Two Days to Live
by: Cynthia and Elizabeth

The next day, the plans for the wedding of Evanthe and Billy were going much more smoothly! "What about the park?" he asked. "That would be the perfect place for the ceremony!"

"Sounds great to me!" Evanthe smiled, she had never felt so agreeable as she did now.

"What about the reception?" her fianc‚ asked. "Ernie said we could have it at the Youth Center."

Evanthe nodded again. "Wonderful! And where shall we go for our honeymoon?"

Billy leaned against her, smiling. "There's this little ranch that Elissa lent me the keys to," he dangled them from his fingertips, and Evanthe smiled.

"That sounds wonderful!" Evanthe smiled, she loved that ranch! It was absolutely beautiful!

"Although I was thinking of the cabin, but she doesn't seem to want to come out of it," Billy said softly. Evanthe nodded slowly.

"Give her some time."

Billy looked deeply into her violet eyes. "If I see Michael, I'm tearing his heart out though."

"Take a number!"

The Blue Ranger smiled. "Right after her, Adam, and you and right before the other Rangers!"

Evanthe nodded as she leaned against him in turn. "I love you, Billy!"

They reached towards each other, beginning a kiss, when a harsh voice spoke from the shadows. "Get your hands off my wife!"

"Get out of here, Vincent!" Evanthe hissed, whirling to face him.

"She is not your wife!" Billy growled. Vincent pulled out a stake.

"Not fully," he agreed, "but all I have to do is kill you!"

Evanthe stepped in between both of them. "You'll have to kill me first!"

Vincent glared at her, attempting to establish his mind control over her. "Get out of the way!"

Evanthe had been through too much with Vincent's controlling techniques, though, and resisted with all her might. Vincent growled and pushed her out of the way, heading towards Billy. "You will die!" he stared as his target suddenly vanished, and Evanthe uttered a silvery laugh. "He will die! That, I promise!"

Evanthe did her best to push him away from her. "I don't love you, Vincent, and in less than forty-eight hours, the marriage is null and void forever!" such was vampiric law.

"We shall see," Vincent snapped his fingers, calling Liana there. As he looked at his servant, Evanthe noticed there was a difference. He likes her!

"You summoned me, sire?"

"Yes," Vincent nodded. "Find the one named Elissa, and make certain the project is working."

Liana nodded and vanished away into thin air. Evanthe saw the look she gave him before she went, though, and smiled briefly before returning to her struggles. "What are you doing to Elissa?"

"Even if the sacrifice isn't done, she gets her bond back," the king told her. "But it will be a slow process, and you will not be able to tell her."

Evanthe softened, even as Vincent spellbound her not to speak of what he'd just said to them. "Why are you doing this for them, when you know that you will never have me completely?"

"Her child," Vincent said simply.

"What is so special about her child?" Evanthe wondered. "She has those power surges. . but. .. ," she looked at Vincent. "Do you know what Gwen is capable of doing one day?" at his nod, she grew excited. "Then tell me! We still don't know!"

"Michael knows as well," Vincent told her. "One of the reason he broke Elissa and Adam's bond was that Gwen, through her mother, has the power to destroy the oldest living creature."

Evanthe's jaw dropped. "Incredible!"

"The mother must be bonded to her true love," Vincent told her. Evanthe nodded.

"So you're going to recreate their bond, knowing they're going to destroy Michael?" Evanthe smiled a little at that. Vincent nodded.

"They also belong together!"

Evanthe nodded. "I know."

Vincent smiled as he took her hand and kissed it gently. "Till next we meet!" he declared, then vanished. Evanthe collapsed into a chair for a moment, then ran as fast as she could to the bathroom to wash her hand.

"Evanthe?" she looked up to see Billy standing next to her. She smiled, then quickly told him everything Vincent had told her. He smiled a little.

"I already knew, about the bond that is."

Evanthe sighed. "At least he's doing that much. He confuses me at times."

"I wish we could tell them," Billy sighed. "I had wanted to tell them what happened when Adam teleported in."

"It shouldn't take long," Evanthe said hopefully. "I hope so, anyway!"

