand gently. Elissa, they're only memories, but. . .


I'm just wondering, why you're remembering this sort of memories about Jareth.

She looked deeply into his eyes, and he could sense her sincerity. I don't know.

He kissed her gently. It's probably just because of seeing your parents.

Then why can't I remember the OTHER fun times I had with Jareth? Like when we went to our city's fair. . .

I don't know, Adam sighed. TRY to remember other times with him.

She nodded, closing her eyes and tried to think of the fair of that summer. It had been one of the greatest times of her life, and one of the last things she'd done as a true human. That winter, she'd become a werewolf, and she'd also met Evanthe.

Try as she might, she could not remember that, though, not true memory. She was aware it had happened, but couldn't remember the events. What she did remember was that same thought of her and Jareth in each other. . .and a few other things they did!

Adam? she glanced over to see hurt in his eyes at that. He sighed briefly.

We need to find out why this is happening, was all he thought.

Would Zordon be able to tell us?

Adam shrugged. I don't know. Let's go find out.

* * *

Alpha was busily working on something neither of them could identify as they teleported in. He looked up when they became solid. "Ay-yi-yi, hello, guys!" he greeted them. "What's the problem?"

Elissa, involved now with a memory of a noisy fight she'd had with her brother, said nothing. Adam managed to clear his mind from it long enough to tell Alpha and Zordon what was going on.

SCAN ELISSA, ALPHA, Zordon requested. This concerns me, he thought to himself. With Diana's gateway to the Spirit Realm opening this morning, anything could have escaped. Anything and anyone.

"Ay-yi-yi, yes, Zordon!" the little robot quickly scanned Elissa, and fed the results into the computer. The werewolf couple waited patiently for a few long moments. Finally, Alpha turned to them. "The scans say nothing's wrong!"

Elissa sighed as she looked at Adam. "They were nothing more than memories."

He nodded. "But now we know for sure."

She sighed deeply again. "Let's go home."

After proper farewells to Zordon and Alpha, as well as thanks, they teleported home. Elissa went straight to bed, worn out from the dreams and memories already. I just want to be alone, she told Adam. He nodded briefly, sadly.

All right. I'll be back later.

Adam quietly went to take care of Gwen, concealing his growing anger when scenes of Elissa and Jareth flowed through his mind. Suddenly, the scenes cut off. Adam smiled to himself. Good, she stopped! I hope she doesn't start up again, too, I know it's not her fault, but still!!!

* * *

Elissa looked around, not quite understanding what was going on. She saw Jareth and Marcus standing a few feet away from her, dressed still in the clothes of life. "What are you two doing here?" she asked, glancing down to notice she wore modern attire of jeans and tank top, in her favored rose pink shade.

"We came to see you, dear sister," Marcus had a dark and angry edge to his voice.

"Why?" she wondered, not having a good feeling about this at all. Jareth smiled darkly.

"You killed us!" he growled.

"And you have to pay for it!" Marcus nodded his agreement. Elissa tried to back up, only to find she couldn't move.

"I didn't want to do it!" she protested. Jareth shook his head.

"It doesn't matter!"

"You're still going to pay!" Marcus declared. It was plain they both hated her right now.

Elissa shuddered. "What are you going to do?" she received her answer when Marcus faded away, and she and Jareth stood suddenly in a much more romantic setting than they had been before. He stood in glorious air, while she wore only a simple nightgown, that displayed quite a bit of her flesh! She tried to protest, but nothing came from her mouth and lips at all.

He came over to kiss her, hands touching in that way she knew so very well. "This is just the beginning of how you're going to pay!" he told her as he took her to the bed behind them. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

Adam! she sent the call out as strongly as she was capable of. Ignore this dream!

What's going on, Elissa? Adam's mental voice sounded a trifle annoyed.

I don't know! she told him. Then all her mental control was shattered as Jareth indulged himself in her.

Elissa! It's only a dream!

Adam, make it stop! she cried, terrified of this image of the man she had once loved. Wake me up!

I'm trying! she could feel his arms on her shoulders even in her dream-state. But you're not waking up!

Adam!!!!! she felt herself drifting away from him, blocked off somehow by whatever had given Jareth and Marcus this power over her dreaming mind. Adam. . .

* * *

Elissa! Adam screamed her name over and over again in his mind, not understanding the events transpiring, and hating that. Elissa!

He ignored the knock on the door, even when it came several times. "Wake up, Elissa!" he did his best to arouse her, to no avail.

"Elissa? Adam?" he didn't even look up when the door opened. He rocked back and forth with Elissa in his arms, ignoring Evanthe's clear voice as she called out, "Adam? Elissa? Are you here?"