"So do I," Billy nodded. "Come on, let's get back to the planning."

* * *

Elissa sat in her room at the cabin, working on fixing up the spare room. She sighed as she pulled out the blanket Adam had used that first night there. I miss you so much, Adam.

Not as much as I miss you, Elissa. . .Elissa?

Adam!? She stood up straighter. You can hear me?


Oh, what I wouldn't give to nibble on your neck right now! How is Gwen?

Just fine! She missed you. When are you going to come get her? Not that I want to give her up.

Soon. I'm up at the cabin right now, fixing up the spare room for her.

She'll love that. And I love you!

I love you, Adam. Think of me!

I do nothing else BUT think of you!

Elissa chuckled. You'd better be keeping an eye on Gwen!

Adam looked up. I will!! He frowned a little as he no longer felt her mind, and sighed. "Gone again."

* * *

Vincent stared out the window, his thoughts on his one true love. He turned at the sound of Liana's voice. "Sire, I have returned!"

"Did they contact each other?"

"Yes, sire!" she nodded.

He smiled. "I bet they were happy. Did she have a surge?"

"Not while I was there," Liana reported. She'd been hiding near the werewolf's cabin, and had spied upon her rapport with her husband. Vincent smiled a little.

"I need you to keep an eye on Billy," he ordered. "Contact me as soon as he's alone."

"I will sire," Liana nodded. "You will have your sacrifice, and your bride."

Vincent nodded as he returned his gaze to the view outside the window. Perhaps I have been wrong all this time?

* * *

Elissa sighed as she looked up at Adam's house. Their brief contact had only increased the sense of separation she felt now. In the past two days, she'd never felt more alone.

Adam? she tried to reach him, and sighed. "Nothing," she murmured. "Absolutely nothing."

She walked up to the door and knocked quietly on it. "Hi, Elissa!" Mrs. Park said as she opened the door.

"I'm here for Gwen," Elissa kept a semi-happy smile on her face as she stood there. Her mother-in-law nodded.

"I'll get her! Come inside!"

As she walked in, Elissa asked, "Is Adam here?"

"In his room," Mrs. Park nodded as she started off to get Gwen. Elissa sighed deeply. Being here brought back many good times she'd had with Adam and his family.

Adam? Can you hear me?

Elissa!!?! there was nothing but shock and surprise in his voice.

I'm downstairs! she told him happily. I want to test something. Come downstairs! She watched eagerly as he came down, and ran over to her. "Adam!"

They were at once wrapped up in a warm hug, relishing the joy of being together. "I miss you!" he said, smiling to see she felt no pain at being near her.

"I miss you too!" she kissed his neck delicately, and Adam grinned as he did so.

"That's my jacket, I think," he touched the jacket she wore. Elissa nodded. "Keep it, my love," he whispered. "To have a part of me with you, forever."

Elissa sighed happily. "I wonder how long this will last this time?"

"I don't know," Adam shook his head. "Hopefully long enough for this."

He tilted her face up to him, then kissed her sweetly, tenderly, and deeply. Elissa pulled away all too soon, holding her chest. "Not long enough!" she cried. Adam nodded, and ran backwards up the steps just as his mom re-entered the room with Gwen and her things. "I wish things didn't have to be like this!"

"So do I," Sharon sighed. "Maybe you guys will find some way to get back together."

Elissa touched her lips softly in remembrance of the kiss. "There are times that we can. I don't understand it."

"Maybe something is helping you get back together with him?"

Elissa shrugged. "I wish I knew what, or who, so I could thank them."

"Who can help you?"

"There are only two," Elissa told her. "One of them, I know wouldn't, and the other one, is the reason this happened."


"Michael and Vincent."

Mrs. Park shuddered. "I don't think either of them would help you."

Elissa nodded. "Tell Adam I said good-bye, and that I will always love him!"

"I will," her mother-in-law promised. "And he loves you too."

"I know," Elissa brushed the few strands of hair Gwen had out of her face, and smiled. "And I know it again every time I look into her eyes."

Sharon put her hand on Elissa's arm. "Someday, you two will be together again."

"I hope I will see you soon, and that Adam and I can be in the same room, but I should really go," she went outside, putting Gwen's things in the car, then looked up to the window. Adam stood there, watching them. As he caught her eye, he waved gently. Elissa smiled softly and waved back, mouthing to him, "I love you!"

He mouthed back, "I will always love you!"

Elissa nodded, blew him a kiss, and then got in the car. Adam did not see how she cried as she drove away, and she didn't see how he sank to his knees, crying and cursing Michael to his grave.

* * *

Billy whistled his way down the street, thinking longingly of Evanthe and the upcoming wedding. The only dark cloud on their horizon was Vincent and Michael's insistence on ruining their lives. Even Rita and Zedd appeared to be taking some time off, which they didn't mind in the slightest!

"Time for you to die!" he looked up to see Vincent a few feet away from him, a sharpened stake in one hand. Billy groaned and started to back away. He whirled around as he heard a screeching of tires, and saw Elissa there, opening the passenger door wide.

"Billy!" she called out. He made a beeline for the car, Vincent after him swiftly.

"You're going to die!" the vampire lord promised. "I will have my wife completely!"

Elissa laughed. "Eat pine!" she mocked, then floored the accelerator as she and Billy escaped. Vincent puffed into smoke, and growled. As Billy thanked her, Elissa wiped away the last of her tears. "Any day."

"How have things been?"

Elissa smiled gently. "I saw Adam. For about a minute, and then I went into total pain!"

Billy sighed. "We've got to figure out a way to get you two back together!" if Adam and Elissa had split willingly, the Rangers would have let it happen. But this had happened unwillingly, and by treachery, and the Power Rangers would not let it stand.

"I want to know who is doing this, so I can thank them, even for the little moments of hearing his voice!"

Billy asked, "Who do you know who could do that?"

"Michael, Vincent. That's all I can think of."

"Michael wouldn't do it," Billy mused. "But. . ." would Vincent do that?

"But what?" Elissa looked at him curiously. Did he know something she didn't?

Billy shook his head. "But nothing."

"Somehow, I don't believe that!" Elissa shook her head. Billy still refused to speak. "Do you think Vincent is doing this to get Evanthe?"

"I don't know," Billy wished he could tell her, but couldn't. The spell on Evanthe had also been placed on him. Elissa sighed.

"You know something. I don't know what, but you do."

Billy shook his head. "I can't say, Elissa."

"Why not?"

"I just can't!"

Silence reigned until they reached Evanthe's. Elissa sighed. "I'm not going to give up."

"Thanks," Billy nodded. "I owe you my life."

Elissa looked at him. "I wish you would repay me by telling me who to thank!"

Billy sighed. He knew he wouldn't be able to say it directly, but just maybe he could say it indirectly. "The person who you just saved me from," before she could ask anything more, he turned and went inside. Elissa stared at the house, then sighed.

"Thank you, Vincent. Wherever you are, and whyever you're doing this. Thank you."

* * *

Vincent appeared in his chambers, somewhat annoyed and swearing. "Blast it!" was the mildest oath coming from him. Liana looked up.

"What is it, sire?" she wondered. Oh, will he never notice me? Must I live forever watching he and Evanthe in marital bliss?

"He got away!" Vincent snapped. Liana sighed.

"You still have time, and you will have him, then you shall have her."

Vincent nodded, and smiled at her a little. If only I hadn't already begun this with Evanthe. But I must end it now. "What if we make her think he is dead?" he mused. "We change another to look like him, and kill that one."

"And she will come to you, and be yours," there was absolutely no enthusiasm for it in Liana's voice, nor in Vincent's agreement. "I will go choose one to be disguised as him."

As she walked out, Vincent's eyes watched her go. I think I made a mistake.

* * *

Evanthe and Billy were entwined around each other on the couch in her living room. Their lips met frequently in kisses of sweet love. "I love you, Billy," Evanthe whispered, gazing into his eyes. "and will until the end of time."

"As will I."