"Wake up!" he cried out. Evanthe ran in, eyes filling with worry when she saw the position they were in. She'd come over to see if they were all right, Elissa had seemed somewhat exhausted after the visitation of her parents. Evanthe was concerned over her friend.

"Adam, what's going on?" she asked.

Adam ignored her. "Wake up!" he repeated over and over. "Please wake up!"

Evanthe put a hand on his shoulder. "What's going on? Adam, please talk to me!"

He looked up at her, worry and concern filling his eyes. "She won't wake up. She's caught in her dreams, and I can't get to her! Whomever has her trapped is digging up her past!"

Oh, great! And not even I know everything that Elissa has done! "Did she say who it was or did you see it?"

"Jareth, and her brother Marcus, were both in her dreams, but mostly Jareth," anger flavored that last word, but Evanthe was too concerned to notice right at the moment. She repeated the names, thinking over how they had touched Elissa's life, and paled to remember how they had left it. "From what I saw of her past, she loved him dearly."

Evanthe nodded. She'd met both of them before, in that same winter she'd met Elissa. "She did. Almost a hundred years ago," Marcus had the worst crush on me. He was rather enjoyable, too.

Adam tucked Elissa back into bed. She'd at least be physically comfortable while she slept, if nothing else. Elissa, answer me! Once more, nothing met his thoughts but silence. Evanthe touched his shoulder.

"Come on, Adam, we're going to go talk to my mother. She might be able to figure out what's going on," it surprised her just how easily she and her parents had been reconciled. Then again, when someone had saved your life, it did tend to make for a strong bond. They were living with her now, while they settled into normal life in Angel Grove, and she was glad for the company. She'd been very lonely once Elissa had moved out to be with Adam, though Billy did make quite a few visits over to her.

Adam shook his head. "I'm not leaving her alone!"

"I'll bring her here, then," Evanthe said. He nodded, and she was out the door a moment later. He sat up a little straighter as Elissa's voice sounded in his mind again.

They're letting me wake up for a bit, but don't ask me what's going on!

He nodded. Evanthe's gone to get her mother. She might be able to help.

Elissa opened her eyes and hugged him close to her. "I hope so!"

"Elissa! We'll find a way to stop this!" he promised her. They stayed close together as Evanthe returned with her mother.

Diana sat down in a chair near them and looked at both Adam and Elissa severely. "What precisely is going on?"

"I can't say," Elissa whispered. "If I do, they'll pull me back!"

Diana glanced to Adam. "Can you explain?" as much as he knew, Adam told her, and the sorceress thought for a few moments, then nodded slowly. "It seems as if they escaped when I brought your parents out to talk with you."

"How did they get inside me?" she wondered.

"They are spirits," Diana reminded her. "It is simple for a spirit to do that."

Elissa whispered, "I'm scared."

Diana closed her eyes, and concentrated briefly. After almost a minute, two shimmering forms emerged from Elissa and hovered before them. "They're out!" Elissa sighed in joy.

"Glad I could help," Diana sighed.

"So am I!" Elissa couldn't believe it was finally over with! Adam hugged her warmly.

"Not as glad as I am!"

They stared at the ghosts for a moment, who stared back. Then suddenly, Jareth let loose with a mocking laugh. "That is what you think, Elissa!" he charged back inside of her, far swifter than he had left. Marcus smiled, a chilling sight to see.

"We're not leaving until you've suffered enough!" he was back inside his sister a moment later. As he did so, Elissa's eyes rolled up into the back of her head and she passed out into Adam's arms.

"No!" he screamed the word out in harsh denial.

While I can, her voice sounded. Don't believe anything you see!

I won't! he promised. We'll find a way to stop this!

He could feel her wanting to continue to speak, but there was something preventing her. He turned to Diana. "Is there anything else you can do?"

Evanthe's mother shook her head. "I've done all I can. They must leave on their own."

He sighed. "They won't let her go."

"If they don't," Diana told him gently. "She will die."

* * *

Elissa looked around, once more she was in the romantic/erotic chamber Jareth had created for her earlier. "Not again!" she groaned as he and Marcos appeared, fury lighting their eyes.

"We've got a score to settle with you, Elissa!" Jareth hissed the words out as they approached her.

"Let me explain what happened!" Elissa tried to talk with them. Marcos shook his head.

"We know what happened!"

Jareth nodded harshly. "You killed us!"

"Let me explain why I did it!"

Marcos didn't want to hear it, though! "Because you're a werewolf bitch, that's why! And I once called you sister!"