As they started to enhance what they were doing, Billy looked at his love. "There is a chance that Elissa knows," he told her. Evanthe frowned and wondered how. Billy quickly told her what had happened earlier. "I never said his name."

"I don't know what he'd do if you had!" she shivered. "I don't want to know either! It's bad enough he's trying to kill you!"

Billy kissed her. "Elissa and Adam will be together again, that has almost been promised. Let's work on our togetherness!"

"Yeah," Evanthe whispered, pulling him closer to her. "And our togetherness is going to be eternal."

"As I hope theirs will be," Billy whispered, turning his full attention to Evanthe, as she turned hers to him. It was a very long, and very wonderful, night.

* * *

Elissa sighed and put Gwen down in the cradle. She quietly went into the bedroom, holding Adam's jacket close to her. Adam, if you can hear me, I want you to know that I am miserable without you.

I can hear you!! she heard the dawning wonder in his mind at that.

I want to kill Michael so badly! she growled al little at the thought of all that had occurred due to him.

Adam nodded. Not nearly as badly as I do. But how is our bond coming back?

I think we have Vincent to thank for that. Elissa paused for a moment. Adam, I am going to hunt tomorrow. I am going to kill Michael!

Adam nodded briefly, then wondered, Why would Vincent do this?

What is the one thing he wants?

That should be one person.


This is kind of confusing. Vincent is doing this for us, but I don't like the reason he's doing it.

Elissa nodded. I know!

Do you think Evanthe knows he's doing this.

Probably. Adam, I'm so worried about Billy! Vincent tried again earlier!

How long is left on the forty-eight hours?

The Rose Ranger glanced at a clock and made a mental calculation. I'd say about nineteen hours.

I hope we can keep him safe until then.

And we can keep our bond! Elissa looked up suddenly.

Gwen's crying.

As she went to tend their daughter, Adam enfolded her mentally with all his great love for them. I miss you both so much.

I miss you, Elissa told him, and even as the words passed her mind, they both felt the connection severed yet again. Separated by miles, but united in their hearts, both of them prayed for the day when all of this would be ended.

* * *

The next morning, Billy was walking quietly down a back street, hoping to avoid Vincent, his mind on the fabulous night he and Evanthe had spent together. She was supposed to be meeting him at the other end, they were going to go out that day.

Their plans were interrupted when Vincent suddenly appeared next to him. "You have truly started to become an annoyance to me!" the vampire king declared. Billy growled and started to back away as Vincent grabbed him in a fierce grip. "I always get what I want, boy!" Liana appeared next to him, swiftly injecting a syringe of something into the young vampire's arm. "Excellent!" Vincent nodded as Billy collapsed into her arms. "Now, do you have whoever is going to impersonate him and die?"

"Geoff," Liana nodded. "He was sentenced to true death, for violating the vampiric codes. What better way for him to die?"

Vincent nodded. "Now is the time to gain my bride," there was no joy in his voice as he spoke this time. Liana sent the comatose Billy away, and brought in the vampiric Geoff, already shapeshifted to look like Billy.

"He is all yours, and just in time," she gestured to where Evanthe was starting down the street. "Time to kill 'Billy'?"

Vincent nodded. "And since Evanthe won't know the difference, make sure she doesn't interfere, but sees it happen!"

Liana dropped the prisoner quickly, and rushed to Evanthe, who had time only for a startled 'no!' as she saw Vincent standing over her beloved. Liana grabbed her tightly as she tried to get to them. "I'm sorry, Evanthe," the serving vampire whispered as she held back the furious Ranger vampire. Vincent drew back the stake, and moving swifter than anyone had ever thought possibly, slammed it through the heart of the vampire he stood over.

"No!!" Evanthe screamed, her own heart breaking with pain. "No! This can't be happening! Billy! No!!!"

Vincent looked at her sadly. "I'm sorry, Evanthe," was what he wanted to say. Instead, he just looked at her.

"Vincent," she whispered. "How could you. Couldn't you just let me go?"

"We had to," he said softly. I wish I could tell her why. "I wish. . .you weren't hurting like this."

Evanthe growled, "If you hadn't killed Billy, I wouldn't be hurting!" fury replaced grief as she glared at him.

Vincent whispered softly, "And they would be," he walked away a few steps. "We must go."

"No! I don't care, I'm not going with you!" she protested even as Liana removed her communicator and morpher, remnants of her old life, as per Vincent's orders.

"We are married, you have no choice," Vincent told her. Evanthe dropped her head in defeat. She knew vampiric law, had lived by it for six centuries.

"I guess I don't," she looked at the pile of dust that had been her dearest love. "I will never stop loving him. Never."

"I don't ask you to," Vincent said as he teleported the three of them to a beautiful bedroom. "You can rest here," he told her. "I have business with the vampire council to attend to."

He left the two of them in there alone, as Evanthe wept her heart out on the bed. Liana looked at the door he'd left by. "I have truly lost him," she whispered. She looked over to the despairing new queen of the vampires. "Evanthe, can we talk?"

"About what?" Evanthe looked up at her.


Evanthe shook her head. "He's dead!" Liana shook her head in turn. "He's not. Vincent needed you to think that. There is a reason he needed you to marry him."


Liana went over to a draw and pulled out a photograph of Elissa and Adam. Evanthe stared at it. "He's remaking their bond, but why does he need me?"

"I wish I knew. All I know is what he's talking about at the Council's meeting. Also, just so you know, he's right now voting on the sacrifice subject of marriages."

Evanthe nodded, a small smile on her lips. She looked at Liana to see the vampiress looking again at the door Vincent had left by.

"You love him, don't you?" Evanthe's hate and rage had melted away to hear that Billy lived still.

"Is it that obvious?"

"Yes," Evanthe nodded. "Why haven't you told him?"

"It was not my place," Liana sighed. "If only it was!"

Evanthe looked at her unexpected friend. "Have you considered that he might love you too?"

"He doesn't," Liana had thought about that, and always knew it was hopeless.

"How do you know for sure?" Evanthe asked her. "Don't ever give up!"

Liana looked at her. "He chose you."

"I don't love him!" Evanthe insisted. "I never will love him, but I think he loves you!" the looks I've seen him give her give it away!

"There are some things I must explain to you," Liana told her. "From what I was told, you will have to consummate your marriage with Vincent in order for the rebondage to cement. The rebondage will take time to build, and they must not let Michael know of this!"

"But why do we have to. . .?" Evanthe shivered, despite having been with many people throughout her long life, it was Billy she truly wanted now.

Liana told her, "It's what the council wishes. You don't think Vincent is all powerful, do you?"

"He's always tried to give off that impression," Evanthe said dryly. Liana laughed.

"He's always been insecure, and a very good actor!" she said. "He wanted to be a performer when he was young, but got tricked into this instead, because of his powers."

Evanthe sighed. "All I ever wanted out of life was to grow up, find true love, get married, and die of extreme old age," instead I've lived far beyond anyone in my village except my parents, found true love after by all rights I should have been dust, and have married the king of the vampires, whom I do NOT love!

"What about a child?" Liana asked, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Back when I was human, I took it for granted I would have children. I didn't think about wanting or not wanting one," she felt a flash of sorrow as she remembered her first lover. "Now I would give up everything to have one. Everything except Billy."

Liana smiled. "You never know. Why don't you rest, and first thing tomorrow, I will take you to see Billy!"

"When will Vincent and I. . .have to consummate the marriage?" Evanthe winced at the thought of that. Liana shrugged.

"I don't know," she shook her head. "Vincent will tell you. She sighed and left, showing trust in Evanthe by not locking the door. The vampire closed her eyes, touching the engagement ring on her hand.

We'll be together, Billy. Somehow.

* * *

The next morning, Liana opened up Evanthe's door bright and early, handing her a glass of red liquid. "Before you go see Billy, drink this."

"What is it?" Evanthe had been up for almost an hour already, too nervous to remain asleep when she'd seen her love today.

Liana smiled. "Human blood. And before you ask, working at a blood bank has it's advantages!" not quite as nice as hunting, but good for emergencies.