"I was forced to kill you!" she said what she'd wanted to for so long at last. To finally tell them what had really happened.

"A likely story!" Jareth scoffed.

She glared at them helplessly. "You're in my head, go find those memories!"

Jareth and Marcos exchanged glances. "What do you think?" in their century of death together, they had become good friends, joined in their desire for death and vengeance.

"Might as well," Marcus shrugged. Jareth nodded.

"It'll just make it all the more fun when we do kill her!" Jareth declared. They joined hands and recreated the memories within Elissa. Before them they saw the past.

Elissa of the past was being beaten by Michael of the past. He growled harshly at her, "You will kill them! Or I will kill your whole FAMILY!! Slowly!"

"Why?" she begged. "Why do I have to kill my brother and my love?"

"Because I said to!" she was ordered. "They will not be permitted to harm me or to reveal my secret!" he beat, slapped, kicked, and manhandled her into submission.

Finally, she whimpered, "I will do it! Just leave the rest of my family in peace!"

"Good!" the memory of Michael growled. "Now as soon as the moon rises tonight, go do it!"

In her memory, Elissa wept over and over again. The modern Elissa managed to stop crying, but only by sheer force of will. "You see," she told them. "I had no choice!"

"I never knew," Marcus whispered, staring in shock. Jareth looked at Elissa, eyes bright with tears.

"Can you forgive us?"

"Please, Elissa, we had no idea!" Marcus was practically begging. Elissa stared at them in return.

"Can you forgive me?" she asked in her own turn.

"Yes!" they both declared in unison. Elissa smiled as she ran over to them and hugged them.

"Then I can forgive you!"

Marcus touched her forehead gently. "We're sorry."

"Especially me," Jareth whispered. Elissa kissed him tenderly. "Very sorry."

Elissa looked at him. "I have always loved you, and there is a part of me that always will."

"You have someone else now, though, don't you?" he asked softly. Elissa nodded.

"But you will always be my first true love."

Jareth kissed her respectfully on the lips. "As you will always be mine."

She turned to her brother's ghost. "It took me a hundred years, but you're an uncle!" she told him. His eyes widened.

"Really? But I thought werewolves couldn't have children!"

She shook her head. "I lucked out!"

Marcus held her warmly. "I'm so happy for you!" the three of them hugged warmly for a few moments, enjoying the closeness they had not enjoyed for so very long. Marcus stepped back, letting the two who had been lovers hold each other.

"Elissa," Jareth said finally. "We're dead. And we have to go."

"I know," she whispered softly, tears anointing her cheeks. She had never cried so much as she had today.

Jareth kissed her gently. "Good-bye Elissa. We'll see you again, someday."

"I'll see you when I close my eyes tonight," she promised. Jareth nodded.

"And this time, it won't be because of hate, but love," he gave her one last kiss, then dissolved away, leaving her in peace. Marcus hugged her one last time, and then dissolved himself.

Elissa sat up, awake, and cried. Adam looked over at her, and wrapped his arms around her as she still cried.

"They left," Diana said softly. "I could feel them go."

"It's okay, Elissa," Adam whispered in her ear. "It's over."

Elissa looked up at him. "I know. But we should talk."

"I know," Adam nodded. "But you need some real rest first, I think."

Elissa shook her head again. "No, now," she glanced over to Evanthe and Diana, a plea in her eyes. Evanthe knew what she was asking for and stood up.

"Come on, Mother," she said. "Billy and I need to show you and Father the good hunting spots around Angel Grove."

Diana smiled. "Sounds like a plan!"

Elissa caught her friend's eyes, and mouthed briefly to her, "Thank you!"

Evanthe mouthed back, "Any time!" as she and her mother left. Elissa wrapped her arms about Adam and held him with all her strength, feeling his love and returning it with her own.

"What do you want to talk about?" he asked.

"What you felt when you saw my memories."

He thought for a few moments. "I guess I was jealous."

"They're there whether you want to accept them or not," she told him. "I love Jareth. I never stopped loving him."

"I know," he nodded. There wasn't much he could do about it, either, and didn't really want to."

"I love you, too, Adam," she brushed his cheek gently with one hand. He caught it just as gently and kissed her.

After a few moments, she asked, "Adam, the last time I went in, what did you see?"

"I saw Michael ordering you to kill them," he told her. Elissa shivered.

"Now you know why I hate him so much."

Adam nodded. "I can't believe that the guy in your memory and the guy who saved your life the other day are the same person!"

"Funny how time changes people," Elissa sighed. Adam nodded. Elissa slipped a little closer to him, and began to kiss him gently. Together they celebrated their reunion with a love that could and would last for all eternity.