"Thanks," Evanthe grinned. "That could've been deadly if I didn't drink today, I totally forgot about feeding!"

"Billy's having his own breakfast right about now," Liana told her. "He and I talked for about an hour this morning, and I explained things to him. Well, almost everything. I thought you might like to tell him about what you and Vincent have to do."

Evanthe paled, a good trick for a vampire. "I am not looking forward to that, either!"

Liana nodded. "Neither am I. Oh, I talked to Vincent. The law about sacrifices has been abolished, and as soon as it was, he told them that Billy is still alive."

"Good!" Evanthe grinned. "I want to see him!"

Liana gestured her out of the door. "He has been moved to a chamber near here, come, we must hurry!"

Evanthe was already out and heading in the direction Liana had pointed out to her. "Billy!" she practically screamed. He jerked up and came over to her, smiling.

"I love you!" he told her at once. Evanthe smiled as she leaned against him. "What is it that Liana wouldn't tell me earlier?"

Evanthe bit her lip cautiously. "Billy, there's something I need to tell you."

"What is it?"

She took a deep breath. "First, the law about sacrifices being required for vampiric marriages has been abolished. Which means, legally, Vincent and I are already married."

"I know that part," Billy nodded. "it's the part about Elissa and Adam, and something you have to do that I want to hear about. What do you have to do?"

"Something Vincent and I have to do," Evanthe told him. Then, in soft tones, she explained how it was required for their marriage to be consummated before Vincent would have the magical energy to complete rebonding of Elissa and Adam.

"What?" Billy couldn't believe his ears!!!!

"I don't want to, Billy!" Evanthe protested at once. "The only person I want to have touch me like that is you!"

Billy nodded. "I know it's what has to be done, but I don't like the idea of him touching you like that!"

Vincent spoke from the doorway. "Are you sure you want to go through with this?"

Evanthe turned to glare at him. "I don't. But it's to get back Elissa and Adam's bond, and I would do anything for them!" she kissed Billy gently. "I'm going to be thinking it's Billy touching me, just so you know!"

Vincent nodded. "I wish there was another way."

Evanthe looked at the way he and Liana were looking at each, and couldn't take it anymore. "Look, you two love each other, admit it, accept it, deal with it!"

Vincent grinned, and glanced at Liana. "You didn't tell them?" Liana shook her head.

"Tell us what?" Evanthe wondered.

Vincent smiled. "After we let the council have their way with our lives, you and I, Evanthe, will be ending this marriage, so we can both marry who we truly want to!"

Evanthe kissed Billy again, then turned to Vincent. "Then let's go make them happy, so we can make ourselves happy!"

Vincent nodded. "Thank you, though. It's you who made me realize that I needed to follow my heart."

"Let's do this. . . the faster the better!"

* * *

Three hours later, Vincent and Evanthe finally relaxed after quite a wonderful time. "Would you like to know what I got you for the rest of your wedding gift?" he asked.

"Sure," Evanthe's thoughts were focused on the true love of her life, not on the man next to her.

Vincent smiled. "When you and Billy do this after your wedding, the next morning, you shall be with child."

Evanthe sat straight up in the bed. "What?"

"That is one thing I don't need to get permission from the Vampire Council for. Your greatest wish shall come true. Also, for the wedding, keep who you wanted for best man and matron of honor. That will be the first time they can appear back together, and I will keep Michael away that day!"

"A child," Evanthe smiled. "Mine and Billy's, and Elissa and Adam can be there together!" she hugged Vincent suddenly. "Oh, thank you, Vincent, I owe you for this!"

"Then do me a favor?"


Vincent smiled at her. "Let's start all over again. This time, as friends?"

"That sounds good," Evanthe smiled back. It was good to have a friend again.

Vincent jumped off the bed, reaching for his clothes. "Let's go get a divorce!"

"Yes!" Evanthe giggled. "I've got to get married soon!"

* * *

It didn't take long for Evanthe and Billy to explain their disappearance, and the settlement that had been reached with Vincent to the Rangers and Evanthe's parents. It took even less time for them to call Elissa and Adam, the only two who they hadn't talked to yet.

Billy paced back and forth as they awaited their friends' arrival. "I wonder if we should have lied and told them that Rita and Zedd were attacking?"

"I don't think they would have appreciated it too much!" Evanthe shook her head.

"You sure?" Tommy asked. "finding out that their bond is now permanent; again?"

Evanthe shook her head. "That they would appreciate. Being lied to. . . well, do you want to annoy two werewolves?"

"Nope," Tommy shivered as he remembered what Adam's arm had looked like when he was turned into a werewolf. A moment later, the Black Ranger had teleported in, obviously fresh from the shower with damp hair.

"What is it?" he asked, glancing around.

"Some good news," Evanthe smiled a little. Adam's eyes darkened when he saw Elissa wasn't there.

"I wish," he groaned. Evanthe chuckled softly.

"Oh, you'll love this news, Adam!"

Elissa appeared just then, with Gwen in her arms, smiling as she saw Adam. "What is it?"

"Some very good news for you both!" Evanthe told them. Elissa glanced at her friend.

"Besides our bond being temporarily back? What is it?"

Evanthe couldn't hold her news back any farther. "It's not temporarily back, it's permanently back!"

"What?" Elissa and Adam chorused. "How?"

Evanthe quickly explained what Vincent and she had done, and why. She did, however, leave out a few things: such as the fact she would have a child with Billy. She wanted to keep that as a special surprise for them all.

"You did that for us?" Elissa was surprised. Evanthe touched her friend's hand gently.

"I would do anything for you, Elissa! You're my best friend!"

Elissa hugged her friend. "I owe you for this! I owe you my life!"

"No, you don't!" Evanthe protested. Elissa smiled.

"I owe you my sanity at least! I was going nuts without him!" Elissa and Adam kissed deeply and passionately, love filling the air.

Evanthe smiled as she watched. "You owe me nothing!"

Elissa only stared up into Adam's eyes. "I wish I could be with you every moment until the wedding, but I guess us sneaking little visits won't hurt!"

"And it's definitely better than not seeing each other at all!" Adam declared.

The Rose Ranger grinned. "Wonder if anyone would mind me sneaking off with Adam for a little bit?" she wondered. "We'll be careful not to be seen!"

"Go for it!" Evanthe gave her blessing and love, as did all the other Rangers.

"Your parents' place?" Elissa asked.

Adam kissed her gently. "Anywhere is good for me, as long as I'm with you!"

* * *

Elissa took a deep breath and leaned against Adam, enjoying the feel of his arms around her. I have longed for this moment.

Almost as much as I have!

I'm STILL going to kill him! Elissa swore. Adam nodded as Elissa massaged his shoulders. You're tense!

Mmmmm. ..that feels good!

I'm glad. I used to have to do this to my brother after he worked with the horses.

I love you, Elissa. I can't say that enough times.

Recently that's about all we've said to each other!!

Nothing wrong with that! Adam began to kiss her gently and tenderly. When she sighed deeply, he asked, Elissa?

I am so happy. What if Michael tries to take our bond again?

I don't think he can. From what Evanthe said, what Vincent's done can't be undone!

Elissa laughed. I wonder if he knows that?

I dunno. . .who cares?

I don't!! Elissa grinned as they began to kiss, then pulled him under the covers of the bed, tickling. Neither heard the footsteps coming up the stairs, but they both noticed the door opening suddenly.

"Adam, have you. . .," Mrs. Park gasped as she entered to see them in a tight embrace, her cheeks flushing bright red.

"Mom!" Adam protested. "Please, we're sort of busy!"

"I didn't know!" Mrs. Park blushed even redder, backing out of the room. "It's good to see you two back together!" she said as she shut and locked the door behind her. Adam shook his head.


"That was embarrassing!" Elissa groaned. Adam nodded, then smiled as Elissa turned to him. "Where were we?"

He chuckled and began to kiss again, his hands drifting to all the nicest areas. "Right about here!"

Their reunion took up quite a bit of time, to say the very least.